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Mr. President, I still like you but...

The protestors at OWS should just chill out

A big thank you to the mods.

First lady targets world record for jumping jacks

Starting October 8th ...Occupy Afghanistan !

Pelosi Gets Behind Occupy Wall Street--TPM Reports!

Flat-Lining the Middle Class: Economic Numbers to Die For

Tea Party Zombies Must Die Video Game

A critically important message from a pre Tea-Party Tea Partier to the 99%ers.

Re-rewriting the Statue of Liberty's Inscription

Oh, noes! Rush didn't mention the grifter on his daily pukathon today. Freepers ponder why...

Impact - just a few thoughts

Cain wants to talk 999 instead of answering Lawrence's question

Politico covers OWS "liberal cable's" coverage - the last two paragraphs from Media Matters nails it

Politico covers OWS "liberal cable's" coverage - the last two paragraphs from Media Matters nails it


I hope Steve Bartman is still proud of himself for ruining the Cubs 2003 season

Mayor Bloomberg Indicates The Poor Bankers Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet

Picture Of Portland Or OWS First Day March...

Prescient Joe McGinniss - the show is over. Arrivederci, Sarah.

O'Donnell is ripping Herman Cain a new asshole.

Seattle News Media Missleading About OCCUPY SEATTLE...

Occupied Quote of the Day

Does anyone know what Steve Jobs was paid per year while he was CEO?

Vintage Right-Wing Whine: Hank Jr. Says His First Amendment Rights Were Violated By ESPN

Is it true that autism/Asperger's is more common in boys than in girls?

*Naomi Klein coming up on Rachel show. (Ezra Klein in for Rachel.)

Crowdfunding: why the SEC bans it, Obama wants it, and banks fear it

How do you say "odious debt" in Greek?

Another article about Occupy Wall Street.

After viewing that OWS video on KO's program,

Associated Press: Wall Street protesters fed up with both parties

Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it

Fannie Mae sticking with fired Florida law firm

Qadafi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

NY suit: Law firm fired me after cancer leave

I need a rebuttal, help gang.

So, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said there's a core of anachrists making it necessary

Am I remembering correctly...

Please tell me I'm crazy....RE: McChrystal reappearing

Deutsche Boerse CEO: exchanges must go global

The Daily Show is a riot tonight

Would you compare today's evangelical fundies to the Pharisees of Jesus's day?

Bank of America, other CEOs: Tax us more, if...

Cargill Forced to Lay off Workers at Arkansas Plant

Liberal Dalton McQuinty wins in Ontario. Yeah. As long as the conservatives

Blame Ronald Reagan for Occupy Wall Street and the 99%ers.

HP sends off ousted CEO with more than $13M in cash and stock;

Yikes! Did I just hear KO call

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Neal Boortz once again steps in it...

Occupy Wall Street: List and map of over 200 U.S. solidarity events and Facebook pages

I hope this freeper doesn't have a gun nearby, Palin may have made her suicidal.

I hope this freeper doesn't have a gun nearby, Palin may have made her suicidal.

Cain coming up on Lawrence

Sierra Club and Hartford Ins

Sierra Club and Hartford Ins

GE Capital CEO "sympathetic" to Wall Street protests

I don't know about you, but Lawrence O'Donnell sucks at interviewing.

I think the SC is going to uphold the individual mandate....

What Do They Want? Justice

Why Lawrence Why?

Four-way battle between bear, dog, man, woman. All survive

Orange County Register: "Man accused of spitting on Hispanic woman"

The Revolution Broke Twitter

Suit claims non-Hispanic hotel workers fired in CO

It matters where you have recently worked on your resume. So working

56 Million gallons of radioactive waste - Hanford tank farms lay off 244 workers

Occupy Charleston organizing

Can we all send vibes to Rick Perry (the @#$) please?

Can we all send vibes to Rick Perry (the @#$) please?

Westboro church to picket Steve Jobs' funeral - using apple technology to tweet about it

I need advice and lodging!! My college just pulled funding for our trip to the Wall Street protests!

It is coming, do you hear it? Can you feel it?

pssst.. pass it on... it's GROWING.

The GOP Presidential HORSE RACE - animated graph (this is pretty kewl)

SF: Shuttle drivers forced to donate to Mayor Lee's campaign.


'$10 if You Guess Who Will Be Fired Next'

Occupy Wall Street and anti-war protests converge in Washington D.C.

Breaking News...The Rapture Is Back On..Oct 21st

Tigers, Lions, and OWS--These must be end times.

Steve Jobs was a man. He is dead now. You are not.

Potentially stupid, uninformed question about the 14th amendment:

The Reign of the One Percenters: Income inequality and the death of culture in New York City

Occupy DC was very mellow today and has permits until Monday, so go if you can and absorb

Occupy DC was very mellow today and has permits until Monday, so go if you can and absorb

China labour costs push jobs back to US: 3 million jobs by 2020.

Help. California State Board of Nursing

Anti-war protest going on at Freedom Square in DC

Moody's cuts credit ratings on UK banks RBS and Lloyds

Judge sides with coal industry in EPA challenge

I bought a Macintosh computer in 2004 and never bought one again.

Occupy Birmingham's next meeting a vegan potluck....

Jon Stewart Eviscerates The Fall Of Sarah Palin And The Rise Of Herman Cain - VIDEO

So now Hank Williams Jr claims "HE" cut ties with ESPN

Update From Seattle's Mayor re The Protests

Obama and Holder Then and Now on Medical Marijuana..

Obama, in Truman mold, casts Congress as foil

Talib Kweli Plays Occupy Wall Street

Curious comment from Biden re OWS - found on an interesting TPM article -

Curious comment from Biden re OWS - found on an interesting TPM article -

Any word from the Vets/Marines who were heading to OWS?

Senate panel approves Richard Cordray for consumer bureau

Jobs up

Democrats launch project to combat voter suppression laws

Obama appoints board to investigate BLET (locomotive engineers) contract dispute

Tom Paine on the Rights of Man (and Occupy Wall Street)

Tom Paine on the Rights of Man (and Occupy Wall Street)

Twisted government accounting behind Postal Service woes

Some days life sucks

Can you please give us all an effing CLUE?

inspiration from charlie chaplin

"Do we really want to subsidize the losers mortgage" "help people that carry the water instead of

Oh, great. Frothmaster's on CNBC. Right on schedule.

Oh, great. Frothmaster's on CNBC. Right on schedule.

Are any churches/temples/mosques/etc. showing upto support the social justice demonstrations?

How in the world was McShame not going to swear in Sara Baracuda if they won?

Apple User Acting Like His Dad Just Died

Occupy Austin, night one, we can't sleep here so: Dance Party!

m$nbc covering voter fraud!!

Stand up to tea party bullies

A call for Mock Trials of wall street at OWS. If you have a contact get the message to the

Faux News cracks me up.

The U.S> is trying to get serious sanctions against Syria for beating protestors...

FL GOPer: Repeal ban on dwarf tossing

FL GOPer: Repeal ban on dwarf tossing

Apple User Acting Like His Dad Just Died

Scalia: "I'm hopeful that the 'living' Constitution will die."

Teabaggers were not against bank bail outs (TARP). They were against stimulus.

I've got tears in my eyes. Kudos to the Nobel Prize Committee!

The fundamental differences between OWS and the teabagger rallies.

"Growing Up in Bachmann’s World"

US Must Generate 261,200 Jobs/Month To Return To Pre-Depression UE By End Of Obama's 2nd Term

What's With The Dems & The Jobs Bill? Are The Repugs Right That Many Dems Don't Support It?....

Fridays OWS and protest TOONS

Steve Jobs, the loss of a national treasure?!

Drat. My President has proclaimed Wall Street innocent and Bradley Manning guilty.

Drat. My President has proclaimed Wall Street innocent and Bradley Manning guilty.

Who is sick of the Seabiscuit stories from the MSM?

bread and roses

I come to bury Jobs, not praise him.

Should Steve Jobs Still Be Alive?

Demands from the Left

An incident involving multiple victims occurred during the evening rush hour yesterday.

Friday's Republican TOONS

Here's Another Reason Why We Should Get The Fuck Out Of Afghanistan (CNN video)

R.I.P.Professor Derrick Bell

German General Says NATO Mission Has 'Failed'


Wanna see an angry black man, watch Lawrence's interview with Herman Cain

Rep. Eric Cantor: Craven toady of the rich; man on the wrong side of history

Does anyone know how pervasive the The 9/12 Project is in politics?

US jobs report: What the economists say

Prez gives press a "little homework assignment"

Misc. TOONS for Friday

Naomi Klein: Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now.

Democrats vs. Republicans: Stars they Won’t Pay to See; Movies They Hate and Love (Poll)

You Might Be Living In A Plutocracy If:

3M Sues Philosophers over Use of “-It”

Breaking... SMWIA Joins Wall Street Occupiers

Maine Gov. LePage dramatically changes his story on labor mural removal

Perry came out of a week of hiding to explain the racial epithet with a one on one interview on Fox?

Judge blasts personal-injury lawyer for running P2P "shake down"

With Time Running Short, Steve Jobs Managed His Farewells

It will take about 5 years for employment to recover to the last peak

I can remember as far back as 2003

Florida School District is Taking Attendance by Scanning Students' Fingers

Happy Birthday Bishop Desmond Tutu!

The Hard Right Reaction to OWS Sounds Eerily Like These Folks

"An Oligarchy's Worst Nightmare" by Rebecca Buell, Nation of Change

OWS Liberty Plaza Sculptor Was Once Arrested at GOP Convention for saying Bush Lied!

Shoppers help Nigeria police disarm, kill 2 gunmen

Jeremy Scahill: At bank, I Joked w/ Banker. "I Was Just On Wall St Protesting You..."

Bill Press Show on now with David Shuster and Karl Frisch...

Eric cantor

The truth is they don't need us anymore.

US affluent classes dwarf China and India

Okay, I'm gonna say it...I'd love to see Elizabeth Warren nude.

Anti-China rhetoric raises threat of war

I am so tired of Predatory Lenders being allowed to inflict pain on unsuspecting people

Crazy times, crazy people.

I am so proud of my children's generation

Peru shaman murders investigated

N.Hampshire Seabrook nuke plant event - again

OWS: 853 cities have meet-ups - a national movement is born.

OWS: 853 cities have meet-ups - a national movement is born.

Mitt Romney's Obama Apology Lie

I always knew that I wasn't getting the full story regarding your Constitution!

What we are witnessing is the dawning of a new global zeitgeist.

#OccupyWashingtonDC (My pics from Oct 6 + list of goals)

Occupy Houston Stats

Web readers: Liz started it!

And now for a different kind of protest....

Double Murder-Suicide Involving Two Children Suspected at Grand Canyon

The Rude Pundit: This Is Herman Cain?

>>> OFFICIAL OhioChick appreciation thread <<<

>>> OFFICIAL OhioChick appreciation thread <<<

>>> OFFICIAL OhioChick appreciation thread <<<

CNN's bankster cheerleader Erin Burnett: 'We should root for the banks.'

CNN's bankster cheerleader Erin Burnett: 'We should root for the banks.'

Riddle Me This Batman

How can we show our support and solidarity with the OWS movement?

Statement of Solidarity from NC

Why conservative white men are more likely to deny climate change

Dems vs. GOP's: Stars they Won’t Pay to See

OK, I heard on Countdown last night that NYPD would not attempt to remove people

"It Can't Happen Here" Nationwide Readings

Yes, if you think Pot Smokers are any different than you, then you are a Bigot

Hold the special sauce, please....

Wear it with pride -

Occupy Wall Street Sparks Great New Mass Movement

Anti-War, Anti-Wall St. Protest Hits Washington, DC

Water Main Break Closes S. Dakota Avenue in NE D.C.

At Country Music Hall of Fame during HW, Jr debacle...

Cantor: Wall Street Protesters are a 'mob' and some condone 'pitting American vs. American'

First narcolepsy cases receive compensation in Sweden(Swine Flu Vaccine),whilst USA still pushes it

Private employers add more than 1 million jobs in 2011

Israeli's Protest Political Economic Climate - Marched in Aug. 2011! They actually preceded OWS

Topeka, Kansas City Council Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence To Save Money

From Michael Moore's Website: Dozens of Cities Listed: OccupyTogether.Com

Mitt Romney is Gordon Gecko

NCAL: Rally Today in Sacramento (Fed marijuana crack down protest)

check out Tel Aviv right now.....

National Priorities Project releases new information on costs $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ on a decade of wars:

Occupy Atlanta

The One Reagan Quote That Republicans DON'T Talk About

Getting nervous?

(((PIC))) 99% !

Media tricked into supporting Wall Street protests

Anti-Wall Street protests spread across the US

New hardware powers through DNA tests in under 3 minutes

Afghanistan may need funds until 2025 - UK envoy

On the Tenth Anniversary of NATO's War and Occupation .......

(Canada) Ontario's re-elected premier touts "major minority"

(Canada) Ontario's re-elected premier touts "major minority"

Ever admired the mentally ill?

Dutch trains substitute plastic bags for bathrooms

Here's more dirty Palin for Freepers and Palinbots:

It seems they are finally sending out admin officials...Solis on MSNBC.

OWS is going to have a presence across the street from the NYSE if all goes as planned

In pictures A decade in Afghanistan

3%. Thats what they are calling class warfare.. a lousy 3 fucking percent

Hagan backs corporate tax holiday

DU Occupies Wall Street in NYC Saturday 10/8/11! Join Us!!! (plans finalized)

‘Rank & File’ union endorses ENDA executive order

9 things you didn’t know about the life of Steve Jobs

Your thoughts on Dominic Noonan's 'Lattlay-Fottfoy'

Occupy Minnesota

Inspector General: FHFA Was Aware of Robo-Signing and Other Abuses

Poll re: Scott Brown remark about Elizabeth Warren - needs help

Question about dissolving the Fed

Must see TV- Re OWS BernieSanders is on with Bashir

The Best Quote Of The Week, In One Simple Graphic

US majority faces another lost decade

Olive Wendall Holmes - "Paying taxes is the price of civilization"

Yea, I just can't wait to go protesting with these fine folks

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of dizzy chickens suddenly cried out...

Santorum: Obama should distance himself from Occupy Wall Street

Uncle Sam Goddamn

What do you all think of Biden being the one to step up and complain about the $5.00 ATM debit fee?

Great article about the phony USPS crisis: Twisted government accounting behind Postal Service woes

Occupy Portland day 2 update

The Revolving Door Spins: Oshkosh Corp hires new head of defense products division.

The rethugs have no fear and say and do anything because Uncle Karl Rove has assured

Why Wall Street?

Cantor Decries ’Growing Mobs’ as Wall Street Protests Spread

Krugman: OWS 'an important event that might even eventually be seen as a turning point'

Whenever some little Republican criticizes the president's foreign policy, just say...

Occupy Portland protesters allowed to camp at downtown park

A Complete Guide To The Ponzi Scheme That Is Suburban America

Thank you to the DU'er who gave me a star!

Does the Internet and social media make the boycott a more effective weapon?

Occupy Davenport, Iowa link below

VOTER ID Map of Shame

Vote: How much would Sarah Palin's endorsement matter in the race for the GOP presidential nom.?

Think Different

There Is One More Thing, Steve Jobs . . .

Will the Internet facilitate a golden age or civil w@r?


Mass. cat with 2 faces lives 12 years, setting new record for 'Janus cats'

Pew Poll on Afghanistan

Bad Reporter- Will Knox jump into GOP race?

Maybe this will be the beginning of a new political party.

Maybe this will be the beginning of a new political party.

Pew Poll on the Middle East: Strong Support for Israel, Criticism of Obama

Thank you Harry Reid for doing the right thing

The Constitutional Case for Marriage Equality

"These Protestors Are Teenagers Taking Drugs" -- Who Said That?

I don't have the facts to back this up, but....

He went there: Pastor Calling Mormonism A Cult Says Perry Welcomed His Endorsement

Erin Burnett's antics (and contempt for the working class) is being noticed

A Quick Reminder...

ok....Mitt belongs to a "cult" but Obama

Thieves dismantle, cart off steel bridge in Pennsylvania

A Tea People's History - funny!

“bizarre,” “freaks,” , “law-breaking” “anti-American” “anarchists”

The Jobs Plan is a modern day WPA plan...

Rep. Peter King Calls Occupy Wall Street Protesters 'Ragtag Mob,' 'Anarchists'

Herman Cain- nutcase

Limited Govt?? Bachmann Introduces Bill To Require Ultrasounds For Women Seeking Abortions

OK, can somebody please 'splain this to me???

When a Palindrone tries to tell you that she didn't just quit running for President...[LARGE IMAGE]

Pew Poll on immigration reform, birthright citizenship and Arizona's law.

(VT Rep) Welch to Super Committee: Save $156 billion by ending corporate giveway in Medicare Part D

Why does "You're all Effing lazy and shiftless if you are not rich", work when a Bagger says it, and

If Scott Brown apologized by crying on the Senate floor would you forgive him?

If this Country can give trillions of dollars to the bank at zero percent interest, and

Steve Jobs' contributions to Democratic candidates make up for other things he did

Yesterday Occupy Wall Street Woke Up A Sleeping Giant (Labor)

Gessler v. Denver: Today's The Day

6 pm Eyewitness News leading with OWS.


Is the phrase "class war" a euphemism?

Federal officials begin major crackdown on marijuana operations

Tweety has tied up Santorum in knots

this should be the ows theme song

Side note to the Steve Jobs story...

1.9 Million!

The Great Fear is Democracy

The Bankers' Pot-Bellied Pinkertons -- Hey NYPD, Give Morgan Its Money Back!

I've heard a suggestion that shareholders get to vote and decide the CEO's salary --

"Corporations aren't people -- they're Republicans !"

Spontaneous combustion killed pensioner, rules coroner

Tag renewal line long, but not necessarily because of immigration law {who changed the headline?} xp

Tag renewal line long, but not necessarily because of immigration law {who changed the headline?} xp

Tag renewal line long, but not necessarily because of immigration law {who changed the headline?} xp

Occupy Philly was a bit of a disappointment. Not very many people

Something I don't get about the health insurance, I mean health care reform law.

"We Are the 99 Percent" Creators Revealed

How many states in the south did Romney win during the 2008 GOP primaries?

Do we need to get NATO to come in and protect OWS?

The love of power and money...

Cop Strikes Photographer During Protest; Gets Arrested Following Day

self delete

New Jobs Strategy! Layoffs must include execution by firing squad!

I've decided who I'm voting for..

Stop Hey what's that sound...

KORUS: The Final Nail in America's Coffin

So when Cantor attacks the OWS protesters, what exactly is the

RW "Values Summit" speaker declares Mormonism a cult, says Christians shouldn't vote for Romney.

Presbyterian church in Wis. to ordain 1st gay man

Wisconsin: State agency spends $60,000 on iPads for all staffers.

Occupy Wall Street is this year’s tea party (with a BIG exception)

What's the deal with the protestors dressing up as zombies??

What's the deal with the protestors dressing up as zombies??

Crooks and Liars donates a ton of pizza to OccupyAustin

9 arrested in Pasadena protest over home foreclosure (LAT | 5 Oct)

9 arrested in Pasadena protest over home foreclosure (LAT | 5 Oct)

Judge: Republican Governors Association violated Vermont campaign finance laws

SF Weekly makes joke about wheelchair-bound mayoral candidate.

Derrick Bell, first tenured black professor at Harvard Law, dies

*Romney interview on PBS Newshour tonight.

Not meant to be factual... I have no facts...

Tex. House Rep. Louie Gohmert: Obama's jobs bill will destroy marriage.

Ten fugging years later

The folks out protesting don't get their news from msm

France bans ketchup in cafeterias

Defining the Conception of Rich Upward......


Okkupy teh Wall Streetz! - pics

Tonight on Countdown: Tavis Smiley, Cornel West from OccupyLA, Greg Mitchell

My experience at Occupy Houston

Update: Occupy Boston pics 10-6

Update: Occupy Boston pics 10-6

OccupyAustin day 2

No Country for Old Women

No Country for Old Women

Obama administration says medical marijuana patients are prohibited from owning guns.

Occupy Together Poll

2 million of our fellow Americans have been unemployed for over 2 years

Congressman From Koch Uninterested In Investigating Koch Industries’ Business Deals With Iran

Whoever Printed This Sign Should Be Absolutely Ashamed Of Themselves

Hey Eric! Richmond and Norfolk, VA scheduled for Occupy Wall Street..

Art Pope bankrolls candidates dismantling desegregation policy in NC school system

So, what is going on with Scaila's remark that religion trumps the

I Lu-u-uvs me some Non Sequitor

Herman Cain not involved in Civil Rights movement because "Maybe, just maybe I had a sick relative"

Great OWS Sign !!! - From Yesterday...

1811 dead. 13,000+ maimed. And that's just our guys.

Occupy Wall Street: List And Map Of Over 200 U.S. Solidarity Events And Facebook Pages - DailyKos

California Bans BPA in Baby Products

California Bans BPA in Baby Products

Are You One Of These 19 Million Americans?

New York court clears woman of murder in battered-wife case

Where I came from!

AP: The NYPD spied on its anti-terror partners

Steve Jobs @MIT Walk of Fame

'We Are The 99%' Stories Here:

Holy S#@! ABC just covered the Koch brothers on the morning show

What To Do If Arrested

OWS Photos 10/6

It just occurred to me that maybe Hank Williams Jr. was misunderstood ...

I keep hearing people on the right asking people

Sea bass declined 90% since 1980

LOL, Perry backer calls Mitt "Not Christian" and "in a cult"

LOL, Perry backer calls Mitt "Not Christian" and "in a cult"

More News From the Frontlines of the War Against Medicare

I can think of ONE 1%er that would be at the occupation of Wall St. if he could!

Rick Santorum: When Selecting Candidate, ‘Look At Who They Lay Down With At Night’

Buck Up, America: China Is Getting Too Expensive

Ideas for protest signs needed!

It grows and it is organic

Fake Newt Gingrich admirers now fake Wall Street occupiers

Pictures from Occupy Minnesota

Toon to send the freepers this morning-Quotes are stubborn things

11 Facts you need to know about the Nation's Biggest Banks

The Police are in the 99%

Violent Abusers Let Out Into Streets of Topeka As County Commission "Downgrades" Domestic Violence

USPS warns against e-mail scam

Paid protesters at the "Occupy DC" protest?

Fox Poll re: OWS - let's DU it!

Berlusconi is a sick, misogynist asshole

Amazing story of the clever cat who led RSPCA rescuer to her kittens

Would someone please educate me.

Would someone please educate me.

Riddle me this, Herman Cain

OWS + Tea Party = somethings happenin here

Steve Jobs: Visionary, Inventor, and Very Challenging Photo Subject

teen burglars steal CDs, find child porn, take it to police

Mayor Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street 'Trying To Destroy the Jobs of Working People'

Mayor Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street 'Trying To Destroy the Jobs of Working People'

Eric Cantor smears 99% movement as a "mob" out to “divide Americans”

INVITATION FROM OCCUPY WALL STREET -- for Saturday morning in New York City

INVITATION FROM OCCUPY WALL STREET -- for Saturday morning in New York City

I want to thank the Tea Party for reviving the American labor movement

It's been 13 years - Matthew Shepard

Tell us what labor has done for you today!

Is it possible for us to have a really good government some day - and one that will stay that way?

Media Critics Trash Erin Burnett OWS Coverage

Media Critics Trash Erin Burnett OWS Coverage

There is no common ground with the teabaggers

To Hell With Pot Brownies, Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Where It's At

To Hell With Pot Brownies, Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Where It's At

Wall Street protesters disgusted with both parties

FR 2010: JimRob promises to make FR "a ghost town" if Romney is the nom

Westboro Church to picket Steve Jobs Funeral

One last Batch of TOONS on Steve Jobs

Harry Reid referred to McConnell as the "REPUBLIC Leader" on the Floor yesterday.

Is there any way to implement the Jobs Plan without Congress?

"Governments no longer represent the people. This is not a democracy. It is a financial oligarchy."

Yesterday in Portland, Oregon

I think Elizabeth Warren is attractive!

Highway sign warns of zombies

The Real GOP Nominee.

So, I work for a bank. Today they sent us this "Protest Safety Handbook"

Lawrence O'Donnell has done it now

Brilliant cartoon.

President Obama Clears Wall Street Of Crimes

Heavy rain event coming for drought-stricken regions of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

Why you should only buy Ben & Jerry's

Take a look at this photo.

Pew Poll on China Trade and Free Trade Agreements

Governor Jerry Brown vetoes bicycle safety bill, saying it is unsafe

Olsen Twins Can't Meet Demand For $39,000 Alligator Backpacks

Occupy Portland OR -Yesterday / HUGE Turnout - HERE'S A FEW PICS

Twit Romney: God created America to rule the world

At least the Greeks understand what works. Nationwide Strike

I have a nuanced opinion of Steve Jobs

I Just Wanted To Say This... I Took Part OWS Sarasota, FL Which May

First Lady Kickin' It At The White House

Jesse Ventura joins Occupy Minneapolis!1!!!

Jesse Ventura joins Occupy Minneapolis!1!!!

My granddaughter attends Howard University. She attended a rally today and got great pics

Ban Birth Control? They Wouldn't Dare...

I'd like to watch coverage of the protests on TV

I'm opening an account at my credit union and my BofA will be closed by the end of October.

Do We really want the Tea Party to participate in OWS?

To the Steve Jobs bashers here...

Ben & Jerry's Board of Directors send this to OWS: To those who Occupy: We stand with you.

Obama canNOT think of himself as another FDR if he does not take a stand against PROHIBITION.

Yippee!! Cheers!! Huzzah!! Drop the confetti!! Start the party!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

CNN has Erin Burnett's back

CNN has Erin Burnett's back

Any responses to Bloomberg? OWS should lay off banks?

("Here they come, here come the bastards..." -Primus) "Oath Keepers" on way to #OWS

Bloomberg is a moron

Give me your tired, trite conservative zombie lies and truthiness yearning to be quashed

If you think the OWS message is too complicated and that they need a leader

Republican wants to remove ban on dwarf tossing to get dwarfs back to work:

Republican wants to remove ban on dwarf tossing to get dwarfs back to work:

Missing 10 month old in KC (Updated from news report)

Reid triggers ‘nuclear option’ to change rules, prohibit filibusters

Gee, Arne. How do you feel about the tempers flaring at the Memphis schools job fair?

Its Fleet Week in San Francisco, know how I know??

OWS: The Most Important Thing in the World Now (Naomi Klein, uncut version of speech)

New House Bill, Passed Yesterday, Criminalizes Free Speech and Association in Regard to the CSA

Rep. Peter King Calls Occupy Wall Street Protesters 'Ragtag Mob,' 'Anarchists'

Romney speech at Citadel encouraged insubordination. Right?

Why dosen't Obama hammer the GOP with the real unemployment

What Has Happened Since The U.S. Killed Osama bin Laden?

GLBT History Month: Lawrence v. Texas

How much do you still blame George W Bush for the present economy?

Post Elected DEMS rebuttals to Cantor, King etc. here. Post words of support from elected DEMS here!

Just need to be vocal a little - steve jobs did a lot of good for the planet and people BUT cheney, "There's nothing worse than going to the post office and waiting in line"

The three most popular TV cartoon series -- minimalistically:

You know what MiddleFingerMom says when you post or say something really, REAlly FUNNY?

...But would Freddy approve?

So, long ago I was told...

MiddleFingerMom has become something of a night owl again.

You know all those threads that claim that 80-plus percent of liberal democrats support Obama

Let me preface this by saying, I love and enjoy all my patients...

Would you like a jelly baby?

This doubter teaches defining god is aligning a divining rod with your reclining bod


That's what friends are for

I'm sorry. I've fallen in love with Fado

Because you need this

Spacious skies

my doctor is a friend and colleague of a friend of mine who is also a doctor

Tigers BABY!

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

MiddleFingerMom is still trying to augment his income.


Is this a picture of Rush Limbaugh?

Thirsty bird. Courtesy (CC)

oooh! I bet that hurt.

Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer show up at OWS protest.

OWS buttons or 99% buttons?


Dear Students...

Italian kid loves Led Zeppelin (video)

ABBA - Fernando

Waiting for mom

post by Just Me New Mexico Landscape, photo by Anna Rumiantseva

Video: Troy Polamalu Gives Fans A Scare (And Laugh) At Wax Museum In Hollywood

This message board needs an enema

I don't USUALLY go for conspiracy theories, but all these hate hate HATERS have me thinking.

Did you know that Paul McCartney was in a band BEFORE "Wings"?

Playing the bass/guitar reduces stress

Seal Pups just want to cuddle!!

Naughty bits.

OMG!!! We saw another silver fox last night!!!

Who said chetas never win?

What is your favourite type of outdoors? I like rock gardens myself. My favourite

Amerigo Vespucci's trying out a new Craigslist ad....

"Cheers" or "Frasier"?

Ukranian Parkour Dog

I feel like there's a hedgehog living in me knickers!!

There are only TWO constants in life...

Hey Canucks!

Last night I made the mistake of watching that new Transformers movie.

Beer drinkers here may not like the latest rumor...

Advice re: resume

Has anyone here made homemade wine from wild grapes?

I don't have the facts to back this up, but....

Steve Jobs jokes

Just got bit by a dog -- how do I know if I need tetanus, etc?

"I know a word with all the vowels ..."

OMG, now the LOLcats are occupying Wall Street!

Mom's gotta pay the bills...MiddleFingerMom still holds his Wednesday night "Camera Club" meeting.

Tucson -- 52 degrees last night.

Woohoo! My Ultra-cheapo Computing Adventures thread now has 2500 views!

Help! My local veterans homeless shelter needs your quick online vote!!

Beards, Hair Cut Off In Amish-On-Amish Attacks

thru the wonder of FB, i found out an asshole that bullied me for a few years in HS

Kathy Bates is the bravest woman in the world.

I heard a radio ad

ok big boy guitarists

If you're going to be in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow, get your undead ass to ZombieFest

Some of the most beautiful music I've heard in a long time: Gem Club

Tribute to Jerry

Why can't I have a pet Snow Leopard?

What is the point of the Do Not Call List? Nobody seems

Hot Damn! Yankee$ lose!

Suddenly, Mr Fluffers was filled with an overwhelming and paralyzing sense of impending doom.

I bought a Macintosh computer in 2004 and never bought one again.

I can't believe this girl is only 25 years old

"The Ides of March"

I don't believe it. It's actually raining!

My son's pre-K class has 20 students

What is the last thing you wiki'd?

LIFE OF AGONY Frontwoman Performs With THE SAD-EYED LADIES In Holland (Transgender story)

Queens Woman Who Killed Husband Is Acquitted of Murder

Rick Perry says rock with racial epithet was painted over in 1984

Desmond Tutu greets his 80th birthday with a dance amid Dalai Lama row

Panel told of abuse in small-business set-asides

Wall Street protesters disgusted with both parties

Obesity 'cure is free - eat less'

Actress Doris Belack dies at 85 Appeared in 'One Life to Live,' 'Tootsie'

Town Evacuated After Train Derailment

Australian boy, 14, held on Bali drugs charge (possession of marijuana)

Men are attracted to circles

Shoppers help Nigeria police disarm, kill 2 gunmen

Fukushima nuclear plant (recovery) worker dies ('suddenly')

Soros fails to quash insider trading conviction

Mexico drug war: 32 bodies found in Veracruz

Paid protesters at the "Occupy DC" protest?

Brookfield Fire Dept. Obama Email Stirs Controversy

Convicted Cuban spy Rene Gonzalez freed from US prison

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, October 7, 2011

Derrick Bell, first tenured black professor at Harvard Law, dies

Occupy Portland’s peaceful rally, march attracts thousands

Teenager dies in Bahrain protest shooting

Judge: Denver may send ballots to inactive voters

Biggest identity theft bust of its type in U.S. history

Lettuce recall: 90 cartons of romaine? Oops, 2,500.

Alabama immigration law challenged by US government

Green Activist John Stewart Denied Entry To United States

Berkley nearly doubles Heller in Nevada Senate fundraising

France urges Turkey to recognize Armenian genocide

Health-care law benefits must be limited to ensure affordability, panel says

Nobel Peace Prize split between three women

Democrats mobilize over Clarence Thomas ethics investigation

Paint protest disrupts NAU jobs fair

With Afghan drawdown looming, U.S. scales back ambitions

White House issues executive order in wake of WikiLeaks reports

Iran reactor disaster warning from whistleblower

$1B foreclosure aid program ends with $568 million unspent

All of the SNL movies suck so terribly, except the Blues Brothers. What was the secret?

If you had to move to a another country where would that be? I'd

Special counsel calls for Hatch Act reform (law bans federal workers from politicking)

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

Bank of America Customer Delivers 153,000 Signatures in Petition Over Fee

Payroll employment edges up in September (+103,000); unemployment rate unchanged at 9.1%

Senator accused of sexism over 'thank God' remark about female opponent

Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet

Cantor says he's concerned by 'mobs' at 'Occupy Wall Street'

Homeland Security moves forward with 'pre-crime' detection

Syrian troops 'kill Syrian farmer in Lebanon'

Judge Refuses to Sanction CIA for Destroying Torture Tapes

Judge Refuses to Sanction CIA for Destroying Torture Tapes

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Calls Wall St. Protests ‘Growing Mobs’

Banks' credit ratings downgraded

Push to highlight Solyndra came from top levels of White House, according to e-mails

What Reid is doing would only apply post-cloture - meaning you already got 60 votes to get this far.

During President's Press Conference did everyone hear CBS Bill Plante

if Republicans kill the legislation, Dems will then press GOP members to start also killing its

Slate: The Political Horse Race (An Animation)

"By One Measure, This Was The Second Strongest Jobs Report In 5 Years"

First Global Republican Presidential Debate to be broadcast by Armed Forces Radio

Fact Check - Romney is pushing this LIE again: Obama's 'Apology Tour'=4 Pinocchios

Cardin, other Dems introduce a bill to end racial profiling

McClatchy: Economic signs point to improved hiring

Obama Not Sure How To Handle Compliment

What is the Tea Party's opinion on "Occupy Wall Street"?

The HIDDEN PLAGUE.....The GOP..... Group Of Pathogens....Its an EPIDEMIC

Huffington Post trying to down play the jobs report

Poll: Cain surges, opens up 20-point lead on Romney

Romney should apologize to, not for, America

Obama Motivates Supporters, Opponents in Early 2012 Matchups

saw an anti Obama sticker on a huge truck said

TPMLivewire: Rick Perry Picks Up Southern Baptist Convention Endorsement At VVS

Carney v. Cantor

Why Hand Obama a Win?

Non-Farm Payrolls Grew More than Expected, Up by 103,000 in September; Unemployment Rate at 9.1%.

Santorum just repeated the "50% don't pay taxes" lie on Hardball.

Tell the Senate: Don't Stand in the Way of Consumer Protection -- Confirm Richard Cordray!

"Women’s groups pounce on Brown for his 'thank god' crack about Warren’s looks"

the World Harmony Revolution?

Krugman: Confronting the Malefactors

"TAKE IT BACK"...Eric Holder (Re Fast & Furious)

Tea Partiers Turn Tea Party Criticisms On Occupy Wall Street

Bob Marley - redemption song acoustic

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Supporting Occupy Wall Street

TYT: Gay Resumes Hurt Job Prospects - Study

How Big was the Oct 6 March on the Big Banks in LA?

SF: The best political ad of 2011.

KIRO-TV: The War Against Wall Street Fills The Streets Of Seattle

Did any of you catch what Harry Reid said yesterday on the Floor of the Senate?

Naomi Klein: 'Protesters Seek Change in the Streets Because It Won't Come from the Ballot Box'

Papantonio: The GOP’s Plan To Raise Middle Class Taxes

Occupy Wall St Oct 5th Post March Mosh Pit

Suicide Rampant In Army (2009)

WHY Herman Cain Is The KOCH Brothers’ FAVORITE Presidential Candidate

Mario Savio "The Machine Speech" December 2, 1964

An alternate take on why it's hard to be a Democrat

CBO: Senate version of American Jobs Act reduces deficit by $6 billion in next decade

Support #OccupyWallStreet or be Slaves to Corporations

Dennis Kucinich

Occupy Wall Street" Is the Spark of a New Mass Movement - The Progressive magazine

Authors Of Occupy Wall Street Declaration Lex Rendon & Ryan Hoffman

I just got into a 30 minute argument with a homeless Republican.

Fox Reporter asks if Don't Ask Don't Tell cost us the War On Terror

Rep Peter King Says Wall Street Protesters Are Breaking The Law & What They're Doing Is Disgraceful

Thom Hartmann: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy America

Kevin Zeese Speaks at #OccupyDC Freedom Plaza -

Thom Hartmann: Are immigrant children too scared to go to school?

Dick Gregory speaks at #OccupyDC at Freedom Plaza - WWW.JTMP.ORG

TYT University: Gay Conversion Works! So Say Christian Conservative Researchers

Social Security Reform Act

TDPS: Occupy Wall Street Protests Confirm There IS NO LIBERAL MEDIA

Bases for Invasions: 'Afghans cannot kick US out, so we stay'

Bernie Sanders, Gov. Peter Shumlin, and me on the Solar Stage

WH's Gene Sperling did an awesome job this morning on CNBC pushing the AJA & slamming Republicans

Thom Hartmann: If the Top 1% Hadn't Ripped Off Trillions

Just saw this today on Facebook

Dawkins discuss religion with the missing link

To understand Mitt Romney, you have to understand Belmont, MA

Ten Years After U.S. Invasion, Afghan War Rages On With No End in Sight

Boos haven't always coincided with my own views but I haven't tried to step in & say this is wrong

Thom Hartmann: Romney Rule vs. Buffet Rule

Cain: "Lawrence ... Lawrence ... Lawrence ..."

Should Obama Face a Challenge in the Democratic Primary?

Suggestion of Theme Song for OCCUPY WALL STREET

Obama "empathizes" with OWS; will soon sign middle-class destroying free trade bill anyway

IMF ADVISOR Says We Face A Worldwide Banking MELTDOWN Within 2-3 WEEKS

The war in Afghanistan enters its second decade: Rivers of blood, shattered lives in decade of war

TYT: Gay Conversion Therapy Torture Victim

Perry Backer Accuses Romney of Belonging to a Mormon 'Cult'

TYT: Bill O'Reilly Rips Occupy Wall Street Protesters

#OccupyDC Shuts Down US Chamber of Commerce Peacefully and Demand Jobs

Anti-war protesters camp near the White House

TYT University: College Professor Book Rip-Off

CBO: Millionaires tax raises $452.7 billion (more than enough to pay for Pres. Obama's Jobs bill)

Fox News Gets Out Foxed

Occupy Wall Street Protest "This Isn't A Joke! Media Would Be Well Advised To Take This Seriously"

PHOTOS: President Obama today with the 1985 Super Bowl XX Champs Chicago Bears

Unless the Democratic Party can run someone other than Obama, we're fucked

I'll still vote for Obama, but today I was taught an important lesson

I think there are more pot smokers who don't vote than there are Republicans who will consider Obama

Why it's hard to be a Democrat

If you have youtube acct please dislike this drinkingwithbob video 'Occupy Wall Street is a JOKE'

Pictures of Occupy Wall Street, with the song "For What It's Worth"

Jeff Winbush: Cain is a useful shield for conservatives accused of racial insensitivity""

Occupy Wall Street Restrooms - A Failed Movement

Herman Cain's Book Proves He's the Ultimate 'Jerk'

"[T]o be an American was greater than to be a king." (OWS Apropos; Written in 1932)

NY Times: Some Unemployed Find Fault in Extension of Jobless Benefits

Nation of Change .org has great article on OWS and progressive groups now joining unions in support!

Jim Hightower-Names and calls out tea party Congress and backers

What Would Keynes Do? A Forum, Part 2

AP Interview: New Polish party on the rise {left wing}

Whales facing a warship

Class Warfare: Bring It On ! (Richard Reeves)

Greek rescue - if only

Occupy Wall Street comes to Alabama

Glenn Greenwald: The CIA's impunity on "torture tapes" (10-7-11 Guardian)

Naomi Klein: OWS (Transcript)

For Anita Hill, the Clarence Thomas hearings haven’t really ended

SJ Occupy Protesters Face Arrest Tonight

Slate: Why are African-American crime rates continuing to decline in a Recession?

Dems move to make it easier to kill a filibuster after GOPer effort to filibuster by amendment the

YEMEN: Nobel Peace Prize winner still on front line of protest

The fight against climate change is down to us – the 99%

No job? It's your fault, US Republican Cain says

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

Blue whales dine in treacherous waters off L.A.'s coast. LA TIMES SAVE THE WHALES!

Rick Perry's Presenter Puts Christianity Above Morality

Square Deal (re OWS)

Anti-Semitism: U.S. plateaus, Florida up

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Weekend Economists Sail Off the Map Columbus Day Weekend Oct. 7-10, 2011