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Prez O interview w. harwood on nyt front page

Rep. Anthony Weiner next on KO - discussing the health insurance profit enhancement act.

guess who?

Finance case renews focus on precedent - Roberts, Alito Pledged Deference; Activists After All?

Good for President Carter


US planning to weaken Copenhagen climate deal, Europe warns

Hooray! We are all Republicans now.

Sen. Rockefeller "There is no way I would vote" for Baucus' Bill

So, I was listening to Bill Bennett's Morning in America today...

Police: 'White pride' man threatened to 'destroy' township

The *Definitive* photo comparison!! (Obama's inauguration vs. 9/12 event)

Does the Government Release Information to Avoid Daily Show Coverage?

Rick Santorum, not exactly a quick thinker

Dems To Take Advantage of GOP Obstructionism

Holy Shite - did KO just say that Bush said

Screw the tea baggers, here is a real march:

Good on Jimmy Carter

ACORN Debunking needed.

WSJ: Fact-Checking the President on Health Insurance

Michael Moore Takes on Capitalism Itself

Can we get the basic terms correct here?!

I've figure it out, the GOPers are determined to avoid hell

The attacks on ACORN were not two kids dressed up for Halloween and caught on hidden camera

Afghan rift bared as US military chief challenges Barack Obama

Former Justice O'Connor: Flawed education leaving Americans ignorant of government

Legal question

Rachel showing stupid bumper sticker

Santorum's the best they got???????

Public Libraries Aren't Just Where You Get Books. Libaries Have Programs For Kids

From Toronto to Pittsburgh to Jay Leno, "Capitalism" Marches On

Operation Rescue says it's broke, may shut down

Keith Olbermann talks about insurance companies dropping benefits for victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

Why does Anderson Cooper keep having that ugly Racist Mark Williams on

Ed Rendell, on Maddow, espouses medical price controls

Daily Show getting better, more journalistic

Is ACORN Putting Out Their Side?

Michael Moore will be on Jay Leno tonight

This Baby Seal Is a People Person, And That Makes Him Dangerous

Now here is a COOL blog to look at

Now here is a COOL blog to look at

Rhetoric out of Israel heats up before talks with Iran

America loves a good competition Tea baggers versus Single Payer

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Shred this mess of a bill and replace it with Ted Kennedy's

Snark time, 1.8

Jimmy Carter: Rep. Wilson comments 'based on racism'

If they cannot stand with us now...

The rise of Ignorance.

Thank you, Canadian Broadcasting Corp!: They just did a segment on Tea Party racism.....

Tonight's actual dinner discussion: If There Is a Civil War...

Sam Rayburn country....lack of interest in Bible study curriculum

Setting the Record Straight. Today's Vote To Rebuke Wilson Was Not A Waste Of Time

"I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg."

Wow TDS didn't even make it to the interview

On Big Brother did Kevin's family get disappeared?

Carl Tobias: Judge Andre Davis Should Be Elevated Now, and All the 4th Circuit's Seats Filled Soon

Michael Moore has a good singing voice.

Acorn Video: Census Bureau And Senate In Trouble.

Should DU allow ads for Health Insurance Companies here?

Michael Moore coming up soon on Jay Leno

Indonesia's Aceh to allow stoning for adulterers

Indonesia's Aceh to allow stoning for adulterers

I was in DC for both the inauguration and the 9/12 march

I am definitely loving my IPOD touch

We've been hit by 8 years of criminal negligence at the least by

My First Boob Tassels

Woo Hoo - I won the Mega Millions

Australia: UN envoy denounced after he describes Northern Territory “intervention” as racist

Britain: Postal workers discuss disaffiliation from Labour, ballot for national strike

I'll be having some sex with an acorn member tomorrow if anyone wants to

LAT: Mexican American astronaut isn't changing course on immigration stand

Michigan lawmakers prepare austerity budget

Wilson got off light...

Democrats aid Rhode Island's rich

The Message Is The Medium, And It Stinks

The Porsche and Piëch clans (rich families) pillage Volkswagen

If 99% of Americans & 99% of Doctors Supported a Public Option, Would Max Baucus Change His Mind?

Race for Houston Mayor gets racial

Snuggies fashion show - new colors and patterns

Some cases in O.C. could be dropped if offenders give a sample of their DNA -- and pay a $75 fee

President Obama pushes public option

Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Kanye West Kick Off National Outburst Week

Activists Drape Niagara Falls With Banner To Protest Tar-Sands Oil

Ohio execution on hold after vein troubles

Baucus Compromise Bill Draws Enthusiastic Support of Senator Max Baucus

Who gives a shit if Joe Wilson is a raciest....

Mafia sank boat with radioactive waste: official

First trial over 'Katrina' trailer fumes opens

Unemployment will reach high in 2010: OECD

Raymond Clark III - the person on interest in the Annie Le murder

Numbers That Matter

Let's have this fight now

ACORN is now the GOP's new distraction.

Mr. Wendell Potter and the "IIPPEA"

Mr. Wendell Potter and the "IIPPEA"

Senatwhore Shelby on MSNBC

The anti-Michael Moore right-wing minions are out en masse.

"Gang of Six"

I just registered to be an organ donor and I have a question.

Well, that’s six months we’ll never get back

TVA Worker Lied in Shuler Inquiry

One small NV town's loss: Fallen Fernley soldier laid to rest

NATO Says 3 US Service Members Die in Afghan Blast

TV Networks Lobby Against End of Tax Deductions for Drug Ads - May Raise $37Bil in 10Yr for HealthCa


Today should be interesting. Max The Republican Felation Specialist will be announcing his "plan"

Dennis MILLER told O'LOOFAH that "WE" are tired of Kanye WEST's screw ups

Observation About Glen Beck's Numbers



Obama got almost 70 million votes

Topic of debate: The current Republican Party is a modern-day version of the Know Nothings.

Wait a tick! Maybe ACORN should send some of their people UNDERCOVER

The FDA and the swine flu vaccine

As I live and breathe Ohio's House passed a gay rights bill

Tea-Baggers March on Washington, Have No Idea Why

Spanking Kids in School Still Common, Especially Among Disabled

I Plan On Emailing Jay Leno This Weekend RE: Rush Limbaugh

Suspicious package investigated at Times Square

If Obama had of been white or if there is a White democratic President?

The question we should be asking and answering is..Is their hatred contagious

Watch Out Wall Street, Here Come the Dutch!

Safe passage, Mr. Alexander. (Jacob Alexander, San Francisco artist, "King of Golden Gate Park")

Votes are lined up to appoint a senator for Ted's seat

New study contradicts assumption that brains shrink with age

Instead of feeling guilty about their fears, hatred, bigotry, ignorance and paranoia...

WHY is Frances Townsend on a DHS commission? Ramp up the terra!

Kanye should apologize

Food aid at 20 year low

Grassley: I Can’t Back Bill Now Because Dems Might Do Bill Without Me Later

Another rise in health insurance premiums for Massachusetts.

Rich Kid, Poor Kid - Who gets the education?

Just for once, I wish someone would ask these folks

From now on, I will address Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) as Joe the Mouth

Interesting CSPIN Caller...Should Addison WIlson Be Court Martialed...

Health costs to rise again

KO: Reports latest Senate health care reform bill will allow insurance companies to charge more for

Karzai or Abdullah it doesn't matter. I think they're both puppets of US policy.

Karzai or Abdullah it doesn't matter. I think they're both puppets of US policy.

Dedicated To Senator Max Baucus

ROSEWOOD just started on Encore - Welcome to America NT

Well, Duh!

Why do we (especially poloticos and the MSM) say "the banks"

Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life

Obama faces backlash over Afghanistan - Asia Times

surge update - Three U.S. Soldiers Die in Afghan Blast

MP3 of First Nation drummers chanting at Madison, WI Capitol steps this morning

Racism exists in this country.

Ruth Marcus: Alarm Bell on Health Reform from Ron Wyden

Ruth Marcus: Alarm Bell on Health Reform from Ron Wyden

Kucinich: The Private Mandate Sausage Machine

Are we going to have a bubble-and-bust economy for the foreseeable future?

I think from now on any act of incivility or rudeness or just plain idiocy should be referred to as

Attention Joe Scum and Co.

"The Intolerable Burden"

Breaking: ACORN employee video taped bathing in sink.

"Wilson's outraged response... had something to do with race." -- The Tribune

Wilson deserved censure and so does every other member of the House or Senate who

About the Acorn sting - what do you think happened?

RWers threaten to boycott brewery for Planned Parenthood fundraiser. Calls and emails cause ...

The Rude Pundit: Moments from Yesterday's Brief Dance of the Damned

American Axle reportedly close to rescue deal with General Motors

Remember Elian Gonzalez?

Obama Justice Department Supports Renewal of Patriot Act Provisions

A well-oiled influence machine

Bush: "This cat isn't remotely qualified.-You think I wasn't qualified?-I was qualified."

Corporate money to politicians is the root of the problem.

It is time for the rest of the media to do some hardcore reporting on the ACORN

ATV punks repeatedly run over man after making him crash

A picture my brother took was on the Today show this morning!

Why the RW media keeps trying to push the "beware of overexposure, Obama" meme...

Baucus Brought out HR Bill. AP Reports: No Public Option


Why is Fox and Beck going after ACORN when Skittles and I are both walking around breathing?

Baucus' bill: I want to trade Obama's "Yes we can" for Howard Dean's "we can do better than that"

bev harris/BBV

Karzai Gets 54% in Full but Uncertified Vote Tally...operative word...'uncertified'

Operation Rescue may have to abort operations.

Freedom's just another word

Dear Glenn Beck: Is there any shred of humanity left in you?

Dear Glenn Beck: Is there any shred of humanity left in you?

Thank you Jimmy Carter

Vitter Amendment to HUD bill-requiring 8 hrs/mo community service by public housing residents passes

Please help me respond to this Republican health care argument

Media Matters: My friend's cousin said there were 4 million people there

Here's some new RW lunacy for you!

Son of Mafia enforcer, patron of KERIK, Ghouliani not running for governor, according to ex-roomie

It's OFFICIAL: Repubs Will Support NO Health Care Reform, Whatsoever

Wal-Mart and McDonald's gift cards used as a lure for syphilis testing

Fuck you, Sen. Max GOP-Buttkiss....

Take a moment to thank Jay Leno for having Michael Moore on.

Why does no one question why the "good and honestly concerned" teabaggers are so comfortable

Employers passing on more health care costs to employees

Baucus, we don't want a balanced bill! That's not what we asked for.

Anyone listening to the freeptard convention on Thom Hartmann right now?

...So I sent her to

I don't think punishing Joe Wilson is a good idea.

NYC DEMS nominate Thompson for Mayor .

Military offers a path to citizenship

Is what this cop did even legal?

NYT: Indian Women Find New Peace in Rail Commute


La Mesa-Spring Valley board that banned Obama speech feels heat

Official Confirmation of Attendance at DC Rally with Aerial View

Help me understand this about ACORN

ACORN is small peanuts...

We don't need any of the byzantine health care bills coming out of Congress.

Republicans will not support the Baucus bill, and I'm very happy about that

Obama Needs a Smack-down Czar

$85.6 billion per year. Why not report it that way?

If you were to wage a one-person pro-choice demonstration

Peaceful vs Violent revolution. How do we know where the tipping point is?

Peaceful vs Violent revolution. How do we know where the tipping point is?

John McCain on Senate Floor Showing his birth certificate. Does

The Republican Right's Project: Bring That "Boy" Down

Recession hasn't slowed global Internet traffic

Public Defender to Represent Stanford

Teenager faces seven years in prison for RU486


Here's how conservatives support our troops...

I had a weird thing happen at the bank this morning.

dupe! self delete

Does what goes around come around?

Let's call Congress now! Turn the Baucus bill in to a starting point for negotation.

Max Baucus: dumber than_____________ (fill in the blank)

I can choose to not drive. I can't choose to not be mortal.

Where Men Win Glory...Pat Tillman book

Cue up the Chris Rock "Lethal Weapon 4" clip: Allen Stanford Appointed Public Defender

Best Star Wars/9-11 video ever.

Jim DeMint Must Stop

I just thought of something with the 9 states where abuse victims can have a 'preexisting condition'

Extremism in New Jersey (and a grain of salt is taken)

FBI Director re: ACORN: "First time I heard of this incident to which you refer is last evening"

Advice about bullies from Patrick Swayze's mother:

The President and First Lady get in on the fun during an Olympic Games event at the White House-pics

Long time democrat mayor in Lynn, MA loses to republican write in candidate

glen beck`s numbers for sept 14th-3,085,000 viewers

i predict NOT ONE republican votes for the healthcare bill

After Baucus Unveils Bill, What's Next???

Fox news, RW talk radio and the rest of the RW media have declared war

it looks more and more like George W. Bush was a good representative of America's financial elite

Question for lawyers (or just anyone who knows technical aspects of the law)

TV's `Newlywed Game' features first gay couple

Moral Outrage Scorecard

So I finally watched the Kanye/Taylor Swift thing

New York Restaurant Loses Its Appetite for Cash

People of Montana must be pretty embarrassed...

What I just realized about Republican elected officials

ACORN announces internal investigation.

it cracks me up to hear joe wilson call President Obama 'gracious'

Man honored for 50 years of service at McDonald's

Why is it just a little sexual fun when a Republican Senator uses a prostitute

Treating Domestic Violence as a Preexisting Condition is Only One Example of the Rampant Sexism in t

Hey Rush! YOU can be a racist and against Democrats at the same time.

Small plane registered to Henry Broadcasting Nevada, Inc. crashes. Pilot walks away.

Question for DU economist.

ReThinking Norma Rae: A Union Icon Falls Fighting the Healthcare Industry

My latest LTTE -- not health insurance; healthCARE

Can we stop this bi-partisan crap already

FOX News has NO SOUL! They hear about a murder and choose to not report it!

Baucus sez his bill is what the president asked for

OMG You gotta see this!!! Muppets in "The devil in Jamaica"

What a piece of shit Michael Steele is

What a piece of shit Michael Steele is

Baucus Bill Sends Insurance Stocks Rallying

Linda McMahon CEO of WWE Launches Bid For GOP Nomination Against Dodd ..Video

IHOP - International House of Pain (from HSUS - warning ANIMAL CRUELTY)

James O'Keefe and friends were setting up for ACORN to lose either way

Bulldozing the opposition: Advice for Obama from across the pond

How can Philadelphia be closing its libraries while spending 69.5 million on the libraries?

"Death is a poor man's doctor"

And speaking of James O'Keefe, the creepy douchebag who made the ACORN film

The Story of the Beating of the Soldier Tasha Hall by the Racist Troy Dale West is Absent from FR

Cars for clunkers program popular in Europe

Two words for that supposed Democrat Baucus and what he can do with his bill

until the UNEDITED video of the acorn sting is presented, we know nothing.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA): "God bless him(Joe Wilson). He said what we were thinking,"

Imma let you finish (dial-up warning)

"The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers" Premieres This Week


The Right-Wing Extremist Writer Behind Glenn Beck's Worldview

How 'Buy American' Can Hurt U.S. Firms

Seattle schools may lower grade-point requirement for graduation, play sports

Pics of Belgian farmers dumping 3 million liters of milk

The Bat Shit Crazy Right From Central Casting…

The Republican "opposition" to Baucus's corporate welfare bill is as phony as a $3 bill.

Now the Progressive Caucus is the only game in town.

Rockefeller to Baucus, Conrad: Co-ops Are a Sham, Public Option Is a Must

Damn, now I KNOW Obama's a Jedi!

Hepatitis B Vaccination Protects Against Liver Cancer

"Half Baked Nitwits"

A Third of NJ Conservatives: Obama Could Be The Anti-Christ

Should a person, upon being taken into custody, have a right to privacy?

A Note to the DNC

What struck me first about the ACORN "sting" was that the staffer offering

Caption needed . . . . .

Blue Dogs praise Baucus bill

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The Secret Test That Ensures Lenders Win

Gibbs blasts GOP critics of Obama czars

RW site says more ACORN videos to be revealed tonight

DC Madam Customer David Vitter Is Outraged By The ACORN Prostitution Scandal

I can choose to not drive. I can't choose to not be mortal.

Burris: "I firmly believe in a public option and will oppose any bill that does not include one

Ex-Kentucky legislator Nunn could face death penalty

Are members of the Democratic Party really wasting their time?

So how is that reforming Wall Street thing going?

WRONG!-Abortion Terrorist Sympathizer Targets Obama’s Kids’ School For Protest

AFL-CIO: Baucus bill 'absolutely fails'

Coalition Organizes in Support of Mark Lloyd

Racist Attack at Cracker Bell

I had a horrible realization watching the 912ers in action.

MSNBC Spreading GOP Health Care Lies

Hey Dick...yeah you!

Fox News is a Communist Network

Rod Dreher: Zombie conservatives at the schoolhouse door.

Iraqi baseball team finally in uniform, thanks to U.S. donors

Grassley opponent Tom Fiegen radio interview

The Terribly Bad, No-Good Baucus "Fauc-Us" Bill

Latinos to CNN: Dump Dobbs Now

Latinos to CNN: Dump Dobbs Now

Latinos to CNN: Dump Dobbs Now

Caption this pic

Are Christians REALLY Keeping the Charles Darwin Movie Out of U.S. Theaters?

The Teabaggers

nytimes..Baucus Offers Health Plan but Lacks G.O.P. Support

Whoa! Ed got old Feehery's undies in a bunch just now.

New Teabagger flag...

Robert Scheer, The Nation: Obama's Presidency:

Is calling people like Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes "uncle toms" racist?

Questions for pro-legalization fans

Scenario: Some guy is standing on the sidewalk outside your house...

The Liberal Media

if we're against the healthcare reform bill, does that mean the thugs will support it?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt


A coworker today said she wouldn't strike

She Got The Beat: Justice Sotomayor Cuts Up The Rug

DEJA VU: Republicans are behaving towards Obama EXACTLY as they behaved toward John F. Kennedy.

Blast from the past.

Ron Wyden is standing there talking about subsidies to citizens to buy mandatory insurance

Ron Wyden is standing there talking about subsidies to citizens to buy mandatory insurance

Ohio House passes LGBT non-discrimination bill. Republican complains of increased number of homos

Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party

Fort Worth's city council was planning to close some libraries...

5 Yr Old Rescued from Burning SUV 2 Months Ago Leaves Hospital

Michael Moore interview @ The Jay Leno Show - Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz // 09/15/2009

Why is the South/Midwest so religious?

Yesterday, I had to go through an "interview" to close an account

Why do they have to be such sarcastic, bitter assholes?

Has anyone ever gotten a job through the internet?

"Roy Roger's Horse Saves Health Care!" (a Message from Dennis Kucinich)

ACORN shows 'pimp' and 'pro' the door Philadelphia and cops called

Question. Are there any health care bills being considered

Ed give me a break... The President cannot step in and settle every

I think Obama should sick Rahmbo on Beckkk

Do You Have the Right to Flip Off a Cop?

Perhaps Glenn BecKKK should go back on coke........

Want to help reduce the national debt?

PSA if you're going boating: wear a life jacket

The "both parties are equally bad" myth

The "both parties are equally bad" myth

Limbaugh implied today that racism is totally justified.

Jimmy Carter: 'Hamid Karzai Has Stolen the Election' in Afghanistan - Time to Get Out

I've been skimming through the "teabagger's march" pics. I have to state the obvious,...

I've been skimming through the "teabagger's march" pics. I have to state the obvious,...

Reminder: International Day of Peace is Monday September 21st

Tourism boycott threatened over Wilson's 'You lie' outburst

On the Acorn thing

James O'Keefe did something similar with Planned Parenthood

Alan Alda: My Friend Larry Gelbart

Fox Nation's Death Threat To Obama Reported To Secret Service

Hey Freepers! Want to see HOW we KNOW Joe Wilson is a Racist? Let Me Google That For You...

A Rotten ACORN?

Keeping a Promise - a True Friend Until the End

Oily Teats reprimanded by judge as case is thrown out of court

Permission to come aboard?

Did you know that the cops in Atlanta are still raiding gay bars?

Obama Embraces Patriot Act; As Senator, He Was Skeptical

Bertha Lewis, CEO, ACORN

Ethical question. Say there is someone who needs an organ, but nobody in their

Buy a puppy from a Moran:

Something about all those signs at the teabagger protests

Blacks in America were given free passage from Africa to America, for chrissakes

Health Insurance Stocks Rally With Release Of Baucus Health Bill

I thought I was on FOX NEWS! MSNBC called Carter "irresponsible" for speaking the truth

The “Atlantic 50' Exposes Liberal Media Influence (or Not)

Operation Rescue may have seen its last days

Obit: Beth Rickey, exposed David Duke

Dead man upset over bills, health problems, cops say (What have we become?)

I applied for food stamps yesterday..

Mad Max 4(sale): Beyond Blunderdom

It’s Not All Greed and Stupidity, You Know. Cowardice Needs To Take a Bow, Too.

Woman placed stranger's toddler son on her knee and spanked him 3 times

RIP Henry Gibson

Unfortunately it sounds like maybe there are more videos, one to be released tonight.

ACORN takes concrete steps to repair confidence

What is going to happen to all the unemployed under the new health care proposals?

91 former AGs file brief in Siegelman case

Evil and Stupid, plain and simple

...Because Bush Was White.

To all Tea Baggers opposed to govenment programs...

I have the most powerful Vacuum Cleaner in the world. 20 HP motor...

Max Baucus is a joke

The lies and the lying liars on Faux News.

Judge puts the SMACKDOWN on Orly Taitz and Army Captain.

Birther Orly Taitz Compares Self To Mandela, Wants Judge Tried For Treason

Judge to Birthers: Get out and Never Come Back!

Randall Terry to protest at Obama girls' school.

School district recalls band's evolution t-shirt

Finally! Some honest Teabaggers and their signs!

18 women die during stampede for free flour

Why Liberals Hate Max Baucus

65,000 NitWits invade DC to Nit Pick them Nit Nuts off the ground...the Nit Trees are dropping the

ACORN is going after O'Keefe and FOX

Obama seeks Patriot Act extensions

Are YOU for the Working People or The Corporation?

ARGH! Democrats divided over Waxman's plan to grill insurance executives

Imagine cruising the Caribbean with Dick Morris, Ralph Reed, and Grover Norquist, lol?

Freepers Were FOR The Patriot Act Before They Were Against It

John Marcotte: California Man Introduces Amendment To Ban Divorce

Mandated Health Insurance Squeezes Those in the Middle

3-0 as a campaign manager

"Comfortably Numb" this what it's going to be? (Pink Floyd ..30 yrs Ago)

Stupak (D-Mich.) threatens to block House healthcare bill

Daddy is Home - lots of pics

Health Insurance reform is not Health Care reform.

20 Million People Protest Glenn Beck in E. Lansing, Michigan

Why Geithner? Why now?

Wall Street Stocks: This Is A Sucker's Rally

Humor me: If you were a Republican how would you solve the nation's problems?

Max Faucus' "balanced" bill reminds me of a teeter-totter with a skinny little kid 10 ft in the air

What do James O'Keefe and Lila Rose have in common? THE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE

Why is Joe Scum so upset with Jimmy Carter's comment

I'm running another 5K to "Break the Silence" on ovarian cancer

WaPo: Many Employers to Raise Cost of Health Benefits, Survey Finds

Denmark pulls 'promiscuous' tourism video (rofl! I wanna go there.)

RON PAUL's New Book -- A Review

Ku Klux Klowns

The Time for Injustice Has Gone.

My reply to Jeremy Byrd at OFA and his "phone booths" email:

Let's face it, folks, ACORN 2009 is just like John Edwards 2008...

Orly Taitz smackdown!!

Senate Votes To Let Travelers Carry Guns On Amtrak (in their checked baggage)

Somehow I don't think this will make Drudge's front page complete with siren

Pawlenty Orders Halt To Minnesota Funding of ACORN -- Which Reportedly Does Not Exist

Why are so many Dems so eager to leap onto their back foot?

new rule: republicans don't get to influence bills they refuse to vote for

I remember A VERY DIFFERENT PROTEST where the total number of participants was also hard to pin down

PSA if you have exotic birds, (Parrots)

A clear photo of 9/12 protesters NOT on the Mall

WSWS (World Socialist Web Site) termed "sick and reactionary" by Marxists for anti-union disruption

A realization and the Baucus Bill.

Really sweet video of a little girl tossing back a baseball.

Hemp And Marijuana: Genes Producing THC, Active Ingredient In Cannabis Plant, Identified

ACORN employee offers response. "I decided to shock them as much as they were shocking me."

California will probably pass single-payer on its own in 2011.

ACORN Should Be Investigated and All Government Funds Should Be Suspended Until The Investigation...

A Prayer To God – Praise Jesus

Jimmy Carter doesn't do politics

Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 52 days. For charity.

Bush's failures were no accident

Atheists offer to care for Christians' pets after the Rapture (no not the Onion)


ACORN has a few bad apples. SO WHAT!

Bachmann: "He's Coming For Our Food"

Venezuela's Chavez aims to tap nuclear energy

John Kerry's Afghanistan Doubts

John Kerry's Afghanistan Doubts


I just locked into a 6 mo. fixed rate for natural gas that is

The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness

As someone who was sexually abused as a child, I'm rather disgusted with ACORN and its apologists.

It's time to stop the madness! I was told that children entering kindergarten in Maryland

March of the Teabaggers: Parade of Ignorance

Explosive OpEd News Interview: Siegelman Whistleblower Slams Case

I so wish I could win a sweepstakes or the lottery or something. I want to pay bills and not work

FDLE says no threat to Rifqa Bary, but Baptists involving themselves in the issue.

FDLE says no threat to Rifqa Bary, but Baptists involving themselves in the issue.

Kerry Opens Vigorous Debate on Afghanistan

Another rhetorical OP questioning bigotry when it's staring you right in the face

Would you pay 13% of your income to participate in Medicare?

Would you pay 13% of your income to participate in Medicare?

Cable and Satellite TV volume legislation

Is cursive writing (aka "real" writing) still taught in schools?

BIGOTRY 101: What I learned today from my daughter-in-law today

Death penalty opponents: I'd like your opinion

Greetings, Golden Gate Bridge jumper, Mark Morford

What's behind lower and lower-middle class white racism?

A Safe Substitute for Alcohol?

Pharma's Big Bribe Comes In - Matt Taibbi - A Must Read!

Has anyone seen some of the actual video where the FAUX plants

Has anyone seen some of the actual video where the FAUX plants

The Greatest Sucker's Rally in History?

What would happen if an inmate refused to cooperate with his or her execution?

We will never have this chance again!!

Take Wednesday to the woodshed. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Would You Let Your Son Join a Club That Prohibits African-Americans If the Club Was Really Fun?

Bailing corporations out while bailing on us

Ohio police: Woman spanked stranger's toddler son

Jimmy Carter had it right in the 70s and now

Silent thread of DUer's dedicated to prosecution of Bush/Cheney era criminals. No cleverness-say hi

George Bush don't like black people

A year ago tonight my Father passed away.

Howard Dean Blasts Baucus Healthcare Bill

Fine me, government. I won't pay insurance companies for your shithole plan

*** Please help keep safe needle exchange alive! A request for support. ***

DU Exclusive -- Active DUer announces candidacy for Statewide Office

Can we get a pinned thread for "One Post Wonders"?

Has anyone ever been to Malta? I'm leaving for there tomorrow!

I'm not sure why, but I never get tired of watching Locutus...

Amazing that this was Common English just a few hundred years ago.

Nice photo

Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts

KO says censure vote 240 to 179. Is that true?

Society is an arena that houses an asymmetrical meta-power struggle between all competing ideas.

If there's one thing I've learned from the Kanye story...

Tonight, I have redemption

I think Julie Chen is wearing some sort of designer Snuggie on TV right now

I lost

Michael Moore On The Jay Leno Show Coming Up Soon.....

Patrick Swayze

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day, Special Joe Wilson Edition.

What would the Bard think about Joe the Heckler?

I am watching Lost on Hulu from the first show,

Thirsty cat.

How long before Kanye is wiping his muddy shoes on Dave Chappelles couch

Hey you! Wanna Laugh?

More fun from the EMail tubes...

Rick Bayless: High TV Chef... or HIGHEST TV Chef?

I can get 25,000 books for free on my Ipod touch?

Woo Hoo - I won the Mega Millions

Doc, it hurts when I go like this...

It is 2:42 am and I am having lunch.

Lesson: Keep your UFO opinions to yourself on YouTube.

Buddy Holly - Words of Love

I am definitely loving my IPOD touch

Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side - Episode Three Preview - BBC One

I think I'm having a Hypochrodria-Induced Outbreak of the Swine Flu

is it really such a big deal where the Yankees start and finish their 2010 season?

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist......... - If Video Games Were Real

Well Well Well, apparently I'm being watched LOL

Tree branch impales woman's neck

Men - here is some advice on how and where NOT to propose marriage:

If you had Kanye West's fame and fortune, what award show faux pas would you commit?

A tribute to Patrick Swayze

Tell about people with odd hobbits in your workplace.

I just downloaded Ted Kennedy's new book True Compass

Who's your favorite demon/mishievious god/wicked fairy?

I'd just like to say one big FU to Chase bank

math help, please

I just don’t look good naked anymore

Good morning Lounge

Why is Fox and Beck going after ACORN when Skittles and I are both walking around breathing?

here goes.

I want those Oatmeal Jet Packs

I finally did it. I finally bought a Mac.

Forget Kanye and Taylor The VMAs Should have been about Michael and Janet

DU--Can I tell you that I love you guys?

Eddie Izzard: 43 marathons in 51 days!

What's the big deal about acorns?

How do you say goodbye to someone you cannot stand?

I met my first DUer yesterday...

DU Song Of The Day

Cool! When you watch Zombieland, look out for BILL MURRAY!

Kanye Comments on DU

Kanye West or Taylor Swift?

Police: Teen Hugs Mother, Stabs Her In Back

anyone else see the trailer for Boondock Saints 2 yet?

God I'm depressed. Found my first grey butt hair last night.

Senate Votes To Let Travelers Carry Bazookas On Amtrak (in their checked baggage)

Well, I guess it's better than spitting

God I'm depressed. Found my first grey chesthair last night.

I believe there is something wrong with me. I must be the only person...

You are such a complete, lying, moron imbecile. You're utterly pathetic.

Phrases in the English language you have never used.

The phrase "fun on a bun" refers to...

Leno show loses 7 million viewers on second night

Couple of cool optical illusions

Speedo wearing burglar nabbed by police dog

Goddamnit! If I don't get cracking on this work, I won't be able to go home and get drunk!

I think self immolation would have been more pleasurable than my test today...

If you guys remember my topic, I'd still appreciate any insight.

I can't help feeling sad...

If offered, would you become one with the Borg?

One of my FaceBook friends is a wanted criminal

God I'm depressed. Clarence Thomas found his first grey pubic hair on a Coke last night.

Then and now!


Non-political image captioning time!

Am I the only self-aware tv viewer in America?

Anyone happen to notice my post count?

The Old Man and the Sea.

When does collecting cross the line into hoarding?

You think SNL is going to have some fun with this Kanye thing?

FaceBook: Are you hooked on it, or do you find it over-rated?

Snuggies fashion show - new colors and patterns

A year ago tonight my Father passed away.

delete wrong forum

Request for advice from Mac users

Big Brother Winner (Spoilers)

Can someone tell me the name of a song

5 mid-week questions

The Kanye Kraziness Kontinues, as Joe Jackson says "They should blackball him out of show business"

What's the highest mileage vehicle you've ever purchased used?

Naked banana sex cult leader flees police

Post Here If You Miss MIDLO

Men becoming increasingly interested in 'guybrow' grooming

The deal with disability

make fun of me.

Mrs. Robb doesn't want to teach our daughter to write using pen and paper.

I got my GED.

i know the Kanye thing is a little overdone...but I cannot resist...

My Reef Tank at 6 Weeks.

"Marriage is something I take very seriously". Yeah, that's why you're doing it on a reality show,.

The 7 Most Inappropriate Products for Children

Match Game Story: "In a world where kudzu was taking over everything, Myopic Marnie _____ her bush."

Top Chef: Las Vegas

Have you had a mid-life crisis?

"The Ways of Love" Tonight's open with audio...

ugh! I hate - HATE - when people call me PC for calling them out on bullshit

Soft drinks from Japan...weird...

How do I get cat pee out of nylon?

Does your heritage pre-dispose you to liking some foods?

PSA: when making Carolina BBQ sauce.. do NOT get a big wiff

Can you spare some of your famous Lounge Vibes for Chaucer kitty?

What's your idea of the most beautiful place in the world?

I pray for Obama once every day. I think I'm upping that to twice.

Stupid Candace Miller (R-MI) (Help DLC, DNC or DFA)

Oh please Dick Santorum, do run in 2012

CNNMoney - "Buffett praises U.S. recovery efforts"

We know the President was telling the truth.

FYI: If you're a disgruntled white American male who watches FuxNews or reads Ann Coulter...

Michael Moore's on Leno now

As Right Jabs Continue, White House Debates a Counterpunching Strategy

So I get this EMail from an old high school chum....

From today's Strib "Protester defends bringing guns to Obama rally" (Minneapolis)

If the court rules that Corporations are people when it comes to election laws, does that mean they

Labor Groups Launch Ad Campaign for Public Option

OH-Gov: Strickland In Better Shape

Perdue headlining Deeds fundraiser

As Senator, Rep. Kirk Would Oppose Climate Bill He Backed

I would like to hear the reason why these Democratic Reps voted against the House Resolution Bill

House resolution/Wilson. What happened?

Excuse me.

How can SIck for Profit get air time on television?

What President Carter Said Yesterday........

Democrats on Rebound in Ohio Senate Race

I Want My America Back

In case you missed it, Senator Burr voted against insurance for victims of domestic abuse

When you see Obama's approval ratings polls, which one (pollster) do you think is best?

I Hope that Obama is Being Deceptive

KO! Prez Carter weighs in on racism against Obama. WOW! A bit more...

The President is on the side of Progressives/Liberals??

So Obama is an Indonesian Muslim Welfare Communist Fascist Socialist Anti-Christ Anti-American Thug?

PHOTO Is this the difference between being a Democrat and a Republican?

"Jackass-Gate" is EVERYWHERE, but where's the similar outrage over that new Bush book?

Baucus unveiling health bill without GOP on board

Baucus unveiling health bill without GOP on board

House Democrats agree on health-care position, chairman Miller (D-CA) says

3 Arrested in Iraq Attack on Embassy (NYT 9/16)

Conrad joins Baucus in delusional land

Ezra Klein impressed with Baucus' Health Insurance Exchange plan

Barack Obama was opposed to Wilson rebuke (Americablog)

Send this to all your RW friends and family (original pic link didn't post. Sorry!)

Labor Unions march for single payer health care

Anybody have good photos of any Obama/Che posters?

OpenCongress- Health Care Bill H.R. 3200 Poll

Florida's Senator Bill Nelson: "If a co-op serves the same purpose, what's the big deal?''

Obama Gets High Approval

Max Baucus: I am such a shitty Senator

President Carter always speaks the hard truth ,only to be ridicule.

Baucus in a world by himself: releases bill with no support from anyone

Little-Noticed DOJ Memo Says Administration Can Ignore Meetings Ban

You have at least respect these Teabaggers and their honesty

if the private sector is so swell at doing things...

Mike Steele, that steal-eyed GOP self described leader,

Primary works,

TPM: Health Care for America Now Calls Baucus Bill a Failure

So this is why DK voted against the Wilson resolution.

Please just click on this Youtube Jimmy Carter video and start it

The Myth Of The Filibuster: Dems Can't Make Republicans Talk All Night

AFSCME President McEntee: "Finance Committee Health Care Bill is Deeply Flawed"

Reich Wing: Hey we aren't racist, we're always insane conspiracy spreading, crass, lying, jackasses

Want to see how desperate Republicans have become now that the House has reprimanded Wilson:

President Carter was 100% right and here's the proof!

Bill Nelson seems to support the Finance Committee Bill

Not racist? Beck connects the fired ACORN workers to 400,000+ ACORN people to President Obama.

PHOTOS The Welcoming Party (The President's Day, Sept 15)

Any other "Blue Dogs" besides Baucus supporting Baucus's bill?

awww, poor wittle orly: with some harsh words, judge tosses her case out the window

Snowe falls away. Reid says Dems prepared to use reconciliation as last resort.

White House communications director: racism "less a part of it than some other people might think,"

What is WRONG with Sen. Baucus?

Fox News Punked By ACORN

BREAKING: ACORN Suspends Intakes- Will Start Immediate In-Service Training

Rockefeller rips apart Baucus' bill

Was Joe Wilson's Outburst to Pres Obama Based On Racism?

Obama: No Quick Decision on Afghan Troops

The definition of compromise

Rep. Blumenauer's DOMA shift

Kerry's statement on the creation of a new UN agency for women

Why the White House is Hiring a Social Media Archivist

At Least Joe Wilson Only Shouted Out to Obama's Face, Max Baucus Betrayed Obama Behind His Back.

Max Baucus admits he's a shitty senator

Rockefeller worried about subsidy levels--which will evidently be provided in form of tax credits.

The Baucus Plan Rollout: The health insurance stocks today have spoken!

Obama team presents benchmarks for Afghan War

In your opinion, what is the most likely outcome of the health care debate?

Ezra Klein: The Baucus Bill's Neutered Co-Ops

tom tancredo on thom hartmann show, lying again.

Feingold on Baucus' bill: "I am disappointed..."

White House Calls ACORN Employees' Behavior 'Unacceptable'

Gallup (the poll) is democrat ?

Barack Obama is Jackie Robinson in 1947

Stereotypical College Majors

Do you think the opposition to President Carter's comments understand him well enough ?

When Obama Get The Healthcare Bill Passed We will See....

A Peripheral Lesson To Be Learned From Carter's "It's Racism" Thing....

Freeper: "Lemme guess. This judge (Judge Land) was a Democrat appointee?"

Have something to say to ole Max? You can, even if you are not from Montana.

Don't You Wish We Had A Liberal Version of Dick Cheney

Name 3 things that would have happened if Jan-Sept 2009 were Bush's second term, not Obama's first

There is a time for bulldozing the opposition. (Hugh Jackson of the Guardian):

Rex officially announces his run for governor

Do you back ACORN?

Coakley to announce labor endorsements

Bill Cosby: "I agree with President Carter"

SFRC holding hearing on Afghanistan strategies right now.

I love this guy's boiling down of the issue. Why can't Dems GOVERN?!

"A Method to Their Madness" The Nation

Melissa Harris-Lacewell: Can We? A Brief History of American Racism

Senator Wyden is right. This plan is unaffordable for middle class families.

Principles and intellectual consistency are not just a river in Egypt

An analysis of the Republican Party presented for your convenience.

CBO: Baucus Proposal Would Save $49 Billion Over Ten Years

Rep. Grijalva on Baucus' bill: “This bill fails to meet the basic principle of health care reform:"

I am beginning to think that the GOP is irretrievably broken,

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX): it is capitulation to the insurance industry

Why not give half hour to each senator to make his/her point and get rid of the Filibuster?

Since it is now clear that NO GOP will support any kind of HCR Can Obama drop the nonpartisan BS

"Baucus ‘worked hard to get that bipartisan support’ for a bill that has no bipartisan support."

Dem Defectors Explain Their "No" Vote on Wilson Resolution

Race relations in America is not poll-able

PHOTOS Let (More) Games Commence (Sept 16)

PHOTOS Let the Games commence! (Sept 16)

I got a flu shot last Friday

hope everyone listens to Katrina Van Den Heuvel, from The Nation

A republican called in on the Thom Hartmann show and stated that Obama, Axelrod,

The Birfer crap continues NH State Rep. Laurence Rappaport, (R-Colebrook) takes issue Secty of State

Hogan to test waters for Md. governor's race

If Ted Kennedy hadn't run in 1980 ...

White House thinks Baucus bill will change

Senators Durbin and Feingold on Obama's PATRIOT Act reforms

AFL-CIO Union Convention Unanimously Endorses Single Payer Medicare-for-All Reform!

Ah Joe Scar, they hated the Clintons so much...and yet,


Ezra Klein: The Baucus Bill: Affordability

The untold story of Obama's mother

Doing the Math: 3 house Bills + 1 Senate Bill w/t the PO + 1 Senate Bill w/o the PO = Bill with PO!

If ACORN was comprised of mostly white people would the Reich be going after it?

PICS: Daddy's Home! Malia, Sasha, and Bo Greet POTUS

Rockefeller Meets Privately with Obama on Health Care

Larry Sinclair: Orly Taitz Told Me to Lie, Claim That Obama Had People Killed

FOLKS! We are at DEF CON 1 : Please call your congress people TODAY!

Do you support extending PATRIOT act provisions?

'Impeach Obama'? Can anyone help me here? What exactly has he done that is impeachable?

I am sick of these fucking double-standards in American politics.

Max Baucus just got Punk'd

why is Obama afraid of Cuba? or is it that he is afraid of the criminal

Undocumented Immigrants Can't Buy Health Insurance, Even If They Can Pay Full Cost

wtf? WWE's Linda McMahon resigns to run for Senate against Dodd...

Members of the Senate Finance Committee: three statements against and one for Baucus' bill

Decision Coming for Biden in Delaware

PHOTO Caption it? (Sept 16) (Fencer-in-Chief)

the living dead...

Obama's Presidency Isn't Too Big to Fail by Robert Scheer

Obama's Presidency Isn't Too Big to Fail by Robert Scheer

Rhodes v. MacDonald (Obama) is DISMISSED!!

Nuclear Experts Explain Flaws and Risks of Pursuing More Nuclear Reactors

Fox Nation's Death Threat To Obama Reported To Secret Service

Vance Captures Nomination for District Attorney

House Formally Rebukes Wilson for Shouting ‘You Lie’

UN Mission Split Over How to Deal With Afghan Election Fraud

Congress approves Bogden to return to job as Nevada U.S. attorney

Dell will pay $4M to settle NY consumer case

Nasa prepares to bomb the moon

European Expert: U.S. Policymakers Are 'As Wrong As They Can Be' About The French...

As Right Jabs Continue, White House Debates a Counterpunching Strategy

EU observers: one third of Karzai votes suspicious

Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured

Max Baucus releases health care bill (with Co-ops)

Suit: Feds gave Blackwater a warning

Obama Embraces Patriot Act; As Senator, He Was Skeptical

Suspects in alleged New York bomb plot indicted

More 'combat enablers' Afghan-bound

Many Employers to Raise Cost of Health Benefits, Survey Finds

Lawsuit: U.S. had warned Blackwater

Lab tech released from custody in Yale killing

Israel rejects independent inquiry into Gaza war

WWE CEO Linda McMahon steps down to run for Senate

Officers allegedly used inmate as prison fighter

Firms Reducing Health Benefits, Surveys Find

Mandated Health Insurance Squeezes Those in the Middle

Baucus Unveils $856 Billion Health-Care Legislation

Execution date set for US sniper

Al-Qaida group in Somalia confirms leader's death

Indonesia’s Aceh to allow public lashings for gays

Nunn Said He Was At The End Of His Rope, Wanted Revenge, Police Report Says

Fuel Rules: Team Obama Details New Mileage Standards

World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Resigns to Run for Senate

Ohio House passes bill protecting gays from discrimination

Baucus unveiling health bill without GOP on board

Willie Nelson stumps for Kinky Friedman during fundraiser at Plano country club

How 'Buy American' Can Hurt U.S. Firms

Kansas senators drop roadblock of Obama nominees

Health insurers up as new health bill unveiled

US Rep Frank eyes earlier credit card rules start

Credit card losses climb with jobless rate in Aug

Gates restores Air Force authority in tanker deal

Controversial Bush smog rule under review

Obama argues for Sen. Specter’s re-election

Speedo wearing burglar nabbed by police dog

Naked banana sex cult leader flees police

Baucus Health Bill Has No Public Option

Obama, Sarkozy discuss Iran nuclear 'compliance'

U.S. military seeks to reduce reliance on toxic hexavalent chromium

Victims of 'Health Insurance Bureaucracy' Speak Out

Jimmy Carter racism charge: Obama doesn’t agree says Gibbs

Stocks spike to 1-year highs

Senator Roland Burris: "I will oppose any bill that does not have a public option"

Federal judge tosses out Army captain's complaint questioning president's legitimacy

Rockefeller to Baucus, Conrad: Co-ops Are a Sham, Public Option Is a Must

Harper and Obama talk Afghanistan,

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 16

Another lawsuit targets founder of Blackwater

Astronomers Find Rocky Planet Outside Solar System

Cuomo subpoenas 5 Bank of America board members over Merrill Lynch deal

Blue Dogs praise Baucus bill

US planning to weaken Copenhagen climate deal, Europe warns

U.S. fears Venezuela could trigger regional arms race

Iran Arrests Children of Dissident Clerics

India to Chinese investors: No more visas, hire Indians

White House: Criticism of Obama Not Based on Race

Court: Contractor's rape case can go to trial

Obama Plays Down Trade Dispute With Canada Over ‘Buy American’

'Laugh-In' and 'Boston Legal' actor Henry Gibson dies at 73

Afghanistan Blast Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers

Exclusive: FBI Raids Denver Home of Terror Suspect

Swine Flu Deaths Show This Flu Is Different: Experts

Suicide Victim May Have Hidden Millions Abroad (a UBS tax dodger)

Senate passes measure to allow gun transport on Amtrak

Democrats now comprise majority of ‘most corrupt in Congress’ list

Mafia 'sank nuclear waste ship'

U.S. execution fails over inmate's unsuitable veins

ACORN suspends key services amid probe

‘Evil this way comes’ — Militia founders warn of need to grow local militia effort(Alaska)

Maria Cantwell: "I wouldn't vote for a bill that doesn't have Medicare reform and the public option"

Republicans say Carter playing 'race card'

Baucus Bill Passes CBO Test

Cracker Barrel Beating May Be Hate Crime(White Man beats Black Female Soldier in front of Her Child)

White House Calls ACORN Employees' Behavior 'Unacceptable'

Jimmy Carter: Wilson comments 'based on racism'

U.S. forces shoot mentally handicapped person in Falluja

Michael Moore: 'We Must Keep Fighting That Fight' (Calling for Single-Payer at U.S. Premiere)

World food aid at 20-year low, 1 billion hungry

Ex-Cigna Exec Wendell Potter: ‘I Don’t Think Co-ops Have A Chance To Succeed Or Compete’

Countdown: Olbermann Slams Beck '9/12 March' Crowd Lies, Socialist Logo

Countdown: Rep. Weiner - Health Care 'Watered Down Till It's Virtually Meaningless'

Keith Olbermann & Markos Moulitsas: Recognizing Racism's Role In The Hate Campaign Against Obama

Michael Moore: Investigate Goldman Sachs Government Takeover

Rachel Maddow Exposes "Right Wing Paranoid Extremists"

Robert Greenwald On The Ed Show: "I Don't Know How Cigna's CEO Can Look In The Mirror!"

AP: Jimmy Carter - Wilson Comments 'Based on Racism'

Sen. Sanders Discusses The Economic Collapse and Responsibility

Phyllis Bennis on the Goldstone Report

I had a dream last night ...

Brought To You By Fox

Pap Attack: Republican Fear Leads to Victim-Blaming

Rachel Maddow w/ Brzezinski: Are we going to be invading..every possible safe haven Al Qaeda seeks?

9.12 DC TEA PARTY - INTERVIEW B-ROLL (more frightening/astonishing ignorance)

Joe Wilson Family On Socialist Healthcare

TYT: Cenk On Glenn Beck's '1.7 Million' 912ers Lie & More

How does the ACORN video compare to the Jim Cramer video?

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

What the Govt and Big Banks Have Failed to Learn

Teabaggers-Republican Racists


Glenn Beck hyperventilates over fake Acorn video.

Psycho Americans

20 Million People Protest Glenn Beck in E. Lansing, Michigan

Video of the President Barack Obama Calls Kanye West a ''Jackass''.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama's America - White Kids Now Get Beat Up By Blacks

Baucus hits his healthcare mark

Headzup: Pelosi And The Public Option

Glenn Beck protest in East Lansing Billionares for Wealthcare

Keith Olbermann & Lawrence O'Donnell Discuss President Carter's Comments About Racism Against Obama

Michael Moore on the Jay Leno Show (NBC, 9-15)

Psycho talk - Michelle Bachmann

Why is this a good bill senator? - Ed Shultz

Unbelievably Ignorant & Flat-Out Stupid Moron in DC Rant

President Obama addresses AFL-CIO Convention in Pittsburgh (9/15)

The Repetitive Propaganda of FOX News, Talk Radio & Glenn Beck: Read Mein Kampf

TYT: No Bipartisan Deal on Health Care -- And Why That's Great!

Meet Your Insurance Company Executive: Rescission

Open Letter from Joe Wilson's Staff

Caught in a Smear - Fox's Advocacy Nets Another Victim: Fox's Credibility

Did You Know Domestic Violence Could Be A Pre-existing Condition?

SEIU District 1199 Standing Up for Health Care Reform

TYT-Bush vs. Clinton Record: Do Tax Cuts Work? (Interesting #'s)

Mark Williams Melts Down Called Obama An Indonesian Muslim Welfare Thug

Glenn Beck Now Claims 1.7 Million Attended 9-12 Protests

Bachmann: Will Obama Make Us Eat Less?

Glenn Beck: The Nuclear Codes & Pres Obama Are In Danger

Kucinich has a diary up at Daily Kos predicting doom for the public option

Fix America's trade regime

Teabagger 'March Controversy' Finally Resolved by Google Maps

The untold story of Obama's mother

If Obama can't defeat the Republican headbangers, our planet is doomed

An Exclusive Interview with Former Sen. Conrad Burns

Digby: Calling Them On It (racism)

Mafia 'sank ships of toxic waste'

Why Are African-Americans So Frequently the Subject of Glenn Beck's Ridicule?

Teabaggers: Seething Hate and Shameful Hypocrisy

As Right Jabs Continue, White House Debates a Counterpunching Strategy

Garrison Keillor: Nice 67 Y.O. male has brush with mortality

Glenn Beck's Demagoguery, Right Wing Extremism, and Racism

"Give me a rocket launcher..."

Consider these two end-of-life scenarios

Glenn Beck's Diploma from University I Don't Remember

The Insurance Industry's Heartless Logic: Getting beaten by your husband is your fault.

Right-to-repair bill shifts control from dealer to owner

AFL-CIO Endorses Single Payer

Thank you, President Carter.

Indian Outsourcing To Increase Fivefold

Sen. Jay Rockefeller on the Baucus bill "THere's no way in it's present form I would vote for it."

A Republican Trap for Democrats on Health Care?

For 'Capitalism,' Moore Sells Short Politicians of All Denominations

To Deal with the 'Tea-Birthers,' Jimmy Carter Proposes a 'Two-State Solution'

Rochelle Riley: Racists come in all kinds, and they’ve got a card, too

Max Baucus: I'll Co-opt GOP on Co-ops, Who Gave Me No Co-operation

South African expats heading home (The South African)

Commentary: Drinking age of 21 doesn't work

Feeling Sorry for Bush (he was Treasury Secretary's Bitch)

Victims of 'Health Insurance Bureaucracy' Speak Out

Obama Tip-Toes Around Wall Street's Looming Meltdown

Explosive OpEd News Interview: Siegelman Whistleblower Slams Case

Democrats aid Rhode Island's rich

ACORN: Video repeatedly featured on Beck the result of "an obvious set of lies and manipulations"

Health Care for America Now comes out against Baucus legislation

The Trials of Being a Conscious Meat Eater

Dead Financiers "TELL NO TALES!" Finn Caspersen/James S. McDonald

There is no racism in America

Tom DeLay: Loser Before the Competition Starts

Dear Dems, Feed me a Sh!t Sandwich on HCR and I'll BURN THIS MFing TENT TO THE GROUND

Average family health insurance policy: $13,375, up 5% -USA Today

Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m

WHAT MAUREEN HEARD! Maureen Dowd heard a very bad word–a word she used to employ

Sweet Words About Operation Rescue: Financial Trouble

View from the UK - Fox News' rabid propagandist Glenn Beck has lured me to America

Leading European Industry Expert to Debunk Myth of 'French Nuclear Model' For U.S.

Work starts on Flint biogas plant.

Professor of Climate Denial Couldn't Answer His Own Questions

Drumbeat: September 16, 2009

Frustrated UN chief Ban Ki-moon says world leaders must act on climate

Rolls-Royce plans nuclear plants with EDF

Some Orca Groups So Strongly Prefer King Salmon That Pop. #s Rise & Fall With Those Of Fish

Beijing Think-Tank Projects 2C Increase "Unreachable" Even If PRC Goes All-Out - Reuters

Brazilian Environment Min.- Destruction Of Cerrado (Grasslands) Equals GHG Impact Of Burning Amazon

84 Rhinos Poached This Year Alone In SA National Parks - Mongabay

The public energy-efficiency database a private company won't let you use

Bullets don't stop Guatemala green activist

Satellites and Submarines measure Arctic ice thickness

Good news on the extinction front

BBC: Doctors warn on climate (policy) failure—will bring a "global health catastrophe"

ACS: Biofuel production could undercut efforts to shrink Gulf 'Dead Zone'

British gas supplies set for farm renewable biogas boost

NPR: Predicting The Crash: Tracking Tipping Points

NPR: Study: Gender-Bending Fish Widespread In U.S.

Petra Solar Starts Shipments for PSE&G (New Jersey)

SunPower planning U.S. (solar) panel facility

Solar-Powered, Affordable Housing Community Nears Completion (Berkeley, CA)

Chloride Found at Levels that Can Harm Aquatic Life in Urban Streams of the Northern U.S.—…Deicing…

California Raises Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard to 33% by 2020

Washington Post: White House Is Prepared to Set First National Limits on Greenhouse Gases

State of the Climate - Global Analysis - August 2009 (2nd highest ocean average surface temperature)

Oxfam: Rich countries must not raid aid to pay climate debt

And the winner of the beer is...

A Hundred Holocausts: An Insider’s Window Into U.S. Nuclear Policy - By Daniel Ellsberg

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 15)

** The Official Rockies vs. Smallmen Thread **

Oops! "Panda" can't catch in play foul balls and blow bubbles at the same time.

Funny pics from last night >>

R.I.P. Fred Cusick

Farewell Flavio: A Brief History Of F1's Playboy

F-ing Favre complains and the NFL levies $125,000 in fines

My Pics (With Captions) From The Pack/Bears Game

Cowboys set to surpass 100K fans for opening of new stadium

Little Girl throws foul ball back after dad makes catch at phillies game

Bills CB McKelvin's lawn vandalized after Pats loss

Serious question: Does anyone know what's going How UK oil company Trafigura tried to cover up African pollution disaster

Lane Kiffin's bluster meets Urban Meyer's wrath


TO DUers of Mexican and Mexican-American descent,

Obama renews Cuba trade embargo

Clinton Urges Transparency in Venezuelan Arms Purchases

US laments Honduran Independence Day tensions

People need info on Cuba.

Press Release: International Call for UN Human Rights Council to Establish Group of Experts to Monit

Honduras: Human Rights Violations

IMF: stop funding Honduras

Ex-ambassador: Jacksonville should ready for U.S.-Cuban trade

Spain writes off Bolivia debt

Bullets don't stop Guatemala green activist

Morales Says Bolivia Seized Record 19 Tons of Cocaine

Race to expand U.S. military presence in Colombia draws yellow flag

Spain's Repsol to invest $1.6 bln in Bolivia natgas

The 17 yr old boy killed at Coral Gables High came from Cuba 3 months ago. Alone.

Goldstone Report slams IDF warfare in Gaza

Israel readies for diplomatic war over 'biased' UN Gaza report

An interesting anti-gun essay to review...

Senate passes measure to allow guns on AmTrack

Facebook faces Arab boycott for putting the Golan Heights in Israel

Israelis who spoke at Goldstone committee: State must wake up

Katana control needed?

Netanyahu: The Land of Israel Will Be Divided

Israel rejects independent inquiry into Gaza war

Protest against Toronto film festival collusion with Israeli regime continues

Tuesday's Report from the AFL-CIO Convention

Today in Labor History Sept 16 Fruit and Vegetable Workers’ Union blocked downtown Salinas streets

Obama stirs AFL-CIO convention with message of hope

Obama: We Need Strong Unions for a Strong Economy

Union Members Say They Want More Hardball From Obama (Update2)

A Rotten ACORN?

Guess who is still hounding Europe? Now they are in Venice


My Pics (With Captions) Of The Packer/Bears Game 9-13-09

September Photo Contest WINNERS!!!

Coral Photography

November Photo Contest poll.

Seasons change ...

First images of an atom's electron probability clouds

Hemp And Marijuana: Genes Producing THC Identified

An Interesting Chemical Radical Species: The Carbon Dioxide Anion.

Worldview Manager: Complexity Theory, Strong AI, Axiom of Choice, Quantum Computing, Quantum Mechani

Suicide Note

Complaints reveal sick treatment of Gays during Atlanta bar raid

Help Bring "Creation" to the United States

Nasa prepares to bomb the moon

The Continuing Disaster of Wall Street, One Year Later

Investors Demand Better Compensation, Backstop for HAMP Modifications

Tenet Healthcare Corporation beats earnings third quarter in a row

US Economy Facing 'Death by a Thousand Cuts': Roubini

Dollar at 9 month low vs Euro. Selling pressures increase

Baucus Offers Health Plan With No Republican Backing

Healthcare industry stocks go UP! They must like the bill!

Greenspan: "Fuck everybody save the bond market"

Hidden Amid Job Loss News, an Increase in Wages

The Final Demise of A Speculative Housing Bubble

Nassim Taleb on the economy: ‘We still have the same disease'

Practical Tools for Making Separations Part 1 by Jim Self

"The Horse Boy"

Please vote in this poll

Apologies to Matariki for missing Your Birthday, but it's NEVER too late to Party ;=D

Daily Bathroom Showers May Deliver Face Full Of Pathogens, Says Study

Need some major white light for a friend of mine

"The Separation of the Worlds" - Karen Bishop - September 15, 2009

Really having a rough time lately

Why We Need Health Insurance Reform!

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