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What else could we have done with a QUARTER BILLION $$$

Nazis shipped arms to Palestinians

Nazis shipped arms to Palestinians

Blanche Lincoln

Time to a take break - This place has become nothing but negativity

Mindless rant against Republicans

Glenn Beck's new role: FoxNews "Loss Leader"...

Four years ago this minute, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly were whining about Ray Nagin's buses.

Why does Obama not have his people use their brilliance to crush these

shocker!!!!! Gates Signals He’s Open to More Troops in Afghanistan

White House Floating "Snowe" Trigger

Gwar lead singer Oderus Urungus co-hosts Fox News show

I have a lot of respect for Al Franken.

Feds: Calif. Water Crisis Isn't Washington's Fault - Arnie blames federal environmental restrictions

Alaska gov. urges feds to allow offshore drilling

Steven Dale Green to be formally sentenced tomorrow

(and the circle is complete) "Grandma" and California fires - 5 years ago

Hey, could someone explain the "trigger" to me? Thanks. nt

Blackwater "navy seal" mercenary makes $20,000 a month

No one should go broke b/c they could not afford to lawyer up against their insurance companies

Richmond area schools offering "opt out" & "opt in" options for Obama education speech

EU signs trade pact with southeast African nations (AP)

Los Angeles Times: WellPoint, United Healthcare accused of illegal actions

I'm not coming back here until after the president's speech to Congress next week

California Attorney General Called To Investigate Insurance Companies’ Anti-Health Reform Advocacy

Update on family problems

Toon: Who Bought Congress?

If Obama caves on public option: Who do you back in primary in 2012: Unicorns or Leprechauns?

Want to aid Glenn Beck's demented "art" fixation-toss him one of these

New slogan for Healthcare Reform...POST THIS EVERYWHERE!

The secretary of the US Senate instructed aides to Edward M. Kennedy to shut down the Senate office

Fantasy Football "Pick 'em" Invitation

Fantasy Football "Pick 'em" Invitation

Attn. Teabaggers .... don't protest w/ out these

Flashback: college graduates threatened with arrest/expulsion for refusing to listen to Bush speech.

A Colbert-style wag of the finger to William J. Rice.

Tribute to Gonzo... Best laugh of the day! "The Gonzo Cantata" Opera

Brothers, 10 and 12, plead guilty to brutal attack


Palin says thanks but no thanks to Repub.women's convention-YE$ to Hong Kong brokerage firm

Exclusive Video Interview of Gov. Don Siegelman - CBS42 Birmingham Broadcast Tonight

I had the swine flu. All better now...

We deserve better than TRIGGERS. We deserve real reform. No weaseling.

Something hasnt seemed right to me about Ridge, Rumsfeld, Bin Laden and timing around the election

Is it time for a New Fairness Doctrine?

Word Net Daily sending their list.... ooohhh boy

The Problem With Passing Real Healthcare Reform Is Campaign Finance Reform is Needed First...

Young Democrat lawyer came to my door running for local Justice

Keith O. ... re: Glenn Beck ... FUNNIEST RANT EVER!

Keith and Glen The Beck... a new

Chris Brown On 'Larry King': Domestic-Violence Experts Weigh In

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

DU Digg Squad, I need your help with this: "Reagan preached tax cut gospel to America’s students"

Dow 30 poll

Health Care and the Hospitals. A rip-off no one seems to address

A surprising update: The congress critters' town hall in my region - Critters did WELL!1

Do Republicans Socialize?????

Liberal Astroturfing - I Want My Corrupt, Rahm and Larry Summers Dominated Bush-The-Third ...

Liberal Astroturfing - I Want My Corrupt, Rahm and Larry Summers Dominated Bush-The-Third ...

Joe Scarborough scoffs at Jim Greer and co.

Every American child deserves to hear their President speak.

Where are the schools that are exempting kids from watching Obama located?

300 million different versions of Obama

What If The President Gave A Speech About The Danger Of Running Around With Scissors?

It seems Obama was a BRILLIANT choice by the men behind the curtain

"Study hard, stay in school, and take pride in your work"

Conservative media take a strong stand against ... learning?!?

Whatever happened to 1 brigade a month?

Chris Floyd: The 16th Term

Will More Kids See This Speech Than Most Any Other?

Guatemala Mayan city may have ended in pyramid battle

Sherrod Brown: health care vote is "the most important vote I will ever cast"

Keith just had a BALL laughing at Glen Beck...

I don't post here much any more...

Public Option Not Vital to Health Reform, Teamsters’ Hoffa Says

Gonzales Cantata . com (Rachel Maddow mentioned this tonight.)

New FAIR Study: Think tank balance still skews right Media 'Experts'

Democratic Party has forgotten how to govern and the White House has forgotten how to lead.

Unusual happenings in the heart of Cupcake Land:

Unusual happenings in the heart of Cupcake Land:

What is so terrifying about all of this stuff

Foreign terrorist organization kills over 60(?) in northern Afghanistan

If you didn't see KO tonight you have to watch this, he mocks Beck's red scare, please rec/spread

Carnival lifts lifetime ban on family (claimed family scratched a desk)

Update on the Alabama Sam's Club controversy: Law offers less protection for American Indian sites

Any Big Brother fans out there?

Life in a speed trap town - anger over excessive ticketing

Fuck It!! I've got this HCR stuff, stand back I'm on it, if I don't come out in like...

I'm with Stupid

Democrats are really pissing me off lately

Clyburn's health care strategy: 'Half a loaf' (My Congressman's solution. *sigh*)

It still matters a lot to Fox if companies drop Glenn Beck, but still advertise on the network.

Pelosi: " “A bill without a strong public option will not pass the House."

On this Day

Well, I took my daughter to her counselor today. For those who don't know, she has been diagnosed

Well, I took my daughter to her counselor today. For those who don't know, she has been diagnosed

The FAILED Fox Business Channel gets desperate. Going to run Imus instead of biz news

Stunning proof that Cash for Clunkers was a disaster!!!!

Claims denial rates by leading California insurers, first six months of 2009:

For those who think Twitter is stupid

Black and White People Furniture - WTH!

California's Real Death Panels: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

Dave Lindorff: The Address President Obama Should Give to Congress Next Week

'One giant slip in Bangladesh news ' (BBC)

'One giant slip in Bangladesh news ' (BBC)

Military Response to Hazing and Abuse: Promote the Perpetrator and Kick Out the Victim

What A Guy!

Watching KO ... my Mom just saw Glenn Beck for the first time

Jeremy Scahill on Morning Joe Scum now

Hidden pockets of elderly said to be in poverty

Outrageous abuse of power by Grassley and staffer on Finance Committee

And another thing, Blackwater and other mercenaries and their abuses

"The Civilized Community of Nations"- The continual selling of the Afghanistan war

We will reassert democracy in America?

It's my birthday!

Chris Matthews at 8AM? What a pleasant surprise.

Gary Davis for Ca-3.

California AG Called To Investigate Insurance Companies' Anti-Health Reform Advocacy

Birthers are very very quiet, and what's going on with Oily Taint?

Toast: Chris Brown disses Oprah

Obama Administration Argues Against Releasing Bush-Era Detainee Information

Ok, I have to give Joey Scars props...

From NPR: Why 'GQ' Doesn't Want Russians To Read Its Story

I just sent a message to my Senators about Health Care reform

I just sent a message to my Senators about Health Care reform

Pro-Health Care Rally Fight - The Person Whose Finger Was Bit Off Threw The 1st Punch

Blow to Gordon Brown as Eric Joyce, Aide to Defence Secretary, Resigns(Cites Afghanistan)

PHOTOS: California Station Fire (Dial-Up Warning)

Some schools won't show kids Obama's speech...welcome to tennessee

NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills up to 90

A very short observation on the Health-care-financing debate

Wabash Valley woman didn’t realize second cold medicine purchase violated drug laws

Bachmann for President?

Counterpoint: Obama "Absolutely Not" Anti-Capitalist

The pic of the year on health care reform!!!

If conservatives don't like the idea of Obama talking to their children...

The end of monster sushi, Mark Morford

Not one of the top 5 are here!

In my view the repugs are going to blame Obama for the high unemployment, unless the

What do you think this means

Now that Obama has dumped us--Can we dump those stinking wars.

What--FREE TB tests for these students! Socialism! Communism!

The Real Death Panels

Are Rush Limbaugh broadcasts or DVDs or whatever used in our nation's classrooms? nt

Health care reform end game. What will actually happen?

The Other Health Care Story

Changes to Cuban travel, gift rules now official

Earths Surface Area Required to Power the World with Zero Carbon Emissions with ONLY Solar Panels

Need a little help on health care debate!

I've thrown down the facebook gauntlet.

The President speaking to the nation's school children

I consider our Military to be our "sons and daughters"

Speculate on this - what will the next 3 years be like if Progressives cave now?

A health care bill will pass, but Obama has lost my trust

I will give Mika some credit today. She called Scab's criticism of Obama's

Christie (R-NJ) Hit Motorcyclist but Not Issued Ticket

"Is GE the new Enron, Bernie Goldberg investigates. Tonight on O'Reilly"

If Obama drops the public option, will the members of the Progressive Caucus

Mr. Obama It is time to come out punching!

So Krauthammer is trying to get the Rs to be peaceniks now.


Town hall phone calls with Senator Mark Pryor last night.

Dems Win 4 Special Elections in 10 Days

Malaysia blames Discovery Channel in dance flap

I have been abducted by aliens, says Japan's first lady

Pelosi: "A Bill Without a Strong Public Option Will Not Pass the House"

Joe Watkins, reicht wing tool is a fool!

Dear DU parents.. your children are being indoctrinated by default

Help! I need to find a post...

Dutch police ruin legal cannabis experiment

Sheriff under fire for Al Jazeera access to jail

We need to concentrate on Pakistan!

Just got off the phone with my son's elementary school

Did MSNBC Deep Six Dylan Ratigan And Dr. Nancy?......

If you are worried your kid will pick up "Socialist" messages from Obama:

LAT: Recording the sounds of the West

I'm tired of watching employed millionaires talk to folks with lifetime govt-sponsored healthcare

2 mags want Levi to strip for the camera.

I don't recall all this right-wing angst when bush read "My Pet Goat"...

"I ain't lettin' my kids outta the basement to git brainwashed by no negro."

Frank Zappa on "The Big Stupid"

US's 'arc of instability' just gets bigger

I am so proud of my Daughter

California to Investigate High Rates of Claims Rejections

Conservatives Protest Obama's Nefarious Plot to Have Schoolchildren Learn Things in School

Abrupt reversal detected in Arctic cooling trend

Police: Wife Kept Captive For 22 Months - Husband Is Counselor At Correctional Center

How in the hell did we get here? And more to the point: how do we get back out?

Tea-Bagger's Horses Being Seized

Obama Schoolchildren Speech Drives Right-Wingers Batty

The burns. re: woman talking about Obamas upcoming speech to kids.


So the next time some guy suggests women shouldn't be in charge.....

As we head into Labor Day weekend, please

THE MEDIA IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY HANDS DOWN! Enough air-time to the losers. The speech, OMG

Could Texas' Gingrich-Based High School History Curriculum Go National?

Times are a bit tough...

Job losses, by month, over past year

Gonzales Cantata

Gonzales Cantata

'Wide Stance,' a Play Based On Larry Craig

'Wide Stance,' a Play Based On Larry Craig

The Democratic Party Platform: Healthcare for all

On Facebook or Twitter? Take this action RIGHT NOW!

MSNBC Misses the Astroturf in its own Building

Georgia Republican Senators Propose Amending State Constitution To Block Federal Health Care

The Rude Pundit - No, Really, They've Lost Their Fucking Minds ...

A Facebook post by my old conservative friend this morning..

Yesterday, I posted an article from the local paper on the candlelight vigil.

U.N. Guide for Sex Ed Generates Opposition

Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

Conversation in Amsterdam about privatization (transport and health)

WaPo comes correct on "death panels"

Has Glenn Beck had his total emotional breakdown yet?

Has Glenn Beck had his total emotional breakdown yet?

Forced Catheterization Used In DUI Case

OK...THIS is what I am trying to fight against

Rhode Island gov. defends speech at anti-gay marriage event

NATO airstrike in Afghanistan kills up to 90 - AP

Judge Stays Microsoft Word Ban

Spencer Ackerman: Counterinsurgency, Airstrikes and Incoherence in Afghanistan

Todays 2 minute hate: outrage over a yet introduced health care bill

Patience my ass, letz do something.

Campers urged to contain spread of pests (burn it where you buy it when it comes to firewood)

SPLC Report: Return of the Militias

Gibbs dismisses complaints about Obama speech to schoolkids: "Silly Season"

Should Democratic Candidates be willing to Demonize Big Business

Why pull kids out of school when you can simply go to class with them and watch the speech?

Healthcare deja vu

EXCLUSIVE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr Remembers His Uncle Teddy (AUDIO)

Legendary Tigers announcer (Ernie Harwell) has incurable cancer

Rep. Brown(R),SC, gets earful at town hall meeting.

Another post in my paper today-where do I go to discredit this?

Police shoot pastor dead - he had just dropped off a woman known to be involved in drugs

Mark Sanford, the gift that keeps on giving!

Oh My Gawd!!

Sneaking around the huge tobacco tax increase, relabeling

The President has only one card left...

Rober Reich: Crunch time.

Nice Work Tonight, DU Moderators.

The Digital TV Transition - Questions.......

Education can cure ignorance. Stupid is set in stone.

Education can cure ignorance. Stupid is set in stone.

Glenn Greenwald knocks David Broder on his ass

Anyone else get a Presidential Fitness badge in school? I guess that's

Ben Nelson: Keeping Public Option Will Cause Reform To “Implode”

On Hope.....

I am Just Angry......

Looking for old info re. Bush's National ID Card...

Hartmann straw poll coming up - what will Obama do wednesday

Why I would still support Health Care Reform even if a Public Option is not included

Best LTTE I've read about the public option - from a Small Biz Owner here in Delaware

Remember, a couple months ago, when everyone was screaming "Where's the Transparency?"

Partisan furor on president's talk goes corrosive

NY plans to ban shad fishing to help save species

"Socks" Clinton left a message about health care:

Fire Glenn Beck Petition.

The Marlboro Marine

Add my child's school district....

a cartoon from The Black Commentator on health care

The problem with a trigger, as I see it.

Halperin demonstrates how not to report on Obama’s school speech “controversy”

US, Cuba to discuss resuming direct mail - good news

Obama Sculpture Kicked Out of Las Vegas Bank

Gee, I didn't know that seventy-two percent of the country are "leftists"

Advice to lurking Freepers re: Obama's student speech

Regarding Canadian Nurses and their universal healthcare

Should anything from politico be allowed to be posted here?

Letter from school admin re: Obama speech - any suggestions what I should do?

Mr. Obama's Neighborhood

DUI attorney challenges laws prohibiting driving while stoned

The Life of Ted Kennedy: Two Lessons I Haven't Read Elsewhere

Socialism: People who are poor and therefore don't deserve it will have healthcare as good as mine

Octomom requested invite to Jackson's funeral

Could someone please explain to me

NATO jets bomb fuel tankers; Afghans say 70 killed

Shades of Gray

Catfish being used to clean pools of foreclosed homes

No Public Option Is Not An Option-Progressive Caucus have sent the President a letter

Expanding on WillyT's thread about The McCarran-Ferguson Act

If there's a mod on duty, please temporarily leave the children's area.

Obama pledges to release visitor logs

Chuck Hagel: Iraq and Afghanistan Aren't Ours to Win or Lose

Samurai swords banned in Ireland

Jobless rate at 9.7 pct.; 216K jobs lost in Aug. - AP

Russell Rowland: An Open Letter to My Republican Friends

Recieved this email about what a public option is and we must speak up now...

Rep. Paul "Batshit Crazy" Broun (R-GA) fears President Obama's "U.S. as totalitarian state" ambition

Tea Party Group: Obama Is Both Goebbels And Mengele - TPMMuckraker

With Reform in Jeopardy, and Progressives Restless, Obama Weighs His Options - TPMDC

Ronald Reagan INDOCTRINATED our kids - spoke at their school.

Nato pledges Afghan strike probe - BBC

Health Insurance and the numbers

FDL: Real Honest-to-God Ways to the Support the Progressive Caucus fight against TRIGGERS

Right wing’s schoolyard taunt: Obama’s a socialist and so's your mama

I must have missed the announcement of general and widespread insanity.

10 years from now the RW will be crowing that the US has the best public medicine in the world

10 years from now the RW will be crowing that the US has the best public medicine in the world

As Republicans go ever farther out on the wingnut limb

My hometown on Obama speech in school

I Give Up

Firstread: All About the Public Option

Email the White House

PUBLIC OPTION or BUST - silent thread....shhhhhh

The "liberal" media, especially KO

Flu activity in the U.S.

Gonzales Cantata-- Hilarious

The Pied Piper of Prague

President Obama to Honor Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins at White House

Politics requires appeals to emotion. It just does.

I Think Parents In School Districts Where Obama's Speech Will Not Be Played Should Pull Their Kids

Interesting observation, or not, regarding the Recovery Act

The Limits Of Force-Iraq and Afghanistan Aren't Ours to Win or Lose-By Chuck Hagel

Alex Witt-less's comments on MSNBC are so insipid

My right-wing, principal sent out a letter asking teachers not to plan to view Obama's Speech

So. let me get this straight...

Call Senator Olympia Snow and Tell Her........

Man Get Suspended Sentence for Threat to President

Look what crawled out of the primordial soup...

Rahm Pushing Triggers Through Olympia Snowe

Look what is on the CNN online front page!

A thought on the President's address to school children.

I don't think they should be called "Republicans" any more.

Offer void where prohibited by stupidity, greed, or political cowardice

St. Ronnie addressed the schools on C-Span in 1988.

House Liberals Complain They’re Being Left Out Of Loop On Health Care

Ed Schultz NAILS Hypocrite Anti-Healthcare Senators

Response from our school board about not showing Pres Obama's speech

These 'Stories' Don't Exist In A Vacuum

Revised Formula Counts More Americans in Poverty

Southwest Florida school districts (Ft. Myers/Naples) censor President's speech to school children

Liberals push Obama on public option during conference call

Florida Exodus: Rising Taxes Drive Out Residents

This Obama School Dustup makes me wanna give back my daughters' TOM DELAY GOOD CITZEN AWARD.

U of O football player punches Boise State player after game (video)...

Starving Sea Lions May Herald ‘El Nino’ Arrival in the Americas

About those 60,000 lost AARP members

Sources: White House drafting health care bill

Stopped Clock Syndrome: Neil Boortz Edition

I was just indoctrinated at the Colorado Emissions Testing Facility

Hilliard decides to let POTUS indoctrinate kids with NASCAR’s socialist message (Ohio)

I see nothing wrong with a health care plan that kicks in with the return of Halley's Comet.

I've figured out how to get on my Right Wing friends collective nerve...

Oxymoronic Economics: "Jobless" Recovery

How to drive freepers nutz AND make money for charity:

The hecklers of the wheelchair bound woman made me think of the "Final Solution"

Jim Oberstar: Michele Bachmann hearing voices other than God's

Did the Defense Department Stop Reporting Deaths of Detainees in U.S. Custody?

...can't Obama just read My Pet Goat for seven minutes while the nation is under attack?

DNC: Republicans Now Oppose Hard Work And Staying In School

No news is bad news.

WTO rules Airbus got subsidies illegally, Boeing damaged

Why am I liking Nancy Pelosi?

Friday dump - White House releases Cheney visitor records...

Here's why I as a man will proudly defend and support a woman's right to choose.

Scenarios for Wednesday's Speech (What will be in Obama's Bill?)


We should have started off demanding Single Payer or Medicare for all

Free tattoos in San Francisco - with a catch

The 20 Worst Logo Tattoos

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee: "Honduras: Make it official -- it's a coup"

Reagan Q&A with High School Students in 1986

Thank you for defeating Socialism!! A message from INSUROCORP

Move over, Twinkies: Deep-fried butter is here

Update on the gang of kids attending a funeral who beat a Guatemalan immigrant.

Call Rick Perry (for free) and tell him what you think about policiticizing education

Check out the Gonzales Cantata Site


Could we sell the right Nixon's health care reform?

The Airstrike: Protecting the People or Destroying the Enemy?

Dems signal resistance to Afghan troop increase - AP

OK DU Teachers: Issue a graded assignment on Obama's edumacation (sic) speech.

I've just got to expect we're going to hear a "Special Comment" from Keith

According to Olberemann, Rahm pushing Snowe's half-assed plan. Thanks Pres Emanuel!

GAAAAAHHH!! Have you seen Betsy McCaughey? (warning....)

So are NO elected officials allowed to speak to schoolchildren in the Censored States?

"Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman didn’t call the public crazy."

Is this too precise a point? Racism vs Racially Inspiried Hatred

ES&S just bought Diebold as of yesterday, & they pretty much OWN our elections nationwide now.

Teabagger-backed alternative to Obama's school speech is riddled with basic errors.

Official freak out thread - someone might do something! Oh No!

Bachmann: Dems attack me because I might be President

I'm working on another video right now

I'm working on another video right now

Anti-Chavez demonstrations in Venezuela and around world

Remember When? Mr. Obama on Health Care

With this rhetoric against Obama building on so many issues, is it possible

What about if we let each state decide to participate in a federal public option?

No we don't have a racism problem in this country


i've never gotten political on FACEBOOK before...

Who TF is this child wannabe right wing Cluster Fox ass on CBS News

I sent this letter re. the healthcare protestors to the local paper

This Could Change Everything: SCOTUS to hear Citizens United v. FEC

Time for all democrats and liberals to come to a realization

Time for all democrats and liberals to come to a realization

So our kids can be spoken to by an ignorant, stupid white guy who is a chronic failure.

Embarrassing Rich Lady Peggy Noonan Calls Obama Aides "Out of Touch," Shows No Sense of Irony

update on local coverage of President Obama's speech

CNN turning into a right wing propaganda channel.

I hope to hell that there are a lot of hard fought school board

I just can't understand us liberals...I'm so mad at this stuff about

For those that oppose indoctrination at school.

Can you please hit this poll for me ?

Van Jones likens Bush to a 'crackhead' in latest video gaffe

I'm surprised this rumor hasn't been started yet

How do I text???? (I never text, obviously) _-

Your average castrato or THE Castrato?

True or False: No legislation passes in this country without the permission of the rich?

Who needs SNL just watch Fox News

Insurance denied request for CAT scan

Please...I need help

Can Texas Democrats Com Up With A Better Governor Candidate Than Kinky Friedman?

Worth posting this again - covers so many areas

Shoe Fly Shoe

Please don't make me Google -- What the hell is the Trigger option? Thanks! nt

"liberal" media

You know what I want to know

High on a list of "annoying pundits" is: Anne Kornblut

College hoops and Obama: Not a good mix

Shuster blew it.

Police: Ogden kidnapping an elaborate hoax

"But the churches will take care of them"

Jim Hightower is advising Kinky Friedman? Really?


Pot 'Plantations' on the Rise

Poppy Bush addressed the schools in 1991

Friday TOON Roundup 3-Labor pains

The HCR uproar and a forgotten primary warning about reaching out to the Ins. Companies

Palin to lead 9/12 march to DC

Breaking: Obama Signaled On (Conference) Call He Understands How Serious We Are About Public Option

No news is bad news.

Eisenhower & Kennedy indoctrinated a generation of children

Need Help Finding an Thread About Personal Health Care Tragedies

Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a girl in 1990?

You don't compromise

Every time somebody makes a Hitler or Nazi comparison,

Walter Williams: Succession "didn't work" the last time. From an African American . . . .

If We Don't Get A Public Option, We Should Support Repeal Of The McCarran-Ferguson Act !!!

White House Polling Memo Omits Numbers Showing Support For Public Option - Plum Line

Obama's big speech is on 9/9/9, will the world turn upside down that date?

I bet Obama speaking to the nation's students...

Time to shut down EVERY Politico in schools...

Cubans bring democracy, one letter at a time

See The White House's Health Industry Guest List

We need a health care bill with a private option

I still like the President.

Obama should just read "My Pet Goat" in his school speech and shut them up.

David Petraeus, Joe Scarborough eyed for '12

David Petraeus, Joe Scarborough eyed for '12

"I got mine - to hell with the rest of you!"

chris matthews just said 'it's pronounced 'chee-knee' by the way'

Does anyone have proof of Karl Rove's activity in California?

Ed Shouts and Ranti Rhodes

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Frustrating Politicians

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight: Debate over McCain-Feingold

Boehner wants GOP response to Obama speech

These right wing nuts are just scraping for a confrontation

Since Van Jones had to back down and apologize, allow me to step up.

OMFG! This asshole on TV just said that school should teach that abortion is illegal

I saw a bunch of stop signs defaced today, even in my little town

If a family makes 66,000/year - 12-15% of your income is "affordable health insurance"

What would you like to hear from Obama Wednesday night?

Will all of this civil unrest lead to a civil war?

Public Option Now More Popular Than The President

Public Option Now More Popular Than The President

"Death Panel Conservatives" says David Brooks

The Seedy Side of Michelle Bachmann

OK: Here's the fun part: Someone record Obama's "forbidden" speech to school kids -post on youtube!

Friday TOON Roundup 2- crazy repubs

"Payment denied, illness was not life threatening"

****** DU September 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest: And The Winners Are... ******

FDR's Speech on Hate... If only our President would speak like this!

Fire chief shot by cop in court over tickets (another police out of control story)

Poverty Among Seniors At Surprising High - 19% Estimate Is Nearly Double What Was Previously Thought

Come on DUers--Curt fucking Schilling???!!! You know he helped Bush's 04 campaign. You know he's

Our school system has the flu going around already.

Defense Department finances study that pairs dogs with troops suffering PTSD

Defense Department finances study that pairs dogs with troops suffering PTSD

Help Me - I Have Been Indoctrinated and I Can't Get Up!

*IF* Obama abandons the public option, are we allowed to be disgusted with him?

Keith just hinted at the possibility of a primary opponent in 2012

Mealy mouthed, wussy, capitulating, cowardly, politically timid, pandering, asshole school boards.

NC, SC school boards offer Obama speech ‘opt-outs’

Are teabaggers as alienated from Obama as DU was alienated from Bush?

I lost a FB friend due to the health care debate

Please DU this poll - asap

Should the dying Charles Manson 'follower' be released?

**DU's Official Thank You to our Progressive House Members**

BLINDLY follow a president into killing&helping to kill 1.5 million people, but DON'T let one talk

Words at War

Liberal professor to College Republicans: Please blacklist me!

Liberal professor to College Republicans: Please blacklist me!

Rick Perry: Obama Speech "Disturbing," But Don't Skip School

Media Matters:Conservative media take note: Reagan preached tax cut gospel to America’s students

Media Matters:Conservative media take note: Reagan preached tax cut gospel to America’s students

GOP cherrypicks new CIA leak probe

I think the Aurora SR-91 flew over yesterday evening (awesome pics!).

What we're up against....

The GOP's Fake Doctor Council - Slate

Where was George W. Bush while the 9/11 attacks were occurring?

The birthers' worst fears come true:

The real problem for the GOP: If kids stay in school, work hard, and get educated....

Enforcing proposed rules against insurance company misbehavior

Bill Moyers Disses Dems as "Spineless"

I want to fracking punch Glenn Beckk in his fracking ugly, delusional mug! I am a 52-year old woman

We should support the Trigger.

The Van Jones Issue

Need help with a wingnut friend of a friend. Need examples of gov't programs that are successful

I will not support health care reform without a public option. Who is with me?

So Now It's "A Trigger" Option. What a Joke!

If the child who was slapped by the hateful old man in GA had been with a man,

Max Blumenthal, "Republican Gommorrah"-Repug 23 percenters explained by trauma, sado-masochism

If Obama caves on Health Care

Fallacy #1 on the health care trigger option just said by a guest on "The Ed Show".

Fallacy #1 on the health care trigger option just said by a guest on "The Ed Show".

Amid all the health care Doom and Gloom

Emelle, Alabama

We need to call it what it is: overt racism

Mad as Hell Doctors now on Facebook and Twitter

I am PISSED. My school district FORCED students to attend speech by Santorum but will not air Obama

I Am a Former Staffer of the President's and I Want Him To Fight Like He Promised Us - HuffPo

Lipstick on a Pig or No, SOME Healthcare Reform Is NOT Better Than No Healthcare Reform

Margaret and Helen: "Michelle Bachmann’s Burning Bush. There’s a Pill for that!"

90 KILLED IN U.S. ATTACK- Stench of death hangs over Afghan riverbank

Obama administration has declared Honduras had a "coup" -- cuts off non-humanitarian aid

NV-Sen: Reid losing to no-name candidates

McDermott (D-Wash.) Calls Grassley Un-American

so is it possible we may be required to have health ins. w/o a PO?

The News Big Media Won't Report

Are all Ron Paul Libertarian Teabagger types sociopathic assholes?

Here it comes............

Indiana man allegedly forced to pee for police

What is this "good insurance" of which you speak?

Is the US becoming ungovernable?

Right Wing Callers Out in Full Force on Progressive Shows

India, China leading global economic recovery

Kucinich - 'Kip Sullivan has figured out the real story' - Bait and Switch author...

There Are So Many Days That Have Not Yet Broken

‘Clunkers’ raises prices, hurts poor

80% of teh uninsured have full time jobs

Someone please explain this to me.

Is a right that can be removed through due process really a "right"?

Cast off the week's iron chains. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Shhh, here is a secret.... We ELECT REPRESENTATIVES

Yet another way to screw workers: Wal-Mart introduces "payroll cards"

My Confession: I Am A Tool Of Socialism

PUBLIC OPTION or BUST - silent thread....shhhhhh

Best comment I have seen yet about Obama's speech to kids on Tuesday

Al Franken talking down teabaggers. Must see! Gets them to agree!

I was in high school less than 2 years ago. I watched Bush speeches.

Collier and Lee Counties in Florida will not air the president's speech.

President Obama's speech - sent to the school and the Superintendent of the school district

That's right. Forbid students in your school to hear the President's speech.

david shuster hit the nail on the head

RWer's were ok with this:

California Legislature passes bill to ban tail docking of cows

It only takes one fucking hatist to add to this list:

Investigate Monsanto!

MoveOn petition to Obama for a public option. Please sign.

Effing idiots in Central Florida get to decide if president's speech is "appropriate."

Republic of Money: Bonus Question

Republic of Money: Bonus Question

Owning A Gun Is A Right

Just heard something disturbing about the progressive causus demand for public option

Real Unemployment Rate Hits 16.8%

Outraged Parent Believes Race A Factor; Teacher Embarrassed By Opt-Out Notes; "N*-Loving Communist"

Cable Man Accused Of Child Indecency (Comcast, of course --)

GOP: President cannot come within 500 feet of schools

I'm glad I left....

Have stores near you closed and stayed vacant ever since?

"People of Wal-Mart" Website Mocks Customers, Goes Viral

I'll be the one to say it: Obama's school speech is a really bad idea.

I have a neighbor who doesn't speak to me any longer.

MY Story spoken at the Move On Vigil last night

Libertarians are sick, evil people.



Chicago's (Duncan/Daley) Renaissance 2010 School "Reform": How Private Capital Makes Public Policy

Freedom, Friday, Fun . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Herbert Kohl on scripted curriculum, surveillance of teachers, and TIME on Arne's 5 billion

I am really concerned about my grand children's future.

"Too Fat to be a Model?" (UK Guardian) **WARNING** Tastefully covered nude inside

Whaddaya call people who believe EVERYTHING FOX News tells 'em?

Why we are at war in Afghanistan.

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Health care muddle

this is kicks .. pure and true .. Pull My Daisy (1959)

100 year old color pictures of Russia found

Scary black man in White away, run away.

Expanding my Bump coverage

Song from the new Prius commercial is stuck in my head.

I am so excited Football season is upon us

Inflammatory Thread

Woo hoo! I got me a buncha big cheap posters! Which should I put up first?

My brain doesn't hurt anymore - but then again I'm stinking drunk

Attention! "Spy Game" is on (huh?) the Travel Channel

M. Night Shyamalan can use this as inspiration for his next movie.

Do you have 'friends' on Facebook that you dont even know who they are?

"Your Ignorance makes me ill and angry... your savageness must.... end"

Those who roll their own cigarettes, HELP!

homework, homework, homework!!!!

Work wants to make me a supervisor, but...

Where is Midlo.

If I called someone an

Ha! De-friended on Facebook!

I'm listening to and

Republican Colleagues FAIL

Poll question: I'm finally mayor of a city in Star Wars Galaxies! Help me pick a Colbert-themed name

DU Search...

Anyone else having problems with missing "reply" links on their My DU page?


Song of Ice and Fire fans, casting choice for HBO series

It was the 3rd of September ...

Anbody have any experience with the "we will fix your credit card"

Your FAVORITE Corpuscle?

What additional forums do you think DU needs?

Mad Men makes me thirsty...

Fried Chicken?

This is my 4,000th post!!!



I was feeling really depressed only 30 minutes ago...

Back to School

I have a copy of President Obama Certification of Live Birth, sent to me by a republican hate group.

How many more rock operas does Pete Townshend need to write before jumping the rock opera shark?

EXTRACT (Friday)

The world feels weird and out of control.

How frequently do you strike up conversations with freepers?

"Lady" Elaine Fairchild was anything but!

I guess my kittens don't like salmon

What's your favorite football movie?

No towers were struck by airplanes during Obama's meeting with school kids ... n/t

We're gonna need a bigger boat

I found this in GD, this is made for the Lounge.

Say hello to my Mom, she's here.

Does DU have a Porsche?

A-Rod introduces himself to a female officer in Toronto.

Existencially speaking

Sonnet 44 (Tough Love)

Good morning Lounge

Friday meanderings

I really really really hate that blue turf

Sometimes I'm watching a video on YouTube, and the sound stops and there's little white dots going

Does the DU Lounge have a Porch?

Are you like Felix or Oscar?

Does the DU Lounge have a parche?

i want to live in a world where

It's Alright Ma

Would you choose to be reincarnated

Every Grain of Sand

Every time someone mentions Hitler Or Nazis,

Post a song about desire or longing for somebody...

How frequently do you strike strangers?


I hope Mitchell gets kicked out on Project Runway tonight!

is the phrase "cankle beast fat lady" offensive?

Off Duty Astroturfer

I dread seeing rockits extended family this weekend (rant)

My 75 Gallon Reef Tank--PICS

Is there any freeware that I could use to record instruments that I play?

Excuse me while I run around and scream... :^(

If there is a sod on duty, please dig me

The DU All Play No Pay Jukebox is online! Please post the songs and sounds catching your fancy...

If there is a mod on duty, please PM me

My good fortune is all due to the generosity of DUers...THANK YOU!

Fried Swine Chops...greasy greasy....

this might be pure speculation, but . . .

this might be pure speculation, but . . .

Champagne Risotto

Hotels are lonely places

A Fool Expects Justice in the World..... A Moron Expects it at Work !

Fender benders are NO substitute for an alarm clock

The purity of my essense isn't quite as pure as I thought.

I'm not a doctor, but I agree with Randolph Mantooth. Defibrillate him with 10 CCs Ringer's Lactate.

If there is a god on duty, please GM me

This is why you shouldn't use flash photography

Say happy 90th birthday to my pops, please.

DU Anime Fans Sound Off! What's Your Favorite Series and What Are You Watching Now?

I'm jumping off the planet tonight.

Need a Friday Stumper? What ties these three songs together?

I was sent a sexy email by mistake this morning

Correction to earlier post: Every time someone mentions Hitler or Nazis

Blazing Genitals

Is the L word patronizing?

DU Song Of The Day

2001 Space Odyssey Theme performed by a really bad high school orchestra

Psychic DU members check in for your message of the day....

Is there a "petting" forum?

One giant slip in Bangladesh news

Help me decide what DVD marathon I will watch.

I'm finally being allowed to go back to work..and now I have no money for work clothes.*headdesk*

Where do the neighborhood squirrels sleep?

At least these are still made in the USA

I'm out of Diet Coke!!


One of my banks uses the term "No Stupid Fees" in advertisements.

Am I the only person who doesn't take personal phone calls at work?

Dog experts here, I need some help.

“Ooh Girl” – An honest R&B song (funny stuff)

Is it possible can someone really be this stupid? Are these the idiot teabaggers against health care

Parking lot collision. Oh, noes!!!11!!

Phillip Glass' "Low Symphony" - wow, that's thinking outside of the box...

Need some vibes for my mom.

An Existential Thread

I've been alive forever

Joke for Friday

Football football football football football football football football football football football

I am leaving in two days. TWO DAYS.

Does the DU Lounge have a particle accelerator?

Friday night youtube thread

Activities for kids in the Flushing, NY area?

Soda display WIN (Super Mario Bros.)

Dan Snyder sues unemployed season ticket holders for extra money

New Freeperism - "Hyper-Bowl"


I want to introduce and welcome my sister to DU

If you're in the mood to rip some repubs a new asshole,

Just when I thought life was coming together...

My band The Blue Olives will be at the Cow Chip Throw in Prairie du Sac

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax may tour together.

Let's play...Name that 80s Tune Lyric!!! Labor Day Edition!

Naked bike ride in Philly on Sunday - "Tour-de-No-Pants."

Does anyone you work with wear so much fragrance that it makes you feel sick?

Your favorite famous horse

Your favorite famous horse

Post songs about water here

In what situation could you say, "I got fired, but it was worth it"?

**News from Redstone**

calimary needs your help, please! In a good way...

Time For The Annual "How did you pick your DU Name" Thread

If Keith O is right about Obama capitulating, my heart just broke in two...

Question for anti-Chavez people on DU

In six months, who is going to be more embarassed Cenk or Obama

Republican's are looking even more extreme over-reacting to President's stay in school address

Joe Conason: Healthcare Didn't Have To Go This Way

I'm thinking that right about now, our Pres realizes what a garden path Rahm led him down

Obama will Lose Tons of Support if he Doesn't Support a Bill w/a Public Option

CBO Chief Writes Preventative Care Will Increase Costs Due To Longer Longevity

Back-to-school speech spurs robocalls to parents

Bookmark This! I'm calling the White House and my 2 Senators in the morning.....

Thousands of Obama former staffers, volunteers and donors have signed PCC's public option petition

two petitions and a call to action

This poll needs some help

MSNBC : 4 House Caucuses make joint statement: HC must include public option

Why are the Democrats caving into the Democrats on health reform?

Using my powers to know why "conservatives" don't want to let their kids hear the POTUS.

Is our Children Learnin'?

BREAKING: Chuck Todd reports on MSNBC TV now that the public option stays

Just stop.

They fear Obama will indoctrinate their kids BECAUSE they have been indoctrinated

There hasn't been a single rational explanation from anyone as to why Obama would push a trigger

I'm fearing Obama's not another FDR, but another Carter

Here's an idea that Obama can use to deal with the health-care industry lobbyists:

A health care debate I'm currently engaged in, online....

Does anyone have link to Obama's student address

Obama's approval fell 13 points in about 32 weeks after accomplishing more than most presidents.

Pawlenty: Obama speech to kids "disruptive", "uninvited", forced on children

Take a look a Reagan's 1988 address to school kids. Zero effort to be politically neutral

One More Time... For When They Tell You We Can't Afford Real Health Care Reform...

John Harwood (MSNBC): "...Let's face it-in a country of 300 million people, there are a lot of

Wrong Turns: How Obama's Health-Care Push Went Astray

President Obama's biggest problem is he won't take a stand.

No democrat should throw themself on the "public option" sword

Hey Obama, You are Failing the White Glove Test!!!!!

Are We Witnessing Rope a Dope?

So I have a dinner with some of my wife's RW Fundy friends tonight

The Most Famous Or Infamous Pictures Of A President Talking To School Children.........

No one has any MORAL right to demand that progressives "Just Stop"

President Obama's talk to school children is the shiny thing du jour...

So much for that "respect the office" bullshit, huh.

Imagine having to sneak behind your parents' backs to listen to the POTUS.

DU THIS POLL: Will you allow your child to watch the President's speech?

You all do know that if President Obama came out and said I'm not fond of ...

A funny thing about the "debate" on the Public Option - it died.

Democrats are really pissing me off lately regarding President Obama

Palm Beach County Will Air Obama's Speech.

My favorite freeperism: using "RHINO" instead of "RINO". What's yours?

White House Polling Memo Omits Numbers Showing Support For Public Option


Why has President Obama not used his leadership to push for government health insurance?

I'm livid. My sons' school has caved in to the wing nuts!

Suggestion to teachers: Read Obama's speech to the class yourself

Here's my PREDICTION: A national co-op with a public trigger after 5 years if it's deemed a failure

Franken swarmed by teabaggers, calms them with civil conversation (VIDEO)

Yesterday public option gone and Olberman hysterical -- Today public option in and calm returns

What if we trade: creation of a strong public option and drop all the insurance regulations?

I'll admit I would support Cheney in the primaries.......

President Obama: You Promised Healthcare, Not Futile Wooing of GOP Obstructionists

Kerry readies for greater health care role

Republicans Want to Break Obama...What Part of That Does the WH Not Get?

Mike Elk: I Am a Former Staffer of the President's and I Want Him To Fight Like He Promised

Stupid FB poll needs DU love.

Triggers?? WTF?

Texas gov. Rick Perry calls Obama's speech to schoolchildren "DISTURBING!" - Seriously, WTF?

If Obama's presidency is shining a light on the dark corners and basements of lingering racism -

Inconvenient Truths about the Public Option

A simple suggestion regarding Health Care

Lynch Moves Toward Bid for Kennedy Seat

US harshly rebukes Israel on settlement plans

I don't want a *&^%$# health care bill that passes by a wide majority.

Ezra Klein: The Primacy of Congress

Gang of Six negotiations on verge of collapse, Baucus: "sad part is a lot of politics have crept in"

Perfect example of media spin, this time on Obama's meeting with the progressive caucus

Woolsey called the (trigger) "phony"

We have to demand more from our party we did not vote for them,

On another day, September 11, 2001, the POTUS* read to school children

Obama headed for Bush-like poll numbers.

"Mr. President: You're right; they're wrong, and don't you forget it."

National PTA weighs in on Obama's speech - "positive messages for children to hear"

Those who try to spin/justify a "trigger" or private insurance mandate are...

Yawn... Is the media declaring the public option dead again?

Obama Holds Conference Call With Progressives Who Oppose "Trigger"

Please DU a poll...

I ask that people participate in the call to repeal DADT sponsored

Just a note: 90% of stupid ASS Drudge Report is negative Obama

Sources: White House drafting health care bill

When are the sources going to explain how maintaining the status quo represents reform (updated)

Progressives Should Vote No on Obama's Health Care Proposal (if it doesn't have a public option)

White House Blasts Israel for New Settlement Construction

If ET receives transmissions showing delusional reactionaries afraid of Obama's Children Msg . . .

House Liberals Write Directly To Obama: NO PUBLIC OPTION, NO SUPPORT

Obama has the potential to change kids' lives

Remember those children you saw in the klan lynching pics? They

Hey GOP, do you REALLY want to talk about job growth?

"LBJ's Medicare Calls: A C-SPAN Radio Special"

Obama's problem in a nutshell

I don't do drugs, but if I did......

Espn reported yesterday, Curt Schilling may run for Kennedy's seat. LMFAO!

Front page of Comcast "news" -Parents Angry at Obama

Schoolchildren speech

Baucus' Statement following the "Gang of 6" Meeting Friday...

Conservatives Tie Obama Education Speech to Bill Ayers, Hugo Chavez

Obama Loses Six Points In DK/R2K Tracking Poll, Public Option Now MORE POPULAR Than Obama!

GOP gov. candidate Chris Christie not issued traffic ticket after accident that injured motorcyclist

Neely Not Applying

Soured deal with Gov. Ritter forces Romanoff's hand

Teh Hypocrisy of Teh Rightwingnuts.

Obama NEVER said that he was for 'single-payer' ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL

Fifty Ways to help Obama (book, blog site, song, etc.)

Keep getting a busy signal at Olympia Snowe's office. I hope that means lots and lots

Without the public option, health care reform is right wing

Do Republicans realize the "community organizer" part of Obama keeps them in the game?

Your life is not worth reducing the salary of insurance company CEOs

Why do conservatives hate children and schools???

Republicans Want Network Time to Respond to Obama

The President was elected and quite frankly he can speak to anyone he wants to

Politifact debunks charge that Obama will "indoctrinate" school children with "socialist ideology"

Which is closest to what you currently believe about Obama and health care reform?

I see a problem, so I'd like to offer a suggestion.

We need to stop saying a public option and start saying a strong public option.

White House to Announce New Policy Disclosing Visitors to White House

The Saddest Bit About The Apologists For The Adminstration

Am I the only who feels like President Obama is being treated like a criminal re: school address

My memory must be slipping, I thought we won the last election!

This school dust up will change Obama. The in your face hate seems to be a shock to him.

Reagan Gave National Address to Students

Glenn Beck is lying - No, not what you think...

Obama is better than any Republican, but the comparisons with FDR were grossly exaggerated

Most Of The Kids At My Boy's Middle School Will See Obama's Speech Tuesday

Very clever move, Obama enlist NASCAR drivers to help him with his outreach to school children. . .

As much as I HATED George W Bush......

Teamsters chief: Public Option shouldn't be dealbreaker

What happened to all that respect for the President

This Anti-Obama "Indoctrination" Idiots Probably Have NO PROBLEM W/ Prayer In School Or The Pledge

Lurch (David Gregory) just said on the Today show Obama will focus on what can get through Congress

"Poll: Most can't define 'public option'"

The school speech fracas makes me wish the first black president was named Te'shawn Jefferson

NV-Sen: Fourth Poll Shows Reid in Trouble Against Third-Stringers

Bush Stole a fucking election, started 2 wars after letting us get attacked on our own Soil,

The President talking to school kids is a prime example of this country being led by the fringe.

Medicare for all.

That McCarthy frame of mind.. where the fringe right live, and the danger to the country NOW

Here's how we do it: Call it the "Pubic" Option and the Republicans will come in droves

Dumb Ass Comment of the Day


Obama's giant mistake was putting pragmatism over idealism - HCR is the MORAL IMPERATIVE

Video of 1991 Pres Bush broadcast to classrooms nationwide....

I'm tellin' my kids 2 + 2 = 5!

Hartmann was sooo right President Obama has to be FDR not Lincoln

This just in: 216,000 Jobs Lost in August; Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.7%

Democrats should drop the age requirements for Medicare ...

our school district crafted the "Obama Opt In/Out" letter so only idiots would sign.

DAMN!!!! Joe Madison's going nuts over the rightwing saying 0bama should stay out of schools

Keep posting this today ....everywhere.

Just realized something odd about my RW brother ...

If The Democrats Don't Pass At Least The Public Option...

President Obama on Facebook:


I can't wait until Thursday for two reasons.

As the Capitalists say, "FUCK YOU!!! Your bodies are belonging to US!!!!!"

According to the media, Obama is planning to drop the public option

Would you support a "trigger" if...

Why don't congressional progressives negotiate directly with the blue dogs?

Pelosi throws down the gauntlet -- "A bill without a strong public option will not pass the House"

My letter.

President Obama should make it clear to that majority of seniors who

I don't think anyone should be required to listen to Obama.

Axelrod: "I don't think that there will be any ambiguity about where he thinks we have to go..."

In gotten so weird out there that if President Obama said it looks like rain...

Well, it's official. Keith Olbermann has lost his mind.

Time: Can One Facebook Status Change the World?

Presidents Address to Students next week and the note home

Right wing wackos argue the Founding Fathers would not support perceived Constitutional violations

Looks like Obama has given in. Who will be the Democratic candidate in 2012?

Krugman on the trigger

Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!

Win or Lose! THIS IS IT! One speech! He has to PROVE himself again!

Why does everyone assume a trigger has broad support in the Senate?

Massachusetts divorce rate has dropped from 2.2 to 2.0 per 1000 since gay marriages.

Obama brought a cake knife to the healthcare gunfight (Salon)

Biden: Health care bill to be bold, contentious

Not enough Facebook friends? Buy them

Progressive House leaders to tell Obama to his face: No bill without public option

Hitmen Kill 17 in Mexico Rehab Clinic

Forest Service: Arson Caused Giant LA Wildfire

Maine's Gay marriage law added to ballot

Despite Talk Of Recovery, Long Recession Is Taking Toll On The Most Credit-Worthy Borrowers

American Apparel says it will lose 1,500 workers over immigration dispute

Google books deal battle heats up

Health care lobbyists target returning Congress

Belgian arms trader jailed in Alabama

Obama Sculpture Kicked Out of Las Vegas Bank

Former soldier to be sentenced in rape, murders

Single-dose swine flu vaccine in the works

White House signals openness to health compromise

India, China leading global economic recovery

Taiwan drops annual U.N. bid as China relations warm

Japan's Hatoyama welcomes G20 regulation debate

U.S. envoy calls N. Korea enrichment claim a "concern"

Air India aborts takeoff after fire, but none hurt

India court lifts Jinnah book ban

Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison - 80K for each year in jail

Malaysia blames Discovery Channel in dance flap

Bomb kills policeman in Thailand's restive south

‘Clunkers’ raises prices, hurts poor

Senate’s ‘Gang of Six’ Plans Bipartisan Phone Call

Cubans bring democracy, one letter at a time

Gates Signals He’s Open to More Troops in Afghanistan

GOP cherrypicks new CIA leak probe

Indiana man allegedly forced to pee for police

NC, SC school boards offer Obama speech ‘opt-outs’

One giant slip in Bangladesh news

EXCLUSIVE: CIA asks Justice to probe leaks of secrets

Improving economy not likely to lower jobless rate

SA U-turn on apartheid lawsuits

China security forces use tear gas in far-west city

Rick Perry: Obama Speech "Disturbing," But Don't Skip School

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 4

North Korea says in last stage of enriching uranium

Advisers to Obama Divided on Size of Afghan Force

Ex-State Department official to run Bush Institute

Obama Green Jobs Adviser Under Fire for 9/11 Petition

EXCLUSIVE: CIA asks Justice to probe leaks of secrets

Unemployment rate jumps to 26-year high of 9.7%

Scores die' in Afghan explosion

Arctic temperatures are now higher than at any time in the last 2,000 years, research reveals.

At Least 80 Die in NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan

USDA: 35 Million Americans on Food Stamps

White House to reveal visitor names

Chrysler assets left behind lost $10B in June

Liberals (House members) push Obama on public option

Man gets suspended sentence for Obama threat

Obama speech to students sparks new controversy

Antibodies found that prevent HIV from causing severe AIDS

Public rejects Murdoch view of BBC, says ICM poll

Documentary filmmaker shot dead in El Salvador

White House: School Speech Criticism Reflects "Silly Season"

G20 split on banning bank bonuses

Sources: White House drafting health care bill

Ashcroft may be sued in 9/11 case, court rules

Public Option Not Vital to Health Reform, Teamsters’ Hoffa Says

Ex-soldier gets 5 life sentences for Iraqi deaths

India: Ford Plans to Build Small Cars

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan says it has fired 8 guards involved in lewd conduct

Brown Launches Independent Inquiry into HMOs' Handling of Health Insurance Claims

Horses seized from man who threatened to shoot them

Sen. Sherrod Brown: The White House ' SHOULD NOT Take Progressives For Granted '

Job market unlikely to recover until 2014

Americans Divided on Investigating Bush-Era Interrogations

GOP senators plan move to stop health care reform in Georgia

McDonald's vs. McCurry heads for Malaysia court again

Trade win for Boeing _ rival Airbus got unfair aid

Secrets of Alleged Oil Price Manipulation Exposed

Robert Gates protests AP decision as 'appalling'

Anger uncorked at bottle maker Sigg over BPA

US Army Captain Compares Obama To Hiter, Pol Pot, Mao And More

Matt Taibbi Interview Part. 1/4 @ Treasury-Godman Criminal Conspiracy

Congresswoman Schakowsky On Hardball: I Didn't Take An Oath To Protect Insurance Companies Profits!

The Gonzales Cantata trailer -- "This is Not About Alberto Gonzales"

Fickle Finger of Fight: Rachel Maddow & Rep. Weiner Discuss If This Is "The One Shot We've Got"

Biden sells stimulus success & Obama's address

David Swanson Q&A on War Powers

David Swanson on War Powers

McCain agrees with 'draconian rationing' & seniors 'are expendable.' (2:18)

ANIMATION: Mercenary Madness by Ted Rall

The Right Wing Is Terrified Of Obama Speaking To Their Children

Ed Shultz - When will the GOP stop comparing Obama to Hitler?

Keith Olbermann: Obama Could Have Primary Challenge If Public Option Is Dropped

EPIC FAIL! Glenn BecKKK's Rant Against Obama Adviser Van Jones

Harkin: Obama Must Unequivocally Support Public Option

Weiner Discusses Health Reform on MSNBC - Public Option Trigger

The Listening Post: The Murdoch Empire Vs. The BBC, How News Corp. Sees The BBC As A Global "Threat"

Gonzales Cantata-- Hilarious

TYT: Is The Mainstream Media Swift Boating Obama?

TYT: Fox Attacks Pelosi Over Hold Music!

STS-128: C.O.L.B.E.R.T. IS AT THE SPACE STATION (Steven Colbert's treadmill)

Socialist welfare queen WHINES about getting his finger bit off.

Glen I F"ck on my tv - what is that?

Trader on Bloomberg says markets are manipulated and volumes 'ficticious'.

(9:32) Olbermann mocks Beck's art rant

Tempe Arizona Pastor Says Obama Should Die

LEAKED: Obama's Video Address To The School Children

DNC TV Ad: "Republicans Want to End Medicare"

FDR: I welcome their hatred.

CNN explores: Will Levi Johnston Bare All In Playgirl?

Obama to Meet with House Progressives Ahead of Wednesday Speech

Blackwater accused of murder in 'crusade to eliminate Muslims'

Franken Talks Down Angry Mob

Racist teabaggers at Rep. Himes (D-CT) townhall heckle Bishop for asking question in Spanish.

Cal Cunningham speaks to North Carolina Democrats

Anderson Cooper & Roland Martin Destroy Jim Greer Over Attacks On Obama's School Address

John Harwood Speaks Out on Obama School Speech Reaction

Disabled woman in wheelchair booed at health care town hall


TYT: Fox Criticizes Obama For Speaking To The Children

The Reagan's controversial address to school children and R.E.M. "We can't afford to wait"

Freedom Federation enters health care fray (hard-core Religious Right groups join forces)

Regina newspaper outsourcing jobs

Canada's asylum fiasco

The Unwitting Birthplace of the 'Death Panel' Myth

Obama's Health Care Dilemma Evokes Memories Of 1974

Mary Jo Kopechne's cousin's letter to the editor

McClatchy Newspapers: Assessing CIA culpability in detainee deaths will be tricky

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): "the epitome of contemporary American think-tankery"

Common Sense 2009

Anger over health care should be directed at broken system

Sneak Preview of Obama's Shocking 'Socialistic' School Speech

Can Europe Pop the U.S. CEO Pay Bubble?

White House signals openness to health compromise

Karl Rove believes health care has no impact on the economy

Life Lessons From a Dying Friend

A MESSAGE FROM REPUBLICANS: Now is the Time to Hate Your Government


Whatever Happened to Gary Cooper?

Glenn Beck's 15 minutes of fame is down to 1:02

Should Texas Tech Employ Alberto Gonzales?

Blue Dog "Democrat's" money connections to Health Care industry - OpenSecrets

Grave found of man who bankrolled Confederates in American civil war

Margaret & Helen

McDonnell’s graduate thesis roils Virginia governor race (Christian Science Monitor)

Back to School: Military Recruiters Increasingly Targeting High School Teens

In Pictures: The best Obama pictures of August, 2009

The pres and the kids By Steven C. Day


Words of Hate

Tom Daschle: Climbing the Hill on Health Care

U.S. owes Zelaya stronger backing

Should We Throw Out H-1B Visas and Start Over?

An Anarchist's Thoughts on Healthcare

Nader Was Right: Liberals Are Going Nowhere With Obama By Chris Hedges

Thomas Frank: Why Democrats Are Losing on Health Care

Experts see double-digit Dem losses

Afghanistan looking more like Vietnam

Eisenhower's Forgotten Warning and the Threat of Authoritarian Currents in Our Politics

David Sirota: A party, not a movement

Workers of the World, Untie! Weekend Economists Labor Day Exravaganza Sept 4-7, 2009

Drought withers Iraqi farms, food supplies

As hybrid cars gobble rare metals, shortage looms

Danish Energy Agency to Start Biogas Project in North Thailand

More hockey sticks!

Has runaway Arctic warming already begun?

Drumbeat: September 3, 2009

Drumbeat: September 4, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - Sep 4

bizarre honey bee story apparently going viral....

9/3/09 - U Illinois Cryosphere Today Arctic Imaging Very Interesting

Blackout fears after power station strikes loom over 'British jobs for British workers' row

Despite Protests, Turkey Says It Can't Increase Water Flows To Syria & Iraq - AFP

Fall colors fade in U.S. west as aspen trees die

Australian Winter 2009 Likely Warmest On Record: Unusually Dry Conditions Persist In East

Discovered Only 16 Yrs. Ago, The Saola, Rare Wild Cattle Species, Already Nearly Extinct

"I Don't Know Why I Should Take The World Seriously If The World's No Longer A Serious Place"

At Least 100,000 Displaced In Burkina Faso By Heaviest Rainfalls In 90 Years - Reuters

Commercial Arctic Passage Nearing Goal

Non-Decision By Obama Administration Opens Gulf Of Mexico To Industrial Fish Farming

Lomborg & Economists - Unproven, Massive Geoengineering Schemes Better Approach Than Carbon Tax

Dutch learn to live with, instead of fight, rising seas

GreenField Ethanol opens plant to produce 200-million litres of ethanol per year

I would like to briefly interrupt today's hatrack posts with a picture of puppies:

Oil sands output to double by 2013: report

New Solutions for Oil’s ‘Produced Water’

Fall colors fade in U.S. West as aspen trees die

Audi president calls Chevy's Volt "a car for idiots"

Now I know for sure that Lester Brown is not an ecologist.

The improbable 2°C global warming target

Malaysia Plans Up To 51 Huge Dams To Convert Sarawak (Borneo) Into SE Asian Industrial Hub

The smallmen of San Fran get shut down by Pedro Martinez with their Ace..

Since MAD won't post this...

Goodell expects uncapped NFL season for 2010

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September3)

Legendary broadcaster Ernie Harwell has terminal cancer. Just damn.

Not pretty, but it's a good start for S. Carolina

So, if Vick is their #3 quarterback, why is he being used so much?

How badly do you want those worthless, arrogant Floor-a-duh Gators to lose?

The Rams are 3-1!! They're gonna have a great season!!!

Favre fined $10,000 for illegal hit

Speaking of fines... Papelbon fined again

Punch at Boise ends Blount's season(Suspended entire season)

We probably need a LeGarrette Blount thread

Did A-Rod just cop a feel on the female cop?

Mark my words--- Boise State will be Oregon!!!

Hot Corner: Former UT coach Phillip Fulmer could be coach in waiting

Honduran Aid Sleight of Hand: Like a Street Corner Shell Game

Cuba Expresses its Solidarity with the Honduran People

IMF: stop funding Honduras


U.S. allows unlimited visits to relatives in Cuba

Violations of the Human Rights of Women During the Honduran Coup: an Interview with the First Lady

Jewish Institute for Nat’l. Security Affairs, in the Name of “Democracy,” Appeals to State Dept. Not

History is Tattoed on the Honduran Streets

Playing the ‘Anti-Semitism’ Card Against Venezuela

Chavez Slams Israel As 'Genocidal' and 'Killer' State

"Frantic Indians ... Muslim Fanatics," Scaremongering About Bolivia and Islam

U.S. owes Zelaya stronger backing

US military bases for Peru?

Zelaya Speaks

Facebook opposition not expected to make much impact in Venezuela

Opinion: Honduran coup has been far from bloodless

Charlton Heston’s gun taken from his ‘cold, dead hands’

another would-be mass murderer because of teasing.

Castle Doctrine, guns emboldening home invasion, and guns as solution to guns...

Netanyahu to allow new Israeli settler homes: aide

Anger Over Israeli Presence Is Heating Up Toronto Film Festival - NY TIMES

U.S. and Israel again at loggerheads over settlements

BILIN JOURNAL In Village, Palestinians See Model for Their Cause

JINSA Appeals to State Dept. Not to Declare "Military Coup" (Honduras)

Palestinians, Lebanese Shi'ites forced to leave UAE

The Salam Fayad Document: A Palestinian Initiative to Bear Responsibility

Israel to build new houses in settlements: Prime Minister Netanyahu's aides

Chavez: Israeli government genocidal

Spanish paper: (David) Irving 'expert' on WWII

Would You Make This Information Public?

Palestinian TV children's quizzes teach that there is no Israel

Don't make me laugh - Evelyn Gordon

Today in Labor History Sept 4 Soldier Field in Chicago for a tribute to Labor founder Samuel Gompers

Economic Report: Low Wage Workers Hit Hard By Payroll Illegalities

"Labor In The Pulpits" Will Be In Over 1,000 Churches Labor Day Weekend

U.S. Labor Department About To Reverse Some Bush Regulations

Continental Closing Alabama Plant To Send Work To Mexico After UAW Refuses To Re-Open Contract

Quad City Die Casting Workers Losing Jobs Today As Wells Fargo Refuses To Pay Owed Wages And Benefit

Various places that interested me today in Marathon and in Duck Key

Looking up at the fair

Look this up for me? (Contest entry poll)

xpost from GD: 100 year old color photos of Russia. Quite interesting and beautiful

Need help deciding...

Exercise alone shown to improve insulin sensitivity in obese sedentary adolescents

Mt. Wilson Observatory Saved From Fire, Others Not So Lucky

Superconductivity Observed In Europium Metal Using Diamond Anvil Accessible Pressures.

Some schools should lose federal funding.

Earthlings offered chance to send text messages to space

6 Years of Saturn

Corvino: Always and everywhere? (You NEED to read this about Marriage Equality!)

Marriage Equality = Defense of Marriage

Russian Researchers To Hunt For Tsarist Gold in Lake Baikal

Worker cooperatives -- a viable third way needed now more than ever

Despite Talk Of Recovery, Long Recession Is Taking Toll On The Most Credit-Worthy Borrowers

The Almighty Dollar by Dave Cohen (long, but a must-read)

Systemic Options: Too Big to Bail?

Roubini: U.S. Dollar Will Weaken, Currency Crash Possible

Any comments about this productivity graph posted

Stiglitz Says U.S. Economic Recovery May Not Be ‘Sustainable’

What's up with the price of gold?

Antibodies found that prevent HIV from causing severe AIDS & may lead to a vaccine

Private Profits, Cost Shifting and the Need for a Public Plan Option

Doctors lead ‘Care-A-Van’ for single payer to Congress (Kathlyn Stone)

Single-dose swine flu vaccine in the works

Ban health care. It kills 100,000-200,000/yr.

how many vital drugs are still under patent?

Pfizer To Pay $2.3 Billion In Biggest Fine Ever For Deceitful Drug Marketing

Obama White House Can Save $3.7 Trillion and Extend Lifespan 29+ Years


Akashic Records for September 2009

"watch your emotions and name your feelings" -- interesting analysis of current full moon

Grounding in the best possible future Earth

It's Party Time!!!! Happy Birthday MagickMuffin!!!!

Oil soluble supplements - question

Health Care Vigile in Alameda, CA 09/02/09

Do you guys remember the ghost house we stayed in?

Woman who thought she was God accused of slavery

What justification can someone have for being a conscientious objector in Switzerland?

And So It Began......

"Students must learn about other religions: judge" - Quebec, Canada.

This Is THE Most Complete Article On Arne Duncan I Have Ever Read

which associations do you belong to and what ones do you find

I Found Out I'm Being Nominated For A Kohl Fellowship

Mmmmmmmmm.... Muffins!

Amaranth. Ever used it?

Watercress soup. Hot or cold?

A picture is worth a thousand retches.

Yogurt-maker recommendatins?


Do you have a paper debunking Hoffman's energy requirements paper?

Van Jones is a Troofer?

Visible PRE-COLLAPSE explosions taking place at the South Tower

Goodhair vs Gooderhair?

white Honda Civic. DU sticker. Lewisville hospital parking lot. who was it

Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison - 80K for each year in jail

Please DU this Texas poll

Flight 93's Cockpit separated?

MacKay denies conflict of interest