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WisPolitics: Hundreds march to protest National Org for Marriage rally

Obama Pushes Confirmation of Judges

Top 10 GOP Scandals (Part 2)

Court upholds medical exam for edgy cop

Charlie Rangel, Ethics, and Democratic Leadership

Did Obama threaten the use of recess appointments today?

Did Obama threaten the use of recess appointments today?

Did Obama threaten the use of recess appointments today?

WTF Stop saying "liberal agenda"

I am too pissed off to stay.

I cannot beliieve the level of hatred I just witnessed on this board.

I just want to scream and cry

Where's Rachel? Chris's hands make me nervous..

*That's*-my-Bloggo: Sarah's spending so much on clothes PROVES I needed all the suits for my Guv job

Lawrence O'Donnell looks great tonight

Co-sponsors of Dennis Kucinich's bill to end the Afghanistan quagmire

So, I'll stipulate that the WarBucks were a good thing. Now, explain this to me . . . .

Thank you, everyone!

Everybody knows that the MSM is tainted, yet they go off the minute they report some silly s**t ,

Headsup for someone whom I never miss if I can help it. Michael Moore.

Headsup for someone whom I never miss if I can help it. Michael Moore.

How much of the $33 Billion will end up in the hands of the bad guys

My experience on the highway today (Tea Party driver)

Obama pledges swift response after Battle Creek oil spill From The Detroit News

A few days away

Texas man sentenced to 99 years in starvation case


Woman flashes driver in apparent road rage incident.

I'm an omnivore. But Paul McCartney has me ready to praise the benefits of vegetarianism.

Wine spill near Dundee closes Oregon 99W

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day 27 (with help from President Obama)

White Pride Group Urges Tea Party to be Honest About Its Racism

Is the goal here to post attack piece after attack piece

Is the goal here to post attack piece after attack piece

The Guardian reports that Pope Benedict XVI will write a children's book (oh the irony)

Jim Webb has Macaca Moment

Adrienne Simmons(Female): Kickboxer(Muay Thai) Dies After Fight

Wall Street's death wish: Venus vs. Alpha-males

NYT's Bob Herbert: 'Long-Term Economic Pain'

Fewer Workers, Bigger Profits—and Endless Recession?

Nevada's Economic Misery May Be America's Future

Think about it ... WHO actually receives the $33 Billion War Bucks?

The problem with the War in Afghanistan is that it was an enormous tactical blunder...

So a party "threatens" to filibuster

YaY for Massachusetts!

There was a turning point, a historical mile marker

an oldie but goodie-my ltte re:war profiteers printed 2007

Haves & Have Mores: As Corporate Profits Rise, Disconnect Between Wall Street And Main Street Grows

history of anti-government and anti-corporation behavior, and a deep-rooted hate for liberal causes

Aetna, Humana, Other Insurers Mull New Group to Influence November Races

How you control a people and change history

Well.. it's been a bad day. But I guess I can count my lucky stars

What rating does your favorite team's concessions get? Shocking statistics inside.

Louisiana well emitting oil, gas after vessel strike

Dems unveiled spill bill earlier today

Are there any mods around?

anyone have sucess in toilet training their cats?

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules vote on 9th Circuit nominee Mary Murguia

(AZ Gov.) Brewer returns 'racist' donation

I am sympathetic to President Obama's exasperation with Republicans.

Since my other thread was locked, and I was invited to repost, HERE'S A GRAPHIC WARNING!

End the wars. I am out of patience. We cant afford the wars. We cant win the wars.

Canadian cops beating the shit outta people and asking questions later once again


800,000 Gallons of Oil Spills Into Kalamazoo River

How much is our police misconduct and poor training costing us as a Nation?

Where I am when I am not here. Sites that make you forget the flamewars at DU

The Guy At Work and His Mouth...

I heard a story last night that made me thank god for wikileaks

The Canary In The Coal Mine... 'Dodd Nixes Elizabeth Warren Recess Appointment Option' - HuffPo

Less than 2% of Fox news viewers are black

The War Funding Vote: A Credit Card for War, But No Cash for Teachers

Boat Crashes Into Oil Well, Creating New Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Boat Crashes Into Oil Well, Creating New Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Of Course Clean Up Workers Can't Find the Oil ....

Do you remember any Senate Democrats demanding an investigation about those black voters who were

New York to Pay $7 Million in Police Shooting Case, the black man shot on his wedding day

10 amazing truths you already suspected, By Mark Morford

More godless heathens on the internets tubes?

In this thread: words that cause right-wingers to hyperventilate.

Elizabeth Warren's appointment -- Is the hesitancy sexism?

My Response To The New Dems

BP’s Toxic Release in Texas City Under Investigation

Nato Accused of Deliberate Attack on Civilians

Old Media Hacks And New Media Whores

Women To Head GOP, Democratic Tickets In Oklahoma

144 votes were needed to kill the War Bill. 12 Republicans and 102 Democrats didn't equal 144.

FBI scrutinized over test cheating

DoD Buzz: Congesscritters vote for second engine for $243 million dollar F-35

LA Times: Epic legal battle over oil spill is about to begin

No survivors as Pakistan plane crash kills 152

Here we go again. . . .

Why do we call Afghanistan the US's longest war?

Boat made from plastic bottles completes Pacific voyage


How Racist Anti-Immigrant Groups Are Trying to Recruit Environmentalists

Beware of the Cowardly Deficit Vulture

Arpaio to send 200 deputies and volunteers out to enforce new Ariz. law on Thursday

Britain Plans to Decentralize Health Care

yet another glaring example of how the parties are different

Imperial Overkill and the Death of US Empire

"A Credit Card for War, But No Cash for Teachers?" Honda, Woolsey, Grijalva

Nevada's Economic Misery May Be America's Future

Democrats attacking GOP as tea party

Minnesota's transportation infrastructure is failing, yet Target's agenda is for more tax cuts.

Kent Conrad is on CNBC right now telling Joe that he supports TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH!

Kent Conrad is on CNBC right now telling Joe that he supports TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH!

Do you perceive the word "do-gooder" used as a derogatory term?

Victory in Afghanistan is possible, Mattis says

BP’s secret ticket request line

Pat Buchanan does not believe in climate change

This is kinda funny......and good for the vandalizer.....

This is kinda funny......and good for the vandalizer.....

Steve King you are lying

And in other news, a *New* Gusher in the Gulf. No shit. Another well is spewing in Baratraia Bay.

Maury Chaykin has passed away.

The best justification for warfare I have ever read

Arizona immigration law: Picketers ask Phoenix cops to not enforce SB 1070

Oliver Stone apologizes.

Race, Lies and Videotape: Lessons From the Shirley Sherrod Saga

Teabaggers plan to harass Muslims with dogs at proposed mosque site

(Utah) Guv’s handling of ‘The List’ draws fire

Bush DoD lost $8,700,000,000 in Iraqi oil revenue

DoD Aims To Cut Costs of Future Arms, Not Today's

Prison Lobbyists Working For AZ Gov. Brewer Are Set To Profit From Immigration Law She Signed

Breaking: Explosion onboard oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

Breaking: Explosion onboard oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Making the economy more just

Don't have time to watch Glenn Beck? Use the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator!

How would you respond to this nattering nabob of negativity?

Touchdown Jesus........

Allowing the Bush tax cuts for the rich to expire is deeply offensive to orange people

"The Solution" Lynching Same-Sex Couples

Dems deny ‘secret plan’

It's the economy stupid...

So last summers faux outrage spittle spew by the tea ball licking baggers was about health care...

WTF? BP security scenario is being replayed at the MI spill. Cops working for spillers? No photos?

"We need to close the borders to all immigrants."

Good thing DUers weren't running the suffrage or civil rights movements

Is anyone here reluctant to speak out in their area?

a pic of our latest Gulf gusher

"Julian Assange is so far this century's greatest hero."

Lady Gaga pictures pool side

The Danger of the Wikileaks' Leak: You Might Stop Thinking Like an American

I can forgive Obama for his dealings with Congress, but the war stuff is all him.

It's called scapegoating.

Repug Rep. Nunes said S.S. was bankrupting the US

The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers

ObviLeaks - Colbert

BP Replaces Tony Hayward with Startled Deer

Matthew Bryza: Azerbaijan Ambassadorship & a Tangled Web of Conflicts

So, SB1070 and concealed carry in Arizona both begin on Thursday?

Republicans outraged about provisions in reform bill that

BP-They Lied & Are CONTINUING To Lie: "What oil?"

'Cat coffee' gets Halal green light (poop)

Zedonk born - Donkey mom, Zebra dad

U.S. soldiers brainwashed with "positive thinking"

The Republican Tea Party Contract on America.

As unpopular as the wars are how easy/hard would it be to gin up support for another one with Iran?

Despite science against jetties, Gov. Bobby Jindal rocks on

Cowardly Democrats Unite!

Jack Roush needs to let someone else pilot his planes

Republican candidate calls for coup and/or civil war if GOP loses in November

Tea Party candidate compares himself to Stephen Biko...

Racist billionaire teabagger says Global Warming is good because it will mean more land for farming

NOM sign at rally suggests murdering gay people as "solution" to gay marriage

The Obama Gap (Krugman, January 2009 )

Cyber Mastermind Arrested: Suspect Accused Of Infecting 12 Million Computers

I'm just curious, is our budget like the moronic version of Superman or something?

Louisiana well emitting oil, gas after vessel strike

How much do I love/admire Michael Moore? As much as I love/admire the landscape in Arizona.

Turning the tables

anyone with a heart left might want to read this letter

Judge blocks controversial portions of Arizona immigration law

Congress ratifies escalation of Afghanistan war 308-114

Jon Stewart on Sherrod: "Sorry I hit your dog with my car, should have smothered him with a pillow"

Wanted by the CIA: Julian Assange - Wikileaks founder

Reid leads in Rasmussen poll

Restaurants in NYC to start posting a letter-grade placard for cleanliness today

Poor Arizona.

Warning!! That POS Wayne Root is the next guest on Thom Hartmann.

Will the Afghanistan war end within a couple years or are we lassoed to it for many years to come

Lookit. Best wine I have ever tasted!

Should we start calling Fox News, "The Willie Horton Network?"

Taking Advantage Of Citizens United, Coal Groups Form 527 To Elect Industry-Friendly Republicans

14-Year-Old May Face Hate-Crime For Rap Attack

The vote for the war supplemental may have been the actual gutsy one for Democrats

The vote for the war supplemental may have been the actual gutsy one for Democrats

Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About Gulf War Vets' Exposure to Depleted Uranium

3 NJ teens charged with videotaped immigrant death

Rep. Steve King Joins Deficit Fraud Caucus: There’s No Need To Pay For The Bush Tax Cuts

Resume Mistakes That Keep Hiring Managers Amused But Cost You the Interview

Giant Panda Accidently Gassed in China

AP source: Paterson won't face criminal charges

Understand SB1070 is not about immigration, its about the GOP introducing a wedge issue into 2010

Can a I get a righteous round of "Awwwww. Poor Joe." and "Awwwwww. Poor Jan"?

Can a I get a righteous round of "Awwwww. Poor Joe." and "Awwwwww. Poor Jan"?

WikiLeaks exposure endangers Afghan lives: Times

Blood Lust America?

The agreement was broken....

Economists Say Intervention Prevented a Depression

Congress narrows gap in cocaine sentences

What is the most disturbing thing you have ever heard a Tea Bagger say?

Breaking: Judge Haults sections of SB1070 - Goddard Responds

Is Wall Street Making Life or Death Decisions on Your Behalf?

Fewer foreign IT professionals coming to California

Theo Albrecht, Trader Joe's owner, dies

Unemployment rises in 75 pct of metro areas

This is how you deal with people jumping over the border

Too Rich. FReepers go at each other's throats over Palin / Kate Goselin reality show rumors

Over a hundred Democrats voted against the War Supplemental

Jim Webb and Shirley Sherrod are sending you a message - not color - CLASS

'The View' host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's lesbian theory: Older women just couldn't get a man

Gen Y: No jobs, lots of loans, grim future

Thank God for the Whistle-Blowers-By Robert Scheer

WaPo: Spain's Catalonia votes to outlaw bullfighting

"Repayment of TARP investments, about $200 billion to date, must be dedicated to reducing U.S. debt"

Norfolk Southern: hiring back nearly all employees furloughed during the recession..

Sally QUINN: "This isn't a PALIN wedding!1" (explaining why no 'US" magazine pics) - Bwah-HAH!1

Fisherman catches alligator 'feeding frenzy' on video

GOPer Ron Johnson: I'll Eventually Sell My BP Stock -- When The Market's Better

Darrel Issa's CRIMINAL past.. C'mon media..let's quiz him a bit, eh?

Letter from a Birmingham Jail by King, Jr. (Long, but perfect.)

Iraq veterans come home to a vice presidential welcome

An Inconvenient Symptomatology: Corexit poisoning and Dengue Fever

Michele Bachman vs. Joe the Plumber!

Why is there an ad for a Repub running in Mi on Google?

What if you planned for a "Garden Party" & no one came?

Um...AZ Sen Jon Kyle (hard core Rethug) recommended Judge Bolton...

Our priorities in a nutshell

Wall St bill speeds TARP wind down - thank you Obama, Frank and Dodd


Olympia Snowe To Vote For Elena Kagan, Raising GOP Senator Count To Four

Olympia Snowe To Vote For Elena Kagan, Raising GOP Senator Count To Four

Motherloade: An End to Gay Adoption Bans?

Fear of a black planet...

Roll call! Did your Democratic representative choose to continue this horrible war? Here's the list:

Hartmann: "Show your papers" might be money-making scheme

Haggard climbs out from under the rent boy and back into pulpit

Target Corp. defends 150K Minn. political donation to GOP candidate that opposes gay marriage

Massachusetts Approves Plan to Bypass Electoral College

Finally had a moment to contact Target Corporate (been a busy week)

Head Wreck gives Arianna the old two-one. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Congress closes gap between crack and powder cocaine sentencing.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio vows to jail immigration protesters

Obama committed to staying in Afghanistan: "We have to see that strategy through!"

What "Secure the Border" really looks like

Ohio family settles case with Christian teacher accused of branding crosses in students' arms

Serious question... if you were going to start college or someone you knew was...

Has Grant Maloy flipped his wig?

Has Grant Maloy flipped his wig?

The Rude Pundit: The Anti-Moratorium Rally Ate Our Oily Souls

Disputed chemical bisphenol-A found in paper receipts (sigh)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Making the economy more just

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Brilliant Ad Campaign 4 Midterms

Walmart/THF Development plan voted down

Wikileaks, Can someone name me one new thing we found out from them?

Sorry Tweety - Obama did not pick a fight with Arizona

Box of Rocks America

Details of 100m Facebook users collected and published

dupe. Pls delete.

Target Donates $150K To Group Supporting Candidate Who Wants To Cut Waiters’ Minimum Wage

DUers the BP Criminal Probe

Aretha! Really? Condoleezza? Really?

Do Not Vote for My Dad

No Way Obama Can Win - Tweety Says AZ Immigration Win Is A Big Loss For Dems

President Obama, we will support you against Fox News's outlandish attacks.

Six House Democrats stage 'sit-in' on Senate floor

What in your opinion counts more? Having the Presidency or Congress?

So, are you American types gonna get a third party?

Congress Passes Historic Legislation to Reduce Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

Low information, uneducated even just plain ignorant.. I have patience with..

Wars and Congress: Now What?

Can Someone Explain Anarcho-syndicalism to Me?

Is It Me, Or Is The Primary Process Broken?

Is It Me, Or Is The Primary Process Broken?

Elizabeth Warren Could Boost Public Confidence

The Democratic Message

Adding Up The Democratic Math

A general strike in the education sector has been called for October 7th.

Resources and Glossary for those following the Deepwater Horizon Hearings

Local Crime Beat: Compassion Division

Fred's Fatwa: Thompson warns expiration of Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy© is "a loss for everybody"

"How many cows must die?" -- Cali GOP makes tenuous parallel between dead cow, state budget

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Yesterdays' news..the lost 8 billion from the Pentagon as well as the new 33 billion approved

Pathologies of the New Right: Only for Shirley Sherrod is a Murder Different from a Lynching

funny exchange re: AZ 1070

Not many heavy thinkers among republican senators.

Republican Representative from Arizona on Hardball

Rabid right-wing dogfight: Fundies vs. Teabaggers

Is Alan Grayson funding a fake Florida Tea Party to confuse voters?

Repayment of TARP investments, about $200 billion to date, must be dedicated to reducing U.S. debt

Open Letter to Neel Kashkari

It is about time we post this Democratic Party Loyalty Oath for all to sign.

How to create your very own terrorist state: Yemen as a case study

My friend was just given a gun. . .

Vitter: FDA’s Avastin rejection analogous to govt. death panels

My ltte printed today re:Gulf War vets and a local doc

My ltte printed today re:Gulf War vets and a local doc

My ltte printed today re:Gulf War vets and a local doc

Body of missing Memphis basketball star Lorenzen Wright found

I note the jubilation over Judge Bolton’s decision in the AZ case but IMO it’s premature.

Big lie, or the biggest lie? (Put down your coffee before reading)

Thune's Tragic #mathfail Forgets To Check Math Before He Pitches Deficit Plan On TV

Great discussion on the failed recovery of the global economy

Teachers continue to ask GREAT questions at

Laughable LTTE in my local repug rag today....

What does "American Exceptionalism" mean to you? And do you think it's a GOOD thing?

The "New" Assassins! 6 years later

Arne says he wants a "more humble, realistic federal role in education reform"

Colonel Jessep was right, 76% of respondents to Gallup Poll rank military #1 on confidence.

Alcoa's Davenport Works to recall 159 employees

This toon raises an interesting point

Six House Dems stage 'sit-in' on Senate floor

Six House Dems stage 'sit-in' on Senate floor

Who is this dick on with Ed?

Remember when the Pukes wanted the line item veto for bush.?

A Question David Gregory Should Have Asked Tim Geithner (comic)

NY test scores have been a sham

Fight! Santorum accuses Pawlenty of ‘class warfare,’ ‘prejudice’

JD Crowe gives oily Tony an appropriate sendoff

Medical Marijuana... 'What Part of “Not a Priority” Does the DEA Not Understand?' - FDL

Hillary Pledges $500 Million in aid to Pakistan....She has a way with words...

Hillary Pledges $500 Million in aid to Pakistan....She has a way with words...

Commentary: Shut down ex-gay therapy

HILARIOUS Interview with Anti-Gay "Porno Pete," Knows former gays, photographs gay fetish events!

How Charities Are Helping Haiti: How Much They Raised and Spent (incredible)

Roosevelt was a white supremacist?

It's beginning to appear to me that Democrats only act like Democrats when they are in the minority

Fox News ‘anti-feminist’ guest calls dating ‘legal prostitution’

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: "Transparent Government Tends to Produce Just Government"

More Than 1,300 Space Shuttle Workers Get Layoff Notices

Hillary in 2012?

Economy erodes election hope for Democrats

I need to know if I'm waaaay off base....

Balloon Dam Burst in Tempe..750 million gallons of water "lost"

A small idea has been chewing at the back of my mind...

NHS should use term fat instead of obese, says minister

It's sickening that David Brooks makes a better case for the Democrats than anyone else does

If I get my way, the Democrats win and the nation will keep getting more progressive

Read this and tell me why Geithner shouldn't be fired immediately

Plummeting cigarette sales cut California tax revenues

Boycotting Target & Best Buy? Ed Kohler suggests

What do you do when the State Attorney Offices really are the problem?

Nevada's Economic Misery May Be America's Future

Day 100 BP Oil Spill - Still No Mention of Jindal's Sponsorship of Deep Ocean Oil Resources Act!

Freeper "dools007" sees AZ ruling as "a lose-lose for Marxist Onada," golden opportunity for Palin

Eric Holder DOJ Appreciation thread

Freepers are flipping out over the immigration ruling! LOL

Does anyone else get pissed when....

"Surely War Crimes": Juliian Assange dismantles attacks against his work on Democracy Now!

Will Bush Memoir Hurt Republicans?

14 tax dollars spent on wars to every one tax dollar spent on America.

Nicolas Sarkozy is an asshole...end of discussion.

My letter to Congressman Kucinich

BP to take $10 billion tax write-off for cleanup

Dear Unhelpful Right Wing Media Motherfuckers,

New report compiled by 300+ scientists from 48 countries: global warming is undeniable.

Veterans Administration: Patients Who Use Medical Marijuana Won't Face Penalties

“Priority Schools” in Detroit: A thin disguise for charters and privatization

How do you demonstrate, as part of a political policy discussion, that a given hypothesis is false?

Georgia among nation's worst economies

Five Senate Democrats Endorse Continued Republican Obstructionism of Democratic Agenda

There are no ideal humans

Stop Number Six in My Education Odyssey is a Junior High Called Parkside...

Geithner can cheat on his taxes and be confirmed as

This post is only for you if you still support the President.

Health Care Act includes provision to force Self Employed to report their purchases to IRS

Petition: Should the front row center seat in the White House press briefing room go to Fox or NPR?

Lieberman does it again

Guardian Editor: European Audience Troubled More by the Toll War Takes on Innocents

Fess up,which one of you did this?

Woman fined for interfering with police after aiding pepper-sprayed suspect

Woman fined for interfering with police after aiding pepper-sprayed suspect

'We Americans are all immigrants – we must stop the old turning on the new'

'We Americans are all immigrants – we must stop the old turning on the new'

Maxine Waters: Shirley Sherrod Tape ‘Planted by the Enemy’ – ‘Right-Wing Press’

In western wild-land fire parlance there is no "if," it is always "when."

Jackpine Radical's thread was just discussed on the Thom Hartmann Show

"...the Republican Party is imploding all over the Mountain and Pacific time zones..."

Shirley Sherrod breaks Union and Prop 8 Boycott to speak at NABJ Annual Convention

••• THE PASSION GAP - 72% of Repubs certain they'll vote vs. only 49% of Democrats •••

The end is not just nigh, it's in May 2011: (Colorado) Springs woman touts Armageddon's date

Ellsberg: Obama administration concerned about preventing transparency, & more than Bush

Don't let them double penalties for edible marijuana products!

Glen Beck's Goldline Scam Exposed

Awesomeness: CA Prop 19 leads 52% to 36%

has illegal immigration from Mexico to the USA prevented

"Vichy Democrats"

When Electric Cars Go Viral

It seems to me that liberals are in a "no win" situation.

Who is/ was Saul Alinsky?

Bill O'Reilly Tells President Obama To Stop Enforcing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' On 'The Tonight Show W

Webb And "White Privilege."

Webb And "White Privilege."

I grew up on the border and I have a theory about conservatives and immigration from Mexico..

What are the Values and Beliefs of the Democratic Party?

What we could have done with the WASTED war money. - A GREEN REVOLUTION

Southwest Bumps Thin Woman from Flight to Make Room for Plus-Sized Teen: Was It Fair?

"Meg Whitman's Spending May Be Costing Her in California Governor's Race"


IMO, one of the greatest political cartoons ever (in only 27 words)

Hillary's new hairstyle is very attractive

Just Finished Watching "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Obama Cancels Offshore Oil Lease Sales in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

Target CEO Supports Michelle Bachman

70 people on my lawn at 2AM..called the cops..never showed... BUT

CONSEQUENCES of pulling out of AFGHANISTAN ???

For those that think that you can't compare the BFEE with Hitler, come to Nürnberg...

You wanna worry about something? THIS is something to worry about!

Don Siegelman: "Reading Report On US Attorney Firings, I Checked To See If It Was April Fool's Day"

Does our President realize that we have children right here in America that are hungry and living in

Fox Ratings 1.85 million viewers

Provision to exempt SEC from FOIA in Financial Regulation Law.

Administration bolsters patients against 'insurance company abuse' A BIG FUCKING DEAL!

If you think that you live in the "Land of the Free" - you need to pull your head out of your ass.

To Those thinking of not voting in November.

A Sand Creek

A Sand Creek

Just saw a headline on MSNBC: Oil drops to $76.99/barrel --->

"A Distinct, Unusual and Extraordinary Burden"

Two TOONS on the economy

are you

Hey taterguy! Don't lighten the fuck up!

DU poets: this is a comic strip NOT personal. today's Pearls Before Swine

My roomate left for the Fuji-rock festival... and took all the toothpaste

I'm very tired.

Please delete. Almost posted Under the Influence

My ankle bracelet will not allow me to post.

Pregnant cow shot at California State Fair!

iPad users, a question for you.

Watching "Creation" and wondering why...

What do tamarinds taste like?

One very lucky Marine!

They're coming to GET you, Barbara...Here's #3 in the "Cemetery Series" (264K...dialup warning)

Did you know that one Halloween LeftyFingerPop had an audience with the Queen of England while...

Woman flashes driver in apparent road rage incident.

Can someone lend me $41,000 .. I will return it (eventually ) , I promise.

Nick Cave to Rewrite 'The Crow' Remake

Can I hide here? I may be in BIG trouble...

Remember how people used to could make silly, obscene, or abusive phone calls

You know that you're in trouble when...

I've seen at least two "finger in butt crack" threads.

A finger walks into a bar.

A finger, a knife, and a butt crack walked into a bar.

(Ausie accent) "That's not a knife..."

Anyone see the movie "Eternity and a Day"?

TV'S greatest nerds, geeks etc. (NO POLL!)

More fun with gadgetry...

Have you ever smoked so much weed that all you could see was flying knives and butt cracks?

Babylon Sister


Only and Always

Speaking of butt cracks...

My 1000 post

Do you know why most mammals do not have butt cracks?

GD is feeling depressed right freaking now, and I can't help them

Apparently, mctatas' child has NOT learned his lesson about but-tutching...

Why I'm glad Parche doesn't drop acid...

While looking at the mannequins in the windows of the Minneapolis Macy's,

They never found him

anyone have sucess in toilet training their cats?

Kathy Griffin......another great show last night.....

Q: If you self-kick a post enough times, does it turn black-and-blue?

The phrase of the day is "butt crack". Replace any word in a thread with "butt crack".

"Hot dish" or "casserole?" Which do you say?

Sigh , I can't wait for a new Kate Bush Album

Gen. Buck Turgidson vs. Gen. George C. Patton

Oh lovely, my crazy brother's gf is pregnant

Had a date the other night. At the end of the evening I... walked around to open her car door and...

Has anyone been to Charleston, SC? Going for the weekend and

Age appropriate hairstyles?

Frozen crabs and the blonde stewardess

After 80 weeks of unemployment, hubby finally has a job (sort of)!

Hey, Where's LeftyButtcrackPop?

Hey, Where's LeftyButtcrackPop?

"The Truth Is...You're The Weak"

Speaking of buttcracks,

This is the kind of shit that makes me hate Texas:

Black kids still stuck in the Jim Crow era,

Holy crap! Jon Stewart's silver goatee is real!!!!!!!!

Finger in Butt Crack Sparks Knife Fight

Why is a buttcrack verticle instead of horizontal?

The astrologer in my local paper seems to be prejudiced against Pisces

The astrologer in my local paper seems to be prejudiced against Pisces

For those of you brave enough to have bathed a cat, what shampoo or soap did you use?

Art Gish, peace warrior, died today

Anyone like Blackmore's Night?

Dieting Question

Uhh...why did all the subject lines just turn brown?

What gas company is the least evil?

Happy birthday, autorank!

need some good DU vibes

It's my birthday and I believe my relationship is over.

This is the kind of shit that makes me hate Selfish People:

Dog baths vs Cat baths

I have had a tough day so I am giving away hugs, it has been that kind of day.

TV's greatest active-duty military, Sit-com Division:

The underwire in my bra is creaking

Itunes Removed Green 960's Rachel Maddow Air America Shows

Any recs for great Instant View Netflix movies?

Christ, someone pick a fight already!!

A butt crack walks into a bar...


So, my old boarding school is being sued in a class action suit for physical and mental abuse

TV's greatest playboys, sluts, bimbos, himbos,playas etc........

White students forced black cleaners to eat urine-soaked meat as 'protest' against racially integrat

Obama signs cruise ship safety bill

Obama Cancels Offshore Oil Lease Sales in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

French detectives put on leave after death threats

Venezuela nabs 6 Colombian paramilitary suspects

Meridian Mortgage founder seeks personal Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack

Negatives found in garage sale worth millions (Ansel Adams)

Finalists Named in Education Contest (Race to the Top)

Dems deny ‘secret plan’

Texas challenges EPA on overturning permit program

Britain to allow export of civil nuclear technology to India

Oil pipeline leak pollutes major Michigan river

Document leak part of U.S. plot, says Pakistani ex-general with ties to Taliban

Document leak part of U.S. plot, says Pakistani ex-general with ties to Taliban

Dutch 14-year-old's plan to sail round world backed by court

Economy erodes election hope for Democrats

Pakistani plane with 152 aboard crashes

R.I., Mass. to coordinate offshore wind energy projects in contiguous waters

Hungary Sued in Holocaust Art Claim

Mexico justice means catch and release

Criminal probe of oil spill to focus on 3 firms and their ties to regulators

FBI Says Mastermind of Botnet Nabbed

Japan executes two convicted killers

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: "Transparent Government Tends to Produce Just Government"

Officials Ready Criminal Probe Of Oil Spill: Report

Bellevue (Ne) pays funeral protesters (Westboro Baptist Church)

Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About Gulf War Vets' Exposure to Depleted Uranium

(South Africa) Bloemfontein students admit humiliating black campus staff

Hillier slams WikiLeaks 'friendly fire' report

3 NJ teens charged with videotaped immigrant death

House Votes to Fund Obama's War Surge

Pakistan must not be allowed to promote export of terror, says David Cameron (to Indian audience)

BP to face spill victims in US court for first time

New York to Pay $7 Million in Police Shooting Case(Sean Bell)

Mexico police find human heads dumped near Durango

Catalonia votes to ban bullfighting

House OKs Funds to Halt Mine Operators’ Safety End Run

Neb. city suspends immigration law, now with court

South China Sea spat fresh threat to Sino-US ties

Notorious computer hacker identified and arrested, authorities say

With Justice Department, Pentagon Investigates Source Of Leaked Documents

My e-mail from Michelle Obama regarding Barack's birthday --a protest opportunity

John Callahan, Cartoonist, dies at 59

Historic Reform: Congress Lowers Penalties for Crack Cocaine

2 US citizens killed in plane crash in Pakistan

White House takes aim at GOP calls to extend all tax cuts

Fox Ratings 1.85 million viewers

Bush Memoir Release Has Republicans Concerned

Congress narrows gap in cocaine sentences

Gov orders more state furloughs

Explosion rocks Japanese tanker in Persian Gulf

In Study, 2 Economists Say Intervention Helped Avert a 2nd Depression

Congress Rethinks Online Gambling Ban

Texas Battles Health Law Even as It Follows It

Here's a Bush vs. Obama comparison

Edmondson concedes to Askins in tight race; Fallin gets GOP nod

Justice says judge ruled correctly in Arizona case

US Congress votes to cut cocaine sentencing disparity

'Anti-Islamic' bus ads appear in major cities

Site offers directory of 100 million Facebook users (with personal information)

Emmer pushes for MN GI Bill. There's just one problem...

Follow POTUS schedule online

Medical copter crashes in north-side Tucson neighborhood

Report finds Russians may not be in compliance, could sink new START pact

Dems To Define GOP With 'Republican-Tea Party Contract With America' (VIDEO)

Anyone have a list of the COWARD democrats who voted more money for this police action

Senate Obstruction of Climate Bill Sends Jobs to China, Dollars to Enemies, Increases Pollution...

Iraq veterans come home to a vice presidential welcome

Peru cancels permit for US-owned smelter over pollution plan

FBI Scrutinized Over Possible Test Cheating

GOP reserves $1.75M for ads in Calif. Senate race

Just what is 'victory' in Afghanistan?

Dems label GOP as 'Republican-Tea Party'

Cahill seeks law to ban firms from checking job seekers’ credit

Criminal probe of oil spill to focus on 3 firms and their ties to regulators

President Obama fights back against anti-business assertions

Insights from the Pew Poll

KY Senate: Conway takes lead in new poll

Contractor On Trial For Buying Porn, Prostitutes And $100K Flag Belt Buckle

Obama halt to Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site slammed

Obama halt to Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site slammed

Brown up 46-40 in gov race, Whitman favorable/unfav rating is 30/50

Where did you go to college?

Study: Government response to crisis staved off new Great Depression

Colombia's president begs forgiveness for estranged relations with neighbors

Tony Hayward's parting shot: 'I'm too busy to attend Senate hearing'

WP's Pearlstein: On tax fight, Obama can't afford to lose

I hope we don't forget about the 2000 election theft in the next

Brewer to appeal ruling

Senate Democrats do not have the votes to lower the 60-vote threshold to cut off filibusters.

Supreme Court fallout: Coal industry to go after Democrats

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I Will Jail Immigration Law Protesters

Japanese oil tanker attacked in Gulf

Arizona Helped Deport Thousands Without New Law

McCain for Grimm in NY-13

You know things have turned around when even Rasmussen now gives Reid the lead in Nevada

Japan hangs 2 on death row; 1st executions in year

Who said 70% support AZ Law? Poll: 55% favor Ariz. law

Momentum building for federal online privacy rules

California governor declares state of fiscal emergency

New Hampshire '12 primary poll: Romney has 2-1 lead (Palin only at 9%)

One year later: Right-wing media routinely call Obama racist

Graham: Prosecute WikiLeaks

Snowe (R-ME) comes out for Kagan

Jerry Brown is only getting 69% of Democrat support so far

What does it say about the Supreme Court that AZ expects to win a 5-4 decision

Why does our party leadership STILL insist on a "Scoop Jackson" foreign policy?

Democrats Are Different

UN declares access to clean water a human right

Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College

Big Three on track to give profit checks

A look at immigration policy since 1790 (MSNBC)

Not killing tax cuts for the rich would be inexcusable.

President Obama records video demo about


Christina Romer: Extending High-Income Tax Cuts is the Wrong Answer for the Recovery

Plankton, the base of the ocean's food web, steadily declining

On the Surface, Gulf Oil Spill Is Vanishing Fast; Concerns Stay

FAMM Hails Elimination of First Mandatory Minimum Since Nixon Administration

More MSNBC B/S on the immigration ruling by the judge

NOAA: Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries

"Herr Limbaugh says I will need knee pads when I interview President Obama. Please, the man is tall"

Investing in youth to rebuild our future

Use Revenue from Top to Fund Stimulus

Panel may consolidate 300 lawsuits against BP in 5 states into one federal case

The Unemployed, Organized Online, Look to the Midterms

Wikileaks confirmed? A plan to kill American geologist with poison beer

BREAKING-Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law

MSNBC on Obama: "Overexposed, again?"

Nietzsche's "good and bad" versus "good and evil."

MSNBC - President Popularity Drops Among Young People

Judge Who Stayed Arizona Immigraton Law Was Recommended By GOP Senator Kyl

The reason why Jeb said no to a 2012 run....

WikiLeaks Reportedly Outs 100s of Afghan Informants

Senate GOP blocks bill to tighten campaign-spending disclosure

Senate GOP blocks bill to tighten campaign-spending disclosure

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 28

WebMD Exclusive: President Explains New Health Insurance Site (VIDEO)

Lay Of The Land

Rahm Emanuel to host fundraiser for Kendrick Meek and Meek releases first TV ad

RAS Poll: Dem takes lead in IL Senate race

Ariz. sheriff: I'll jail immigration protesters (Sheriff Joe Arpaio)

Schwarzenegger calls for Reagan statue

Six House Dems stage 'sit-in' on Senate floor

BREAKING NEWS: Judge blocks sections of Arizona's immigration law from taking effect

The persistence of Hillary

Matthews gets it wrong (again) on the politics of challenging the AZ law.

New DNC ad: The GOP *IS* the Tea Party

I'm calling it: Hillary Clinton's new hair + Rendell's view on The View + polls = She's running 2012

Don't Forget about tonight.....

Halperin says it: The problem is right wing media

Canadian team finds 19th Century HMS Investigator wreck

Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit

Bush Memoir Release Has Republicans Concerned

Rendell: Obama Could Face Primary Challenge Over Afghanistan

DNA clears man 27 years after rape conviction

U.S. general wants Afghan militants branded terrorists

The GOP does not crucify their own the way the Dem's do

NOAA director: "The light crude oil is biodegrading quickly"

"The first time in 40 years that Congress has repealed a mandatory minimum sentence"

India slams Pakistan over WikiLeaks charges

US reverses decision on Colombian journalist's visa denial

I'm an omnivore. But Paul McCartney has me ready to praise the benefits of vegetarianism.




Thom Hartmann - The Good. The Bad. and The Very Very Ugly....The Brat Tax

Alien Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques


Ugandan Pastor/Dr tells people what gays do

WikiLeaks Documents: Cenk Hosts MSNBC (Sam Seder & Matt Lewis Debate)


Gov Granholm Declares State of Disaster Update on Michigan Oil Spill

Thom Hartmann & Rep. Jan Schakowsky...Tell Republicans a secret about cutting the deficit

Mildly Relevant News: Wikileaks, Ron Ramsey's Cult and a Brand New Oil Spill!

Waiting for Superman (pro-public school privatization) trailer from director of INCONVENIENT TRUTH

Cut Up That TARGET Card


What a Year of Race-Baiting It's Been for Beck

Ed Schultz Assails GOP For Tax Lies

Julian ASSANGE, WikiLeaks founder

Attorney General Goddard's Statement on SB1070 Ruling

Distance from Ground Zero to Cordoba House (45 Park Place)

Beauty & Brains: The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful

Teahadist helps Fox News scare old white people!

QUEEN MEG: California Screamin

Dem Rapid Response Ad: 'Republican-Tea Party Contract With America'

Unemployment Extensions Tuesday July 28 2010 FIGHT for TIER V Senate Hearings

1st step, 2nd choice for Dems on energy

Tea Baggers and Neil Patrick Harris

Florida 'Church' Demonstrates How Christians Should Burn Koran

Yargle Bargle. Teabagger's ad...his wife on helium

Jay Leno Tonight Show - Bill O'Reilly Tells Obama to Stop Enforcing DADT

MSNBC Cenk Attack: GOP Protects The Rich!

Rob Weissman Explains How Corporations Differ From Individual Human Beings

Mike Huckabee and Tim LaHaye Discuss The End Times

Rep. Grayson: I Was There - Mitch McConnell Looked Happy

I'm Legit

HAMP’s complete failure – to date only $250 million of the $75 billion

GOP Pushes For 'Conservative' Infrastructure Spending Draws Its Readers from Faux News?

The Great Decoupling of Corporate Profits from Jobs

Contractor On Trial For Buying Porn, Prostitutes And $100K Flag Belt Buckle

Who Tells the Dead Patient Stories Now?

Negatives found in garage sale worth millions (Ansel Adams)

Afghan war documents point to overuse of government secrecy

Harry Reid's Senate: Where Progressive Legislation Goes to Die

Senate Republicans kill Campaign Advertizement funding disclosure bill.

Deep undercurrents stir in the Middle East

No place for Washington in Colombia-Venezuela row

WikiLeaks wasn't wrong

Obama Democrats Routed (Again) by GOP WMDs -" Weapons of Media Destruction

Robert Scheer: Thank God for the Whistle-Blowers

"Transparent Government Tends to Produce Just Government" (Wikileaks founder)

I'm not saying anything...

Wetlands Front Group Funded by Big Oil Wants Taxpayers to Foot the Bill for BP's Gulf Destruction

American Soldiers Brainwashed with "Positive Thinking"

Can WikiLeaks End the War?

Companies sitting on record pile of cash (could pay 2.4 M people $70,000 for 5 yrs) yet won't hire

It’s official – let’s end corporate welfare

Fools Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme (Barry Ritholtz)

Goldman's penny punishment

Robert Parry: How Bush Botched the Afghan War

Property Rights and Public Accommodations

Pickens, Home Depot Beat Wind-Turbine Makers in Energy Measure

The job machine grinds to a halt

Has the Most Common Marijuana Test Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Wrongful Convictions?

Pelosi - More jobs created during first 8 months of 2010 than during the whole Bush administration

Kalamazoo Michigan Oil Spill

Drumbeat: July 28, 2010

California's clean energy future threatened by federal delays

New York's Solar Thermal Plans

Biomass Advancing in the Northeast

US Losing Edge in the Clean Energy Sector

Michigan Oil Spill: Cleanup Efforts Doubled as Oil Flows Deeper into Kalamazoo River

Maine's CMP ready to start power grid upgrade work (2000 jobs)

Wind Drives Growing Use of Batteries

Are there more accidents going on with gas and oil, or is it just that the media has finally

NOAA: Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries

on A&E tonight.....Billy the Exterminator goes to the gulf

Ocean greenery (phytoplankton) under warming stress (40% decline since 1950 - Nature)

Front group alert: What do Sandra Bullock, Lenny Kravitz and Blake Lively have in common?

Pollution makes half of China water undrinkable

Court ruling could revive PFS spent nuclear fuel storage project

China clean power capacity to reach 600 GW by 2020: report

Wind installations drop 71% in the first half -- and the forecast past 2010 looks dreary

Adrienne Simmons(Female): Kickboxer(Muay Thai) Dies After Fight

Portsmouth North American tour goes severly wrong

Pac-10 to change name to Pac-12

Ron Artest is a pretty big Mets fan

If the season ended today, the NL wild card team would be...

Pirates refuse offer to help team by The Amazing Kreskin

The 25 Most Hated Teams of All Time...

James, Bosh, Wade Decide Nickname Will Be 'The Three-Headed Shitstorm'

DUFantasizers fantasy footballers- an open discussion

Venezuela nabs 6 Colombian paramilitary suspects

UN to fund Bolivia's fight against drug, corruption

Fidel Castro to release first volume of memoirs

Cuba says no rush on reform, Fidel appears again

Wallace Souza, Brazilian TV host accused of ordering murders, dies (????)

Hollman Morris: Hillary and her buddy uribito back down

Lawyer from anti-Chavez TV faces prosecution

Peru's Garcia says Doe Run license being canceled

No place for Washington in Colombia-Venezuela row

Colombia’s Uribe takes dictation one last time

Bolivia: remains of "disappeared" socialist leader at military high command?

Costa Rican Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Entry of US Military

Colombia's president begs forgiveness for estranged relations with neighbors

Thanks to Evo Morales, clean water and sanitation are now a human right

Colombian Defense Ministers says pics of common grave taken from former Yugoslavia (Spanish)

If The NFL Locks Out The Players, Whose Side Are You On?

Musician Wyclef Jean considers Haiti leadership bid

FBI CRIME STATISTICS: Justifiable Homicide Killings Show Four Year Rise

A Democrat calls out Bill White (D) on his past membership in the repuke-ran MAIG

Bear attack in Yellowstone, kills one, injures 2....

Study: Children adopted by gays and lesbians develop well

NOM sign at rally suggests murdering gay people as "solution" to gay marriage

Indian University Creates Quota for Transgender Students

Lady Gaga offers support to homeless LGBT youth

CALIFORNIA: New Poll Reports Majority Of Catholics Support Gay Unions

Federal Judge Upholds Dismissal Of Anti-Gay Student Counselor (refused to help suicidal gay student)

The Top 8 Gay Target products that won't be flying off the shelves during the boycott...

remember the gay marriage accepting tea baggers

Legos: Satan's Plaything?

Study: Same-sex Dating Positive for Gay Teens

Are You in his File?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck finally understands lesbianism

CBS President: Network Adding More Gay Characters to Its Shows

Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality

Email address to reach Target Corp. and complain about anti-gay donation.

Ex-Soldier To Tony Perkins: Repealing DADT Will Lead To Gay Spooning!

being a contractor while collecting Unemployment?

Today in Labor History July 27 UMW organizer Ginger Goodwin was shot by a hired private policeman

Nike pays $1.5 million to relief fund for laid-off workers

It happens I'm at odds with my local union

Inception star Tom Hardy: "I've Had Sex With Men"

Posted in wrong forum. Sorry. I'm good at doing that. Will post a link for the curious..:)

Show Business is Tough.

some bull w/o the politics!

Egypt denies visas to Gaza-bound Iranian MPs: report

Rattling the Cage: One man’s terrorist ...

Moonbats Against Israel

Why does plastic absorb smells? Once I had a cologne bottle leak

NASA discovers hundreds of new Earth-like planets

Scientists investigate Stendhal Syndrome – fainting caused by great art

Quantum mechanics creates location-based cryptography

Israel demolishes Bedouin village

2010 Global Atheist Convention

To the Buddhists here: How do you think Buddhism is compatible with human nature?

Ahh, the "stuck"iness

Evangelical Christians Wait for Armageddon

I talked to Rick an hour ago!

It's lildreamer and Missy Vixen's birthday today!

Idea for a non-offensive advertising campaign to promote atheism

Had my annual in-office pacemaker check this morning ; All is well,

More Support for Compression-Only CPR

Want a Soda? Go with Your Gut.