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In era of Wall Street Reform, Mitch McConnell offers to become the bankers' little train that could

I am SO sorry, my friends at DU. I got popped today, and deserved it.

Online: If you gotta be rude, then you really have nothing to say.

Come on DUers you have failed me - why don't we know that

Democrats to Move Judicial Nominees as High Court Battle Looms

Elena Kagan (on SCOTUS list) filed brief urging SC not to hear Siegelman case.

Another Breitbart Scam

Chevy Volts hit 40-mile target on batteries

CIA operative contradicts himself on torture

Does anybody know if Elena Kagan is one of THOSE Kagans?

Window cleaners win new contract; lockout ends (3 dead in 3 years locked out over safety complaints)

Detroit News: Granholm reportedly on Supreme Court short list

From my local newspaper: "School Board: No more paddling"

Michael Moore sends words of support to striking staff and nurses of Temple Univ. Hospital

Finally, some intelligence at the Pentagon!

Every day - a week at most - the screw gets turned up a notch.

"Dem Leader: We're Ready for ENDA"

Pedobear and the Pope

Cramer: We’re Six Months From Prosperity

This is a story of two fictitious American girls. Born on the same day 17 years, 139 days ago.

Lieberman: "Everybody should listen to Sarah Palin"

Nice touch Rachel, to use an AK

Calif. students find Palin contract in trash

OPERA, first non-Apple browser engine, approved for iPhone/iPod Touch

Dem Ted Deutch Winner in FL special election

Lieberman: "The momentum is with the Republicans, thank God - that's the way people have spoken"

Teabaggers: 35% believe Blacks to be hardworking; and only 41% think that Blacks are trustworthy.

duplicate post, please ignore

I don't know if "crash the tea party" is legit, but here's my fantasy

Calif. attorney general to investigate tactics of foundation that hired Palin to speak

"Barney Frank gets a high-altitude haranguing on health care"

"Rush Ignorantly Wonders ‘Where Was The Union’ At Non-Union Mine Disaster"

Media Matters: When Gateway Pundit quotes Free Republic, you know the truth is going to lose

Study: Networks snub, malign tea party movement --oh those poor neglected VICTIMS

NY Times - "Obama Puts His Own Mark on Foreign Policy Issues"

A modern day blood libel - J'accuse - where is Zola?!

Obama leads the world toward ending nuclear weaponry

"Tell your doctor about ALL your medications"

update....Army officer won’t accept Obama as chief

The danger of "letting it slide".

Is the IMF Preparing for an Impending Crisis?

Judge who targeted Russia's racist neo-Nazis is found shot dead

Bill Kristol argues that Michele Bachmann is motivated by her love for the Constitution

Suffolk Dem chair to Levy: We'll 'kick your butt'

Top 10 winners Jefferson Muzzle Awards (for anti-free speech efforts)

Heads-Up: 30 Minutes to Rachel Maddow on 'The Daily Show'

Which newspaper is more Orwellian, NY Times or Boston Globe

The main reason why "Crash the tea party" is more than likely a RW deflection

Guv'ment Regs (construction) and quakes

New Deal Safety Net Not Catching Today's Middle Class

6.9 earthquake strikes China

these fuckers just never quit

Do the teabaggers remind of LaRouchites?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Surprise to me, Rachel on with Jon Stewart right now.

The Detroit News: Granholm reportedly on Supreme Court short list

Diane Ravitch, former Asst. Sec. of Education, is on with Tavis tonight

Diane Ravitch, former Asst. Sec. of Education, is on with Tavis tonight

Does anybody know what's going on with the Wikileaks video showing the

Who in the city do I contact to get speed bumps put on my street? I live in the middle of

Sarah Palin Photo Caption Request (thankxxxx)

Scott Brown snubs Tea Baggers in Boston

Jon Stewart just showed two people teabagging each other on Fox news

The term "illegal alien" should be stricken from the lexicon...

Home Libraries Provide Huge Educational Advantage

Roger Waters just announced The Wall Tour 2010 North American

The very real threat of violence versus census workers

LOL, this is great

Do government bureaucracies still exist? Corporate ones do.

Americans: Apologetic, Submissive and Complicit

Toronto Star: Facebook furor as nursing mother paintings censored

France: Continental offers €137-a-month jobs in Tunisia

Liberals Balk at Obama's SCOTUS Front-Runner

FL Senate to open funding for “white flight” in education

How TBS outfoxed Fox to land Conan

97-year-old artist still going strong, painting in Photoshop and using a Wacom tablet!

Poll needs DUing... Grade Obama.

Democrat Deutch wins easily in Florida.....

Deadly quakes in Western China

Liberator of a Nazi death camp looks back

Pew Research: "What's Your Political News IQ?"

Air Force still committed to F-35 program

Cahill to address the Tea Party in Boston?!?!

Anti-American Anger Grows in Afghanistan

Transportation's Bicycle Policy Hits Potholes

Has Morning Jerkoff bothered to mention the FL election yet?

Football is more progressive while Baseball, not so much...

CA Attorney General Has Launched Inquiry Into Sarah Palin Speaking Engagement

Multiple Tours Linked to PTSD

Elizabeth Warren for Justice?

Morning Jerk sez Joementum's serial eye-poking Dems = not running in'12 & COBURN too NICE!1

"Hockey Mom" turned opportunistic diva - Palin contract filled with demands

Vatican's comments spark outrage - homosexuality, not celibacy, is linked to paedophilia (VIDEO)

just got back from Ted Deutch's victory celebration!!!

Some Workers The Free Market Just Won’t Hire

Elizabeth Warren is on C-Span right now!!

What Kind of Wacky World Did Virginians Wake Up To? Read it to believe it ..LINK

Amy Goodman: Massey Disaster Not Just Tragic, but Criminal

Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee- Poor Orly not welcome at Republican Rally!

Cooking With Rachel Maddow..

Teabaggers: who are they? R, D or I?

Media Cheers Obama, Ignores Tea Party Movement

WSJ: Conservatives and the Market for Alienation (The GOP claims to speak for the working man)

WSJ: Conservatives and the Market for Alienation (The GOP claims to speak for the working man)

Randy Quaid: Fugitive Guy

Failed Financial Regulators Go to Work at Bingham McCutchen

The Weekly Dig...

MSNBC is back on satellite radio XM-chan 120 Sirius- chan 90

One of Breitbart's hacks accuses Salon of hypocrisy on ambush reporting

Sunni Cleric Killed in Baghdad Shooting

Democrat handily wins Florida special election for US House

Huckabee compares gay marriage to incest, drug use. I compare Huckabee to a infected pustule

A repost from Colorado forum: Complex rules add to nominees' work

Tim Geithner Has the Answer to the Next Financial Crisis: 42

I'll be reaching out to The Southern Strategy, but *will* be needing some new stationary to do so...

Retail Sales Gain Steam While Inflation Stays at Bay

Teabagger: 'If You Watch Nuremberg - You're Going To See - Obama Is Doing Exactly What Hitler Did'

Has anyone done a study to see what our deficit would be if Bush' Tax-cuts had failed?

Obesity To Be Banned in England?

Local men tried to move explosives across state lines, FBI says

Keen political insight on FR: "Obummer would craps his pants just putting on astronaut underwear"

Things I heard on the radio

Competing for the right to be the vampire squid to the masses

Diet Alone Will Not Likely Lead to Significant Weight Loss, Study Suggests

While I usually dont link to freepland, it is fascinating to hear the views of Taitz.

They're holding a Tea Party Rally This Thursday in my hometown of Wheeling WV at the Wheeling Park

US News & World Report: "Non-Fox cable networks" cheer Obama while ignoring teabaggers

Sentenced to Stigma - Segregation of HIV-Positive Prisoners in Alabama and South Carolina

Missouri has a nuke plant event

Note to Cal State and Sarah Palin: Don't Piss Off College Students

PD my ass! RE: "Disposable Soldiers"

Mr Fish


Neighborhood practice of Santeria stirs controversy

Democrats urge action on President Obama's judicial nominees

Ex Pentagon adviser: he and others were outraged WMD was used as justification for Iraq war

Why doesn't anyone shout at the teabaggers, "If you hate America, go somewhere else!"?

Crist Advisers Push Independent Bid In Florida Senate Race

Teabagger running against Betty Sutton in Ohio 13th Democratic Primary

deleted message

Allentown driver shows sticky note, not license to police in traffic stop

What does Chomsky mean, "financialize the economy?"

I can't get away from her unless I turn off the TV...

How will the typical DU doom-and-gloomer react to an economic boom?

Holder on Smeared DoJ Lawyers: "I will not allow their reputations to be besmirched."

Republicans are shitting in their own nest.

Richard Shelby (R-Naturally) on CNBC: "Republicans do not represent Wall Street"

The Case of the Decoy Prom

So A Man In Plain Clothes And An Unmarked Car Cuts You Off And Pulls A Gun...

Palin draws just 5,000 in Boston

So I hear the Bahstan teabagger craparty was a dud.

Washington D.C. taxpayers got teabagged for $13,600 (cost of Nov. 2009 Bachmann Tea Party rally)

Washington D.C. taxpayers got teabagged for $13,600 (cost of Nov. 2009 Bachmann Tea Party rally)

links to a Boston Commons web cam? What is the real # of teabaggers

Palin demands First Class flying or "Lear 60 or larger..."

Palin - The cable channels have moved on

teabagger sign re-done

I know why She-Who Must-Be-Obeyed wants bendable straws:

A facebook question.

"Tens of thousands of homes were said to be destroyed" climate change storm

MSNBC : The Teabagger Network

Germany: Prisoner Murders Girlfriend During Conjugal Visit

who paid sarah to speak at boston teaparty? the media doesn't care. i do.

m$nbc reporting on the palin bullshit in boston 'they're expecting thousands'

Freeper Thread Titled "Homo 'Day of Silence'"

Sunshine, Swanson, Delahunt and Afghanistan

Did you know an anti-government bad old boy from Texas was arrested for planting 36 pipe bombs?

Emma's Revolution: The T.E.A. Song ~ you gotta hear this

Afghan Warlords, Tribal Chiefs, American Bankers

If you're pro-Sestak, there's encouraging news from Pennsylvania:

Teabag grammar hurts my brain

Republican First Aid - Illustrated

America, please stop enabling the Quitter.

Banks Charging 125% Interest on Some Micro-Loans to the Poor:

Yemeni Bride, 11, Hospitalized with Genital Injuries

HAHAHA! Palin's PAC spent more money than it raised !

One Picture Can Say So Much

One Picture Can Say So Much

Boston teabagger over @ 11:00 AM when it was supposed to go to 1:00 PM

Road Rage Shooting Suspect Posted Rants on Youtube - link

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

The newest Freepathon

War taxes are killing us

VA GOP Attorney General To Share Stage With "Gay Demon" Exorcist

NDP: Who is Behind the Tea Party Movement?

Tea Party: "No signs or behavior evidencing bigotry or racism of any kind will be tolerated"

Good news: Sharp drop in maternal deaths worldwide

Poll to DU

Oath Keepers bails on open-carry gun rally outside of D.C.

What was different about China's quake?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

Counterpunch web site of the day: re: the Murderer Blankenship

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Christian co-ops swap burden of medical bills-exempt from fines in health law

Calif State Sen. Roy Ashburn (R) Gets Probation In DUI Case

Alan Grayson: There’s A New Kind Of Democrat In Town. Me!

Bubble Ben Bernanke: rates to stay low for "extended period"

TPM's Josh Marshall needs a few minutes of your time...

Comedy Central Launches Onion Sports Network

Students Find Palin Contract In Trash: Spurs Investigation In California

No sharing, stoners: Vet says pot can kill your dog

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's divorce imminent, says Entertainment Tonight

The Rude Pundit: Wow, Your State Sucks, Too (Arizona Edition)

C-span ... Dems trying to waive rules re U/E Extension Benefits ...

Right Wing News goes straight for the sleaze.

Gen. Petraeus, King of the Conservative Lecture Circuit

U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths

And the reviews for Boston are in . . . .

"Tale of 2 failed Plots" -WOW, I missed this one

Instead of nuclear or coal, let us burn trash

I apologize for this topic...

Time for another name change: MSNBC> msRnc> GEmsRnc> GEmsQnc (for Quitter PALIN)

“They Killed the Wounded & Drove Over Their Bodies”-Iraqis On WikiLeaks Video-But Who Is Listening?

quick thought, with all of the freepers declaring a massive

If you were going out in wild country to search for a lost little girl, why would you make .......

Jo Comerford: War Taxes Are Killing Us

47% of Tea Partiers Pay No Federal Income Taxes! Atlantic Estimates

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5

Senators John Kerry, Joseph Leiberman and Lindsey Graham drafting legislation to weaken the EPA

Noah Baumbach’s movie "Greenberg" Breaks the Abortion Taboo

Easier to be liberal than conservative...

God Guns Guts Palin - pic

Hit Squads To Believe In

Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin?

Scarlett Johansson cast in 'lost' Stanley Kubrick film

Study: Frequent password changes are useless

I've made up my mind: we shouldn't boycott TLC over "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Awww! Poor Orly Taitz! Dissed by the Republican Party...

Ed Schultz tore Fox News, O'Reilly and Beck a new one?

Ken Cuccinelli praises gun-rights activists

Obama up 3 in new Gallup Daily Tracking.... 49 app 45 dis

Go Ahead, Laugh At The Teabaggers. But Realize: They're Smarter Than Us

Beef Rejected In Mexico Sold In US

Does Michelle Rheely need remedial math or a new publiscist?

Palin's secret CSU contract

Dump Sarah Palin Into Boston Harbor - pic

KITV Sioux City :Workers report to John Morrell plant for last shift

Smoking bans reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and reduce heart attacks

Ahmadinejad Asks U.N. to Investigate 9/11

Colorado teacher punished for her better-school-lunch crusade

Anesthesia allergy could complicate Ohio execution

Apartment demolition plan creates massive rent rate increases in Seattle

AFP: No Obama pressure on Israel over nuclear ambiguity: minister

Cassini sees lightning on Saturn

Glenn Beck types and teabaggers

Gainesville, FL rejects homophobic ‘No Homo’ campaign and elects its first openly gay mayor.

Troubled bank's president tries to go on vacation, is fired

Sen. Dodd blasts Republican leader for lying about his bill

One simple reason we could do much better than expected in November

One simple reason we could do much better than expected in November

'Our member banks are very concerned about real-time disclosure of information that could cause a


Kyrgyz unrest strands troops at Manas

Autistic Girl Found After Four Days

FBI warns to beware of The Sovereign Citizen Movement - "Americans attacking Americans"

FBI warns to beware of The Sovereign Citizen Movement - "Americans attacking Americans"

Murfreesboro, Tn. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?

A (CIA) Spy Takes the Spotlight

Birdseye view of teabaggers in Boston:

THK's 2010 Woman's health and environment conference you can view online if you register

Student-Created Wok Robot Can Cook 600 Chinese Dishes

When the Army Uses "Enhanced Interrogation" on an American Soldier

Gainesville, FL rejects homophobic ‘No Homo’ campaign and elects its first openly gay mayor.

Quote for the Day - why does this make me think of the Tea Partiers?

Hey republican'ts McConnell and Pence (and the rest of you)...

Enviro group hopes to unseat Rep. Michele Bachmann

Grassley continues fight against citizens who question him

Military asserts right to return cyber attacks

So John McGramps wants to declare war on Iran

OH Tea Party Leader Who Suggested Shooting Hispanics Now Is Wanted By Cops -- Tweets: 'Arm Yourself'

Here's MORE proof that freepers are NOT ignorant homicidal bigots. Let's end the lie in THIS thread.

From an e-mail I just received. How about if we...

CNN reporting Boston Teabagger crowd is small. LOL

From the I-knew-it-was-coming file: Gates criticizes leak of Iraq killings

Germans' Support for Afghan War Collapses

Houston Fire Department: Arson Destroyed Gay-Friendly Church

Focus on the Family will lobby against gay SCOTUS nominee because the nominee is gay

Will Pitt has me laughing my ass off.

CNBC's Cramer:"we are six months away from you seeing the genuine prosperity that I am forecasting"

Get Ya Tea Party Programs Heaah! $20

Ouch: Tea Party rally cost taxpayers almost $14,000

Schwarzenegger calls Texas oil companies 'greedy'

Dedicated to Bible Spice, David Bowie's "Fame"

What Happened?

Obama appoints Mark Martins Deputy Commander of the New "Indefinite Detention" policy:

EDIT: Obama at 49%... dang!!! When do we start driving the narrative?

Pentagon: Iran Needs 3-5 Years to Build Usable Atom Bomb

VA Gov McDonnell backtracks on requiring Felons to write essay to get voting rights

Van Hollen Vows Dems Will Go On Offense, Ties GOP To Big Banks

Why does corpmedia consistently lie up TeaPotty crowdsize? *A* thousand becomes tens of thousands.

Can someone explain this moran's sign??

Heads up ..... on April 21 PBS will air Food Inc. ..... it's an eye-opener

Bring an iPad into Israel, and it will be confiscated

(requesting a self delete due to duplication)

Good one at BartCop: Teaparty

Vatican under fire for linking gays to pedophilia

West Virginia coal miners strike, defend selves against National Guard

Women's childbirth deaths increase over 10 years in US, Canada...

You live a sad life when even "Teh Stupids" reject you (re Orly Taintz)

Rep. Anthony Weiner Dreams of Punching Bill O'Reilly in the Face

Will Pitt is on The Commons, watching the teabaggers for us...

Google backs Yahoo in privacy fight with DOJ

Chris Matthew's rail against voting third party

Open Letter From Historians to the Texas State Board of Education

Never Have Political Minorities Been Given So Much Attention

FL: Gainesville elects gay mayor by 35 votes, recount needed

Dow up over a hundred again today with all the good economy news, eom.

Feingold, McGovern, Jones Introduce Bill to Require Timetable for Pulling Troops from Afghanistan

Why are M$Greedia so quiet about that Democratic wipe out

Ouch: Tea Party rally cost taxpayers almost $14,000

Emanuel re Obama: "he’s probably more realpolitik, like Bush 41"

" of the most depraved child molestation cases Indianapolis police have seen"

Discarded Palin contract sparks investigation

Cleric's support for men and women mingling in public sparks furor in Saudi Arabia

Loudmouthed Half-Brained Quitter P.O.S. Calls Commander-In-Chief "Un-American" During Time Of War

OxyRush just now "Probably 30,000 in attendance at the Boston Tea Party" ... ROFLMAO.

What's the Teahadists **REAL** problem with Saul Alinsky?

Padded Bikini for girls withdrawn (for girls as young as 7)

SMBC strikes again!

The great happy Vatican death spiral, By Mark Morford

Coming up on Tweety - Bill Maher and Barney Frank

Chomsky is wrong about the tea baggers and this new NYT poll shows it.

Evolution of a N.J. cross-dressing controversy

So, is there anyone outside the FOX Network who does more to boost Sarah Palin's

So, is there anyone outside the FOX Network who does more to boost Sarah Palin's

It’s Impossible to “Get By” In the U.S.

Sarah Palin is a genius!

Yep. The Tea Party is Still Racist. New Poll:

Sarah Palin contract demands 'Lear 60 jet' and 'bendable straws'

Does anybody anywhere

Being named to Ch.7's list of the top school districts in Michigan will cost you $25,000

Massey CEO to miners: I will close this mine if you vote union

As my daughter said tonight, "if you are going to hate a politician, it has to be Sara Teabag

Sarah Palin & Discovery: Vote for the best haiku!

Need help to refute Dobbs on immigration bill:

Lawmaker names 48 mines that could face scrutiny

How do you know that a web host really provides for "unlimited traffic"?

Jon Stewart: Thanks for your version of "A Bronx Tale" last night!!

Feinstein sounded good to me today,

Arizona Legislature Passes Racist Immigration Bill, Advocates Urge Governor’s Veto

Outcrazying The Crazy: How A Prankster Plans To Infiltrate And Destroy The Tea Party Movement

Vote For Your Favorite John McCain

U.S. Retreats from Afghan 'Valley of Death'- As If 5-Year Fight Was Tragic, Bloody Misunderstanding

This commercial break...

Workers praised; contract questioned (OS's union in negotiations)

Have republicans stopped talking to you?

4/14/95-the PBS timeline on McVeigh and Nichols

LOL....."Glee" slams Palin tonight.......

Vote For The Cover Of Glenn Beck's New Book!

Does anyone feel sorry for Senator John McCain?

Bush calls Crist, asks him to sign SB 6

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez rips ‘bigot’ Ohio Tea Party leader

About this election in the UK.

Local Tea Party Leader Who Suggested Shooting Hispanics Now Is Wanted By Cops

Romney jumps the freeper shark, tells NYT: "I'll Take Credit for Obamacare"...they're flippin' OUT.

Those motherfuckers Lieberman and McCain need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Those motherfuckers Lieberman and McCain need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

'Birther' Lt. Col. Terry Lakin to be court-martialed for refusing order to deploy to Afghanistan

Obama Shuns the Left as White House Mulls U.S. High Court Slot

New Idea. Tshirt for protesting, that has your health issue, for safety

Is Cleanliness to Blame for Increasing Allergies?

Pulitzer-winning photog breaks up bank robbery with a bear hug

Tea Party Supporters: Who They Are and What They Believe

Stephen Colbert interviews the WikiLeaks guy

Poor Toyota - halts sale of Lexus GX 406 after 'don't buy' from Consumer reports

Should the CEO of Massey Energy face criminal charges

This "snafu" making headlines is a good thing

Elizabeth Warren will be on with Tavis Smiley tonight

Charging for CARRY-ON's and for TOILET VISITS are actually not the Air Lines most lucrative ideas..(

Report cites staggering level of US maternal mortality

Scientists turn moths gay to save crops

Yes, 47% of Households Owe No Taxes. But Look Closer.

I guess Saudi Arabia doesn't have oil spare capacity they and our government claimed they did...

The Coffee Party is up to over 200,000 on Facebook

The ultra-aerodynamic all-electric Aptera - pics

Dangerous signs on the road

You People Worry too Much

Evidence emerges suggesting "Crash the Teaparty" website hosted by former GOP Senate candidate

Glenn Greenwald on Why Elena Kagan Would Shift the Supreme Court to the Right

Eliot Spitzer for Supreme Court!

Mr. Solly Mack gave a class today on the new guidelines under DADT

There goes Palin again with her shrill, shrieking, squeaky voice

"Somebody PLEASE put The CONSTITUTION on Obamas teleprompter!!!!"

Bill Maher just called Palin and Bachman MILFs on Hardball!

Is there a reason

Buchanan: " * was a big gubmint, neocon and most of the country didn't want him and the Rs didn't

Priest Calls For Pope’s Resignation

Idea on how to get terrorists to confess: Play Sarah Palin's speeches over and over again?

I don't get the craziness over the KFC Double Down.

Sarah Palin came to Boston and all I got was this lousy blog...

Why do retail store clerks ask for your zip code? nt

Why does the 911 call by the guy who found Nadia Bloom

The Ed Show is too good to miss today!

Conyers Seeks Firing of FBI Officials Who Used 'National Security Letters' for Phone Records

Boston Teabagger on NPR: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

Boston Teabagger on NPR: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

Tampa Tribune: Jeb Bush leads move to reduce teachers union's influence

Huckabee slams student interviewer, who releases raw interview tape, which matches printed interview

Oh, wait. MI will not compare charter schools with public schools. Really?

Chris Matthews moments ago: "Third parties suck!"

It's like "Scanners" with multiple freeper heads goin' kablooie over "Birther Officer Court Martial"

Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide: Long-term Effects:

Tax Day demonstrations to highlight burden on working people

Truthout: In Defense Of Public School Teachers In A Time Of Crisis

Truthout: In Defense Of Public School Teachers In A Time Of Crisis

Who I am: My intro to DU people

Sarah Palin of Palin, Sarah. Sarah, Palin, that is...Palin (Sarah)

Library of Congress to House Entire Twitter Archive

Do you think the TeaParty would use a nuke if it could?

Noam Chomsky today at my college

`Twilight' series on list of challenged books

Pope Ratso's birthplace vandalized with graffiti

White House congressional liaison is telling US House NOT TO VOTE on DADT this year

The Absurdity of Constitutional Protection of Corporations

***SCAM ALERT!!!*** "Crash the Tea Party" is definitely a scam!!!!

Psssst! Hey, Vatican: Just for the record....

Chomsky on the danger of fascism in America

Chomsky on the danger of fascism in America

"I'm not a soldier. I'm a prisoner-by my own people-I felt like a caged animal in that room."

"I'm not a soldier. I'm a prisoner-by my own people-I felt like a caged animal in that room."

"I'm not a soldier. I'm a prisoner-by my own people-I felt like a caged animal in that room."

Is there ANY reason for "safe, polite, respectable" antiwar activism anymore?

New York City to charge rent to homeless shelter residents with jobs

Why Are 25 Hedge Fund Managers Worth 658,000 Teachers? or drain your wallet dotcom or drain your wallet dotcom

Beaten College Student John McKenna Will Sue Police, Lawyer Says

Bullies and The Punishment of Victims

obama is gorbachev: discuss

To help in research - 5 Very Simple Google Search/Function Tips

Special Ed teacher worries about her class and the SB6 bill.

Last US sardine cans being packed in Maine

errrr..McVeigh was not RW?

Chinese teens 'like prisoners' in Microsoft tech factory

I went to the Anti-TeaKlan rally today! (dial-up warning)

PETA Targets Tracy, CA Woman Over Animal Sacrifice

Someone left us a blueprint for dealing with Tea Party people, and others

Which thread will be the first to reach 7000 views?

Inside Source: Palin's Show Is "a New All Time Low for Discovery-Show Is Going To Tank Big Time"

I am SO sorry, my friends at DU. I got popped today, and deserved it.

How did I miss the whole radiohead thing?

Finally Hurley..Lost

I have 157,448 sockpuppets.

What if a 24-year-old man traveled one mile to have sex with three thousand teen-aged girls?

Lost: $10 Million in twenty dollar bills.

Hell has frozen over: my baby sister is on FaceBook

"Amazing Race" fans- celebrity look alikes

Just Found Planescape: Torment at Goodwill

a little brag on my dear departed FIL

My daughter just butt dialed me from the "Motion City Soundtrack" concert...

Fat man jump the fence

Some pictures from work today

What if a teen traveled 24 miles to have sex with a 3,000-year-old girl?

You're cold... Do you put on a jacket or turn the AC off?

Cool News...

Roasting a turkey for April 15th Tax festival Thursday.

Has anyone ever noticed how much they talk about politics around here?

I Own You (cool song & music video)

CA DUers - need travel advice

The cat munkee! AKA: Francois' Langur

Having pissed off everyone else, Billy Corgan is forced to break child labor laws to maintain band

Heidi Montag files sexual harassment claim against producer of MTV's "The Hills"

‘South Park’ and ‘Avenue Q’ Guys Bringing ‘Book of Mormon’ to Broadway

Randy Quaid: Fugitive Guy

Bill Kristol: Michele Bachmann, Constitution expert (ROFL)

HELP" Need someone with a Mac and Safari to test a web site

Lost: One $100 Bill

Today is Pink Shirt Day to bring awareness to bullying.

Who do you think is the longest-running one-hit-wonder act?

Which of these (and only these) obtrusive, non-functional mutations would you rather have?

The Killers - Somebody told me

The Killers - Somebody told me

Glee: Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) hit's another one out of the park (mild spoiler)

post your current desktop

We The People (graphic art)

My sister just sent me this old pic of me, my niece, and my Dad:

Beware of the dog(s)

Get it on with the Sex Squad!

Question about HDTV

Sammy Sosa bleached his skin?

Onion Sports Network Coming to Comedy Central

Are you blind? Do you miss out on Porn? Now there is Porn Mag for the Blind

PHOTO: poor man's ultrasound

M. Night Shyamalan's Signs 2: The Easter Return

Oboy. Family members brought bedbugs from Eastern Europe.

So I got my hair cut today, and the stylist asked me how the weather was outside.

Please listen to this young singer

I Said

Moments In Love

Does anyone remember Dr. Eugene Scott...

Lesbians By The Lake

Ashes to Ashes

Student-Created Wok Robot Can Cook 600 Chinese Dishes

Dancing With the Stars - Bye Aiden!

I'm going to get a double down for lunch...the question is..

Golden Years

Joss "Buffy" Whedon to direct "The Avengers" (w/ Robert Downey Jr. returning as Iron Man)

Why do people insist on driving without headlights on a foggy morning?

"The Motherfucking Pterodactyl" - sorry if this is a repost - f'n hilarious!

I have a theory (re: hoarding as a genetic trait)

"How 'bout a nice, greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray"?

Hey Amerigo -- top THIS!

Browser URL data to prove if you're male/female.

Larry King filing for divorce. Okay, Lounge ladies... who's turn is it next?

Just back from jury duty.

Do you watch the show where that guy tries to stuff a ton of food into his face in 20 min?

I want an Ipad but have no clue why. Please tell me why I shouldn't get one

Some military humor, dialup warning.

A robin has just built a nest right outside my daughter's bedroom window.

Larry King files for divorce for the 8th Time!

I am watching Harold and Maude on instant view on Netflix.

Multicat households: do your cats team up to do stuff?

Need some lounge-irific vibes Re: job

I am SO sorry, my friends at DU. I got popped today, and deserved it.

Is the attention span of humans devolving with time ?

Can anyone recommend some good free anti-virus/computer protection?

Do you write in cursive?

Songs You'd Like to Hear/ See on "Glee"?

Anyone else remember this one from Robert Palmer?

Genius Of Love

Elin Nordergren back on the market

Any frequent fliers in here? Multiple luggage question.

97-year-old artist still going strong, painting in Photoshop and using a Wacom tablet!

I made an announcement tonight at the open mic...

If you learned that you were inescapably fated to bring about the apocalypse, would you tell anyone?

My Westboro Baptist protest sign...


I just ordered a Tom Lehrer CD

What are vegetarian burgers supposed to taste like?

New York State Worker Accused of Taking Off Friday - For 17 Years

Annoying noob question - KNR

People can be so fucking stupid sometimes (disturbing topic)

A list of Funny Movies...during rough periods...

Would you destroy humankind to save your SO?

I bring you - Cute Baby Sloths!!!!

Calling all Fremen: The Best of Last Night's Dune Commentary Twack

Anybody still eating...

The Dead is releasing a CD/DVD of the last show at JFK Stadium in Philly. I was there!!!

Roger Waters just announced The Wall Tour 2010 North American

When you want to get a greasy burger round about where you are, where do you go?


What's the longest your outdoor cat has gone out without been seen?

Post the PUNCHLINE ONLY to your favorite dirty jokes!

Hey BethCA66 - check this shit ....Blues band from 1966: Seigel-Schwall Band:

Sarah Palin Photo Caption Request (thankxxxx)

Democrat Wins Florida House Race

UN confirms peacekeepers kidnapped in Darfur

Judge who targeted Russia's racist neo-Nazis is found shot dead

Karadzic Genocide Trial Opens After Months Of Delay

Arizona passes strict illegal immigration act

Obama To Attend Kaczynski Funeral

Ex-mine official to lead probe of W.Va. blast

Iran complains to UN over Obama 'nuclear blackmail'

IMF urges tough line against largest banks

Democratic lawmakers say midterms may obstruct budget resolution

Media Cheers Obama, Ignores Tea Party Movement

Bainbridge man faces federal explosives charges

Top Senate Republican blasts Democrats' financial regulation bill

Obama says Israel should sign NPT

22,700 killed in drug violence in Mexico since '06

Yemeni Bride, 11, Hospitalized with Genital Injuries

California (AG) to Investigate Sarah Palin Speaking Contract

Palin Contract Found in Trash Sparks Probe

Australia arrests crew of China Barrier Reef ship

U.S. retail sales SURGE in March!!!

GM to report "solid" Q1 operating results: memo

DNA analysis traces whale meat from Japan to U.S., S. Korea

Santa Clara County (Calif) supervisors vote to ban plastic and paper bags

Gates says (WikiLeaks) video of U.S. helicopter attack in Iraq out of context

Obama Finds G.O.P. Resistance in Meeting on Financial Bill

Afghan woman, 18, slain in fear campaign

Library of Congress acquires entire Twitter archives

Garcia's Entry Puts Florida Open Seat In Play

Group releases government spending 'Pig Book'

Miss. county schools ordered to comply with desegregation order (55 Yrs After Brown v Board Of Ed)

(Calif. state Sen.) Ashburn pleads no contest to DUI

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 14

Officials say 9/11-style plot in Iraq foiled

Tea Party rally cost taxpayers nearly $14k

Ahmadinejad Asks U.N. to Investigate 9/11

76 Senators sign on to Israel letter

Quake in western China kills 589, buries more

Democrat Wins Florida U.S. House Race

Economy Picked Up in Most Regions in March: Beige Book

The M E N of L O S T... vote for one

(Ne Abortion Dr) Carhart: (Anti-Abortion) Bill strengthens resolve

(Ne Abortion Dr) Carhart: (Anti-Abortion) Bill strengthens resolve

Obama secures 47-nation pact at nuclear summit

Yemen Refuses to Hunt Al-Awlaki for U.S.

10 percent of Cuyahoga County's voting machines fail pre-election tests

WI-Sen: Tommy Thompson Won’t Challenge Feingold, Says Wisconsin Radio

Segregation in Mississippi Public Schools in 2010?

Scientists reveal gene-swapping technique to thwart inherited diseases

Portland sex abuse verdict leaves Boy Scouts vulnerable to more lawsuits

Time to 'Sober Up' on Foreclosures: TARP Official (Elizabeth Warren)

Package explodes at San Diego FedEx building

GOP operatives crash the tea party

Former Jerusalem mayor arrested in bribery scandal

Stimulus tied to 2.2 million jobs - White House

Vatican 'clarifies' cardinal's homosexuality abuse link

NASA Would Revive Orion Capsule Under Obama’s Plan (Update 1)

McCain: Time To 'Pull The Trigger' With Iran

Argentines try probing crimes of Franco's Spain

Obama: Israel should sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Temp worker hired as Fabcon strikebreaker ends up in emergency room

Americans seeing lower tax bills post so effects you influential yield.

Practice needed for confronting Oklahoma militia fans

Obama is giving NASA a green makeover

The governor of WVa should shut down Massey until all safety regulations have been met.

"Book Reveals Unheard Interviews With Jacqueline Kennedy"

PBS Special Obama's Deal is online now for those that don't want to wait

House Passes Bill To Ban Caller ID ‘Spoofing’

Painful Juxtaposition

In speech at Kennedy Space Center, Obama to outline proposals for returning U.S. to space

In speech at Kennedy Space Center, Obama to outline proposals for returning U.S. to space

Elsenheimer won't run for Stupak seat

Denish still dominates governor's race fundraising

errrr..McVeigh was not RW?

Delaware: Urquhart Self-Financing Open-Seat House Bid

Is there any truth at all to this? Rubio is only up 1 on Meek

Ezra Klein: Blanche Lincoln To Get Tough On Derivatives?

Bill O'Reilly is grilling Tom Coburn on who on Fox News said people will go to jail if...

Oh oh!!! - Michelle Obama launches solo agenda on Mexico tour

Oh oh!!! - Michelle Obama launches solo agenda on Mexico tour

The Successes Of The Long-Overdue Nuclear Summit

Pit bull blamed for death of New Port Richey infant

Pit bull blamed for death of New Port Richey infant

Oops! Former Reagan Secretary of State Shultz praises Obama's nuclear strategy

Discarded Palin contract sparks investigation...Oh really

Anyone know of any stats or opinion regarding how bad the unemployment #'s would be if...

FiveThirtyEight: New Data on Tea Party Sympathizers

How bout this bumper sticker, 'Vote them out, just don't replace them with a Republican'

I've got to think the way Jon Voight was portrayed in Seinfeld is exactly how he is in real life.

Fifty-five years after Brown v. Board, Mississippi county schools ordered to stop school segregation

"Florida Democrat wins first US House election since health care bill passed"

Rasmussen: Obama @ 50% approval. Gallup: Obama at 49% approval.

"the Democratic party is alive and well."

federal election law question here

The Presidents #27: William Howard Taft

Could Obama privatizing world peace?!

Why is MSNBC covering tea party rally 24-7 but only bothered to look in on National Action Network's

Obama comfortable as head of nuclear summit before world leaders

Bill Clinton to Speak on 1995 OKC Bombing

Lightning Rod Grayson Posts Another $800,000 Quarter

Do the "tea partiers" know anything about history?

Time's Swampland: Mitch McConnell and Frank Luntz talking points on Financial Reform

Council of Economic Advisers Estimates Stimulus Saved 2.2 Million Jobs

Why isn't their a movement to get Alan Grayson to run against Rubio?

Retiree Group Endorses Halter Over Lincoln

Norton to skip Colo. GOP convention

Coats misses financial disclosure deadline

Mondale backs Kelliher in Minn. governor's race

The United Steel Workers (USW) announced their unanimous endorsement for Rep. Earl Hilliard, Jr.

Obama beats top 4 GOP for POTUS (CNN Poll)

PhRMA deal was very smart strategically

NYT/CBS poll: 62% say their income tax level is fair; more than half of teabaggers agree

Arizona: Quayle Tops Half-Million for House Race

Holder Defends 9/11 Civilian Trials, Defuses Critics

Nato Troops Pull Out of Flashpoint Taliban Valley

AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too

Glenn Beck: idiot, tool, clown, opportunist or con artist? *edit*

Krugman: The Secret Of The Banks’ Success

Should Obama pick a progressive, ''moderate,'' or conservative supreme court justice?

"When Republicans hate their president more than they love their country, there's a problem."

Crist Advisers See Path to Senate Outside GOP

Obama and world leaders look to secure all nuclear material by 2014 after summit

Teabagging 2.0 April 15, 2010 --" Lying, Ignorant Puppets who are STILL a Sham and a Fraud

The amazing hypocrisy of my local school district concerning Obama......

Nuke-Summit Wrap: Jon Kyl Embarrasses Himself

the national tone at the moment of the OKC bombing

I'm not crazy about Obama's plans for NASA myself... but WOW.

Some veggie burgers found to contain harmful substance, hexane, used to process soy

Pataki Isn't Joining New York Senate Race

Democrats Hold The Line Against Wall Street Derivatives Lobbying

Survey: Ron Paul dead even with Obama in hypothetical 2012 race

Reports Show More Americans Feel Economic Recovery

Senator McConnell Is Completely Wrong On Financial Reform

E. Warren on Morning Joe was oddly silent when Mika started talking Supreme Court justice

Weiner Rocks Da House!!!

Reich: The Republican Strategy on Financial Reform: Make Democrats Look Like Patsies for the Street

Rassmussen 2012 Poll: Obama 42% - Paul 41%

US Stocks Climb To Nearly 19-Month Highs; S&P 500 Above 1200

"a frank discussion is needed on the proper role of judges in our constitutional system"

Print these posters out for local teabagger rallies

The Florida Win and 2010 Predictions (Relax Folks - We'll Be OK)

Is there a forum of DI for dealing with Alzheimers patients?

LOL......major slam against Palin tonight on Glee.......

Rick Scott (aka "Lex Luthor") to run for Florida Governor?

Why not a constitutional amendment barring any more financial industry bailouts?

Obama Bicycle Policy Wins Love From Cyclists, Scorn From Trucking Industry

Magnitude 6.9 in China

PBS Frontline: "Obama's Deal" (FULL VIDEO - 60 mins HD)

"The Obama administration is driving a very hard line on financial reform."

We need to document our history so those who follow us can know what came before

Whoever interviews Palin next has to ask her about Alinsky. That should be interesting.

Optimistic like it is the 1990s -- Thank you to a great President, so far...

An American's Letter to Jon Voight

First moonwalker blasts Obama’s space plan

BBC: More Than 70 Civilians Killed in Pakistan Airstrike (Photos Revealed)

Countdown: Huffington - Mining Companies Abuse Regulatory Systems

Arrest the Pope

Ed Show: Census Workers Being Intimidated by Insane Conservatives

President Obama at Opening Plenary of Nuclear Security Summit

Teabaggers & Terrorists

AFL-CIO Trumka: "If Multinationals have their way...."

Dick The Shrimper Morris calls Obama the first anti-American president

Rachel Maddow interview with Elizabeth Warren, Tuesday 13th April 2010

Destabilizing the world for profit

Flowers are Better Than Bullets

TYT: How A (R) Senator Was Bribed Through His Wife

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Like an ACID BATH of stupidity, four minutes and two seconds of non-stop burning, like syphilis.

Kasich Hates Stimulus Money, Except When He Likes It

Keith Olberman Quick Comment: Racist Teabagger has Hispanic Son 'Self-Contradiction & Pure Hate'

The War on A**holes

Rachel Maddow discusses OK's anti-Gov, state sanctioned (!) militia proposal.

Thom Hartmann tells Grover Norquist he's been a shill for the rich

Big Branch Mine Disaster: Rep. George Miller Floor Statement

GOOD lil' doggie! McConnell Slams Financial Reform Bill After Meeting With Wall Street Elite

Thom Hartmann - How 50 Years of Tax Cuts Have Benefited America's Wealthiest Taxpayers

Three orange republicans praise their mom, Virginia Foxx

Video shows police beating up a student (and then lying about it!)

Thom Hartmann - This guy is an ass

VA GOP Attorney General To Share Stage With 'Gay Demon' Exorcist Cindy Jacobs

Dylan Ratigan Show Puppets Help Explain Financial Crisis

Puck Failin'...Buzzing mosquito attacks policies of President Obama, calls them un-American


Obama vs. Haters

Boston gets teabagged by a freedom-lovin' multi-millionaire who loves her freedoms. DO YOU? HUH?

Rep. Inslee Slams Don Blankenship's Safety Regulators Are "As Silly As Global Warming" Comment

Rachel Maddow: Elizabeth Warren - 'This is Really a STUNNING Response from Banking Industry'

TYT: Fox Business - R's Want Wall Street $ To Fight Financial Reform (& More)

Dylan Ratigan destroys Mike Pence (R) on Financial Reform - Too big to fail is real

Bill Maher Rips Palin On Hardball!

Palin on the Nuclear Playground - What Would Sarah Do?

TYT Inside Source: Sarah Palin's TLC Show A Disaster!

NV-SEN Candidate Sue Lowden (R): 'Barter With Your Doctor'

1974 CIA Estimate Declared, “We Believe That Israel Already Has Produced Nuclear Weapons.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Ghost of Bobby Lee

War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

Tea Party's New Motto: 'No Taxation Without MISrepresentation'

Women must pass a test before having an abortion in Nebraska

Gods and Monsters; Fighting American Wars From On High

Guardian UK: The pope should stand trial

Jeb Bush wields clout without accountability

Microsoft ships American jobs overseas

The sensible virtues

Democrats rebound in Florida special election

Speculating Banks Still Rule -- Ten Ways Dems and Dodd Are Failing on Financial Reform

Summit agrees to protect nuclear stocks 'in four years' (BBC)

Big Banks Draw Big Profits From Microloans to Poor

Our Fill-in-the-Blank Constitution

Left & Right: Prospects for Peace (Give this a try. Fascinating.)

Robert Scheer: The Whistleblower They Ignored

Russia and Poland - the Day After

Another poll story about how "badly" Obama's doing ignores the impact of depression on rating.

Recovering bodies: The work mine rescuers dread

"Top Ten" Massey Energy Mines Had 2,400 Safety Citations - In 2009 Alone - NPR

A Day in the Life

Obama Meets Resistance From G.O.P. on Finance Bill

Ill Fares the Land

Senator McConnell Is Completely Wrong On Financial Reform

New Tea Party Seditionist Army Forming in Oklahoma

The Potential Domestic White "Christian" Terrorists in Our Midst

Microsoft to invest $ 9.5 billion in R&D initiatives (India) - Has 2 million developers in India

Panic over the Unknown: America hates Atheists (The Jury Expert)

Eating Welll on $ 68.88 a Week? for a Family of Four?

Genetically engineered crops benefit many farmers, but the technology needs proper management to ...

Take Action - Save Australia's Flatback Sea Turtles

Calculating agriculture's phosphorus footprint

Detroit Metro Times: Did government agencies help create the Asian carp crisis?

Scientists cleared of malpractice in UEA's hacked emails inquiry

Why US environmentalists should support offshore drilling

Sea Shepherd Harassment Cuts Japanese Whale Catch in Half

Drumbeat: April 14, 2010

20/40 Of US Streams & Rivers Surveyed Showed Significant Long-Term Warming - AFP

Rio Landslide Death Toll Hits At Least 246, Authorities Confirm - 200 More Missing In Nearby Town

From Around 1,500 Annually, Gray Whale Calvings Fall As Low As 300 In Past 3 Years

Building a Better Solar Cell: 1366 Technologies

Ford will use diesel technology on next-gen EcoBoost

Climate Scientists cleared of malpractice in UEA's hacked emails inquiry

Google protests new data center cooling standard

One-Day Ocean Cleanup Recovers 10 Million Pieces Of Garbage On Coastlines Worldwide

DNA suggests whale meat from (LA) sushi restaurants originated from Japan

Wildlife Still Exposed To Exxon Valdez Oil 20 Years After Disaster

Same Fed Mgr. Who Reviewed 2006 Fatal Accident @ Massey Mine Will Lead New Investigation

WMO - 2009 Likely To Rank Among Top Ten Warmest On Record - AFP

Philippine Environmentalists, Religious Leaders Horrified Arroyo Will Get Congressional Green Award

It Would Appear That Bethany Goldblum Has Not Read Mark Z. Jacobson's Paper: Sticks With Her Career

Cap and Trade: Right Debate, Wrong Solution

No Car, No Problem: The Benefits of Car-Free Living

Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario

OK, joeybee. My wife joined this facebook group tonight.

The Ring's the Thing

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, April 13)

M's 3, A's 0

Congratulations, Houston! Dynamo to get a soccer-specific stadium

No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson

Hockey fans! What will you be drinking tonight?

Looks like Tiger and Elin's marriage is kaput.

Slurring Jerry Jones Bad-Mouths Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow

Donovan McNabb: 'I'd Like To Thank The Ungrateful, Over-Expecting,Often times-Racist Fans Of Philly

Aubrey Huff just hit an inside-the-park home run for the Giants

Just got an e-mail from the Wash Caps: SRO tickets for ... $100! for Thursday's game. nt

The Pittsburgh Pirates hold on to win a thriller against the San Francicso Giants...

Broncos Trade Brandon Marshall to Dolphins

YOUR 2010 Iowa Hawkeye Football schedule

What Happened?

Joe Paterno sees Big Ten expansion to the east.

Eternal U.S.-Cuba Tensions Leave Families Weary

Coca Colla: Bolivian soft drink hits the streets

Coming to America on rafts and boats seeking freedom.

Photos and video from Carhuaz Peru on glacier that produced mudslide

Chavez raises sword before militia loyalists

Phase 2 of the Drug War

Estefans' new collaboration hits sour note (Miami Hairball)

Indigenous journalist stabbed to death in western Colombia

Colombia to buy 9 Black Hawk helicopters -sources

Miami Hairball Editorial: Time to Lift the Embargo on Cuba (by Rep. Honda)

Hollywood stars join politicians at Bolivia's 'cool' global warming summit

Obama gov't response to Cuban gov's overtures of normalization.

(US) Senate mine hearing to eye enforcement problems

'Gorilla' warfare as entire staff quits Fifth Ave coffee bar

NLRB approves $2.5 million settlement in Connecticut striker replacement case

Grand Hyatt Watch: Round One goes to ‘Housekeepers’

New York School Bus Workers Choose Teamsters

Teamsters, Waste Management flex muscles over contract

Organizing justice for warehouse workers

Kansas Extends New Protections To Social Workers

Today in Labor History Apr 14 More than 100 Mexican and Filipino farm workers are arrested for union

Worker pinned in loader accident (injuries were considered life-threatening)

UPDATE: Pinned worker's condition stable

Packing plant workers approve new contract (may be the best in the industry)

Israel issues 'urgent' warning to its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula immediately

IDF bid to expel West Bank Palestinians is a step too far

Comment / Israel is to blame for Jerusalem's rising Arab population

Hamas orders closure of Gaza smuggling tunnels

Israel blocks iPad imports over Wi-Fi concerns

After warning, hundreds of Israelis flee Sinai

UK authority: Western Wall not in Israel

Who are the world's richest Jews?

The Whole List: Did Your Reps Sign The AIPAC Letter?


Batwoman: First major gay title character in superhero-dom --coming from DC this fall

DADT finishes 26-stop tour in Dunn Meadow

ENDA Heads to the Whip Count Stage

Frontline: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

FRC: Census Bureau encouraging LGBT respondents to violate the law

Barak: Israel won't be pressured into signing nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

76 Senators sign on to Israel letter

You Will Not Be Alone

Mosque vandalized as settlers attack Palestinian village

CCW holder stops bank robbery

Liberal gun forums - links:

Homeowner Stops Teen In Alleged Burglary Attempt

Legal concealed weapon ruins robbery try

Bill authorizing CCW in Restaurants signed into law in Virginia

Last light

A Rolligon on the tundra

Not exactly what you pros have in mind,

heron up high

When it storms, I hide inside. But I have two possibilities as entries.

Wild Turkey

Jaded Miners - The Forbidden City, Beijing

bee at work

Canon 5D Mark II DSLR is being used to shoot

A lab rat -- created in the lab

Rare Bird, Alive and Well and Living in Colombia

Apollo 13 alums recall 'fun' mission

Seeing in a New Light (and Searching for Extraterrestrials) with LOFAR

Obama Backtracks on NASA Capsule

Quantum fun: how identical must "identical photons" be?

Boom! The Sun Unleashes a Huge CME

Wonder lust: Chernobyl

Maya history is embedded in commoners' homes

Stuck Valve at Space Station Threatens Electronics

Iceland Volcano Erupts Again

I'd like to pick your brains. Are there any *plausible* theories re: FTL propulsion?

Mysterious Radio Waves Emitted From Nearby Galaxy

Lunar Living: New Moon April 14, 2010

I was going to post an energy alert...don't know if I'm too late or not

OT: Renovations, part 6--Brigid's Bower (Warning! Pic heavy!)

OT: Renovations, part 5--the front staircase (Warning! Pic heavy!)

More Cake and Ice Cream STAT: Birthday Party Starring rumple, Alright rumple show us what ya got

Worldwide fewer women dying in childbirth, study says

Is there anyway to get a per-paycheck calculation of what single payer would mean?

Hospital Infection Problem Persists - NY Times

Breastfeeding Is Good but Maybe Not THAT Good

Any trackball users here?

My 80-year-old father died today of chronic, age-related renal failure.

THK's 2010 Woman's health and environment conference you can view online if you register

IBM's Amazing Profit Secret: Fire Americans

Ten things that Dodd's fake financial reform will not do

G.O.P. Takes Aim at Plans to Curb Finance Industry

The Republican Strategy on Financial Reform: Make Democrats Look Like Patsies for the Street

Liberal Monetary Policy?

A possible way to bring outsourced jobs back.

BOA admits "hundreds of thousands" mortgage defaults not foreclosed.

Rhee's budget surplus revelation angers teachers unions

Senate Hearing on ESEA (NCLB) yesterday...

Looking Past the Spin: Teach for America

Tom Harkin proposes $23 billion bailout for schools

Start with a true sentence. Replace a sub-formula with its contrapositive. Is result true?