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Archives: September 27, 2009

Presented by Halliburton.....

Oldie but goodie....for all the ones who have never seen this.

Oldie but goodie....for all the ones who have never seen this.

Oldie but goodie....for all the ones who have never seen this.

Our Senator tries to answer some questions.

Heads Up -Tomorrow night at 9.00pm on National Geographic

Nate Silver on a Strategic Vision poll of Oklahoma Students

News report from Mt. Vernon Washington Beck event....

US Lawmakers Told FEMA an "Army of Bureaucrats"

U.S. Military Counterinsurgency manual suggests Afghanistan troop levels should be 672,000 troops

There's a first time for everything.

There's a first time for everything.

What value, truth?

I just started a second bachelors in IT - what should I take?

New Orleans Area's Mental Health Getting Worse

Ad targeting a little off on some DU threads...

WHAT... percentage of adults in the United States own cars?

Mr. Obama ? on NPR

The War On Christmas comes early - and I may fire the first salvo...

Question on insurance mandates re: LGBTers

So, when do we call for a boycott of Seattle...?

Wired: Brain Scans Reveal What You've Seen

"...Getting four suckers to fork over $30 for nothing covers their whole expense..."

My son's encounter with a wingnut today...

This is the first crazy Email ever sent to me

Watching SNL...did anyone else just hear one of the players just drop the f-bomb?

Please watch these incredible videos by John Hankey

I continue to await a thank you note from Perdue, Chambliss and Isakson to the feds aid to Georgia

Is it me or does it seem "unrecs" bring out only trolls? It may be just my impression

Take this Online Poll in Ga Newspaper

An interesting take: "Why President Obama Gets My Vote As A Spiritual Warrior"

So I'm a Marxist

Perú Official Threatens “Legal Action” Over Honduran Tear Gas Story

Why propaganda trumps truth

Why propaganda trumps truth

Georgia Must Abolish Corporal punishment in Schools

Georgia Must Abolish Corporal punishment in Schools

BBC video shows afghan police giving weapons to talibans in a very friendly climate

US Seeing More Female Homeless Vets

US Seeing More Female Homeless Vets

Glenn Beck is done playing games and he thinks you are too.

Glenn Beck is done playing games and he thinks you are too.

Big Business has been filmed accepting questionable ideas. They weren't ACORNed.

Got my food stamp card Friday, I want to thank someone so thanks, DU

Palin Called Hong Kong the "Libertarian" Part of China

Did anyone hear the football commentator state that the player's father was

Skype sucks bandwidth

Darwin biopic Creation finally secures US distributor

Irish referendum likely to approve EU Lisbon treaty

Frank Rich: Obama at the Precipice

I just read some notes from the Aryan Power neo-nazi nuts and others

Google is spelling in freeperese today.

FARK Photoshop: "Flags of Wasilla"!

Federal program misses problem nursing homes

Sunday Daily Flashback of Real ACORN News

If we mandate people carry health insurance should it be mandated that they use it?

If we mandate people carry health insurance should it be mandated that they use it?

Tobacco Mints - RJ Reynolds next product they insist won't attract children.

Orlando Strip Club Gives Seniors Flu Shots (more reform here than Congress)

Schools’ Suits Against Students Who Mock Them Online

Schools’ Suits Against Students Who Mock Them Online

Please give my NEW GRANDSON a big DU welcome to the world!!

Interesting take on Sparkman murder from "Hillbilly Progressive" website

SecNav, CNO: Women should serve on subs

Funny election-poster in Germany: Don't vote black.

God Bless ,Gov. Patterson ,' An Enemy of the People ' To spite his polls

Help needed with a right-wing e-mail I received

Anyone had their DNA analyzed/traced?

McChrystal’s Initiative Will Embarrass Obama

I screen captured an interesting AP mispost on the Roman Polanski story.

Salon: Joe Wilson turns GOP fundraising star, "has become a hero to many on the right"

If you read just one article regarding health care reform...

Bill Clinton: 'Vast right-wing conspiracy' still going strong

Should tofu-flavored cigarettes be banned?

How Secret Was Iran's Nuclear Plant

American schools losing the language race

Wage Theft Is Rampant-Estimated at Roughly $2.9 Billion Annually

Police: Mom Tried To Sell Kid For Gas

Police: Mom Tried To Sell Kid For Gas

New tests find unsafe levels of toxic PCBs in 2 local rivers (Va.)

C-SPAN: 90% of home sales in June were distressed. 6 job seekers for every job. U.S. in liquidation.

Venezuela hosts Afro-Latino summit

Do you evaluate health-care proposals based on their effect on you personally?

Law & Order repeat of last nights "John Yoo" episode-

Happy Birthday to my favorite DUer! Hissyspit!!!

Maddow: 'The Truth About the Lies About ACORN'

If a college football player has H1N1 (or other contagious illness) should they be allowed to play?

Double Moran sign:

Double Moran sign:

How to talk to complete idiots Three basic options. Choose wisely, lest you go totally insane ...

A night with ann coulter

Face it, GOP doesn't really matter when it comes to health care

Dozens Killed And 330,000 Displaced By Storm In The Philippines

This website is putting really short nasty videos about Obama up on youtube everyday.

McChrystal is nuts.

NJ school principal gets death threats? Malkin and Fox strike again

This is It!

WOODWARD: Shrub "had *A* gut. Obama doesn't have *A* gut."

britain's doing education "reform"/charter schools too...

Saw "Capitalism:A Love Story" yesterday- GO SEE IT WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR TOWN

Difference between the G20 and Teabag

FYI the US mint is no longer selling gold/silver eagles due to demand

OBAMA: We're Trying To Give Everyone Health Care-While "They're Putting A Hitler Mustache On You"

Gun went off at a gun show in Mesa, AZ grazed a woman in the neck.

What parts of our government are "too big"?

Patient Disputes Mark Up In Medication

US Commander Seeking 30,000-40,000 Troops: Senator(McCain)

And the biggest loser spouting the most ironic statement award goes to...

Anger in France and Poland after Polanski arrest

DUers in Germany

Gates: Mistake to Set Afghan Withdrawal Timelines

Germany votes today Economy, terror threats are concerning.

Germany votes today Economy, terror threats are concerning.

Is This As Unbelievable to You as It is to me?

Is This As Unbelievable to You as It is to me?

I just joined a USAF alumni site and checked its forum - Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

Just saw on twitter William (Bill) Safire has passed. . .

The Kobayashi Maru of American Capitalism


An added bonus to Public Option I have not seen discussed on DU

One tiny bit of good news from G20 summit: Africa was represented!

One tiny bit of good news from G20 summit: Africa was represented!

Something has me pretty perplexed

Jabba the Rush (cartoon video)

The World's Smartest Man Critiques Obama

Obama CAN NOT lose something that is already lost.

Needed: Accessible, affordable, non-stigmatic mental health care. Off to a funeral.

Minnesotans want a public option by 51 percent to 37 percent.

Cricketdiane: US Army Corps Busy Spending Time, Money in Iraq and Afghanistan--Not at Home

Where is the Defund Blackwater Act?...Another great piece from Scahill

Webb Warns of ‘Tipping Point’ in Afghanistan

The GOP gets LIT UP by African American writer who embraces its ideology but is REVULSED by it

When I go to youtube, the search doesn't work.

The death of the Republican Party

William Safire has died per Sirius Left radio.

Judge considers bid to block merger of voting machine giants

Judge considers bid to block merger of voting machine giants

Bachmann Refuses To Answer Question About Dead Census Worker

Republicans On House Census Subcommittee Rebuke Bachmann's Fearmongering As Illogical And Illegal

Republicans On House Census Subcommittee Rebuke Bachmann's Fearmongering As Illogical And Illegal

Social Security Owes 'Fugitives' Millions

What the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Is All About

Who is supplying the weapons to the Taliban?

Hate Comes to a Town Near You: 'We hate the President; We're gonna kill the President" UPDATED

Connecting the dots in Afghanistan. Generals plot to take over foreign policy and blame Obama.

LA Times - Corporate Media Strawman - Attacks Canada's Health Care System Before Hearing On PO

Yet another "Bush got it right bullshit story...

Congress blind while Blackwater crimes & contract continue.

It's Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Lansing, Michigan ACORN office closed after receiving threats

Lions WIN!!!

Lions WIN!!!

As Seen On TV! Birthermercial Asks, Where Was Obama Really Born? (for the low price of $30...)

The Fraud Of GOP Tax And School Choice Policy Shown In Arizona

The Fraud Of GOP Tax And School Choice Policy Shown In Arizona

The Fraud Of GOP Tax And School Choice Policy Shown In Arizona

Hate Site Publishes "Obama Song School" Details and Encourages Readers to Go After the Principal

Why Is Google "Googlle?"

Regarding 9-11, I'm STILL a proud conspiracy theorist.

Thousands Show up for Free Medical Treatment in Houston

To all those calling the Republican Party Dead a reminder

Charges Dismissed in AT&T Case: Police arrest employee for failing to provide customer information

How to talk to complete idiots Three basic options: Choose wisely, lest you go totally insane

On the death of William Safire: I was 19 in 1970; Nixon tried to kill me. Good riddance. n/t.

The CIA rarely uses PHYSICAL TORTURE to obtain intelligence

Call me stupid. I missed the opening of SNL. Was it good?

some men at a VFW post lose their minds - probably sat at the bar too long

Baseball Fan Released From Jail To See Game

Racist murderer/terrorist doesn't like being in jail anymore, tried to commit suicide

Boy, did I have an experience this week...

Paper sorry for calling Sarah Palin a 'broad'

Socialized Trash

One month of rain fell in 12 hours in the Philippines

Anyone see the Mickelson interview after the game?

McDonals McCafe' takes aim at Starbucks in Europe

Glenn Beck attracts a crowd to Seattle talk

About time, if the World Bank and IMF would have ever stood up before

Thousands Show up for Free Medical Treatment in Houston

Attorney: OKC bombing tapes appear edited

Need source for info correlation btwn war and tv news viewership

Right-wingers now going after SEIU.

I wrote a letter to the President

School vacation instead of summer vacation.

The Labor Dept admits there are not enough jobs for the unemployed.

Hell Yeah, I'll Be There

CBO: A Good Public Option Saves Even More Money Than We Thought

Why did Obama start the Health Care debate with a compromised position? (We have socialized med....

Digby not sure whether a mandate is constitutional

Favorite Movie Director

LMAO!!! Glenn Beck Ale:

19 pound baby

Sarah Palin: "I have a husband," she said. "I think I could have used a wife.

I didn't know there was a Netroots Nation Auction.

Torture Works as an Interrogation Method

Tea Party Founder Announces: "A Huffington Post Of Our Own"

Question for RWingers who want schools privatized: IF not the government, then who?

Michele Bachmann: ACORN just the start. "Defunding the left is going to be so easy"

Residents swim towards high ground during flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy

New Yorker Story On Innocent Killed By Death Penalty: "Trial By Fire" - Must Read....

Mississippi's Failure

Had to get a tetanus shot last night

Glen Beck's mom died in an accident, not suicide? Personally,

John Farr, Huffington Post: "How did a girl this age get left alone with him? Where was her mother?"

A message for our visiting freeper friends.

Unemployment For Young Americans Jumps To 52.2 Percent

Honduras. Right-wing murderers put protesters in stadiums just like Pinochet

A woman after my own heart

Pelosi Says “F*&k You” to Trumka and the AFL-CIO

Bill Clinton: Obama Faces Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

ACORN Filmmaker: 'I Don't Know' If I Broke Law

John McQuaid: Still Fiddling While New Orleans Drowns

What I don't get: How is an organisation that registers people to vote a "left organisation" ?

Hey rush, have you heard of 'Operation Twisted Traveler' you junkie pedophile?

NYT: In New Orleans, Recovery Is Not Enough

What exactly is the argument against raising (or better yet, eliminating) the SS tax cap?

An often overlooked aspect of the Manson family killers, Atkins, et all

Had to inform my wife's aunt that she is a sexist pig today.

Vicious dog banned from Colorado town

Firefox problem with flash player.

IQ and Spanking--Update

ABC Nooz' Martha Raddatz on evening nooz reporting on new "MOAB" type bomb.

Meet Germany's new Libertarian foreign minister:

TOON: Doonesbury on the Nazi canard...

More Right Wing Garbage?

FYI about 'tinyurl'. Please don't use tinyurl links.

Merkel wins, Social Democrats lose big time ... SPIEGEL 09/27/2009

A Trigger Is An Affront To The American People

Ben & Jerry's, GE work on greener freezers for US

good article on Phlegm Speck, the Mormon version of

Greg Palast: Expert Fired Who Warned New Orleans Levees Would Burst

TIME: Why Michael Moore Hates Capitalism

Pilot Accused of Stalking Ex-Girlfriend from Air

FRONTLINE: "Sick around America" PBS

from student to cashier to cover girl to ... deportation

Did anyone else get the email from Carolyn Maloney

Man Arrested After Climbing Into SF Zoo Bear Exhibit

I am not surprised about Macy's possibly going bankrupt

CSpan are carrying repeats of Obama's speech of CBC dinner yesterday @ 5:30am and again at 9:30pm

Stand with Dr. Dean

Job losses, early retirements hurt Social Security

Last A.O. Smith Employee To Work Final Shift in November

Glenn Beck Book Reviews

a spider tried to deliver a message of gender equality to the pope

Taser case from 2005 settled for 200K.

You know I think some of this tea party shit is really about scared people.

G20 Protests Show Preferential Treatment of Right Wing Protesters

G20 Protests Show Preferential Treatment of Right Wing Protesters

Deviled Eggs

Chances Are High Pot Measure Will Pass - Willie Brown

Democrats are worried about losing the House in 2010.

Racism and violence against women "resurgent" after coup, says Honduran women's leader

Racism and violence against women "resurgent" after coup, says Honduran women's leader

Michele Bachman, my new public enemy #1.

Testimony from the girl (Polanski's victim), unedited

Attorney: Oklahoma bombing tapes appear edited

Till rust do us part

When you think of Sibel and Jan, remember Jane and Nancy.

Glenn Beck Riles Safeco Crowd with Vague, Incoherent Nonsense

Editorial cartoonist suggest that Obama is very much like Hitler

I don't agree with the Obama song in public schools...

Dear Mr. President, I love you but I can CHOOSE to have a car; I can't choose to have a body--REPOST

What Happens When The ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ Meets Michele Bachmann

How many must die before we call it terrorism?

The Case for Eliminating Wall Street

Park yourself in front of PBS


Flashback: Al Qaida means "the database"

Anybody getting emails about "underreported income"

Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline

More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation

Missing CA woman - Arrested Woman goes Missing After She's Released

If Adam Smith were around today he'd be called an evil socialist.

**** PHOTOS of the Glenn Beck Protest ****

advocating for privatizing public schools is a symptom of corruption

Polanski update

An afternoon with a former member of the Hitler Youth, re: America's RW media

My (R) mother-in-law said she wants another terrorist attack as big as 9-11.

Are there book reviews (written in English) of books that haven't yet been translated into English?

Family Ties: The Other Bill Clinton

Forced Vaccines Refused By Nurses In New York - vid

Karen Ignagni, Chief Healthcare lobbyist, is UNINSURABLE in the private market she defends!

Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland on 31 year old US warrant

Oops -Allen Stanford Hospitalized After Fight With Another Inmate

Looks like serious rain from Georgia up the South East Coast

The demeaning of public education began under Reagan. It has worked well.

Is Sibel Edmonds credible?

I'm so tire hearing about SS having to pay out more than they take in

Need to vent-All the Polanski apologist make me want to fucking puke!

Can we please enact FDR's 2nd Bill of Rights!!! (Lost Footage Found By Michael Moore!)

I just came back from seeing Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and I'm pissed.

Have you ever shaved a cute little monkey until he's all pink, and then kissed him on the cheek?

Talking about revolution is what people do

check out my new fly ass hoopty


hey lady

Help me remember the name of a song!


What type of shirt material does not show sweat stains around the navel?

I was up early today so it is still only 9 PM, this has been a long day.

I can understand putting Bush or Hitler on the cover of Time magazine but Glenn fucking Beck...

Anybody else not getting The Weather Channel through your cable?

Baby Dancing on Beyonce - Single Ladies

Does anyone listen to "American Routes" on npr?

Commander in Chief VS West Wing

question for chemistry or physics students

have a question for the lawyer types

i am TRYING so hard to find a video

Have a good weekend guys and gals



the greatest generation

This Atheist says: There is a God

Not even the rock establishment traditionalists can bring the Beatles enough radio airplay.

Polkaholix - Spare Ribs



Polkaholix - Das Modell

Did somebody get tombstoned for plaguerizing a journal?

Now, That Is One Baaaaaddd Aaassss Cat

In November, hubby and I will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss

I'm having a really bad fucking night

So I'm watching Wanter and I look at Angelina and I see a stick figure...

i wanna drizzle some syrup

So I went to my 10th year HS reuinion

true country

you dumbass

Hey man, wha'd you wanna hit me on the side of the face with a slushball for?

How hot is it where you are?

Michigan Wolverine fans... Pick the best phrase for this season

Playoffs, Game 3: Ducks 7, Blue Crabs 4

Are there many PhD jobs that permit someone to work independently?

My poem "The Song" complete with audio...

today is my third year anniversary.. dating anniversary that is ..

What’s you favorite unusual sandwich?

There you are

What is your favorite restaurant?

sex and cum

Don't you hate it when...

any DU ladies want to volunteer their womb for my dataspawn?

You think you've got potholes?

Son of a Witch

LA Lambs fans!

If someone is both lazy and disorganized...

sax and strum

Save Jenny!

Category: Sports - Question: Are you a 'sports person'?

Congratulations cbayer! 35,000 posts!

How was the SNL season premier?

Congratulations annabanana! 35,000 posts!

Have you seen the top ten leftists t-shirts for dogs?

Congratulations malaise! 55,000 posts!

Congratulations maddezmom! 90,000 posts!

Is it immature to not want a monogamous relationship at a certain point in your life?

Congratulations XemaSab! 45,000 posts!

Tater abuse: how many have to die before something is done about it?

Ah, a live cockroach underneath the mattress of the bed that came with my new apartment.

rserven's Into the Mind of the Artist

Need to vent-All the Polanski apologist make me want to fucking puke!

I've lost 14 pounds in a little over a month.

That was for the G-20, bitches!

Where is TZ?? Will we see her in the next week or two? 19-14??


For those who care, or are in a weird frame of mind (like me), "The Wizard of Oz"

I just started a second bachelors in IT - what should I take?

Every time I hear a Phil Collins song, I hate him a little bit more.

this is the girl who got put down ?

HALP! My Mom's Feral Cat is Dying!

Okay, Its Sunday night, and time to "kick back" Baby dances to Beyonce

What was your first Adult comic book?

Sunday Pic Thread

"true blood" question for anyone who might know...

Happy Birthday to my favorite DUer! Hissyspit!!!

Game Day food. Home made chili with corn chips and my famous cheese dip

Please post your current blood alcohol level.


I've come to a decision.

Anyone had their DNA analyzed/traced?

Post your turner-uppers here!

I didn't want to go through putting down a dog again for the rest of my life

Please give my NEW GRANDSON a big DU welcome to the world!!


Best Top Ramen Flavor

Favorite horror movie ever...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 2 Pairs Of Matching Bookends Edition

My house smells like rotting garbage...

distressed houston retail property


Does anyone wish they had not seen their kids accommodations while at University. We just arrived to

well son of a bitch, my cat's got a rival now

What unconventional physical traits do you find attractive in someone?

You know, sometimes you have to have a pretty thick skin to post here.

My friend's dog was hit by a car late last night

Is it wrong to hate Tim Tebow so much that I find it amusing that he was injured tonight

Was I a witness to emotional abuse?

Best dollar store? Best products available there?

Favorite Roman Polanski Movie

Actors you were bummed to find out were Republican...

Obama Administration Frees Three More Gitmo Detainees

"Obama's unplanned Iran news " as revealed on TPM by Laura Rozen

Leading article: President Obama's sound nuclear statesmanship (UK Independent)

I am watching FOOTBALL, but POTUS is on C-SPAN speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus

Goldstein:, Eerie how Obama is tracking Kennedy's Path

Medicare Scare-Mongering -GOP "obscuring and twisting the facts and spreading unwarranted fear" (NYT

Who would you pick

President Surrender Monkey’s cunning plan...but his wily foreign policy is paying off (UK Times)

Isn't this just darling?

Hilarious clip of Glenn Beck twisting on the hook

The case for a strong public option: forget bipartisanship

California Republicans look ahead to 2010 races for governor, US Senate at party convention

Asked If His Thesis Advocated A ‘Radical Agenda,’ Bob McDonnell Replies ‘No’

The Tweety Show: Obama has no constituency for health care

Bill Clinton Speaks of Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy

Gates lays out non-military options to deal with Iran

Faux calls ACORN filmmaker O'Keefe "Power Player fo week" - ‘I don’t know’ if I broke law (VIDEO)

McChrystal's request for more troops temporarily shelved

Closing Guantanamo behind schedule - 3 more leave today

VIDEO: Obama's Fiery Speech to the Congressional Black Caucus

Rep. Carolyn Maloney's Husband Dies

Ooops, we forgot to call Judge Sotomayor! (Her first interview)

The modern Repub.

Is this true? Youth unemployment is at 52%??

"I predict Larry Craig-esque fall for Crist"

"Crist predicts Carter-esque loss for Obama"

The "logic" behind calling Obama a nazi.

Obama resumes health care push, vows to 'get it done this year'

People prone to magical thinking are the problem.

Bill Clinton on MTP - why 2010 will NOT be another 1994

Secretary of Defense Gates on Obama: "I very much enjoy working for this one"

PHOTOS The President & First Lady at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's dinner (Sept 26)

PHOTOS Seattle, um, welcomes Glenn Beck

Predicting losses in both the House and Senate

Berlusconi calls Obama 'tanned'.....again

Bigots for Equality!

Early retirements strain Social Security system

“Backlash Begins”: CBS Cancels Michael Moore Appearance

House of Representatives already lost??

Kerry: The lesson of Vietnam is don't commit troops without a clear strategy

MORE John Russell, ARNP On Amending Medicare To Include ALL Americans!

wearing sandals to a brawl

PHOTO Caption it? (Barack, Nicolas & Gordon)

Toon: Reverse Racism!

3 Gitmo prisoners transferred to Ireland, Yemen

Honduran businessmen at center of coup dispute

Perú Official Threatens “Legal Action” Over Honduran Tear Gas Story

Afghan Cabinet minister escapes bombing; 4 dead

French deaths in Afghan accident

White House near picking site for Guantanamo detainees

Honduras de facto government sets deadline over crisis

U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio

Swiss arrest Polanski on US request in sex case

At least 51 die in Philippine flooding -- Tropical storm causes worst floods in decade

Polanski arrested in connection with 1970s sex charge

FBI closes Danziger Bridge to search for evidence

Honduras speech at UN delayed until Monday

Bill Clinton: Obama Faces Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Merkel Defeats Social Democratic Challenger, Exit Polls Show

ACORN Filmmaker: 'I Don't Know' If I Broke Law

China probes child lead poisoning

South American nations agree to start $20B bank

Venezuela exploring uranium deposits with Russia

Iran test-fires missiles amid nuclear tension

Fed didn’t bark at subprime loan abuses (great timeline)

Justice Sotomayor Throws Out First Pitch

Honduras rejects visiting OAS delegation: official

Man unhurt after sneaking into bear exhibit at zoo

Wilmington refinery fire drives up gas prices

China formally begins probe into U.S. chicken parts

City cutting ties with Hylant Group - Executive who sent anti-Obama e-mails has resigned

Chavez, Gaddafi seek new world order

German exit polls show Merkel on track for second term

Christian doctor kidnapped in northern Iraq: police

World Bank says don't take dollar's place for granted

'Grandma Bandit' Robs Two Houston Banks Hours Apart

Thousands get free medical care at event (Texas)

Beck speaks to 7,000 at Seattle

Portugal Socialists head for win

Turkey, Armenia to sign diplomatic deal: official

Charges say white assailants hurled racial epithets as they attacked two black men in Brooklyn Park.

German Nuclear Plants May Get Reprieve With Merkel Re-Election

Hey, Bill Maher-Here are just a few of the pieces of legislation that Obama signed into law

Brazil says won't comply with Honduras ultimatum

More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation

Don Fisher Dies

Gutter no more: California's San Joaquin river to flow again

Bill Safire dead at 79.

Glenn Beck's twisted populism

Lawrence O'Donnell: More Republicans Support The Public Option Than Are Against It

Welcome to the Private Police Force

Instant Runoff Voting - Every Vote Counts!

Why Isn't Obama Doing Anything About The 15 Year Old Thrown In GITMO 8 Years Ago?

g20 people's march on the andy warhol bridge

Guantanamo Bay Tourism Board Video

Anarchist incident from front and back with Police at G20 Pittsburgh

Gates Leaves Door Open For Iran Diplomacy, Chides Cheney

Skeptic Bible Study: Creation (Satan or Snake?)

Mixed Nuts: Congressional Creationists (Michele Bachmann)

Glenn Beck vlogs from home.

Rachel Maddow On The G-20 Sound Cannons & Obama's "Shock And Awe Diplomacy"

Sound Cannon - Pittsburgh G20 Protests

Iran Test-fires Short-range Missiles

Bob McDonnell denies he has a radical agenda

Bill Clinton On Meet The Press On Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

To our Animal Friends

{Part 1} Obama's Fiery Speech At 'Congressional Black Caucus' Dinner

Big Easy to Big Empty (Greg Palast) LSU Escape plan for NOLA was surpressed

{Part 2} Obama's Fiery Speech At 'Congressional Black Caucus' Dinner

Weiner Fights for Single Payer on the Floor

The Peoples March Against the G20

FNS -- Krauthammer insults VP Biden, Juan Williams responds.

Mike Huckabee & Chuck Norris Bash Obama's Health Reform

SNL Drops the F-Bomb

Capitalism: A Love Story - Michael Moore on New Film on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Ann Coulter: 'Obama With Hitler Mustache Sign' Made By Liberals

G20 Chilling Arrest ~ by Men in Military Fatigues ~ Some Kinda Scary Shit Man!!

Joy Behar Takes Glenn Beck To The Woodshed

Does God Exist (making the rounds on Facebook)

Forrest Tucker Tokin' UP On Some SWEET Swiss Shizzle!!

Festival says director Polanski in Swiss custody

Forced Vaccines Refused By Nurses In New York

Panama agrees to host two U.S. naval bases

Calling liars to account - `Thou shalt not bear false witness. . .'' -- Exodus 20:16

Deserving elderly vs. not-so-deserving kids

ABC is a Pimp: Dancing DeLay

Forum editorial: Being rude no way to treat guest (Karl Rove)

Washington's hypocrisy on Honduras

Medicare Scare-Mongering (NY Times)

Thoughts on peaceful protest and recollections on my first experience with the anarchist Black Bloc

The Fraud Of GOP Tax And School Choice Policy Shown In Arizona

First They Came For ACORN

Meet the Afghan Army

Obama at the Precipice (Frank Rich)

WaPo breaks down the subprime market history and how they were ALL warned

The Normal Violence of Capitalism

A Most Amazing Story

Bachmann: The wheel might be spinning but the hamster is dead

On Yom Kippur Eve, ALL Religions Counsel a 'Fast of Glenn Beck'

A beautiful story. Nazi POW bequeathes £400,000 to the British town

UPDATE: H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Test Infects Entire U.S. Naval Vessel,

More About the National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Ethics of Climate Change

TVA whistle-blower says NRC trying to intimidate her for reporting lax security

China official warns on "too fast" nuclear plans

Victory! Court Finds USDA Violated Federal Law by Allowing Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets

Dust storms spread deadly diseases worldwide

Maine tomato grower finishes second (18 acre) greenhouse

The End of Suburbia.......,moving toward holistic, natural systems.

Going green is their Maine thing, though the guests might not notice

I went to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Common Ground Country Fair yesterday

SNCF Proposes Development of High-Speed Rail in Midwest, Texas, Florida, and California Corridors

Uh-oh. Jacobair's team got pounded 42-3 against the Oregon Ducks!

Harvey Unga

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, September 26)


Boise State or TCU or both

Lions win!

Lions win?

Lions win!

Lions WIN!!!

Did the Lions win?

Soccer(Football) Rules Question

Heh! "The Catch" As executed by Bret Favre!

Miami's Chad Pennington hurt (shoulder) vs San Diego.

I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all the teams that won this weekend...

Lions win!

New AP top 25

If you could prevent WWIII OR The Spankmes from winning the WS...what would you choose?

Anyone see the Mickelson interview after the game?

Congrats to Condem's Hawkeyes

The Browns are still driving for "the perfect season"

Just because my sn is "madinmaryland" does NOT mean I am a Deadskin fan!

Albert Pujols is great!

Georgia makes last second field goal to win the game

Andre Caldwell scores his first career touchdown..... to take the lead with 14 seconds left

S.F. Running Back Frank Gore could miss next two games

As the Small Men's season slowly circles the drain

Tim Tebow out for the game

Great throw by Favre to win the game

Can anyone tell me who won the AL East today?

The JR Chess Report (September 27): Kasparov and Karpov Celebrate Their Rivalry

NINETEEN! nuff said.

Chavez announces creation of South Bank

Repression at Embassy

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/26


Washington's hypocrisy on Honduras

Multipolar world called by Chavez is quite different from unipolar new world order called by Bush

AL JAZEERA Video Inside Embassy and Article on Honduras’ Deadline to Brazil

Panama agrees to host two U.S. naval bases

Popular Resistance to the Coup in Honduras: an Interview with Bertha Caceres

S America-Africa summit condemns coup in Honduras (Reuters)

Guardian: Coup leader defies ex-premier's demands in Honduras standoff

Jennifer Moore: Lawyers Question Basis of Zelaya Ouster

any other pellet gun shooters?

Thank goodness for the Assault Weapons Ban.

ICC Prosecutor May Charge Israeli With War Crimes

IPI Poll: Palestinians Support 2-State Peace Plan, Fatah, Abbas

Hamas: Elections cannot be held on time

Think Again: Palestine "Economic Peace Is Possible."

Real reform in Israel is a distant prospect

Israel demands PA drop war crimes suit at The Hague

EU-backed biotechnology lab in Hebron is Palestinian first

Police contain riot at sensitive Jerusalem holy site

Archbishop: Israel targets the mosque today, the church tomorrow

Ehud Barak: At the U.N., Terrorism Pays

Columbian labor activist seeks support

Gettlefinger to receive Debs Foundation Award

Today in Labor History Sept 27 Textile workers went on strike, demanding bread for starving children

Tribune Co. CFO Defends Millions in Bonuses for Top Managers

Incredible Video of Chicago Hyatt Worker Protest in Chicago

Teamsters Union Local 773 files additional complaint against Bethlehem employer

Fall colors coming to your area yet?

Allentown Morning Call worker files labor complaint

Glacier Park at the end of summer...

NLRB rejects move to kill union at Trump Plaza

A funny thing happened on the way to the farmers' market.

Mr. Blue Eyes

Taking flight in a tiny plane - from Key West to Ft, Myers

WHO'S NEXT? Five years after the deaths of 17 BP employees, BP has yet to improve on safety!

Fish Oil and Alzheimer's Disease: Decreased Incidence of the Disease in Inuit Populations.

Jewish Priesthood Has Multiple Lineages, New Genetic Research Indicates

I met Sean Kennedy's mother at Pride yesterday

Antigay Reggae Singer's Miami Concert Sparks Protests

Housing and Durable Goods Reports Reverse Upward Momentum of US Stocks

Lock the banksters up. Only bonus' should be a square of TP daily

A Risky Revival (or "Are We Back in a Bubble?")

Spain Tips Into Depression.

Prosperity without Growth? - The transition to a sustainable economy

The Post-Dot-Com US Business Model

Print money=Pissed-off world

air conditioner broken again - I keep thinking of Louise Hays

Was watching the season ender for True Blood with my son this morning

Can someone help me with Elementals, fairies, wee folks?

Long Term Care Insurance

With Flu Threat, Schools Rethink Perfect Attendance Awards

Mask of Madness video, Margot Kidder explains her plight, along with others

Prayers for my brother

Phase III trial recruiting, beneficial effects of CoQ10 for early

Time For A Birthday, Let's Throw a Party for Blue Roses

Vaccines and autism: piecing together the jigsaw.

please delete

linkage's The Little Match Girl

Religious lables widly misused by media. Interesting read.

Conservative Lutherans organize after vote on Gays

My Bible Lit. Course In High School - A Good Experience

Talk about a following!

The Seltzerman is out of action, and Brooklyn thirsts.

Picked up an old cast iron dutch oven at a yard sale yesterday.

Thousands Show up for Free Medical Treatment in Houston

Austin's local CBS affiliate KEYE-TV replacing RTV with Telemundo

Operation Amalgam Virgo...

Why propaganda trumps truth

Regarding 9-11, I'm STILL a proud conspiracy theorist.

Why propaganda trumps truth

Regarding 9-11, I'm STILL a proud conspiracy theorist.

USAF general grilled on pre 9/11 intelligence that terrorists would use planes as weapons

Video: South Tower Coming Down...

Core of Corruption...

When 9/11 happened, how did they know it was al Qaeda so quickly??