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Israel gets tough on intermarriage

IN his best Bushspeak KO asks - Is Our Wingnuts learning?

After today's presidential speech, a right winger says farewell to cruel world

KO just said I should bid right

What did the media say about Obama's Speech?

"Ugly fight forecast for immigration reform". (Prospects influenced by the fate of HCR.)

Why should insurance companies be making profits over life and death decisions?

Boycott Mt. Vernon, Washington

The Newest Justice Formally Takes Her Seat [Sotomayor seated in Chief Justice John Marshall's chair]

The Newest Justice Formally Takes Her Seat [Sotomayor seated in Chief Justice John Marshall's chair]

In His Own Words: Obama's Communist Manifesto (CBS)

Exclusive - Video Footage Of The Progenitor Of Today's Elected Democrats

I think they are really daring us to storm the Bastille.

'I agree with you,' GOP Rep. Schmidt whispers to birther

Sarah Palin is media filler. A side show. Political Barnum & Bailey.

President Obama Should Call Out baucus

Sarah Palin is a CHICKENSHIT

I just figured out what Orly Taitz and her wacky birther crusade reminds me of.

I've been in a coma. Did we go from possible healthcare reform to a mandate to purchase insurance

I Didn't Want to Be Part of This Insane Mission-SPIEGEL Interview w/Former Army Doctor Afghanistan

"But---but---but-----WHAT IF?

Facebook Poll: "Stop Bitching About Obama"

Link to Conyers and Maxinne Waters Drawing Line in Sand over "PO" /Ed Schultz Show

Link to Conyers and Maxinne Waters Drawing Line in Sand over "PO" /Ed Schultz Show

Another argument against insurance bureacrats between you and your doctor: no vaccines.

Question about Gov. Jindal - for the birthers and for our enjoyment

One of my really good friends just got diagnosed with Leukemia this week...

Come join Liberal and Progressive Live Text/Audio/Video Chat!

Imagine if our needs here at home were as much a 'necessity' for our politicians as their wars

Sudan Court Fines Woman for Wearing Trousers

Baucas Bill will lead to employer discrimination of low income people.

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules nomination hearings on four of Obama's federal nominees

So if Miracle Whip can grow a spine, get some 'tude....

Happy Anniversary Rachel

Republicans will really raise Hell if China's flag is

You can kinda see why McDonalds threw their tantrum:

The loss of Van Jones, Apollo Alliance Board member -

Ok, we have Birthers, Deathers, what are these latest... Non-Educators ??

A certain new poster wants us to explain to him why Glenn Beck is crazy

I've figured it out: Glenn Beck Show is merely FoxNews' effort to crusade for mental health parity

Google oddness

Is there a provision in the health care bill to 'prohibit ins. co. from writing new policies'?

The Illiterati, the Irrationals and the Speechers

In Memoriam - 1,200+ Dead - Please watch this Fox News Video

I Can't Stand Conservatives on Fiscal Policy

Damn! Judge Carter DIDN'T dismiss Taitz's case today!

I am... I said

At my son's HS, parents can "opt their kids out" of hearing Obama's speech

Do we have the votes to defeat the Baucus/GOP rape of the American people?

dupe self delete

LI (NY) schoolkids cheer Obama's speech

Clinton's Reich talks health-care reform

My daughter missed half of Obama's speech due to shenanigans

Time for Obama to Stand Tall (WP)

I've been trying to avoid this conclusion for hours, but today has basically been a huge letdown

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

What will you be doing during the Health Care speech to Congress tomorrow?

Some eerily familiar reform opponents....

1000th post--my letter to Obama:

I lost my temper with a birther. Is this shit satire?

Letterman's top ten coming up "Top Ten Surprises in Obama's Speech to Students"

Teenager invents Solar panel made from human hair.

My Response If Con Accuses Me Of Wearing a Tin-Foil Hat

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

What my daughter learned today:

Nobel Prize James Buchanan wants to go back to 1860, blasts Obama

Who am I?

BWA HA HA.. the evil plan is working! We've co-opted Laura, Newt and even Jim Greer

If Glenn Beck didn't rape & murder a young girl, do you think he's at least capable of such an act?

I live in Red Central, Inc.... and.... my kid got to see Obama's speech.

I live in Red Central, Inc.... and.... my kid got to see Obama's speech.

Court upholds ban on [Christian] hymn at Wash. Graduation

ND audit: $35K party, $15M bonuses at Blue Cross

If they cave on public option, where does that leave you?

Papa Ratzi: atheists are responsible for environmental destruction, global warming

Here is the eBay link to the dinner for five with sarah palin that KO was talking about

Here's what our local Faux News affiliate deems worthy news on their web site:

My prediction on what Obama will say tomorrow night.

Backstabbers in D.C. might be negotiating, but I'm not!

If Obama could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: Ghandi.

A New Job Just a Tweet Away

Don't like crazy wing-nut parents keeping your school kid from watching Obama's speech?

Don't like crazy wing-nut parents keeping your school kid from watching Obama's speech?

Don't like crazy wing-nut parents keeping your school kid from watching Obama's speech?

Don't like crazy wing-nut parents keeping your school kid from watching Obama's speech?

Don't like crazy wing-nut parents keeping your school kid from watching Obama's speech?

SCANDAL: Blue Cross Blue Shield Investigated By ND State Insurance Examiners

Record Plunge in U.S. Consumer Credit Signals Weakened Spending

Great Post by Endangered Alaska Dem on Kos - "You can guess the reaction I got"

America needs OBAMA, The Community Activist

Let's show them the Pandora's box that they've opened!

Update: Email from my child's teacher regarding President Obama's education speech

Update: Email from my child's teacher regarding President Obama's education speech

Health Centers: One of the Keys to Eradicating Poverty

Only 78 days until the War on Christmas begins..DU Agents are you ready?

Is the anti-education hysteria the "Terri Schaivo" of 2009?

the living dead...

NSA-Intercepted E-Mails Helped Convict Would-Be Bombers

Why do we always allow

KO just put in a bid on ebay for the dinner with Palin!! HAHAHA!!

who is whom?

Palin's price tag set at $25,000

What Obama could have said today that would have really motivated students to work hard

In Bush's spiteful little world, he'd be stripping $$ from schools that didn't show his

Tonight, Obama should remember the immortal words of Woody Allen

Who wrote Baucus' bill? A former Wellpoint employee! Liz Fowler.

My frigging COUNTY has more people than Montana! Baucus has to go! Harry Reid, grow a pair!

Bellingham offers key to City to 'Daily Show' host

If you murder in Texas, you take the chance you yourself will be killed...

A courageous comment from a Republican teachers' union leader on censorship of Obama speech

Afghanistan by the Numbers- Measuring a War Gone to Hell

Afghanistan by the Numbers- Measuring a War Gone to Hell

The mainstreaming of crazy

What will the moonbat crazies lose their minds over next?

America: Arms dealer to the stars! Mark Morford

Max Baucus should be keelhauled

The Speech the President Should Give to Congress, September 9, 2009

The Speech the President Should Give to Congress, September 9, 2009

Iran: The Green Brief #71 (September 8 - Shahrivar 17) Latest news from Iran.

Did anyones else catch Robert Gibbs just now on Today? He danced around Obama and a public option .

Dodd Decides Against Taking Over Senate Health Committee

Report: Blackwater guard saw Iraqi killings as 9/11 revenge

If they force us to buy insurance...

George W. Bush's "bio" on, seriously

It absolutely does NOT matter what is in Baucus' plan... not ONE bit


Holy shit. That Michael Steele "Seniors' Bill of Rights" commercial is terribad.

Pay for healthcare by letting Bush's Tax Cuts expire, & a trillion+ is added to the treasury

'It feels like you're being sliced' ... but there's no blood

Hey you fuckers....yes you Democrats who "work for the people"

FEMA Concentration Camps???...

Karzai Defends Afghanistan Election as Honest; Diplomats Uneasy

Oh, Yeah!

Privately-run Kentucky Prison Not Reporting Sexual Assaults

Tactical Error: Health Care vs Finance Regulatory Reform: Ritholtz

Anyone catch the footage of Al Franken drawing a map of the USA from memory?

Attacking Consumer Protection

Oh My Greenspan says human nature is the source of

The Nevada plan: Reintroduce Reid

joey the scar said Obama is going to endorse the public option in his speech tonite

Iraqi shoe thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi innundated with offers and gifts

I was all fired up . . .

The Truth, in a toon

When is the address tonight? Is it going to be televised?

and another thing: this is an interesting link

Bring Lots Of Potato Salad

Obama Has Fed His Green Jones to King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas)

Precisely why you need to get a good education...

We already have universal health care

Dinner with regular Murkins up on Ebay

"Christian concerns about (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) are not paranoia."


Composting is about to become mandatory in San Francisco.

Local students weigh in on Obama speech

Boustany is a Birther:

Federal Prosecutors Say Blackwater 'Specifically Intended to Kill' Civilians

What Obama has to do tonight....

3fer: Two *more* family values Rethugs on display (eww). And does Mika Mouse ever stay home?!1

3fer: Two *more* family values Rethugs on display (eww). And does Mika Mouse ever stay home?!1

Greenspan Forecasts a `Pronounced' Recovery on Productivity, Inventories

Kentucky D-Day Veteran to Receive French Legion of Honor

Did you know that the International Republican Institute helped with the Afghanistan election?



Love this column from Leonard Pitts

Firm enlists Winston the homing pigeon to transfer data - because he's faster than broadband

Repub leaders meeting behind closed doors this morning?

Home Loan Demand At 3-Month High As Rates Fall

Please DU this podunk poll - Anything wrong with the President delivering a speech to kids?


The media loves a good fight--even when the charges are unfounded

Why isn't there a moderated debate, pro/con on healthcare? Like we do the presidential debates

Greenspan: Gold spike indicates move "away from paper currencies"

The reason my daughter's school would not allow the presidents speech

Diboll man arrested for phone prank scheme Markle, 19, jailed on two counts of terroristic threat

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession

Obama's Fascist, Commie, Socialist Propaganda To Our Children

World's climate could cool first, warm later

It's funny what passes for offensive these days

Why would any young single adult buy into this plan from Aetna?

Historic black church and school vandalized outside Richmond, Va.

Facebook status comment posted by someone on my page today...

More Trouble Could Be Over the Horizon for Homeowners

Ted Nugent: ""I like dead tyrants. Isn’t that your favorite type of tyrant, a dead tyrant?"

Warrior in the past, apathetic today...

Our One-Party Democracy - Thomas Friedman (NY Times opinion piece)

Campaign Finance Case Argued before the Court this morning

Weiner on MSNBC right now .nt

Palin WSJ Editorial Amplifies "Death Panel" Claim

If we can't get a public option, then screw the sick people. They should continue to go bankrupt.

Sarah selling herself for charity on eBay

The GOP is too principled to help the masses.

Should The Health Care Crisis be considered a State of Emergenecy?

How many Senators do you think are fucking lobbyists?

Each day the healthcare debate drags on without a bill is one more day for Insurance Co's to kill it

Need help with Dem reps that will not support a public option...

Color of Change: Call on advertisers to drop sponsorship of Beck...

Rep. Charles Boustany (Lafayette, Louisiana) will deliver the Republican response!

People will flock to the government option, because it’s so bad?

Rash of water line ruptures in LA raise concerns about aging infrastructure

Arkansas Blue Dogs' district ranks among worst in country for health insurance options

What Obama Will Say

Taxpayers Unlikely to Recover GM, Chrysler Investment. (Bloomberg)

Fallen pol turns to radio: Who wants to go 'Inside the Mind of Mark Foley?'

What would you do if you found out a somewhat close friend was a homophobe?

Reid Takes Swipe At “Gang Of Six,” Suggests GOP Not Acting “In Good Faith”

Question: Who get(s) to decide what stays in the compromise bill between the houses..

CNN Contemplates Bringing Back Crossfire...

Fundy wing-nut McDonnell (GOP VA gov. candidate) 'can't recall' if he ever committed sodomy

Obama should Bring up 10 people from Each State who Can't afford Health Care

Obama's back-to-school speech inspires some kids

Post here if you agree that Saxby Chambliss is a racist pig

Use your crystal ball: What happens if...

Hartman has a conservative

Do you really think Rahm Emanuel is pulling the strings?

Krugman: No Good Reason--Only Bad Ones--Not to Have a Public Option

Breaking: Baucus moves forward with bill - Just reported on CNN

Mark Sanford is flat out lying

The Rude Pundit: An Observation or Two Before the Big Speech

Not Dinner With Sarah Palin auctions popping up on eBay! They're great and worth the read.

Wow, Orly Tainz's law degree comes from a school not accredited by the ABA

A short LOL for the middle of a long day:

Last time we went bi-partisan and ended up with

NH House bill mandating paid sick days draws opposition

Nit Trees dropping fruit for the Pickers. of pickers... They ABUSE AMERICA

The Republican economic stimulus plan

Geoffrey Dunn, HuffPo: "Palin No Longer Writing Own Script, the Milli Vanilli of American politics"

Cheney Praises Obama Education Speech

Florida utilities want money for nuclear plants

IRS has aging workforce, service at risk: report

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4- War and Frustration

Homeless Man With Handcuff Keys Arrested-possession of a concealed handcuff key is a felony

Wealthy Families in U.S. Resort to Bankruptcy, Dragged Down by Real Estate

Should President Obama drop his proposal for a public health insurance plan

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- Republicans are unpatriotic

Chernobyl Journal: HDR Photo Journey to the Zone of Exclusion

Tomorrow is 9/9/09 - the last three digit repeating date for a century.

Whats the difference between a democratic legislative whore and a republican legislative whore?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2- Health debate

Mike Duvall,Orange County (CA) Republican hypocrisy caught on tape

Caption Cheney on a Segway

Taxes, Wealth Disparity, War, and Debt

39% against healthcare reform bill, 37% for healthcare reform bill

Pittsburgh civil rights leader Adams 'risked everything' for equality

The Manchurian Supreme Court Justice......

The Public Option - What we need to listen for tonight...

"Pride goeth before the fall" . . . come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

important UPDATE to anyone following my letter to the superintendent thread

Tell ya one thing we can all 'agree' upon, Rep. Cantor:

i miss Senator Stevens right about now. It would have been a hoot to

i miss Senator Stevens right about now. It would have been a hoot to

If there is no difference between a Corporation and a person can Exxon run for President?

"Lord of the Lies" . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Fed Prosecutors: Blackwater Deliberately Tried to Kill

Massacre in Kunduz bares real nature of Afghanistan war

Today is making the party of "No" all giggly...

I Love Capitalism- It's So YUMMY

"promote the general welfare"

this health care reform is like one big game of chicken

MSNBC WH Reporter says Obama will do "Six Week Road Show" to Promote his Health Care Plan

Let's just get it over with

Soy gives you teh gay... It says so on the intertubes, so it must be true...

Get Schooled (.com)

I have a question regarding the health care debate. I have noticed on several talking

Gay rights attorney Albert Gordon has died

WaPo Editorial: Repair Job at Justice

For those who sacrificed effort, time & money to get Obama Elected, It's Time For The Payoff ...

On Unconscionable Greed and the Sellout by Edward Irving Koch

How do you guys do it?

Why does the WSJ print Sarah Palin on editorial page?

Our local school disctrict recieved a call from a fake "parent" protesting the President's speech.

Case is among string of bogus convictions (another DNA exoneration)

Army Accidentally Grows Pot In Colorado

Good news. New McLaren Supercar out in 2011. Twin turbo V8. Under 300k....

Isn't it customary to early release a speech by the President for an event like tonight?

ArmorGroup Whistleblower to Sue Former Employer

ArmorGroup Whistleblower to Sue Former Employer

CA Lawmaker Caught On Tape Bragging About Affairs - Assemblyman Mike Duvall (R)

Rep. Mike Pence, Who Led Witch Hunt Against Van Jones, Took $1,000s From Extremist Erik Prince

Lesbian fired by Baptist agency to get day in court

Need insight or advice please.

Worldwide isotope shortage poses challenge

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Face to Face with the Faceless Bureaucrat (Form letter number L 24)

15 yr fixed mortgage..4.78% (today at my bank)

Liposuction leftovers make easy stem cells: study

FOX reminds me of the DJ from "The Fisher King"

Are You Going To Re-Elect Baucus The Bribed?

Pray fer Orly Taters - SHE IN DANGER!!!11!11!!!!!

Sooner or later Democrats have to take a stand against Reaganism-- 'if the gov't does it, it’s bad.'

Does the GOP hate the left for our freedoms?

Two ex-Lauderhill police officers get probation for falsifying reports

So you end up dead and get a choice between going to Hell or Texas

WOW! Tickets for Bush's Saskatoon speech are ONLY $94.95 to $115.95? Take THAT, Osama!

Rick Sanchez is dominating the hijacking news.

If Congress Fails To pass a PO or Medicare for All, Obama needs to declare a State of Emergency

..."meet at the barricades one way or the other."

Job outlook hits worst-ever level

Weiner: “I Don’t See Any Way” I Can Vote For Bill Without Public Option

Mary Matalin & James Carville

ICC prosecutor eyeing war crimes in Afghanistan - AP

who cares what olympia snowe wants? really

Here are 2 threads that the CORPORATIST "Unrec" mafia have knocked off Greatest Page:

Mexico Hijack...The Media Again is Amazing...

New Republican Strategy

Europe: The Obama Bounce (DER SPIEGEL)

Europe: The Obama Bounce (DER SPIEGEL)

Trial Lawyers Fight Proposals for Tort Reform

Most Germans want to be out of Afghanistan (DER SPIEGEL)

Here's an Obama-school speech poll that could use some lovin'

August Ratings: MSNBC is Down but Rachel Maddow is Way Up

Why have we not gotten Osama Bin Laden??

Just heard on NPR (BBC) some woman saying basically, Dems have caved on Pubic Option...

Kucinich: A New Movement: Health Care as a Civil Right

Amy Goodman: Van Jones and the Boycott of Glenn Beck

no difference between a human and a corporation

When did the Right convince the Left that not-failing is the goal?

"I've just been outcrazied on my own show" -- Glenn Beck

Iraqi shoe thrower being showered by ‘offers and gifts’

Why is health care liar Michelle Bernard hosting an MSNBC special about health?

Did anyone see Cindy McCain on the today show this morning???

To the Mexican response team...

AP: Canadians defend their health care system

Breaking: Airplane Hijacked in Mexico UPDATED Hijackers Claim To Have A Bomb

Now open: Live Audio/Video/Text Chat: Liberals and Progressives

Democrats dont worry about "the left"

The uproar over the school speech, was meant to divide children against each other

What is the reason you do not have health insurance?

Jobs Makes First Public Appearance Since Liver Transplant at Apple Event

Good turnout for Tea Party ( 17 people )

Just called (because of an email) Wyden and Merkley here in Oregon:

orrin hatch wants a bipartisan healthcare bill

You know that argument that liberals caused the subprime crisis because they forced banks...

The Latest Tweet from Morning Joe...JoeNBC

Garrison Keillor suffers minor stroke

Garrison Keillor suffers minor stroke


School's Open, and Traffic Is Worse Than Ever

Christian money guru gets rich mixing faith, funds

A fine for no health insurance?! Just make being sick illegal.

Scalia just said "there is no difference between an individual and a corporation"

Obama should not have pursued healthcare reform.

Obama should not have pursued healthcare reform.

Toronto International Film Festival line-up reflects economic gloom

Walmart's Project Impact: A Move to Crush Competition

I think there needs to be a little clarification on the SCOTUS case...

Duvall Resigns!

Duvall Resigns!

the healthcare 'trigger' is a snowe job

the healthcare 'trigger' is a snowe job

Court rules Kansas native can sue John Ashcroft for post-9/11 detention policy

Funny of the day: "Conflict of interests". (pic)

Bye, everyone! It's been almost a year since I began posting on DU!

Bob, Bob, Bob....WTF? Nooooooooooooo!

BREAKING: Photo of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed released, looks like Osama

YeeHaaa! Just got a Jury Duty notice for the big one

Pain is a messenger...So why do we always try to cover it up?

How will Obama start his socialmalistic army right under our noses?

It will be easy for us to judge the worth of any Health Insurance Reform

GOP figure: Andy Card weighing run for Kennedy's seat

How will Obama have to buy off Holy Joe on Healthcare?

Mike Duvall's statement supporting Prop 8 is laughable theatre now

Mike Duvall's statement supporting Prop 8 is laughable theatre now

No Public Option, NO Mandate. And it better be a very GOOD Public Option.

almost 29,000.00 for a 5 day hospital stay I am thankful for my insurance but I still have to pay

I have been unfaithful to my mistress

Could Chuck Todd possibly be any MORE irritating??

Black Caucus members: It's public option or nothing

Beware the zombie children who watched Obama's speech!

Trader Joe's Wants LaRouche PAC Barred (for Obama = Hitler protests)

Obama To Baucus: NO THANKS!

Please vote for a Green America Business (ps I have my choice)

How strongly are you looking for Obama to support a public option tonight?

How strongly are you looking for Obama to support a public option tonight?

I have a theory to explain these hypocritical family values politicians.

Come To Vern Buchanan's Townhall 11 Sept

I'm hoping the bullshit about the school speech

How much do we spen on health care for illegal immigrants right now?

I have all the health care I can stand.


We need the Insurance Commissioners in all fifty states to investigate Blue Cross Blue Shield

Snowe: White House Needs to Compromise on the Public Option

"I suffer no illusions that this will be an easy process."

So What's the Fucking Healthcare Plan Today?

So What's the Fucking Healthcare Plan Today?

What time is the Prez's speech Weds - please? nt

Mexico is outraged over influx of its own citizens

Some Good News: Schumer Still Talking Reconciliation

OK, you get your electric bill and it's for $3000 for one month & it's NOT a mistake

We had inservice yesterday. I am showing my kids the speech Friday

What is with the right wing meme about 2013?

Calif. Lawmaker Who Bragged About Affairs Resigns - Mike Duvall (R)

The One Thing Obama Must NOT Say Tonight

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers: behind-the-scenes

Why isn't discharge of medical debt in bankruptcy part of the health care bill?

Medicare for all as an across-the-board option for all.

"Time for a grown-up talk about health care reform - we've had all the tantrums we can afford"

OK, I messed up in my other OP.

Maybe we could buy health insurance per organ system?

Kaiser Foundation: Side-by-Side Comparison of Major Health Care Reform Proposals

Kaiser Foundation: Side-by-Side Comparison of Major Health Care Reform Proposals

Why am I so goddamn nervous?

Six unemployed people compete for every available position...

Dear Mr President - they lost. And every idea they've had has been a failure

Excerpts from Obama's address to Congress...

Do the senate democrats have the balls to force reconciliation on health care??

Assemblyman (R) Brags About Sex With Lobbyists - didn't know mic was hot

Ed: the Baucus plan is Bogus


George Stephanopoulos Taking Notes AGAIN From Sean Hannity

The Air Force is unconstitutional!

save billions for healthcare reform by putting an end to wasteful spending on foreign adventures

All I want to be when I grow up is a triple AAA bond

Roosevelt's Fireside Chats were a must when I was a kid.

Selling sarah, is up to 37,500

Do You Want the AIG Option, Or The Public Option?

According to MSNBC, we all have a FETISH...A Public Option Fetish & my response

MSM says WATCH Olympia Snowe, TONIGHT! If Olympia Twitches..Dems FALL DOWN!

The Baucus Plan is bogus as is most of the "reform" being foisted on us by our Congress, Part II

I HATE how AM Radio is ALL Right Wing!!! I can not find ONE Liberal AM Talk Show

“California’s Real Death Panels”–Data Reveals California’s Private Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

Palin pre-rebuttal to Obama speech on Facebook

Correcting the Facebook quote: "80% of the uninsured have full-time jobs."

On the local NPR call-in show this morning, I heard a R pol try to make the case

The GOP Finally Proposes Their Healthcare Plan

Don't let Baucus fool you about moving forward without the Repubs...

Teen who cries blood gets help from experts


Does Firefox have swine flu????

Budget reconciliation.

Today's oral argument, corporate campaign finance (audio)

Obama Health Care Speech: Text Excerpts

9-11 eight years later, still unsolved, the perp still 'out there'

I'm sick of House and Senate Republicans complaining about government "waste & fraud".

Mandates are essential and the Public Option is essential

When the SCOTUS overturns McCain/Feingold, and corporations are given full First Amendment rights,

Hmmmm, this guy looks familiar...

Hmmmm, this guy looks familiar...

Global recession: Aftershock

I'll translate for the radio person wanting to to kill Michael Moore in non-PC terms

I'll translate for the radio person wanting to to kill Michael Moore in non-PC terms

Students not allowed to hear Obama will be bussed to hear G.W. Bush

if you have Facebook,you can live chat while watching the Pres's speech live

Obama speech excerpts contain no mention of public option

Public Option T-shirt >>>

what a psyche shocker

Memorial Service for Walter Cronkite - pics

Let's discuss Jerry Mazza's "America the Imperial" (9-9-09 Online Journal)

***Official Obama Speech Before A Joint Session of Congress......the drinking game, Thread***

I'm thinking 'fight club' for the movie this evening....

Post-Speech live chat. Get answers to your questions re: healthcare reform

I predict Obama will tell Congress to work hard and stay in school

Malaysian Chinese couples tie knot in '999' mass wedding

The public option is a "shiny new object" according to Claire

Audio to today's SCOTUS oral arguments including, for the first time, Justice Sotomayor

Obama to say now or never on health care.

The Solution to the Health Care Impasse: A Triggered Buy-In to Medicare

Sailor Jessica Watson hits bulk carrier before solo round the world voyage

PBS Brooks and Shields. Brooks - "public option is dead". Shields - "No way - not dead at all".

Santa Cruz, CA, approves wide-ranging smoking ban

What has been your best rebuttal to a republican?

"Republicans love this country just as much as I do."

Shocker! Judge sets eligibility trial date (Obama)

Prediction: Major health care reform, with a public option. will pass, will be popular

Six new advertisers reportedly join Beck boycott, brings total to 62

CO State Board of Ed Chief calls Obama "Captain Kangaroo"

Society for Truth & Justice protest 'the inclusion of abortion in a public health care option'- pics

Heads up, DU

Keith Oberman just channeled Thom Hartmann

Supreme Court skeptical of limitions of businesses in Elections.

About Arlington ISD (Texas) not airing President Obamb's speech:

Are there public figures you like personally but disagree with politically?

"He had hoped the American public would have been better education about what the bill contains"...

where can I watch Obama online in real time

Do we need a wealthy class in order to maintain society?

CSpan 1 is going to show the Speech

Dear President Obama, thank you so much for....

If the Democratic Congress doesn't pass the Public Option, is Obama a failure and "breaking"?

If the Democratic Congress doesn't pass the Public Option, is Obama a failure and "breaking"?

If the Democratic Congress doesn't pass the Public Option, is Obama a failure and "breaking"?

If the Democratic Congress doesn't pass the Public Option, is Obama a failure and "breaking"?

Make my day.

Dumb Question: Could AG Jerry Brown's health claim denial probe lead to murder charges

Court skeptical of limits on businesses, unions

Caption - Rep. Boustany (R) rehearsing he Republican response to President Barack Obama's speech

SC House Republican caucus calls for Sanford to resign.

Indiana leaders call in Jeb Bush to reform their schools.

Why are Axelrod, Gibbs and Linda looking so "down." Are they Hearing It from the Left who

OH get off it ...some of you act like Obama is bad and hurting you ...don't you think he knows what

Moscow Could Give Venezuela Arms Loan - Kremlin Aide

Holy Shit! Snowe Asked Obama to Take the Public Option off the table In Speech Tonight.

Bellingham, WA offers key to city to Jon Stewart (near Mt. Vernon, where Beck will get key)

If significant health care reform fails

Uhhh Why is the USPS broke? And how do we fix it?

Robert Reich at Salon: Why a "trigger" for the public option is nonsense

American democracy treats everyone equally.

OK: Excerpts released offer NO concrete plan details just more of the same "goals".

I still don't know what a "public option" means

I accidentally the economy.

CNBC - "1 Year Later . . . Who Missed the Warning Signs"


Track star Caster Semenya gets new coach, new look

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Quick, hide the Children

Hey! Whatever happened to those two wars we've been having?

Just heard on the NPR hourly news.... Minor stroke puts Keillor in hospital

letter to principal.

we've been here before....i say he knocks it out of the park!!!!

Study: Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Twice As Much As Dems' Health-Care Bill

So Drippy resigned

New York Times deletes idiotic paragraph, thanks to Glenn Greenwald

Give up your Private Insurance if allowed to Buy Into Medicare?

Virtual JFK: Vietnam if Kennedy had Lived (

Anyone else see the 1988 clip of Reagan on Maddow's show?

Abercrombie & Fitch fined $115,264 for refusing Teen to Help Her Autistic Sister with Clothes

If the "Democrats" pass a bill forcing you to buy health insurance, will you refuse?

principal's response

Tomorrow, the Dream of the Beatles will be introduced to a new generation.

The ABC's of What Will Happen Tonight and Beyond...

The ABC's of What Will Happen Tonight and Beyond...

Victoria Kennedy in the gallery before President Obama's speech on Health Care - pic

Dozens of New Species Found in Island Crater

Medicare Part E: Everybody

Garrison Keillor hospitalized after minor stroke

Schadenfreude Event of the Day: Wing-nut horndog/lobbyist-schtupper Duvall resigns.

Beck didn't murder anyone, but he

Why did Obama choose Health Care Reform as his first major battlefield?

We have become a second world country

"Internet Explosion" "Barricades" Where is our Non Violent Progressive Movement on Healthcare?

Hello, Bush tax cuts EXPIRE in 2010, why isn't anyone telling us about how that can pay for HC!?

I don't know how many here are fans of the space program, but tonight I got to see a rare thing.

Out of idle curiosity, does anyone actually read the Constitution anymore?

Cancer. Do you remember Andy?

Does "no public option" get your support?

Christian terrorists hijack Mexican plane...

Mandated Health Insurance is a necessity.

Scalia Should Be Impeached For Incompetence

The speech I wish Obama had given...

Mandated health insurance isn't really necessary, and is politically disastrous



With just 5 minutes research, look what I found.....

"..Death Panels”–Data Reveals California’s Private Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

We Liberals need to take over the Democratic Party just like the whack conservatives

We Liberals need to take over the Democratic Party just like the whack conservatives

Kucinich: A New Movement: Health Care as a Civil Right (Art 1,Sec 8:to promote the general welfare)

If you give time for smoking breaks, you should for breastfeeding as well

Are Stewart &Colbert back?

Walrus moves closer to Endangered Species listing

I'm 59 and quit my job yesterday

Help me debunk a Con; Britain's "death panels"?

Dan Lungren Wants Discrimination Written into the U.S. Constitution-

DUers in Heavily Red Areas/States - Do you ever fear for your lives?

Help the President! We live in a representative democracy people. Lets not forget that!!

What should DEM parents do if a GOP politician addresses the children at a school that "opted out"?

ACORN Praised by Prosecutors for Fighting Voter Registration Fraud

Public schools used for church services on weekends

Four Women in Lover's Gluing to Stand Trial

BECK: "I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself..."

I don't have Health Insurance and I don't need Health Insurance

Dan Lungren... Friend to the Fundies-

S.C. man starves to death after losing job.

Another Republican caught with their pants down. (CA Republican Duvall.)

Now that 8 years have gone by, how do you think America was affected by 9-11?

"I'm Done. My Child's Life Can't Wait on Another Speech or Vain Hopes for Bipartisanship"

E.P.A. to Ban Lead Tire Weights

Tort reform? I'll talk tort reform when I hear about reform in two other areas:

If President Obama doesn't cure cancer tonight, I'm leaving the Democratic Party!

When I'm feeling down and depressed, I play my DVD of "Apocalypse Now"

When I'm feeling down and depressed, I play my DVD of "Apocalypse Now"

Do the Dems have the 50 votes (plus Biden) to get a public option thru Senate?

I think children should not be required to listen to a politician talk in school.

The Most Nightmarish Health Care Reform Bill Ever

This may be my last night as a Democrat.

"Forcing" us to buy insurance? Are we that crazy to believe this?

The "tide has turned sharply against the public option..." (oh, really??)

Will our Democratic Party beget the mother of all corporate scams?

There Is Not One Single Redeeming Quality to the Republican Political Party.

There Is Not One Single Redeeming Quality to the Republican Political Party.

Chris Matthews recovering from Diabetes tests

My little sister drew this cartoon

A $3800 fine? Game over, man. Game over.

Racist Limbaugh Wins the 'Irony of The Year Award'

It's a set up! My official prediction.

Here is the email I will send to the Superintendent of my sons school who refused to let Obama

'Israel link' in Arctic Sea case

Bill requiring musical instrument sterilization lacks Somerville support

Animal Rescue group - Each time Vick is sacked will donate 5 bags of dog food to shelter

Happy birthday to me (today)! :P

New Images Released from the Refurbished Hubble Space Telescope

Toyota, Accused of Destroying Rollover Accidents Evidence

Censorship sparks outrage, call to replace school board members


In Defense of Texas.

It's Time for a Real Debate on National Health Insurance - by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

The Countdown starts

Everyone - Give it up for meeeeeeeeee!

PSA: If you're trying to get investors to buy into your business, don't leave anything out!

Who wants to win this,,,,,,

Take a right....check it out!!!!

Going out to buy some antidepressents

Mrs. Rabrrrrrr just dropped me into liquid hot magma

I kindly suggest that...

BRMC - Whatever happened to my rock n' roll (punk song)

"Violins on television."

So what did kids learn in school today?

The flashing electricity ads on DU bother my eyes. Maybe it's just me.

My boy starts high school tomorrow.

My lounge video post for the evening....long live the Cars!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I do this to myself? Never ever look up symptoms at Med sites online.

Groovy great go-go gigs from the 1960s:

At what age shall McJunior here have a heart attack?

Trek Bloopers

Is Office Outlook 2003 an improvement over Outlook Express for e-mail?

"The PM Inbox has changed! The PM Inbox has changed!"

Ahhh..nothing like a glass of red wine and kicking some Repug ass on FB.

The Mama and the Papas The Hullabaloo tv show.

In Samoa, Drivers Switch to Left Side of the Road

Ode to a Folding Travel Chair


Swedish fashion. H&M. Really?

Someone go out and get me...

My girls don't start school until Sept. 23 and it's driving me crazy!

Would Obama please do my political science reading for me?

Google Monopoly

I am about to leave for vacation and my cat doesn't want me to go!

Sonny and Cher - duck for cover

sweet! Just scored tickets to Janeane Garofalo

Oh no, I think I'm turning into a prude!

so what's the going thing to do on facebook when

DU is getting hard for me.....

Majel Barrett as a non-blonde.

Mike Vick fans: 5 bags of dog food donated every time Vick is tackled.

Good movie: The Conversation Gene Hackman stars and Francis Ford Coppola directs

I saw the shuttle and space station half an hour ago

What the holy fuck is this ?

New kitty pic!

Good morning Lounge

Obama's health plan requires people over 40 to sell a kidney to get coverage.

Only 78 days until the War on Christmas begins..DU Agents are you ready?

I have a concern.

How many Freepers does it take to change a light bulb?

TMZ takes aim at "man-shag" sported by David Schwimmer, beloved "Ross" from TV's beloved "Friends"

Saw the ISS & the shuttle last night

So I told the barista to make me the sweetest iced coffee drink they had...

Couple get married at 7-year-old son’s funeral

After 8 years on DU, I'm not going to ask for vibes, but I do have a last wish..

There is half of something in the driveway under my window.

Whoever it was that made a donation in my name....thank you very much

FYI, People.... Beijing is GREAT in September

People Are Strange


"In a state of desperation and loneliness," Jessica Simpson "secretly hooking up with" John Mayer

oh! maybe the day is turning around!

I'm beginning to think....

Any brick/block/stone masons here?

More bus stories from today..

Kid gets killed on tv show.

Photos: Celebrities Who Look-Alike

Bushwackers or Olsen Twins?

The only cure for Swine Flu (tm) are these tiny, miniature laser ray guns.

I am now posting from my new office!

Wild Monkey Sex

DU Song Of The Day

Now open: Live Audio/Video/Text Chat: Liberals and Progressives


A couple of LOLcatz

Great GCW post in GD!

Nice Garfield Minus Garfield today...

And if, if they take my stapler, I will, I will set this building on fire.

possible gross out warning: question related to gleeking

When most people see something (someone) beautiful, their first instinct is to control it

A picture for my 500th post..

22 Awesome Ways to Reboot Classic TV Shows

isn't it against DU rules

I woke up with this tune running through my head. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

Are narwhals played out?


It would be fun to be rich and eccentric if you could do this.

WOW! You won't believe this little guy!

Little Dragon with Yukimi Nagano - Feather

Bad ass ring.

Dang; the 1960s had the coolest outfits...

This is what happens when you're a smart-ass

How did you learn how to do what you do for a living?

I didn't realize it until yesterday, but in Shakespeare's time, mine was used for "my"...

Does it feel like primary season to anyone else?

Your welcome.

FM radio fans, this is too fuckin cool.

I start school tomorrow.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GreenPartyVoter!! *******

You know whats wrong with this country? I'll tell you whats wrong with this Country

Time to puke: Skank Jr sings "If the South Woulda Won"

Man Abuses Child Quietly Out Of Respect for Other Diners

HAHAHA - Toni Tennille tells why "Muskrat Love" reminds her of Henry Kissinger...

Reference the sexist male and female to have ever lived!

Bart the General.

Gamers....if you were ever into it, what is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

Who's Josh Groban? Other than a mega-douchebag. I've already figured that out.

I love the lounge!

I have wanted to ask the Lounge this question for a wile, so: The Beatles or The Stones

Today's Dumbass Story

man cave necessities

DU college pick'em results/standings for week 1

Trapped Girls Updated Facebook Status instead of Calling for Help

C'mon, that one doesn't even have an H in it.....

Heaven is....

It's 80s music dedication time.


I @%$&# hate cover letters.

Heaven is NOT..........

My birthday is coming up later this month and I was wondering...

DU grammar police... what is the past tense of sneak? Is it sneaked or snuck?

Men have... needs.

How do you feel about public displays of affection?

My Piglet is gone

How many here never ate Wonder Bread.

A Request for Good Vibes

70's earworm song for today: "You Light up My Life" by Debbie Boone

I need a great recipe for a meatless lasagna

What Is Your Favorite One Hit Wonder?

Cat Shower - You GOTTA see this! Hilarious! Bwah! (video)

Five states hall of shame

Obama: I was too ambiguous on healthcare reform

Oh great, here we go, "Fed. Judge Carter sets Trial Date for Obama's Eligibility"

Chambliss expects 'humility' from Obama

If there isn't a strong public option in the final bill that lands on Obama's desk

Obama: 'If you misrepresent what's in the plan, we will call you out'

Liberals: Prepare for Defcon: Level Batshit Crazy

What channel will you be watching the speech on tonight?

Markos Moulitsas WARNS OBAMA On Health Reform: " PUBLIC OPTION Is Our Waterloo "

Anyone remember Bill Clinton's speech given to Congress on health care 16 years ago? Here it is.

Washignton Post: Obama to offer "nuanced support" for public option tonight

Will the president's address be on MSNBC?


Chambliss: Obama Better Show Humility In Speech To Congress

It's Good Strategy For Obama To NOT Draw A Line On The PO Tonight

Leaders of Congressional Black Caucus and civil rights groups demand inclusion of public option

Someone talk me down, please; Obama speech excerpts do NOT address Public Option

He's not even going to rule out co-ops

Speech will be shown at, then live chat.

Rep. Maxine Waters, " It is time for the President to leave the republicans

Almost show time.. I'm all giddy!

Serious question: If there's no public option, what is the reform exactly?

Help me understand 'birther'?

The republicans have fucked themselves and they know it. Tonight they lose.

I think Harkin may be good as a replacement on Ted Kennedy's committee

"Just Words, Just Speechs" (OR) Kevin Nealon's Subliminal Man?

Obama-birthplace lawsuit in O.C. plagued by infighting (Taitz update)

BIG ED to Max Baucus: "SHUT-UP, you don't get it YOU OLD GOAT!"

AP poll from October 22, 2008...."AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch"

"You will not be able to choose your doctor"

On the President’s Guest List Tonight

Think Obama will wear one of those radio thingies tonight?

I am going to liveblog the speech tonight...

Email from David Axelrod says that after the speech there will be a live chat w/

Act Blue: Obama campaign staffers, volunteers/contributors launch NYT full page ad for Public Option

Todd Rokita and the $110,000 question!

Prediction: some here will love tonight's speech, some will dislike it and

White House Talking Points On Obama’s Speech: Republicans Need To Put Up Or Shut Up

Rukavina will run for governor

Jane Norton Files "Exploratory Committee" Papers

I gotta believe that there are a bunch of guys at CNN, WaPo, and other news sites

NY-23: A Three-Way Race?

Tonite is the nite.... RED MEAT!!!

Some good news on the economy.

NC-Sen: Elaine Marshall Set to Run

What sacrificial lamb will the GOP send to respond to the Presidents speech tonight?

Are Woolsey, Grijalva and Waters any match against Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Baucus?

"Snake in the Grassley"

Clinton: LBJ "quit at Medicare and Medicaid, because he knew how hard it was..."

Tell President Obama: Glenn Beck Doesn't Speak for Me

TPM says Chuck Schumer favors using some reconciliation, but doesn't think much of 'trigger option'

Obama Health Care Speech: Text Excerpts

So far today, Robert Gibbs, Valerie Jarrett and Olympia Snowe are talking BIPARTISAN BILL...

Whose arms is Rahm twisitng?

White House Adviser: Obama’s Speech Will Frame Choice Between Real Reform And Status Quo

Good Luck with your speech this evening, President Obama!

Excerpts from the President's speech (Politico)

How much has Obama spent?

Sen. Snowe speaks for the Party of No

Robert Gibbs Takes Shots at Fox on Morning Show.

I'm Going Into The Fake Obama Birth Certificate Business

This campaign finance ruling coming before the SC...

NYT's MoDo on Obama: Less Spocky, More Rocky

I am going to have a robust salad followed by robust coffee before the robust speech

Could we just wait for the speech and listen? This place is acting

It has been 16 years! Since a Democratic President, addressing Congress

President Obama's health care speech will lack demand for public option

The Cheney International Center at the University of Wyoming

8th grader: "I forged a note to get out of Obama's speech."

I just wish somebody, ANYBODY would go Bullworth in D.C.

Obama to say there will be no public option at all

Does anyone care to read the POS Max Baucus "FRAMEWORK FOR COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH REFORM"?

Howard Dean coming up on Crossfire nt

Olbermann's statement from last Friday's Countdown

Palin : "The president's proposals would give unelected officials life-and-death rationing powers."

I am thinking of breaking arms (figuratively not literally) of those

Obama will call for the Pubic Option and chuckle like Beavis

Kennedy family to be at Obama speech in Pelosi box

Senate pays tribute to Ted Kennedy

Robert Reich: Why a "trigger" for the public option is nonsense

Obama must vow to veto any plan without a public option.

Baucus Plan Would Gut State-Level Insurance Industry Regulation

White House Talking Points On Obama’s Speech: Republicans Need To Put Up Or Shut Up

If there is no robust public option, then count me out!

OMG, I just found the offical Obama Kenyan Birth Certficate - this one is the real deal...

I have been disappointed, at times, as I imagine a lot of folks here have been as well about

Should posters who declare they no longer support Obama...

Massive DU kudos to mystieus!

After tonight's speech I have a feeling I'll be....

Obama must leave us with a mission tonight

Suddenly, there's "never been any doubt" that POTUS will strongly endorse a public option in speech

**** ENOUGH!! ****

AP--GfK Poll: Obama Disapproval On Health Care Up To 52 Percent

McDonnell (Homophobe-VA) on whether he has ever engaged in sodomy: "Not that I can recall."

Is The Ultimate Goal Of The GOP Not Just A Repeat of 1994, But The Impeachment Of President Obama?

Obama takes responsbility for leaving "too much ambiguity out there"

Poll finds SOARING support for US Foreign policy in Europe.

Did Adults Learn Anything From Obama Speech Controversy?

Tell President Obama: Glenn Beck Doesn't Speak for Me

"Fed survey shows U.S. recession may be over" - Politico gnashes teeth while passing on the news

Dear Mr. President...

Would it be acceptable to you if Obama just states his support of the Public Option but

Mr President, the bipartisan approach has failed.

Mr. President: Damn the Torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

One request tonight, Mr. President

MA-Sen: Coakley Leads Primary Pack, Mihos Won't Get In

"Specter Gets Support for Health Reform"

Am I the only one who just is a little more hopeful when Obama is photographed with the Big Dawg

No Public Option - a graphic poem

The GOP Nitters are exactly like BED BUGS and SCABIES

We are going to have to develop a brand new "warning" system for the President

Neither Fox nor Fox News appear to be running the President's speech tonight.

A public option is to health care as a 401K is to Social Security.

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Pelosi throws gauntlet on Public Option and puts pressure on Obama

Baucus to begin markup week of Sept. 21st

Its past 10:00, Have we heard anything from Baucus?

Coakley Leads in Race to Replace Kennedy

Roger Hickey's got it exactly right

Democrats and Montanans,

Obama Restores European Confidence in U.S., Leaves Skeptical Minds in Poll

Tomorrow's Speech By Obama

If Hawaii were to secede, would Obama still be president? (humor)

If 'Public Option' is in the speech tonight, it is in for good.

a portrait worthy of asshats

at the risk of being labeled a "SOCIALIST"...

My 13 Year Old Son's Take On Obama's Speech Yesterday

Obama gets boost from American Medical Association - backs health care reform

Is this the "death panel" Palin & ilk speak of?

Obama seeks to block record mountaintop removal permit

What is it with these guys.... They lie through their teeth, get caught, and then

What is this "maybe we need more republican rule for the people to really wake up" argument?

Why are people so enthusiastic about reconciliation?

Gibbs on FauxNews: I hope viewers watch "reality of what's going on in America" than reality show "

Protect President Obama .........Sign the petition

Rep. Jean Schmidt Tells Birther: ‘I Agree With You’ (ThinkProgress)

The Snowe Job, and Why a "Trigger" for a Public Option is Nonsense (Reich)

Poll finds soaring European support for US policy

Dramatic decline in Credit Card debt...and a rise in the number of Mortgage applications

Universal Medicare or defeat?

Obama to Endorse Public Plan in Speech (WSJ)

Obama's speech tonight will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he in fact is the antichrist!

Huffington Post: Stay in School, and Other Socialist Propaganda

Presidential Address on Health Care Reform

Obama may pay visit to Twin Cities for health care talk

Obama speech vs American television, entertainment...

Senator Susan Collins wants assurances that a "trigger" won't be pulled in a public option

America needs OBAMA, The Community Activist

Joe Watkins: Obama is too charismatic to speak to the kids of America (Video)

We should have a countdown ticker for the big speech. That would be way cool!

Are you going to DC October 10th-11th for the National Equality March?

Government by Lynch Mob -- Obama Should Ignore Critics and Just Lead

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: "Obama will Pay Lip Service to Public Option in his Speech, Scrap it Later"

Flippity Flop

Mean Jean Schmidt (R-OH) - BIRTHER!

American kids learned an important lesson today.

The Union Picnic

President Obama Should Call Out baucus

Petition to President Obama for the Public Option signed by thousands of Obama campaign workers

Obama's school speech - a child's view

Rex Rice endorsed by fmr. congressional candidate Stuart Carpenter

Campbell (R)abandons congressional race

President Obama, declare a national emergency under the Patriot Act and

MA-Sen: Meehan Won't Run, Capuano Will

Look, I'm trying to keep my cool but I didn't knock on doors for fines, mandates, and no PO

GOP sponsored single-payer guaranteed Health Care in Iraq, but not in US

SC Sec of Ed's sex writings: The crime is the quality of her writing

Early Roxy Music live performance....

PHOTO Caption it? (Sept 9)

Kerry Testifies at State House for Full Representation for Massachusetts in United States Senate

Post a picture of a baby animal. Give your resident Bertha a smile.

how is Medicare for all going to work if everyone who has Medicare...

*The Pickup Truck* Tonight's poem at the open mic...

Stop My Benefits Dot Com! Now anyone can end their socialized, government-run healthcare benefits!

When I hear the POTUS' speech, I already know that I will hate it!

PHOTO Caption it (Barack & Bill, Sept 9)

Why is EVERY Hate Post for Rahm Emanuel...

When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control

In His Own Words: Obama's Communist Manifesto (CBS)

Mother upset after Kentucky high school coach took players to church

America needs OBAMA, The Community Activist

Progressives Begin To Wobble On Public Option Commitment

U.S. consumer credit down record amount in July (down $21.55 billion)

Reid Takes Swipe At “Gang Of Six,” Suggests GOP Not Acting “In Good Faith”

Palin's price tag set at $25,000

NY Times Reporter Kidnapped By Taliban Rescued

Google Monopoly

AP photographer gets subpoena in Katrina probe

Iraq fraud inquiry focuses on retired Army colonel

NATO investigating civilian deaths; alcohol banned

Toyota to hire contract workers

Reps' notes suggest sales irregularities on Lilly drug

Obama to Endorse Public Plan in Speech

'GMA' Obama Exclusive: 'We Intend to Get Something Done'

Wexler hedges on opposition to bill without public option

Scrutiny Spreads to '03 McDonnell Remarks

ND audit: $35K party, $15M bonuses at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Gibbs: Public option still on table on health care

EU trio call for UN Afghan summit

Japan Falls as Yen Strengthens

I'm scheduling Skittles for a much needed ass-kicking...

Obama to Endorse Public Plan in Speech

WA judge rejects challenge to vote on gay benefits

Baucus to Bring Health Bill Before Committee Next Week

Specter will 'emphatically' sell Obama on public option

Aquino’s Son to Seek Philippines Presidency

China mine blast death toll hits 42; 37 trapped

Senate appropriators decide against cash for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter engine

'Culture Olympics' open in South Korea

Boeing:China To Account For 40% Of Asia Orders In Next 20 Yrs

Apple CEO Jobs on stage, discusses transplant (First public appearance since surgery)

Malaysia gov't report: Loggers raped Borneo girls

U.S. contractor electrocuted in shower in Iraq

Bone found near Garrido home is 'probably human,' expert says

Supreme Court arguments under way in campaign case

GOP Picks One-Time "Birther" To Rebut Obama's Health Care Speech

(Rep.) Hoekstra denied access to Guantanamo

Nato lorries torched in Pakistan

AP source: Dodd rejects health panel chairmanship (Harkin steps up)

'Inside the Mind of Mark Foley': Disgraced GOP Congressman Turned Talk Radio Host

Survivor of Philippine ferry disaster is rescued after 30 hours adrift

Aero-Mexico plane hi-jacked, with threats to blow up plane

Report: Bin Laden met with Pakistan leader

Sailor Jessica Watson hits bulk carrier before solo round the world voyage

White House Talking Points On Obama’s Speech: Republicans Need To Put Up Or Shut Up

Iran Nearing `Dangerous' Breakthrough in Building Nuclear Bomb, U.S. Says

Schumer on reconciliation: Let's use it whenever we can.

US Job Openings Fall To Lowest Level In 9 Years

Malays charged over cow protest

ICC prosecutor eyeing war crimes in Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 9

THE CIA: Complaint about Peruvian spy no longer `secret'

California Legislature passes health reform, but the governor may not

OC Assemblyman In Bed With Lobbyist . . . No, Literally In Bed

Protests brew over Cheney International Center

Dalai Lama receives human rights award

11 accused of faking voter registration cards in Miami-Dade

Grassley warns Obama not to attack Republicans tonight

Iraqi shoe thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi inundated with offers and gifts

Secret Service ends inquiry into threats against Obama on conservative talk radio show in Fla.

Special interests receive a copy of Baucus plan before the White House does

Treasury: Millions more foreclosures coming

Fanatic hijacked Mexican plane after 'revelation'

U.S. Citizen Arraigned on Charges of International Sex Tourism

Bellingham WA offers key to 'Daily Show' host (after Mount Vernon's Glenn Beck pick)

Sen. Baucus: Public option a no-go

In Speech, Obama Will Not Insist on Public Option

Sen. Kennedy Widow To Sit With First Lady Tonight

South Florida sees upswing in family trips to Cuba (travel ban removed for Cuban Americans)

NASA Needs $3 Billion More a Year, Panel Tells Obama (Update1)

Obama Remains Popular in Europe, Poll Shows

Duvall resigns following sex scandal

Schools refused to air Obama's speech but will bus kids to hear Bush speak live

US Sen Boxer:Climate Bill To Include Nuclear-Pwr Measure

Court signals it may loosen campaign spending

French Air Force general now in charge of NATO's strategic command

Hundreds of AT&T Union Members Sent Home Without Pay (4 wearing protest t-shirts)

Minor stroke puts Keillor in hospital

GOP Rep. Tells Uninsured Man Things Worked Out Well, Despite Bankruptcy

Health Care

Keith Olbermann Goes After Glenn Beck Over Van Jones' Resignation

President Obama's Message for America's Students

Rep. Waters to Obama: Stand Up for Public Option. 'We've Got Your Back.'

Olbermann: 'Worst Persons' - Orly Taitz, Michelle Bachmann: 'Crazy, Stupid, or On Something?'

Olbermann contrasting Obama's school speech with Fox News lunacy

Rachel Maddow: The Right Wing's "Schoolhouse Crock"

"Guarding The Hen House" - a child's health care parable

9/8 -- Rachel 'I don't make deals on what I cover' Maddow RE: WND Nutters

Obama 's Speech To Schoolchildren

Healthcare Reform & Americas Real Euthanasia Program

9th Grader Asks Obama A 'Personal Question' At School Speech Event

Are the Vaxers a Threat to National Security?

"Lord Boustany" to give Health Care Reform speech GOP response

Thom Hartmann -With the scalping of Van Jones should we now consider Glenn Beck a cult leader? (2/2)

Army captain files suit over Obama’s citizenship status; Orly Taitz representing soldier

Glenn Beck: Van Jones Is Now An Iceberg And MORE DANGEROUS!

Glenn Beck: Van Jones Is Now An Iceberg And MORE DANGEROUS!

Grassley Defends His 'Pull The Plug On Grandma' Comments


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Mercilessly Rips Into America's "Coal Barons"

Another Divisive Intolerant Self righteous Christian

Thom Hartmann - With the scalping of Van Jones should we now consider Glenn Beck a cult leader? (1/2

Lancaster students watch Obama's back-to-school address

Fox Already Foaming at the Mouth Over Moore's

Thom Hartmann - Did the photo of the dead Marine show a Heroic act or senseless sacrifice?

Civil War Is Under Way In The US

Thom Hartmann - Why does America have the most sick & twisted healthcare in the developed world?

FOX News = Mixed Messages

DNC - Republicans Want To End Medicare

Financial Crisis Revisited - Political Satire Song by The Astroturf

Rachel Maddow: Say Hello To Past Republican "Czars"

Dissecting Michael Steele

TYT: Letting Van Jones Go Right Now Was A Terrible Decision & Here's Why

McCain: Supremes Extreme Naivete, Disconnect Reality Unlimited $$$ Influence in Politics

[ barelypolitical ] - Rush Limbaugh's Punchout

FOX News is Blind to GOP Racism

Rupert Murdoch On Fox Hiring Don Imus

TYT: Some Top Democrats Bail On Public Option - Find Out Why

Frank Zappa on Registering to Vote (extended clips)

Robert Reich discusses the public option..September 8

TYT: The Back Story of How Right-Wing Groups Got Van Jones Fired/Made Him Resign

max keiser interviewed on Russia Today; doomsday in US, gold going up, post 9-11 Fed. policy actions

Mortgage servicers will be sued: Ohio attorney general

Young Turks: Cops Use Stimulus Money to Trick Criminals

CAUGHT ON TAPE!!.....CA Assemblyman Michael Duvall; HOT MIC convo about sex 'a lot' and 'spanking'

Olbermann: O'Donnell on No Universal Coverage - 'That's When We See Explosion on Internet'

CEO Don Blankenship @ Friends of America Rally

Duvall removed from committee after vulgar comments caught on tape


The Army Experience Center and the Development of a Warrior Caste

Obama School Speech Innocent? Just Play It Backwards, as Glenn Beck Suggests

Obama has lost his way on healthcare

Too Many Kooks

Why we stood up to Michael Steele

Staying in School and the 'Socialist Agenda'

‘Indoctrination’? Look who’s guilty (Idaho Mountain Express)

Could Texas's Gingrich-Based High School History Curriculum Go National?

When crazy was common (Sun Chronicle)

A Health Care Speech from September, 16 Years Ago

Exposing Huge Hidden Profits of A Non-Profit Hospital, Part Two

How Mike Huckabee's Evangelical Creds Helped Him Avoid the GOP's Collapse

Guest Post: How Bad Will Unemployment Get, And What Can We Do About It?

Krugman's Right About Mandate v. Public Option

Obama Brainwashes Vulnerable Children’s Minds: Ann Woolner

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession

Tea Bagger Bus Company Sued Over Fire That Killed 23

In These Times: In and Out of the Working Class

Tony Blair Visits the "Late Show"

Obama Must Reclaim The Debate (Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation, 9/8)

Morality, Trust, Community, and the End of Attack Politics

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' Flick Rips into Crimes of Wall Street

President Obama will Pay Lip Service to the Public Option in his Congress Speech, and Scrap it Later

FPI (re-branded PNAC) Ropes In Liberal Interventionists After All

Town Hallers Angry Over Obama's Speech to Their Representatives

A Modest Proposal to End Socialism

Reforming Healthcare Is Way Cheaper Than Bush's Tax Cuts

Far right sending sad message (Pensacola News Journal)

Why Do Consumers Accept Debit Card Abuse?

Mother Jones: Blackwater Contractor Saw Killing Iraqis as 9/11 Payback

The Conning of the Average White Southerner: A Venerable Tradition

An interesting commentary on the West's paranoid geopolitical posturing. I say

'High-Tech Lynching' of Van Jones Signals McCarthyism Alive and Well

"Britain flounders in world table of banks confidence" is the heading of this article

An open letter to Fritz Henderson(GM) - No more H1B visas

This Story is NOT About Sarah Palin

Is VA GOP Candidate Robert McDonnell Afraid to Admit to a Blow Job?

Tightening the Corporate Grip: The Stakes at the Supreme Court

Hoffa: Colombia doesn't deserve anti-worker trade pact

Message to a Racist

How the War on Drugs is a War on Class

WE'VE WAITED TOO LONG ALREADY-Freedom Through Association & Action-

Why the Wars (& Wall St. Bailouts) Roll on: Campaign Money From Outside Cong. District

Smear, queer and fear -- the essence of 'Ratfucking,' the GOP modus operandi since Nixon

A New Movement: Health Care as a Civil Right By Dennis Kucinich

We Want the Public Option by Jane Hamsher

President Obama's speech to schools: Viewer comments

Why the Secret Service and FBI Must Investigate Threats Against Obama

GOP Lawmaker's Graphic Sex-Bragging Caught On Tape

Baucus Co-Op Plan “Authored” By Ex-Wellpoint VP Matches July 31 Mike Ross Blue Dog Amendment

Sister Souljah Speaks: Obama and the Crazies of the Left and Right...

Israeli PM Pays Secret Visit To Russia: Report

No Public Option Means Hundreds of Billions in New Assets for Giant Health Companies

British Lessons on Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Better Dead Than Red : Burn Your Medicare Card in Protest

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' Flick Rips into Crimes of Wall Street

Wasted... The enormous anti-Bush attitude throughout the country that swept team Obama into WH

Anna Deveare Smith's OpEd piece made me mad, and then...

Czar Wars: How did a term for Russian royalty work its way into American government?

The big honking flaw in the health care bill

US Girl Scouts prepare for war, pestilence

Medicare Part E: Everybody

Robert Scheer: A 9/11 Reality Check

Endangered Madagascar lemur nears extinction from forest destruction

Dark Energy; no pollution or other environmental adversities?!

UK face invasion by moth that thinks it's a hummingbird

Drumbeat: September 9, 2009

Tornado threat increases as Gulf hurricanes get larger

The Right Wing Attack Machine Behind the Van Jones Affair

NSIDC Update - August Winds Helped Slow Sea Ice Loss; Still On Track For 3rd-Lowest Extent On Record

Giant Rats, Fanged Frogs - Scientists Find 40+ New Species In New Guinea Volcanic Crater - Guardian

CA Legislature Prepared To Issue Environmental Waivers For New LA NFL Stadium

Nearly 600 Sites In 35 States (Usually) Contain Coal Ash - 34 Spills In Past 10 Years

EPA Will DumpThree TX Air-Quality Permitting Systems; Not In Compliance With Clean Air Act

Pacific Walrus Will Be Reviewed For Federally Protected Status, Thanks To Projected Sea Ice Loss

Here's a real breakhrough on LED lighting technology

Great Bears Missing From Great Bear Rainforest This Year - But Trophy Hunt Scheduled for 9/10 - ENS

Green Walls Growing To New Heights

EPA's Chesapeake Bay restoration strategy due today

Biomimetic Buildings

Royal Society Researchers - North Sea Cod Finished Thanks To Water Temps, W or W/O Fishing Bans

Russia's Newest Energy Proposal - Burning Peat, W. Potential Release Of Up To 113 Gigatons Carbon

Lincecum out with back injury

Game of the week(Based on AP top 25 rankings) Who wins?

The smallmen once again waste a fine effort by their starting pitcher and lose

NYC man to be charged for Nadal on-court kiss

(Week 2 Bottom 10 Rankings - College Football) Rocked band's ticket to ride

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, Spetember 8)

Emmitt offers dire prediction for Cowboys

The Little Men are watching the season pass them by.

Which quarterback-wide receiver duo was or is the best ?


NFL Week One Picks (with point spreads)

VIDEO: Trip Report Back on National Resistance Movement

U.S.-Cuba dialogue team envisioned (by Bill Richardson, between Miami exiles and Cuba)

Brazil in 'fugitive haven' fight

At BoRev: Trailer for Oliver Stone's film "South of the Border" (on Chavez & the Rev)

THE CIA: Complaint about Peruvian spy no longer `secret'

Sekaggya to check Colombia rights record

Hoffa: Colombia doesn't deserve anti-worker trade pact

South Florida sees upswing in family trips to Cuba

Father of a FARC hostage asks for Chávez's mediation

El Frente Nacional Taking it International – Meeting October 8-10, 2009, Teguz

Zelaya: Returning Honduras to Democratic and Constitutional Order

Colombia's Uribe signs his own re-election bill

DUers, this is, by far, the most enlightening forum here.

Obstacle to peace

Hamas produces and smuggles weapons: Meshaal

Israel: anti-assimilation ads yanked over uproar

Shouldn't Sweden just condemn Aftonbladet? No, not really.

Israel's war on Gaza killed 252 children, report claims

9 Sept. 2009: B'Tselem publishes complete fatality figures from Operation Cast Lead

Jewish Leaders Converging On D.C. For Advocacy Day On Iran

Rights group: Most Gazans killed in war were civilians

Car jackings gone bad...

UNRWA asked to teach Holocaust, defy Hamas

What prevents peace?

(Boy) Scouts to no longer bring penknives on camping trips (UK)

Today in Labor History Sept 9, 16 striking Filipino workers on the Hawiian island killed by police

Chicago Labor Organizes Tribute Fundraiser For Helmets To Hardhats "Wounded Warriors"

The Quiet War on American Workers

Lynagh's, where I drank my lunch today.

Shooting Up - Follow-up Report

Insect Porn!

Shooting Up and the 12 Steps

When I'm back home I won't have these environs...I show them now because I like them

Need upload help!

B&W City skyline

This dog and his owner need their own thread

Went to work and found out it was my last day....

Image of the Day: The Creative Evolution of Darwin's "Origin of the Species"

Using Insects To Test For Drug Safety

The royal road to belief: science. No surprise there. A large majority of its most innovative

A skull that rewrites the history of man

NASA releases amazing new Hubble images

Dems To Introduce DOMA Repeal in House

The LGBT community knows all about speeches

How to help a 10th-grader kicked out by parents????

Pretend and Spend and Success will Come.

They're moving on down

The consumer is officially AWOL

Question for the gay men on the board: If you read an article that said....

Cheer Up Folks the Recession is over...again

Thanks Corporate America for helping out your feed bag

Treasury sees millions of more foreclosures

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/08/09

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession

Market crisis 'will happen again' Greenspan

Big Firms Are Quick to Collect, Slow to Pay

Why some economists could see it coming (Financial Times)

Current Economic Conditions

So what they want is the status quo....

There's a company which advertises their lower costs because "we eliminate the middleman"

Spoken emailed and faxed

A new insurance company commercial....

A new insurance company commercial....

A fact to push in the health care battle - physicians spend more time fighting with

Sick and Wrong

its time to go nuclear

Will Treating Depression Treat Heart Disease?

Fines proposed for going without health insurance

I wonder who paid this newspaper off.

Beautiful World Music

Saturn/Uranus Opposition..They canceled my unemployment benefits today..

any 9-9-9 stories to share?

Shift of The Ages (film)

Global BrainPaint

*** Atreyu Come HOME! ~ help & vision thread :)

A little pabulum for our "scientismificist" friends: The royal road to belief: science.

The Future That Brought Her Here.

Man is hard-wired to believe. Many of the most fierce atheists are "superstitious.

What's your opinion on magnet schools ? (and my situtation)

Pickled radishes............

Well, the visit is over, sadly.

Has anyone cooked rice in a slow cooker?

Has it occurred to anyone yet that the term "truther" is no better than

Looking for any china painters in Taylor Texas area

Rec this up

There ia another anti-Texas thread in GD.

Dallas goes for 23 days without a single homicide

Tories to stoke fear of opposition coalition

Has Hip Hop lost it?

Liberian Girl!