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The Rand Paul/tea party fraud girl on Hardball

Senate Polling Dump 10/18

Fact That Needs Solution: 'We're Destroying Life on Earth'

Michele Bachmann was for the stimulus while she was against it

Keith is going there! The reporter Miller had "kidnapped" will be on.

Simple Question: Is Obama On The Ballot This Year ???

Duplicate post. Please delete.

Orange Alert: Boehner supports Nazi wannabe

DOJ Files Brief In Favor Of Tenn. Mosque

California police find missing 3-year-old boy

Sharron Angle: "Those aren't Latinos in the campaign ad. I've been called

CBS Evening News led with Sarah and the Tbaggers, Facebook un-privacy, and the new CPR

A NY Mailer tells voters to "Vote Republican." contains legal ballot...

Bwaaaaaaaah hahahahahahaha Jon Ralston

Mildly reassuring sign for Democrats in NC

Grayson on Rush

Riverside water board candidate believed to be Nazi

Propaganda Tool Sarah Palin Uses Pat Tillman to Glorify War

Judge Unlikely To Grant Stay On DADT Ruling

rachel maddow calling out the m$m on their gop victory claims.

I must say, I'm impressed.

Socialist Schools

Church of the Aqua Buddha Website

I support the right to build all kinds of religious structures Fighting the Christian Coalition, FRC to make LGBT discrimination illegal

"arrested" journalist coming up on larry o'donnell. nt

House Polling Dump - 10/18/10

Meet the Brown Widow Spider, coming to your area soon from Southern California!

Lawrence is showing a clip of Chris Wallace

Do you think Crist will caucus with Dems or Repubs?

Alive & Well: Republican War on Democracy 2010 (ACORN COMING TO STEAL THE ELECTIONS!!!)

6 months for hitting pregnant wife in stomach on plane

McAdams and Murkowski debate starting now. Here is the link:

Rand Paul is a "Muslim"....??

In case you were wondering,diseases(not injuries) I/A vets are coming back with

Bah-bwah-wah-wah reveals why she is such a WEASEL

I am almost certain I saw one of my images on a TV spot tonight.

Minneapolis police sued over strip search on street

Tribune Board Said Ready to Oust Chief Executive

Just watched the debate. Paladino is done.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

We've seen blood in the streets in other nations when people rebelled against a

Report Shows Drones Strikes Based on Scant Evidence

ABC Nightline: Sex on campus, SuperMario the Chilean miner, and an interview w/John McCain

New Poll: Republicans Win 447 House Seats, 113 Senate Seats

Shhh there is a...national strike in France

Rachel is having an absolute ball destroying both

A rebellious spirit moves amongst us...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Naples Daily News endorse FL Governor Crist for US Senate

Megachurch Crystal Cathedral Ministries seeks bankruptcy protection

I Early Voted today....

Dear Rachel, I LOVE you, but please . . . . . .

Rachel to Palin: Science segment next, you probably won't like it

The Rothenberg Political Report was on the Lehrer Newshour tonight.

English Researchers Find Virtually No Cancer Traces in Ancient Humans

SCARY! - New Video of Miller security and handcuffed editor

Stealing Everything

Republicans Are Crazy

elliott spitzer's madam is running for governor of new york

Marco Rubio considered 3rd on DC power list by GQ....not even elected yet.

Gunmen Attack Parliament in Chechnya


The only and easy way out of the gridlock in DC is even a LARGER Democratic majority!!!

A new stage in the war on dissent

Two Weeks Folks...Get fired up if you're not already there...

Two Weeks Folks...Get fired up if you're not already there...

Confrontation builds between French workers and Sarkozy

Confrontation builds between French workers and Sarkozy

Did you know?

"our profoundly heterogeneous society...also sparks a perpetual identity crisis, perpetual unease."

How many Republican ads have been paid for by American Nazis and KKK?

How many Republican ads have been paid for by American Nazis and KKK?

Happy Yorktown Day!!!

Communist-mayor proposes cross-partisan front to emulate Tea Party

Communist-mayor proposes cross-partisan front to emulate Tea Party

BP Sale Raises $1.8 Billion to Help Pay for Gulf Spill

UK to cut public spending 25%

Typhoon Megi sweeps over Phillipines, heading toward China - 12 dead,

Civil Rights, LBJ, and the South...

Does Joe Millers Security DETAIL Remind You Of.....

Sir Charles Now In Afghanistan?

Republican ad in Nevada tells Latinos not to vote

I am supporting Democrats, and WILL vote first thing on November 2nd...

McAdams, Murkowski debate without Miller

McAdams, Murkowski debate without Miller

"Obama is an elitist"

News Corp Bans Cablevision Customers From Watching Hulu

I am officially convinced that Sharron Angle is mentally ill

BARNICLE: "My school, when newspapers were newspapers" (not dirty Left web typists)!1

NAACP to release report on Wednesday: racism rampant among Teabaggers

Mexico seizes 105 tonnes of marijuana

Airline Tells Self-Advocate He’s ‘Too Disabled To Fly’

A debate the national media won't mention because they will be forced to explain the background

Federal Employee Health Benefits: Dogs, Yes; Gay Partners, No

Bank of America lost $7.7 billion in Q3 on charge related to CARD Act

Can't pay your property taxes? Get your house foreclosed on...

Families In Limbo As Schools Ignore Special Needs Scholarships

Goldman Sachs earns $1.74B, easily tops forecasts

JPMorgan Chase Plays Pension Funds for Suckers

The perfect candidate for today's sophisticated world...

How A Pilot Refused A Full Body Scan And Now May Lose His Job

some really good resources for campaign finance links

City Could Crack Down On Absent Property Owners (fines and jail...unless you are a bank)

LOL- The Tea Baggers Finally Arrive in Washington

Anyone notice President Clinton has been working hard for Dems this election?

GOP Legislator Who Crusaded Against College Sex Ed Classes Owns Company That Sells Kinky Sex Gadgets

Lead poisoning kills hundreds of children in Nigeria

How the right thrives on crisis (growth of the far-right in europe)

the most productive congress in nearly half a century

Doomsday Capitalism: Revolution in 22 tweets

Doomsday Capitalism: Revolution in 22 tweets

Abolishing the War System: The Big Picture

Are you watching Keith O. list all the stimulus moneys being sought by Republicans?

So uh... Sharon Angle, exactly what Terrorists came into the US from Canada

In Illinois, rail passengers stand up for trains


I NEED to Know?????

Why is Michele Bachmann exactly like an Iranian vampire?

Apple's new patent may stop you from sending sexy texts over your iPhone

Mother Jones: Is the Tea Party Movement Like a Pyramid Scheme?

Reminder - Action and Call-in day Tues. Oct 19 to stop FBI repression

If the tea party had really wanted to change America they would have embraced all of us.

15 Million Americans Have Been Arrested Because Pot Is Illegal

When Did American Politics Become a Reality TV Show?

If You Can Afford to Pay $67 Million, You Can Stay out of Jail…the Case of the Countrywide CEO

Power in America - long but well worth reading

Remember the terrible tea bagger? Would make a good democratic ad...

Lasers to etch sell-by dates and price onto fruit

So, what does the Today Show babble about for 3 min in its first half-hour today?

I like Jack Conway.

UFOs spotted over El Paso, same ones over Manhattan 2 days ago?

Maybe wishful thinking but I honestly feel that the Dems will win come

Wife abusing GOP candidate closing in on Davis in TN house race

Do you know of anyone who committed suicide due to foreclosure?

I ordered this today -THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS:

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Police account of Pace student's death questioned

You know what bugs me?

Woman stabbed during anger management class

I know a lot of people here love the fact that Megan McCain has come

Democrats Could Lose Up To 8,000 Seats In Upcoming Midterm Election

. . .And deliver us from evil.

Austan Goolsbee explains the deep hole.

US sanctions stomp on Persian carpets (with a silver lining for some)

O'Donnell says Coons doesn't know constitutional law but doesn't know the 14th or 16th

Time to Talk to the Taliban

Uh Oh, Bob Herbert piling on.

Where can I get the total amount of the Bush tax cuts?

Article about Recovery Act saving Kokomo, Indiana

Joe "Iron Filings Face" Miller accused of alleged creepiness with co-worker's computers

A vote for one of the tea baggers is a vote for all of them

NY man who ate 10 cans of tuna weekly sues Bumble Bee Tuna, Stop & Shop over mercury poisoning

Chevron pissed at pranksters who spoofed their ad campaign

Study: violent video games do make boys more aggressive

Rich Whitey Gets What He Wants (Natch...)

Krugman : Just Call Him Bernanke-sama

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty to more than 80 sex crimes, including two counts of 1st-degree murder

Woman Caught Dumping Cat in Trash Pleads Guilty

Google breached Canada's privacy laws

Google breached Canada's privacy laws

On Diane Rehm this morning (Tues.) the mortgage mess..

Intel to Spend Up to $8B on US Manufacturing

Intel to Spend Up to $8B on US Manufacturing

Ziggy speaks the truth: TOON

Boeing: 'Obamacare' not reason for health insurance hike

Koch Industries awaits Venezuela takeover

The New Yorker rips on Google.

***Congressman Grayson is HERE, at DU, NOW!!!

Let's imagine we maintain both houses of Congress and win big in state houses and governorships.

Ahh, the good ole days......Teabaggers pining for Ronnie Raygun

The Citizens aren't going to like the Results

Rent Is Too Damn High Party candidate for NY Governor

Convicted Terrorist was on the DEA Payroll

Rep. Perriello charged in traffic incident

Public workers highly paid? Not exactly

The Rude Pundit: A Defense of Presidential "Arrogance"

McLame: "I couldn't be prouder of Palin".

Sestak Takes Lead in PA Senate Race: Sestak 46 (+10), Toomey 45 (+/-0)

My signs were covered up by a Repuke!

from Justin Coussoule, boner opponent:

GOP tells Latinos "Just Don't Vote".

Forget the Banksters, Darrell Issa wants to find out how poor people caused this foreclosure fraud

EASY way out for the USSC on the Westboro Bastard Church case

The nation's most ambitious mass transit the posterchild city for nightmare sprawl

New American folk song: Obama Didn't Robo-sign

As Doyle's polls plunge, state Democrats try to stand clear (Wisconsin)

Ms. Angle, you might want to bite the bullet & apologize to Canada...

Just when I thought I saw the craziest freeper thread, I ran across this one. Wow.

Just when I thought I saw the craziest freeper thread, I ran across this one. Wow.

Why is Angle even close to being able to win?

(Not-so) deep thought for the day: The GOP Elephant

Elvira's Not a Witch

Eight Ben Chandler (D-Ky) debate welcoming crowd images.

Alan Grayson

USA - The Buyers Wish To Remain Anonymous...

Regulations to protect net neutrality is big bad government intrusion

Love Thy Neighbor

Tampa Teabaggers refuse to back bagger candidate. Why? Because they want to win

Would Ronald Reagan be allowed in today's Republican Party

"I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street,"

Joe MIller's Security goons were NOT a licensed security company!

Joe MIller's Security goons were NOT a licensed security company!

Thoughts for the day from John Maynard Keynes (the economist whose theories work)

FarmVille (and others) 'Breaks' Facebook Privacy Rules, Sends Personal Info To Ad Firms

O'Donnell questions separation of church, state

Pascal's Wager and Climate Change Rhetoric

Russian spy poses for Maxim magazine

Russian spy poses for Maxim magazine

Palin's innuendo--the kind of political horse shit America hates!

The Tea Party plans Jackboot tactics at the polls

Looking for a way to double my campaign contribution ...

I am going to DC this week and have a West Wing Tour!

A sample of today's Southern Republicans.....

NY governor candidates promise ongoing tobacco tax war – and more

Obama administration push to toughen and expand law permitting phone/broadband wiretapping.

Sex, Violence and the Female Voter

So I Advertise Some Furniture For Sale On Craigslist To Raise Cash

Happy Days' Father, Tom Bosley, Has Died

Waiting for unemployment: a dehumanizing experience at the unemployment office

Waiting for unemployment: a dehumanizing experience at the unemployment office

The 'Bad Big Government' brainwashing of Americans has been a success

MAVERICK! McCain throws his daughter under the bus while blowing wet smoochies to the Talibunny

Foreclosure Fraud Employee: Cars, Jewelry, Houses Given As Incentives

Meghan McCain... fascinating

Uh. Receiving email from 'Rahm Emmanuel' (ie: the DCCC) is not helpful

Federal Workers Can Get Health Insurance for Pets But Not Same-Sex Partners

Conway Narrows Gap with Paul

77-Year-Old Brutally Beaten For Comic Collection, Dies

Sheriff plans to halt foreclosure evictions -- again

All I can say is that DU ROCKS! Thanks, mods!

and if you haven't seen enough,editorials in local paper-comment away

and if you haven't seen enough,editorials in local paper-comment away

Who loves Jack Conway?

Univision will NOT accept ads telling Latinos not to vote

Poll: Sestak Posts Big Gains In PA-SEN Please donate or help if you can!

Email from Democracy for America RE: Russ Feingold - we're closing the gap!

lol...another article in local paper "Is Tea Party Going Sour?"

Can someone tell me why MSNBC nightly news has the same subjects?

Can someone tell me why MSNBC nightly news has the same subjects?

Can someone tell me why MSNBC nightly news has the same subjects?

President Obama signs White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics - pics

This is not about campaign tricks. This is about racism.

Rasmussen Poll: Conway Gaining Steam In KY-SEN (against Rand Paul)

Why Are Sweatshops So Invisible? One Answer: The Media

New Jerry Brown ad

Mathews lost me tonight. As he grilled Jack Conway about a bare-knuckle

Fox Poll: Dems Lead In California

Audience members react to a statement by Christine O'Donnell - pic

FAIR study finds PBS guest lists skew white, male, Republican, and corporate

News you may have missed-luckily,my local paper is printing it...barf.

Scott McAdams is kicking ass at Alaska Dispatch's debate

U.S. escalating Afghanistan war with massive step up of air strikes

Angle ad hits Reid for Ritz Carlton apartment

I thought of a retort to an anti-gay talking point.

I used to belong to an investment club. I don't recommend it.

Eight minutes of pure ignorance...must watch Teabagger video

President Obama: 'That idea of America is alive and well'

editorial in MY paper(not the nutso one)..Let Tax Cuts Expire

new Spanish-language ad encourages Nevada Latinos not to vote to punish Dems over immigration reform

Video catches Rep. Jorge Navarro Suarez groping young reporter

David Gregory Carries Water for Karl Rove and US Chamber of Commerce

Local business leaders enrich Rossi's campaign (WA State)

Local business leaders enrich Rossi's campaign (WA State)

Debt-collector abuse claims surge

Halliburton Gets $2 Billion Contract For Florida "Cardboard Condos"

BUSHCO Orchestrated A Public Panic After 9/11 With Assistance of MSM That Led To War

My memo to blacks: vote!

My memo to blacks: vote!

All crime and no punishment on Wall Street

Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants - for now.

Former GM Plant (Nexteer) is now Chinese, new hires at $12/hour

Task force probing whether banks broke federal laws during home seizures

Let's see: Obama approval is 48% in Gallup, 49% in Rasmussen

Digby: Sharron Angle Confirms She’s a Racist, Fundamentalist Moron

Don't buy the hype on pot (cannabis) legalization

Just read through Grayson thread

I Don't Believe The Republicans Have The Votes

Should former Attorney General John Ashcroft be sued for locking up a U.S. citizen as a witness?

Dollars & Sense: The Jobs Crisis and the Art of Flexible Labor

Officers didn't realize man was shot when they handcuffed him - college athlete dies

The Master of Dark Matter . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

The Polling Scam slouches on: Charnin reports the MSM Preparing the Cover for Nov GOP Election Fraud

The Polling Scam slouches on: Charnin reports the MSM Preparing the Cover for Nov GOP Election Fraud

Why doesn't Rachel have Chuck Todd on to explain the media message he pushes

WTF?!? Miller bodyguards at forum included ACTIVE-DUTY Soldiers

WTF?!? Miller bodyguards at forum included ACTIVE-DUTY Soldiers

Megan McCain on Rachel again last night.

Megan McCain on Rachel again last night.

An ode to Palin (with apologies to SalmonChantedEvening and Gilbert and Sullivan).

I live on an army post and you won't believe what's happening!!!

Any word on if the judge upheld the overturn of DADT?

Linda McMahon's Personal Spending In CT-SEN Reaches $41.5 Million

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Teaches Outsourcing to American Firms

Paris protested future of US?


Student at Vancouver's Clark College Defends Racist Flyers

Univision rejects ad discouraging Latinos to vote

Juan Williams Defends O’Reilly’s ‘Muslims Killed Us On 9/11' Remark

Britain to slash defense spending by 8 percent

More Joe Miller lies exposed re his "security" guards

PPP's Shock Poll From Pennsylvania

Bank of America Corp. will “defend our shareholders” by disputing mortgages says CEO Brian Moynihan

Bank of America Corp. will “defend our shareholders” by disputing mortgages says CEO Brian Moynihan

Bill McKibben on what it's really like to deal in a regional currency

Visual representation of Republican machismo.

Visual representation of Republican machismo.

How many R districts are vulnerable?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

TOON: This Modern World on free market v. big government

O'Donnell believes that her opponent made up the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment

This is for you, Kelly...

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Tuesday TOON Roundup 6

13 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

Don't know if this has been posted yet, but Obama's approval numbers

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Where the Tea Party will kill the GOP

A simple question" How far back? Far enough to toss a bound O'Donnell into the drink?

We need to have the Candidates take a test on the Constitution.

Major smackdown of Joe Miller in Anchorage Daily News editorial

traffic cop charged by 10 wild wolves.

If the wingers the really going with this "Obama is the Anti-Christ" crap...

Charter schools win wage battle in state's top court

Mock "hispanic looked a little more asia" video

Man who decapitated dog gets 8 years in prison

Uncle Pat: "...I see that some of you kids might be Asian..."

It's been 6 days since DADT was thrown out, and no enormous consequences yet

Axelrod will be on with Big Ed tonight

Can We Make A List Of DU Democratic 'Enemies' That Are Probably Voting Democratic This Election ???

BREAKING: Univision Will Not Air GOP Group’s Ad Telling Latinos Not To Vote - ThinkProgress

(U.K.) Navy aircraft carriers not operational for 26 years

Pass it on: In the War Against Economic Collapse, the GOP is the Party of Unilateral Disarmament!

"What's GOP Lawyers Group Up To?" (Preparing for Voter Intimidation and Recount Shenanigans?)

Glenn Beck's version of history...

Thinking a little bit about immigrant labor and other stuff in no particular order

What Part of Human Being Don't You Understand?

•••Nuts, Nazis & Psychos: How are Democrats like O'Donnell? We're both trying to be goody goodies•••



The Hill: Almost half of likely voters view healthcare reform unfavorably

Jimmy 'Papa Smurf' McMillan (Rent Is 2 Damn High-NY) vs. Joe 'the German "Miller (R-AK)

Any chance the Tijuana pot was stalled there for lack of demand in Cali?

Univision Accepts $80,000 To Air GOP Group’s Ads That Tell Latinos Not To Vote

Obama will be on Jon Stewart's Daily Show next week

Max Cleland traveling with Conway in KY today.

Restaurateur's Sentence for not paying sales tax: Deliver Pizza to Poor

Restaurateur's Sentence for not paying sales tax: Deliver Pizza to Poor

Hispanic voters could swing key midterm races, group finds

Pentagon tells recruiters they can accept openly gay and lesbian recruits

Native American farmers settle 760-million-dollar suit (government-administered farm loan program)

Obama DOJ Reaches Settlement Agreement with Native American Farmers Claiming Discrimination by USDA

LOL!!! Whitman's Campaign Hilarious Twitter FAIL

LOL!!! Whitman's Campaign Hilarious Twitter FAIL

Marshall closing on Burr in Sen - NC - was 13% last week, today's poll at 8%

Eyewitness to Miller/Goons story coming up on The Ed Show

The Hill: Dems have raised more than $1 million this cycle from foreign-affiliated PACs

MA Republicans Turning On Each Other as Baker Polls Disappoint

I think I'm ready to make a prediction.

Alzheimer's stories on ABC News

UK set to impose drastic cuts on gov't services

Toddlers’ Favorite Toy: The iPhone

WikiLeaks insurance password (possibly) incoming!

A cloud of neighborhood children has its collective eye on me from the moment I park.

RADICAL Anti-Choice Group In Colorado RUNS AD Calling Obama ‘The ANGEL Of DEATH’

Warning To Rush --- Better Not Go There....

Keith Olbermann is reading a list of letters from republickers praising

The Loss Of Trust And The Great Unraveling To Come

Cut unemployment benefits or raise taxes; Jobless Stop-Gap measure expires 1/11

Morning Joke to have an audience on Nov. 3rd

O'Donnell: Close the borders entirely

Never-before-seen-video of candidate Rick Scott (R-FL) deposition.

Pat Fucking Buchannan. Why does Tweety give him a stage to spout his evil hateful propaganda?

Buck Once Again Says That He Thinks The VA Would Better Off Outsourced To Private Companies

OR-4: DeFazio (D) 48%, Robinson (R) 42 (in a GOP Poll!)

Senate Polling Dump 10/19

Two Weeks From Today...

Jack Conway again defends 'Aqua Buddha' ad against Rand Paul

Lieutenant Dan Choi attempts to re-enlist at the Times Square military recruitment station - pics

BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell Fund & Influence Research at Major Universities

Pentagon goes full force to silence Wikileaks

Limbaugh Admits He Shares Strictly White Country Club with John Raese(R WV Sen Cand)

One of the best reasons to get out the vote for November.

Listen to Eugene Robinson on Tweety right now

Charleston (WV) Daily Mail endorses Raese over Manchin

If you're paying your mortgage to one bank, only to find that another holds the note...

There little point in swapping a corporate Republican with a DLC Dem,

DADT is dead folks

In understand why we have ads on DU, and why certain ads appear instead of others

3 Ways To Fail A Drunk Test

A question about Andrew M. Cuomo

Is it wrong for a liberal to be against American companies

Aqua Buddha victim says Jack Conway ad is legit and accurate

world's largest toddler banned from some preschools

so I just started a new job today... Glad I am employed, scared s*less nonetheless.

Americans have short memories

A Democrat Looks At Fifty

So now the teabagger Joe Miller likes Stalin's answer to "border security"...

What do you think of the "Lean Forward" MSNBC ad campaign/re-brand?

Since the GOP claims the stimulus didn't work

Russ Feingold Closes the Gap; New Poll Ranks Wisconsin Race a Toss-Up

GOPer Allen West Has Leather-Clad Security Eject Dem Tracker (VIDEO)

Halloween Display on Tieton Upsetting Neighbors

Holder is now defending John Ashcroft?? - KO with Turley

Fired up about voting for the lesser of two evils in a couple weeks.

Russ Feingold speaks in Fond du Lac, Noon Tomorrow

Could somebody please tell me why Moveon has suddenly gone all doom and gloom!?

The Twit & Her Tweet

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

'Il Duce' Miller press suppression kerfuffle gets weirder. 2 hired thugs were active-duty military

Unions speak out against FBI attacks on civil liberties

please review my latest editorial on iraq/Afghanistan vet illnesses

The shreiking, whining giddiness of Sarah Palin...

Best modern era presidential Politician

There has been No surge in Government Spending

Astronomers find weird, warm spot on an exoplanet

Oh. Paladino is a client of ,,,wait for it...Roger Stone.

President Johnson Almost Shot By Secret Service Agent Hours After Kennedy Assassination: New Book

Cenk Uygur to Host ‘Countdown’ Tonight !!! - MediaBistro

US Chamber of Commerce lobbyist moderated panel on outsourcing American jobs: report

Clean coal is a scam.

France: Hamburger Chains Decision (To Serve Halal Burgers) Sparking Tensions Over Islam

Is there room in the Tea Party for Anita Hill? Mrs. Clarence Thomas reached out to her last weekend

Glenn Beck Hawking Survivalist Disaster Kits-$9,599.99 for a years supply for 5

Powder Blue Faggots

Wall Street's attack on public education: One of the main driving forces behind charter schools.

A World Made by War - American Warscapes

Uncle Sam Looks To Expand Wiretap Authority. Again.

Why Does Abu Dhabi Own All of Chicago's Parking Meters?

Can you imagine the chaos if Repubs do not win either House or Senate?

French protestors appreciation thread

Difference between Apple and Microsoft

Has Intrade ever been wrong in a political prediction?

RACIST EMAIL from Va. Beach Republican chair- resigns...... but there is just so much more

Joe Miller - Tax Cheat

The Unbearable Slowness of Understanding

This Modern World: Invisible Hand vs. Regulator

Christine O'Dimwit re Separation Of Church/State:"You're telling me that's in the First Amendment?"

My over-arching theory of the whole mess

"More Tentacles Surface at Rightwing Front Group "

There's hope for AZ! Taterhead is behind!

Is the 17th Amendment really necessary?

I'm on Democratic Underground because I want to see Democrats win & Republicans lose

Rent is Too Damn High! party

PHOTO: MSNBC's "Faces of the Teabaggers"...SEE if you can detect the common theme on these faces.

Guardian UK: Spending cuts will force 'swaths of universities' to close

So I received a bogus citation for an illegal turn. (City of Chicago. Rant) (photos).

Did the state of Texas murder an innocent man?

What if a president cut Americans’ income taxes by $116 billion and nobody noticed?

Good Polling News For Dems

Veteran Suicides Are Probably Higher Than The Puzzle Palace Would Have You Believe

R.I.P. ;; In memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse, wear purple.

Retirement age for Social Security

FLASH! Democrats Could Lose Up To

D*mn again........the DOW is tumbling.......

I love my hair

Breaking: Joe Miller is a Tax Cheat

This is what O'Donnell really wants and it's a scary scary scary concept

Houston, We Have a Problem

If you were unemployed, would you take a job that went against your principals as a progressive?

Here's to Bill Clinton

Dear Channel 7: We're turning you off!

The chaos theory of evolution

The chaos theory of evolution

Six Reasons Why Americans Should Care About What Is Happening in Uganda

Palin Endorses Raese In Pennsylvania -- But He's From West Virginia

D'oh! Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy

John Lennon's Death Was Faked

A Culture of Unreality, Militarism, Outlawry, and Arrogance

"Access To Justice In U.S. At Third-World Levels", Says Survey

Article in local paper-Mental illness is God's Will

Article in local paper-Mental illness is God's Will

What evolutionary advantage could nearsightedness possibly have? I saw a thread

Breaking: Lt Dan Choi attempting to enlist in the Army

Stephen Colbert storms off the View set

For *true* LGBT allies, the time is right now. You're now with us or against us.

'Hang Them': Uganda Paper Publishes Photos, Names & Addresses Of "100 Top Homosexuals"

“Likely Voter” samples over-represent the GOP (MUST-READ) -- from Jonathan Simon

Don't anyone try to sell me on this Cenk person anymore.

Prosecutor considering pressing charges against Alaska Dispatch editor!

Major FAIR Exposé of PBS: Taking the 'Public' Out of Public TV

Boy, those Dems sure know & appreciate their base.

The French strike wave: A new stage in the class struggle

Ravitch says Waiting for Superman a PR coup for critics of public schools.

Newsweek: Is Obama’s Excuse for Not Repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Legitimate?

Newsweek: Is Obama’s Excuse for Not Repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Legitimate?

Russ, closing the gap:

Americans Hate Feeding Poor Children at School

The Perfect Storm

Live Blog with Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL)

Live Blog with Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL)

Live Blog with Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL)

LA Times: Behind the attack ads

GOP Legislator Who Crusaded Against College Sex Ed Classes Owns Company That Sells Kinky Sex Gadgets

Judge: inclined to nix delay of gay troops order

The 2010 Conservative - What to look forward to when you test drive this year's model!

Michael Bennet is all over YouTube tonight. :)

What's GOP Lawyers Group Up To?-"unprecedented" series of pre-election law training seminars

First Lady hits NYC to defend President Obama -- and raises $1M for Democrats

Anonymous cowards are buying the 2010 election

TV networks aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them. Follow the money

Beware of polls that exclude cell phone-only voters

Democrats Remain Favored to Retain Senate

Eugene Robinson: The Wave and the Reality

Good news from Nevada: Tea Party fratricide

Coward fellow democrats ready to bail on Jack Conway because of ad

Feingold courts votes in Johnson's hometown

Any Poll Results After Conway/Paul Debate?

What the HELL. That's not an arrest. It's called kidnapping.

Boxer Leads Fienderina By Five And Brown Leads Witless By Four In New Fox Polls

Live Blog with Congressman Alan Grayson -- In GD TODAY

FRAME: Drunken Uncle Tony wants to drive your kids on a roadtrip where he crashed the car before

FRAME: Drunken Uncle Tony wants to drive your kids on a roadtrip where he crashed the car before

Maryland Governor Poll--O'Malley (D) 47% (+2) Ehrlich (R) 42% (no change)

Joseph Stiglitz makes a great point

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

This is why you need to vote, because these people are!

General Petraeus, Proconsul of Fantasyland

NY Times Poll--NY Senate--Gillibrand (D) 50% DioGuardi (R) 25%

It really bothers me that cops and firemen are in Meg Whitman commericials in uniform

David Brooks defends Chamber, Rove: Don’t Follow the Money

The problem is that Republicans and their greedy corporate allies destroyed the economy

Miller Security Team Threatened To Detain Journos Trying To Interview Detained Journo (VIDEO)

Robert Reich: The Perfect Storm: Unprecedented income at top, secret money funding ads, angry public

PPP--NC Senate: Burr (R) 48% (-1) Marshall (D) 40% (+4)

PPP--NC Senate: Burr (R) 48% (-1) Marshall (D) 40% (+4)

Obama today has the best net approval since mid-July (48%-44%)

Latino voters urged not to vote in Nevada

Predator's ball ("dismantle the post-Watergate efforts to limit the impact of money in politics")

A Watergate lesson: Secret money means payoffs, bribes and extortion

So Tea Partiers want to reduce the size of government. And they want R's to do it.

Joe Sestak Making Play For Second Turn As Comeback Kid

Tea Party could be key voting bloc in Senate

Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell agree: No separation of church and state

Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell agree: No separation of church and state

GALLUP: President Obama approval at 48 (+2) / 44 (-2), his best showing since mid-May.

The Unknown Tax Cut

PPP--Oregon Governor: Kitzhaber (D) 48% Dudley (R) 47%

A Midterm Election Reality Check

Surprising result from (R)asmussen: 47% say Obama good/excellent leader 39% say poor

Multinational Corporations Push To Revive Failed Bush Administration Tax Boondoggle

Palin endorses John Raese for US Senator from...Pennsylvania on Twitter

Aqua Buddha seen! Oddly, it's also a desktop wallpaper

Aqua Buddha seen! Oddly, it's also a desktop wallpaper

PPP: WA Senate--Murray (D) 49% Rossi (R)47%; Murray lead in early voting 52-47

RushBo is firing up the crazy "anti-Christ" crowd ("Obama=demonic")

White House Dispatch: Bill Clinton as powerful midterm weapon

O’Donnell: Not a witch but maybe a nut job?

Linda McMahon ducking the media on hard questions!

Linda McMahon ducking the media on hard questions!

Canada didn't get the Hate Muslim Memo: Calgary elects Muslim to be next mayor

Mock "hispanic looked a little more asia" video

Linda McMahon Loans Senate Campaign $41.5M

Town saved by stimulus

Town saved by stimulus

Obama will be on Jon Stewart's Daily Show next week

Is campaigning considered trade/advertising?

Insider Advantage Poll--GA Governor: Deal (R) 45% (-4) Barnes (D) 40% (-1) Monds 5%

Damn good question

Allen West biker supporters harassing democratic Party staff member

Aqua Buddha Victim Speaks On Conway Ad, Paul's Past

Jan Brewer STILL dodging questions about her health!

Jobless Benefits About To Crash

Jobless Benefits About To Crash

DCCC releasing more district by district polling numbers on incumbent democrats

It seems like every damn nite (expletive) Katie Couric on CBS only has negatives

It seems like every damn nite (expletive) Katie Couric on CBS only has negatives

The madness of Queen Meg.

Democrats Sue Houston Area Tea Party Group

Brown TV ad ties Whitman to Schwarzenegger

Fox News Poll: Bennet and Buck in Dead Heat in Colorado senate

O'Donnell: "Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?" (VIDEO)

CQ Politics: Tight Senate Race in Wisconsin

CQ Politics: Tight Senate Race in Wisconsin

You've been carjacked by someone driving 120 mph toward a cliff...

Republicans are running on stupid

Obama charts biggest 3-day tracking poll gains of his presidency

Thanks for Rachel Maddow, NYT columnists not so much

Nevada Tea Party told to Latino Voter "NO Vote and stay home"

Obama Keeping Schedule Open To Help Democrats In Final Weekend

DSCC Poll--IL Senate: Giannoulias (D) 41% Kirk (R) 36%

WWE website now involved in McMahon Senatorial campaign.

TPM: Jack Conway Embracing Aqua Buddhist Mantle, Going on Offense

Austan Goolsbee explains the jobs trends

All hell's getting ready to break loose on NAACP report on Tea KKK Party racism

WTF Tea Party Family wants White Country (pic)

Rachel Maddow: The Best Summary By Far

(R)asmussen: Conway cuts Paul's lead in half in KY, now trails by just 5.

Loss of both House and Senate seems a forgone conclusion

TPM: 'Latinos for Reform,' Republican front group, running ads in NV telling Latinos not to vote

A Lot of Corporate Money, and Very Little Honesty

X-POST - - Ron Johnson’s PACUR Employees Are on BadgerCare (State-Subsidized Health Insurance)

Two Weeks Out - Nine Reasons Why Democrats Will Keep Control of the House

Cenk to host Count down tonight filling in for Keith O

New WI Senate Poll--Johnson (R) 49% Feingold (D) 47%

KY-SEN POLL (Internal): Conway 49, Paul 47. Gallup's poll "shocking", "Implausible" and "wildly impossible" in favor of Reps

Pennsylvania: Sestak leads

FL GOV - Sink leads by seven!

Obama to Appear on Stewart's 'Daily Show' Oct. 27

PPP Poll: Sestak takes lead in Pennsylvania!

Local MA tea party candidate worried that trick-or treating could lead kids to witchcraft.

Palin Threatens Third Party

Rasmussen Poll--FL Senate: Rubio (R) 43% (-7) Crist (I) 32% (+7) Meek (D) 20%(+1)

Obama Hints He'll Run Again

Obama Hints He'll Run Again

Meek of Florida----I think he has a chance.

¡Adelánte Con Tancredo!*

The Firm - a song from 1985 - "Radioactive"... live great guitar by Jimmy Page,

On the IFC channel, "Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl" is down Thanks, Anonymous!

This is awesome (sorry for screaming)

I cruised through Pennsylvania today for the first time in 4 years

I am thinking about

You're Not Alone

Danger Mouse recommends....10 of my favorite horror movies!

Gods Vs Robots

Falling Into

Another reason I might be an asshole.

The Town TheMightyFavog's Final Opinion:

Saw this PSA at the movie theater today.

The Nine Most Ridiculous Tabloid Headlines About Cats

Posting while intoxicated....

Last night I dreamt that Whoopi Goldberg was picked as a Supreme Court Justice

Got snow? I think some of you in the cold areas are holding out on me.

"Hey, Wally..."

Any other Gleeks in the Lounge?

I just voted.

Most Adorable Puppy Video of Forever!

Live Blog with Congressman Grayson -- In GD TODAY

Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You) - Parry Gripp

The World Abides...

This insomnia thing is getting old really fast.

I need to light a fire under somebody's butt

Tuesday's kitteh

Man who decapitated dog gets 8 years in prison

From the Fallout: New Vegas soundtrack: Mr. Marty Robbins!

"I took a Polaroid photo of my first loaf..."

For the Mad Men fans...(clever re-cap of the series/finale)

Yes (speak about getting obsessed with something)

I'm Not In Love

One of my 13 year old twin girls is auditioning for Sandy in Grease

Is work beginning to affect your drinking?

Gender Perception

If life were like NCIS, who would you be?

My first ever midterms. Help me find an appropriate level of stress.

Wooden spoon trick

Ugh....watching friends go through divorce....

Sackitty... ... ... ... ... ... ... Brickitties...

Why do cats always throw up on the carpet, not the linoleum? nt

Kanye West says that he is the voice of people who commit suicide

Elvira: "I'm Not a Witch."

Fallout: New Vegas rocks!


Firefox adblocker help?

And finally: S.W.A.K.

Prayers and vibes?

A firend of mine's girlfriend has recently purchased an accordion and...

Christ, book deadline tomorrow AND possible new job wants a conference call

Conan O'Brien names bandleader for new TBS show

Conan O'Brien names bandleader for new TBS show

okay to all potential meterologist in the lake placid area

Does anyone remember the Monty Python album "Matching Tie & Handkerchief"?

Wonder what anger management classes are like? Anyone here know?

Tom Bosley has crossed over. Rest in Peace, Mr. Cunningham!

Things our animals do to make us crazy:

Man loses iPod, accidently impregnates wife.

Anyone else have a hard time with a smartphone touchscreen?

Favorite scene from "Smokey and the Bandit"

Game of Thrones behind the scene look, HBO

First rule of Fight Club: If John Mayer has sex with you and dumps you, don't write a song about it

Green Day's roadies should have gotten millions, and Green Day got the roadie pay

Unrequited love

Happy Days Star Tom Bosley Dead at 83

Apple should make jPhones, jPods, and jPads for Electrical Engineers

I live on an army post and you won't believe what's happening!!!

You make my ass want to chew tobacco.

Where do dust bunnies come from?

I have GOT to lose some weight.

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Other movies that have nothing to do with Earth - help me list 'em.

Post an ironic photograph.

Awesome Nature Pics

Most favorite dinner ever

Is there anyone who can make a fursuit head for $125+

My 22-year-old male cat won't stop peeing all over the place - help needed

Post an iconic photoshop.

Colombia: SOA graduate charged in massacres (Ft. Benning, Ga.)

Navajo closer than ever to electing woman leader

U.S. Trying to "Kill Its Way Out" of Afghan War?

Your favorite movie that is set in the Middle Ages

Simultaneous attacks in Juárez kill 9

2010 Tied With 1998 as Hottest Year

Megachurch Crystal Cathedral Ministries seeks bankruptcy protection

Long Beach Rep. Laura Richardson's Sacramento house up for short sale

Bank of America to restart foreclosures in 23 states

Super typhoon slams Philippines at 155 mph

Lawyers: Gay marriage ban aim was to deny stature

Citing 'Cost Pressure' From New Health Care Law, Boeing Co. Asks Employees To Pay More

U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet

France taps oil reserves amid refinery blockade

Air Force details how expanded Powder River range would sound on the ground

Iraqi refugees regret going home, UNHCR survey finds

Live Blog With Congressman Alan Grayson -- TODAY

2010 Election Spending Up 40 Percent, Watchdog Estimates

Judge likely to deny gov't on gay troops order

WikiLeaks founder denied Swedish residency permit

Doctors draw payments from drug companies

EU to drop Roma legal threat against France

Fed Up JetBlue Fight Attendant Pleads Guilty

India: Pakistan Spy Agency Behind Mumbai Attack

Musty odor sparks another Tylenol recall

Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials

WikiLeaks denies Iraq leak reports

E.U. Tightens Spending Rules

Buck's Lead History, Confirms New Poll

EU's Rehn says G20 must rebalance world growth

Candidates Keep Distance From Sarah Palin on Campaign Trail

Miller on CNN: "I'll admit I'm a man of many flaws"

Two Britons linked to al-Qaida plans to attack Danish newspaper

Obama signs bill to designate 'Mount Stevens' after late Alaska senator

NY Fed Part of Group Suing BofA Over Mortgage Securities

Task force probing whether banks broke federal laws during home seizures

Pimco, NY Fed Said to Seek BofA Repurchase of Mortgages

Christine O'Donnell Questions Separation Of Church & State

Albany Governor Debate Verges on Farce

Happy Days Actor Tom Bosley Dead at 83

Public workers highly paid? Not exactly.

High-Level Talks Aim for an End to the Afghan War

Dems: Mo. GOP Senate pick illegally employed woman

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 19

Univision Accepts $80000 to Air GOP Group's Ads that Tell Latinos Not to Vote

(WI Senate) Ron Johnson’s PACUR Employees Are on BadgerCare (State-Subsidized Health Insurance)

Media group honors 4 newswomen from Tibet, Colombia, Tanzania and Mexico for their courage

US, Israel Agree Iran Constitutes Prime Threat To Mideast, Say Must Stop Nuclear Ambitions

Miller (R-AK) bodyguards at forum included active-duty soldiers

Nazi accusations roil Ariz. campaign

Ex-Rep. Nathan Deal Paid $245,000 to Aide’s Wife

Mailer causing confusion among voters :( tells you to"Vote Republican")

Joe Sestak Making Play For Second Turn As Comeback Kid

Witness (Staunch Miller Supporter): Reporter was rude but not a threat

only 2/3 of Barack Obama voters will vote (D)

Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants

Group urges Nevada Hispanics not to vote

Group urges Nevada Hispanics not to vote

Democrats’ Grip on the South Continues to Slip

Pentagon cautions news media on WikiLeaks documents

Gunmen, suicide bomber attack Chechen parliament and ministry building

Public Citizen Unveils Database to Track Record Amounts of Secret Money Being Funneled Into November

Secretive Republican Donors Planning Ahead

Top UN official survives bomb blast after meeting Iraq's Sistani

Anti-DeFazio ad sponsors ID’d

Former California congressman Gary Condit will testify at Levy trial

O'Donnell questions separation of church, state

UK slashes armed forces by 10 percent

GOP fears losing majority party status in Colorado

BREAKING: Univision Will Not Air GOP Group’s Ad Telling Latinos Not To Vote

Firefighter Accused Of Showing Video Of Crash Victim Around Town

French pension protest turnout 1.1 million -govt

Latest Wisconsin US Senate poll shows virtual tie

Latest Wisconsin US Senate poll shows virtual tie

Jimmy Johns workers ready for milestone union vote Friday

Saudi Prince Convicted of Murdering Servant

Man who decapitated dog gets 8 years in prison

Subsidy for eight nuclear reactors rejected

Shots hit Pentagon; temporary lockdown

Miller bodyguards at forum included active-duty soldiers

What happened to GOP reminds me of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Wife of Clarence Thomas Reaches Out to Anita Hill Over 1991 Episode

Advice to Yankee fans.

Harry Reid "Danke Schoen" To Wayne Newton

Election 2010: Just Say No (to the Party of No)

"Shoulder to Shoulder": President Obama's Radio Ad for Barbara Boxer

Citizens Arrest of Condi Rice, War Criminal in San Francisco

Jack Conway's new ad about mine safety

Questions over US contractors role in war zones

Nuclear Nightmare: Fallout from an India-Pakistan War

Teabaggers: The Webseries - Episode 2 (Contains NSFW language)

Worst Person In The World! - Michelle Bachmann

Joe Miller Has His Security Goons Detain A Reporter For 25 Minutes

unemployed -99er's here comes your train !

Conservatives Are Traitors: Part 7 - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Joycelyn Elders Promotes Marijuana Reform on CNN

Rachel Maddow- Smart is an American value - Obama & science fair winners

Rethink Afghanistan- Election Fraud

First Amendment Rights Breached In Alaska

"Keiser Report" No. 87 Ellen Brown on Foreclosure Fraud

A Red State Update Ad: Letter to Rand Paul

BLACKWATER: Drunken Murder.

SHOBAMA & The joint Chiefs On BetterBadNewz, John Pilger and Project Censored

Baby Rhino Wins Rhino Fight ...

Rent Is Too Damn High vs. Bloomberg

'D.A.R.E' Wants Kids to Narc

Anti-Austerity Protests Hit Europe October 2010 - BBC World News


Martin Heinrich...Martin Heinrich...Martin Heinrich. Non stop attack ads

Bobby and Rory Kennedy: Border Fence a Waste of Tax Dollars

Masked youths clash with police as pension reform protests get radical in France

Don't Vote ?

The Story of Electronics : Teaser

Nevada Hispanic Leaders Denounce Voter Suppression Ads

Sharron Angle. I'm not a witch either.

New NRSC anti-Reid commercial ad

White House White Board: CEA Chair Austan Goolsbee Explains the Jobs Trends

Rachel Maddow- Sarah Palin can stay in Vegas

Pentagon Hides Cost of Afghan War

California Protests - Fiorina and Palin are too extreme.

The new Sheriff

Sharron Angle Shall Overcome Someday

US Chamber and Rand Paul Support Outsourcing of American Jobs -

Dem tracker ejected from Allen West event by bikers

"It Gets Better", a video for LGBT teens

MRV: 1 or 2 Terms for President Obama?

Sen. Richard Burr (R - Useless) endorses opponent

MRN: Justice Alito: Size DOESN'T Matter

Shots Fired At The Pentagon

Papantonio: Joe Miller - Professionally Impotent Teabagger

MRN: Don't Vote, Latinos!

The stupid it hurts | 'That's what's in the first amendment?' - Coons/O'Donnell debate (5:02)

Nancy Skinner on Fox News 101810 discussing Rand Paul/Jack Conway debate

Can somebody just shoot me in the face or push me off a tall building?

Weird Liberal Head Show #196: Civil Rights Breakthrough

Video proof that O'Donnell really did say that

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan at the NY Governor Debate

Fiorina supporter: She knows how to fire people

MUST-VIEW Rachel Maddow: 'It's The Extremists...' (The Punchline PT. 2)

Jabba The Rush Defends Christine O'Dildo

MUST-VIEW Rachel Maddow: 'It's The Extremists...' (False Right-Wing/Media Spin PT.1)

Joe Miller's security goons in action! After the arrest of Tony Hopfinger, Alaska Dispatch editor

Secretary Hillary Clinton speaks out against LGBT bullying, suicides: "Tomorrow Will Be Better"

Fox 4 DFW Roast of Social Media

Consider This Please Teabaggers

Schwarzenegger's Echo

D.C. police testify about 2002 Pershing Park arrests / destruction or loss of evidence

Live Blog with Congressman Alan Grayson -- TODAY

iPhone 4 more fragile than iPhone 3 (more broken screens)

Obama's not-so-bad November

Congress eyes Fox-Cablevision fight.

Eugene Robinson: The Wave and the Reality

Collapsing empire watch

Leave 'Em in the Locker Room

Osama bin Laden to GOP: "Hey, you stole my act!" GOP using politics of destruction to good effect

GOP candidate Joe Miller's Goon Squad Handcuff & Detain 'Alaska Dispatch' Editor

Tea Party Siezes mantle of change _ ABC news

Will FBI Finally Zero In On the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

Krugman - Obama's Bonerization - For those who think the prez isn't an appeaser

Vogue: In Hillary’s Footsteps: Kirsten Gillibrand

I Can Afford Higher Taxes. But They’ll Make Me Work Less.

Why U.S. can't find Osama bin Laden

Guest Post: Mortgages Were Pledged to Multiple Buyers at the Same Time

New Apostolic Reformation Leaders Burn Native Art

Are We Giving Our Soldiers Drugs That May Make Them Kill Themselves?

The Perfect Storm That Threatens American Democracy

NRC: ‘70s to blame for tritium

XPOST From LBN: Subsidy for eight nuclear reactors rejected (UK)

Peak oil review - October 18

Drumbeat: October 19, 2010

Asian Corals In Midst Of Worst Die-Off Since 1998, Potentially Worst Ever Seen - AFP

Never Seen Before, Invasive Sea Squirt Species Arrives In New Brunswick - Direct Threat To Shellfish

Previously Unseen Stinging Jellyfish Arrives Off Israeli Coast - Haaretz

Lake Mead Hits Lowest Level Since Filling 75 Years Ago - NYT

Hottest Summer In Years Pounds Egyptian Food Production, Powers Prices Higher

"Terrible" Breeding Season For Northern UK Seabirds - One Shetland Island Has 100% Failure For Terns

Russia and Venezuela Announce Plan For Russia to Build "Turnkey" Nuclear Reactors in Venezuela.

Future droughts will be shockers, study says

With US Apathetic, Expect Nothing From Nagoya Biodiversity Conference - Der Spiegel

Trimaran Circles Arctic Basin In One Summer Season - Returns To Bergen Thursday - AFP

SUN DAY Campaign reads EIA renewables numbers

Amtrak chugs along nicely to record ridership

The Myth of the European "Nuclear Renaissance"

Is TBS using a severe sound filter or is Yankee Stadium unusually quiet?

Rangers 8, Yankees 0

NY headlines today:

Baseball: Why do some players wear knee pants in a game?

Cubs pass on Ryne Sandberg for this guy? >>

S.F. takes game 3 of the NLCS

So the underdogs are 2-1 in both series

Colombia and Venezuela will have free trade agreement in 2011 (Spanish)

Media group honors 4 newswomen from Tibet, Colombia, Tanzania and Mexico for their courage

The Policy of the US Blockade takes it out on a Cuban Children’s Hospital

Economic Blockade Attempts to Turn Cuba into US Colony

A few thoughts on the current state of gun control, and the "guns" forum

Bid to ban guns in public buildings goes to Portland council (Maine)

Peru offers dock rights to coast-hungry Bolivia

So I remember this one time, I was watching a football game

LA Times: Fighting gay bullying: The only 'agenda' is respect


Pentagon: Military ordered to accept gay applicants

Those kinds of incidents don't speak well for people in law enforcement.

Huh? Can this be true? "recruiters told to accept gay applicants"

Robert Gibbs Gets Grilled By Reporters Over White House Plans To End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Protection for gays splits council

Lt. Dan Choi at recruiting station to enlist...

'Hang Them': Uganda Paper Publishes Photos Of Gays

Dr. Michael Brown believes Christians have lost the public opinion battle on homosexuality & gender

Powder Blue Faggots

An embarrassingly superficial question: I am an active Roman Catholic

Israel says Hamas has anti-aircraft missiles

Jimmy Carter Says Palestinians Live In A 'Cage' In Gaza; Urges Reconciliation

Jerusalem conference hailed by Israel, slammed by Palestinians

Netanyahu still wary of razing six West Bank outposts slated for demolition in 2004

Gaza’s Surfer Girls

Israel's U.S. ambassador: No one will dictate Israel's borders

The write in candidate

Haute Couture. Vegas Style - note the contrasts - and do take a look!


Musical Mural

forget macro, this stuff is waaaaay beyond that

Russian Nuclear Weapons Experts Create James Bond Super-Villain

JSC's biggest metaphor is engulfed in flames

A fuel bringing Mars within range?

Pinwheel of Star Birth

Mysterious 'Hot Spot' Seen on Distant Exoplanet

Penguin 'condos' built along Galapagos isles

New Tree Genus Discovered in Honduras

Countdown to oblivion: Why time itself could end

What to do if we find extraterrestrial life

Robot arm punches human to obey Asimov's rules

5 Things You Won't Believe Aren't In the Bible (courtesy of Cracked)

Google bringing (exact photographic copies of) Dead Sea Scrolls online (for free, within months)

Don't Blame Dairy Cows for Greenhouse Emissions

Are there any Christian denominations that endorse and support evolution?

Roger Ebert is a Fundamentalist Atheist?

Why Satan might have been right. A case against the Christian god.

Shooting at Tennessee post office leaves 2 employees dead.

Today in Labor History Oct 19 The J.P. Stevens company is forced to sign its first union contract

Machinists union urges Delta ground workers to vote ‘IAM yes’

Back pain and drugs, please accept my apology

Can we have a separate thread to comment on Rep. Grayson's live blog live?

Posting externally written inflammatory material

Honestly, what is the purpose of 'Ask the Admins'? Do not see the

About a donation.

Live Blog Forum

Is there a way to have a "select all" function on "manage hidden threads" page?

May we have a dedicated discussion forum for phone, mail and other type scams?

More kudos.

Technical Question - Can you tell if a poster is a sockpuppet or a zombie of a former DU'er?...

Do you guys know any practicing attorneys here on DU?

I discovered another astro newsletter!

Here we go..a post in GD about moving toward the common good.

A minor one regarding smilies.

Okay, now that we are talking sci fi-- Battlestar Galactica!