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The Palin fence-when capitalism (contract law) strikes the non-socialist (socialist)

Keith is pointing out everything I put in my post!!!!!

Caption this latest picture of BP COO Tony Hayward

The fence that keeps out the brown

The power of the pyramid can beat the SlEESTAK

Kelp Forest Web Cam

When Will People Understand the Government has NO Control Over BP?

Either that was the shortest Special Comment ever

Sh*tty Crime Wave in Toronto

Poll: Reid In Dead Heat With GOP Challengers

Web Site Gets Put 'On-Hold' For You

'24,' Torture and Bureaucratic Incompetence

Senate panel OKs 6,000 troops for border

Scientists Detect Huge Carbon 'Burp' That Helped End Last Ice Age

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe defends brother against right-wing death squad charge

Forget it, he's rolling

Soldier Says No More DADT...

Something big is happening. Either the riser blew or they've cut it off

Something big is happening. Either the riser blew or they've cut it off

Cheap prices and high tax revenues underpin America's love of Big Oil

When does the Gulf spill become a Catastrophic Climate Changing Event?

bp live disaster cam .......whasssup?

Outed SoCal lawmaker 'sorry' for voting against gay rights - He is against DADT now

Before I lay me down to sleep I just want to say that BP has

200 protest BP in Manhattan - Pics

Who are the real crazies in our political culture? Great article from Salon

The best and the brightest really ARE on the scene in the Gulf.

PetroChina to team with Boeing to develop aviation biofuels

Obama Judicial nominees continue to languish as the Senate sleeps

Obama opposes 1.9 percent pay raise for military members

California Republican: Immigration Is 'Killing the Republican Party'

This rapper on Rachel rocks....

New rule: Until they fix the Gulf leak, after filling up at BP, you get to leave the pump running

Detroit gallery hides Banksy's graffiti art after threats

Money to save teaching jobs only gets "lukewarm support from the White House" So it dies.

Gay Republican State Senator Speaks Out

For 10 days after the rig sank, BP assured the White House they had the well under control

Sandra Day O'Connor on PBS now, 'Need to Know.'

Oil cam showing pipe

Reagan administration reportedly offered job for candidate to step down...

I have the solution!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Memorial's day weekend

Hidden health costs of transportation

Oil Spill Response: 'Army Of Temp Workers' Bused To Grand Isle For Obama Appearance Leave Soon After

BP Suspends “Top Kill” Again After “Junk Shot” Hasn’t Stopped Gusher

World Still Awaiting Evidence That Blogger Had Sex

Glenn Beck apologies for insulting Obama's 11-year-old daughter.

It must be GALLING to Poppy (& Jeb Crow Shrub) that Shrub outdistances them in Google & everywhere!

BANK BUST FRIDAY UPDATE !!!!! ...... Don't Be Tardy for the Party

GOP asks FBI to investigate ‘collusion,’ possible obstruction of justice in Sestak case

GOP asks FBI to investigate ‘collusion,’ possible obstruction of justice in Sestak case

Feds weigh a criminal probe of BP

When does the Gulf spill become a Catastrophic Climate Changing Event?

All kinds of sad - spills, tornadoes, birds....

Just read an article titled "Oil spill cam becomes Internet sensation" and I thought....GREAT!

U.S. Studies Options for Possible Pakistan Attack

Those pictures from Nasa of the reflective oil sheen in the Gulf?

Gulf oil spill inspires protest at NYC gas station

BP Enjoys Lobbying Strength, Close Ties to Lawmakers as Federal Investigation Looms

Mercury follows Pontiac and Oldsmobile into the scrapheap

Fox (2006)"House Votes to End Offshore Oil Drilling Ban" - Courtesy Bobby Jindal

Fox (2006)"House Votes to End Offshore Oil Drilling Ban" - Courtesy Bobby Jindal

North Korea Warns 'War Imminent'

Judge Baltasar Garzón suspended for investigating Franco’s crimes

Canada: $1 billion security operation for G8/G20 summits, largest ever

Libertarians Realizing Rand Paul Is Not One of Them

Oil spill shows danger of weak government

Cobell deadline extended again

So after all the speeches and stuff, is BP still in control of the local cops in coastal LA?

Press Release from Gov. Brewer on Meeting with D.O.J.

Straight couple nix New York for Connecticut nuptials: solidarity with same-gender couples cited

British government outlines plans to dismantle welfare

US cuts will perpetuate child abuse

The Natural Gas Bomb that N. America sits on

Did The White House Really Remove The American Flag During a Press Confrence Today?

What sites such as Facebook and Google know and whom they tell (WP)

Left hand, meet right hand

Tony Hayward does believe in scientific research:

Tony Hayward does believe in scientific research:

Oil Spill: Joint Investigation website

Arizona Law Penalizing Employers Who Hire Illegal Workers Is Preempted, Says Solicitor General

Strict ROE, Nausea Inducing Screens Curb Use of MV-22 Osprey Gatling Gun

Tracking Ticks Via Satellite

BECK HAS PROGENY???????!!!!!!!!! OMIGAWD!!!

If anyone said this already: forgive me for not finding it. Bill Maher said in New Rules

'Law-Like' Mathematical Patterns in Human Preference Behavior Discovered

A billion for G20 security "is worth it" - just who and what are they afraid of?

DU off to another fractious holiday morning?

Congress pushes military to release data on Camp Lejeune water

Hidden health costs of transportation

I was totally for Sestak in the primary

22 Countries Ban Gays in the Military

Volcanoes erupt in Guatemala and Ecuador

Bachmann Endorses Repealing No Child Left Behind, Parts Of Medicare, And All Foreign Aid

‘Farmers Market Desserts’ lets fruit, not sugar, be the star

Does anyone here have an IRA?

$20 million donation from Hank Greenberg's Starr Foundation is blood money.

BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico class action lawsuit growing daily - Sites information:

Why isn't anyone talking about our addiction to oil and our need to

Michigan republican wants journalists to be state-licensed

Greta Van Susteren's poll of FAUX viewers backfires

WOW! It just occurred to me while I was in the bathroom

Bob Herbert: An Unnatural Disaster

Haley Barbour says he trusts Big Gub-Mint now

BP granted lease to drill on the moon!

When will Obama use the bully pulpit to call for just treatment of the BP execs

Fox Host Forgets His Own Name

Rethug Gulf governors would have just loved if Obama had ordered the jindal berms to be built pronto

BP put the oil leak cam back on the end of the riser

'Don't ask' bill at veto risk

Do you question the patriotism of government officials?

Cambodia's 'jungle woman' runs away from home

Tick Season is here. Please remember to watch out for symptoms after a tick bite!

chicago public schools rigs its board meetings to undermine democracy

"Transplantation and Mental Retardation: What Is the Meaning of a Discrimination?" - open issue.

Citing gulf oil spill, Obama to suspend Arctic drilling

The Oil Drum - Deciphering The New Activity (Top Kill, Junk Shot, Etc.) and a New Thread

70% Americans disapprove of BP's handling of oil spill; support for offshore drilling takes a dive

Bush: War Boosts The U.S. Economy

On, suggestions for the Republican Party on "Life" and "Values"

Casey Sheehan: May 29, 1979

Christian 'Pregnancy Crisis Centers' Masquerading as Health Clinics Tell Women Abortion Causes Cance

progress and hope

Gulf oil spill offers a lesson in capitalism vs. socialism

Sail into Saturday as though your were seven. PLease come CAPTION Head Wreck at CPAC!!!!

Benefit to risk on Gardasil? Or profits to greed? New news about the unnecessary vaccine.

Joint U.S. / South Korea military navel operation may be conducted in disputed maritime borders!

Hong Kong Police confiscate Goddess of Democracy statue and quell protest

Aha! Robbers use tea. Republicon Family Pharisee Values?

Teabaggers hero Rand Paul on Gulf oil: "Accidents happen."

Oil & Hurricanes (Dr. Jeff Masters)

If there is one thing I hate...

Sarah Palin loses her chance

Republicans Pray for War !!!

Blacks here, Rand Paul & friends over there

Gulf oil spill is public health risk, environmental scientists warn

NY Times: Owners Bet on Raising the Rent, and Lost

Crude oil is supposed to stay underground where it belongs.

Hospital wins suit after man got uterine cancer

Been fighting BP for years up here. BP insisted on pouring more poison into our drinking water

BP presser coming up at 1 pm. Cheney with bullhorn

Another golddigger snagged RushBo

New Ebola Drug 100 Percent Effective In Monkeys

It's interesting to me how ROV has taken on a personality of sorts -

Steve King: Muslim Groups, Unions 'Calling The Shots At The Justice Department'

17 Countries Offer Gulf Assistance, BP Accepts Only 2 Offers

Rand Paul needs to Walk before he Marches

So here's an interesting thought re: Sestak:

Malawi pardons jailed gay couple

Has Admiral Allen issued his daily

World's largest oil spills (from Wikpedia)

US eyes plan for unilateral military strikes on Pakistan

Extended unemployment benefits will not be renewed, and this time it is not the republicans

Nalco Lobbies Congress Re: Corexit Dispersant, which BP is *Still* Using

My CO exposure was much worse than thought ..

I'll bet Afghans are going to be happy when they see this:

THis Top Kill thing looks like a lost cause.

Have you watched the movie "CRUDE"? It's a very sad story

What other goodies are untapped inside the Earth?


We don't want to need to buy oil from countries that don't like us

Head Wreck can't get enough of DU's CAPTIONs! Come help this waste of space, GB!!!

Laughing To Keep From Crying of the Day: “BPGlobalPR Billboards"

Austerity measures throughout Europe

White House Signals It Won't Fight to Keep Rule on Derivatives

About those pseudo cleaning people on the island

BP news conference NOW. CNN. n/t

Oil Disaster Response Plans #5 and #6: LMRP and BOP on BOP, explained.

400-plus Oil Projects Illegally Approved by Interior Sec Ken Salazar Without Permits!

NYT: Top Kill/Junk Fails Again

Put all the local fisherman and others affected to work NOW!

How about a memorial for all the victims of aggression and oppression?

Move over Arizona: Mass. Dems draft draconian anti-immigrant measure

Sacramento Bee: Whitman's spending in California race passes $80 million

Congressional Deficit Hawks Act to Slow Growth and Destroy Jobs

Conservatives not taking revelation that Reagan did the same thing as Obama (Sestak) very well

John Boehner Website (2008) - "House Democrats Call for Government Takeover of Oil Refineries"

Bristol: And I was like, 'I'm pregnant.' And she was like 'Oh my God. Holy crap.'"

Deficit Eclipses Jobs In Congress: 'Nickel-And-Diming The Most Fragile People'

Deepwater hearings on Cspan NOW.

The STUPIDITY Of Sarah Palin, Part 32,459

Gulf Oil Spill Is Public Health Risk, Environmental Scientists Warn

I've tried emailing the admins at DU, alerting mods...

Deadbeat or Not? You decide....

Top Kill Likely A Failure - HuffPo

So many states want to enact their own immigration laws

Anybody seen any discussion either supporting or challenging just 2 relief wells?

IL-Sen: Mark Kirk has some explaining to do

McGinniss Targeted by Palin Supporters

Female detainees on way to deportation being groped, propositioned by male guards

Man-made Katrina II?

The Question The Media Won't Touch - Should The Federal Govt Have The Assets To Stop A Leak?

Yikes, ROV has a saw and looks like it's planning on using it

BP Says Top Kill Has Not Stopped Gulf Oil Leak And Now Considering Other Options -

If you missed the Kenner La oil spill hearings, here is a link to summaries:

Child Prostitution in Brazil

"IF" as recited by Dennis Hopper

CNN has an anchor/actress (Frederica?) on who is a complete airhead. (Trying to get

CNN has an anchor/actress (Frederica?) on who is a complete airhead. (Trying to get

If you are on Facebook, have you seen those Memorial Day Wreaths...

Meet Agatha... Hopefully She Stays In The Pacific...

Detroit to Bulldoze Thousands of Homes in Fight for Survival

Detroit to Bulldoze Thousands of Homes in Fight for Survival

Gulf Coast Dem still backs oil drilling, says spill is not Katrina

BP's censorship is a perfect example of corporate-manufactured "reality".

Bin Laden Says He’s ‘Professionally Envious’ of BP - Andy Borowitz tells about it

Hawaii becomes the first state to ban the possession and sale of shark fins

Tawd QUITTER will like this Marine's butt-cheek tattoo of wifey. He's kinky that way.

Arizona Graduation Speech Criticizing Immigration Laws Elicits Boos, Jeers

"make them hurt where their heart would be, if they had a heart"

"make them hurt where their heart would be, if they had a heart"

BWHAHAHA, Oops, Big Mistake! - Fox Host Van Susteren ASKS Blog Readers To GAUGE HER Intelligence

"Heysel football [soccer] disaster remembered 25 years on". something to remember, in europe.

SPILL, BABY, SPILL - Crude is America's Crack ... What are we going to do?!?

BBC: Creative minds 'mimic schizophrenia'

Sarah Palin's Small-Town Downfall Has Begun

Speier wants Craigslist to scrap sex section

Rochester police commissioners approach local stores over glass pipe sales

"There is no oil spill - its all a fabrication of the Liberal Media"

Head of Minerals Management Service Fired: Who Was Liz Birnbaum?

BP Employee Refuses to Testify; Is Prosecution in the Cards?

LOL......Amazing post from The Oil Drum Web site from an Oil Guy......

My doctor is being an ass. Any ideas on how I can get some refills for my synthroid?

TRENDING: Beck apologizes for mocking Obama’s daughter

Send drones to follow Tony Hayward and those BP twits.

New rules 5/28 - great rant about the death of privacy

It's time to license politicians.

App for Iphones and Android allow individuals to report trouble

Thanks for the star, whoever you are!

looks like a lot of something spewing out on the bp disaster cam

Want to see this headline again? "President wants Senate to hurry with new anti-terrorism laws"

For those who may not recall: Darrell Issa was the guy who got the Gray Davis recall going.

eBay Halts Indebted Purdue Grad's Diploma Auction

Where is the Republican blame for St. Ronnie?

The pukes are fantasizing madly about impeachment

Yearbook article focuses on students smoking pot

"Limbaugh: Oil Spill Is Natural"

PHOTOS: Wildlife, dead and dying in the Gulf

Hedge Fund Sees `Big Short' in Education Stocks With Possible Law Changes

'Weeks. It will just take weeks.'

'Weeks. It will just take weeks.'

Deepwater Horizon. Almost sounds like a refreshing new deodorant doesn't it?

FWIW, Oil Spill Briefing momentarily

nytimes: Effort to Plug Well Faces Another Setback

Dennis Hopper dead at 74

Wall Streets huge political contributions are just "chump change" for them.

It will take 7 years for the oil deposit to empty if uncapped

"Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" Mo Racca on what will stop the oil spill "Kaopectate" he said

BP spokesman doug suttles looks like george bush

Second Relief Well Stopped

give public comment on government outsourcing like Blackwater mercenaries:

Snap poll - do you think the top kill is working?

Scene: An editorial board meeting with Newt Gingrich and the Des Moines Register.

'Top kill' fails to stop flow of oil, BP says

'Top kill' fails to stop flow of oil, BP says

Stupid question: why not magnetic iron?

What happens when the first hurricane hits?

As bad as is the tragedy of oily sea birds or turtles, the most serious danger is to these creatures

State agencies request millions from BP to offset impact of Gulf oil spill -- NOLA, TimesPic

What is your average monthly residential KWH usage?

Environmental Refugees

Light sentences for the couple who played online games while their baby starved

Ken Starr caught for ponzi scheme?

Freeper concludes that his / her "liberal friends" are "scared sitless" by Palin. THEY CANNOT SIT???

Joe McGinniss gets a threat on craigslist?

Expert: “Major concern” that oil beneath surface to be drawn into storm

Discovery Channel Teaches People How To Kill Bats

I promise not to kill myself: Apple factory workers 'asked to sign pledge'

So the top Kill Method has failed - what next

Wouldn't it have been nice to go through life not even knowing what......

Gulf Oil Spill: The Technology Oil Executives Don't Want to Talk About -- Shear Ram

ALERT: NASA satellite shows oil 20 miles from Florida Keys (Oil Covered Shrimp In FL Keys)

EPA consultant: Locals “falling ill after exposure to tiny airborne particles of crude

"NOW the problem is - what to do with gays in the US military?" Media BS link:

Just thinking about safety in drilling, mining, etc.

Next question comes from John Roberts of USA today - anyone else see that

DeMint: We Should Treat Immigration Reform Like An ‘Oil Leak'

We are their stewards. (1 pic)

What about molten lead to stop the oil.

One Thing Is Clear

Illinois Senate candidate admits claim about military award was inaccurate

Thad Allen is the new Baghdad Bob

President's Homeland Security Appointment Opened Door to Arizona's Apartheid Regime

Wait a second...People this stupid get to be university professors in the USA?


Freeper wants new constitutional amendment, looking for feedback

Barriers to the Acceptance of Science -- 3 Studies

Hit by car, woman sues Google for bad walking directions

Microsoft 'School of The Future' Is A Disaster For The Kids

Boycott BP - neat graphic

Did you know that 'peak oil' M. King Hubbert was anti-nuclear and pro-solar?

Answer the fucking question you stupid fuck.

The World After Abundance: Sleepwalking through one of history's major transitions.

The entire Gulf of Mexico is going to die before this is over.


R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

Right-wing radio host ‘hopes’ NYC mosque gets blown up

Right-wing radio host ‘hopes’ NYC mosque gets blown up

A puppy is saved. A happy story to start the day:

A puppy is saved. A happy story to start the day:

Some weekend TOONS....

Why the hell can't they just pump sea water into it instead of mud which they will run out of

Alternet: 10 Things We Must Remember On Memorial Day

Good grief -- Charles Krauthammer blames the Gulf disaster on environmentalists

I've been thinking a lot lately of the Iraqi woman who blogged.

I've been thinking a lot lately of the Iraqi woman who blogged.

Ted Haggard to make "groundbreaking announcement" next Wednesday

Prisoners hired in oil relief efforts, trained for hazardous materials work

NY Times: Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt

Mother Jones - "Nuke the Oil Spill?"

Top Kill Fails - on to next option - LMRP top cap

The oil nears Florida: What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister?

The hero on the rig:

Talk about Elephants in the room..

FOUR MORE DAYS - Gulf Gusher fix attempt, "cut and cap," to take 4 days to implement

Should Salazar be Fired?

"BP will recover every drop of oil in the Gulf"- Tony Hayward, BP CEO

"BP will recover every drop of oil in the Gulf"- Tony Hayward, BP CEO

What a "top kill" is.

False advertising all over the internet?

Awesome new facebook group: Plugging the Gulf oil leak with the works of Ayn Rand

When the Game Doesn't Have Rules It's Hard to Field a Team

Is the Republican party a weird cult?

Gulf spill actions needed. my letter to Randi Rhodes, my senators, et al

Krauthammer blaming the gusher on environmentalists is like.......

The State of Public Education

"Punishing success"

Have mercy on our souls.

small dwellings fill a niche

Let's plug the hole with Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh

Massive undersea oil plume heading “toward an underwater canyon whose currents would ferry it straig

To President Obama: Carpe Diem!

Doing It for Our Children: Cutting Social Security and the BP Oil Spill

Katie Halper: 5 New Rules And Regulations For Talking About BP Disaster

Hey! Serfs! Compare USA paid vacation, sick leave, & parental leave to other advanced nations.

Just got my visa approved this week

"Salt is a pretty amazing compound... have plenty of salt in your kitchen at all times"

Gulf Aerial Photo Slideshow from The Gulf Restoration Network -** Devastating**

NASA satellite shows oil 20 miles from Florida Keys

When a Lone Wolf Assassin is Not Nuts or Alone

Looking Down The Street Where I Live

MSNBC (2006) - "Congress approves offshore drilling bill" Sponsored By Bobby Jindal

Physicists now believe there may be an infinite versions of reality...

A question for "centrist" Dems

Is THREE greater than TWENTY-FIVE?

Is it time to license journalists? Michigan thinks so.

Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt

The Infuriating Cell Phone Racket

Why aren't people uniting to take over duty from BP spraying chemical dispersants in the gulf?

The FAA has restricted flights over the Gulf: news blackout

Groups Urge President to Federalize Response

Groups Urge President to Federalize Response

BP stonewalls plan to vacuum up oil & instead tries to bury scope of disaster with dispersants.

"SS cuts will be voted without hearings or open debate"

"I think he cares and he's a hands-on guy. I was real impressed."

Something is seriously wrong in our society

"It is a curious situation that the sea,..."

Stopping the most dangerous gusher of all

More on the group that will "reform" Social Security..."enormous unaccountable authority"

Can you guys explain your flag thing to this Brit?

Oil clean-up crews: little training and pay, long-term hazards

BP's Dispersant Disaster: Sweeping The Oil Under The Rug Has Vast Environmental Costs

Ratings Agency Launches Renewed Terror Attack, This Time On Spain - A Dossier

Baron von Tollbooth / Your Mind Has Left Your Body (youtube)

Jefferson Airplane - Good Shepherd (youtube)

Bigelf - The Evils Of Rock & Roll

I have an odd problem here, with my computer.

Anyone seen elshiva,lately?

Can someone tell me...

LIMBOsevic is getting "married" this weekend. Let's do the planning!1

Ray Allen's mom is having a great time


Well, considering recent events...

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (youtube)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (youtube)

Well I'm not the world's most physical guy... (youtube)

Man Man - Rabbit Habits

Wish me luck!

Starting the weekend: What are you drinking, and what are you listening to?

a cool sir lord baltimore track set to a steve mcqueen movie

Uh oh! Kitteh in real trouble!!! Bad kitteh!

early one mornin' the sun was shinin'

God Damned Cat! I am not your janitor!! I am not picking up the

"It would be nice if the world thought of me as something more."

Carole King and James Taylor, Tuesday nite, PBS!

Hey guys!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I haven't been able to fully hear out of my right ear all week.

One of those beautiful moments in life. (Let me show you it!)

Duran Duran - Skin Trade

Oh goody. The non-stop prison/lockup shit has begun on MSNBC

Todd Bridges, Charlotte Rae and Conrad Bain are still amongst the living...

Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Long Version)

Another New Day

From Finland! Heavy Metal...I mean...Heavy Dinos!

As Serious As Your Life Is

Where are they now? "Child actors" on

Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberest

Songs to start the day to...

Keb blues artist alive?

My ex-wife used to give me these WEIRD serene looks...

Who can devise a formula for what constitutes a hot thread at DU?

Pick a number from 1 to 10

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

Why do some people...

Just got caught up on Drop Dead Diva...

best kid singing vidieo

Do you want to know a secret?

Somebody HIRE this person as a consultant...

Are there any good boards in the lounge?

Are there any good beards in the lounge?

7' 0" World's tallest model Eve

What is a nice, inexpensive, gift for a sponsor on her 30th sobriety birthday?

How can you drive 1000 miles for almost $35.00?

My Radio show starting now. Enjoy.

I can't believe what an effin' fabulous photographer I am!

Pete Seeger on PBS NOW.

Come To Me All Ye That Are Heavy Laden.

Is Kung Fu a dying art form? Documentary: Needle through Brick

Kiki de Montparnasse (Alice Ernestine Prin)

On TCM right now: "Midway"

Dr. Who marathon on BBC America today

The game of Monopoly is very simple.

How committed is any pacifist?

LOST rerun, 8:00 edt.

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper N/T

I have found true bliss.....homemade BLT's, thick bacon, fresh tomatoes and that green stuff

This is my new BY FAR favorite video.

For DIO - why we love him...

Go ahead... just TRY not to sing it...

Is it just me or does an all day marathon of episodes of "Hoarders"


should i go see corey feldman's band tomorrow night?

Have you ever done something that seemed like a really good idea at the time, but.....

I'm a grandma again!

CNN: Remedy for people who can't take a joke remains the same after decades, no change forseen

American Movie Classucks

Who owns your favorite band?

good gawd damn

What is your favorite candle scent?

Bands that are still out there that should have called it quits a while back?

Bull 1 -Spanish matador Julio Aparicio 0 *WARNING GRAPHIC* but he is out of critical danger

Things "normal" people do that make no sense to you?

Computer dummy here. Need help.


Are there any good broads in the lounge?

Video: Indians Pitcher David Huff hit in the head by A-Rod line drive (Warning: Unsettling)

My mom just went into the hospital this afternoon with

Is Kung Fu a dying art form? Documentary: Needle through Brick

Final Flash Forward

Sequels that retroactively make their antecedent films worse?

What is the most favorite car/truck that you have owned.

Something is WRONG at Kali's ranch...

How many emaIl accounts do you have?

Did you pick this to be the wrong week to give up...

Favorite Hugh Grant movie?

I need some cute kitteh pictures. Well cute puppy/dog pictures will work too.

Why do people have to be so horrible and thoughtless and greedy?

LOST: Delted Scene From FInale!

Did anyone else growup with "the mosquito truck" coming through their neighborhood?

What classic movie should I show my 7 year old?

GREATEST Tattoo mug shots-- enjoy (Warning some are graphic at the link)

Australia Sues Japan Over Whaling

Fitch Downgrades Spain's Credit Rating

Parish official: BP Shipped in Workers For President's Visit

Critics say plan to cut Coast Guard personnel will harm readiness for crises

There Was 'Nobody in Charge' (on the Deepwater Horizon)_

Which of these household chores do you hate doing the most?

Alaska pipeline company restarts pipeline

Supercomputer Builds 3D Model Of Gulf Oil Spill

MSNBC: Internet addicts guilty of starving baby to death

Oil Spill Cam Becomes Internet Sensation

Most Guantanamo detainees low-level fighters, task force report says

Suspected Sabotage Derails Train in India; 90 Dead

Oil spill shows danger of weak government

Judge orders Toyota to release documents

Lahore mourns as death roll rises to 80

Americans wait to learn if top kill will stop oil

Obama gets OK on boosting Israel against rockets

North Korea Holds Rare News Conference To Deny Sinking Of South's Ship

Spain Loses AAA Rating at Fitch as Europe Battles Debt Crisis

BP systemic failure' endangers Gulf cleanup workers

Czech Social Democrats lead narrowly in election count

Gulf oil spill is public health risk, environmental scientists warn

Human error blamed for civilian Afghan deaths

NYC plot prompts U.S. to plan Pakistan attack

Latest Attempt by BP to Plug Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico Fails

Investors Tap Into 401(k) Money Tax-Free for Business Startups

Dennis Hopper Dies

Malawi President Pardons Gay Couple

Guatemala girds for first Pacific storm of season

Obama Urged To Protect Uncontacted Tribes

IL-Sen: Mark Kirk has some explaining to do

US reprimands six over deadly air strike in Afghanistan

Texas Rangers Lenders File Bankruptcy Against Equity Owners

Activists Go On Hunger Strike Until U.S. Military Stops Discharging Gay Soldiers

NASA satellite shows oil 20 miles from Florida Keys

Feds weigh a criminal probe of BP

China May Start State-Guided Carbon Market by 2014

Ariz gov. bypasses attorney general on immigration lawsuits

Parish official to Obama: Stop moratorium on drilling

Fox host Van Susteren asks blog readers to gauge her intelligence

Prisoners hired in oil relief efforts, trained for hazardous materials work

Small Donors Give Big Cash to Republicans

Scientists Build Case for Undersea Plumes

Left-wing Social Democrats winning Czech election

American Death Toll in Afghanistan Reaches 1,000

things you do that no "normal" person would?

State agencies request millions from BP to offset impact of Gulf oil spill ($757 million)

Malawi pardons jailed gay couple

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer abruptly suspends state's attorney general from illegal immigrant law case

Renewables to grow nearly 207 percent by 2030 says report

'Top kill' has failed, BP says

Pelosi: Oil spill shows need to move ahead on 'moral issue' of energy reform

Career environmentalists anguish over gulf oil disaster

Thousands flee volcanos in Ecuador and Guatemala

AP: BP says so far, Gulf well plug isn't working

BP Engineers Making Little Headway on Leaking Well

Documents Show Earlier (11 months ago) Worries About Safety of Rig

Campbell gets more from donors than Fiorina, but her war chest still beats his

Rand Paul's Upstart Ophthalmology Group Leaves Little Mark

Ad war in GOP governor's primary approaches $13 million (FL)

Hannemann officially announces run for Hawaii governor's seat

D'Annunzio losing tea party support

White House Caught Playing Politics

Oil spill hearings: Deepwater Horizon rig's two senior officers now considered "parties of interest"

Report: US weighs military option in Pakistan

Thousands in Phoenix protest Arizona's immigration law

World Bank cancels remaining Haiti debt

GITMO-Report: Two dozen terror leaders among detainees

Administration seeks employer sanctions review

Under the radar: The Livability Moment

Media Matters: Under pressure, Glenn Beck somehow finds a new low

"Ky. Senate adopts civil rights resolution"

Israel rejects Middle East nuclear talks plan

Sitka Democrat to challenge Murkowski

Torres says he has signatures needed for primary

IN THE GULF OF MEXICO — The ocean caught fire.

Special Election to Replace Souder Set for November

What's At Stake in Arkansas Run-Off?

"Such has been the narrative of his presidency:

Fox host Van Susteren asks blog readers to gauge her intelligence

The Oil Drum - Deciphering The New Activity (Top Kill, Junk Shot, Etc.) and a New Thread

House extends jobless benefits, tax breaks

Is BP's cure worse than the spill? Maine toxicologist tells about swimming in gulf

A critical difference between Katrina and BP

Photos: The Cameras May Leave One Day, But We Will Not (The Obama Presidency, Day 494)

Obama Needs To Use His Bully Pulpit To Force Congress Into Raising The Liability Limit.......

OK, the Oil Leak Cam now looks worse than ever to I wrong.....

Ex-Sen. Talent still thinking about McCaskill rematch

Who was around during the Ixtoc spill in the gulf.. It is the largest oil spill ever

Insulin giant pulls medicine from Greece over price cut

My take on the DADT repeal

BREAKING - NYTimes : Latest Attempt by BP to Plug Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico Fails

Dennis Hopper has died

Obama WH issues statement on Malawi gay couple

This Oil Spill Could Really Damage Obama's Public Image

So suicide boy apologizes about his remarks on Obama's kid

As candidate Barack Obama once said, 'We are the ones we've been waiting for.'

Obama's Press Conference: You Can't Negotiate With Disaster

Its Orrin Hatch's turn now..

Joe Conason: For Republicans, impeachment isn't a joke

Will SNL do Rand Paul tonite or are they on hiatus?

Obama's priority? More than an oil mess

Joe Lieberman open to backing Linda McMahon

I wonder what the response will be if the leak stops soon ...

I Hope Sestak Kicks toomey's ass

Glen Beck, Glen Beck.. who is it you remind me of...

My only critique of K Olberrmann's "Special Comment" re: Obama

Relax, everybody. In two years you'll have a president who can "emote" and overall be

Bizarre Fight Plays out between Joe Scarborough and Markos Moulitsas on Twitter

Gulf Oil Spill Is Public Health Risk, Environmental Scientists Warn

Jonathan Bernstein: GOP will impeach Obama

Gen. Wesley Clark Joins Clinton: Don’t vote against Lincoln in anger

Was Arizona’s controversial immigration law a small step toward fulfilling The 2008 Democratic

Bill Clinton rips left in Arkansas race

Rumor has it about Obama....

Corporate Media as a Toxic Dispersant

Way cool World Cup calendar

Parish Pres., President Obama 'Chewed Me Out'

Plaquemines Parish President: "He cares and he's a hands-on guy. I was real impressed."

Hillary Clinton is now the most popular politician in America who has held elected office

Obama to Arizona Governor: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

What is the rationale for so many Senate Dems rejecting Whitehouse's usury amendment?

New steps on nuclear disarmament

Laura Ingraham pulls a Bill O'reilly! (Angry screaming at faux news staff)

Why is BP trying to KILL my Fishermen? (Part 2 of 2)

The Miles Long Underwater Death Cloud

Mike Malloy - Murder Machine

Inside Iraq - Iraq at a crossroads

Rachel Maddow- The more spills change - the more they stay the same

Bill Maher on Religion

Why is BP trying to KILL my Fishermen? (Part 1 of 2)

Mike Malloy - Michael Savage, You Filthy Moron!!

BP Started Lying and Covering Up On Day One

A Memorial Day Tribute

TYT: Glenn Beck mocks Malia obama

Red Fox Cry

Condoleezza Rice at the 9/11 commission

Freda Payne - Bring the Boys Home

Indians Pitcher David Huff hit in the head by A-Rod line drive (Warning: Unsettling)

Deer, meet headlights


Bush denies linking Saddam and 9/11

We have a choice.

Real Time Epilogue - World Class Morons in a Bubble

Condoleezza Rice: Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US Memo did not warn of upcoming attacks

Waverider Aircraft Breaks Speed Record - Dylan Ratigan On TYT

Robert Randolph - Live Earth Day - "Purple Haze" - Must see!

Naomi Klein on BP Oil Spill

Newt can't get further away from his own book (2:47)

Arizona Protest March Against SB1070 (5-29-10)

Something big is happening. Either the riser blew or they've cut it off

Robert Koehler: Stopping Orwell's Nightmare/ WARS!

Uribe: Washington Post penetrated by criminals

Mass. moves closer to crackdown on illegal immigration

Blusterbomb: New Book on Rush Limbaugh a Puff Piece Rife With Lies

Friday Talking Points (125) -- Ask! Tell!

Bill Clinton: I Did Not Have a 'Rahm-in' With That Sestak

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan



Freedom Watch Interview ( Guantanamo "suicides")

Is it Class Warfare in Thailand?

Real People v. Corporate “People”: The Fight Is On

(Official British) War Inquiry Met Second-Tier Bush Officials

The Obama-Gates Department of Detentions

Brownosaurus Rex and California's Ugly Election (Corrected Font)

Craziest Glenn Beck Quotes of All Time

Consign the 'war on drugs' to history

Brownosaurus Rex and California's Ugly Election

Dissent is a dirty word in Israel

This is Your Country

William Rivers Pitt: Top Kill Indeed

Memorial Daze: Quandary of Empire

Rand Paul's Plan on Children of 'Illegals': Put Border Guards in Delivery Rooms

Will America's First All-Christian Prison Be Built in Oklahoma?

The American Century Is So Over

Weekend Economists' Book-Cooking Class May 28-31, 2010

Haiti - A True History - Free Speech TV

An Unnatural Disaster - by Bob Herbert

Royal Academy of Engineering: electric vehicles "charged with potential"

Recent Advances In the Catalysis of HI Decomposition to Give Hydrogen in the SI Cycle.

The Oil Drum - Deciphering The New Activity (Top Kill, Junk Shot, Etc.) and a New Thread

Very disturbing, why are we still drilling?

Solar program to pay Oregonians premium rates for power they generate

Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic Agree to Cooperate on Hosting a Gen IV Fast Reactor

Nate Robinson is NUTS

Grand Junction’s Suplizio Field Named Colorado Sports Turf 2009 Field of the Year

Mets with back to back to back shutouts of the Phillies

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, May 28)

Cain proves Able; one-hits Arizona, 5-0

NFL commissioner says more cold-weather Super Bowls possible


7 killed in Colombian paramilitary conflict

Obama Urged To Protect Uncontacted Tribes

Ecuador volcano erupts, villagers flee

World Bank cancels remaining Haiti debt

Guatemala declares emergency as volcano erupts

The Final Letter: A love letter from a gay WWII GI (You should read this one)

Our bleeding-heart prime minister

EU's Ashton calls for immediate end to Gaza embargo

Israel Partly Reopens West Bank Road to Palestinians

'Netanyahu not a real peace partner'

Israel rejects call to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Flotilla bound for Gaza delayed, loses key members

San Jose union begins organizing pot workers

Today in Labor History May 29 The nation's first union medical and pension plans & Disney strike

House Republicans Using Questionable Email Voting For Budget Cutting Proposals

Alcoa Workers Picket Over Health-Care Benefit Cuts

LAT: New union wins bid to represent healthcare workers at USC University Hospital

Oil Spill Clean-up Workers: We’re Getting Sick From Lack of Protective Gear

AFL-CIO goes after Bill Clinton in Arkansas

ATF Reverses Interpretation of GCA; Redefines "Transfers" of Firearms

Ohio Senate Passes Bill allowing CCW in places serving alcohol

Palestinian university twinning

relieving the pitcher

My first experiment with tilt shift...

Adobe Clock Tower Home (under construction)

Can you guess what it is?


Bugs and flowers

Grooming contest?

frisbee day

A quarter-century of recreational mathematics

WISE satellite already spots two brown dwarfs

You're on a game show...

Voyager 2 fixed

Starcodes this week - Heather Roan Robbins

WHEE! Met my goal for Readings for Hope!

Wanna see a cat groove?

Aliens Found In Ohio? The 'Wow!' Signal

Dowsing, Rods, Pendulum, Other, Psychic Stuff

Prayer question

My Free Inquiry Interview: Why We Need Religious Moderates (Chris Mooney)

Prenatal exposure to BPA and DES may increase breast cancer risk

Obituary: The death of the subluxation

Yankees starter A.J. Burnett credits acupuncture with helping him stay healthy

Concomitant Vaccination Feasible in Adolescents (Gardasil, Menactra and Adacel)

This is a great blog post from last year. Not only can you learn how

16% of Bonds Misrated Even Using Lenient Standards

Big Banks Allocate Losing Trades to Clients, Keep Winning Trades for Themselves


For your thoughts.

Is Gold the Next Bubble?