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Conn. police: Ex-Bush lawyer tried to kill wife

What We Stand For - Demands and Strategy to Fight the Crisis

What We Stand For - Demands and Strategy to Fight the Crisis

HuffPo editor Roy Sekoff on The Ed Show: This Has Got To Be The End of Tim Geithner (VIDEO)

Holy Shite Pat Buchanan is back on GEM$NBC

If corporations are legal persons,

Job Growth Erodes as Housing Bust Pushes Mobility to Record Low

Joan Walsh: Bush, post-9/11, hid behind Cheney. Obama, post-XMAS: "The buck stops with me."

100 Points to the house of whomever provides the original

Mr Fish....

US Convoy's Driving Questioned in Wreck That Killed Iraqis site is "currently unavailable"

Hey Ohio voters....Interesting news

Pelosi vows House Won't Be Rolled by Senate; Polis Caught Lying About Union Support

Pelosi vows House Won't Be Rolled by Senate; Polis Caught Lying About Union Support

Does anyone know if it is common practice to require 18 months of property taxes in escrow


If the GOP wasn't so stupid THEY should have pressed for true universal health care

Robert Gates

" It is less useful to contemplate the hypocrisy of Fox News...

Anyone ever hear of "the Cardinal Clause"?

Funeral home mistakenly sends brain to family of deceased

What Snowe and Collins got for Mainers: No public option and a 22.9% increase in premium

I am thinking of subscribing to "The Progressive" magazine. Anybody get it?

German Lingerie Ad Lifts the Veil on Muslim Women

Yay, Olympia Snowe! Anthem/BCBS-Maine proposes 22.9% health insurance plan rate increase

It would be easy just to "go off" about how disappointed and angry I am about several aspects of

Keith Olbermann is doing a story tonight on Rachel's "attempt" to join the teabaggers

Two Blackwater Guards Arrested by FBI on Murder Charges

Mexican government says Starbucks owes for using pre-Hispanic images on coffee mugs

Anyone see that punk Rethug congressman on Tweety looking like a deer caught in the headlights?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigated by grand jury

My hiatus from life to post at DU is coming to an end.

Crooks & Liars: Michael "I'll Bring Fried Chicken & 'tater Salad" Steele: Either STFU or fire me.

Rachel Maddow Alert: She is on with Dave Letterman tonight.

Federal grand jury impaneled in investigation of Joe Arpaio!!!

Obama will renominate Butler as a federal judge

Obama will renominate Butler as a federal judge

Toyota's Prius top-selling car in Japan last year

Is the Peter Orzsak story legitimate news?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

((((WHACK - A - DICK))))

Spain calls for common EU stance on airport body scanners

Jobs Rated 2010: A Ranking of 200 Jobs From Best to Worst

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC...

Question for anybody who knows anything about using HDMI cords on their Teevees

HEADS UP!! Rachel Maddow on "The Late Show with David Letterman" Tonight

Swiss millionaire fined $290,000 for speeding - More than twice previous record

Swiss millionaire fined $290,000 for speeding - More than twice previous record

Former Playboy model found burned to death in trash bin

Just heard one of Obama's campaign promises

I wish this would happen more often.

My Four Husbands and I:" Saudi Journalist Argues Women Should Have Right to Practice Polygamy Like M

what's buggin' me..O,& Happy New Year:)

It's So Cold Here In The Midwest That Terrorists Are Wearing.......

We need to get away from the siege mentality

Roll Tide Roll

Roll Tide Roll

What do you think?

What do you think?

Barry Bonds' son charged for altercation with mother

Bill would ID Medicaid employers

Snowstorm causes dozens of airplane crashes....

i have an outdoor dog that hates being inside. it is suppose to get to 4

Colombia declares forest fires national disaster, will get U.S. help

Colombia declares forest fires national disaster, will get U.S. help

This is an interesting older article about outsourcing

Food industry 'too secretive' over nanotechnology

Food industry 'too secretive' over nanotechnology

Officials Confirm Probe of Arpaio, His Office

Drudge Gay-Baiting Nat'l Security?

Senator Wyden Demands IP Treaty Details

Govt could stop Gays Bill - minister

Former Bush lawyer charged with attempted murder

The Joe Scum discussion on GITMO

The Atlantic Conveyor belt

Former Bu$h Attorney Charged With Trying To Kill His Wife!

Federal Funding for Safe Havens Not Tracked

Now boarding our 'No Nuts' passengers........

Good! BCS Title game is on ABC & not Fox. Thus, we don't have to hear

"Just go shopping".... "Go to the Mall, go to Disneyland".. What if the advice had been different?

china now officially first exporter in the world. germany falls behind and ranks second.

How one US base in Afghanistan adopted two orphans

Ghouliani lying on TV

Taiwan firm: China got Iran part with nuke uses

The claim that moving away from high-cost plans means fewer benefits is false:

Pakistan's Displacement Crisis Far From Over: UN

Does Afghanistan Have a Military Solution?

"whew" on Scarbo?

Drug benefit expanded to 1 million more seniors

Delete. Wrong forum

C-SPIN WJ: Mikie Steele...

Court Spectator Sues Judge For $1.5M For Drug-testing Him ‘On A Hunch’

Guy from electoral-vote site very confident Blumenthal will win

Healthcare overhaul could save money and boost jobs

85,000 Jobs Lost in December, Unemployment Steady at 10%

Anthem (Blue Cross) seeks 22.9 percent rate increase in Maine

Giuliani on Morning Joke: Well Bush wasn't warned that 9/11 was coming so he can't be blamed

How dangerous is it to call the cops in the inner city

When scary Jesus make the news, Mark Morford

Atlanta secession effort raises race issues

The Things They Say

Question: What would happen to "Cadillac" plans if we had Single Payer? Public Option?

WSJ: Let China Play by the Rules We Do

The Prophecies of Asu: New Year’s Revolution

The Three Magi of the Meltdown

Why Did Hanes Stand By Charlie Sheen For So Long?

What's the over/under on tombstonings during the State of the Union Address you think?

Sex, money, and bigotry: meet the Robinsons

What items that are in the house health care bill ...

Incredible satellite image from NASA showing the whole of Britain completely covered in snow

Gold prices and Terrorism?

Goldman sued by pension fund and individual shareholder over bonuses

"Hundreds of Millions" of Islamic Terrorists? They Must be Pretty Incompetent

Would you support another 9/11 Commission where the panelists were picked by a Dem administration?

Give me all the Viagra I can eat and I might have a WMD in my undies too!

Republican congressman compares Yemen to the midwest

Iowa “Pro-Family” Group Protests Governor’s Support for the Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Ady Gil sank while being towed...

Bazaar Suggestion Time - Fixing the Economic mess

U.S. appeals court wary of habeas corpus challenge by detainees in Afghanistan

Burrowing Bushie hold-over issues illegal subpoena and gag-order against Liberal news site

Giuliani: "We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush. We've Had One Under Obama"

The neighbors of the good old boy from Missouri who shot his co-workers say he was a fine fellow

New Years Resolutions - Then & Now

Camera traps yield first-time film of tigress and cubs (w/ Video

Portugal’s parliament approves same-sex marriage.

Please don't throw me into that briar patch!

Is anyone else catching or has seen the White Supremacy Special on now ...

SEIU: "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Increase U.S. GDP by $1.5 Trillion Over 10 Years

Terrorism Q&A

Terrorism Q&A

Karzai: "We don't want to undermine the Taliban... We want to undermine the terrorists."

Stricter new smog limit would hit rural areas, too (good news)

The Dirty Little Secret: Nuclear Security Issues in . . . .

I actually love what Dick Cheney is doing....

The Hatfields vs. The McCoys: The Teabagger Civil War

Obama needs some attack dogs to go after liars like cheney & giuliani

‘Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely’: Top U.S. Intel Officer

Tell George Stephanopoulos what you thought of his soft ball interview with Rudy

Tell George Stephanopoulos what you thought of his soft ball interview with Rudy

The LIFE photo archive: hosted by Google

Bad news on the Jobs front: Dec job loss 'not what we want': White House aide

WH security report was further redacted before release

White House Scorecard for 2009: Why Obama Gets at Best a 'C" Grade

"I Assume Full Responsibility."

Critics blast wrong Sen. Nelson (Ne) vote in favor of the national health care reform bill

Brian Williams MSNBC Bullshit Report: Claims scan machines really do see everything

Why is Fox News Leaving Geithner Alone? by Cenk Uygur -- New Site hosts Election Integrity study

Former ACLU staff attorney & Obama nominee for federal judge sent back to Obama, Obama renominates

If a person is allowed to come on this board and espouse

Mosaic Commemorates 5,000 Americans Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Teabaggers are terrorists! American Cartoonist Getting Death Threats from Tea Baggers

Why Is the Whistleblower Who Exposed the Massive UBS Tax Evasion Scheme the Only One Heading to Pris

Gen. Flynn (the man that say the Taliban can sustain) says there is still hope for the US

Toon: Fighting the war on T.E.R.R.O.R.

Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely’: Top U.S. Intel Officer

Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely’: Top U.S. Intel Officer

Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely’: Top U.S. Intel Officer

What a difference a day makes. HAHAHAHA !!!!!!

Gates to Remain at Defense at Least Another Year

The World from Berlin: 'How Much Bush Is There in Obama?'

When the Supreme Court grants Corporations 1st Amendment rights, it's time

Poll - economic recovery

Support for the President's Buck-Stop Response to the Would-be Plane Bomber

Authorities Believe Heroin Contaminated With Anthrax Circulating In Scotland - 6 Confirmed Dead

Damn... I guess we will have to outlaw bankruptcy AGAIN!

Proposed Amnesty Serves to Whitewash Honduran Coup, CEPR Co-Director Says

Iranian state TV : Neda's death was faked

: BSMP was Founded By Sarah Palin's Eldest Daughter Bristol

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Big Finance and Big Politics

A glimpse at how Nixon was set up to take the fall for Watergate

Krugman: Payrolls and paradigms

blu ray players

Eliot Spitzer: Tip of the Iceberg

1/3 of newly minted J.D.'s can't find jobs

How Did You Come To DU?

Scotiabank now Canada's biggest publisher (Canwest bankruptcy)

Former CIA agent: Bush Made Intelligence Problems Worse

Trouser-bomb clown attacks - how much should we laugh?

Urgent: The Democrats' 60th vote at risk (email from MoveOn)

Homeless Victory in Fresno, CA

Glen Beck: 'African-American Is a Bogus, PC, Made-Up Term... Not a Race'

Obama: The Age of the War on Al-Qaeda (Juan Cole)

at the risk of being "shown the door" ... this is for anyone using "gas additives"

The GOP's Terror Wingnuts

Reported Killing of Children Haunts Foreign Forces as Protests Erupt Across Afghanistan

Secret Service says a third uninvited guest entered state dinner

In custody battle between two mommies, little girl is lost

"We have to get...where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance"

Don't Be Terrorized

Schwarzenegger wants to run for LA mayor or CA senator

Obama tells America to "man" up and to stop being wimps....

The Shock Doctrinization of California's water supply

The Shock Doctrinization of California's water supply

A Saudi woman courts controversy by fantasizing about polyandry

U.S. Consumer Credit Shrinks by $17.5 Billion, Biggest Decline on Record

U.S. Consumer Credit Shrinks by $17.5 Billion, Biggest Decline on Record

That lying liar Michael Steele tells another whopper

Billionaire Warren Buffett: Ben Nelson vote on health care brave

Witch-doctors reveal extent of child sacrifice in Uganda

Job Hunting. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

What makes so many people appear to be hardwired to believe whatever they hear?

Lord do I hate this motherfucker - Schwarzenegger to seek permanent pay cuts to replace worker furlo

Funny how CNN can get smuggled video of protests out of Iran but can't get any from Afghanistan

Steele says he wrote his new book ‘before’ he ‘became chairman.’

George Stephanopoulos Takes Responsibility

George Stephanopoulos Takes Responsibility

Larry "whitey tape" Johnson back on CNN

Bit of humor for your day

Bit of humor for your day

Yea, we are going to see job gains soon

How do feel about life on DU these days?

How do feel about life on DU these days?

Couple arrested for giving kids (ages 10-17) home tattoos

What was Clinton's justification for signing the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act?


carp fight heats up, Obama takes sides

Giuliani: Terrorists Never Attacked When Bush Protected Us

Wingnut threatened by wingnuts.

House leadership may agree to taxing health benefits and dropping surtax on wealthiest Americans

New Study Asks "Was Prop 8 Straight?"(Headlined @ OEN, interview with DUer emlev)

MSNBC: Katherine Finnegan Biden (92) passed today.

A Year of Obama

Tishman defaults on huge Stuy-Town loan

Report: Health Reform Will Save Money, Create 250-400k Jobs

Joe Biden's mom has passed away.

Cafe problem: people order 1 drink and WI-FI all day

Rick Perry - dumber than a bag of hair

HuffPo: 1 in 5 Working-Age American Men Don't Have A Job

Work force dropouts keep a lid on the unemployment rate, for now (2 million dropped out since May)

Obama, I'll "man-up" against terrorists when YOU "man-up" against Congress and Corporate Thieves.

HuffPost: Move Your Money Movement Surges in Social Media

The logic behind making it a criminal act to give someone a drink of water

The Rude Pundit: Obama Does What Bush and Cheney Would Not

Why I can't stand the University of Alabama

Shame, Ladies

Ohio police seek 2 teenage girl bank robbers


Merely being better than Bush is not how you get a good grade

The Hill: GOP senators write Obama objecting to civilian terror trial

Health care bill's pro-LGBT provisions at risk

USAID finally has a confirmed Administrator

HuffPost: More on Geithner/AIG

HuffPost: New CIvilian Deaths Roil Afghans

We've elevated the terrorists by declaring "war" on them.

China surpasses US in 2009 auto sales

Detroit Police Remove Suspicious Envelope Outside Theodore Levin United States Courthouse - pics

Politicaholic's 2010 Predictions

Swiftboat PR Firm Repping Craig James Against Texas Tech Coach Leach


US Government on slippery slope downwards......

US Government on slippery slope downwards......

Politicaholic's 2010 Predictions

Why isn't the dumping of toxic waste off the coast of Somalia treated as a security issue?

"Benefits" meeting yesterday at work

"Benefits" meeting yesterday at work

Jailed for being raped: Dubai tosses woman behind bars for "illicit sex" after she reports assault

Crazy gay hating conservative MP in N. Ireland has affair! Gets caught!

Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are ?

Dupe....please delete

Where we're ultimately headed in air travel.

Eliot Spitzer in on the Ed Show now

Would you like to be part of the climate change/energy solution?

Update: As I suspected, I got laid off today (along with five others).

Dupe - please delete.

For gods sakes - computer hiccup please delete.


Delete..polls apparently not working

Hospital will fire employees who don't get flu shot

Judge sworn in with hand on dictionary

Religion and politics

Is anyone planning on getting DISH in the near near future?

Is DU running kind of clunky for anyone else today?

Romney Voted In Mass. Election Using Son's Address

Some Sea shepherd updates...

"What we have done will not be lost to all Eternity."

Todays WTF moment. Who is the DNC's second biggest donor?

Drunk passenger locks himself in bathroom; NORAD scrambles two F-16s for rescue

why does a suicide bomber plead not guilty?

Most ancient Hebrew inscription calls for protecting poor and strangers

Slán agus beannacht leat, Mrs. Biden

About Fucking Time: Bush-era head of Justice Department voting rights section reassigned.

In Defense of W

The Predator War: What are the risks of the C.I.A.’s covert drone program?

~ Michael Steele ~

Ticking time bomb on torture conspirators

Demonstration Against Terrorism in Front of Detroit Courthouse - pics

Thread of appreciation to all of DUs photographers

didn't President Obama just say 'the buck stops here' ???--- m$ hit piece

Is any story so dreadful that CNN newsreaders won't laugh about it?

MoveOn Rolls Into Massachusetts

How long did the Republicans blame Jimmy Carter for all the U.S.'s troubles ..

So where are the "Green Tech Jobs" Mr President ??

So where are the "Green Tech Jobs" Mr President ??

Can the Senate remove their "consent" to a cabinet position and remove

Employees get hold of employer's racist reality series pitch.

Michael Moore's "Capitalism"

Michael Moore's "Capitalism"

Police beat suspect with metal flashlight during arrest

White House Spin on 'Cadillac' Tax Ignores 3 Decades of Corporate Behavior

BREAKING: According to Ugandan Cabinet Member, Government May Withdraw Anti-Gay Bill

TODAY shows manufacturer of full body scanner, confirms DOES NOT SHOW WHAT'S INSIDE BODY

A kid from Flint, a son of an inmate, a Heisman trophy winner... In Alabama

Why are republicans so much better at playing "The Game"???

I Saw A Random Act Of Kindness Yesterday

Statement of 911 Widows In Response to 12/25 Terror Attempt

I'm not a Corporatist or a Socialist but I am a Capitalist

Time warp: President Clinton Retaliates Against Japan Whaling

Update: As I suspected, I got laid off today (along with five others).

A collar that lays flat NO MORE: Haynes drops alleged spousal abuse spokesperspon Charlie Sheen

More Republican Family Values

Jonathan Gruber Failed to Disclose His $392,600 Contracts with HHS (Updated)

Icicles hang from orange trees and palm trees in Florida - pics

How would you feel about this bumper sticker? "Allahu Akbar"

Do you agree with this? Bob Hope Wasn't Funny by Christopher Hitchens

National Geographic: Asia's Wildlife Trade

A favorite former student of mine was killed Wed. night in a car wreck.

We have the most educated people in the world.

Roger Ebert's Journal: "I mentioned that I can no longer eat or drink..."

1 4 Fun... DU this poll.

I have a pretty good health care plan that costs about $12,000 per year

What the Cadillac Tax Would Mean To Me

Proof of American Insanity

Mrs. Robinson's affair with teen rocks N Ireland

Brit Hume, Tiger Woods, and...Me: A Buddhist Response in Mainstream Media

Eh talks with Obama and doesn't afraid of misleading the President.

How can freaks like Mike Reagan have a radio show

Cartoonist receiving death threats for making fun of the Tea Parties

Sea Shepherd lodges piracy charge against Japanese ship

DU has been protesting the "Off-Shoreing of Jobs" since 2002

Tweety - liar liar pants on fire Rudy

Academic supporter of conservative Senate health care reform bill-secretly paid consultant to Obama

Academic supporter of conservative Senate health care reform bill-secretly paid consultant to Obama

My thoughts on Afghanistan

Pro-gay provisions may be stripped from health bill

Zodiak (ZodiakIronfist) died earlier this week

Zodiak (ZodiakIronfist) died earlier this week

"Cadillac tax", which Obama says is "good idea", will hit businesses, older workers, those in need

Giuliani falsely claims "[w]e had no domestic attacks under Bush"

RNC Chairman Steele says God wanted him as head of Republican Party

Vaxer Jenny McCarthy complains that scientists aren't taking into account her anecdotal experiences.

The Repukes had nooo problem with the Patriot Act, or Warrant-Less Wiretapping...But body scans?

To punish the Democrats, we have to let Republicans win

To punish the Democrats, we have to let Republicans win

Proof this weather is making people crazy - now they are shooting the snow plow drivers

This galls me, but I agree with Lieberman about the full-body scanners

When is it ok to not use one's turn signal when driving?

It aint about Obama. It aint about the Party. It's about a system that has always been unjust.

Update: As I suspected, I got laid off today (along with five others).

Update: As I suspected, I got laid off today (along with five others).

How about a "Thoughtful Discussions Without Rancor and Personal Aspersions" Forum?

"Ignoring Accountability, but Closing Schools" anyway. From a NYC blog.

Beware restaurant, frozen meal calorie counts, US study says

Some news stations are just plain sloppy.

TH: "Why is the whistleblower going to jail while the fat cats and banksters can buy their way out?"

Schwarzenegger proposes deep cuts to welfare, prisons, state wages

7-year-old Jonathon Slack cried when he saw a homeless woman, then he decided to help

Walk Away From Your Mortgage!

Train new teachers? There are 100K unemployed engineers and scientists that could use the jobs

A Hiatus from DU for a while

A Hiatus from DU for a while

I've had it up to here with conservative spam emails... so this is what I did

It's amazing how many liberals want a dictator

Geithner and the AIG Emails: Scandal Is Only Tip of the Iceberg -By Eliot Spitzer

Former Playboy model found dead and "burned beyond recognition" in a trash bin

So who here is moving money out of a big bank into a community bank?

Conclusion: As an American, you have to be perfect and untouched by error. Or you’re a bum.

The Senate should get rid of the Virtual Filibuster and end the "two track" rule

Video from the Ady Gil Shows it was Rammed Deliberately....

OpenLeft: Progressive Caucus Co-Chair actively helping Blue Dog defeat Progressive challenger

Should people be allowed to use food stamps to buy alcohol?

It boils down to this...

Union Seeks To Organize Transportation Security Workers

Tragic Day for Whistleblowers and Worldwide Anti-Corruption Efforts

Airline Explosive Thwarted --- UCSB Scientists Find Way to Detect PETN

Airline Explosive Thwarted --- UCSB Scientists Find Way to Detect PETN

I had to watch this health mess we have further destroy my youngest son's life today...

Seriously, if one more dumbass poo-pahs Global Warming because of the recent cold spell & snow....

Some timely quotes from the 'Old Man'.

Peter Peterson, the Washington Post, Robert Rubin, and killing the economy

Senator Vitter Blocks Nominee For Baton Rouge (federal) Court

"Conspiracy or cock up?" Richard Wolffe, Countdown

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Google Sites

what if Shakespeare wrote "The Big Lebowski " ?

"Verlaine Verlaine Verlaine Verlaine Verlaine..."

Knock knock...

Leno going back to 11:30, Conan out

YouTube - Hüsker Dü - "Eight Miles High" (Pink Pop Festival 87)

YouTube: The Byrds - "The Times They Are A Changin' / Do You Believe In Magic" (Hullabaloo 10/4/65)

YouTube - Dream Theater & Queensryche - "Comfortably Numb" (2003)

100 Points to the house of whomever provides the original

YouTube - Anathema, "Comfortably Numb"

YouTube - Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb" - from PULSE - HD High Definition Widescreen

Politically who is it best for Obama to root for tonight (Alabama or Texas)?

i give you..." Solid Potato Salad" by the Ross sisters


McCoy is injured and (I think) out of the game.

Ezra Klein: The excise tax and its critics

High School Band kids... Did you ever perform at a TV football game?

From Cadillac to Chevy Tax: Anthem seeks 22.9 percent rate increase in Maine

Ironic that it's taken a Republican to get the ball rolling on financial industry accountability

If I was God ...

Heitkamp 'very interested' in rematch with Hoeven

Jim Holt to make Senate race

Slade Gorton, Repub. 9/11 Commission member, said, paraphrased,

Ke$sha challenges Susan Boyle to a duel!!!!

I think I know why the health care negotiations are not on C-SPAN. One reason...

Rep. Chris Murphy vs. Lieberman?

Seven firefighters help free cucumber stuck in steel pipe

A catnip scratch pad or an old box? (Dialup warning)

My first show of the year. Check it out, if you know what's good for you

Can we fly in Boise State to the Rose Bowl for the 2nd Half?

States have traveling residents on their Census radar

PA-Gov: Gerlach Gets Out

YouTube - Boz Scaggs, Paramount Theater, Oakland, 12/31/76: "The low, low, low, low LOW down..."

Oh Boy..... I hope Obama doesn't watch Jon Stewart tonite...

It may snow in Orlando Saturday.

If I hear "Run This Town" once more....

CT-Sen: Blumenthal Still Crushing Opposition

I think 'Bam and Bubba met yesterday to discuss reaction to the BVD Bomber.

95cc of fluid

Did Cheney Understand We Were At War?

Birther Given Free Reign to Spread Race Hate Amongst 8th Graders.

Moderates leaning more to the Democratic party than Republican party

It's Raining McCain! (YouTube Doubler Mashup Helper)

Massachusetts Senate Contest Competitive? What if...

Little Boots and Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric?

Drug benefit expanded to 1 million more seniors

Looks like Xmas came late for 'Bama!

House May Tax Payrolls, Drop Wealth Levy to Finance Health Plan

Hayworth Gearing Up For Senate Race

New Unemployment Rate Is 10%

We are already for the football game to begin, everybody has on something orange.

Latest Repug Terror Propaganda All Part of One Grander Scheme

Can anyone put their hands on any information that compares and contrasts our standing in the world

Congrats, Nick Saban

I am not impressed with Alabama's offense.

Congrats to Alabama!

"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"

Tax on Health Care Will Erode Coverage for Middle Class

From True Majority: Will it pass - Health reform in the home stretch

Steve Gadd with Stuff!

My photos of the day.

Gibbs: "The President is not an Economic Prognosticator"

FYI..President Obama on MSNBC announcing Clean Energy Initiative

Mold! Icky black, nasty mold..

Christina Romer: On the December Jobs Numbers

300 jihadis bring down a global superpower

Lugar Calls Cheney Criticism "Unfair"

This has been the most awesomest week ever for me

Who can explain the logic to us of DLC Harold Ford Jr, considering a run against INCUMBANT in NY?

"We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we've had one under Obama."

I thought Alabama was

Ezra Klein: Will Senate Democrats Let Tim Johnson Take Over the Banking Committee?

I have a question for the posters in here who are steeped in economic history...

VA-09: Boucher Dodges Bullet

PA-06: Gerlach Comes Crawling Back

GOP Senate Candidate Mike Castle Takes Credit For Over $5 Million In Stimulus Funds He Voted To Kill

Dean Heller says Ensign making it difficult for major GOP candidates

Sacrilege!: A Super Mario Jesus Flipbook-There is a God!

I don't care about a failed terrorist attack in Detroit. We've got terrorists here

Corroon to run for governor

So this is what you people do back east?

Who do you see running in the Dem primary for 2012?

Isn't the basic unfairness in hcr that some people have employers who can get great value and

What do you think?

Larry "whitey tape" Johnson back on CNN

Larry "whitey tape" Johnson back on CNN

Post your favorite song about a guy that fucked up your neighborhood

'You are my son and you came from my balls and you should have known better.'

9/11, anthrax, the shoe bomber, the DC sniper.....

9/11, anthrax, the shoe bomber, the DC sniper.....

I am awaitimg today's instructions from rbnyc.

Roll tide

Obama needs to say

Only Insurance Fat Cats Win

Giuliani Comments on GMA Prompt Debate - Gibbs mocks Giuliani, spokesman spins.

A teabagger was shown holding a sign saying, "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

Stoping whining, play music and post pictures of losing your virginity in the winter.

Stoping whining, play music and post pictures of losing your virginity in the winter. is registered, looks like he is preparing another run at it..

Post how much snow Durham NC will get tonight. Win valuable prizes.

PPP Pollster: Massachusetts Senate Has ‘Become Losable’ for Democrats

Tapper cleans up after Stephanopoulos - calls bullshit on Rudy's "no domestic attack" nonsense.

Olberman: The president actually talked to us as grownups

OMG! The star QB was hurt! We're doomed!

Geithner's dubious AIG cover-up. "This was looting, and a cover up plain and simple".

Trouble spelling in Texas...

If the GOP were in the White House this xmas bomber would have provided more information!!!

US created net jobs in November for first time in years

Statement of US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on December 2009 employment numbers

Who irritates you most?

Obama Addresses Job Numbers, Talks Up Clean Energy

Club for Growth Targets Bennett

Work trauma--does anyone ever get over it?

Crist seeks 'pro-life' label in Fla. Senate race

Joe Scarborough kept saying this morning that yesterday, Obama used the term "War on Terror"

NAFTA-gate re-emerges in book

If you could marry one of these which would it be?

Bill O'Reilly / Ted Stevens Mash-Up (NSFW)

Statement from Joe on his mother's passing.

When Elvis met Nixon: Aides recall Oval Office meeting (with video)

Michael Bloomberg is the man behind Harold Ford's challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand

GD:P Bad Money drives out the Good (Gresham's Law)

Terror, terror, terror..Should we approach the Al Qaeda offshoots differently

Drudge continues to amaze me with his childish Repiglified antics

YouTube - Little Feat (ORIGINAL Lowell Edition), "Fat Man In The Bathtub," Old Grey Whistle Test '75

Best movie of all times, "Old Yeller" on TCM

Rep. Mike Castle Takes Credit For $5 Million Stimulus Package That He Voted To Kill

Rudy meant there were no other attacks after 9/11... except that there were!

Good morning Lounge

My prediction of who the 2012 GOP Ticket will be...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/8/09

Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Steele is 'Going Rogue'

I clicked on the "teeth whitening" banner so you won't have to

Good move. I just accidentally formatted my 40GB hd with 20 seconds of zeros.

Congrats to Alabama and to Texas QB Gilbert.

The smoking gun in the AIG – Geithner cover up

Heat Wave Hits Denton Tx

LOL, potty thread in Environment/Energy

One of the many reasons I love where I live--Chapel Hill, NC--

I'm in a free country for the first time in a year!!!!

Would it be worth having a SNOUT if it helped you find TRUFFLES?

Facebook is really starting to piss me off.

I'm opening my first bottle of homebrew tonight.

Elvis needs boats. Elvis needs boats. Elvis needs boats.

Whenever I har Colt McCoy's name mentioned...

What's your yearly income?

The Love/Hate Relationship With The Stimulus

I need help finding some kind of health insurance for my niece.

DUers whose parents divorced when you were 15 or younger

I woke with a crushing weight on my chest

If Elvis were alive today,he'd be dead.

Photo of the day: Great Brrrrritain

The Hanks/Aykroyd movie version of Dragnet is reason enough to hate all of the 80s

...and who among us has not made this relationship mistake at some point?

What songs would you like to hear covered and by whom?

If Elvis was dead today, he'd be alive

Hold your children close

God fucking dammit I got sucked into Big Love...why why why??????

Paging Tommy_Carcetti! Your personal t-shirt is now available!

Krugman: The pessimists were right

Melody Gardot - Love Me Like A River Does

Artwork by Brandon Bird

Vice President Joe Biden's Mother has died. CNN just reported.

Vice President Joe Biden's Mother has died. CNN just reported.

Totally looks like...

Interesting comment about political impact of HCR for Dems from The Hill blog

If the point of taxing "Cadillac" plans is to tax the wealthy, why don't we just tax the wealthy?

Is it a breast cancer thing?

Bill Clinton to address healthcare at House Democrats retreat

The phrase of the day is "chiseling the nipples off of mannequins". Modify any thread to include it.

Okay, let's just get this out in the open. If McCoy were in the game...

I miss Johnny Carson.

Jean Biden

Ne! Nice weather down there...

David Bowie all coked up and drawing pentagrams with his cane...

Seriously, is "Colt McCoy" a made up name just so he could play for University of Texas?

This Bud's for yew

Does Heaven have hot tubs?

SleepTalkinMan - wife blogs mild mannered husband's sleep ramblings.

cocktail hour is the finest hour of them all

Obama won't speak night of 'Lost' premiere.

heaven is a truck

no more shoes

Follow the goddamn instructions.

sales tip


Ten Thoughts to Ponder for 2010

The Hi tomorrow will be -5. That's "NEGATIVE" five! Plus windchills!

Senate Democrats look at infrastructure, 'caulkers' in jobs bill

Its too cold for a smoke break right now

Rudy Giuliani 'Clarifies' His "No Domestic Attacks Under Bush" Comment (VIDEO)

I've been notified of two lottery wins today: $1 million and $115,000.

I was devastated. I had to re-use the same catheter for the rest of my life.

Morning, Dudes! Two fresh Lebowski links for you...

Okay, who's watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County"?

Had to check on my Aunt's pet cows in the barn and the water in the little pond is frrozen.

I can't remember a time in my 9 years here when we've lost members so closely together

Bit of humor for your day

i have an outdoor dog that hates being inside. it is suppose to get to 4

A-Team trailer leaked

I mean who do you see running for Dem primary in 2016

BLS report clearly shows the economy is moving in the right direction

Cong. Deal's Birther Letter To The President Followed Up

Stop whining and post a picture of winter at your place. Sheesh.

Rep Massa on Ed's show just called Cheney et al "Mental chihuauas"

From today's speech:

lets play best bar band cover

Elvis would be 75 today

Gallup: Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group

Avatar becomes 2nd highest grossing film in 20 days.

When did trickle down economics become Democratic policy?

Obama To Announce New Stimulus Cash For Jobs Today

Has there ever been a white woman who could soul-sing better than this?

OH NO! OH, DEAR GOD, NO! Miley Cyrus quits "Hannah Montana"...OH NO! OH, DEAR GOD, NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Snowy, the dog, and Simba, the cat, side by side, sunning!

For the last fuckin' time people, it's MORON!

Coconut Cream Pie

Okay, sports fans -- the Seahawks just fired their head coach

Elvis Presley or David Bowie - Greatest singer born on Jan 8th. You Decide

If that BCS "title" game didn't convince you that a playoff isn't needed...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RFKHumphreyObama (formerly Socialdemocrat1981)

Fox sniffs the Conan corpse: "Always interested in late night, looking to bring great talent to FOX"

Here's a story you don't know. About Alabama football. And segregation.

A piece of my heart....

JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST: Come and vote in all of the polls! :^)

I've been dieting for 5 days. I'm having day dreams about all my favorite foods. And since

Happy Birthday David Bowie! Post Your Favorite Bowie Song

Other than professional athletes, you'd be hard pressed to find any union members

In memory of Jean Biden

Catlovers: HELP! Babykitty is lost (we think) in the cold --

Can I have postpartum depression after adopting a puppy?

Budget Director "Peter Orszag's Love Child Revealed"

Conservatives Dilute ‘Purity’ Test for Candidates

To save energy, thermostat becomes mini computer

US intervention could strengthen Qaeda: Yemen

Susan Molinari mulling run against Sen. Gillibrand (NY-Sen)

The Plum LineGreg Sargent's blog Secret Service: Birthers’ Claim That We’re Probing Their Movement I

McCain says,"I stand in Obama's way every day."

Anthem seeks 22.9 percent rate increase in Maine

Atlanta secession effort raises race issues

Glen Beck: 'African-American Is a Bogus, PC, Made-Up Term... Not a Race'

Gates backs critique of spy agencies in Afghanistan

Report: Al-Qaida CIA bomber was furious over Gaza war

Cell Phones May Protect Brain From Alzheimer's

Colombia declares forest fires national disaster, will get U.S. help

Update: NBC Plan Would Move Leno Back to Late Nights (Conan at 12:05)

WH security report was further redacted before release

U.S. appeals court wary of habeas corpus challenge by detainees in Afghanistan

Argentine central bank boss Martin Redrado steps down

Obama Urges Excise Tax on High-Cost Insurance

Conn. police: Ex-Bush lawyer tried to kill wife

Sex, money, and bigotry: meet the Robinsons

Former White House lawyer charged with attempting to kill wife in New Canaan

U.S. senators defend Pakistan drone attacks

Pelosi vows to defend House healthcare bill (Says Public Option Still Under Consideration)

Iran reformist Mehdi Karroubi's car 'fired on'

Eurozone unemployment reaches 10%

FBI arrests 2 in NYC terror investigation

Nebraska to be winner-take-all? (because Obama won Omaha)

AP Exclusive: Gates to stay at Pentagon this year

Dawn Johnsen To Be Re-Nominated, Confirms White House

Care center repays kindness of dedicated employee

Suspected (anti-Obama spree) killer allegedly attacked doctor

Logan Airport Closed Briefly-Now Re-opened

FBI Arrests Two in New York Terror Investigation

Sea Shepherd lodges piracy charge against Japanese ship

Nine deaths blamed on icy weather

Nine deaths blamed on icy weather

U.S. senators urge utility to keep IT jobs onshore

Portugal Backs Gay Marriage

Source: DA to seek indictment of Jackson doctor

Foot Locker To Cut 120 Jobs, Close 117 Stores

Rocket Hits US Consulate in Afghanistan

Dubai-bound plane grounded at London's Heathrow Airport after security alert

Southern Sudan may return to war: aid agencies

Terror suspect is arraigned; not-guilty plea is entered

Reports: SFO-bound flight diverted due to unruly passenger

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 8

US Stocks Hit 15-Month Closing Highs Despite Jobs Data

UPS to Cut 1,800 Jobs, Says Profit Exceeds Forecast (Correct)

Goldman Sued by Pension Fund over Bonus Plans

Mitchell: Mideast stagnation endangers US aid

Miami-Dade Poor Denied Dialysis to Save Money

Immigration Legalization would boost U.S. economy, study says

SC gov asks judge to OK wife's divorce request

Ky. Gov Orders Women Moved From Private Prison

Australia slam Indian paper's Ku Klux Klan cartoon

Consumer borrowing falls sharply in November

UPS to cut 1,800 jobs in U.S. segment realignment

Reports: SFO-bound flight diverted due to unruly passenger

Lawmakers call on Geithner to testify about concerns over AIG bailout

Report may show first monthly job gain in 2 years

Tablet computers make a big splash at CES

Bank killer's (borderline mentally retarded) death sentence upheld (5 killed)

Jobs Fall 85,000; Unemployment Rate 10 Percent (December)

Obama to Push for Cash for Jobs

UBS data release 'violated law'

BREAKING: Joe Arpaio investigated by grand jury (Fed. Jury Impaneled, Witnesses Testifying Next Wk)

Vice President Biden Mother Passed Away

NATO: bomb kills US service member in Afghanistan

Walgreens, Genpact ink 10-year outsourcing deal

House May Tax Payrolls, Drop Wealth Levy to Finance Health Plan

LA doctor gets 5 years in prison for road rage against cyclists

Nader sues US Dems, others, in Maine court

.U.S. says contractor arrested in Cuba is no spy

CIA bomber's wife says war must go on against US

Nelson to Fight for All States.

The Real Reason Profiling Fails

Anti-imperialism in 3-D

Former Blackwater Guards Charged with Murder

"The Plane Truth"

The GOP's Terror Wingnuts

Liberals and Military Dictatorships: From Johnson to Obama

Looking for Change in the Beltway: The Need for Open Process

More Right-Wing Complaints: Obama's 'War on Terror' Tattoo Too Weak

Pay Czar:Lack of Authority Is Disappointment (he's keeping fingers crossed banksters will do right)

Intelligence Agencies To Hire Spelling Bee Champs in Fight Against Terrorism

The Question No U.S. Official Dare Ask

2010 Predictions -- Will Durst


Main Street to Wall Street: We don't buy the rally

Republicans were shameless in politicizing the incident, knowing that rehabilitating Bush's approach

How Many Times Do They Have to Say It Before The Media Recognizes That It's a Coordinated Effort?

Proposed Amnesty Serves to Whitewash Honduran Coup

Schumer Asks Ford Not to Challenge Gillibrand.

"Were setting ourselves up for a big catastrophe..."(economy)

White House Stands Behind Geithner, Says Tim Was Not Involved In AIG Email Fiasco

Roosevelt created 4 million in jobs in one month

La Presse: The Ineffectiveness of Profiling

The terrorist attacks that never happened...

How We Get Out of the Great Depression II

How the Teamsters Beat Goldman Sachs

Resignation letter from Framingham DemCommittee Chair (quitting party & going undeclared)

Geithner and the AIG Emails: Scandal Is Only Tip of the Iceberg

Inequality--does it matter? should taxes address it?

" Peter Orszag runs wild" ---Some Humor about his Juggling Parent Time (WaPo)

Tech Worker Shortage, H-1B System Challenged

Reporters Grill Gibbs Over Prepackaged Questions for Obama

Medicare for All demonstration GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL, New York, NY

TYT interviews Michael Schlachter about PIP and TALF, Geithner rip-offs

Rachel Maddow & Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater's role in Afghanistan, Jan 8th

Rachel Maddow & David Corn marvel over the GOP's mendacity and lunacy over Obama, terrorism

Ed Schultz was officially asked to run for ND Senate seat

Stiglitz: Wall Street Is Hyping Up The Economy To Sell More Stock

US accused of plotting to occupy Yemen

Tiger Woods and the New Sexual Revolution!

Stephen Baldwin gets owned.

Jay Leno Destroys NBC

TYT: Cenk Slams Rush Limbaugh On Healthcare Costs & SUV Comments

Let's ask Joe Biden about Rudy and 9-11...

Ady Gil: The Last Moments (Repost)

Pr. Obama: Jobs, Economy, Slipping American Competitiveness

Yeah, Man (Yemen) = Convenient Terror

TYT: Ed Koch - Profile Muslims, They Might Be Terrorists

Darlene McBride during her " Take Back America " tour

Rudy Giuliani: "We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush; We've Had One Under Obama."

Ady Gil Rammed (Synched PiP)

New Video Shows Japanese Boat DELIBERATELY rams Ady Gil

Ady Gil Earthrace from the Ady Gil itself

American Cartoonist Getting Death Threats from Tea Baggers

GOP Strategist Todd Harris Walks into Chris Matthews Buzzsaw on Hardball

Helen Thomas: You Never Explain Why They Want To Do Us Harm! What's Their Motivation?

Young Turks: O'Reilly Gives Obama A Warning, Cenk Rips It Apart

Unemployment Rate Stuck at 10 Percent

Big River: The Legacy of Big Ag Downstream

Peak oil notes - Jan 7

Drumbeat: January 8, 2010

'Climate change resistant crops' move nearer after gene breakthrough

Coal shortages curb India's Dec power output

Mass Mercury Poisoning In Chinese Factory - First 23 Workers Diagnosed Paid For Tests Themselves

Malagasay Republic Gov. Considering Whether To Sell Seized Illegally Logged Rosewoods For Cash

4 In 10 ExxonMobil Exploratory Wells Dry - Purchase Of XTO For $30 Billion Will "Increase Reserves"

Gov. Goodhair Calls EPA Smog Standards "Bad Science"; Would "Limit Use Of Drive-Throughs"

Echinoderms contribute to global carbon sink (their impact has been significantly underestimated)

Teabaggers Protest Utility In AZ - Demand Money To Counter Climate "Lies": Sign: "Coal Is Clean"

Tesla Motors and Panasonic working together on battery tech

China Strengthens its Alternative Energy Laws

48 degrees in Greenland now

Monterrey Wind Farm Delay a Big Win for Dirty Condor Bird Dropping Interests.

Hundreds of wind turbines to be built in Firth of Forth

GM Begins Mass Production at Volt Battery Assembly Plant Today

Electric cars a losing bet?

Solar-Powered Irrigation Significantly Improves Diet and Income in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

Trolley Canal Boats

trumad appreciation thread...

38 quarters

Looks like Boise State is now a trend-setter as well as a kick ASS football team.

Can they please get rid of Lou Holtz.

The Houston Texans want some nose...

Nick Saban reportedly in talks with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder...

South Florida fires Jim Leavitt

trumad's favourite coach is kicking some ass tonight!

Everyone At Hospital Already Hates Wes Welker

A Playoff system already exists - The SEC Championship Game

Seahawks fire head coach Jim Mora; Pete Carroll to replace?

Final AP poll is out

Hey Condem...

British sport hit by big freeze


I repeat, congratulations to Boise State--National Champs!

Great game plan 'Bama. Take out the other team's best player in the first five minutes

Fucking Disgraceful. Either Boise State or TCU could have kicked either

SEC rules.

Brothers sought in slaying of high-profile Guatemalan lawyer

PARAGUAY: Public Health Care Free of Charge

Japan looks to Latin America to aid growth

Miami-Dade Poor Denied Dialysis to Save Money

Discovery Of 'El Dorado' Proves Bolivia's Amazon Is Inhabitable

U.S. says contractor arrested in Cuba is no spy

Today’s violence against peasant families – detained, wounded and deaths

Angry Cuba demands removal from U.S. terrorism list

Colombia declares forest fires national disaster, will get U.S. help

Report: Al-Qaida CIA bomber was furious over Gaza war

Jerusalem fumes at Abbas and Fayyad

500 Cuban doctors desert Venezuela for US after bribing Ven officials

My New Year's Resolutions concerning guns

Gun-control advocates play fast and loose:

Guns in church? ...

Man shoots girlfriend, kills her daughter and then self in Whatcom County Washington

CWA & IBEW Call For National Telecom Policy And Closing Of Destructive Tax Loophole

Today in Labor History Jan 8 AFL Iron and Steel Organizing Committee ends the “Great Steel Strike.”

AP: Unemployment-claims data signal job gains are near

Ga. GOP battles airline unions

House In Revolt Over Excise Tax, White House Asks Unions to “Celebrate” It

Why I carry a gun

Organizing a Rally

Alleged Mistress Claims Tiger Woods Participated in Gay Encounters

The Constutional Case For Gay Marriage

How is the gay health care tax faring in reconciliation? -- New Site hosts Election Integrity study

State Marriage Laws: Same Sex vs. Cousins... Seriously.

Every argument against marriage equality is horseshit

You Know How the Homophobes...

Portugal's Parliament approves marriage equality

Let The People Vote: Should Heterosexual First-Cousins be allowed to be Married?

On a winter's walk today

so I am cleaning up my work room

Rhode Island Legislature Overrides Veto Of Partner Funeral Rights Bill

Dark Sun

April is not at all the cruelest month

An invitation to the unveiling of my newest SmugMug gallery.

Dusty, Little Galaxy

First image from WISE

Galileo Galilei- Jan 7th, 1609- 400 years of stellar observations

Golden Ratio Discovered in Quantum World: Hidden Symmetry Observed for the First Time in Solid State

A mad scheme to kill a scientist

A frozen Britain from space

Let's have some fun!

snowflakes (dial-up warning ... many photos)

Fed Warns Banks They Need To Worry About Rising Interest Rates

Bill Gross warns US economy not strong enough for government to “gracefully exit” stimulus spending

Turner Plan on ‘Socially Useless’ Trades Make Bankers See Red

New Evidence Raises Serious Questions About Kingsford Capital’s Donation to the Columbia Journalism

The Three Magi of the Meltdown

December sales come in better than expected...much gnashing of teeth in Republicans circles

U.S. regulators warn banks on interest rate risk - with perhaps 6 months lead time.

Goldman Sachs Wasting Shareholder Money On Huge Bonuses, Fiduciary Duty 'Wholly Abdicated,' Say ...

Dr. Housing Bubble 01/08/2010

Employers Expect Uptick in Hiring in the New Year, CareerBuilder's 2010 Job Forecast Finds

More on that 43% rise in Emergency Unemployment Claims in December.

We Didn't Just Lose 85,000 Jobs, We Lost 1 Million.

A friend requests special assistance.

Story on George Noory/Interest in the paranormal

Michael Newton's life between lives books?

RACHEL TODAY speculated

Record 40% Of Unemployed Without Job For 27+ Weeks

Factory Orders in U.S. Increase More Than Twice the Forecast - 7th increase in 8 months

Holiday Uptick in Severe H1N1 Swine Flu --CDC Worried More Deaths May Occur

Got my treadmill Wednesday. Got it put together today (Friday).

Chains' meal calories found higher than stated

Half of self-serve soda machines have fecal bacterial contamination

No Evidence to Support Psychological Debriefing in Schools Decreases PTSD After Disasters

Principal axed in perv scandal

School chiefs could get more authority (Massachusetts)

California's education reform plan: A big puddle of snake oil?

Missouri kindergartner left on bus in cold

Malaysia churches firebombed after court rules that non-Muslims may refer to God as Allah

Unreleased recordings of Scientology founder unveiled

Disappearing for a month

So I wrote to King Arthur Flour

The Artisan Breadbakers - Zoe and Jeff - have a new "Bread Baking Book"

Anyone here shop at Aldi's?

made chicken lentil soup, but it's hard to get a full-flavored broth