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The Recent National Geographic Channel TV Hit Piece on 9/11 "Truthers"

Texan Critic Of Obama's 'Indoctrination' Speech Backs Actual Indoctrination In Textbooks

Wilmington CA Labor Day Parade

LOL! Many would rather start an "Animal House" food fight rather than inspire kids to stay in school

Albert L. Gordon dies at 94; attorney fought for gay rights

Revealed: Obama's secret pro-drug message hidden in tomorrow's speech!

A War For Your Soul - Birmingham version (Video)

A War For Your Soul - Birmingham version (Video)

One more example of how republicans behave like idiots

"Marijauna is the most profitable drug"

Jonathan Alter attacks Cheney over torture; but Glenn Greenwald says...wait a minute Jon

Dancing with the Bugman

I feel like I need to vomit.

When you observe Labor day, think of these two incidents from history...

Union membership grows in Southern California despite recession


The Lessons of Compromise in a Compromised Political System

Interesting analysis of the Blue Dog Democrats

Daniel Borenstein: CalPERS chief actuary silenced for telling truth

Last orders for troops arriving for daily duty with hangovers

Al Gordon, straight lawyer who devoted much of his career to the fight for gay rights, dead at 94

*****Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama Back to School Event, September 8, 2009*****

A friend of mine was fired

President Obama will continue to support the public option, but...

Rep. Mike Pence, Who Led Witch Hunt Against Van Jones, Took $1,000s From Extremist Erik Prince

Prices Continue to CLIMB....Food and Cialas

The President welcoming children back for a school year is a lovely way to HONOR CHILDREN

Private DMVs suck.

I hate to suggest this, but I think we're running out of options.

I hate to suggest this, but I think we're running out of options.

Anyone else listen to Todd and Tyler in the morning?

Dish Network still airing ad from "U.S. Citizens Association"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Freeper thread "Help me get rid of a nutjob at the examiner."

Our general mideast policy seems to be When in Rome do as the Romans

Karl Rove believes health care has no impact on the economy

Karl Rove believes health care has no impact on the economy

According to some analyst on WBZ Boston, Joe is not gonna run

Wacko Alert: prosecute Obama for “Eligibility” Fraud and Treason. - meeting on 9/11 and 9/12

Reality: We need an idealist Bourgeoisie...

If you're pissed off *and* politically active, work against the local assholes on your school board

Come Wednesday Night about 10pm, Most of us will be thinking of this picture:

Who is John Galt?

Arne Duncan

OMG I just watched KO's Glenn beck segment about symbols

Where Blue Dog Dems go for campaign contributions:

If Obama came out and said

On the "Keep them home" topic/ Obama's speech et al...

Politico dot com video - Memorable Moments of Summer video: Memorial Day - Labor Day

Thank you, Glenn Beck.

Former Clinton aide writes anti-public option op-ed in Washington Post

I call for a national boycott of Mt. Vernon, Washington

Can you imagine?

Oh look...Rush Limpball's baby picture.

KNX1070 just interviewed the student with brain cancer in Obama's speech tomorrow!!

FIGHT SOCIALIZED SOCIALISM!!! A letter to all our crazy aunts and uncles...

U.N.-Backed Commission Orders Afghan Vote Recounts

Part concert, part political rally...(somebody call the EPA)

What if there were just 2 healthcare choices in the US - CorpCare or CitizenCare

What if there were just 2 healthcare choices in the US - CorpCare or CitizenCare

Is Glenn Beck's Mormonism the source of his White Supremacist/Nationalist ideology?

Send Your Kids to School Tomorrow No Matter What !!!

Why does MSNBC keep a rightwing nut as their cartoonist?

I'm seriously considering keeping my kids home tomorrow.

Is it time to consider more drastic measures?

Is Pastor Steven Anderson running his private business thru his church?

California budget crisis cuts mandatatory holding time for animals at pet shelters to 3 days

"If you're not pro-HCR, you are not American"

Rep. Mike Pence, Who Led Witch Hunt Against Van Jones, Took $1,000s From Extremist Erik Prince

Quelle Surprise !!!! The pariahs of Big Finance are already smearing Japan's new liberal government

Dick Cheney 'Put Airline Bomb Plot Case in Jeopardy With Arrest Order of Rashid Rauf'

Join us on Saturday for annual Bob Fest

BEWARE of HYPNOBAMA! This pretty much sums up the wingnut worries

20 Years Ago it was fear of Communism, Now it's fear of Socialism

Fired up! Ready to Go!


Norm Coleman to lead new GOP think tank funded by "Texas money"

Norm Coleman to lead new GOP think tank funded by "Texas money"

Norm Coleman to lead new GOP think tank funded by "Texas money"

Here is the bullshit letter sent to one Florida county's teachers about Obama's speech

"A Threat to Fair Elections" - A possible Corporate takeover could be allowed by the USSC.

Remember right before world war II appeasement

Painful Rectal Itch?

REPORT: Fox News' town hall coverage amplifies opponents of health care reform, ignores supporters

REPORT: Fox News' town hall coverage amplifies opponents of health care reform, ignores supporters

headline....For Obama, a pivotal moment in Afghanistan

Oh My! Grassley on WJ now -CSpan1

Oh My! Grassley on WJ now -CSpan1

Happy Indoctrination Day!

Happy Indoctrination Day!

BREAKING! GOP Alternative to Obama School Speech Leaked

Great Dane escapes death, rescuer, runs to an open heart (great story)

"We haven't been able to screen the speech"

"We haven't been able to screen the speech"

The Rude Pundit - No, This Is What a Socialist Says: Eugene Debs Would Kick Your Ass

SPIN METER: Once Medicare's foe, GOP now boosts it

It's a sad day in American when a dolt like Glenn Beck can get someone like Van Jones to resign

Teh stoopid, it burns: Yale pulls cartoons about Muhammad from book about the cartoons

These kids know what's really going on about "The Speech."

These kids know what's really going on about "The Speech."

Heads up! A Cato Institute stooge is now on C-SPAN.

Back to School by Ann Telnaes

Back to School by Ann Telnaes

Say It LOUD - Rinse - Repeat

besides the mediagasm regarding The Speech, what else is actually going on?

The Age of Stupid (video)

When the President won the last election, he won the right to speak to America..

Can you solve this equation?

Parents opting out of Obama speech invited to Gattitown

And Now The Bell Tolls... UN Calls For New Global Currency... LINK

Why was it OK for GW Bush to ask American Children to send $1 to the WH

FUNNIEST thing on Twitter!

Toon: The inevitable consequence of mistrust...

Anyone know how to stream Obama's speech?

Kaiser Health News presented as news article

Grassley was on Wash. Journal

Remember how Obama won the election?

Remember how Obama won the election?

Old habits are hard to break...

Waitng for Wednesay

Persecution Politics: Glenn Beck, the Man With the Crazy Plan

A bit of Call and Response regarding the Obama speech today.

At my workplace, there are signs posted telling you to stay away if you have flu symptoms.

At my workplace, there are signs posted telling you to stay away if you have flu symptoms.

C-Span running Reagan's speech to students 1988

Here is Your CNN link to President Obama's Education Speech

Parents. School not showing the speech? Got DVR? Consider organizing.

Unions Bid For Resurgence

IMF Gives Honduran Government $175 Million

I request that Pres Obama give a speech to conservatives

Senior class President, Football player, Swimmer.. Scholar

Read this and weep for our planet

Woman beaten to death at China Wal-Mart: police

GOP Rebuttal to The President's "Stay In School" Speech to Children

Swedish Committee Report - Civilian Contractors Had Used Afghan Hospital for Cover in July '09!

Hartmann Daily Thread - GOP is a cult

I'm giving my kid's teacher until 8:15 AM to reply to my email inquiry about Obama's speech.

Republican response to Obama education speech.

May the memory of Gus Porter live on, in the hearts and minds of DUers

May the memory of Gus Porter live on, in the hearts and minds of DUers

Now poppies on C-Span Bragging about being a parent!

Gold reaches all-time high.

Gold reaches all-time high.

What a likable man.

What's the best way to, rationally, respond to the irrational (Obama school speech)?

Shame on Cowardly School Administrators!

What a scary, hateful, anti-child speech!

Who was that one-chromosone-short moron on MSNBC talking about sueing San Antonio schools?

U.S. expands H-1B fraud case against IT services firm

U.S. expands H-1B fraud case against IT services firm

Even my three year old grandson was impressed

Whose fault is it when fat people get fatter????

Cartoon: The GOP turns the rhetoric up a notch

For those who aren't watching, the President is giving a wonderful speech to the children

Calling Republicans "assholes" isn't derogatory, merely redundant.

The speech... tomorrow and the reaction

Joe Watson, GAWD is goin g to SMITE your lying ass.

OMG! Train these and master the oceans.

OMG! Train these and master the oceans.

Time to celebrate Hubby Hubby from Ben and Jerry's!

Time to celebrate Hubby Hubby from Ben and Jerry's!

At the end of Obama's speech to school children...

Compare Obama's Speech to "Is our children learning?"

A plan with a public option WILL pass the House... and Baucus' plan will pass the Senate...

Your Photos with Senator Kennedy.

Atlantic: Brain Poison (How To respond?)

Can We Watch the Presidential Hypnosis?

Can We Watch the Presidential Hypnosis?

Joe Lieberman on Mrs. Greenspan's Show: BOO!!!!

Holy SHIT can that man deliver a speech!

Ignorance, Intolerance and Illiteracy

PSSST! Hey Kids: It's the forbidden Obama Speech your parents didn't want you to see!

That was an excellent motivational speech...

Job market dips in August: Conference Board - Reuters

THIS MODERN WORLD TOON nails Van Jones double standard

Obongo = TEH ANTIKRISIT!!!1!!1!!1!!

Emailed George Noorey C2C RE:His Political Bias. He answered Back

What is the logic for taxing the health insurance industry for offering

'Toon: Obama "poisons" young minds

I don't think there is enough Anti-Monkey Butt powder in the country

Wing-Nuts in Turmoil: Republican Party of Florida Purges Outspoken Members

A way to do something about healthcare

Dear God, and now Jay Leno...

My four year old just came home from kindergarten calling me bourgeois and asking

As Woman is Electrocuted Power Company takes 2 1/2 minutes to Answer 911 call

Huffington Post: Supreme Court Could Usher Unprecedented Special Interest Era

Bush Jr. proves his Dad wrong on being stupid

S.O.S. - pic

I can understand the protest about their child seeing the President

How Many Kids NEEDED To Hear Obama Speak Today?

Joe's out, so I'm putting my dime on Ed Markey.

CIGNA International explains, to expatriates heading for the US,

Am I Just Sensitized By The HCR Debate - But Are There More Ads On TV For Health Insurance?.......

I must kneel before the Great Obama. I will give him all my money. I will only vote Democrat.

WHO Admits Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population Via "Mock-Up" Vaccines...

Number Of Fast-food Restaurants In Neighborhood Associated With Stroke Risk

Top House Progressive: Backing Public Option “Trigger” Would Be “Surrender”

Freeperville to Former First Lady Laura Bush: STFU!

Did Clyburn just say no public option to start, but "might" be added later?

This ONE line sums it entirely up (props to Craftsman)

A 'Public Option" will be the gateway to single-payer.....

What If, This Year, American Students Get The Highest Test Scores?

Put those same words in the mouth of some sports figure & it would've been The 2nd Coming

I knew they would do this.

NYT and WSJ coming to San Francisco

NYT and WSJ coming to San Francisco

Obituary calls for friends to 'sign a petition to send George Bush and Dick Cheney to prison'

Just posted this on my Facebook for the day.

Clearly, Obama Telling Children To Wash Their Hands Proves He Is A Socialist!

Why Can't The Media Tell It Like It Is?

Maybe this speech "flap" was a good thing

Florida utility chief commutes by 'copter (for real)

Obama school speech cartoons.

c-span is taking calls now on the President's speech

Mount Vernon not united on mayor's 'Glenn Beck Day'

Tom Tomorrow ("This Modern World") is out of work (kinda). Let's send him good vibes/wishes

How to subdue a naked wrestler - no taser needed!

How to subdue a naked wrestler - no taser needed!

Sinkhole almost swallows Los Angeles fire truck

Firefox Rejects Your Search Request - pic

Firefox Rejects Your Search Request - pic

Dick Cheney 'put airline bomb plot case in jeopardy with arrest order of Rashid Rauf'

Car-repair legislation backed by insurance companies wins a round

Oh, noes! Bill Gates is promoting education, too!

President Obama's speech to our students was outstanding!

CNN's dumbed down definition of "controversial":

Blue Cross Blue Shield execs profited from bogus bonuses

So far they haven't come for my guns or bibles, & I'm highly suspiciousful

Eric Cantor: All of George W. bu$h*s ‘Czars’ Were Totally Fine, But Obama’s Really Piss Me Off

Eric Cantor: All of George W. bu$h*s ‘Czars’ Were Totally Fine, But Obama’s Really Piss Me Off

Remember the robotic crowds at Bush's compaign in 2004?

i'm listening to the media question nancy pelosi and harry reid

Fuld says being "dumped on" for Lehman failure

FL GOP Chair: "It's a good speech"

'I Didn't Want to Be Part of This Insane Mission' (DER SPIEGEL Interview)

Forward this to anyone who doubts the public option in healthcare.

In case you weren't aware of what Birtherism is all about (hint: not just racism)

Pelosi and Reid on teevee. Pelosi speaking: There will Public Option in House Bill.

The Rude Pundit: The End of the School Speech "Controversy" (For Now)

My rough weekend

OMG! What IF Obama hypnotizes our children?

Disillusionment over Afghanistan Grows in West (DER SPIEGEL)

Can you help me try and remember the title of a book about economic inequality?

Joe Sestak Has A Great Idea On The Public Option

It's funny watching the recs go up & down ... LOL

Why Sharpton is teaming with Gingrich to promote charter schools: payola,

Karzai 'Wins Afghan Poll Majority'

Some parents are such MORANS!

I think I finally get Thom Hartmann's choices of right wing nutcases.

"Flipping the Bird" Case Back in Court

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation : In Our Lifetime

8 US Troops Die in Iraq, Afghanistan Attacks

Harry Reid

Spain to proceed with torture prosecution of Bush lawyers: Report

Sotomayor Takes Judicial Oath in Court Chambers.

Pilot Program Will Teach CA Students about 9/11

When is the president's address to the nation today? nt

Keith Olbermann: Also, Lindbergh Has Just Landed In Paris

My kids heard Obama's speech at school today.

SC ex School Board of Ed hiding out in Canada

Glenn Beck and AA

brent littlefield....right-wing asshole...this is an angry white guy...msnbc


Did Cheney Undermine Case Against Airline Bombers?

What The World Needs Now (your input requested):

"It's kind of a recession-proof industry." It may be creepy but the work is always steady.

I guess I'm not understanding it, but it seems to me a public option *helps* the insurance companies

CSPAN - Students are calling in, inspired.

The first salvo in the war on Christmas

BREAKING! - If you play Obama's speech backwards there are hidden messages!

How to Get The Most Out Of The Polling Data You Read About

I like how Andrew Sullivan thinks....

Do repubs really get called racist if they disagree?

Do repubs really get called racist if they disagree?

I just tore our superintendent a new asshole - they didn't show Obama's speech.

Breaking: Baucus introducing new plan in effort to undermine public option

Government is not the problem.

Truthout Becomes First Online-Only News Site to Unionize

Communication with Junior High School over President's Address

Glenn Beck's scary negro militants turn out to be really, really scary dancers

SHOW YOUR CHILDREN! The full address, including the young gentleman who introduced our president...

Senate remembers Kennedy

After listening to the speech today I feel like such a slacker.

Turkish man goes on trial for 'honor killing' of gay son

Up to $3,800 fine for failure get health insurance

The only trigger I would accept:

Why Should Corps That Move Offshore Be Allowed To Give $$ To Political Candidates?

"Educate your children somewhere else before moving to Florida"

Florida Senator Bill Nelson avoids the stage during health care battle

conservatives =cowards... Let's start a list.

conservatives =cowards... Let's start a list.

John Fogerty: Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again - released today! by Stephen Barrett, MD

Video stores, union reps rally against buck-a-night DVD kiosks

Death Panel Advisors -

Dollars & Sense: Anti-Union Campaigns from the Right

Time to face facts- without major health care reform, America will resemble a 3rd world nation

In 1990 Glenn Beck raped a girl.

Just took a call from the NRA....They've been calling for weeks but we never answer...Today I did...

Obama should say that health care = national security

Liberals win election in G8 country; Slandering by Big Finance begins immediately

Death Bonds: Wall Street Teams Up With Insurance Companies to Kill People, Reap Profits

Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle

I get it now. Turn it upside down, view Wednesday from their perspective

I get it now. Turn it upside down, view Wednesday from their perspective

Rachel Maddow Show Hits One-Year Anniversary

Consumers Cut Debt by Record $21.6B in July

I heard that some of the kids that watched Obama's speech today

Damn! I am so wishing that we had a "Predictions" forum

The Media blesses the Baucus plan as great - because it is short!

"As crazy as I wanta be." . . . DU, please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

"As crazy as I wanta be." . . . DU, please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

"I'm as fair and balanced as much as the next guy, but . . ." Please CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Politics of Distraction

Politics of Distraction

Bank error in my favor? Not at all.

Just exactly what is wrong with freepers?

The trigger is on a gun pointed at the Democratic Party

anybody have life insurance?.....deja vu

Does US Provide Universal Health Care to Iraqi's and Afghani's? Ed Shultz Show

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

Okay DU! Execute plan Little Red Schoolhouse!

Barack Obama is a complete failure!

BBC: Michael Moore takes aim at money men

Funniest Damn Letter I've Ever Read

Why did I have to talk about creationism in my biology lab?

Caption this pic

Re-branded PNAC's letter to President Obama about Afghanistan.

American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins

Bay Bridge shutdown today due to "substantial crack" - "The Crumbling of America" in action!

Damn the Torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD, Mr. President!

The question is, is your children indoctrinated?

Why is education treated as a "right" but health care a "privilege"?

NEW RULE: Whenever ANY MSNBC host puts Pat Buchanan on

Help! Health Insurance Reform Question

A life-long buddy sent me this crap...How do I respond to stupidity?

As Cheaper Chinese Tires Roll In, Obama Faces an Early Trade Test

Top commander in Afghanistan aims for hearts and minds - subordinates opt for eye gouging instead

OMG..BO will influence children to be Democrats

Countdown... to media WAR! Beck got Van Jones's scalp; Olbermann goes for Beck's head

Anyone remember what Reagan did to the wholesome Midwestern childrens?

Uh-oh! Pickles thinks Obama is doing a good job.

Pat Buchanan is NOT that stupid or ignorant

Obama's speech: "Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids"

Obama's speech: "Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids"

I predict that I will be dead before my kids enjoy proper healthcare free from ............

Who would of thought: The exercize makes you fat claim makes Guardian's Bad Science feature

The school districts that showed President Obama's speech today

Arrests by reserve officer cause turmoil in Albuquerque -

Arrests by reserve officer cause turmoil in Albuquerque -

Calif. violence shelters closing amid budget cuts

Why Compromise on Health Care is unacceptable

Want to get Fox off of Google news?

WTF! CNN news crawl characterizes Obama's education speech as controversial.

New Scientist: High correlation between high spending and poor outcomes in US health care

They were scared of that speech and rightfully so. It'll take a brazillion stained dresses,

I was gone all day.. Did someone have a big speech today?

First Monday in October?

Palin lying about Death Panels again and making shit up.

Does anybody have a link to the full Obama address?

Rightwing soap star says she was fired because she wouldn't play pro-gay storyline

When "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" get used by teevee talkers, we're fucked.

Here's my LTTE re the President's Speech today: Fear Mongering Benefits Who?

You know, this school speech "revolt" really is the most disgraceful stuff I think I've ever seen.

Swine Flu in the USA...Are We Being Punked?

From the WSJ: "Will the Supreme Court finally overturn McCain-Feingold & enforce the 1st Amendment?"

Michael Moore rips his Hollywood financial backers

Digby: I know what it's like to be scared of the president

Obama's speech is illogical

Michael Moore’s Anti-Capitalist Attack Dazzles Italians

If America is being sold out to the Insurance Industry, how about an Insurance Strike?

Andoni Schultz watches President Obama talk about him in his speech today - pics

My 15 year old daughter hasn't missed a day of school since 7th grade

White House still "blurry" on its position on public option

Hartmann today on Van Jones firing. Follow the big oil!

Obama Will Help Keep Our Children Stupid - LOL!!! - pics

Verizon has enraged me over the 10-day outage of my $60/mo wireless internet "service"

Sad, but wonderful story

Anecdotal account of doctor pay in Canada vs US


Guess what happened to Pastor Steve? (He of the praying for Obama to die theology.)


No public option = No Mandate.

Many U.S. soldiers now suffering. (poison)

Is everybody ready to receive the transmission?

Soldier Re-Enlisted For Healthcare, Killed In Afghanistan (Video)....

Best wishes for President Obama's health care address tomorrow tonight

United States considering $10 "tourist fee" to pay for promoting tourism

Can someone tell me what the financial hardship cut-offs are for the individual mandate in HB 3200?

New giant rat species discovered!

The BBC always has the best visuals or graphs. "Our leader is taller than yours."

Naomi Klein (Shock Doctrine) shows what is happening to California now

Are you happy with your health insurance coverage?

Republicans Have Lost Control

so my son tells me he didn't hear from Obama today AND

What about life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance??

Incenting shit plans. (Marcy Wheeler on Baucus' plan)

Damn the Torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD, Mr. President!

Damn the Torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD, Mr. President!

Germans love their Army (pics)

South Carolina Speaker Asks Sanford to Resign

To save power, Bangladesh bans suits and ties

Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives still have issues with Obama's speech to students

The American People Did NOT Vote For "Small Change We Can Believe In"

Pushing "education" IS pushing the liberal agenda...

How the word "socialism" ends any dicussion of any real reform in America

What I learned this weekend while talking with teh stupeid

the healthcare industry's' raping of consumers IS the trigger for healthcare reform

It's working! It's working!

Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.

Any computer networking geeks in the house?

DK: Supreme Court to decide if Corporations can donate directly to politicians

Anyone's child NOT get to see Obama's video message at school?

U.S. Troops Ransacked Swedish Hospital - Daglabdet, Norway

My photos from the Boston Health Care Rally today (dial-up warning)

we're in a tin can, about to zip around to the dark side of the moon.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Viacom, and Obama: "Getting Schooled?"

If Obama switched parties and became a Republican, would the Freepers still hate him? Discuss. nt

Andrea Mitchell's double standard

I asked Obama to Do It and I was unrec to oblivion

My Letter to the Principal of My Son's School.

What is the Average IQ of the Wing Nuts Today ?

Have you been expecting an apocalyptic event all your life? Such as

Progressives Begin To Wobble On Public Option Commitment

Just returned my son to School

More US wealthy opt to surrender their citizenship

If its GOAL were to kill and bankrupt the middle class, profit healthcare couldn't do it any better

Dog-Torturing, Ex-Con Black Man Addresses HS Kids On First Day of School - No Outrage

Granny D told me she'd send me an email enlisting my help on Campaign Reform

CNN poll: Are you happy with your health insurance coverage?


So let me get this straight, regarding the Senate version of health care reform

Saxby Chambliss wants Obama to know his place

BREAKING: Baucus Released Plan Available on TPM

WANTED The Gang of Six

WANTED The Gang of Six

Who were your role models growing up?

This Modern World - Then and now with Goofus and Gallant - By Tom Tomorrow

BREAKING: Insurance Companies like BCBS would be considered CO-OPs

Anti-school speech ranter has a Bill O'Reilly moment.

Rockefeller Center's murals & the commie Rockefellers: I Paint What I See

Mark Sanford's latest excuse: I Was Not Incommunicado

R.E.M. lends their talents to the Health Care debate.

Mother upset after Kentucky high school coach took players to church

Outline of Senate Finance Cmte's Bill

Joe Watkins reveals the reality behind the Obama speech uproar.

Cumming woman turns 102

Anybody else "blessed" with Lovebugs this season?

Here's the list of companies that offer supplemental health insurance in Britian

Remember when an entire school district + was bussed in to fill seats at a McPalin campaign rally?

Kids watching President Obama's speech - lots of pics

Rahm Emanuel tells progressives to sit down and shut up, but is quiet when Glen Beck calls.

Tea bagger bus company sued over blaze that killed 23 seniors

My two wishes for Obama's speech this week beyond the public option.

Cashing In On Death

NEW WORDS everyone should know

The Choice is Clear: HEALTHCARE or WARFARE; the Common Good or Common Destruction

Fines proposed for going without health insurance.

The lesson plans are illegal because they ask kids to talk about their goals for the future?

The lesson plans are illegal because they ask kids to talk about their goals for the future?

This Obama Speech Was The Tipping Point For My RW Parents

Ronald Reagan's Torture

The Nation: Three Words Mr. President: "Medicare for All"

Those who will work to see that lawmakers like Max Baucus will NEVER be elected again, check-in!

Arne Duncan wants "very high bar to entry" into charter schools.

Remember the name: Cass Sunstein

A trojan horse for health insurers-- create a basic insurance policy with premium caps

I ratted out a rightie at the hospital this morning.

My co-worker told me about 3 news stories today

I'm tired....

As proposed "Public Option" will only cover 20,000 Americans and not Kick In until 2019!

So I decided to turn on Glen Beck. Wow.

Are motorcyclists required to wear helmets in your state?

Who Has the Power of War?

Ban on "Ave Maria" at graduation upheld

Hearts And Minds - Afghanistan (graphic images warning)

republican racists raising stupid children.

I did a big shop early tonight, and I noticed a trend I hadn't noticed before

"Today, I signed Executive Order 13510, authorizing eligibility for all Americans to Medicare..."

L.A. Bd of Ed approves expansion of charter schools: 200 + 50 new ones built with public money

Repoohblicans: Are They Racists?

Excuses, excuses

"God died so we could live. I learned that in Bible school"

"God died so we could live. I learned that in Bible school"

I've lost 30 lbs this year without trying

Post your SPOILERS in this thread

movie recomendation: defiance

A materialist thread.

Bikini-clad yeti 'stalked by woman'

Camaraderie, dear pidgeon, is the mendacity of the underwash;

Just wondering , why does cooking Pasta require HUGE amounts of water

Ever laugh so hard from a DU thread that...

Getting more email spam in the past few days?

ok. I can not get into Burning Man...I think it is because it reminds

Warning: Declining Surface Tension

it doesn't mean the same thing

Artwork gets onlookers asking - will he jump?

Do you feel men and women can be unjust friends?

Favorite episode of Band of Brothers

This looks like a fun prank....

And yet people think the HMOs don't need competition.

Just remember something when talking to freepers. If you don't have anything nice to say...

I am recording...

Good morning Lounge

Don't worry, kids, you're safe

Oh great, now I can't get that dang Gus Porter song out of my head.

Note to self: Try not to wait 10 days between shaves...

Anyone else

Note to the Lounge: It is not a good idea to remove skin tags with a cheese grater.

Anybody ever have surgery for a deviated septum - did it help?

Anyone ever have surgery for deviant sputum?

So, I watched the first two Star Trek movies on laser disc yesterday.

Have you ever tried to get change at a store..

Gave my son the option of staying home to watch O's speech or going to school, smoke reefer

I'm not aware of too many things. I know what I know, if you know what I mean.

'Memba Them?! Guess what they look like now......

Anyone know how long does triple bypass surgery usually take? Still

How do you wash a canvas luggage bag?

How do you back up important data?

Moved into my first 'my place' in 4 years,

Top 5 Most Stressful Cities in America

A coworker stuck up for me today!

How do you determine if there is chemistry with someone you've never met or spoken to?

Question for those who know about Windows XP

Help! I thought I'd try Facebook in Italiano and I can't get it back to English!

conrail twitty

That's it! I'm dumping AT&T wireless. Recommendations for new provider

Help! Nigerian vultures are spammng me!

Do people actually like a lot of head

Stir the S#*t, Post a picture representing a DU Flame-Fest!!!!

Dolly dear, sandman's near, you will soon be sleeping.

I just got to release the hounds.

I hate it when people try to use me

What's the worst thing you've encountered on city sidewalks?

So I took a nap and dreamed of DU. (For real!) And here is what I saw....


Emergency Broadcast from I Can Has Cheezburger

humpin to please

Those who have horses can use this advice.

Ever get a phone call where the other party just starts rambling on like you know them....

anvil in the sky

I'm refinishing a bookcase and exposing myself

Upgrading "BO"

maybe he's just not that into me....

Today I signed Executvie Order Number 69....where all people are allowed to....

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Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire - the most amazing autistic servant - video

More from my EMail Friends.

This movie was rated G?? It was intended for kids??

I just lost my job today.


Scoop Cutting Board

Why does this bother me?

Do you feel men and women can be just friends?

Why do so many men want a "man cave?"

I don't know whether to LOL or EWWW

DU tech people - what's the deal with Intel's new i5 CPU?

What are you wearing today?

Everyone - Give it up for quinoa!

CONFESS!!! You really dug "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks

FIL's triple bypass turned out to be a quintuple. He is doing well in the recovery room now. :^D

Anybody ever have surgery for a deviant sputum - did it help?

Tuesday- Caption this picture

The coldcut terrorist is at it again

Warp drive is hot

Mr Gray just dropped my cell phone into a sink full of water.

Do stores in your area sell toilet paper in colors?

My proposal for moving the United States to a wicker-based economy.

The worst pickup line EVER...

Are all of the salad bars in YOUR area's supermarkets gone?

New Yorkers, please help me with gift certificate ideas....

Albums you liked MORE the more you listened to them

VIDEO: Man smashes car into store to steal sex toy

egad. my son is a birther. seriously.

I am getting so sick of the "Glenn Beck raped a girl in 1990" sick joke.

Is it a bad thing if my keyborad bursts into flames?

How to Dress for Jury Duty

I was at a bus stop downtown last night

Kane's getting bigger *puppy pictures*

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to leftyclimber!!*******

An update from NYC

Poetic Curse

Beatle fans: Are you ready for 09/09/09?

My 12 year old Daughter made me watch Hanna Montana

Memo From White House Pollster To Congress: Support For Health Care Reform Is Very High

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

"Q Are you saying K Street got it; you guys haven't? MR. GIBBS: Not surprisingly, yes."

Make the trigger so oppressive that the insurance companies will be screaming for a public option

Rahm Emmanuel has got to GO!

Students Biggest Lesson from Obama Speech? Republicans Lie - A LOT!

NEWS FLASH: Granny D on Campaign Reform.

Repubs. already said not only would they not vote for a trigger for a public option, but co-ops are

Krugman: Why the public option matters (calls out Ezra Klein)

Report: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (a co-op) spent millions on bonuses, trips

Actually some good editorials and letters coming about Obama's speech now....

Post here the subliminal messages you received while watching Obama's speech to schoolkids

Islamists 'plotted to kill Clinton in Nairobi hotel'

Arlington (TX) schools did not air Obama, but will send kids to watch Bush

Tampa Bay area kids respond to President Obama's speech. PRICELESS MUST READ!!!

John Conyers and Maxine Waters just drew lines in the sand on Big Ed's show...

Please DU this POLL: Was Obama's speech to students an appropriate use of school time?

Senator Baucus proposes fines of up to $3,800 for Americans who don't buy private health insurance!

BREAKING: Obama's Kenyan Baptism Certificate!!!

Orley's back with a brand new and improved fake Obama birth certificate

Oh-Oh! If the Pundits love the Pres' Speech today, they will for sure Hate the one Tomorrow

PHOTOS Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Thank you, Dr. Nancy, for sending off that idiot

How 9/11 Conspiracy Poison Did in Van Jones

Hate Radio Jock Boortz on Obama's Address to Kids: "Republicans Get Rolled...And Deservedly So"

Was the school speech a rope-a-dope?

My exchange with the Superintendant of Lewisville ISD

I think many of us will eventually warm to the idea of a trigger and even the co-ops

If they discuss a trigger, it might as well be for Medicare for All

I just watched Obama's speech online...

Newt Gingrich just endorsed Obama's school speech.

It's amazing how the right co-opted Obama

Stop Prop. 1 in Maine

Gibbs takes shot at Finance Committee

I just sent a letter to our President regarding Van Brown:

Freepers struggle to find reason to be outraged by President's school speech....

PHOTOS Heck, Hillary was busy indoctrinating today too.

President Obama Is WRONG Again! Our Healthcare System Is NOT Too Expensive!

Can you help Hustusa come up with a catchier name?

"Mommy, I'm going to try harder."

**** (was) LIVE!!!: POTUS and Duncan Q&A with VA High School Students. ****

Face it DU. We are not in this to get a public option or single payer...we are in this

Obama needs to denounce Max Baucus - on national television

End The Practice Of Releasing A Presidential Speech To The Press Before It's Delivered........

Well, did we reach the end yet?

Despite our various positions, I think we can all agree that the Baucus plan is SHITE

Sure, it is about racism. But also this - the FEAR of a well educated populace.

Reid: Dem-Only Health Care Bill Is Our Last Resort (updated)

So this is what the right was so worked up about.

Of course, it's about race!

"Hallway lounging alternative to Obama speech"

LOL....Fox News online is as sad and pathetic as its TV counterpart

Huffington Post: Baucus gives deadline to GOP-fish or cut bait by 10 a.m. tommorrow

Each Reid Sees the Other as a Problem

The Max Baucus WellPoint/Liz Fowler Plan

Poor Sarah Failin' Palin doesn't know she's NOT GOVERNOR anymore!

Have there been any early indications on whom the Repubs might run in 2012?

GOP Chooses Rep. Boustany, Co-Sponsor Of So-Called Death Panel Provision, To Deliver Obama Rebuttal

"But let's stop pretending that the fierce opposition from the right isn't racism. It is"

Obama Demands: The Bill I Sign Must Include Public Option-from July 20

Key Democrats back off public option

Rep. Anthony Weiner--Giving Single-Payer a Second Look

Here is why Pelosi says the House bill cannot pass without a public option

Louisiana's U.S. Senate race gets personal early

Clinton: GOP waiting for Democrats to 'mess up'

Top House Progressive: Backing Public "Trigger" Would Be "Surrender"

Salmon may switch to GOP

If good ed is primary for our future (as per Obama's talk) then shouldn't it be socialized?

Bill Clinton: Why I failed on Health Care (Esquire Interview)

No unity among House liberals, signal compromise acceptable, may be prepared to accept trigger.

Hatch: Utah needs to keep Bennett in D.C.

Forget the Birthers, now we have The FOOTERS!!!

Glenn Beck: You have to be like Gandalf to fight Obama

As Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert weighs Senate run, analysts call success a long shot

Rep. Boustany (R-La.) to give GOP response to Obama health-care speech

Now dont start wigging out at what Harry just said.....

Fascinating Esquire interview with Bill Clinton. Obama. Health Care. Al Gore

PHOTOS Oh. Good. Lord.

Responding to factually challenged right wingers when they lose the plot

Where is the Security Service? ;)

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speech to America's Students! Live!!!! ****

Obama's speech well received in Philly area school

GALLUP: Americans Still Sharply Divided on Healthcare Reform, Opponents more intense.

Insightful comment on the president's speech

The Corporate Media is clearly against the Public Option....But is it their Job?

Orly Taitz calls for Obama to release the long form of the original school speech...

How Obama Survived August - Democrats have the momentum to pass the bill. (Ambinder)

FRAME: If people are protesting Obama's school speech because it's political, then...

How dare he!

Okay... I took half a day vacation, and made at least 30 phone calls this morning

I missed this zinger from Gibbs

Here's the next right-wing talking point ... Democrats investigated Bush Sr.'s speech.

Top House Progressive (Grijalva): Backing Public Option “Trigger” Would Be “Surrender”

Fired Up In Ohio

Oh dear; Laura bUsh just another "disgruntled former employee"

To be honest, if the Repubs had not had such a melt down...this speech

Transcript Obama's Speech to U.S. Schoolchildren

Melody Barnes (WH Domestic Policy Council) on the Public Option:

Did they show the speech live in San Antornio?

Majority whip Jim Clyburn. Just said the public option is not

Duh... Key Blue Dog (Ross): I Will Oppose Health Care Bill with Public Option

Reasons for the GOP Death Spiral....too many Negative Traits sully their Brand Name

Ouuuuuu, fear him!

With all the publicity around the school speech, I finally got around to asking our school about it

Obamas speech made me want to ditch class and smoke pot.

Senate to observe moment of silence for Kennedy

Why watch Cspan instead of the news? (Not one negative call so far!)

obama's speech will TURN YOUR CHILD BLACK!!

It's quite astounding. Surreal.

@Conservatives: Keep up the good work. Keep fighting the good fight.

Who better to address America's students than a POTUS who was a teacher?

NYTIMES: As Obama Speech Nears, Details on a Compromise

SCHIP's fate may hang in balance

Obama is not playing to win. he is playing not to lose. That's not leadership.

Upset about Obama's speech being banned in some schools? RUN FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD!

I hope everyone realizes the future of the health care bill is in the hands of congress...

Yes “Oui” Can? Informing the Healthcare Debate: The French Example

Palin - Bachmann 2012

Mika B MSNBC Pretends She Is Upset...

Why I hate the news. ABC closed with a line about The Pres's 'low marks'

Any reports of civil disobedience yet?

Letters to Lexington Herald-Leader regarding Obama's speech

The way to get the education system back to neutral is to run candidates

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered: Firms defend recission as "fraud control"

Audio from POTUS' Tuesday's Q&A with High School Students.

Okay, I Finally Get What's Happening With The Public Option

Our School District Compromised On Obama's Speech Today After All...

An article written nearly exactly a year ago that should calm people's nerves:

Corzine Slips in Election Run as New Jersey Economy, Corruption Take Toll

WH: "If reporters want to predict the tone of the policy of tomorrow's speech..."

Since when have school systems in the USA become private?

September 2009 Reminder -- Million Letters for Health Care Campaign

Data Fuel Regional Fight on Medicare Spending

Hey wing nuts if what you say about Obama is true, why are school districts allowed to . . .

Right Wing Fear screeds are always about one thing.

Obama Faces a Critical Moment for His Presidency

KY-Sen: Grayson Leads All Comers

Best response to the right wing nutter/birthers ever....(on a school speech thread)

"about 10 phone calls and e-mails" -- No Obama speech tomorrow

Why students shouldn't listen to Obama

I sent this letter to our President regarding Van Jones:

Out of Context Socialism in Barack Obama's Education Speech

Since all these BeckHeads will be keeping thier kids out of school tomorrow...

Mythbusters - Remember 2008 When GOP "Hearted" Ireland's Low Tax Policies? DOH!!!

Most insurance companies will pay for abortion, government run programs do not

Big, big week for our POTUS. Do you hear the people sing ...?

President Obama's mother to be focus of documentary

*****Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama Back to School Event, September 8, 2009*****

Anyone want to make a bet on what the next right wing outrage will be?

Has The MSM Gotten Even More Biased? Is Corporate Media Control Worse Than Ever Before?

Holy Moley. I Saw Candidate Obama Today.

After watching coverage of the "Tea Party Express" I realized everyday that Obama is President. . .

President Obama's school speech...

I confess, I never heard of Channing Tatum...but I think I like him.

"On Wednesday, President Obama will deliver a major address..."

****Heads BACK Up: CSPAN to Rebroadcast President's Monday Speech again tonight at 9:30pm eastern***

Make sure you see the 'Sinead's Hand' video

CNN's Candy "green tea is elitist" Crowley: If public option were popular, it'd pass

Forgive the naysayers and the MSM, they hear things differently

Obama may have a Democratic Majority, but he doesn't have a LIBERAL majority

Nancy Pelosi: A Public Option Is Essential...For the Moment

U.S. expands H-1B fraud case against IT services firm

U.S. Tried to Soften Treaty on Detainees

Rep. Dennis Kucinich thinks health care debate won't be resolved by Congress quickly

Germany Defends Decision on Afghan Airstrike

Wis. cops arrest man over links to 9 slayings

1,000 rally for health care reform on Boston Common

Fatter capital rules mean lean times for big banks

Unions Bid For Resurgence

U.S. Tried to Soften Treaty on Detainees -Bush WH Sought to Shield Those Running Secret CIA Prisons

Car Bomb Attack Outside Kabul Airport

Dirty Sanchez man stabbed in shop

Protesters Rally Against Pastor's 'Why I Hate Obama' Sermon

Jones' resignation puts focus on criticism of Obama's 'czars'

Blagojevich, promoting book, denies wrongdoing

Dick Cheney 'put airline bomb plot case in jeopardy with arrest order of Rashid Rauf'

Iran raids raise pressure on opposition leader

Fairview Park black family finds noose, hate note in their yard

Bay Bridge reopening now - repairs finished

Russia Lambastes Reports Ship Had Missiles For Iran

Worker Status Checks to Start

Utah students react favorably to Obama's education speech

UN warns Afghans over poll fraud

UN warns Afghans over poll fraud

Pelosi: A Public Option Is Essential...For the Moment

White (D-Ne) to announce for Congress

Fast food giant loses in McDonald's vs. McCurry tiff

Nazi deserter hails long-awaited triumph

(4) US troops killed in Iraq bombings

Shoes off-limits to airport security – unless you're heading to the U.S.

Afghan insurgents kill 12 in ambush, including 4 U.S. Marines

No plan B if Ireland rejects EU treaty: Spain

Gold Futures Advance to $1,000 an Ounce Amid Dollar Weakness

Top Secret Satellite Launches From Space Coast Tonight

Laura Bush defends Obama school speech

Leading Democrat signals willingness to forgo public option

Aides: President to be 'very forceful' in Wednesday address

Already, 23 Dems have said they will vote ‘no’ on healthcare reform

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 8

Spanish judge resumes torture case against six senior Bush lawyers

Up to $3,800 fine for failure get health insurance(Sen Baucus from AP)

Arnold Schwarzenegger introduces Milton Friedman on PBS (1990)

LiberalViewer: Wrong for Obama to Inspire Kids to Stay in School?

Rachel Maddow Show: Naomi Klein on the Bank Bailouts (May, 2009)

Glenn Beck threatens to kill Michael Moore

A 13 Year Old Liberal's Views On The Public Option & Obama Speaking To children In A Local School

Conservative Protests Are Stupid

Chris Kromm: Four Years After Katrina Obama Gets Low Marks

LiberalViewer: Fox News Smears Van Jones on His Way Out?

John Harwood-“Let’s face it…there are a lot of stupid people”

RSU's school speech alternative to Obama's speech

Capitol Hill Agenda: Sept. 8, 2009

Obama Trek

GOP's Jim Greer is Still Outraged After Reading Text of Obama's Back to School Speech

Bill Maher Explains the Healthcare Crisis, March 6, 2009

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke is a Healthcare Hero

TYT: Michelle Bachmann - Pray & Fast To Kill Healthcare Reform

AGORA (movie trailer) -A parable for our times

Will Obama Threaten Veto On Health Reform? Gibbs Tries To Remember

Bill Moyers Journal: Glenn Beck Fantasized On Air About Murdering Michael Moore In 2005

TYT: Does Obama Need A Republican Congress? Joe Scarb & Noonan Deconstructed.

Michelle Bachmann For President

Senate Snowe: choose Maine over the insurance companies

Glenn Beck accuses Dennis Kucinich of rape

Nancy Pelosi Restates Public Option is a Must; Harry Reid Admits He Hasn't Read Baucus Bill

It just dawned on me who is behind all the anti-Obama hate . . .

Fault Lines - California: Failed State -(The Shock Doctrine in CA)

Cong Anthony Weiner on MIP 9 3 09 Part II

AP Raw Video: Senate Silence for Ted Kennedy

Fickle 'Progressives' Sacrifice Van Jones-Who Next?

Donna Brazile: Liberals Are Not Radicals

David Sirota on CNN: Jim Greer, GOP are "psychopaths"

Crunch time for Healthcare reform

Van Jones Resignation Must be a Wake Up Call

Obama Labor Day Speech: ''Are You Ready To Go!'' sept. 07, 2009

Hannity Get's Schooled By Fran "The Nanny" Drescher

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) to a birther: ‘I Agree With You’ (1:01)

Robert Reich On The Public Option

Barack Obama's National Address to Students

Papantonio Hammers Stuart Varney

President Obama Addresses America's School Kids

Cong Anthony Weiner on MIP 9 3 09 Part I

Saxby Chambliss: Obama should show some "humility" in speech

Update: Reporter & Pastor Anderson (that prayed for Obama to die) in confrontational interview

Teabagger on MSNBC: Obama's Post-Speech Lesson Plans Are Illegal

"You have awakened a sleeping giant Mr. Obama"


Friends of America Rally: Hannity, Ted Nugent & Lord Monkton speeches

Back to hand you another LAUGH

The rise of Israel's military rabbis

Right-Wingers 'Compromise' on Treatment of Obama's School Speech

Wounded Iraqi soldiers languish, awaiting government help

Fact sheets on Medical Liability, Tort Reform and National Health Care

American Foreclosure Sales Outsourced to India

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' economical with facts

How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

Seldom-Heard Compliment for Atlanta’s Mayor: ‘You Were Right’

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner: Giving Single-Payer a Second Look

Robert Novak (as relevant as ever) weighs in on healthcare

Better Care, Pay Less: Some Communities Find a Way.

Bob Herbert : It’s Time to Get Help

Drew Westen: Why the President Has Been Losing on Health Care, and What He Needs to Say

AlterNet: Big Business's Hidden Hand in the Smear Job on Van Jones

'He's the Only 1 We've Got'; Obama at 8 Months

How the Biggest Corporations, From Starbucks to Wal-Mart to Barnes & Noble, Claim to Be 'Local'

I Pledge Allegiance...

School Speech Detractors Owe Obama an Apology?

AlterNet: Israeli Government Ads Warn Against Marrying Non-Jews

PA Protest Against School District Refusing to Show Obama Speech

The Health Care Question Should Be About the Insurance Industry Stranglehold,

GOP Urges School Officials To Pipe in Rush Limbaugh Instead

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered

Mr. President, It's Time to Fight by Bill Moyers

The Labor Day Blues (James Howard Kunstler)

Get Ready: Big Push For Liberals To Support Iran War This Fall

Arthur Salm: Immortality? It’s the new health care

States Ignoring Stimulus Welfare Fund

Bill Moyers: Mr. President, It's Time to Fight

In case you missed it: President Obama speaks to America's school children (VIDEO)

Exposing Huge Hidden Profits of A Non-Profit Hospital

Dreyfuss / The Nation: Obama Readies Afghan Escalation

Why Obama clearly must be evil (Oli Usher | tribune Magazine)

Ronald Reagan's Torture

How about $228 Billion saved providing the uninsured with a Public Option.

Shocker: Obama to Adopt 'Bush Narrative' To Sell Health Reform!

Robert Reich: The lessons from history on healthcare reform

Death Bonds: Wall Street Teams Up With Insurance Companies to Kill People, Reap Profits

Glenn Greenwald: Meet the Press's Idea of a 'Debate'

No one cares that the poor continue to sink

" . . . and I WELCOME their hatred"

Why the President Is Losing on Health Care by Drew Westen

College for $99 a Month

Doctors cut out the middle man (insurance companies) charge $40 - $120 mo for primary care

Big Business' Hidden Hand in the Smear Job on Van Jones

Even Babies Discriminate Racially

Even Babies Discriminate Racially

I'm not opposed to insurance company subsidies - as long as they do not exceed what the government

Healthcare vs. Warfare: The Future Costs of the Afghanistan War

The Real Reason Van Jones was Fired

Private Insurance Already Pulls Trigger on Patients, Docs

Baucus' Proposal For Health Care Reform

Tired of the slurs against Texas? I am.

Supreme Court Threatens to Undo Progressives’ Work on Campaign Finance

I won't be silent – This is not CHRISTIAN!

Do Corporations have a right to free speech, it looks like the Roberts court plans on granting it

A Threat to Fair Elections (Supreme Court about to allow flood of corporate election money)

David Sirota: "Glenn Beck Counts For More At the Obama White House" Than the Progressive Movement

Stand With Van Jones!

Here's a new one for me, landfill food waste contributes up to 8% of AGW gasses.

French Authorities Suspect Truck Driver First Human Fatality From Toxic Seaweed Fumes In Brittany

Hong Kong Discovers Invasive Alligator Gar: Owners Dumped Fish After They Got Too Big - AFP

Peak Oil Review - Sept 7

Calderon Fires Head Of PEMEX - Urges New CEO To "Accelerate" Production - Upstream Online

JGR/MIT Study - Subsea Methane Clathrates May Already Be Venting Far More Quickly Than Projected

Drumbeat: September 8, 2009

Researchers - Continued Climate Breakdown Promises Substantial Changes In UV Exposure By 2100 - AFP

EU Will Support Temporary Bluefin Tuna Fishing Ban - AFP

Oz EPA Can't Confirm 2-Headed Snake & Rat Reports, Can Confirm Cadmium, Mercury In Brisbane Creek

Tiny Arctic town fights losing battle with changing climate

Verizon Among Sponsors For Pro-Coal Rally Featuring Massey Coal CEO, Ted Nugent & Hank Jr.

Warning Signs Accumulate, But India's Climate Policy Does Not Even Mention Economic Change

UK: Global deal on climate change at risk

NYT: U.S. Solar Firm (First Solar) Cracks Chinese Market (to build 2GW PV farm in mongolian desert)

Bloomberg: World Threatened by 4 Degrees (4°C/7.2°F) of Warming, (by 2100) U.K.’s Miliband Says

Suntech says solar demand has turned up (in the last month, particularly in Germany)

Second phase of Europe’s largest onshore wind project (600MW of GE Wind turbines in Romania)

NPR: Rejecting Tech, Some Opting For Human Power

Desperate effort to save Christmas Island bat species fails

Nigeria vultures killed and sold as roasted chicken

Big Business' Hidden Hand In The Smear Job On Obama's Green Jobs Adviser, Van Jones

VA Cities Slam Runoff Buffer Strips To Protect Chesapeake: Could "Significantly Limit" Development

Cyanobacterial Bloom Growing In Lake Erie - Windsor Star

Sheep Grazing A "Best Practice" For Maintaining Ground-Level Solar Arrays

Joseph Tainter: Human Resource Use: Timing and Implications for Sustainability

Interview with Bob Hirsch - The Stonewalling of Peak Oil

Mini power generated by VW engines

California Adds 8,600 MW New Renewable Power: Meets RPS Goals

Super-Smart Solar Roadways

Innovalight Achieves Record (18%) Efficiency Silicon Ink Solar Cell

NFL Players Mentor Troubled Detroit Lions

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Labor Day)

The 25 best football movies ever: Pigskin classics that even non-fans can love

2009 NCAA Football Rankings - USA Today Coaches' Poll Week 2 (Sept. 6)

New AP Poll Out

Two major college football teams in the same county

It's very weird to be a Syracuse football fan

Is QB Mystery Helping or Hurting Browns?

FSU vs The U

Do I qualify for Medical Benefits

Secrets of the Honduran Armed Forces

Honduran Resistance Holds its First National Assembly to Decide Next Steps

Hondurans Denounce Attempts to Expel Father Andres Tamayo

Iran to import Venezuelan petrol

El Pais/DPA: "While you’re crying in Miami, I’m living it up in Havana" - song sparks controversy

Fitch Upgrades Bolivia to 'B'; Outlook Stable

The National Resistance IS Post-Coup Honduras! Arnold August on the Before and After

Rerun in Honduras: Coup pretext recycled from Brazil ’64

Ronald Reagan's Torture

Fidel Castro: The double betrayal of Philips

Venezuela is the one spot in the world where there is optimism

The Meeting with Fidel: a Gift from God, Says D’Escoto

Business executives arming themselves...

Amira Hass / How does Israel decide who gets a visa to Ramallah?

Not just another OP about unlawful shootings

Israel's 455 New Settler Homes Appease Netanyahu Allies

Why stop with Elbit?

State issues tenders for 500 units in East J'lem neighborhood

Left to mount campaign supporting PM

Norway reps met with Hamas in Gaza

Police Swarm To Bungie On Weapons Call During Kotaku Visit


Brady Campaign gives California high marks but murder and robbery rates

Why not go for registration?

.22 cal assault weapons banned in Maryland...

Today in Labor History Sept 8 Led by Cesar Chavez, launched their first grape boycott

Like Your Weekend? Thank A Union

How has big business convinced the American Worker that they do not need a voice?

1,200 Nurses Make a House Call to Di Fi To Demand She Cosponsor EFCA has unionized.

ISS over Asheville tonight

Cross posting this here.

A few pictures from Bucharest

Hot on the trails of the mysterious monopole

Frederick Cook and Robert Peary were both frauds and neither reacked the North Pole

Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.

In Taming Dogs, Humans May Have Sought a Meal.

Judy Shepard’s Book Tour Begins with National Media Exposure

"The gay person closest to the President" (and former adviser) attacks Obama and Democrats

Closely Watched Buffet Recalculating His Bets

Artificial wealth

Dollar dropping like a rock

China Derivatives Threat

The 400 biggest banks and their troubled loans list

Tea Shortage to Widen 10% as India, Kenya Droughts Hurt Crops

An Address To Our Schoolchildren

Has anyone here tried Neurofeedback?

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

How greens may protect the heart

Virus linked to prostate tumours -- vaccine possible

Jonathan Cohn's Article

Former Bill Clinton Aide Urges Liberals to Compromise on P.O.


Arthur Salm: Immortality? It’s the new health care

Death by Spreadsheet - is there any liability?

So far, $375 Billion spent on lobbying, donations, and TV ads related to the issue of health reform.

Brain Defect Implicated In Early Schizophrenia

"9-9-09...The Final Completion" - Karen Bishop - September 8, 2009

Day three of Neti Pot therapy.. So far so good

Day three of Neti Pot therapy.. So far so good

9-9-9 Numerology

Your thoughts on this relationship?

"Why Current Thinking About Autism Is Completely Wrong"

UUA launches 'Standing on the Side of Love' campaign

Brian P. Donovan of Braintree, MA arrested for trying to disrupt Vietnamese Budhist Festival.

the MSNBC TX guy was a moron, but from a Foucauldian perspective, he's right

Pizza party for the Obama speech

I always thought of pattypan squash as small green things

I made scones this weekend for the first time.

Agave? Stevia?

9/11 Mind Swell

Simulated Plane Crash Five Minutes before

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - on TVNL Radio 9/9

Perry was against stimulus-now, not so much

Another poll...

Marc Katz anounces bid for lite guv

Wheeee! All purpose general catch-all GOP Protest/Rally in McKinney tomorrow.


Why haven't I heard of Tal Wilkenfeld ??

Footage of the Dead

Dirty Sanchez man stabbed in shop