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Archives: February 12, 2011

Huntsville sex store trades guns for pleasure

SF searches for elusive organizer of annual 'Great San Francisco Pillow Fight'

SF searches for elusive organizer of annual 'Great San Francisco Pillow Fight'

washington state caps employers' portion of unemployment taxes

Egypt's Facebook Revolution: Wael Ghonim Thanks The Social Network

Tweety has an interesting interview with Abderrahim Foukara from AJE

Whale experts think sick whale may have scoliosis - pic

Hatch is kissing the teabaggers ass again

A tyrant's exit. A nation's joy

A tyrant's exit. A nation's joy

Round Table Pizza files for bankruptcy

Dear supreme court, judges

The foreclosure crisis and POTUS 2012 homepage picture

Not our fault, the end.

Saw this on Lawrence O'Donnell on the Bush speech on Egypt

Setting The Record Straight With My Work Associates...EYGPT

Administration proposals to overhaul federal housing role draw fire from left (WP)

February 11, 1861. Lincoln begins his journey to the White House.

CPAC Immigration Panel: Readying the Fight to Save the GOP and White America

Am tracing my Dem / Lib / ProGRESSIVE!1 lineage, fill in the blanks

The first step in OUR revolution... Adopt a wing nut!

Reality Check::::> Republican/Tea Partier "budget cutters" want to keep oil subsidies

Aljazeera in the USA now!

Will the uprisings and adoption of democracy in Mideastern countries...


I need to be purified in boiling water. I had to have lunch with my new Republican Assemblyman and

What do you think will happen in Egypt now? What are the likely outcomes?

Fort Wayne, Indiana, Won't Name New Building After a Longtime Mayor. Pity Poor Harry Baals.

one last whine- editorial on Egypt/ Utilities(don'ask...)

The American version of Tahrir Square

The American version of Tahrir Square

"We won't accept Gamal"

Idiotic news reporter statement "It looks like the 4th of July!"

The GOP Cannot Control Its Own Noise Machine (The Egypt Edition)

Maine Tea Partier Announces Snowe Challenge At CPAC, Flaunts Birth Certificate for designation of February 12, 2011, as Darwin Day

never mind

Mike Huckabee's very liberal, lenient hug a thug record on crime concerns me

Mike Huckabee's very liberal, lenient hug a thug record on crime concerns me

GOP veteran: Tea Party freshmen may rue $100B in cuts

US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber’s Political Opponents

Climate Change:The Movie,produced by Frank Capra. Yes, that Frank Capra. In 1958.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike!

Detroit Shoots Down Idea To Erect ‘Robocop’ Statue in City

Thom Hartmann caller: Bush family worse than the mafia, right wing involved in racketeering

Just released: Repuke budget proposal with their $100 billion cuts: Here's the summary

Yesha Callahan, "Owning My Shit" the woman who brought down the congressman

Caption Bachmann

Senators Skip Over Federal Circuit (first openly gay) Nominee

Why Afghanistan matters for Russia.

Bill Proposed to Force Sale of University of Iowa's Pollock Painting

Susan Lee Burke: Md. Teacher Accused of Choking First Graders

212% increase in the price : Severe freezes in Mexico and Florida

So, what wisdom did Rush, Glenn and Sean have to offer about Egypt?

Kochs brothers' plan for 2012: raise $88 million

Borders may seek bankruptcy protection next week

So did Glenn Beck revel in his caliphate prophesy tonight?

Jack Goldsmith in WaPo: Why The U.S. Shouldn't Try Julian Assange

HAHAHAHA - Maher says the hotel the CPACers are staying in

The internet: product of American virtue

Some compromises to make with right-wing causes

Racial Equality Advocate At CPAC: It's "Just Logical" To "Monitor" Muslims — ...We Interned Japanese

Sword in pants not a weapon, judge rules

ctyme, BRADBLOG and bartcop sites are all back up...

Messages of solidarity to Egyptians?

Palin wows CPAC....

It is good that the military in Egypt has some power because radical islam

The Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves... (Monsanto strikes again)

Jim Garlow defends Glenn Beck

Six new papers on Social Security from Alliance for Retired Americans

Six new papers on Social Security from Alliance for Retired Americans

North Korea appeals to foreign governments for food aid

Fischer Column Pulled Because "America Is Not Mature Enough" To Handle The Truth

Haiti's 'Baby Doc' quietly departs hotel

What really happened in Egypt?

Was it the size or the duration?

if this isn't PROOF the our opponents have lost their collective mind, I don't know what is...

if this isn't PROOF the our opponents have lost their collective mind, I don't know what is...

if this isn't PROOF the our opponents have lost their collective mind, I don't know what is...

Rabbi Michael Lerner on today's events in Egypt:

Is Mubarak Still President? .com

My one big tip to the incoming Egyptian democracy: Publicly funded elections

Toronto announces privatization of municipal workforce

Oregon Man Dies Outside of ER After Delay in Treatment ( hospital refused care)

President of AFL-CIO and DREAM Student to Obama: Pass Immigration Reform

Julian Assange and I have something in common...

UK on Cameron's "multiculturalism has failed": "National angst in the dying days of uniculturalism"

CIA boss's error started confusion

The Haitian Mirror

Duvalier foes seek justice for dictatorship abuses

Duvalier foes seek justice for dictatorship abuses

Bahrain doles out money to families

Protesters, police clash in Algerian capital

Where were the 2m people when SCOTUS selected Bush?

No love: Groupon users revolt against FTD deal/Scam

Here's what that "historic" banner behind George "Package" Bush SHOULD have said:

Can an army famous for abuse really install democracy?

David Frost live on Assange, WikiLeaks and the American set up

David Frost live on Assange, WikiLeaks and the American set up

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge.

WikiLeaks Central: Obama Overrules Amnesty Int'l, Yemen President - Journalist Remains Imprisoned

Obama's budget will bring non-security discretionary spending to lowest level in 50 years

Egypt's Revolution: A Democracy Now! Special On Mubarak’s Downfall (With Fisk & Egyptian Activists)

Failed SEC Enforcement Officials Gain Big Salaries at Major Law Firms

Blazed: Mexico Burns 134 Tons Of Confiscated Marijuana

Oh my wonderous God! We now have *47* reasons to vote Sarah Palin for prez!

While the repubs have been busy trying to cut abortion rights they're planning to slash WIC

The Secret Rally That Sparked an Uprising

Backward, Christian Soldiers

"he would have seen the glare of a child, fixed with bravery and loathing..."

WIKILEAKS: US embassy cables: Tantawi resistant to change in Egypt

Some Barricades Removed as Thousands Clean Tahrir Square (NYT homepage headline)

Algeria Protesters Break Cordon (Pro-Democracy Movement Spreads)

Anyone know of a list of the Conservative Family Values Folks

Obama pledges to help Egypt transition to democracy

Protesters take to the streets of Algiers, defying ban

OMG Slimey Syminton considering a run for Kyl the Bile's seat.

The MIC Is Crying They Don't have Enough Bucks

Photo Gallery: Egypt Bids Farewell to an Autocrat (Der Spiegel)

If you want to follow tweets on the situation in Algeria:

U.S. Jewish groups congratulate Egyptians on ousting Mubarak

I really hope that America is just in the middle ages and not the dark ages

Flashback: GM investigates Ralph Nader's personal life

Citizen Oversight Reveals 1000s of Errors, Extra Votes, 'Lost' Votes in SC's 2010 Election

Pawlenty: "America Does Not" Need To Apologize EVER To Any Person, Place Or Thing

Repugs go Cee-Lo Green on American workers

7 p.m. tonight on Book TV (CSPAN2), Eric Alterman discusses "Kabuki Democracy"

Reagan DOJ Official Slams Scalia’s Tea Party Gathering

Old Spice Infidelity Fail

Tahrir Square coalition already writing "birth certificate" of a free Egypt.

NYT Op-Ed: The Parent Trapped

The US Navy Is Crying They Don't Have Enough Bucks

What A Pathetic Set of Choices

What A Pathetic Set of Choices

The Glorious Wikileaks

Can someone cite an example of anyplace in the US where schools have stopped saying the Pledge?

Saudi Oil Production and Reserves - Reasons Behind Wikileaks Concerns

Chevron Files Fraud and RICO Case Against Lawyers and Consultants Behind Ecuador Litigation

Dear, your car pool is here..

Can an army famous for abuse really install democracy?

The US State Department Has Been Pimping The F-35 To Its Allies For A Long Time

On the mark twitter

Old Spice Infidelity Fail

Old Spice Infidelity Fail

Given Recent Events In Egypt. Will They Dare To Cut SS?

Rotten to the core: Food and energy inflation cannot be ignored

Republicans! You lie!!

Feel the Christian Love: Expel the Gay

I Am Curious (Obama): Is he a friend or a friendo of the Egyptian people?

Julian Assange helped crack Victorian kid porn ring

Tea Party candidate to challenge Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe

Must Read -The resurrection of pan-Arabism

NOVA: Rats overwhelm forest in India (don't watch before breakfast)

The GOP Cannot Control Its Own Noise Machine (The Egypt Edition)

I hate how neocons are angry about the end of Mubarak and non-threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bahrain's King Gifts $3,000 to Every Family (An Attempt to Head Off Protests)

WI.GOP Governor Pushes For MASSIVE ROLLBACK Of Worker RIGHTS, National Guard could Respond to UNREST

WI.GOP Governor Pushes For MASSIVE ROLLBACK Of Worker RIGHTS, National Guard could Respond to UNREST

Wonderful news reporter statement "We have been forced to tell you lies, we aren't going to do

Poll: Should Egypt build a new pyramid?

Poll: Should Egypt build a new pyramid?

innocent until caught with pants down....

Scott Walker Wisconsin Governor

Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, etc...

David Bollier: Privatization Run Amok

Without Mubarak, Egypt State TV Switches Sides

A modest proposal regarding pistol magazines

Rodents on a Plane

Join Us in DC, NY, SF, LA, CHI, BOSTON, MIAMI on Monday to Thank and Encourage Spain to Prosecute Bu

Bill O’Reilly’s Tidal Skepticism Launches “You Can’t Explain That” Meme

Predictions of a commercial real estate bust are a bust

"Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Small minds talk about other people"

"Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Small minds talk about other people"

Wing-nuts push AG Holder for more porn prosecutions

Reagan: Killer, Coward, Con-man

Reagan: Killer, Coward, Con-man

I don't have a spending problem, I have an income problem.

I don't have a spending problem, I have an income problem.

Proposal Would Require You to Buy Insurance--On Your Dog!

Organized Labor in Wisconsin to call Walker's bluff

Palin hires chief-of-staff

Governor Jerry Brown flies Southwest Airlines to Los Angeles

A conservative's wet dream: three legislative initiatives in the mill in Indiana

Glove me , Baby

Ravitch tweets about TFA anniversary...

WHO: Alcohol kills more than AIDS, TB or violence

Substance urges readers to back Miguel Del Valle for Mayor of Chicago

CBS’ Bob Schieffer Drops Harry Reid In Favor Of John McCain To Discuss Egypt




They say that if you give a man enough rope he will eventually hang himself, but

A confession of sorts... to begin, I bought myself a scanner for Xmas

City leaders don't want to name new building after popular ex-mayor - Harry Baals

Properties around the world, 2 yachts, network of bribed companies-How The Mubarak Family Got Rich

Are sociopaths actually human beings?

Bush's Role In The Revolution (and it ain't pretty)

Demand Al Jazeera in the US!

Child abuse registry presumes accused are guilty, critics say

Egypt proved there is no need for a 2nd amendment

Watching the Pyramids From Inside the Great Wall

Is the DEA legalizing THC? Sort of....

Vintage MLK Jr. comic book translated into Arabic, used by democracy activists

Update from BRADBLOG...

CPAC= Nattering nabobs of negativity!

Lots of us are turnips now...

House Republicans unveil new bill to ban resurrection of Fairness Doctrine

Bill O'Reilly earned a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

House Republicans are Working Hard to Put the American Worker on the Endangered Species List

"Once Obama throws a poverty program in the water, it starts a feeding frenzy"

Great New Shirts Made in the USA!

F__K Rahm dot com

Elizabeth Taylor hospitalized for Congestive Heart Failure

Can you live without a car?

Wierd. This morning USGS showed an earthquake swarm at Yellowstone

Spokane County banning e-cigarettes for minors

Palin impersonator hoaxes conservatives

Egypt: The camp that toppled a president

Grocery Magnate Busted in Child Sex Sting

Hey Mods...What's Today?...Troll Saturday ??????

Sean Hannity Guest Exasperated From Preposterously Pointless Debate

Documented KIPP Abuser to Speak Sunday at TFA Conference: "Bringing the 'Joy Factor' to Your School"

Pelosi: GOP House getting little done

CNN TV: Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll

Medicare - what exactly are their "take an ax" to it plans????

Eat the Future by Paul Krugman

In grateful memory of Mohamed Bouazizi

Jury rules man to be released from psychiatric hospital. He's now dead.

Abraham Lincoln, Inflationist -- Krugman

Do ‘pro-lifers’ really care about babies?

Bamboo Ban?

Bamboo Ban?

Who pays to heat Congress and the White House? The US taxpayer or the occupants?

White House wants less gov't in mortgage system

Drinking hot chocolate out of my Cairo, Egypt mug.

Giving Chase: Egypt, OK - But What About America’s Oligarchs?

UK Guardian: The Republican party's nativist shift

Bill O'Reilly Dismisses Beck's Egypt Theory: 'No Evidence' (VIDEO)

From Egypt to.... .... KENTUCKY!! (amazing story and picture)

Saturday's Egypt Toons- A new day has come

Self-deleted by member

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln

House Dems charge GOP with skipping one of its new rules

It is not often that one gets to see the birth of a democracy on the internet or tv.

Nations Should Consider Responding Non-Violently To Future U.S. Aggression

Is there a broadcaster on M$greedia

CA-36: Can we agree to a truce in advance?

Breitbart: Code Pink Protestors Used To Be 'Kind Of Slutty,' Now They're 'Long In The Tooth'

Progressive tax proposed on Conn. residents with incomes over $150G

Field Marshal Tantawi Allegedly in Charge in Egypt—What's a Field Marshall?

Question for Bill O'Reilly

Shit. Another school district in Texas is cutting funds/teachers

A week of Doonesbury- Tyrants Falling!

Dodging Disney In The Delivery Room

You Can't Run Government Like Your Stupid Houshold!

WSJ: How the Egyptian protesters fooled the police & occupied Tahrir Square

Wanted: A Voice of America - For America

Looks Like Ross Perot Was Right About The “Giant Sucking Sound”

Palantir: "I Want To Publicly Apologize To Progressive(s) In General, Mr. Greenwald In Particular"

Bread and Butter Revolution: Egypt’s Workers Mobilize for a New Future

Egyptians gather around a stone memorial in honor of those who were killed during the protest - pics

Wait, wait...I don't get this at all...

*LMAO*- Republicans can't cite constitution authority for abortion bill (well played Mr. Weiner)

New York Times Covers HBGary Proposed Attacks On WikiLeaks/Greenwald Story; Also 'Anonymous'

Missile Defense Interceptor Gets $1.7 Billion U.S. Budget Boost

J Street statement on Mubarak abdication

I think we can safely extrapolate Egypt would have happened in Iraq had we never invaded.

How Many Seniors Will Be Homeless If Texas Cuts Medicaid?

With Feingold Out Of Way-FBI Finds New Ways To Spy "w/o legal process or a qualifying emergency"

All fox talks about is the Muslim Brotherhood instead of focusing on the fact that Egypt

Thank God For The Egyptian Uprising

LOL.. my editorial on The Patriot Act printed today...and the crucifixon has begun..

What made Mubarak Change his mind? Was it contrived to have the people cheer military rule?

mops and brooms in Tahrir

For any Egyptians on DU. Congrats. K&R this thread to show your support for the people of Egypt

America will get the President it deserves.

Algeria shuts down Internet and Facebook as protest mounts

Breitbart: Code Pink Protestors Used To Be 'Kind Of Slutty,' Now They're 'Long In The Tooth'

egyptian riot grrls

Hosni Mubarak Used Last 18 Days in Power to Secure His Fortune (That's why he held on)

You gotta see the Idaho education deform plan...

It’s just the name of the bogeyman that’s changed....

Toronto Star: Professors fight back in information war

Arne's Chicago Public School Deform has "Destroyed Career Education" (aka vocational ed) in Chicago

Photos: Very unflattering photos from CPAC (LOL)

To anyone who thinks that Palin doesn't stand a chance of winning

Do you smell that breeze?

Walker (WI gov) recall organizing on Facebook...

Hard Lessons from the Sale of the Huffington Post


So Aljazeera English is a “Muslim Terrorist station”?

Mortgage Interest Tax Break No Longer Sacred? (NPR)

Need help paying for your prescriptions and possibly medical care?

The Insurers' Real Agenda for Change - Wendell Potter

Hey, American Guys. I do not know your country. If you are ASSAULTED do you pay for treatment?

Abortion Ban Bill Passes in ND House

GOP rep: I made a 'terrible mistake' in last year's Patriot Act vote

Where Karl Rove got the idea for the Dan Rather sting...

The CPACers do not love America. They are undermining our commander in chief in a time of war.

Rick Scott like income redistribution

Rick Scott like income redistribution

Boeing Puts Another Behemoth in the Sky (747-8)

YES Egypt youth , you are responsible for the economic conditions you live with.....

Two Years from Now, Where Will the Tea Baggers Be??

Two Years from Now, Where Will the Tea Baggers Be??

Why the GOP calls for extreme austerity make no sense

Nokia workers walk out in protest after Microsoft news

Hey Skinner - Where are the Little Pink Hearts - DU Love

What will the media's next shiny new object be?

School Loses Kids & Tries to Have Dad Arrested

Obama's weekly radio address: austerity edition

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps visits Bob McChesney and takes callers - Sunday 2pm ET

Duer Zoigal is 82 years old tomorrow

“There’s class warfare, all right,”

Happy Darwin Day 2011 everyone

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha Ron Paul wins the CPAC straw poll again

Can we please retire the phrase "the goalposts have been moved"?

State lawmakers intend on using the current CPI Index methodology to union contract compensation...

Wael Ghonim: " We are dreamers and we made it happen"

We saved $3000 a year in a morning.

TFA founder says not necessary to overcome poverty. TFA will save the day...

Federal regulators to formally ban e-cigarette use on planes

Ann Coulter: "The Left is Trying to Co-Opt Gays"

GOProud member: " I don't really like gay people"

Oh My!Arrest warrant for Pervez Musharraf over the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto

any fans of Alaska Goldrush out there?

Bill Would Require Kansas Babies To Undego Paternity Test

And here it is, I present the 2011 CPAC QUEEN

Cairo's Tahrir Square on February 12, 2011 - pics

OK, we passed the tax cuts for the rich - where are the jobs? nt

the most fragile, most brutalized, & most self-hidden traumatized people in America - homeless women

No shock, just awe

Anyone watch Real Time with Bill Maher? Cornel West is definitely not impressed with Barack Obama.

I live in Michigan.

Obama Assertion: FBI Can Get Phone Records Without Oversight

I am getting a serious suspicion that we're being played for chumps.

Several things I'd cut before heating assistance

Will the Administration support a popular democratic government in Egypt that opposes U.S. interests

Lovesick Bird Finds New Mate At National Aviary

Lovesick Bird Finds New Mate At National Aviary

NPR and PBS under attack by Republican budget proposal release Wednesday

This thread is for all the boot-strappy Tea Partier types out there

Teach for America: 5 Myths That Persist 20 Years On

Teach for America: 5 Myths That Persist 20 Years On

Turborama appreciation thread

Administration Calls for Cutting Aid to Home Buyers

I've said it before, I'll say it again: The "shared sacrifice" bit is such shit.

The Atlas Shrugged trailer stars a bunch of people yelling about the railroad industry

Bob Herbert: "As the throngs celebrated in Cairo, democracy is on the ropes in the United States"

Lawmaker wants bad laws banished forever

Islamophobia has no place in our democratic society

Islamophobia has no place in our democratic society

Islamophobia has no place in our democratic society

Robin Hood Is Dead

I'm getting sued by hospital emergency room I went to last year.

Nine-year-old Brisenia Flores pleaded, "Please don't shoot me"

Suspect in Brooklyn Stabbing Spree Is Captured

Veterans of the first Gulf War can't get treatment; Army admits medical records were destroyed

The Scott Walker Is a Douchebag Facebook page

The future of work

How the GOP plans to permanently steal the $2.2 trillion SS Trust Fund, & slash your SS w/o "cuts"

I'm willing to make the same cuts in my living standards that President Obama and his friends make.

First trailer!

Philadelphia Church Official Charged in Scandal

I could go for some hot sausages inna bun...

My mouth guard is making me gag...

Former eBay CEO and Calif. governor candidate Meg Whitman rejoins Procter & Gamble board

know why I stink?

Hawaii House passes same-sex civil unions bill

White House Retreats on Social Security Offer


Egypt, way back when:


Head of Egyptian military is unknown in the West, derided at home (WikiLeaks Cables Reveal)

Duvalier foes seek justice for dictatorship abuses

Obama Seeks to End $46.2 Billion in Energy-Industry Tax Breaks Over Decade

Wisconsin’s Walker Calls for End of Collective Bargaining, Alerts National Guard

Algeria (Riot) Police Deployed Ahead Of (Saturday's) Banned Democracy Rally

Harper On Transition In Egypt: 'That Toothpaste Won't Go Back In The Tube'

Haiti's 'Baby Doc' quietly departs hotel

Didn't this guy put on one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows EVER?

Post-Mubarak Era Dawns on Egypt

Algeria protesters break cordon

Wisconsin labor, student groups organize protests against Walker's public union plans

Algeria: Protesters Clash With Riot Police

I learn so much, like all the time.....

Former Bush-Cheney National Spokesman Thinks Muslims Are Incapable Of Democracy:

There was just a knock at my door.

This here is TheMightyFavog taking you throught the small wee hours....

What are you reading tonight DU? Me a biography of Mordecai Richler by

I'm thinking one duck gets pissed off and the other ducks are soccer hooligans.

Students hold Yemen protest, demand president quit

At Least 10 Detained Following 'Day of Wrath' Protests in Moscow

The untouchables: crime fighters let gangsters take the money and run

Nokia workers walk out in protest after Microsoft news

I like Charlie Sheen.

I like satin sheen.

I like sample sheep.

I like Velva Sheen

Soldier May Testify Against Comrades in Afghan Killings, Lawyer Says

Wanna tell you a story, bout the house-man blues

Wow. I just got back from the guns forum.

Topic for a copycat thread

How many internet browser windows/tabs do you have open right now?

Always Make playlists for your music player when stoned.

Never Make playlists for your music player when stoned.

DOJ says Va. fails to provide community treatment

Dear, your car pool is here..

CU-Boulder student center becomes hangout for homeless

Algeria police stifle Egypt-inspired protest

University of Iowa students protest tuition hike

GOP rep: I made a 'terrible mistake' in last year's Patriot Act vote

Arrest warrant issued for Pervez Musharraf

DUer Zoigal is eighty two tomorrow!

Merced lawmaker (Cardoza, D-Calif.) blasts Obama, Pelosi

Egypt will maintain its peace treaty with Israel, military says

Egypt government officials banned from traveling abroad

Egypt military authorities 'to respect all treaties'

Protesters, police clash in Algerian capital

Greece blasts EU-IMF asset sale demand

U.S.-Afghan-Pakistan meeting postponed amid tensions

Saudi Arabia welcomes peaceful transition in Egypt

Electrocution suspected as horses die before race

4 Albanian government security agents arrested over deadly clashes during protests

What are you listening to?

Judge: Wal-Mart can fire man for med marijuana use

I found an old photograph of AsahinaKimi going on a picnic with her favorite fella.

Iraq subsidises power after protests over services


Protests in Italy -- 'after Mubarak, Berlusconi'

Mexican consul to visit Gridley (CA); tea party plans protest

Hindu radical outfit protests against Valentine's Day in Jammu and Kashmir

jeebus dog

Protests over sale of public forests (UK)

Iran will not allow 'illegal' opposition rally

Moroccan dies after fiery protest: rights official

Pakistani court issues arrest warrant for Musharraf in Bhutto case

Please post your favorite Gibson SG videos here...

Does your cat hug you when you return home?

Arab protests show hunger threat to world-economist

(Maryland) Senator Gets Hate Mail Over Mountain Name Change (Negro Mountain, PA/MD)

Just saw "The King's Speech" and really enjoyed it -- but did any other A&E Pride and Prejudice fans

UK police aim to adapt to Twitter-led protests

Australians Saw Habib Tortured (at Guantanamo), Says Officer

Egypt’s military backs democratic civilian rule

Vice President Biden was a surpise guest at 3rd Brigade Combat Team Welcome Home Ceremony

Yemen: Pro-Government Forces Attack Demonstrators

If there's one thing in this world I hate, it's an unlocked footlocker

The Daily Squeeeeeeee

The Cat in the Hat might be the worst film I've ever seen

Klepto Kitty - Must Watch!

I like Martin Sheen.

my boy KID ROCK!

My boyfriend is a dud!!!

Julian Assange's lawyer makes graphic defence during extradition hearing

South Bay (San Jose) pot busts on hold while DA reviews medical marijuana laws

Strip-searched woman sues U.S. border guards

U.S. Approves Corn Modified for Ethanol

(Gov.) Kasich ending bargaining for state workers (Ohio)

Yes! A football free Sunday!

I'm kind of confused about

If you use both online banking & your checkbook, how do you reconcile acct?

Who is the smelliest PUer?

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

If you have seen 'The Social Network' who did you side with?

VD question.....

Post-punk and goth-rock

University of Washington students rally in protest of ed cuts

Hosni Mubarak used last 18 days in power to secure his fortune

Had the Fire Dept. over tonight on a 911 call

U.S. files two new trade cases against China with WTO

MFM? meh. BTB! {AKA morning at Kali's}

It is happening. My dad had a partial diagnosis of Alzheimer's and today he put a coffee filter and a

Yale agrees to return Machu Picchu artefacts to Peru

Screw the stork! look what The French Sailer brought me!!!!!



Message from Egypt to Iranian people: Iran its your turn now!!!

Could I get a job with those terms, please...

Martial law for Egypt - Free at last, free at last ! - FKN Newz 02/11/11


Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web

Euphoric Scenes Across Egypt As The Historic News Breaks Out About Mubarak's Downfall

Thousands Of Protesters In Tahrir Square Break Into Song - Joyful Post-Mubarak Scene! (02/11/11)

White House White Board: Goolsbee on the National Wireless Initiative

Protester Brutally Assaulted in Algeria

Fareed Zakaria Discusses Post-Mubarak Egypt: "The Army Owns 100s & 100s Of Economic Entities"

Old Spice Infidelity Fail

Police and Protesters Clash in Algeria

Think Different - Asmaa Mahfouz

CPAC: White Supremacists Okay with Gays? (Even Asian Gays?)

TYT: How Being Gay Kills - GOP Representative

'A Revolution Well Done' - Cenk After Mubarak Steps Down In Egypt

Weekly Address: "It's Time Washington Acted as Responsibly as Our Families Do"

Rachel Maddow :How the right explains Egypt

MUBARAK IS GONE! - Raw Footage: Scenes Of Celebration In Cairo Seconds After Announcement

OIL SPILL in GULF: Wake Up America, you are being LIED to!

Gay Wars: What We Saw at CPAC

Stark Reports: Ralph Reed answers questions re: Abramoff

Don't be a sucker 1947

TDPS: What Would McCain & Glenn Beck Craigslist Ads Look Like If They Were Trolling for Women?

Rising, Uniting, and REVOLTING- Why Not Here in America?

Awesome Amateur Footage From Tahrir Square Of The Very Moment The News Broke Of Mubarak's Downfall

Atlas Shrugged Trailer

EXPOSED: Attack on Wikileaks

Al Jazeera English: Egypt's Remarkable 18 Days (In 3 Minutes)

Liberal in Bed, Conservative in the Head: Sophie B. Hawkins, Breitbart, & Steele, @ Big Gay Party

Celebrate Darwin and Evolution!

The Assassination Of Julian Assange

Kentucky Senate Wants To Pass 'Bible Curriculum'

RFK, Jr.: Oil Industry Trying to Silence “Gasland” Director

San Diego Port Officer Says Nukes Have Been Found In An American Port

Justice Clarence Thomas and Citizens United: A Conflict of Interest -

'It's a Moment of Pure Ecstasy'

"this Administration and his advisors should take a victory lap. "

About Those So-Called POTUS Apology Tours

Delicious! How flippin' stupid will Peter King (R-bigot) look now?

Keep Your Government Hands Off My Government Programs!

Photo: "We have the power to make the world we seek if we have the courage to make a new beginning."

Democracy is such a nice dream....

mmmm Reagan cake!- false idol? .....and there appears to be a mispelling

In others news . . . "Afghans chant anti US slogans"

"Obama has positioned himself as a soulmate for the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Egyptians"

'for those keeping score in the "peacefully removing Arab dictators" game, it's now Obama 2, Bush 0'

Nonprofits Brace for Obama's 2012 Budget

Obama and the Somali Pirates ...

"He has not disappointed me. His leadership validates my belief in his instincts"

It's Hard Out There For A Black Candidate At CPAC

Bob Herbert: When Democracy Weakens

I have a problem with Obama using the phrase "moral force"

So much revisionist history going on about Egypt here

Goatwhacked, from Urban Dictionary...

NYT: U.S. export up 21% in 2010

WEEKLY ADDRESS: “It’s Time Washington Acted as Responsibly as Our Families Do”

Looks like Snowe has a tea bag problem in 2012

Ron Paul wins CPAC second year in a row with 30%. Romney was second with 23%

The price of lack of diversity on progressive blogs

Internet / Social Networking the Tool to Start Revolutions?

Did Arianna Huffington just suggest she would consider voting for a republican on Maher?

John Nichols - The Nation - Should Obama Face a Primary Challenge?

GOP 2012 Nominee: Is Mitch Daniels the most likely to actually beat the President?

From CPAC Podium, Horowitz Claims 'CPAC has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood' LOL

U.S. Chamber Launches Covert Attacks on Their Political Opponents

Climate change keenly felt in Alaska's national parks

Climate change noted in 1956

Maine Beverage Industry Targets State's Groundbreaking Bottle Bill

Egypt's revolution redefines what's possible in the Arab world

Hosni Mubarak: Egyptian 'pharaoh' dethroned amid gunfire and blood

Robert Fisk: A tyrant's exit. A nation's joy

58 percent of Americans, agree that marijuana should be regulated and taxed just like like alcohol.

This time, the people of Haiti may win

Out of Egyptian protests a new Obama doctrine is born

This time, the people of Haiti may win

Head of Egyptian military is unknown in the West, derided at home (WikiLeaks Cables Reveal)

Mubarak Offered Asylum by Steve Martin, In a Condo Made of Stone-a

USA's Official Foreign Policy

DNA and dollars are killing capital punishment

Who's Your Nazi?

Mubarak Craigslist Photo Revealed!

Egypt’s Revolution, Bush’s Victory?

Guardian UK: This time, the people of Haiti may win

Who Says Republicans Have No New Ideas?

Friday Talking Points (154) -- Egypt Rising

What Wikileaks Teaches Us About Obama and Latin America

Governor's Sit-In Day Two: Why Kentucky Can't Wait

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The Apocalypse?

Roman rise and fall 'recorded in trees'

Five Arab Countries That The ‘Jasmine Revolution’ May Spread To Next

Our Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of the Egyptian People & Disgusted at...

ATF agent Vincent A Cefalu posts...

Knife rampage

Massachusetts gun culture- in Cambridge!

A modest proposal regarding pistol magazines

just recieved my new gammo toy

Wayne LaPierre is an asshole

Pistol packing pastor prevents burglary (Beaumont, Tx. - Video at link)

In Va., charges rare for those who shoot intruders

Was border agent killed with gun purchased at Glendale store?

A modest proposal regarding pistol magazines

Just came back from a local gun shop-I could NOT BELIEVE the number of people

Why do gun lovers claim to be "law-abiding," yet use criminal activity to...

Why do Free Staters want to violate NH gun-free school safety zones?

Egypt proved there is no need for a 2nd amendment

Honduras, U.S. sign aid agreement

Duvalier foes seek justice for dictatorship abuses

Chile rocked by a powerful earthquake

This time, the people of Haiti may win

What Wikileaks Teaches Us About Obama and Latin America

Regarding guns on college campuses...

Massive destruction of the Pens going in right now at the Barn

Arlington officials prevented Cowboys from assuming risk of incomplete seats

Legendary Popular Pirates Manager Chuck Tanner

Tom Cochrane and Red Rider - Big League

Clemson hits 3-pointer at the buzzer!!

I have some advice for all you Badgers out there

I have some Advice for all you Buckeyes out there....

OMG, the Duck's basketball court hurts my eyes

Fuck Em' Bucky!

Pitchers and catchers report on Tuesday!!

Here is Lady Gaga's new single, "Born This Way."

I think people who use the phrase, "homosexual lifestyle," should be asked to define that term.

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood: Israel, U.S. main losers in Mubarak ouster

Palestinian negotiator Erakat quits due to leaks

‘Maybe this is the moment to put our trust in freedom'

Reality Check: A Military Coup is Not a Revolution

Egypt will maintain its peace treaty with Israel, military says

New Yorker - Paul Haggis vs. $cientology

The Gospels are four in number, neither more nor less. Mystic reasons for this.

“Our Bleffed Savior has bleffed us...”

What if there were no love?