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Archives: September 11, 2009

The MORANS sign on Keith! Bwahaha...

He let me down last night BUT I would still take a bullet for Obama,

Heh! Olbermann just showed a picture of the "Get a Brain, Morans" guy!

So This "Nathan Bedford Forrest" Wilson Guy

I'm a little confused.

A Poll on Mandatory Insurance

US Last in Forestalling Preventable Deaths among 19 Industrialized countries

Wilson's son, Alan, running for SC state attorney general, should also be defeated!

TOON: logical conclusion of private run health insurance:

Keith rants about the STUPID LYING.

KO has a special comment tonight

Is the MSM manipulating anti-corporatist sentiment against us to undermine Obama?

I hope this is the last day we have to talk about Joe Wilson.


dupe delete

Speaking of Lies

My angle: The way the 'public option' may become de facto single payer..

If this bullshit bill with mandates in it is passed and signed into law...

OK, OK, I admit, there was definitely something missing from Obama's Speech, OK!?!

Sheriff investigator charged with filing false reports - closed files without interviewing victim

Ted Kennedy's letters released since his death show he really knew

I will not be muzzled - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Michael Savage’s flagship station drops him.

What about asshole Eric Cantor texting throughout the speech?

Republican representative from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, is:

Bush Poisoned the Well, We Are Still Suffering

Keith is calling out the stupid...

They showed the "moran" photo on Rachel Maddow's show!

I'm going to ask one more time about Lynn Samuels.......

KOs Special Comment for those who missed it

Are babies racist?

Press release for Tom Fiegen (running to oppose Chuck Grassley in 2010)

I won the Green Party Primary for Town Council on 9-11-01

Flying monkeys of RIGHT WING MEDIA

I actually used the STFU term

Biggest Klan meeting since 1920 in DC this weekend

Someone Got Sat in the Crazy Section

Why was KO using the Maddow set?

Will insurance companies be able to continue to deny life-saving procedures...

And they showed the Moran on Keith too!!

Remember 9/11 and remember how 9/11 was used.

Violence, accidents are killing world's youth: study

LOL Keith...

Is KKKarl Rove - Sarah Palin's Mentor?...........

Looks like Rob Miller has raised more than $600,000 in 24 hours

Will Bush Admin/Agency's ineptitude ever be investigated?

The homeless bride and her 99 cent wedding

Abercrombie and Fitch fined for discrimination against girl with autism

PM apologizes to Alan Turing: "we were inhumane"

Glenn Beck is a money grubbing fraud

wrong way Wilson! I love it... thats all I'm gonna call that ass hat from now on.

Already, 23 Dems have said they will vote ‘no’ on healthcare reform

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Report: Deputy let Disney guard stun another with Taser

Anybody seen the "National Debt Road Trip" ?

Rob Miller.....We Need To Hear From You

A question on corporate personhood

Take a careful look at this photo of Joe Wilson yelling "You lie!"

Is it me or anybody else having issues with the web in general?

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals vs The Conservative Movement's Rules for Conservatives

Honestly I wish we had more screaming at presidents during congressional addresses

Let's do this thing! Anything that isn't now is never.

List of countries by infant mortality rate-- the US is way down there

Ferrerting out trolls

School speech followed by healthcare speech

School speech followed by healthcare speech

Did Andrew Card actually say, "America is under attack"?

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) is not crazy. That's the sad thing.

I bet former Diplomat Joe Wilson is extremely Annoyed about Rep. Joe Wilson

Beer Drive Through.

Obama Announces Beer Summit With Joe Wilson

Re: health care. Does anyone remember


Why hasn't Colonel Joe Wilson Been Charged Under Article 88 Of The UCMJ?

Bullshit bullshit bullshit

Three Cheers For KO Calling Out The Racist Joe Wilson

Who wouldnt switch to Fed run insurance if given the choice?

Moran signs ... uh ... wha?

Conservatives Rally Around Joe Wilson: "Great American Hero"

Respectable Fast Food! Veggies and Bourbon or Honey Mustard char-grilled Chicken!!

Are Illegal Aliens Paragons of Family Values?

What part of Illegal Alien do the PC Cops not understand?

President 'Eisenhower

Firefighter Father Recalls Losing Sons On 9/11

if you are on twitter on 9/11

'(Michael) Moore's Most Radical Work'

How much money do unions, the netroots and wealthy liberals raise for democrats

Rob Miller-Blue Dog Democrat

Transcendental Meditation in schools, the David Lynch program

A Victim Of His Own Paranoia

Hypothetical: If healthcare reform passes, would the insurance industry go to court to stop it ?

No Public Option = No Mandate...period!!

Without a strong public option...

My victory over Verizon (How sweet it is!). Wilderness broadband back - strong!

If only this would happen...

I told bushitler "FUCK YOU" and gave him two big birds on his every visit to my state.

Couple to face abortion trial (Australia)

Mad as Hell Doctors in Seattle and Spokane--featuring Count Bleed Ya Dri

What I think is the truth about Joe "You Lie" Wilson.

Afghan 'Indiana Jones' hunts lost Buddha

Digital Contacts Will Keep an Eye on Your Vital Signs

Single payer--better luck working at the state level?

Japan's Century Club Swells To 40,399

DId any one see that Seniors' Bill of Rights ad with Michael Steele put out by the GOP?

Joe Wilson's kid is at least as big a amoron as his father. Maybe even bigger.

A Children’s Treasury Of Nancy Pelosi Animated .GIFs

Death Panel Advisors

The gig is up. Joe Wilson figured it out.

Tim Pawlenty, SHUT THE FUCK UP

Example of a group that will never be satisfied

NYTimes gets it wrong

Inmates attack guards at Iraq Abu Ghraib

Soon to Be Freed, Shoe-Throwing Iraqi Journalist Showered With Gifts: "I Feel Like Michael Jackson"

WJ this morning - 9/11 Eight Years Later: Are We Safer?

Joey Scarbucks says that Obama is "over-exposed".

Interview: Mother of 17yo Girl Who Died After Private Insurance Denied Claim for Liver Transplant

tx. school kids listen to presidents.

A leader emerges

C-SPIN: The Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson Show...

Hey Joey Scars, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

States hope to allow teacher evaluations based on student scores

This could turn nasty!

Wingnuts on parade - McKinney, TX - Photos

Does anyone else feel the way I do about September 11, 2001?

You know what was missing from this build up to 9/11?

Pawlenty on MJ trying to fan the embers of "death panels" as

John Stossel Leaving ABC For Fox Business & Fox News

email regarding Sunday in DC (health care rally)

Rep. Joe Wilson - Who would Jesus turn away?

Healthcare for all is a moral imperative.


4 problems with Obama

Does anybody know if MSNBC is replaying thier coverage from 9/11/01?

"Never give in.. never, never, never, never..."

Question For All Those Who Say Obama's Plan is a Gift To Insurance Companies

I see CNBC is having Dick Armey on to promote his Freedomworks March on Washington.

Glenn Beck can dish it out... but he can't seem to take it.

Spank me, then let's do lunch, Mark Morford

What is the Terror Alert level today??

HEAR ME OUT! Maybe Healthcare Is NOT Too Expensive! Maybe, We Just Aren't Getting Our Monies Worth!

Dem leaders push for Wilson censure

New York City folks, just curious. How many terms will NYC let Bloomberg

and another MORAN sign:

The Media is making a hero of this guy Joe Wilson...

Just What Is The Public Option and Who's Idea Was It Anyway?

The Public Option

The Nation: The New Domestic Order

Singer Juanita Brooks has died ( blues and jazz singer)

Singer Juanita Brooks has died ( blues and jazz singer)

Why do people always say, "I would have done so-and-so" when

DU this Washington Post Express Poll

EXCLUSIVE (Editorial) - Every year on this day, we are all New Yorkers-BY President Barack Obama


8 Years ago right now, America changed.

Joe Wilson - you is a

Boycott Cable News This Weekend

I'd suggest a spanking for Joe Wilson, except that he'd probably enjoy it.

Baby born at 9:09 on 9/9/09 weighs 9 lbs., 9 oz.

Ground broken on $3.4 billion DHS complex ; As the Feds Take Over, St. E's Moves Further Into Shadow

“Mr. Gorbachev, Build Up This Wall!” – Jackass Rightwingers’ Cynical Hypocrisy Hits Historic High

Got in a huge argument with my conservative Mom about Obama's speech last night

Iraqi shoe thrower offered cars, homes and a wife

Lets face it - Mr. "Dead or Alive" FAILED!

Lets face it - Mr. "Dead or Alive" FAILED!


US men sentenced for racist attacks after Obama win

The media whores were snooping on the radio and were embarrassed

Rep. Gohmert (R-Tyler) AGREES with Joe Wilson, said Obama lied!

Damn commies at NPR are disrespecting 9/11 again. It's awful.

Spank me, then let's do lunch

Man With Gun Arrested Outside Obama Speech

Man With Gun Arrested Outside Obama Speech

Do other broadcast Networks Around the Country show Ground Zero Ceremonies today...

Coast Guard Fires on boat on Potomac River

To everyone sharing a birthday today with my wife

Pediatrician's office told me my son's doctor visit wasn't covered y my private insurance.

Will Harkin steak fry have larger attendance than 912er teabaggers?

Coast Guard fires 10 shots at suspicious boat on Potomac...uh, false alarm, stay scared ya'll

Obama kept us safer

Let me restate , upon this day , the one big problem with our world , as stated by Bertrand Russell

Racist Election Night Bashers Get Up To 9 Years in Fed Prison

MSNBC Video, 9/10/09: Joe Wilson on "The liberals who want to give health care to illegals"

Regarding 9-11, I'm STILL a proud conspiracy theorist.

9/11 Commission Report Questioned by Senior Military

8 years ago a group of mostly saudi arabian citizens committed and act of terror in NYC.

Gotta say, I sure did like the icy stares Barack, Joe, and Nancy shot to Wilson

FauxNews: Rep. Wilson Speaks Out on 'You Lie' Outburst

Southern republicans

Graham to host Columbia town hall Notice we can't bring signs

"Today we are all New Yorkers"

Sanford fears ‘kangaroo court’

Larisa Alexandrovna: 'Moving To New York' - A Poem On The Anniversary Of 9/11

I used to find Mika attractive.

"the Whitehouse says no information concerning the possibility of attacks"

On the anniversary of this tragic day, we remember the sorrow of what we have lost as a nation.

9/11 was a means to war and a faction of our government MIHOP...

As of 10:29am ET today, Obama has "kept us safe" longer than GWB:

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

It's been 8 years and I still don't believe when flight 11 crashed into the WTC - Bush's reaction

It's been 8 years and I still don't believe when flight 11 crashed into the WTC - Bush's reaction

Health insurance exchange?

Put on a good front Mr. President, but play hard ball underneath

Put on a good front Mr. President, but play hard ball underneath

Addison Graves Wilson should be shown the respect of calling him by

Health Care Reform is going to pass... It cannot be stopped

Let's change the animal that is a symbol for the US. Right now the symbol

Past legislative candidate guilty on incest charge (R-Oregon)

Has there been any talk about extending unemployment benefits again?

Is it just me or does Nancy Pelosi always want to forgive and forget too

Military Officer: Joe Wilson's Conduct Is "A Breach Of Discipline"

Obama Readies Afghan Escalation

Could you imagine BO 30 days before 9/11

It wouldn't surprise me at all if that CA legislator is making it up about all those affairs

Dick Cheney once told Pres Ronny Ray-Gun...

if you are watching msnbc replay of 9/11

Former Sen. Coleman has Bell’s Palsy

ON OBAMA'S SPEECH: What about prescription med prices? Why didn't I hear anything about that?!!!!!!

Congress wary of more U.S. Afghanistan troops: Pelosi - Reuters

I remember.

Best editorial cartoon answer to "You lie."

One Way to Defeat the NeoConservatives (GOP)

9/11 memorials - Wasn't there a "ringing of the bell" ceremony in previous years?

Sorry, but I don't want to be reminded about today...

9/11 - either the greatest treason or greatest negligence in history.

Quick! Somebody call the Wahmbulance!!! The Liberals are attacking poor Joe Wilson!

Money Talks, so listen up.

I’m a " TRUTHER " are you a GATEKEEPER?

14 Things You Need to Know About Rep. Joe Wilson

Fighting disinformation on Facebook

$700,000 & Climbing

NOTE TO CNN: A simple we are sorry we screwed up will suffice

The 'news' today will be a good example of why I dumped cable TV

Libya's 'ambassador of fashion'

A deadly disease more contagious than the swine flu ?

Arizona's "family values": budget cuts healthcare coverage for same-sex partners of state employees

IN RE: ORLY TAITZ, STATE BAR NO. 223433: Petition to the California Bar to Disbar Orly Taitz

What is the difference ?

What is the difference ?

Rep. Tom Price to Tea-Party: "Thank you so much for setting those brush fires (of freedom)"

OK. The next time some Republican Asshat disrespects Obama...

So Obama speaking to school children was "dangerous"

**You** are the greatest person in the world

United States unable to rebuild a few office buildings in 8 years

Press being combative with Coast Guard. Press refuses to take responsibility

Ted Haggard: Childhood trauma made me desire men. I'm not gay

Why the "illegal alien" provisions suggested by the GOP for health care reform are a poison pill

Beck: N.O. levees were allowed to fail to hide ACORN corruption?!?

The self sufficiency standard for Washington State

Thanks, Joe!

Photo: WTC Today

President Obama has officially kept us safer

President Obama has officially kept us safer

President Obama has officially kept us safer

Lawmaker, Jeff Miller, who chuckled as Duvall told graphic sex stories, ousted from ethics committee

A Little Friday Humor.....

Lindsey Graham's 'handrub save' on tape.

The Bloody Legacy of Cheney's Failures (DER SPIEGEL)

"you could see the wheels turning in his head"

Can we get some respect for this guy today?

At what point is it appropriate to end the 9/11 maudelinitudinousness?

It's 9-11 and TIME TO PARTAAAAAAY!!!!

We can help out Rachel, Keith, Ed, and yes, even Tweety if you're so inclined...

Rioters set fires at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

I'm probably "not alone" in this. But my attitudes opinions have dramatically

How The Left Can SHOCK The Pundits And Prognosticators In 2010

Sigh. How we have shrunk over the past 8 years...

The Corp. Media (main stream media) is nothing more than a FEAR MONGER.

Privatize the Fire Department.....must watch

Elmer Smith: It's a small leap from 'You lie!' to 'You die!'

The Civil War started in South Carolina...and for a**holes like Wilson

Now reporters "questioning" the training exercise timing. Keep your bias and your damn opinions to

Here's what the Inhofe person had to say about our soon to be great President

Wilson's remarks resonate.

The Ripple Effect: What One Layoff Means For A Whole Town

Two Retired Generals Denounce Cheney

Why are there so many doctors in Congress?

Media Matters vs. Dana Milbank

most laughable talking point for voting Republican...

imagine joe wilson is a democrat and tom delay was still majority leader

Didn't someone post that CG would be engaged in exercises? Posted to DU weeks ago

If you regularly or even semi-regularly watch Mrs. Greenspan on the colortini, chime in here.

5 people, armed with nothing but box-cutters, were able to successfully attack our military hq.

Pawlenty Warning Against Threat of Death Panels -- Ten Years From Now

Barack Obama will have a worse job-creation record than George W Bush...

Former Ky. lawmaker Steve Nunn arrested; ex-fiancée found murdered

Up in smoke

MomsRising comes out in favor of a STRONG Public Option

Democrats to appease teabaggers after "You Lie!" outburst

So did Obama talk about the cost of prescription drugs and big Pharma

How much does Baucus' proposal matter at this point?

"MI6 has reported one of its officers to the AG over allegations of complicity in torture"

Pelosi halts effort to sanction Wilson

Does everyone is the U.S.A. believe the lie that Canada and Britain "prioritize" the health care

Does everyone is the U.S.A. believe the lie that Canada and Britain "prioritize" the health care

"New Lang Syne 2008 (Thank God It's Over)

Is this an eye for an eye?

Is this an eye for an eye?

Glen Beck wants to take us back to 9-12-01.

Sign on to CA inititive to Ban Divorce - the true way to protect marraige

Financial Perspective on 9/11

New Yorkers angry over delays in rebuilding World Trade Centre site

The Obama Health Care plan he is asking for..

What's the matter with South Carolina?

Just donated to Rob Miller

We Created the PEACE CORPS. Why Can't We Have Health Care For All? (Read, and you will understand)

Barf Bag Alert how the right is portraying Joe Wilson

Buying insurance across state lines - how could it POSSIBLY help?

G. Beck urges to buy Obama bobble head

Sarah Palin Ebay Dinner Offered -- With Disclaimers

(POLL) Is it now ok to call undocumented workers "illegals"?

I would like to know what it was like to live in a pre-9/11 world...

Johanns, Nelson want more details from Obama's health care plan

What lies will the wingnuts make up about the next minority President?

Quelle Surprise!: RW Health Care Group Misled Canadian Interviewees Who Appeared In Anti-Reform Ads

Silly question - but does anyone have a recent pic of Michelle Obama.

When is a "Public Option" not a public option?

I sure as SHIT am glad Obama is president, not mrbush

Eisenhower re Hoffer: from Republican Gomorrah . . .

Rep Lynn Jenkins' staffer hung up on my friend...

"You can fool some of the people all of the time" . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

"You can fool some of the people all of the time" . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

O’Reilly tells Coulter she goes ‘too far’

The basic laws of human stupidity

I might get Health Insurance, but I still don't need Health Insurance

Gays in the military are thrown out. Will Rep. Joe Wilson be??

How a picnic led to the fall of the Berlin Wall - CSM

While the media plays on prejudices, corporate money makes end run into politics.

Flashback: Wilson explodes, accuses Dem colleague of “hatred of America”

PPP: Wilson in Trouble - Miller 44% v. 43% Wilson

On 9/11, Beck tries out new conspiracy theory: ACORN, Van Jones to blame for Katrina?

Getting A Yes On Iran Advocacy Day

Beck wants O'Reilly's slot AND Hannity's!

On 9-11, Remembering 9-11 Martyr James Hatfield, who TOLD us it was coming

Are You Happy With Your Health Insurance?

Is CNN Candy Crowley losing weight

I know you can't reason with the unreasonable...

George W. Bush is an asshole who fucked up our country beyond repair.

When asked about being kicked off the air in SF, Michael Savage said ...

When asked about being kicked off the air in SF, Michael Savage said ...

It Simply Boggles The Mind

Baucus The Bribed is Messing with Climate Bill

It should be manadatory for Republcans to remove shoes in all Federal Buildings

On this September 11

White House criticizes CNN’s reporting of Coast Guard training exercise

Project 2,996 - Honoring the fallen of 9/11

I was out running today on my lunch break and...

Breaking MSNBC: Pelosi to hold vote next week whether to censure Wilson.

here's how sick this nation is:::Obama heckler raises more than $200,000

Hey, did anyone see the rebuttal? Between the speech and "Liar Boy" Wilson..

Lucky me.

threats on Obama's life coming into secret service four times greater than for bu$h*

threats on Obama's life coming into secret service four times greater than for bu$h*

Dodd, Kerry introduce resolution to rename the Caucus Room the Kennedy Caucus Room

FRIEDMAN sez we internets webbers are "a SEWER". BROKAW agrees.

Why not insure illegals....

Dem Sen. Max Baucus Caves To "You Lie!" Congressman On Health Care Bill

Glenn Beck has lost his Principles (literally)...

‘Leading architect’ of Bush surveillance quietly appointed to declassification board

Elimination Communication: Woman Teaching Moms How to Go Diaper Free

TPM Cafe: "1881 -- Where GOP Incitement Can Lead"

CIA Officer Responsible for pre-9/11 Failures, Tora Bora Escape, Rendition to Torture Revealed

CIA Officer Responsible for pre-9/11 Failures, Tora Bora Escape, Rendition to Torture Revealed

If you're wondering where all the September 11 posts are - they're in the dungeon.


Could there be anything more undignified than a congressman asking for money using that you tube

Where do we go from here (the things I was afraid to say)?

'conservatives are proud of joe wilson' msnbc..

Losers say it's "unfair" to place the well-being of people over corporations!

Group: NYC initiative for new 9/11 investigation gets legal opening

ACORN Controversy: Would You Like More Info? (Bat-Sh*t Crazy Pastor's Daughter)

Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck, Invites Him To Be A Keynote Speaker

Just couldn't let it go.

Informant says FBI threw away chance to catch alleged 9/11 plotter

Wilson hires professional tweeter

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Anti-abortionist killed

Take Back The Media! Flash Animation "Bush Knew - An American Requiem"

The Union: the business behind getting high

SO do you remember where you were 8 years ago tomorrow????

average (reported) after-tax income top 1%: about $3000/day, bottom 60% = $92/d

Photographer Annie Leibovitz reaches deal with lender to keep artwork, homes

Republican killed girlfriend then apparently tried to kill himself.

Poll question: There are 1000 Starving People Before You.

Defiant Wilson raises more than $200,000 after outburst

Defiant Wilson raises more than $200,000 after outburst

Any Americans here who have emigrated? Reasons? Politics, Jobs? Whats your experience?

This video needs to be seen and recommended.

'03Joe Wilson voted to provide healthcare for illegal immigrants

What the republicans are effectively saying is anyone who is uninsured doesn't deserve a doctor /nt

Uruguay approves Latin America's first gay adoption law

Extinct New Zealand eagle may have eaten humans

I know Poe's Law means you can't tell a real religion from a fake one.

Did Joe Wilson make up story about practicing immigration law?

It would not be safe to walk down the street if you had an (R) by your name...

Holder: Bush official who lied under oath will NOT be charged

Webcast to be Provided of Karl Rove-Howard Dean Debate

Airless Tires for Military Vehicles

Hate crimes commited by children.

Ed Show: Death Panels Are The New WMDs - Republicans Scaring Americans...

Lincoln Chaffee on Maddow ...... he is one angry, bitter man

Landes: No Apology Necessary for Likening White House Tactics To Nazis, Soviets

As Clinton and others have said, forgot about the republicans, just pass healthcare without them

The President does not take an oath to defend the United States.

I watched a bit of the repeats of film from 9/11 this morning and changed channels to a movie

Righties are NOT against Death Panels. They are for them...

Extinct New Zealand Eagle May Have EATEN HUMANS

Lets Remember 8 Years after 9/11 there is STILL.....

Obama Administration Moves to Keep Terror Watch-List Data Strictly Hush-Hush

Britain says sorry to computing pioneer Alan Turing

Britain says sorry to computing pioneer Alan Turing

Hey, Congressman Wilson, Einstein would like to have a word with you

"Don't Tell Me What 9/12 Means, Glenn Beck"

On this Day: Let us Remember the Important Things - All of Them

Public Policy Polling: "You Lie' Wilson Now Trails Challenger

So Rob Miller (Joe The Liar's Oppoent) Has Gone From $40,000 To Over $650,000 Since Yesterday...

The convergence of these events means the storm is almost upon us....

Right-wing video: ACORN funds prostitution rings?

Right-wing video: ACORN funds prostitution rings?

As of 8:47 AM, EDT, Barrack Obama has kept us safe for longer than did George W. Bush.

As of 8:47 AM, EDT, Barrack Obama has kept us safe for longer than did George W. Bush.

Bad car accident

Will Reid Lose His Senate Seat To Take The Hit on Health Care?

The health insurance industry end game

Re: the ACORN sting, why did the wingnuts who set them up choose the whole "pimp/ho" angle

TV Newser: Glenn Beck's Best Numbers Yet

Senior White House Adviser: Wilson "A Pimple On The Ass Of Progress"

Joe Wilson and the Jeeves moment

Joe Wilson and the Jeeves moment

Many Women Targeted by Faith Leaders, Survey Says

but but but Wilson was RIGHT.........

I'm re-reading British historian Kenneth Clark's "Civilisation" and this paragraph caught my eye...

Republicans sure are in a tizzy over the latest on ACORN, did they forget about "Katrina"?

Markey Not Running For Senate

Archived Salon Table Talk thread from 9/11/01: An interesting look back!

So will the 9/12 spelling Bee wizards be carrying their guns

George Pataki wins douchebag of the day award. On MSNBC now saying Obama is making us less safe.

Glenn Beck now setting the news agenda for CNN as well

Fry the jeans off a Friday . . . please come CAPTION Joe Wilson!!!

oh gawd...chuck todd sitting in for tweety

oh gawd...chuck todd sitting in for tweety

America..Land of the Free

On meeting with President Obama today (from Bennet-D-(CO)

If 2 million people show up tomorrow...

If 2 million people show up tomorrow...

If 2 million people show up tomorrow...

Remembering the victims of 9/11

When did DUers suddenly become conservatives?

Pataki just said Shuster wasn't an Amercan First

CNN still reporting on the "9/11 POTOMAC PANIC"

Just for today

I actually watched Glenn Bbeck last night. The whole show. I'd never done that before.

Judge denies CIA bid to delay secrets case

As long as I have been politically aware, Republicans have been AGAINST something

8th Anniversary of the CIA/Cheney attack on America

New Movie: "Creation" -- Bio of Charles Darwin

Senator Levin vs. President Obama: Game, Set, Match President Obama

Paying thousands of dollars for something IN ADVANCE...

So as part of the 'Progressive Left' do we have any national political clout?

8 Years

Some might think this good news . . .

No Slowdown for Weapons Industry

Democrats Inflate Expectations for 9/12 Rally Turnout

Saw a teabugger/nutball with "Terrorist Hunting Permit" sticker on his pickup today.

A smile or two for a dreary anxiety-ridden day..enjoy

$800K vs a gallon and a half of backwash

A Day for Meditation--September 11

Kentucky GOP ex-lawmaker found wounded after girlfriend's death

Are "Independents" more ignorant or uninformed than Democrats or Republicans?

Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation of DC TEA Party Planners

'MASH' writer Larry Gelbart dies at 81

CNN eavesdrops on Coast Guard Radio; CNN report unverified report

Are there levels of stoopid?

I hope Condi and W are having a rotten day.

FoxPAC: Network Again Engaging in Political Advocacy with "9-12 Project"

Great interview (video and article) with Jane Hamsher in the PV forum...

Girl in Iconic Vietnam War Photo Brings Message of Hope

We can help out Rachel, Keith, Ed, and yes, even Tweety if you're so inclined...

Pelosi backing off Public Option!

Two things I've bin Laden video for 911 and gas prices went down for Labor Day

What do the Credit Card Act, Stimulus and TARP have in common

When people KNOW they're being lied to - "Conspiracy Theories" proliferate....

In defense of Joe Wilson-He called the President and LIAR, was right, and suffered for it

Question About Joe Wilson :Cencure and Admonsihed?

Summers: Unemployment Will Remain 'Unacceptably High' for Years

Two thousand freeper types swore to show up for the "Fire Letterman" rally.

Ya know, we make fun of all the RWinger loony toon signs they hold

How much should a family of 4 with a gross income of 60K pay as a reasonable annual premium?

Who's supporting Rob Miller?

They just said on our local news that Ga. is sending 20 bus loads

Law Bans Use of ‘Oriental’ in State Documents

Another Moran!

Did Obama ever support Universal Single Payer?

"I can't in good conscience sit by and not mobilize against a war criminal coming to town" (Bush)

So the two big stories on CNN today are shots that weren't fired on the Potomac river and a person

Here is something you don't see everyday. Man on horseback enters Food Mart to drive out cattle PICS

Do you ever get so infuriated over something someone you don't even know says.....

Anthem Arrests Customer For Daring to Question Them

It's official: Obama has kept us safer than Bush.

Watching CNN try to cover their ass...

I'm a cab driver...

"I'm a victim of 9/11. I was in the building when the plane hit."

Reaction of the people at the school where W was reading on 09/11/01

This is how I know Obama's speech was a sucess

Howard Dean/KKKarl Rove debate tonight at Depauw

Please - will everyone here stop watching/listening to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh??

Facebook, is it a stronghold for stupid Republicans?

*** OFFICIAL Howard Dean vs Karl Rove - live now ***

2010 California Marriage Protection Act: Safeguarding Marriage From the Evils of Divorce

Obama extends the so-called War on Terror.

A Civil War in the making?

Attention D.C. folks - Teabaggers will descend on your town tomorrow


Anti-Abortion activist shot and killed outside of Michigan High School

Gingrich ‘Inadvertently’ Names Porn Company ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ For Stimulating The Economy

Act Blue Contributions for Rob Miller now $ 700,000 -- Guess when it will hit $ 1 million

Former Bushie Mark McKinnon sends $1000 to Rob Miller, volunteers to start "Republicans for Miller"

Why do some people not have bank accounts?

The "sorting" function of education and classes of wealth and privilege

Is the data in yet about how many parents kept their kids home from school on 9/8?

KNEW, Michael Savage's Flagship Station, Kicks Him to the Curb

Report: Deputy let Disney guard stun another with Taser (Florida)

Whoa, don't miss what is buried in this article re the windfall for the health insurance industry.

Christie the Cross-Eyed Motherf---er...

Gay war hero castrated chemically, later commits suicide...belated apology TODAY...

Healthcare question for DUers in Canada, England, and France

Wells Fargo Exec Squats in Foreclosed $12 Million Malibu Beach House

I have a message for Claire McCaskill

Eight Years Ago

Message to Thom Hartmann and all who listened to him this morning.

"Bush kept us safe for 8 years"

"Bush kept us safe for 8 years"

Long-time Comedy Writer Larry Gelbart Dies

Tests show champion runner Caster Semenya is hermaphrodite

Meet The Real Joe Wilson

OxyRush today: "Anyone who serves their nation or community is a Fascist."

Glenn Beck Tops 2009 Carnie Awards

Hey Lurking FReeps! I know about a great presidential lie!

*IF* a bill WITHOUT a public option is signed into law, would my outrage be ok?

Rob Miller breaks 800K

Rob Miller breaks 800K

Wilson Shouts ‘You Lie' After Wife Fakes Orgasm

I'm loving this meme.

Since someone so kindly gave me a star so long ago...

Lone pro-Obama demonstrator arrested at Board of Ed. Get this:

Lawsuits begin. GA public schools sue over charter funding. AZ charters to sue the state.

Sarkozy's carbon tax.

Flawed Toyota Corp Lexus kills family

9/11 Where are they now? Ali Muhamed and his FBI handler

2 Marine Generals Take Cheney to Woodshed-"We Must Repudiate His Dangerous Ideas & Scare Tactics"

Haha! John Gibson just got pwned by a caller on the substance of the Wilson-Liar scream.

9/11: Why did they attack us?

TIME: Baucus Tinkering With His Train Wreck Of A Health Bill To Appease Joe "You Lie" Wilson!

TIME: Baucus Tinkering With His Train Wreck Of A Health Bill To Appease Joe "You Lie" Wilson!

Conyers speech yesterday on single-payer and the public option...

Conyers speech yesterday on single-payer and the public option...

On Fighting Decay

My insurance will not pay for my ostomy supplies ordered by my doctor.

So ... will there be a lot of pro-reform folks in D.C. on Sept. 13?

President Obama Meets Pentagon Staff and Family Members of Sept 11 Attacks - pics

President Obama Meets Pentagon Staff and Family Members of Sept 11 Attacks - pics

Dow Jones - then and now

'The Republican Party, No friend to Seniors'

Victim Bullies.

Do you think this was the best we could get?

Why do Righties think they fucking OWN 9/11?

Joe Wilson posts Youtube video asking for cash... Commenting Frenzy Ensues...

To those who are quick to write off Texas (and forget Ann Richards and Molly Ivins)

9/11 "It's as if we invaded Mexico after Pearl Harbor."

Insurance Stocks Rise After Obama Speech

Police: Shooting suspect offended by anti-abortion material

There are 1000 Starving People Before You. You have The means to feed 800 of those 1000

There are 1000 Starving People Before You. You have The means to feed 800 of those 1000

CNN turns the truth upside-down, makes it look like Wilson is getting flooded with cash donations

Just My Two Cents, But I think Pelosi Is Being Targeted

EXCLUSIVE: 27-Year CIA Vet says Obama May be Afraid of the CIA ... For Good Reason...

OK, after a long time of seeing Rec/Unrec Feature, I believe it's time for a slight adjustment

The ash pile of 9/11

In the aftermath of President Obama's Speech, I'd like to offer an olive branch to the disappointed.


Baucus & Conrad cave again, toughen health care bill's anti-immigrant provisions to appease Joe W.

There are definitely going to be 2 million people at the 9/12 event.

Rick Sanchez & Bernie Sanders on HC lobbying, political donations and corporate personhood - video

Is it now ok to call undocumented workers "illegal" at DU?

So I see this bumper sticker on this van.....

Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN

I finally understand the term "projection". It was clear in the heckling last night.

Argentina Legalizes Personal Marijuana Use

Feingold: Cap-and-trade bill could hurt Wisconsin

Rob Miller:SC-02: Thanks A Million

SO, UH, THERE'S NO MONEY FOR HEALTH CARE?- Senate Panel OKs $128 Billion For Afghanistan, Iraq Wars

After Obama's term(s) in office, can we elect another African-American?

I am no psychiatrist or psychologist but...

***** Catchy mildly inflamatory statement! Rhetorical question?

if y'all label each and every thing as "racist", then the word loses it meaning...

ok, let's be honest: all this rhetoric is intended to be tacit permission to assasinate Obama

Postcard from Canada: Why I Missed Obama's Speech

What the public option really means

Like how Baucus is handling healthcare? Now throwing elbows to gain control of Climate Change bill

thatcher didn't want reunification of Germany.

A good man gone: David Scott Condon - 1970-2009 (Died of malnutrition & pneumonia)

I see 2 BIG "Unintended Consequences" with this Health Insurance Reform:

The USA's Love/Hate Affair with Illegals

Is it essential to maintain the status quo of a single US department of "Defense"?

3000 vs. 18000 (per YEAR!): What's wrong with this picture?

The psychology of caring for everyone's health

UC Faculty Walkout - September 24

UC Faculty Walkout - September 24

What type of healthcare system do you prefer?

Retired general: "Something’s wrong in America..This is nothing but open, unabated racism."

New Footage of the 9/11 WTC Attack

Energy Bill Is pending: Nuclear plants can DOUBLE your exposure to radionuclides

I don't understand why 9/11 made people feel patriotic.

Can someone help me again to offset a wingnut healthcare argument?

If this bullshit bill with mandates in it is passed and signed into law...

President Obama is to be commended for...

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Health and Repubs part b

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Health and Repubs part a

Friday TOON Roundup part 5- the rest

Friday TOON Roundup part 5- the rest

Friday TOON Roundup 1-Speaking of Health

Friday TOON Roundup 4-It was 8 years ago today

Obama's plan - buy crap private insurance or get fined. Not real reform, IMHO.

Holy Crap I slept right thru 9:09 09-09-09

Simple math problem

Dylan & Cash, Girl from the North Country (live)

The Yardbirds - Dazed And Confused

The Sweet and swinging sound of the Zombies

My baby just wrote me a letter

Since I've Been Loving You

Bettie Page dances to the Seeds

Keith's bobblehead ---


Confession: I like the Spike program "Deadliest Warrior," but...

who knows where the time goes ?

It's Spock with a beard week!

Anyone ever adjusted their "internal co--" Nah. That's not going to work.

Man Arrested After Trying To Teach Cat Lesson

idols greatest moment

These fish oil caps that the doc is making me take...

If you want to sing out


Why, Flounder?

The Superficial: "Shawne Merriman did a little more than stop Tila Tequila from driving home drunk"

Scrabble points -- what's your best?

Ever read a "Yelp" restaurant review? If you read one, you've read them all/

only marvin gaye could make the national anthem sexy.

Johnny Rivers


Beer Drive Through.

Albert Pujols could still win the N.L Triple Crown - here's how

This is such a gorgeous song... (YouTube)

Speaking of space-balls, who else is posting naked?

DU Fantasy Football - I got Brett Favre for trade...

got the coolest cat and bird

In an hour, it will be September 11th

I can't sleep and Miller has broken $700,000

Michael Jordan question

If you don't think Winger was important to Rock-n-Roll....

Is there a good place online to stream Mad Men season three?

80's earworm for the day. Video killed the radio star-The Buggles

Question: mold in basement.

I just wasted 36 pieces of paper by not looking at the attachments I printed.

R U hip 2 Mr. Pregnant?

Does your coffeepot make impure noises?

Anybody else besides me have to remember to breathe when you're exercising?

New Terms of Service for Twitter

Global appliance suicide round two!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Blue_Tires!!*******

On the anniversary

Songs That Describe The Republican Party

Good morning Lounge

Congratulations MissHoneychurch! 30,000 posts!

SO do you remember where you were 8 years ago tomorrow????

Odd use of technology

they was these two fellers goin to the bathroom on a bridge

Can any one explain the show "bones" to me?

when i was in college

Today's Tucson speed camera schedule

MoJo Nixon

Analogies and metaphors (some made be literally LOL)

the playful folks at photoshop phriday have some funny shit today



Question about college health insurance plans.

My sister surprised me.

Respectable Fast Food! Veggies and Bourbon or Honey Mustard char-grilled Chicken!!

RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Back in the Day

I posted a youtube video on facebook and it was removed.

Anyone know how to

Roger Ebert reviews "Creation"

I may have posted about this before BUT I am inordinately excited

Spaceballs is on. Should I watch it or set myself on fire?

100 Obscure and Remarkable CD Covers

what a cute little animal

Toilet humor: Is it funny?

If I live in Orange County but die in Riverside County . . .

Guys, what do you do when your wife goes out of town for the weekend?

Dorm and general college rules of conduct. Got any weird or stupid ones?


Water-borne shooting incident on the Potomac. Official descriptions are sketchy. Your explanation?

shocking new discovery

I was out running today on my lunch break and...

Ya know what's really annoying?

The 10 Most Shocking Olympic Gender Scandals

Check in if you're listening to the Golden Palominos cover of Moby Grape's Omaha

I finally updated my music blog. Feedback welcome.

World's oldest person dies in Los Angeles at 115

I posted a dirty pun about Obama and Rahm this morning and it's already at the top of google?!?!?!

I don't get this season of project runway

Small, affordable laptop? What to get?

James Joyce is good

The Star Wars that could have been...

Wilson shouts "you lie" after wife fakes orgasm

DU Song Of The Day

OK - Surfer Rosa or Come on Pilgrim?

Yes. Yes, I am. I am indeed listening to Rush's "Feedback" album.

I wonder if Card actually whispered in Bush's ear on 9/11, "They did it twenty minutes too early"

Post your favorite space images here - dialup warning


"I wasn't even supposed to be here today!"

A Tale of Twin Cities: You Can't Get There from Here

Circle the Cat

Has anybody heard from southpawkicker (SPCrazy) lately?

Friday caption contest

“Monet’s Water Lilies” is on view Sunday through April 12 at the Museum of Modern Art.

Someone Hold me down, I am so fukin *^$&%#$%@#%^$@ Pissed right now

How often do you wash...

Old movies you think shouldn't be missed--please post here.

Post a link to a DU Thread that you feel deserves a second viewing for the newer Duers.

Wow, a lot of people here are wound pretty tight today.

If I had the power of Oprah, I would have Rabrrrrrr on my season opener.

Would like some non judgemental vibes

Carole King.

Computer Virus- I may not be able to post LOLcats this weekend.

Living to be 115-years-old..

In more news about food, today, I am going to my first Sri Lankan restaurant.

Liberals give Obama room to negotiate

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PunkinPi !!*******


Does anyone know a way to rerun some of the Facebook thing last night

The one proposed law that will change the Republicans FOREVER

Why are there no toilets on the enterprise?

Inevitable: Joe Wilson asks, "Stand with me against liberal attacks" (on his website - send $$)

Liberals send second letter requesting meeting

The current GOP illustrates exactly what is wrong with inbreeding. Rather than new people

The Public Option IS the most important part of a health care bill and here is why....

Alan Rickman singing French


Texas Democratic Chairman calls teabaggers "fools"

Interview with Congressman Grijalva, Co-Chair of Progressive Caucus on Obama's Speech on Health Care

Does anyone know where Tweety's been this week?

"Was last night's speech a tribute to another man's liberalism, or...

I love Keith's Dobbs voice! I love all of them!!!

FReeper on Obama's Monday speech: "The BOY can't shut up" (caps mine)

Joe Wilson v John Kerry (2004): "Many veterans, including myself......"

Polaroid-esque* sky at 7:16 p.m., Ticino, Switzerland.

This is a video of a son of a teabagger.

Public Option Vital to Health Reform

ACORN fires 2 after hidden-camera footage aired

Insurance industry lobbyist: "Health reform without a public option would be fantastic for insurers

Bad Science Question: How would Planet X "know" to come back?

IL-Gov: Quinn Has Wide Primary Lead In Own Poll

Whad ever happened to HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE? Why the focus on Wealth?

Senators Lincoln and Prior encouraged on health care after a private meeting with President Obama

We need a Constitutional Amendment!

GOP INBREEDING TAKES A TOLL....evidence: Near Death as a Party...creds gone...respect gone..

Why does he hate 'merca? Tim Pawlenty: I Might Invoke the 10th Amendment to Stop Health Care Reform

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, Section 2036

Just my personal opinion, I think the President gave a great speech

We'll pay for illegal aliens but in the same (expensive) way as always.

So when will we catch the first Republican publicly using the N-word to describe Obama?

Joe Wilson's Dirty Health-Care Secret

Anybody getting the feeling we didn't take care of the business between the Union and Confed?.

Liberals Crank Up Heat, Send Obama Another Letter Demanding Meeting

New AARP Poll: Good News for President Obama

Snowe: Public option delays reform (too "divisive")

CBS POLL: Obama's Speech Buoyed Public Support on Health Care - Highest of Presidency (52/38)

Blast from the past: Joe 'YOU LIE' Wilson apologized for attacking Strom Thurmond's black daughter

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM is at the heart of everything!

Rehearsal for Wednesday night's Joint Session

Wilson raises over $200,000 (and growing) from his "YOU LIE" lie.

Obama gains ground in poll since health care speech

BREAKING on CNN: suspicious vessel on Potomac river. Coast Guard fires on boat.

National Organization for Women (NOW) Urges Single-Payer as Best for Women

Obama bites back: The president's fightback over healthcare reform deserves our support' (Guardian)

Wilson's Outburst Merely a Peep

Israeli PM's secret trip irks media (not about Palistine)

Shimkus walked on Obama: 'Frustrated' (out of the Chamber)

The Mandate Flip Flop

Obama said he'd "call out" those who "misrepresent"--when is he going to call out Wilson?

Obama's speeches: Game Changer(s)

Grading Obama's new health care plan

Pelosi and Reid Backtracking Public option.

Michelle Obama to Copenhagen to lead Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. Health care may ground President.

Oh, (gasp!) . Senator Kyl thinks the President's speech was......

Here's what I think explains Joe Wilson's remark--it's about THEM, not Obama

"No Way to Treat a President" - GOP Performance at Obama Speech Was Un-American (Eugene Robinson)

CO-Sen, CO-Gov: Tight Races (and Romanoff Makes it Official)

"Health Insurer Stocks Rise Despite Obama's Call For Change"

Ezra Klein: Olympia Snowe Bargains with Olympia Snowe

Poll: Obama's Speech Buoyed Public Support (CBS)

Has Howard Dean done any interviews and/or press releases since the President's speech to Congress?

Dem holdouts on a public option have nothing to do with supporting a trigger

Robert Reich: your input is more important now than ever

Give In On The Triggered Public Option Right Now

Former Bush & McCain strategist wants Joe Wilson out of Office RIGHT NOW!

9/11 is a sad day. No one in the Bush administration ever apologized for fucking up. Thousands dead.

So Baucus and Conrad heard "You Lie!" and weren't sure

BANG BANG? I Demand an apology from CNN on their "Report Now, Factcheck Later" News protocol!

Internal Dem Polling Memo Urges Dems To Empasize American Values, Target Insurance Industry

You Don't NEed To Convince ME An Untriggered PO Available Day One Is The Best Bet

Rob Miller leads Joe Wilson in new poll.

First Read goes there - Growing perception that RACE is driving elements of opposition to Obama.

Pelosi to have a vote early next week whether or not to censure Wilson

Joe Wilson got a free pass the first time he spread a lie. Now that

Poll Finds Wilson Vulnerable, in dead heat with Miller (D). 62% disapprove of "You lie" outbust.

SPT: Senator Bill Nelson Showing a Health Care Pulse

EPA: Pending Mountaintop Removal Permits Would Violate Clean Water Act

"Every year on this day, we are all New Yorkers," By President Barack Obama (NYDN Op-Ed)

NC-Sen: "Bank Run" Burr Still Unable to Crack Low-40's vs. Democrats

SC-02: Miller Edges Heckler Wilson in New Poll

My Step Brother's email to his wife's repug family

HEADS UP, DU! POTUS to be on "60 Minutes" this Sunday!

MUST SEE. Craig Ferguson devotes entire monologue to Wilson

Ron Reagan telling it like it is.

Internal DNC Memo On Health Care Speech Focus Groups

The "shots fired at boat in Potomac" crap was due to CNN being idiots

Obama's speech had some important news: plan now includes some immediate relief on insurance costs

Insurance companies are the "Death Panels".

Remember LBJ's "Johnson Treatment"? Is Rahm Obama's "Big Johnson"???

Dems Plan To Admonish Wilson For Insult - vote early next week (AP)

Traficant: 50-50 chance he’ll run again for Congress

Pelosi's statement from her press conference

Have you been more pleased, or, more disappointed with the Obama Administration?

Progressive caucus co-chairs post-speech letter to Obama

PHOTO Caption it? (Sept 10, Geithner)

Carly gets DC GOP love for Senate bid -- rival DeVore roils

27 Years Old, Shutin. Being Kicked Out Of The House. At The End Of My Rope.

'Lord' Boustany has been sued for medical malpractice by eight patients.

Today is September 11th

A party of 'cranks'? (Politico...not so toolish and telling it like it is for once)

Making Signs for Glenn Beck's 912 March: "You Lie" Wilson is a Big Hit

First Lady Michelle Obama going to Copenhagen on Oct 2nd

Going to see Obama in Minneapolis?

White House hits CNN for Coast Guard report (Politico)

Congressman Conyers argues for reconsideration of mortgage ‘cramdown’ provision

Republican opposition to Obama is based on racism

Excuse Me

Breaking: Obama back up in Research 2000 Poll after a few rough weeks

Great DKos Diary about Obama's Public Option Strategy

Obama sets stage for using budget maneuver to pass health reform

Pelosi on President Obama’s Health Reform Speech...

New AARP Poll: Obama Turns the Tide

World's oldest person dies in Los Angeles; had celebrated her last bday with a letter from Obama

Grijalva criticizes dems for caving to Wilson

Conyer's Statement on Pres. Obama's 9/9 speech - "I want to applaud the President ......

We're Seen This Health Care Trigger Before

Greenwald: Wilson's remark "juvenile and dumb, but that's all" Digby: "The President is not a king"

Convince me that a formal House reprimand of Joe Wilson will not make him into a martyr.

Why the Right Hates Obama: He's a Liberal!

The Baucus/Conrad move to exclude undocumented aliens

I Think Obama Supports Pilot Triggered Public Option

Dems worried about 2M tea party turnout??

Glenn Beck wants it to be 9/12/2001 again

PHOTO Caption it? (Sept 10)

I spent my lunch hour protesting our school superintendent

The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers

Congressman John Conyers: Obama's health care proposal is “crap,”

Must see or read interview with Jane Hamsher...

The current public option will deliver national universal health care

Self-Destruct Button, Activiated!

I Fully Expect that There Will Be Two Million ++ at Glenn Beck's DC Rally Tomorrow

Connecticut's Dodd Trails Potential GOP Foe by 10

PHOTOS The President's Day (Sept 11)

Bush Poisoned the Well, We Are Still Suffering

On Wednesday Night, Obama Parked It. Did He Really Park It? I Hope Not and So Should You.

Thom Hartmann: Medicare "Part E" meaning "Everybody" - MUST-READ

Good Job President Obama...Things are starting to align for victory

Excuse Me, But Some Folks in Texas DESERVE to Be Bashed

PHOTOS - Hell Even I'm Scared

Without the Public Option the Democratic Party will be walking into a trap of its own making

John Conyers remarks yesterday; defends single-payer AND advocates for a strong public option

What makes Health Care a Right?

I would like to introduce you all to my new "baby."

In 8 months of office, Obama has been behind 3 of the biggest corporate giveaways in U.S. history

Policyholders could pay more under Obama plan

Afghan reporters blame NATO for colleague's death

Texas Democratic Chairman calls teabaggers "fools"

911 Reasons why 9/11 was (probably) an inside job. PART I: 3 towers, 2 jets

Man With Gun Arrested Near Capitol During Obama Speech

Judge shields signatures in (Wash.) gay rights referendum

Obama advisers: 1M jobs saved or created

Pelosi Sees Support Ebbing for Afghan War

President Obama on Sunday's 60 Minutes

Pakistan: Swat Taliban spokesman, 4 others held

Jewish Leaders Converging On D.C. For Advocacy Day On Iran

Sky News website sabotaged by hacker with a grudge against Rupert Murdoch

Netanyahu mystery trip sets off flap in Israel

Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, 2009-By The President Of The USA

Baby born at 9:09 on 9/9/09 weighs 9 lbs., 9 oz.

New Charges in Stanford Case

South Carolina GOP says governor must go; Sanford fires back

Judge won't dismiss murder charge in CA train case

Report: Iran Ready for 'Comprehensive' Talks.

Prisoners start fire, riot at Iraq's Abu Ghraib

Coast Guard Fires on boat on Potomac River

Hayden Named to Public Interest Declass Board

Police probing allegations of torture by British intelligence

Perry deploys ‘Ranger Recon' to the border

Norway’s PRIO Head Says Córdoba Most Likely Nobel Peace Winner

U.S. probes AIG executives-law enforcement source (for securities fraud)

When Did U.S. Know about (Kabul) Embassy Problems?

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rises More Than Forecast as Pace of Job Cuts Slows


Kentucky GOP ex-lawmaker arrested after girlfriend's death

Webcast to be Provided of Karl Rove-Howard Dean Debate

Government programs helped control tally of uninsured

(Senator Carl) Levin warns US has lost initiative in Afghanistan

Panel reviews sweeping (California) state tax reform

Putin: Russia Opposes Force, Sanctions On Iran

Book: Pat Tillman's First Mission Was Jessica Lynch Rescue

U.S. Certifies Colombia on Human Rights, Clears Aid Transfer

Hospital officials praise president

Key Democrat sees 'some form' of public option

ACORN Fires 2 In DC After Hidden-Camera Video

(University of California) proposing 32 percent fee hike

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 11

Obama Facing Doubts Within His Own Party on Afghanistan

Heckling Rep's Son Defends Dad

Poll: Rep. Wilson in dead heat with challenger

Spanish Investigators Push Justice Department On Torture Role

Editor: Student newspaper censored by school (for revealing vendor's 'mission' to 'serve God')

(Wells Fargo) Exec Used Repossessed Home for Parties: Neighbors

Pawlenty: state sovereignty to fight health care reform 'a possibility'

Pelosi backs resolution aimed at Wilson

Pret­-A­-Voter targets fraud

Former senator Norm Coleman diagnosed with Bell's palsy

World's oldest person dies at 115 (Daughter of slave who voted for Obama)

Boeing workers in South Carolina reject union

House plans to admonish Rep. Wilson over insult

Court dismisses Iraqi contractor torture case

Court dismisses Iraqi contractor torture case

Attorney General Holder Decides Not To Charge Former Bush Justice Department Official


Judge shields signatures in gay rights referendum

In dramatic shift, U.S ready for direct talks with North Korea

Ancient synagogue found in Israel

Nasa test fires new rocket motor

Cheney is heckled at his alma mater

Repsol Says Gas Discovery in Venezuela Is Among Largest in World

Group: NYC initiative for new 9/11 investigation gets legal opening

M*A*S*H writer/producer Larry Gelbert dies

EXCLUSIVE: UnitedHealth Lobbyist Announces Pelosi Fundraiser As She Begins Backing Off Public Option

Navy woman awarded Military Cross

Greenland's Melt Mystery Unfolds, At Glacial Pace

Brutal beating of immigrant, charges against six boys bring alarms in Lynn

2 German cargo ships pass through 'Arctic Passage'

Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN in 2010 count

Atlanta police raid gay bar, arrest 8

Gingrich ‘Inadvertently’ Names Porn Company ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ For Stimulating The Economy

Owosso police look into two related murders

Employee Free Choice Day of Action

Joe Wilson Needs Your Help Now

The perfect 9/11 reflective/tribute video

Reform Madness


Olbermann 'Worst Persons' - Hannity's Bald-Faced Lie (You Gotta See It)

Rachel Maddow: Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project "Exploiting A Tragedy?"

Clutching forks & knives to eat their bacon: Joe Wilson tells Hannity it's an honor to be with him

Bold Progressive Have An Impact!

Speech at the White House Correspondent's Dinner (2006)

Privatize The Police Department!

Obama Infects America with Swine Flu Vaccine

63,692 People Tell Congress "Keep Your Pledge for the Public Option", Jane Hamsher Delivers Petiton

Rachel Maddow: Rep Joe Wilson Is "Opening His Office" To The Seditious 9/12 Movement

Remembering 9/11 with Michael - 'What More Can I Give'

AHIP Commercial in Support of Health Reform

Senator Byrd remembers Ted Kennedy in poetry

REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 12th - The Hamsters

Thom Hartmann confronts former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge about the color alert system.

Rep. Filner and Rep. Wilson on U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

Potomac security threat merely an exercise, police say

Pro-Health Care Reform Ad by 'JD' and 'Turk' from Scrubs

Panic! Incident at Potomac 9/11

911 Remembered

Joe Wilson's Basic Instinct

GOP = The Party Of 'Duh'

Vice President Biden Recites A Poem At Ground Zero, NYC - 9-11 Memorial

Skeptic Bible Study: The Smoking Gun

Obama's Tribute to Cronkite

Teabagger Express-Bus Full of Racist Morans!

Sea Shepherd 1st Officer Peter Hammarstedt at Animal Rights Conf 2009

Big Dog Kicks Fox News in the ass

Union Busting at William & Mary - Employee Free Choice Day of Action

Joe Wilson's Apology for "You Lie!" (Closed-Captioning for the Bullshit Impaired)

Big Dog kicks ass part 3

Funny - Lindsay Graham aborts his applause at Obama's public/private college line

Teabaggers Dance and Sing to "New York, New York" and call for end of "socialism" (from today-9/11).

Bobby Jindal Explains Using Helicopters To Go To Churches

Big Dog kicks ass part 2

The 1st Post 9/11 Daily Show: Jon's "Are You Alright?" Monologue & Full Episode

TYT: Is The Upcoming SC Ruling More Important Than Healthcare Reform?

Thom Hartmann - Is Global warming the cause of the wildfires?

TYT Interviews: Jane Hamsher On How Liberal Groups Are Being Silenced By...

Americans Observing 911 By Trying Not To Masturbate

David Swanson on Healthcare

Thom Hartmann - Did President Obama inspire you or worry you with his healthcare speech?

SEPTEMBER 11 - Chile 1973 - USA CIA Foreign Policy in Action

BUYcott of Whole Foods, Not So Organic: Exposing tea party tactics

MEET HECKLER JOE WILSON - Republican South Carolina

Young Turks: Michael Savage Gets Dropped From Flagship Station!

John Stossel Gets Smacked

SEPTEMBER 11 - Chilean coup 1973 - USA destroyed the Chilean democracy & indirectly murdered 30 000

Joe Wilson Voted to Provide Taxpayer Money for Illegal Immigrants' Healthcare

September 11 1973 Chile - USA Foreign Policy in Action - This is a powerful and moving speech

Part of US government and Congress lied about 9/11

september 11 - CIA and Chilean dictator Pinochet - horrible video

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT on Joe Wilson - 'Rank Willful Stupidity is Greatest Threat'

Hearing scheduled in case of Capt. Connie Rhodes and attorney Orly Taitz

ACORN workers taped allegedly advising on prostitution, fraud

CNN: Salon's Joe Conason - Entrapment Video Of ACORN Employee Is "Propaganda" Not "Journalism"

Obama Shines, But Blows 'Comedian’s Fantasy' of Dealing With Heckler

Obama Factor Plays to Tarnished Senator's Advantage (Diaper Dave)

Book Says Obama's Life Is at Risk

NYT Editorial: Immigrants, Health Care, and Lies


Then There's Income Inequality: A New Standard for Banana Republics in the Making

A Suggestion for Sarah Palin, Back the Divorce Ban

Is it just me or does Nancy Pelosi always want to forgive and forget too

Eugene Robinson: No Way to Treat a President

NYT Editorial : The Court and Campaign Finance

US Plans for New Bases in Colombia: Throwing Bullets at Failed Polices

Joe Galloway: Afghanistan Isn't Worth It

Juan Cole: A Tale of Two Joe Wilsons, a Tale of Two Americas

Petition: Public Option must be available to EVERYONE, or there's no incentive to cut costs!

GOP yells "BOO!", Congressional Dems cave!

Guerillas occupy most of Afghanistan

Who Says the GOP Has No Health Plan: 'Orwell Care'

If You Think Corporations Run The Government Now…

Heckling of president is rare in American history

David Sirota: We've Seen This Trigger Before

Shrew Loo

Toronto Star - A puzzled Canadian ponders surreal U.S. health-care debate

9/11: Why It Sucks.

David Sirota: UnitedHealth Lobbyist Announces Pelosi Fundraiser As She Begins Backing Off PubOption

Two Retired Generals Denounce Former VP Cheney

Van Jones: A Moment of Truth For Liberal Institutions in the Veal Pen

Mark W. Bradley: In the Land of the Witless, the Half-wit is King

If one or a group of Supreme Court judges formulate a decision that it patently absurd..and not

Weekend Economists' "Try to Remember" Weekend, September 11-13, 2009

Max Blumenthal: Joe Wilson's Strange Friends ... white supremacists

Why seniors would be health reform winners, not losers

Network (1976) - Money speech

Arctic Shortcut Beckons Shippers as Ice Thaws

The World Is Our Ponzi Scheme

ODAC Newsletter - Sep 11

Peak oil notes - Sep 10

Drumbeat: September 11, 2009

Snowlines Up By 300+ Meters On Some Himalayan Peaks Since 1980s - Key Factor In Glacial Balance

Up To 30% Of Pacific Brant - Goose Species - Wintering In Alaska Rather Than Migrating - ENS

On Sept. 21st, there Will Be Bells - the Global Climate Wake-Up Call

Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. and GreenFire Energy Work Together to Develop CO2 based Geothermal Power

SRI International to Present Hydrogen Fuel Safety Research Results at 2009 International Conference

Man-Made Crises 'Outrunning Our Ability To Deal With Them', Scientists Warn

Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change

No Impact Man - Portrait of a Marriage: Eco-Geeks Unplugged

Study: Warming has ‘severely perturbed’ Arctic

PEMEX Cites "Doubts" About Chincotpec's Profitability - Projections Now 60K B/D By Year-End, Not 72

Copenhagen conference doomed to failure?

Cassava - Staple Crop For World's Poor - Becomes Far More Toxic At Higher Temperatures, Study Shows

Aussies Overtake Americans As World's Biggest Per Capita CO2 Polluters - AFP

A graphic picture of Cantarell's performance

The change in Arctic nature foreshadows the global environment of the future

Greenland's melt mystery unfolds, at glacial pace

"You cannot oppose them all"

German Geothermal Project Leads to Second Thoughts After the Earth Rumbles

Heinz Ward FUMBLED ON THE 10!!!!!

No commentary about tonight's NFL game?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September 10)

Madden Cover Jinx Strikes Again?

No tennis today!

Too bad Stockton and Malone didn't go in HoF together

Is the NBA Hall of Fame class of 2009 the greatest ever?

Hilarious question in the SF Chronicle's Sports Web Page...

I loves me the Giants!!!!

Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy auction is today...

Al Michaels is a racist pig

Lousy announcer Sean Salisbury fired for sending pics of

Best Basketball Player Ever: Wilt Or Jordan?

Floor-i-duh is playing another powerhouse this weekend...Go Troy!

Retired gen. detained in Colombia massacre probe

Video: Resistance Leader, Juan Barahona, Wants Our Solidarity Full Throttle

NED and the Empire's New Clothes

Spying Scandal Highlights the Use of Colombia's Women as Weapons of War

Day 72 - Honduras Coup Resistance



update: Cuban court upholds 2-year sentence for protester

Repsol Says Gas Discovery in Venezuela Is Among Largest in World

Revolutionary Honduran Women Stand Tall Right Next to Those in Cuba

Ronald Reagan's Torture

Cuba authorizes internet access to all citizens

Honduras: La Lucha Continua – Trade Unions Call 48 Hour Strike


U.S. Certifies Colombia on Human Rights, Clears Aid Transfer

Norway’s PRIO Head Says Córdoba Most Likely Nobel Peace Winner

US Plans for New Bases in Colombia: Throwing Bullets at Failed Polices

Cab capitalism: Cuba allows new private taxis

Militarizing Latin America

Federal Judge rules on open carry

Man with shotgun robs golfers on putting green

Naomi Klein: The Tel Aviv Party Stops Here

Toronto [Film Festival] Declaration Unstoppable

Israel admits Binyamin Netanyahu's secret trip to Moscow

Benefit Sunday for former Berkeley tree sitter severely injured in Israel

Hadash MK Dov Khenin: Labour chairman Barak has turned into right-wing's contractor

It isn't about the money, or about stuff, it is about the violence.

Norman Podhoretz's false accusations of "dual loyalty" - Greenwald

Rockets Fired From Lebanon Hit Israel

Israeli opens fire at Palestinians in Jerusalem, clashes erupt

The New Israel Lobby

Israel Shells Lebanon Village After Rockets Fired Across Border

"Starbucks insures a lower percentage... than Wal-mart"

Teachers strike for reduced class size - would a state income tax fix it?


Still getting the hang of this Canon Rebel XTi. Here's my lake at exactly 10:00 p.m. this evening.

Not to complain or anything...

the better side of South Carolina

Of Roosters not wanted...of gators to make me sick and sad... and the beauty of the Everglades

Arctic Shortcut Beckons Shippers as Ice Thaws.

Dandelion Rubber? Researchers Make Russian Dandelion Suitable For Large-scale Rubber Production

Science Funding Exlpained (comic)

I hate reading stuff like this

Texas Billboards Spark Fundie Outrage

Judge shields signatures in gay rights referendum

Extinct New Zealand eagle may have eaten humans

Financial bailout cost each US citizen $10,000

How To Fight Deflation

bubbles anyone?


So, the anti-Reformers say that the "public option" will force insurance companies out of business

Katrina Brought Out Best in Hospital, Profits Fell

Health insurance mandate

Every month I have to struggle to pay our insurance bill.

Studies: 1 dose of swine flu vaccine works

The End of the Honeymoon (Obama) by Starlight News 9/10/09

CNN says Obama was not lying about health insurance for illegals.

Aging mother has started drumming. Has anyone heard of this?

Choose your afterlife

The Mormon Worker - Does this mean a leftist movement within the LDS Church?

Teachers strike for reduced class size - would a state income tax fix it?

Notes from the first 3 days of school:

Here's a news report about grading teachers.

Cheddar Cheese Dip?

(araahh....) son of a bitch

Any good recipes for eggplant? Usually I despise it because of how acidic it

Today I took canning to the next level

In Silent tribute to the memories of 9/11

9/11 was a means to war and a faction of our government MIHOP...

I’m a " TRUTHER " are you a GATEKEEPER?

if you are watching msnbc replay of 9/11

FBI Informant Says Agents Missed Chance to Stop 9/11 Ringleader Mohammed Atta

Obligatory 9/11 "Truther" Thread

I meant to say "any" jet parts - ha ha

9/11 Commission Report Questioned by Senior Military

Looking Back @9/11: Why Do You Think "The Terrorists" Chose Early A.M Instead of Later?

9/11 - either the greatest treason or greatest negligence in history.

New Yorkers to Vote on City 911 Commission in November

911 Reasons why 9/11 was (probably) an inside job. PART I: 3 towers, 2 jets

setting up a truther website is probably easier than starting a church

Can't believe the general public doesn't notice no jet parts in

Here is a song that every human can relate to!

I have to say I totally loved PONYO