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Never Again

Huffington Post: The People -- and the Shame -- Behind Our Food

Today's PROOF that freepers ARE NOT VIOLENT RACISTS. The words on the screen don't lie, people.

You need 'papers' to prove you belong here but not to own a gun

Public jobs now!

In case you missed it, Noam Chomsky was the guest on MediaMatters with Bob McChesney today....

Goldman Insiders Dumped Stock - kept info from shareholders

Armed man arrested at airport as Obama leaves

Granholm: High court nominee doesn't have to be judge, says she’s on Obama’s short list

DUers from MI like Granholm for SCOTUS, DUers from AZ do not feel the same about Napolitano

Cabinet committee split over homosexuals Bill (Uganda)

Cabinet committee split over homosexuals Bill (Uganda)

Finnish parliamentary support for gay marriage and adoption rights

Health Care, Immigration, Census Workers - The Rise Of Death Threats As A Form Of Political Protest

SC's Bauer: Lazy people cause illegal immigration

Center-right Fidesz secures two-thirds majority in Hungarian elections

2006 Yamaha TJK......

Mark Penn - "Strategy Corner: Time for a New Kind of Bold from President Obama"

Chinese job fair in US tries to woo talent

My e-mail to Mistah KURTZ

NY Times - "McCain’s Tough Stance on Arizona Immigration Bill" - What About His Adopted Daughter?


So if the President ever went to Arizona

6.9 Quake hits SE of Taiwan

Oil Contango Soars as Oklahoma Brims With Crude: Energy Markets

Ling and Lee to Break Silence on Current TV's ‘Vanguard' Season Premiere

Ling and Lee to Break Silence on Current TV's ‘Vanguard' Season Premiere

Bush's 'Decision Points' out Nov. 9

HuffPo - Rep. Steve King (R) Grabs Cameraman After Questions On IRS Attack (VIDEO)

YouTube streams cricket from India to attract job-seekers

Someone who is good at photoshopping - I have a huge favor to ask of you....

AP - "Los Angeles cardinal: Nazism in Arizona immigration bill"

Those coal mines go 24/7... as we type messages to one another

Is Hawaii About to Be Run by the Antigay Religious Right?

For those watching the Langoliers on Sci Fi channel.

How To Implement AZ's New Law That Requires Immigration Checks? ID Cards Are So Easy To Lose...

Aliens almost certain to exist, says Hawkings. Stephen Hawkings warns of alien interaction.

Really, Albertsons?

Reno 911 needs to be moved to Tucson 911.

Arizona - MLB and Spring Cactus League Baseball - Teams will need to advise their players...

How are state pre-existing plans affected under the new health care law

Jim DeMint's freedom fraud

Indonesia's Free Trade Agreement w/ China: Millions of Lost Jobs

I have a radical idea for dealing with the Catholic church.

Flaws found in state child-abuse registries

Geo Society Revises Statement On Climate Change: Global Climate Has Warmed Due To "Human Activities"

What is the word I'm looking for here...?

Rich 15 year old kid got his Computer game canceled by his mad mom

2 Iraq tours, a tailspin — and a tragic end

dubya's new autobiography, 'Decision Points', coming in Nov.

Thousands rally against Futenma plan

i am from california. we have to stop at cross walks for pedestrians. texas

Discussion on immigration about to start on WJ

How long until some Arizona good old boys get liquored up and go out to make some citizens arrests?

Iraq Officials: 2 Winning Candidates Disqualified

Lenin is more alive than all the living

If you don't come to Democracy

Crooked police chief still gets a pension

What if you are visiting from a foreign country in Arizona?

delete dupe

A Corporate Media Owned by Wealthy Interests is Going to Disseminate Propaganda Aimed at

Too Little. Too Late: Dems Move to Stem Corporate Political Cash

Schumer wants info sharing guidelines for social networking sites

Schumer wants info sharing guidelines for social networking sites

Mutual Admiration Society for Idiots

sarah palin makes multi millions using only her mouth

Auth TOON: "Life of the Party" - what will ultimately cause the Republicans defeat

So I think I cracked the code as to why the vatican is so against gay sex

New Immigration Law Won't Survive Legal Challenge

The Questions Education Reformers Aren’t Asking

Borders offered me a great deal on W's upcoming memoirs!

Borders offered me a great deal on W's upcoming memoirs!

Calif. case spotlights dysfunctional death penalty

Real Anti-Choice Agenda Revealed in Attack on Anti-Choice Dems

Real Anti-Choice Agenda Revealed in Attack on Anti-Choice Dems

Yahoo poll: Do you support the new Arizona law ...

Jailed U.S. Hikers in Poor Health in Iran

New MD law, first of its kind, tallies inmates as residents of last perm. address-not prison loc

"The law doesn't apply to us."

PREDICTION: November 2, 2010 in Arizona

GOP's Prayer Guru Lou Engle Helping Incite Near-Genocidal Antigay Hatred in Uganda

GOP's Prayer Guru Lou Engle Helping Incite Near-Genocidal Antigay Hatred in Uganda

In U.K. immigration debate, Canada's a factor. Lib Dems go it alone as pro-immigration.

Pope Ratz is no fan of the UK, Luvs....

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon (D) seeks to block AZ immigration law

April 26, 1986: Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Suffers Cataclysmic Meltdown

AIG May Be on the Hook in Lawsuits Against Goldman Sachs Board

Please Senator Shelby. Block Financial Reform

Washington Post-ABC News POLL: Majority Backs So-Called " PERMANENT BAILOUT " Fund

April 26, 1986: Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Suffers Cataclysmic Meltdown

Kudos for these U.S. Reps for calling for a criminal investigation of the Goldman Sachs Banksters

Obama Rejects Bipartisan Bank Deal

I Say Mississippi Should Pay For Its Own Clean Up

Jim Crow Lessons learned to help defeat Juan Crow more effectively

Mug a Monday, The original Mad Hatter is in the need of a CAPTION!!!!

Korea's Top 5 Industries Face Oversupply Crisis

Open the week the right way. Come CAPTION a Mad Hatter at the Tea Party!!!

Do we know what caused the explosion on the oil rig?

Remember, Fabrice Tourre Was A SALESMAN, And He Probably Didn't Really Know What He Was Talking Abou

The Elusive Beauty of Lunar Fogbows

Grassley Takes Credit For Medicare Provisions In Health Care Law That He Opposed

Polls to DU on AZ law

Glenn Beck has NEVER incited violence or hatred

“Why would I want to be the governor?” Arpaio said. “I can lock up the governor if I want to.”

Chris Hedges: The New Secessionists

Write this down

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Constance McMillen's Graduation

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Constance McMillen's Graduation

U.S.' Clean Energy Investments Lag Behind Other G-20 Nations:

Kent State University Creates Walking Tour To Commemorate 40th Anniv. of National Gaurd Shootings

Kent State University Creates Walking Tour To Commemorate 40th Anniv. of National Gaurd Shootings

BREAKING: Amanda Drury Getting Permanent Anchor Job On CNBC

BREAKING: Amanda Drury Getting Permanent Anchor Job On CNBC

KSU creates walking tour of 1970 shootings

Justices to hear video game law case next year

Justices to hear video game law case next year

Milken institue Global Conference is on Bloomberg right now. They are bashing Obama

NYC Schools Chancellor Tries to Eliminate Seniority Rules as He Plans Layoffs:

American jobs

File under 'What was he thinking?' White House scrubs National Security Adviser’s ‘greedy Jew’ joke

My sister's boyfriend is a teabagger - and he's taking her with him.

Senate schedules confirmation hearing this Wed for 2nd Circuit nominee Robert Chatigny

Arizona immigrant law is really about voter suppression in

A Neo-Nazi drafted this Arizona immigration law!?

National Guard to Chicago

Why are we more outraged by a law passed by one state that singles out non-citizens than we are

Ohio Man with Gun Arrensted At Airport As Obama Leaves; Wanted To See the President

Conservatism has pretty much destroyed America...

Conservatism has pretty much destroyed America...

Ohio Man Arrested At N.C. Airport Faces Hearing

Virginity Restoration Surgery

Governor Rendell: Fox News outdid tea partiers in ‘marshalling anger’

The Road Ahead A Quick check of the Congressional Primary Calendar

Shelby Predicts Senate GOP Will Vote Unanimously To Block Debate On (FinReg) Bill - WaPo

Blocking Interstate Commerce: Truck Driver Detained after Failing to Produce Birth Certificate in AZ

Where is the ACLU wrt to the Arizona Bill?

Cough, Cough: ROVE Touts Rep. JOE WILSON As ' Strong Symbol ' For GOP

Arizona's New Immigration Law Is Unconstitutional - Salon

Blue Cross is proposing a premium rate hike of 25% for New Mexico.

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Force-Feed Crude-Coated Shrimp to BP Execs

Quartzsite is a good place for Arizona to start rounding up white illegals

Financial Reform Lets the Biggest Banks Off the Hook:

Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One Million People: New Book

There is another side to the immigration issue

Obama Promoted To Senior Vice President Of American Affairs

The banker robbers

Just turned on to this blog today

Obama Rejects Bipartisan Bank Deal

Top Secret U.S. Space Plane Launched

Top Secret U.S. Space Plane Launched


When I wrote to ask about the Arizona law, I got this column back in an email:

How to handle a Yahoo pointing a finger "gun" at t.v./OBAMA?

U.N. Pulls Foreign Workers Out of Afghan City of Kandahar

Conservative GOP incumbent may be too liberal for ultraconservative Utah to win re-election

Democrats move to stem corporate political cash

Amazing photos of Eyjafjallajokull volcano

The RNC Is Continuing To Send Out Misleading Fundraiser Mailer!!!

Chicken Sue goes Gonzo!

Facebook argument about Obama - help me prove her wrong..

Sixty DEM lawmakers urge SEC to broaden Goldman probe

Sixty DEM lawmakers urge SEC to broaden Goldman probe

pass it on....republicans are against wall street reform...pass it on

Dems cave in on derivatives regulation

Arizona charter school for sale..just a little over 6 million? Imagine Charter at Sierra Vista.

Juan Crow Law

Police officers in AZ who happen to be of Hispanic origins should start rounding up... THE DUTCH!!!

Utah man chooses to be executed by firing squad

Principal Under Scrutiny Over Rapper T.I. Appearance

Gibbs says Obama making progress on SCOTUS pick

Everyone's missing the point... AZ Law not meant to arrest/deport population.

Drink some robust coffee this morning, but first come CAPTION another Tea Party Mad Hatter.

Vermont works to protect its undocumented Mexican workers

Paul Krugman:Berating the Raters

’Gay’ Seeing Eye Dog Denied Entry to Restaurant

Which party has the better approach on financial reform? ...poll

Please find some answers for me DUers

Meth suspect in deep shit....

Arizona Brings Strong Memories of John Carlos

Court strikes blow to Wal-Mart in sex bias suit

Why Do the Islamic Extremists Who Hate South Park Also Hate Triscuits?

Ultimate Revolving Door Slimeball Here...

HELL NO!!! New York don't need no stinkin Walmart

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent to attend NRA meeting

Parody/funny or real/scary? I can't tell. (youtube)

Signs that you may be a Dumbfuckatani

Let's agree to disagree?

On this immigration bill in AZ. Do they not realize everyone will have fake paperwork now?

Say 'Hell No' to Arizona

Court: Wal-Mart to face massive class action suit

Euro descendant borders and lines through indigenous lands are what should be outlawed.

Spitzer on Ratigan on the Reforms Debate

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules vote on 4 Obama district nominees

Vandals smear refried beans at AZ capitol

Vandals smear refried beans at AZ capitol

Another tea bagger/Mad Hatter awaits a CAPTION!!!

Another tea bagger/Mad Hatter awaits a CAPTION!!!

$9 billion dollars worth of LPDs and the Navy finally may have a fix to the lube-oil problem

Indian writer Arundhati Roy threatened with prosecution under anti-terrorism law

GOP Fighting To Keep Wall Street Negotiations Secret

RNC Sends Out NEW Phony Census Mailer - TPMMuckraker

COURT: Wal-Mart To Face CLASS ACTION SUIT Alleging Pay Discrimination Against Female Workers

Ambassador Hill to Iraq officials: 'Get this show on the road'

Vandals Smear Refried Beans in Shape of Swastikas on Arizona Capitol

Yes, I actually heard this...

Attack on Convoy of NATO Oil Tankers in Pakistan Leaves Three Police Dead (6 More Tankers Destroyed)

Question regarding discussion I had about equality for lgbt folks....

Japanese protest US plan for new base

And Now - To Defend The Teabaggers Against Racism Charges- David Duke

X-post --- DU Theater lovers, help w/ this riddle, please?

The Planet Of Stupid

I don't think we can have a serious discussion on immigration in this country

Sen. Dodd speak in Senate on Financial Reform Bill...

A National Prayer Day request...

Obama is speaking with the Yankees

WITHIN HOURS of Arizona's immigration bill being signed into law, 1000s began taking to the streets

""Rarely have Senate Democrats been so calm about losing a vote." - financial reform

ACLU's Eliasberg: A cross to bear - Arguing First Amendment case at the Supreme Court

Hundreds camp out for job opportunities (Only one out of ten will actually get one of the jobs)

David Duke defends the Tea Parties from charges of racism: Why, they're just like him

I'll Trade Ya 3 Noriega's For A Cheney...

parenting teen kids drinking alcohol.

Hey! FaceBook users...Are you attending that thing? Cause if you are

I think Ben Nelson just voted "No" on Cloture...

Swastikas smeared in beans found on Capitol grounds

anyone watching hardball?

Cloture Vote beginning on Financial Stability Act

'I'm Mexican. Pull me over.'

Court: Wal-Mart To Face Massive Class Action Suit - TPM

I'm looking for a map I saw posted showing where teabaggers were

James Cameron is a pretty smart guy

Why is the oil slick sanitized and/or scrubbed from the media?

Carnivores’ Dilemma Widens as Pork Signals Meat Surge (Update1)

Trader At Heart Of Goldman Suit: I Sold Shoddy Mortgage Products To 'Widow And Orphans'

"Show me your papers."

'Boobquake' Protests Cleric's Earthquake Claim

Friends suggest armed man no threat to Obama in NC

Big business groups warn FCC to back off of efforts to push net neutrality plans

Table by table, gaining ground Restaurants see business is coming back slowly

Call LISA MURKOWSKI, her office is counting calls she hasn't voted yet. 202-224-6665

We need

Young rheumatoid arthritis sufferer stands up (and speaks out) for medical cannabis in Tennessee

Young rheumatoid arthritis sufferer stands up (and speaks out) for medical cannabis in Tennessee

The Automatic Gainsaying of the DU Collective Spirit:

Senate probe: Goldman planned to profit from housing bust, made billions at clients' expense

This should be the most patriotic word in America, but it's not sadly...

There is a blizzard of TV ads against Critz (D) and for Burns(R) paid by the Chamber of Commerce,


Grassley Takes Credit For Medicare Provisions In Health Care Law That He Opposed

Civil Liberties: Learning from China

Facebook Page 'Prays' for Obama's Death

[VIDEO] Control & Tax: Legalization of Cannabis

Before Eisenhower commented on the MIC, there was George Washington.

Unions to rally for financial reform

Lt. GOV. Andre Bauer (R-SC): ' FLAT-OUT LAZY PEOPLE ' Are The Real CAUSE Of The Immigration Problem

David Duke applauds the Teabaggers...

When Is Ben Nelson Up For Re-Election - Cause It's Well Beyond Time To Replace Him.....

An Ally in South Dakota


Illinois House approves bill against homophobic and transphobic bullying

'Gay' dog barred from restaurant

Re : Boobquake

headlines on senate vote...'obstructionists' doesn't exist

Carnahan gets boost from labor, senators

Boy! I'll bet *these guys* are glad the Arizona "prove your citizenship" law isn't in effect yet

Follow the money, understand the vote: List of Q1 Campaign contributions to Ben Nelson

Blanche Lincoln declines offer to debate Halter on ‘Meet the Press’

James Cameron ROCKS!!

Sen. Jon "Nostradamus" Kyl (R-AZ): "You are going to see more of this. It won’t just be Arizona."

So my wife bought my son his first Nikes

AMEX prohibited from issuing new credit cards in Italy because of usury law violations

Senate probe: Goldman misled clients and nation — and made billions

Even The Wingnut Arizona Republic ...

Police seize computers of Gizmodo Editor - the site that had the iPhone

Police seize computers of Gizmodo Editor - the site that had the iPhone

Bwaha Freddie Phelps gets a taste of his own medicine!!! is a vicitim of picketing

I am an American conservative shitheel

OK Political Science Majors, explain why Reid voted against cloture.

why does big ed give this ignorant birther motherhumper a forum...?

Democrat Nelson Votes Against Wall Street Crackdown - Reuters

Lieberman tells CNN he is THE POWER BROKER!

Mining lobbyist: ‘The president has parked his tanks on our front lawn.’

Man who smuggled live birds strapped to legs faces 20 years in prison

$1 million dollars per job. Not very stimulating, is it?

"Unfairly accused" of racial profiling.. and so it starts

Gov. Ed Rendell: Fox News Hosts ‘Deserve More Credit’ Than Tea Party Movement For Marshaling Anger

Gov. Ed Rendell: Fox News Hosts ‘Deserve More Credit’ Than Tea Party Movement For Marshaling Anger

Gov. Ed Rendell: Fox News Hosts ‘Deserve More Credit’ Than Tea Party Movement For Marshaling Anger

Gov. Ed Rendell: Fox News Hosts ‘Deserve More Credit’ Than Tea Party Movement For Marshaling Anger

What the heck IS a "Decision Point"?

OBAMA SLAMS Repub "Political Strategy" - "The American People Can't Afford It"

Spread The Word: "Republicans Vote Against Reforming Wall Street"

How do we employ 30+ million people and save this country?

i hope the democrats flood the airwaves with 'republicans support wall street criminals'

Notorious Irish pedophile priest discovered working with kids in Holland

I wouldn't have guessed it ...... made in the USA

I can't imagine. I simply can not imagine . . . . . .

Obama Cigarette Portrait To Be Replaced With Official Portrait At Nebraska's Adams County Courthouse

Ran into The President while hiking!

TOON:Picking up supplies for the tea party rally

Rejected Fortune mag "500" issue cover art HiRez (900K) Must See!

Why Eliot Spitzer Should CHALLENGE Kirsten Gillibrand

"In what country could a professor be fired for showing a documentary in his classroom?"

How many people watch TV and then report what they see on DU?

15-Year Wall Street Veteran, in His Own Words: nothing has changed.

Arizona Governor Impacted by New Law

General toon mockery of Arizona continues...

China uses official US data to hit back at US abuses of Human Rights violations.

He's dead, Jim

Now I get it! HCR stands for Health Care Repackaging!

We've GOT to fight for a lower war budget

Krugman on Immigration

Virginia stamps out license to hate: DMV recalls plate with coded racist message

Welcome to Arizona!

Welcome to Arizona!

That photo of Rep. Joe Wilson yelling "You lie!"

Anti-immigration law doesn't reflect the beliefs of Arizona's people

I helped an illegal alien when I lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona

NY-19: Candidate says GOP liberated Europe in WWII

Happy birthday Individualist

Tucson charter schools hire H-1Bs, claim U.S. teachers aren't qualified

Hispanic voters in Arizona - 17% eligible voters

Issa: Republicans went "too far" when they spearheaded the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999

Obama-lypse: GOP attacks the man who "killed what made us a great nation, ended the American Dream©"

American moviemakers' spineless fear of a woman's right to choose

Democrats Reject Warren Buffett's Bid for Derivatives Exemption

Attorney For Birther Army Doc Is Former GOP Staffer And Anti-Gay Crusader

Hillary's "Feelings" About Cuba and the Castros


I think Arizonans are accustomed to being embarassed with regularity

McCain unsure whether Arizona law is legal, but agrees with 'thrust' of it. Law is 'a good tool'.

Police barred from penis enlargement

Servicemembers United calls on Obama to insert DADT repeal language in budget, NOW

Servicemembers United calls on Obama to insert DADT repeal language in budget, NOW

Servicemembers United calls on Obama to insert DADT repeal language in budget, NOW

Oil Spill Now Covering More Than 1,800 Square Miles

The economy is awesome again! Unemployment for the poor: 31% Unemployment for the rich: 3%

The Simpsons Stand Behind South Park with Help of Bart’s Chalkboard

Why won't Democrats force the Republicans to filibuster against the financial reform bill?

The recent new "Birther" laws are meant to not only plant doubt about Obama but also to

The recent new "Birther" laws are meant to not only plant doubt about Obama but also to

Palast on Hartmann show: AZ law is about election fraud

Why Does the U.S. Spend $1 Trillion a Year to Fight an Enemy with No Ships, Warplanes or Tanks?

Will We EVER Evolve... 'Wind's Latest Problem: It ... Makes Power Too Cheap' - DailyKos

The Meat Bubble

The Meat Bubble

In the works: A missile in US to hit anywhere in 1 hour

While having 'right to life' talking points stabbed into my brain..

TIME: The Secrets of Obama's Underappreciated Success

Any long-timers remember the graph showing Dow, Oil, Gas and Aerospace/Defense stocks rising

How GM scammed us on "repayment" as it asks for more of your money.

Improve on the Bush boy's book cover

Stephen Hawking aliens theory doesn't scare planet hunters.

Justice Scalia Was A White Affirmative Action Pick...

Mitch McChinless avoids CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM bill sponsor

Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News

Yeehaw! The Chandler (Arizona) Roundup of 1997!

How many news headlines accurately reported Senate Republicans Blocking Bank Reform?

Conservatism in American Crime Films

Anyone know why Reid voted no on cloture today?

55,000 sign up for Boobquake

Toyota that struck pedestrians to be examined

De Beers to cut diamond production

anyone know what the reaction from freepland is over repukes voting

Afghan school girls 'poisoned'

Hate the Law, Not Arizonans -- by Meghan McCain

Cities at Night (Large)

Post-Racial America sure seems to be like Pre-Racial America

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 'Very Serious'

Unemployment for Those Who Earn $150,000 or More is Only 3%, While Unemployment for the Poor is 31%

Trying to make a living.

What do we need to put in place to stop future Repug governments from destroying America?

Senator Nelson (R-NE) votes no on cloture...

White supremacist opening nightclub for youths

Internet, phone, tv, blackberry, cell phone for all family members, how do people pay for this?

Debit cards are handy

With a gun, with formulas for rifle scopes and why his car was equipped with police gear

Arizona: This Is What Apartheid Looks Like

Every once and awhile something jumps out at me and bites me in the face.

I Agree With( AR) Lt Gov Bill Halter and Ron Christie

Interesting quote from a Facebook friend

Conservative AZ Newspaper: "Arizona politics hits a low point"

BWHAHAHAHA: George ' The Decider N Chief ' Bush's Coming Memoir Is Really A ' LISTICLE '

"Larry Summers Is Lying about Big Banks"

Is propaganda free speech?

I miss David Schuster on MSNBC.

This is my 1,000 post, Thank you DU for existing, Many topics & almost as

Teabaggers get Ugly outside of Ayers event

What stalled feds on Toyota? (ample evidenence might be electronic cause for unexplained accelerati

Hey Teabaggers - Did You Get Angry When...

iPad: Best Gadget Ever

If you REALLY want to help change Arizona, send $$$ to Democrats running for the AZ legislature

Chimps and Dying.

Spill, Baby, Spill

I am a little concerned about the hate toward ALL of Arizona

Smashwords e-books

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Indiana man goes to Wales for cost including airfare: one tenth of U.S. cost

UK election: Picture thread. Tory posters sabotaged.

Beyond Bike Lanes

The single reason why America WILL not be saved.

Conservatives are right on this one. Let's get on board . . .

Conservatives are right on this one. Let's get on board . . .

Let's think long and hard about the legalization of marijuana

Mr. Fish TOON: "What sucks more than anything else..."

a picture of the oil coming out of the pipe in the Gulf blast

My covers for Decision Points (Dial-Up Warning)

Mother of 12/15 children says "Someone needs to pay", "Nobody's helping me." "Somebody owes her".

Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Greg Palast: Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election

Sarah Palin's Audience

I would LOVE it if my company were to start paying me in bacon...

Does your cat's purr sound like this -- "O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m"?

worlds smallest horse...omg he is sooo cute

Sunflower beginning to grow.

Meet Linus


when music hurts

OK. Say, "Eyjafjallajokull" five times real fast...

Jeff Bridges-Somebody Else

A three year old explains Star Wars

For those watching the Langoliers on Sci Fi channel.

You can't say that here any more.

a little late for most, but what did ya have for dinner?

3 Is A Magic Number

Does anyone have a link to that insane picture of the spider on the toilet paper, and the one with

Anyone seen Heidi lately?

How does Zaxby's stay in business? They SUCK. Their food is WAY overseasoned

Caption this!! I saw this and was wondering.....

Judgemental Bird is judgmental.

You can learn ALL you need to know about (ahem) PHYSICAL relationships...

Beaver pelts

Feeding a Teabagger's paranoia

Have you heard..

Reminder: The History Channel's The Story of Us is up next w/ Intro by Obama

Reminder: The History Channel's The Story of Us is up next w/ Intro by Obama

I haven't made a sex tape. Do you think this is holding me back in my career?

anyone takes Godwin's Law as an actual truth?

A better pain rating scale?

A better pain rating scale?

Star Warz Burlesque Returns with New Characters R2-D2, Chewbacca and Death Star

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/26/10

Oops wrong forum

Latest Earthquakes M1.0+ in the USA

OK, Ashley Graham is going out for a nooner, and...

Cartoon character what??!!??

My buddy, Jason, is getting a kitten next month

Re-Name Something

Guys answer please!

Small engine repair

Name something


Strangely, I haven't used the word "shitweasel" since 1/20/09.

Bake and Pray?

Peter Gabriel - Love to be Loved

Peter Gabriel - Love to be Loved

If I leave here tomorrow

Big Sky Trout Slayer Ale - Yum!

Any experience here with being on a ventilator?

So I just took a wet load of laundry out and the dryer isn't working

How do you deal with rude people, Loungers?

Happy birthday Whoa_Nelly!

Serious question: Is Stephen King just fucking with us?

So my wife bought my son his first Nikes

When I watch You tube videos they start off ok but then after I watch

Do "No Soliciting" signs really work or is it pointless?

Serious question: Is Stephen Hawking just fucking with us?

Anybody seen "Food Revolution"? Chef Jamie Oliver?

Some fun facts

The culture gap: kids birthday parties

Pot use among seniors goes up as boomers age

Yo Dawg...

If you had a pile of money, what business would you start?

How do you deal with Loungers that post in the nude?

Name 5-6 concerts you would love to see (but can't since the band no longer exists)

Who gets your vote for Craziest Fan Group?

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

How do you deal with nude people, Loungers?

Man faces 20 years for smuggling 14 birds in his pants

my little collection of bathroom oddities

Calling all dream interpreters! What the fuck was "Dr" Laura doing in my dream last night?

Why MiddleFingerMom is no longer allowed to go clothes-shopping for himself

‘Kick-Ass’ star, 19, engaged to 43-year-old

How long does it take to get physically fit?

Man beaten and doused with pasta for not holding elevator for two women

Do you know Jack Shit?

TavernerBeagle pees on the carpet to assert her authority!

Why do they make walk-in fridges that can't be opened from inside?

The ugliest multi-million dollar property I have ever seen

Never Again

How'd You Like to Be a CAT?

A play w/ only 1 female role, who is a "legend"/historical figure...

Hugh Hefner saved the HOLLYWOOD sign yesterday


Am I the last person to hear about "literal videos" on Youtube?

No Deal yet on Financial Rules as Test Vote Looms

Ling and Lee to Break Silence on Current TV's ‘Vanguard' Season Premiere

Peru: Top cop under cloud put on rights commission

Ex-Nazi cult leader convicted of abusing 25 children dies of heart failure in Chilean prison hospita

UK envoy in Yemen 'escapes suicide bomb'

Colombia: plight of conflict victims mostly unreported

GLOBAL MARKETS: European Stocks Trade Higher On Greek Aid

Willard Wirtz, Last Survivor of Kennedy Cabinet, Dies

Cubans take to the polls amid criticism and protest

Republican Governors Anti-Obama Ad Borrows Political Terrorism Theme

From the Mall to the Docks, Signs of Rebound

Underwear Bomber: New Video of Training, Martyrdom Statements

Iraq panel wipes out votes, result in doubt

Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs


David Iglesias, ousted Bush-era U.S. attorney, joins prosecution team at Guantanamo

State reps want to fight violence with National Guard's help

Iran's opposition leader slams ruling clerics

Max Baucus: A bank tax is coming

Belgium's government falls: palace

Iran reportedly tests five new missiles

GOP Fighting To Keep Wall Street Negotiations Secret

Explosions hit Kandahar, 2 dead

Obama hosts economic summit with Muslim entrepreneurs from 50 nations

Police seize gear from Gizmodo iPhone blogger

Internet sites reveal more about Ohio man arrested at Asheville airport

Republicans to Block Reform Bill: Senator Shelby

GOP, Democrats at an impasse before key vote on financial overhaul

Congressman: US should fight Ariz. immigrant law

Earthquake Hits Off Taiwan Coast

UN scales back after three bomb blasts rock city ahead of key Nato campaign

CIA rolls out plan to beef up spy techniques

GOP Rep. Issa: 1999 banking deregulation bill went 'too far'

Panama's Noriega is extradited from US to France

US biggest 'threat' to China, says top Chinese military expert

Senate blocks financial regulation bill

Court: Wal-Mart to face massive class action suit

Goldman, CEO hit with investor lawsuit

Goldman, CEO hit with investor lawsuit

Hefner seals deal at Hollywood sign

State's new immigration law worries Arizona soldier

George W. Bush book 'Decision Points' out Nov. 9

Nick Clegg goes public on coalition – and looks to the Conservatives

Obama meets, prays with Rev. Billy Graham

Senate probe: Goldman misled clients and nation — and made billions

Obama calls Miss. governor after deadly tornadoes, discusses oil rig leak

San Francisco (Supervisors) to Vote on Boycott of State of Arizona

Austrians give landslide to Social Democrat president

Nick Clegg hints he could work with Labour

Stephen Hawking: Aliens could pose danger to humans

Woah. An armed man with strobed out car was arrested in the airport that Pres. Obama was just at.

So ISSA is finally going to get his probe. SEC IG goes on FOX News

TPM Financial Wire: Financial Reform Slated for First Test Vote This Afternoon

APNewsBreak: East Jerusalem construction frozen

Obama's Afghan Strategy Includes Increased Civilian Casualties

Political Cartoonist Tony Auth: 'Life of the Party'

Sorry Mitch, it's not working. ("Poll: Majority Backs So-Called “Permanent Bailout” Fund.")

Sensitivity to 'ordinary Americans' a key criterion of court nominees

What Arizona immigration law might mean for midterm elections

Vote for schools to hear Obama give Commencement speech

White House scrubs National Security Adviser’s ‘Greedy Jew’ Joke From Transcript

Obama calls up the foot soldiers. (Announces "Vote 2010")

October 26, 1999: Molly Ivins on the repeal of Glass-Steagall

TPM Financial Reform Wire: Feingold Will Vote Yes Today, Threatens to Filibuster Later

I think Arizona needs to be isolated from the rest of the country with SANCTIONS

Obama's offshore oil rigs (animated toon in Wash Post)

Cloture motion now on the floor

Who was in charge when Fannie and Freddie were told by Congress to hold more subprime loans in 2004?

FREE! Arizona bumpersticker and web graphics: You're Guilty Until Proven Innocent

"there are no consequences for adopting an almost pathological approach to the truth"

Time Swampland's J. Newton Small tweets Senate may go all night tomorrow if cloture fails today

Scott Angelle Nominated Lieutenant Governor Of Louisiana

Potential Foe Passes On Barrow Challenge

Texas lawmaker at Beck Rally: Obama is ‘God’s punishment on us’

Ariz. law draws new Senate candidate

Poll shows Sen. Bob Bennett in trouble with Utah GOP delegates

Scott Lee Cohen Joining Race for Illinois Governor

Hardly a surprise: Mikulski's in

Paying for voters: McMahon campaign plan draws questions

White House Correspondents Dinner Guests Span Hollywood, Sports

Obama Fulfills Cairo Pledge With Entrepreneur Summit

MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan --- He needs to stop talking so damn loud!!!!

For Standing Up to Death Threats from Right-Wing Seditionists in Arizona, Rep. Raul Grijalva Wins .

Cloture vote ongoing! CSpan2. Directly prior to vote, Bernie Sanders tore up the Senate floor!

Nelson just voted against moving the Financial Reform bill forward?

Eugene Robinson: Arizona's Act of Vengeance

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll-51% approval, 42% disapproval

Kerry on Republican Blockage of Wall Street Reform

TPM Reform Wire: Dodd to Hold Press Conference Mometarily

Menendez says GOP just 'lit the match' on Wall St. reform

Nelson Had Supported Stripped Exemption That Would Have Benefited Berkshire

People@Work: As Spring Blossoms, So Does the Nation's Jobs Outlook

Where does Arizona have the authority to arrest and deport someone?

State Sen. Huppenthal (R-AZ) just flat-out LIED on Hardball about new law...

"I want to find Republicans to take seriously, but it is hard..."

Must Read November 4, 1999: Congress Repeals Glass-Steagall

Calling Out McConnell-"leadership of a party has no qualms about blatantly, shamelessly lying"

So much for Obama's "falling poll numbers"

"The Secrets of Obama's Underappreciated Success"

Sandwich-board job hunter finds work after 2 years

Nelson To CNN: Bill Would 'Adversely Impact Main Street'

Obama favorable rating 67% in Northeast 40% South; high 50's rest of country

U.S. Firms Raise Hiring on Optimism Over Recovery

Republicans Vote Against Reforming Wall Street

Mexican president calls Arizona law 'discrimination'

Bill Kristol: Arizona Immagration law doen't violate civil rights

Economists say recovery looks stronger than expected

How do you deal with LynneSin when she posts in the nude?

Dems Plan to Toughen Wall Street Reform Bill on Senate Floor

What to do in Case of a Nuclear Emergency (which could come, according to Obama, at any time)

President Obama has tremendous support throughout this country - Republicans unable to touch him!

Pres.Obama went to the Tubes in hopes of rallying the presidential coalition.

Drudge criticized for Obama playing ‘race card’ banner

Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs

If you REALLY want to help change Arizona, send $$$ to Democrats running for the AZ legislature

Workplace Democracy: Corporate Style

World Bank Gives China Greater Voting Power, lifting Beijing to #3 spot in 186-nation lending org

Jesse Ventura: Catholic Church should be prosecuted using RICO laws

Sinead O'Connor on British News Night (Vatican)

States of Fear (Documentary abuses in Ireland)

Republicans being the "Party of No" is older than you think.

Idiots burn Mexican Flag to protest 'something '

Teabagger calls Rachel Maddow a homophobe for calling teabaggers teabaggers. GOT IT?

Obama: Miners Died in Pursuit of Better Life

Begging Billionaire

Capitol Hill Agenda: April 26, 2010

Change History with Marcy Winograd

TYT: Corrupt politican spends $20,000 on sushi

Violent Rhetoric at DC 2nd Amendment Rally 4/19: Go Ahead Barry, take our guns, muzzle first stupid

American Truck Driver Jailed For Not Carrying Birth Certificate

Mexican miners fight for survival

Can't afford surgery in the USA? Med tourism saves BIG bucks - CNN

General election 2010: Hang parliament!

Joe Hoeffel Urges You to Move Your Money!

U.S. House leadership (sans Pelosi) do the Electric Slide

Thom Hartmann - Tea Bagger says all Socialists are nuts except his socialism

Oregon Repub Chairman: Palin does what she says she's going to do. Except for that Governor thing.

Arizona's Immigration Debacle

Michele Bachmann On: CULTURE!

Former KKK leader David Duke defends teabaggers from charges of racism

Bill Kristol: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! Britney being Goldman CEO Lloyd Crazy Eyes Blankfein.

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

Geraldo Rivera wades through the depths of Geico-Teabagger-Gate

Matt Lauer shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio cartoon of people being questioned in AZ for ordering nachos

Wall Street Poker After Dark

Amazing interview with Rachel and Sinead O'Connor

FRAUD- Tell Wall Street to Stop Shorting America & Defrauding Reform

Young Turks: AZ Milita Calls For Deadly Force At Border

Anthony De Santis for California OneCare

INCREDIBLE Youtube Comments About Interview with Gay Police Officer

Crayola Thanks The Teabaggers

TEABAGGER MELTDOWN! - Protestor Goes Mental At Interviewer For Asking Questions

TYT: South Park Death Threats By Muslim Extremists - Censorship, Who's Right(?) & Bill O'Reilly

Thom Hartmann - Greg Palast - Is the Arizona Immigration issue really Republican voter suppression?

Arizona Racial Training

Police Chiefs Advise on Negative Effects of Arizona Immigration Law

South Africa Redoubles Efforts Against AIDS (NY Times)

Democrats Unite on Finance Bill, Pressuring G.O.P. (NY Times)

Yes, We Could... Get Out! We really could withdraw our massive armies from Afghanistan and Iraq

Seeking a shot at free clinic

Lebanese demonstrators march for secularism (LA Times)

Matt Taibbi: The Lunatics Who Made a Religion Out of Greed and Wrecked the Economy

Gas in exchange for naval base?

From the Mall to the Docks, Signs of Economic Turn (Bad News For Repubs)

Washington and Wall Street: A ‘Democracy’ in Denial

Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law claims its superiority over federal government and our constitution

The Revolution Will be Commercialized...

Arizona's new immigration law is unconstitutional

Guilty until proven Innocent (Arizona)

IMF and Greece: EU was Caught Totally Unprepared

A Still Moment (James Howard Kunstler)

WaPO/ABC Poll: Strong Support for Strict Wall Street Reforms

Pew Research Center Shows Elites Have Destroyed America's Middle-Class

Report: Top Bush Flack's PR Firm Doing Damage Control For Massey

Spitzer/Black: Questions from the Goldman Scandal

Al-Qaida sows seed of its own decline

The Princess of Pot

Iraq war veteran may be denied citizenship (LA Times)

Awesome (Fake) Tea Party Protest Signs

Ritual terrorism: Hating Obama as a new form of religion

The right court fight

Economists say recovery looks stronger than expected

E.J. Dionne: The looming fight over conservative judicial activism

U.S. Advises Security Apprenticeships in Colombia

Giant gravel batteries could make renewable energy more reliable

Mormons for Racial Profiling? Unsustainable Contradictions in Anti-Immigration Law

Chris Hedges: The New Secessionists

Krugman: Berating the Raters

Does the Senate miss Hilary ?

The Fascist Moses

Democrat Ben Nelson Votes Against Moving Forward With Financial Regulation

Look, it's an illegal, right? (LA Times Op-Ed)

Family Equality (Civil Rights / The Progress Report)

Goodbye farmers markets, CSAs, and roadside stands

The Guardian: Cenk Uygur on the success of The Young Turks (& Being Blacklisted by Harry Reid!)

Palast: AZ goal to disenfranchise Latinos

Colombia's "Genocidal Democracy" May Have Claimed Over 150,000 Lives

Sacramento Bee: Livestock waste found to foul Sierra waters

An oceanic 'fast-lane' for climate change

BBC: Indonesia hosts world's biggest Geothermal energy forum

Seaborg Institute Reads Cut and Pasted Post From Anti-nukes on DU. Decides to Disband Itself.

Pressure Is Building on Disputed Wind Farm (Cape Wind decision by end of week)

So ladies, do you use eco friendly menstural products?

China plans "at least" 60GW of wind by 2020

Cyanide Is A Constitutent of Dangerous Coal Waste Dumped From Smokestacks.

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: April 26, 2010

Fuel Cells Get Up to Speed with a New Kind of Platinum

State Ethanol Incentives Influence Plant Locations, but Can Be Costly MAES Research Shows

April 26, 1986: Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Suffers Cataclysmic Meltdown

Department of Energy Announces Closing of $529 Million Loan to Fisker Automotive (to make PHEV's)

UK Offshore wind energy reaches 1GW - Main parties hail achievement

Dow Corning and Reis Announce Alliance to Market Breakthrough Solar Encapsulation Technology

Soil microbes produce less atmospheric CO2 than expected with climate warming

Nitrogen cuts soil carbon release

Link Discovered Between Carbon, Nitrogen May Provide New Ways to Mitigate Pollution Problems

China breaks ground on yet ANOTHER nuclear reactor

Ultracapacitors printed on back of solar panels?

Reminder: proliferation is a critical problem with nuclear energy

Shoe power generator earns Louisiana Tech professor national attention

News Flash: Anti-nukes Start Screaming About the Dangerous Fossil Fuel Waste Fund!!!!

Ukraine against nuclear weapons but needs atomic power

Warmer Arctic needs new rules

Carbon Credits Part I - What They Are and How They Work

Chernobyl demands a REAL climate bill - Harvey Wasserman

Just a reminder, Three Mile Island Unit-2 was a billion+ dollar accident and ratepayers paid for it

Beyond Bike Lanes

Giant gravel batteries could make renewable energy more reliable

Just a reminder, in January 2010 - Maine produced 51% of its electricity from renewables

What the MIT nuclear study REALLY said

Coal gasification plant blows cost predictions out of the water

Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, ooooh.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 25)

The only good thing about all of Sunday's sporting events is...

Tiger Woods's Inconvenient Women

Prediction Time! Will Lebron Average A Triple-Double Next Season?

Stay classy, Boston.. "'Lily-White' Tebow a Nazi?"

Cesc Fabregas is getting 30,000 a week in BACK PAY for the past two years

Sometimes the bull wins.

Who's your favorite pick?

Obama Welcomes 2009 World Champion New York Yankees to the White House

Mavs are just dirty players

Colombia nabs major drug, paramilitary suspect

Peru: Top cop under cloud put on rights commission

U.S. Advises Security Apprenticeships in Colombia

Honduran president makes US visit

"The priest done it!": Colombia says priest led paramilitaries that committed atrocities

Colombia: plight of conflict victims mostly unreported

Ex Gaula military trial for false positive (gogle translation of Colombian article)

Peru’s Golden Mean

USA Vs. GS - Pot Calls Kettle Black?

Hillary's "Feelings" About Cuba and the Castros | Counterpunch

Amy Goodman did a really lovely interview with Miguel d'Escoto today.

Venezuela considers nationalization of gold mines: reports

Salvatore Mancuso involves more than military officials of the DAS and the Attorney

Breaking: Fidel Castro is dead.

Colombia's "Genocidal Democracy" May Have Claimed Over 150,000 Lives

UFCW Local 135 Union Members and Staff Reach out to Help Homeless

Yesterday I met 2 guys from the Charlotte Royals

Here's a new one on me: Pa. incumbent: Foe feigning bisexuality for votes

Mock funeral procession in L.A. seeks to draw attention to worker fatalities

Teamsters win case against Frontier Airlines on outsourcing jobs

Stern's Possible SEIU Successor Could Make Union Peace Elusive

Not all G.I. furloughs help budget

Today in Labor History Apr 26 U.S. Army seizes the Chicago headquarters of Montgomery Ward & Co.

Former Duke Republicans Chair Leaves Party

Giving Farm Workers a Voice

ISRAEL: Author fails to make it to Lebanon, but lawmakers are on their way to Libya

Sharing a West Bank highway proves a tall order for Israel, Palestinians

Editor's Notes: From bad to worse

Israel-Palestine conflict: Imposing solutions (Guardian editorial)

Netanyahu must stop East Jerusalem construction if he wants peace (Ha'aretz editorial)

Jonathan Ben-Artzi: Yes, apartheid

APNewsBreak: East Jerusalem construction frozen

Israel's Big and Small Apartheids , An Entrenched System

Surrendering an Ally

The Hashemite Kingdom of Apartheid?

PA uncovers huge Hamas arms cache

1948: Palestine Betrayed

Israel's man in the US Senate

F Troop dodges FOIA in bid to keep airsoft off the streets *

Tire store owner shoots armed robbers

Violence and Chicago in the News.

Bloomberg's aggressive stance against guns

Stop bugging me!

******Photo Contest Poll about Polls*****

Went to the Taunus (mountains near Frankfurt) yesterday

Human Picture Project Puts Families in Focus

moth on my porch

Bee on a thistle

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Irfanview Auto Adjust Colors, LOL

*** Photo Contest Rules Poll #4: Host Authority ***

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Cat's Paw Nebula

Decaying beauty spied for first time by LHC

Geek alert: 'How The Universe Works' on Discovery tonight

*** Photo Contest Rules Poll #3: Post-Processing ***

Location chosen for European Extremely Large Telescope (42 metres wide!)

Chimps Confront Death in Human-Like Ways

Molecule-sized Computer Mimics Human Brain At Work

To Whoever Gave Me My Star: Thank You!

Letting the World Into Your Heart -- Gangaji and Political Activism

The myth of law-abiding firearm owners who just "snap"

The Political Cost of Bigotry

Is this child abuse?

Flu jab fears grow as toddlers rushed to hospital

PEG, the silence before the storm?

Phosphorous in sodas and processed foods accelerates signs of aging say Harvard scientists

Mind Over Meds

Are (some) older women supposed to be heavy?

Ten problems with "free" trade

Minority Report

Virginia to launch standardized test for disabled students