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Archives: July 15, 2010

Dems See Hope Without Brown, Will Bring DISCLOSE Act to the Floor

ARGENTINA: Supreme Court Poised To Rule In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

Another health scare for Darth Vader

Who was that on Keith Olbermann's show who said nobody has ever been to the depth of the BP leak?

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day nineteen

WellCare restarts contributions — Boehner schedules a room

Man violently arrested in mistaken identity case

Deficit Posers: They'd Rather Have 90% Of US Living Like Poor Haitians Than Give Up One Dime

Human Statue of Liberty formed by 18,000 soldiers at Camp Dodge in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1918

The Glen Becks of the world use Hitler to stir up fears amongst the base. What will

"We need him Lord, please find him a new heart. He’s part of the true heart of America."

Letting the Bush Tax Cuts Expire: The 'Adults in the Room' Defense

OH my God! They now have to plug Cheney in an outlet at night!

Toles: Are we dysfunctional enough to hide in yet?

Rand Paul would form 'tea party caucus'

Re: Cheney keeling over drama and Faux Sainthood candidates

Doctor says Cheney will have NO pulse!

Animal Autopsies in Gulf Yield a Mystery

War is Peace.....Blue is Grey.....Up is Down in Right Wing World

Hey did you hear? Cheney has no pulse!

Former Soviet Union......I owe you an apology.....

I didn't realize that Clinton FEMA chief. James Lee Witt

Please let Cheney live 'til the ESTATE TAX comes back into effect on 1/1/11

Cardiac surgeon on TRMS: Cheney "at the end of the line for

Hey Cheney's daughter, family, grandkids, I am sorry if you are feeling bad

Dick Cheney

PHILIP DINE: Nurses unionize to improve patient care

Interesting observation about MSNBC "Morning Joe" promos...

Danziger really didn't like Steinbrenner...

Oh my..... poor Rachel.

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

Let Them Eat Grapes Of Wrath

Let Them Eat Grapes Of Wrath

Dick Cheney will Outlive us all...

Dick Cheney will Outlive us all...

Random thought #2:

Random thought #2:

Ignorant racist inbred freeper fucks are so ignorant they can't even spell "Stepin Fetchit"

Herbert Block's 1953 Cartoon on the Death of Stalin

message I received from Tea Party Patriots-Hitting the Panic Button

Helpful dog feeds white tiger cubs in zoo.

Pakistan bans Indian comedy film that mocked Osama bin Laden

If Cheney should die between now and Christmas, I

U. S., Canada unveil joint border-security plan

Hey everybody. We are good people. Let's take up a collection

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Pharmacist on hunger strike in protest of unsafe practices.

Fiat's Sergio Marchionne as Obama's Ghost Writer?

Angle says campaign to defeat Reid God's 'calling'

I agree with Rep. Issa

China's GDP up 11.1% in first half 2010 !

I saw Cheney's latest hardware on Rachel's show tonight.

OMG - Cheney is now officially without a pulse

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

Thought experiment. Your ridiculously wealthy spouse is on

Anyone watching Skinheads on NatGeo

My Sentiments Exactly...

Please Consider K&Ring This Post:

Who's more dangerous?

U.S. paid Iranian nuclear scientist $5 million for aid to CIA, officials say

Wachovia is about to get away scott free with laundering $380 billion in cartel cocaine profits

Unfortunate timing for EnergyDigital's cover:

IPhone app to fight street harassment

Capitalism Denial

Who else would bet dollars to donuts that Sarah and Tawd have been

Argentina becomes first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage

Who's the worst at Fox "news?"

Dick Cheney wants his family to pay inheritance taxes!

Obama Hires Anti-Trust Lawyer To Implement Health Care Law

josiesays -- the GD edition

BREAKING Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage!

Florida delays grading its schools until an audit of the test is complete....Palm Beach Post

Strategy emerges to prevent more C-17 funding

8 U.S. troops killed in 24 hours in Afghanistan

Homes lost to foreclosure on track for 1M in 2010

MILITARY: Marine Corps sees big drop in monthly suicide statistics

Troubled vets need help sooner, lawmakers told

Top senators voice doubts about Afghan war

Levin Calls For Drone Strikes on Haqqani Network

Afghan president gives nod to local police forces

New ($64 million dollar) Complex for Iraqi Police

Better living planned for Camp Leatherneck (including $200 million dollar runway)

Airdrops Break Records in Afghanistan

A Handy Clarence Darrow Quote, In Case Cheney's Condition Worsens...

A few ways to stop the destruction of America

Will Dick Cheney successfully take advantage of the one death taxless year?

State Obesity Rates for Adults

Haunting, terrifying art video: "1945-1998" by Isao Hashimoto (Japan 2003)

Tea Parties Make Space for Bigots

Most countries fail to deliver on Haiti aid pledges (the US is on the deadbeat list)

Matt Simmons tells a 'real ugly story' (must read, about BP & Spill)

Between you, me and a stump I hope the dick lives for many more years yet

Between you, me and a stump I hope the dick lives for many more years yet

At 90, an eco-pioneer looks ahead

Kiss your ass goodbye!

Obi-Wan: "He's more machine now than man; twisted and evil."

Megyn Kelly's minstrel show

Hilarious but tragically realistic......Adventures With Jobless Jack (video link)

Hey, Sen. Inhofe!!

It's been said before, let me say it again: Fuck Politico: On being labeled as 'racist'

NBA team ‘under contract’ if Las Vegas builds and pays for a new arena

Crash and burn, return.

2010 International Conservation Photography Winners

Glenn Greenwald: How a media outlet tells the truth

Hundreds of Afghanistan contractor deaths go unreported

Tom Tomorrow nails Afghanistan

Did the wicked witch melt yet ?

How the Sneaky Hands of the Big Banks Are Working Overtime to Rip You off

How to solve the Afghanistan issue easy!

BP to get big TAX BREAK for poisoning the Gulf?!

Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event

BP oil disaster is reaching Yucatan and Cancun Photo

Respond to the teabaggers & Sarah Palin, take the pledge: I'm an NAACP American

BP Blows: Protestors serenade BP headquarters with Vuvuzelas

Pink Floyd Reunites for Palestinian Benefit Concert

1 dog, 1 deer and 1 ball

UK Sought Rendition of British Nationals to Guantánamo; Tony Blair Directly Involved

Vatican Issues New Rules in Response to Sex Abuse Crisis; Victim's Rights Groups Unimpressed

Welcome to BRISTOL PALIN's Wedding Registry! a political opinion writer-a tough question re:Where does a good Dem

Teabaggers accuse Michigan Democrats of dirty tricks

Washington Post: Corporate America hoarding $1.8 TRILLION in cash, won't spend it on hiring

Harry Reid: Republicans Want Economy To Tank So Democrats Will Be Battered In Midterms

I just saw Anderson Pooper kiss Finnigan while on the TV box.

So will Quitter PALIN take CHEENEE's continued existence as admission of NO death panels?!1

Well Said, Buddy

Well Said, Buddy

Country singer Sara Evans' new boyfriend's lawsuit claims her ex husband is "possessed by Satan"

Country singer Sara Evans' new boyfriend's lawsuit claims her ex husband is "possessed by Satan"

Astronauts support Commercial Crew Transport

Self deleted

The Rude Pundit - Guest Bloggers and a Play: Two Big, Rude Announcements

Creationists are geniuses

More Mierda del Toro from the Repugs

Seriously, was I the only one truly shocked that Cheney even had a heart?

Thinking we may have another Deathbed Confession coming I googled Lee Atwater and found this:

Austerity: Why and for Whom?

Turdblossom Lays A Turd

The Fight Against Military Homophobia (Mr. Fish)

Manufacturing in Philadelphia Fed Area Cooled in July

Immigration now a top concern among Latinos, poll shows

Nonfinancial companies sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, roughly 1/4 more than at start of Recession

Rape & Politics: Sharron "Rape Is God's Plan" Angle claims her campaign is also part of his plan

Have you ever stood inside the ruins at Coventry Catheral?

Don't Shove Your Religion Down My Throat

OK - I was just "yelled" at for using Catfood Commission phrase - Some DUers don't know what it is!

Robert Reich: why the "jobs summit" is a bad joke

Federal judge orders rehiring of 27 NY workers fired for union activity

Beijing starts gating, locking lower-income migrant villages

Levi and Bristol Need A Wedding Photographer...Craigslist

I hope Dick Cheney's doctors bought Dick's new pump from Jeb Bush's friends

Pictures From The Gulf

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Your Income Taxes Fund More Defense Spending Than the Next 15 Countries Combined

The USA is spending $10 Billion dollars yearly training Afghanistan Soldiers!

Well let's see here ... so Cheney needs a heart.

On the mosque in the 911 location controversy, to me it isn't the location or the religion -

Big Oil is doing ot the GoM what Shell did to the Niger Delta...

BBC says BP discovered a new leak

Presidential commission denounces deep sea drilling moratorium

Presidential commission denounces deep sea drilling moratorium

BP Says Cap Is Repaired and Cutoff Test Can Proceed

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Why should I believe your truths when I have my lies to keep me warm.

The Oil Drum: Testing Program, Offshore Wind Photos, Dispersants

The Oil Drum: Testing Program, Offshore Wind Photos, Dispersants

Business ideas for green funerals

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

When a country spends as much on war and war industries as the US, it loses all right to call . . . files bankruptcy ....thousands of customers find pre-paid reservations cancelled

Chinese UFO looks man made

Can right wingers spout ANYTHING but prepared talking points?

Conyers Releases Committee Interview of - Torture Memo Author Bybee - Squealing On Yoo

Dick Cheney or Espresso Machine?

"Here is what will happen in November. Democrats will keep control of the House. Period."

Al Franken's Midwest Values Pac

Is greatly reducing or eliminating the deficit the #1 problem in America?

The anti-immigrant hysteria has reached the scary stage.....The Utah"list"

Rant on the future of soccer

Working seniors outnumber teens in labor force

Cheney has long suffered with cardiac issues

4th night of rioting in Belfast..Recreational rioting by kids 8-18

Bush*'s tax cuts are still in effect and there is no hiring going on

The Bush Revival: How Jeb, Rove, Gillespie Are Leading The GOP Again

How do you fight the lies? still claiming iraq had WMDs

Vernon Baker died on Tuesday but M$Greedia just heard apparently

Anyone else notice how the DOW started going more positive since reg. reform vote?

Is it me or is Cheney going to get a pass on his war crimes because of his 'condition' now?

Andes Sunset Eclipse

The revolving door spins faster on healthcare reform

Hand a monkey a wrench, call him a mechanic: Dana Perino to teach politics "master's course"

Kids getting 'high' off music?!? BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Fundies: The Ru Paul-ization of the National Education Association

Mortgage applications to buy homes hit 14-year-low

On C-SPAN2 NOW!!! Voting in the Senate on the Financial Reform bill as we speak!

Brian Williams is a hoot...

You didn't want it*, but I'm posting it anyways: here is the fourth Mel Gibson recording.

Clean energy & the production of the batteries needed to be "clean"

Traffic Stops (not Arizona)

Cops: NJ woman made up carjacking to cover up sex

Boeing 787 delayed again?

Why blaming Capitalism for everything is irrational

Infants Ingest Nearly 80 Times Safe Level of Dioxin

Why are there alot of Dickhead Cheney posts

Obama's recovery? New Jobless claims soar as economy falters.

To cut deficit, Arizona may sell its Capitol

My attempt at winning the prize for stating the obvious:

Countrywide gave VIP loans to Senate staffers also

PBS Won’t Air Paul McCartney Concert Jab At President Bush

Report: Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High

As Oprah wraps up, her show's ratings reach an all time low.

AIG Hired to Regulate AIG??????

Repeal and start over...

Slow Death By Rubber Duck

LIVE Hearing on use of dispersants on Gulf Oil Explosion - C-Span 3 TV and at

Sorry, but I don't like the Cheney death watch posts

Senate passes financial overhaul bill

Finance Bill passes

So it's ok to be happy about the death of Cheney because alot of people died because of him?

"If there aren't violent racists in the tea party, then why are people calling and threatening

I predict evil Dick will die this year

MSNBC TV: BP claims that oil flow has stopped completely.

SEC Enforcement Division to make significant 4:45 p.m. ET (Rumors are about Goldman)

Help with Email I Received

Rush of drunk drownings in Russia during heat wave

Time Magazine--Attacking Iran

Woman Confronts (suspected) killer of several cats.

U.S. companies aren't hiring because of the economy, right? Wrong.

In Dodging a Budget Vote, Dems Take Reconciliation Off the Table

Time to Boycott Geno's Philly Cheesesteaks in PA - grrrrr.

Need some arguments on free speech vs campaign finance laws

Senate Records Show Doubts on ’64 Vietnam Crisis (Gulf of Tonkin)

Lol on the grave dancing posts!

Republican Governors Association is giving up on Colorado

Archive April 2010: WellPoint Routinely Targets Breast Cancer Patients

MSNBC-- BP: NO MORE OIL LEAKING INTO GULF(Obama to address nation)

It's All About the Wages -- Our Economy Would Be Fine If Everyone Made Their Fair Share

Secrecy in the Gulf . . . Oil Gate: The File. . . . . (Please send links.)

What black groups AREN'T considered dangerous radicals by Fox News & conservatives?

What a day!!! President about to speak

What a day!!! President about to speak

Let X be a sport. Any sport.

No oil leaking during test of BP's new cap

My latest response to my friend over jobs and taxes........

Murder or Manslaughter? Massey Mine Electrician Disabled Safety Monitor

"The calvary has arrived. Fox is here." - Glenn Beck

Yes or No: Every episode of Glenn Beck's show should be followed by this clip.

Conyers, Nadler Introduce Legislation to End Racial Profiling

Dick Cheney is now an actual ZOMBIE !

Goldman Settles With S.E.C. for $550 Million

We need an election year war to market after Labor Day like Bush

God I hope we obliterate the Repubs during the elections. I want to see Ron Christie grovel. nt

Goldman Sachs settles SEC lawsuit for $500 million, stock increases in value by roughly $7 billion.

Monkeys trained as battlefield killers in Afghanistan

Power Outage at Reagan National Airport

Law Professor weighs in on Arizona's SB1070

Elderly couple dies while trapped in home elevator

Head Wreck takes a call. . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

The GOP Is Like a Sociopathic Ex-Boyfriend: If They Can’t Have the Country, No One Can

The GOP Is Like a Sociopathic Ex-Boyfriend: If They Can’t Have the Country, No One Can

delete dupe

Missouri governor lets abortion law take effect


More Americans Concerned Illegal Immigrants Will Take Their Spot On Couch

More Americans Concerned Illegal Immigrants Will Take Their Spot On Couch

Pelosi < - - - > Gibbs < - - - > Obama . . . . a call for some spin or plain old debunking.

Bob Herbert: For those who don't understand why supporting unions is in their own best interest

A Hero Passes: CDA Press reporting on Vernon Baker, MOH

For DU'ers in the Cal bay area, this sounds like a must see:

Cheney Has 'Bridge to Transplant' Heart Device Implanted

Cheney Has 'Bridge to Transplant' Heart Device Implanted

Clintons Expected To Buy 20-Acre Farm

For the greater good, let them die.

NAACP vs. Tea-hadists: Let's nip this in the bud

Two Networks Reject Anti-Mosque TV Ad

First meeting of the Washington State Chapter of Social Security Works

First meeting of the Washington State Chapter of Social Security Works

Governor Crist's Office Rocks

Estranged aide to John Edwards reaches movie deal

Why is the RNC Defending the Tea Partiers?

Erin Andrews files lawsuit against peeping Tom and hotels

Question about home prices and foreclosures

Percentage of population below the extreme poverty line in Brazil, year by year. Check this out.

Wierd. Right wing pig Brown votes with Collins and Snowe to allow financial

2001 Army Comic book explains DADT to Soldiers.


Kaiser - What Conservatives Are Winning (re Health Care (oops!) Insurance Reform)

NYC Man Fined $2,000 For Taking Discarded Garbage, car impounded

Anyone here with a newer house heat their home with propane? How bad is the cost?

Anyone here with a newer house heat their home with propane? How bad is the cost?

Are there any SONAR techs here?

Are there any SONAR techs here?

Gates: $33B Needed ASAP to Keep Military Afloat

Shopping centre bosses approve 'Asian squat toilets' following cultural awareness course

Shopping centre bosses approve 'Asian squat toilets' following cultural awareness course

Now THIS is interesting -- check out THIS petition!

I don't like what I'm feeling lately.

I'm having a hard time scraping up any pity for Dick Cheney tonight

OH NO! OH GOD, NO! "Fiorina says she would limit herself to 2 terms"...OH NO, OH GOD! NO! NO, GOD!

Virginia screws the unemployed

Your Phone Number Is Now On Facebook!!!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

brian williams on nbc nightly news just reported that cheney has no pulse

President Obama Names Victoria F. Nourse to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

Right Wing Rallies Around Tea Party After NAACP Condemns Movement For Harboring Racists

Researchers create 'lesbian' mice by deleting a single gene (FucM)

Voters Say To Hell With Deficit Reduction, Help The Unemployed

what if everyone just boycotted walmart

What do you think will be Cheney's last words?

What do you think will be Cheney's last words?

Brief for 9 states backs Arizona immigration law

I took a few months but she joined a union in a right to work state

A knuckleballer, a minor league team, a foreigner, a woman. Go Eri!

Illinois teachers are getting the UAW treatment now. Look how overpaid they are. Oh, my

I love my small bank

WARTS: White Angry Republican Teabaggers

White House on DOMA decisions: 'I'll point you to the Department of Justice on that'

Dick Cheney Has No Pulse. Takes One Step Closer To Darth Cheney

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Is the Middle Class being wiped out in America? Here are 22 statistics that suggest it is.

Repub Melissa Hart leaves Car in Congress Garage for 3 years after voted out-LOL Pic

Repub Melissa Hart leaves Car in Congress Garage for 3 years after voted out-LOL Pic

The Crematorium of Empires

Argentinian Senate is minutes away from legalizing same sex marriage...

Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote - AP

Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote - AP

job opening: sitter for old, sick, truly heinous person, to make sure electricity is on

Is the tea party racist ? AzCentral poll

"A Device." (A brief poem for Dick Cheney on a mechanical addition.)

Charter school cooks the books ("100% college acceptance" = fraud)

Charter school cooks the books ("100% college acceptance" = fraud)

Teabaggers have a lot of racist members but the NAACP & others needs to be careful...

Wasn't this new cap for the well supposed to just allow for more oil to be captured?

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Question...on Thursday this week!

Massey Mine Workers Disabled Safety Monitor

Paul 'Cassandra' Krugman: Obama had only one chance to stimulate economy at sufficient scale

Joe Conason Reports ACORN Hoax Lawsuit On

Rush Limbaugh defends iPhone 4 and trashes Consumer Reports without even reading their article/video

Apple fails showdown with Consumer Reports, plans statement Friday on iPhone 4

Pearl Before Swine on BP Yes!!

Hook, line, and sinkeroo!

The Worst Little Whorehouse in Texas

BP Ex-Media Enforcer Speaking Out: "They Just Don't Know Who They're Messing With"

Fact: The 'Ground Zero Mosque' is not at Ground Zero.

BP Admits Lockerbie Bomber Lobbying & Will Begin Drilling For Blood Oil In Libya Within Weeks

"Should we not be debating whether America might be better served by going beyond capitalism?"

self delete.

The last Democratic Administration created 22 million jobs

Dick Cheney and organ transplants

Kathy Griffin responds to betrayal by Levi Johnston.

What's really causing America's budget deficits? (chart)

15 year old girl caught stripping at a club for 2nd time...

Men accused of beating Porky Pig at theme park

U.S. Home Seizures Rise 38% to Record as Banks Process Backlog

Vatican: Ordination of women a crime equal to molesting minors.

How evil is Dick Cheney?

Tea Party Cartoon

GOP: No more help for jobless, but rich must keep tax cuts

Keith Olbermann Nominated For Emmy Award

Is BP ounce for ounce, more evil, more incompetent, more greedy, etc than other oil companies?

From 2002 - 2008, Feds subsidized fossil fuels $79 billion vs $29 billion for renewables

New Poll Shows Americans Aren't Willing to Cut Social Security to Reduce Deficit

oil has smeared at least 300-400 pelicans and hundreds of terns in the largest seabird nesting area

Cheney's a horrible, evil demon. But please don't make sport of his desperate illness.

"Minority Report" billboards coming to Tokyo railway stations

Crist fundraising way up since becoming an Independent

Oooo that's gonna leave a mark. New study shows autism-like brain changes in vaccinated monkeys

22 Statistics That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

Admissibility of Mel Gibson's tapes

HCA's Rick Scott still leading the FL governor's race. New Poll.

Geithner Opposes Nominating Elizabeth Warren To Lead New Consumer Agency

If the bush tax cuts worked...

WP: "House Democrats hit boiling point over perceived lack of White House support"

Do you have what it takes to be a DU moderator?

If this young man replied to a help wanted ad, would you hire him?

How can people possibly say that they 'know' that extra-terrestrial craft do not exist?

UFO in China? (PIC and video) ---------------- from MSN homepage

Obama Hires Fmr. Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law

Obama Hires Fmr. Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law

Gulf Seafood Gets Chemically Tested for Oil, Not Dispersant

Which of the following is the worst problem for America?

Yes, Mel Gibson is a turd, but.....

Texas Mayor Kills Teen Daughter, Kills Self

Chinese News Media Report UFO shut-down major airport for an hour. This is not satire or a joke.

On Cheney and "grave dancing" (warning: graphic)

Last night, I learned first-hand how spineless and pathetic this country has become.

Report: Gore Accuser Failed Lie Detector Test

BP oil spill: 'Mystery plumber' may be brains behind containment cap

How do you feel about the term "Cat Food Commission" being used for the Deficit Commission ?

Why don't wind generators have guards to keep wildlife out of those big blades?

The year is 1910 One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes! Here are some

Watch the BP ROV Under Sea Cams...Thread # 34!

Google climate map offers a glimpse of a +4C world

Troubled Nurses Skip from State to State Under Compact

My Dog Ate "The Handle On The Cord For The Flywheel On My Lawnmower"book report.

"A Single Man" good movie or not?

it's official....

The times they are a-changing

How to kill ants without using pesticides - the Finger Method

"All About Steve" really isn't THAT bad.

'Cause there were no LOLCats this week.

Did you know that Cheney got a

I am watching A Christmas Carol on Netflix after finding out about Cheney.

Dog and baby playing...guaranteed to make you smile.


it`s late so it`s time for the captain....beefheart that is....

Fawlty Towers, would you stay at this hotel.

I hate it when my spider sense starts to tingle..

Yow! That hurt!

Don't You Worry About A Thing/Too High

Wake me up

OK-forgive me-I wish they'd hurry up and legalize Pot in Texas

heh - Cowboy's Good Deed

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from the movie "Tombstone"...

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Did the wicked witch melt yet ?

I'm in Saint fucking Louis drinking Wild Turkey out of a paper cup

Hornby Island (BC)eagle Phoenix has died.....

Oh the irony- I put my underwear on backwards

Oh, what a fukken RIPOFF. Turns out you don't actually get high at "high tea." I am SO pissed.

Here's my Mad application.

Forget drunk driving-here's a case of drunk crocodile riding...

Waitress demands sick pay for boob op.

Would anyone care for some Frito's?

I had to give up religion for the bicycle

Museum of Jurrasic Technology. Ever heard of it?

Pulpo-Paul (Paul-the-Octopus) is being DEPORTED to Madrid aquarium!1

The joke is on the Tea Party - original humor

Where do I post on DU to find a volunteer web site creator?

Anybody else looking forward to Fallout: New Vegas?

As someone who has shown an interest in graters, you might like to see our top sellers.

Would you take one for the team?

I need some help with a tax chart that was recently posted.

Anyone got a cannot fail hamloaf recipe?

Part of an animal you would not eat, acknowledging that you might've already eaten them unknowingly

How come it's easy to believe that if Paul McCartney had died, it couldn't possibly be kept secret

ummm, ... well, ... maybe it wasn't exactly like a real carjacking, ya know?

Virtual choir performs via webcam

Another superstar changing teams

Trouble with Flash movies in Firefox after updating past v3.6.4?

Oscar the Bionic Cat - received two prosthetic paws and is doing well

Porky Pig Assaulted at Great America

Men accused of beating Porky Pig at theme park

How many here shop at dollar stores?

Brilliant, dogged, and relentless folk - need your help to find a website I saw on a truck yesterday

Just heard the newest Mel Gibson tape...he is seriously nuts and needs professional help.

A book for anyone who cares about and/or lives with a dog/s

How many of these faces can you name?

Breaking: Apple releases modification kit to fix iPhone4 problems

Why can't Western scientists develop stuff like this?

50 chihuahuas, cats, dogs, pigeons, squirrels, chinchillas, beavers, and a fox found in Philly Home

Random thought:

Why do you want to be a DU mod?

I just figured something out.

Here's my Mod application.

I just got an Android phone after having an iPhone for almost 1.5 years and I like it better.

Your poop is unique

Cheney gets his heart plug. BP plugs an oil leak. Coincidence?

DieHard Battery vs. Gary Numan

Rogue Mod

I hate the latest version of iTunes

Capsule review: Terrence Malick's 'The New World'

From Alcohol, cocaine, pot and cigs.

Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, Virginia ... certified humane, organic,

I started to watch Cagney and Lacey on Netflix.

Who was the Fifth Beatle?

Cool video. Jewel pranks a karaoke bar while in disguise.

Mel Gibson's star has been moved!

What is a McNugget made of? (1:54)

Are you a Mod or a Rocker?

What's the best compliment you've received?

1 dog, 1 deer and 1 ball

Post Your Favorite Cover of a hip-hop song that Features banjo!

Last 3 nights in a row, neighborhood assholes have been huffing nitrous oxide at side of my house

Today I am drinking Absinthe

Woman Confronts (suspected) killer of several cats.

The bride will wear Carolina Herrera. The groom will wear camo.

Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale: The Inevitable Mashup

Second run complete. Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ

My boyfriend told all of the spawn they could paint their rooms whatever

Perfect Lounge Question... Should I come clean to the Vegan or keep my trap shut...

I was sitting in the Love's truck stop in Las Cruces, NM yesterday

Australian bitten while trying to sit on crocodile.

Post your hobbies and joys

Once Upon A Time, There Was This Mel Gibson

Ant problems?- the very best advice you will ever get

Anyone got a cannot fail meatloaf recipe?

First images of the CGI Yogo and Boo-Boo...

What is the worst storm you have ever been in?

A missing colleague was found dead...

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Which DU'r Would You Elect President?

This link claims to analyze your written text & tell you what famous author you write like

Wave of anti-union repression in Panama

Report: CIA Made AWOL Iranian Scientist a YouTube Star

Israel navy begins efforts to stop Libyan aid ship

3 officers plead not guilty in Katrina shootings

Indians barred from taking test for US practice

India: Pakistan spy agency executed Mumbai attacks

Dallas-area mayor, teen daughter are shot dead

Argentina becomes first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage

Exclusive: Poll Tapes, Other Evidence Discovered Missing in Long-Disputed Arizona Election

Toyota Concedes 2 Flaws Caused Loss of Control

UK refuses to grant visas to Iroquois lacrosse team

John Kerry: White House Afghan Strategy Unclear

Guantanamo papers: The UK's handling of detainees

My Biggest Mistake in the White House (by Karl Rove)

Classified documents reveal UK's role in abuse (torture & Abduction) of its own citizens

Foreclosures fall 5%

Iranian man claims US abduction

JPMorgan Profit Rises 76% on Cut in Bad-Loan Reserve

Toyota, NHTSA clashed early

Homes lost to foreclosure on track for 1M in 2010

UT strips Klansman's name from Austin dorm

BP lobbied UK over Libyan prisoner transfer case

U.S. hands over last Iraq jail but keeps 200 inmates

Most countries fail to deliver on Haiti aid pledges

US transfers last prison under its control to Iraq


Mehserle sentencing pushed back to Nov. 5

GOJO Industries cuts 150 jobs from Cleveland plant

Politico - Cheney Viewed More Favorably


David Axelrod's Talking Points

you know, if/when Cheney dies, Obama and Biden *WILL* attend the funeral

Vatican launches crackdown on paedophile priests

Froma Harrop: Republican Voodoo Put Us On This Path

Political Animal: Economic Illiterates

African American Tea Party members also voted for the NAACP resolution condemning racist

Medal of Honor hero Vernon Baker dies at age 90 (Denied because of race)

Researcher Says Scott McInnis Lied

Ancient species discovered in Barrier Reef depths

GM Plans to Offer 8-Year Warranty on Chevrolet Volt’s Battery

Dem Money Spent To Bash Obama, Pelosi

Voters Say To Hell With Deficit Reduction, Help The Unemployed

Obama Lacks Leadership to Create Jobs: Sen. Corker

"We all know people like that, and they're all Republicans"

Oil hits Louisiana's largest seabird nesting area

I would suggest anyone on this forum that is unhappy with Obama.......

Arizona immigration law gets first big court hearing

Senate Clears ay for Financial Bill

What have we become? Did eight years of Bush turned us so badly

Politically, Obama Seems To Have His Biggest Troubles during Summers

Vatican Issues New Rules on Responding to Sex Abuse

No, Senator Hutchison, Private sector loans, not Fannie and Freddie, triggered the financial crisis

Talking down the economy... here we go again.. yes Rant in progress

What I hated about George Bush

New Quinnipiac Poll: Dems likely to win back Governorship of CT after 24-years of GOP rule

For what it's worth: Rasmussen has WI Senate race neck and neck

New Time Poll: In reality, not much has changed; 53 percent favor Obama over Bush (33 percent).

Scott Brown proves he's a COWARD!!!!!


"The beatings will continue until morale improves."

US Senate sends Obama historic Wall Street overhaul

The Nation's Chris Hayes: Deficits of Mass Destruction

AIG Hired to Regulate AIG??????

President and Senate Dems should be insisting on a second stimulus package

Ship's hull discovered at New York's Ground Zero

Congressman (Conyers): Questions on CIA interrogations

Dem Money Spent To Bash Obama, Pelosi

Why have DU if we can't discuss policy? I will vote for President Obama in 2012

Cook Report Downgrades Vitter's Louisiana Senate Race To 'Lean Republican'

Heads Up: President Obama's FinReg statement at 4.45 p.m. EDT


U.S. switch to gas for heavy vehicles could 'save billions'

BP faces 7-year offshore drilling ban

California's Dan Lungren: Big Oil, Big Money

Amnesty warns of healthcare crisis in North Korea

Court upholds D.C. same-sex marriage

Leading senators voice doubts about Afghan war

Court strikes challenge to DC gay marriage law

Senate voting now on FinReg cloture.. update: passed 60-38

Senate OKs sweeping bank-reform bill; sends it to Obama

Supreme Court Gun Decision Doesn't Mean Domestic Violence Offenders Can Own Handguns

Toyota says acceleration probe far from finished

Pelosi Makes Nice With the White House

Should President Obama extend the Bush tax cuts?

Obama supposed to be losing support of white Democrat voters

Notice the center-right contempt for MSNBC?

Does the "Federal" Reserve operate in the best interests of the American people?

(US Rep) Blumenauer demands that Pentagon explain KBR immunity deal

Cheneys Grave will be flooded with pigeon shit 2 feet deep. Birds from 250 miles will come to shit

U.S. hands over keys of Camp Cropper prison to Iraq

TV networks reject controversial '9/11 mosque' ad

Apple Worker Said to Tell Jobs IPhone Might Cut Calls

Initial claims for jobless benefits drop sharply (46,000 in 2 weeks)

Minn. farmer accused of duping USDA on moldy beans (for needy Hondurans)

If the Obama Administration is smart they would start a MASSIVE!!! jobs program to cleanup the gulf

Meet your Republican Congress

This happened today too: Goldman to pay $550M to settle civil fraud charges

Obama heralds passage of "the strongest consumer financial protections in history."

U.S. automotive brands outpace rivals in new J.D. Power survey

Utah close to determining whether state resources used in immigrant list

Companies pile up cash but remain hesitant to add jobs

EPA Chief Calls for More Authority Over Dispersants

Police officer versus governor in Arizona immigration court battle

House Speaker, The Hon. Nancy Pelosi, says: We will keep control of the house. Period!

Govt Says BP Must Pay Royalties On Captured Oil

The cap stops the oil flow and the TV media is still saying BUT BUT BUT

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 15

BP troubles deepen with Buncefield verdict

GM to offer eigth-year / 100,000 mile warranty for Chevy Volt batteries

Obama to promote electric vehicles in Michigan

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac sued by California (for blocking green financing programs around the state)

Liz Fowler is the worst person in the world and why there is no PO


"End of more than a generation of Washington hands-off admiration toward the financial industry"

Cuts in Social Security Benefits would Negatively Impact Millions of Near and Current Retirees

Yes, I am an Obama apologist, but the man is getting things done

Roger Ebert said it all:

Krugman catches Obama enabling Republicans (again)


GOP: Group tries to 'hijack' tea party's name with filing to get on Michigan ballot

Vets charity allegedly funneled donations to Minn. Republicans

GOP: No more help for jobless, but rich must keep tax cuts

Time Poll 2012: Obama 55, Palin 34

Greenspan Says Lawmakers Should Let All Bush’s Tax Cuts Lapse

Siena Poll of NY Gov/Senate: Dems have double-digit leads

Racism and the GoP

Advocate for Guantanamo prisoners' rights dies

Goldman Settles With S.E.C. for $550 Million (Largest Ever Against Financial Services Firm)

Once again, calling out racism is greeted with more outrage than the racism itself

"He's Not Perfect....!"

June Earth's hottest ever: US monitors

Holocaust survivor's dance sparks controversy

Politico defends Obama from "immature", "impetuous" left

Obama Hires Former Wellpoint Exec

This has been a huge day for the President and for Democrats.. mark this day on your calendar..

As promised by Obama & Congressional Dems, here comes preventative care with no copays

Can we all agree, for the love of Goddess,

DONE DEAL Senate Passes Financial Reform (updated)

Americans Really Don’t Miss President Bush

Americans Really Don’t Miss President Bush

U.S. paid Iranian nuclear scientist $5 million for aid to CIA, officials say

A review of the debate and reality of the first stimulus package.

FDR's statement on the 1939 amendments to the Social Security Act of 1935

Highlights of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Kerry: Senate Finally Holds Reckless Wall Street Accountable

An incredible amount of accomplishment in 18 months

BP: New cap closed - no oil going into Gulf.

Thoughts on EPA Hydraulic Fracking Public Hearing Last Night

Fed Up with FinReg: Rooseveltians React (and it's not all negative)

Report: Gore Accuser Failed Lie Detector Test

Ezra Klein on "the underrated FinReg bill"

Argentina gives gay couples right to marry

18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site

Gotta love Dylan Ratigan. Such a good progressive soul

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to the Lowest Level in Two Years

Krugman: Carter, Reagan, Revenue

Why insurers care about the medical-loss ratio

Is this still a DEMOCRATIC website?

Catholics angry as church puts female ordination on par with sex abuse

MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan

Dick Cheney Likely Has End-Stage Heart Disease

Lawyer Stewart Gets 10 Years for Aiding Terrorists

Iroquois lacrosse team denied visas by U.K.

Eric Lee: LabourStart and the fight for a new labour internationalism

Worst Person in the world 7/14/10 Limbaugh part deux

The Gulf Nightmare - Just Like You Imagined

Unemployment Extension Wednesday, July 14, 2010-Gov Manchin

The Church - Under The Milky Way

Arab TV Airs Video of Times Square Bomb Suspect

Van Jones On The BP Oil Spill: "Drill, Baby -- Still?"

Hippies in Brazil?

Free Republic: Sedition on Parade

Charges in Police Killings Just a Start

Destroyer of the Public Option


Unemployment Extension TEA PARTY - undercover racists Wednesday July 14 2010 HR 4213, HR 5618

Pete Seegar...Bring Em Home..

Pensacola Beach Before And After The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Sarah Palin Hires a Writer

RFK, Jr. - Media Failing on War Coverage

These Are Fine Wonderful People Who Happen To Carry Guns In The Cars! Tea Party Debate pt.1

Nancy Pelosi Goes After Gibbs, White House & Iroquois Lacrosse Team Gets Screwed

"They Are Never Going To Get In My Head"

Star Wars in New York Subway Car!

Alan Greenspan Says Bush Tax Cuts Must Go

Ban The Burqa!

Benoit Mandelbrot thinks we're all screwed

Drill baby Drill (Sarah Palin song)

The MYTH of the Liberal Media

The war on the poor is for the birds

A man shakes up the BP hearing with a song - BP Blues

Riz Khan's Excellent Interview About Iraq Inquiry With UK Diplomat Turned Whistleblower Carne Ross

Bag Of Pennies Dumped On Governor Candidate As "Tip"

What if the Tea Party was Black?

Excellent: Interview with Hot 4'11" Videographer From BP Oil Spill Ambulance Fiasco

Dick Cheney Has No Pulse!

Michelle Bachmann - A Walking Breakdown

Think Progress - Teaparty Racism video

Young Turks w/ ihavenobias! Skinhead Obama Assassination Planner Wants Tattoo Removed

The Right-Wing Authoritarian - Emergence Of The Hitler Syndrome In The GOP (Contains Graphic Images)

TYT: DU's own Ihavenobias behind the desk to discuss Obama poll results

Bachmann - Because of Obama, your daughter will have to buy an iPod every month for 45 years

Bachmann on "A Nation of Slaves"

Thom Hartmann - The expression or the ultimate tool for bankrobbers?

"Americans are a flock of sheep who have turned their pasture over to a pack of wolves"

Roman Polanski To Announce Choice of New Country, at Boys & Girls Club

Inquiry Looks at Fund-Raisers Before Votes in Congress.

Senate Records Show Doubts on ’64 Vietnam Crisis.

Well-educated people think they are more left wing

How the Sneaky Hands of the Big Banks Are Working Overtime to Rip You off

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

My Biggest Mistake in the White House (by Karl Rove)

Elena Kagan's first amendment moment of truth

(BBC) Internet has 'not become the great leveller’

The U.S., Argentina and gay marriage

Provisions of the Financial Overhaul Bill

Amnesty: North Korea's crumbling health system in dire need of aid

"Photos That Make the Rude Pundit

'Soul Of A Citizen': Village Politics -- Rebuilding Engaged Communities

MAD: it's still with us.

A Humble Question,

Cuba redux: Pressure builds to change a failed U.S. policy

Hollman Morris....Says Patriot Act Visa Rejection for "Terrorist" Activities "Puts My Life in Danger

Unemployment Extension: Guess What A Senator Makes Yearly

Drill, Gamble, Loot, Starve: The Chamber of Commerce, the GOP, and the Politics of Plunder

Petraeus’s impossible mission in Afghanistan: armed nation-building

Indians grab maximum number of H-1B visas

Boehner: Wall Street Reform Should Be Repealed - TPM

It's Done! Obama To Sign Wall Street Reform

Has anyone else had a thread go missing

The Chamber of Commerce gives corporations "all the deniability they need"

If you want to raise the deficit, vote Republican in November

Hey Mitch McConnell, Bush Economists Said Tax Cuts Did Grow the Deficit

Apple to Introduce The 'iDuct Tape'

At 90, a top environmental policymaker in the Nixon White House looks ahead

Cuts in Social Security Benefits would Negatively Impact Millions of Near and Current Retirees

Goldman's Win (Felix Salmon)

My Biggest Mistake in the White House (by Karl Rove)

Revenge of the Bush Department of Justice: Phony Scandal is Legacy of Politicized Hiring

Krugman: Carter, Reagan, Revenue..,No, the Reagan Tax Cuts Did Not Pay for Themselves

Angle: Her campaign is ‘God’s calling’

22 Statistics That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning says George Steinbrenner was 'smart' to die now to avoid estate tax

The NRA Protects A Potential Serial Killer

The revolving door spins faster on healthcare reform

China's wars, rebellions driven by climate

Four gray wolf pups sighted in Wallowa County by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

How we subsidize fossil fuels

Portland Oregon Mayor pledges ban on plastic grocery bags

N.C. chef Vimala Rajendran tells how cooking can save a family—and build a food ecosystem

Drumbeat: July 15, 2010

How We Subsidize Fossil Fuels

Support Academic Freedom. Stop Denier Intimidation!

Massey Mine Workers Disabled Safety Monitor

The Oil Drum: Testing Program, Offshore Wind Photos, Dispersants

Since 1980 Some UK Fish Species Have Moved Up To 250 Miles North; Plankton Mix Changing

60 Miles Of Britain's Longest Canal Will Close To Boaters Because Of Drought - Independent

BP Buys Verenium Biofuels Business

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Extent In June Lowest On Record For Month

WA Wild Oyster Reproductive Failure Now In Year 6 - Puget Seawater Acid Enough To Dissolve Larvae

Bechtel, B&W unite on mini-reactor work

10 of the smallest homes in the world

Breaking: oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico

Saving the Tsongas National Forest - A Reply from My Senator

Solar and Nuclear Costs – The Historic Crossover; PV Now Cheaper Than Nuclear in North Carolina

Behind China's 2,000 Years Of Rebellion, Collapse & Invasions - Climate Coolings, Study Argues - AFP

'Whose on First' just on WETA tv!

NOT counting the Heat, Which other team has won the biggest so far in Free Agency?

Warriors sold for record $450 million

Look >>

Ripken, Orioles discussing return

4:00 AM-who needs coffee when you have *live* golf and... JOHN DALY'S PANTS!?!?!?

Interesting toon from Litton. Who is more evil? >>

Should the baseball game count for anything?

Clintons Will Have a Big Say in Haiti's Future

Most countries fail to deliver on Haiti aid pledges


Chávez asks Venezuelan Foreign Ministry to review agreement with the Vatican

4.5% growth estimation for Latin America in 2010 (CAF).

Filmmaker Don North Examines El Salvador’s Past

Chilean poverty rate rises first time in 23 years

Fourth earthquake of the day hits south of Chile

What's wrong with this photo?

U.S. ballet dancers to perform in Havana

Cuban leader, former Panamanian president meet in Havana

This is hot: Panamanian court drops money laundering charges against former Nicaraguan president

Correa's brother affirms Ecuador is run by Venezuela (Spanish)

Chile: Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike

Brotherly spat reaches Ecuador's presidency

Brotherly spat reaches Ecuador's presidency

Chile Raises Rate to 1.5% as Growth Threatens Inflation Target

Venezuela Starts Its Own "Zero Hunger" Programme

the FARC's tentacles in Venezuela (Spanish)

Journalist asks Supreme Court for protection (Panama)

INTERVIEW: Point-counterpoint on guns in restaurants (Virginia)

Appeals Court reinstates conviction of domestic abuser for firearm posession

Swirling Array Of Gun Constitutional Issues At The Federal And State Levels Overwhelm The Senses

Oakland, CA gun laws vs Police layoffs

Argentina passes same sex marriage:

Breaking: Court upholds D.C. same-sex marriage

Divorce Ban Pranksters To Start Collecting Signatures For 2010 CA Ballot

DADT, 2K1 Style: The Army's LGBT Policy Comic Book

Evolution of homosexuality in birds explained

UAW Says It Will Be In The Streets Fighting For Social And Economic Justice

July 15 Today in Labor History 116-day strike that shutters nearly every steel mill in the country

‘Off With Their Heads’ Says Queen Meg in Attack on California Nurses


Buen Provecho!

Old dairy and other stuff

I'm bummed out - and this is not worth posting - but it's Bastille Day

Fossil links humans and monkeys

Human Brains "Evolve," Become Less Monkey-Like With Age

Crunch time for NASA's space vision

Poop Study: People Have Friendly Gut Viruses

Guatemalan King's Tomb Yields Mayan Secrets

A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere

Israel's nuclear program implicated in U.S. investigation

Israeli report: The cost of occupation

Plants 'can think and remember'

The NRA Protects A Potential Serial Killer

Thought I was losing my mind today!!!!

Some advice please

A pile of gratitude-light for this interesting person, please.

Looking for authors, bloggers, healers, practitioners, others whose work is focused on wellness

Vatican issues new guidelines on sexual abuse cases

How did it become "Jesus died for our sins" instead of "Jesus died because of our sins"?

Don't Shove Your Religion Down My Throat

This is heartbreaking

Five Commandments of Ayn Rand Worship?

Banking's risky business

Hey, Chamber of Commerce, it's a 2 way street.

Economics Behaving Badly

Mortgage rates at historic lows

Kunstler paints the Hudson River industrial ruins

Shadow Housing Inventory: Two Houses for Every One for Sale