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Archives: February 26, 2011

Statistically there are more high-school shool shootings than university shootings, therefore;

What should instructors at a public universities in Texas do when students can carry in class?

The Plutocrat's Coup d'Etat, Their Republican Allies and Their Democratic Enablers

Libyan Navy joins protesters

Facebook's Secret Role in Egypt-Execs took unusual steps to protect the identity of protest leaders

Facebook's Secret Role in Egypt-Execs took unusual steps to protect the identity of protest leaders

Name some of the "loony left" Tweety! He was just making

Monsanto Wins Reversal of Order to Destroy Sugar Beet Plants

MADISON - "The lobbyists have apparently begun the work of taking the Koch name off the door."

Walker: I Visited Dems' Districts In Effort To Bring Them Back To Wisconsin

The Muslim Brotherhood...

Government Debt, at All Levels, Reaches Post-World War II Levels

People making a difference - a big thumbs up here to Under Heard:

Scott Walker, at press conference, offers to sing kumbaya with Senate Dems

I called the ALA today.

Obama signs Patriot Act extension into law

Wisconsin Capitol To Close Sunday Afternoon After Non-Stop Protests

Pa. suspends air pollution controls at drilling sites!

This Liar on the TV is amazing

Arrogant Kochs

narcotic commander filmed counting cash from sale of drugs

Wisconsin Radio Station Explains Why It Dropped Beck's "Unacceptable" Show

The Craigslist Congressman and the Crossdressing Prostitute...

A question about the 50% plus one in a democracy?

The #Libya Daily

That dickhead on O'Donnell (Scott Suder) is from Abbotsford, WI

Obama administration stops defending DADT policy as constitutional

Sex ceremony voodoo candles cause fire - 1 dead, 20 injured firefighters, 47 families homeless

"Daylight exacerbates warming"

GOP lawmaker wants to tax Wisconsin Dems

So, will Obama defend our mercenaries if they start to fire on Iraqi protestors?

That's why you pay union dues, after all.

Survey: More U.S. hate groups than ever before

Lawrence will discuss shortly- Paul Broun -Town Hall question

Anybody heard of bobbolink? I know that she was sick

Why is Education on the Republican Chopping Block?

Obama admin decides to start a govt-run research center that would explore new remedies for diseases

wearing a tube top does NOT equal consent

Gov. Walker (R-WI) may have violated many parts of Wisconsin law in prank call

As Protests Spread to Iraq, Famous Shoe-Thrower Arrested Again

Why Won’t Obama Meet with Unemployed?

Big solidarity rallies scheduled across the country Saturday, but...

Shelley said it best

"Tear Down This Wall" (but not that one...)

Why are we hearing about the demonstration in the Wi. Assembly

Mitch Daniels talks (about) past drug use, arrest

Bush comment could set record for all-time irony

Bush comment could set record for all-time irony

State-by-state look at union battles across the U.S. (10 states so far)

Bravo Jennifer Granholm!!

So why doesn't the UN want Bush and Cheney

Live streaming Madison - inside Capitol

Polar Bear Cubs - Friday fun pics

Polar Bear Cubs - Friday fun pics

Teach Your Children Well

Boeing Pays NO TAXES--But Snags $35 Billion In Taxpayer Dollars

Keith went after my area's Mike Hogan--yeah!!!

Matthew Rothschild: The New York Times Plays Into Gov. Walker’s Hands

Matthew Rothschild: The New York Times Plays Into Gov. Walker’s Hands

Where Are the Thugs?

if Obama won't go to Madison...he could send Hilda Solis.

Keith on Scott Walker...

OCCUPATION FAILURE: Time to ask Petraeus Some Hard Questions-By Dennis Kucinich

Really Bad Reporting in Wisconsin: Who 'Contributes' to Public Workers' Pensions?

So if we bankrupt all the insurers, then can we have Medicare for all?

Keith on Unions...

Scott Walker...

Please don't make me feel bad for Scott Walker

I Am Incensed... I Have The Choice Of Absolute Criminal Whack-Jobs, And A Non-Confrontational

Spread please.

Report: NATO may attack Libya if violence continues

Thieves burglarize home while parents at funeral for son

How John Birch Society Extremism Never Dies: The Fortune Behind Scott Walker’s Union-Busting

"Under kidney transplant proposal, younger patients would get the best organs"

Even More Reasons For Fox News To Consider Rebranding

White Southern Christian conservatives are suddenly concerned about separation of church and state

For those planning to attend a solidarity rally tomorrow.....a little Zinn-spiration

If the Wisc State Senate DID pass the Death to Collective Bargaining Bill

We, the people are responsible for Keith Olbermann's renaissance!

Bernie Sanders wasn't on Thom Hartmann today - but he was on Cenk's MSNBC show

This Land Is Your Land

Another one of Fox's "mistakes?" (Obama = Osama?)

Gaddafi's private pilot has fled Libya

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif to go live at 9:30 p.m. tonight

Former WI AG Says Walker May Have Broken Laws During Prank Phone Call

Letters From Inside Libya (Distressing TOON)

Gingrich says the repubs won the last government shutdown...history says otherwise...

Congress on course to avert a government shutdown

And now from Alternate reality that is Michelle Bachman

'We are ALL Wisconsin' rallies in Calif. (sorry, links in email don't work in this post)

Scott Walker's unprincipled rigidity - Dana Milbank

World's largest 3D picture (wow!)

Regarding Keith Olbermann's new website: “video components will be added” to the site in a few weeks

Solidarlity all the way from Poland

This is hysterical about the pizza delivery in WIS

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 14 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

A question

You know Listening to some Peter Seger

New Google Search System Seeks to Weed Out Useless Results

Standing Up

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 9, Part 15 (The Mother of of Intifadas today)

Protests unite public, private union workers

On this day in West Virginia history --- February 26, 1972 --- Buffalo Creek disaster

UPDATE 1-Iraq's largest oil refinery shut by bombing

Delegation from US’s League of Women Voters Visit Cuba

Hey wasn't Rachel supposed to be on Bill Maher tonight?

Quick question: Is there a way to see what the newest post is on a thread?

Rethugs "plan" to bring jobs back to the US: destroy the unions

So if public unions are busted, we all know private unions are next, but what will next after that?

Just watched Hannity interviewing Reince Priebus. He looked like a sweaty nazi underling

Bravo John Carlos - They are ReTHUGS in name

The Root of alot of the shit..

WikiLeaks: Gadaffi family riddled by greed, jealousy

A friend came for a visit today

Foknewschannel live

Foknewschannel live

Foknewschannel live

Libya on Wes Clark's hit list, only one left ?

All this represents a high-water mark in the influence of the "nativist lobby" funded by John Taton.

Tea for Two-Thousand: Day One of the Tea Party’s American Policy Summit

In a tolerant society, racists hear this: your race is run (Australia)

We Need to Raise Taxes on the Rich, ASAP (Alternet)

Confirmed: Union-Bashing Right-Wing Media Stars Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly Are AFL-CIO Union-Aff

Working People vs Wall Street part 1

Working People vs Wall Street part 1

Defense Secretary Bob Gates at West Point on Friday

I feel so ripped off! is getting close is getting close

Rally to Save the American Dream

Wisconsin police association urges members to join sleep-in at Capitol

McAfee's SiteAdvisor is wrong on Keith's new site.

You would think the repuke attack on teachers, and children, would illicit a stronger response.

Michael Moore: Why I Support the People of Thompson, Canada -- And You Should Too

The world is grappling this week with the way it should invoke a far-reaching principle - R2P.

Wisconsin Spirit Sweeps Across the Midwest

Wisconsin Spirit Sweeps Across the Midwest

Obama signs temporary extension of Patriot Act

Some public employee union members are, gasp!, Republicans! who voted for Walker.

Some public employee union members are, gasp!, Republicans! who voted for Walker.

Its 10 degrees in Madison Wisconsin and we had snow overnight

Oil and Gas Industry Gears Up to Help Friendly Candidates

US Endless-War Budget Rolls On

Budget Crisis? Duh. Tax The Rich! - Robert Parry

Guardian UK: Wisconsin and the limits of web power

Why should people be able to take a break during the work day to

FOX Lies - Exhibit 1 - Labor Poll Results

I would personally like to thank Scott Walker.

BBC: Third of Christchurch buildings 'could face demolition'

BBC: Third of Christchurch buildings 'could face demolition'

mods pls delete, posting bug error

Looking for a credit card? It pays to be rich

Burly Craigslist Congressman Chris Lee Looking for SheMales???

Bill to ban candy-like tobacco is snuffed out

Allen West not ruling out VP bid: 'I'm always willing to serve my country'

That peckerhead Rove, seems to think Obama is bullying Walker

yep. it's all about turning back the clock: Contraception is Not the Solution

WISCONSIN ... Graham Nash, your services are needed!

Colorado Senate advances bill to ban "prone restraint" techniques

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: Where Writers Wrote!

Quilt causing controvery at quilt show - "Disgusting doesn't even cover it."

VA bill would shut down 17 of state's 21 abortion clinics

VA bill would shut down 17 of state's 21 abortion clinics

Hideaway in Rockford video

"fever phobia"

Some Republicans soften tough talk on Unions

Joel Pett TOON: Ripping us Apart

Natural Gas Industry prepared to explode over "Gas Land"

Natural Gas Industry prepared to explode over "Gas Land"

poor banks.....Cry me a river so I can go fishing in it

Toon: Santorum and the Crusades

The Wealthy Elite's one-two punch: Citizens United and destroying Unions.

Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years

Charlie Sheen can beat up women and still be a millions of dollars TV star but....

I don't put it past KOCH et al to get violent, Walker and co are scumbags

I don't know if this means anything, but Saif Gaddafi is following Rachel Maddow

I feel better, in VA they closed the sweepstakes loophole, and want to ban "sweepstakes cafes"

Topeka, KS - House speaker looks to ban lobbyists for vulgar behaviour

Help answer a friend who's a corporate repub.

What Does it Feel Like to be the Enemy?

Quick question - didn't the 'DLC' reopen for business under a different name?

"We need to create good-paying jobs in this country..."

Ole Blue

LA Times: Protests unite public, private union workers

Okay. Who broke Twitter?

'Mummy I got buried. Please make it quick'

With the decline of private-sector unions America has become more oligarchic and less democratic

Would any DUer volunteer to receive & post pics from those of us attending rallies?

Imagine if the bankers and wealthy were protesting in Wisconsin instead.....

If you're not a RightWingNutJob, you should never, Never, NEVER...

Breaking: Walker booed out of local WI tavern

Well, we knew this day was coming

Libya's Gaddafi No Longer in Control: Berlusconi

Rebels lay siege to Gaddafi stronghold

His ass must have been a thing of beauty.

I really really really want an 'Anonymous' T-Shirt

Post FDR Politicians: Progressive, Liberal or Moderate?

Post FDR Politicians: Progressive, Liberal or Moderate?

Gas rich galaxies confirm prediction of modified gravity theory

Mitt Romney's defense of RomneyCare gives him a broccoli problem

Bizarro Jesus Christ . .

Press Release Anonymous: Who/What Anonymous represents

Press Release Anonymous: Who/What Anonymous represents

Bill would expand definition of bullying, provide training

Bill would expand definition of bullying, provide training

well then?

Okay I will say it.. I wish the Green Bay Packers would..

On the Walker prank call - the Governor of a state drops everything for a phone call?

The predators at the top are pitting ordinary workers against one another-By BOB HERBERT

Rallies in 50 states to support Wis. protesters

Koch's Dog.....

Pakistan picked up another American contractor

The Russians Are Helping The United States Economy (to implode)

MADISON Mayor ?s Walker: "What steps did you or others take to carry out plan to disrupt protests?

Koch front group advocated taking down unions

Russia vows to sell cruise missiles to Syria

Pat Buchanan up to the same on MSNBC

From the needy, to the greedy.

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 1 (The Mother of all Intifada continues)

"The Republican Brotherhood"

Al Jazeera English: "Inside Story" -- starting now -- is about Gaddafi's inner circle

Al Jazeera English: "Inside Story" -- starting now -- is about Gaddafi's inner circle

Is my Protest Sign a little "Over the Top"

Congress on course to avert a shutdown

The only way to hurt the elitists is in their pocketbook.

Me? I don’t smoke--

Anthony Weiner speaking at NYC Rally now

The real reason Gov. Walker was 86'ed

On Unions and "shared sacrifice".

Maine LD 216--Resolve, To Prohibit Smokers from Receiving MaineCare (Medicaid) Benefits

Koch Front Group Americans For Prosperity: ‘Take The Unions Out At The Knees’

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 2 (The Mother of all Intifada continues)

Power Shifts In Libya, Transition Could Be Bumpy

"Rule o' Law Russell" becomes "I'm the Law Pearce" (AZ Senate)

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 3 (The Mother of all Intifadas continues)

Oh boy the rally tomorrow will be COLD for San Diego

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates :"Never get involved in a land war in Asia"

The GOPer Party is a BLACK HOLE Sucking up Energy ....The GROUP known as Conservatives

Poll: Would you prefer more or less U.S. military adventurism?

Walkerism Chart

Wisconsin non-union employee of the month: Editorial cartoon

Florida gets more time to vie for high-speed rail money

Can you hear the people sing in MANY language

a benefit of being in a union

They Forgot Poland!!!

President Obama should ask Scott Walker to come to D.C.

PHOTO: Amazing And Scary Income Inequality Charts On Madison WI Capitol Wall

Feds spy on reporter in leak probe

Rant about insurance billing

What is your general opinion of big businesses and corporations?

Bob Cesca: The Wisconsin Lie

Utah draws thousands for no-shooting-required gun permit

Forward my mail here, I'm not leaving.

video from WI - Sudden call for vote over in 15 seconds

Why, in my opinion, Obama should NOT visit Madison...

Fire up for the rallies DUers!

"Senate Democrats tentatively embraced a Republican plan to immediately cut $4 billion"

The right of free association and speech in Wisconsin

Should we do a thread on positive union anecdotes?

Nutcase Newtie: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Gay Marriage Reversal

I'm pretty damned excited that there's a rally tomorrow! will be livestreaming rallies in all fifty state capitals Saturday Feb.26!

A Facebook post from a Conservative friend in response to the Georgia Teabagger story.

What Is With the Freakier Than Normal Boner Ad? "Ask Boner"

WTDY/Madison Drops Glenn Beck Show: "Lack of actual content... His unabashed deriding of Madison..."

Libya celebrates as Gaddafi's remote strongholds rise against him

Rally To Save Ohio’s Middle Class

Anyone being pressured to take a buy-out and retire where they work?

Anyone being pressured to take a buy-out and retire where they work?

Best of BorowitzReport (recent laughs)

3,000 estimated at Denver rally today per voice on the MoveOn feed

The Republicons shot for the moon and got it... we are about to get it back

2009 Scott Walker tried to reduce work hours for union members

Scott Walker - sticking it to the unions -2009/2010 - Wage freezes, no step increases, etc:

Analysis: Koch brothers a force in anti-union effort

Worried by Wisconsin fight, labor rallies in NY

So has anyone interviewed Bush yet about his decision to drop terror sanctions against Gaddafi?

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 5 (The Mother of all Intifadas continues)

Assault on unions is an attack on basic civil rights

help me figure out this craigslist real estate -- crime? scam?

Gas up more than 10% here in the last 5 days, food prices to follow

A movie to watch during these times.

The Global Economies Are Quickly Moving Closer To Collapse

Gov. Howdy Doody

Don't see much coverage of the protests...

****Who's Protesting Today?****

Phoned Ian's Pizza last night after hours and they called me this morning...

Federally-funded sock puppets on the loose!

Garlow again! Inflamatory same old , same old

Something GOP doesn't want to cut: Funding for NASCAR

Buying friendlier products every day.

Michigan poor and elderly get screwed, rich are just fine with new tax cuts.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker defends efforts to balance state budget

State Rep. Dean Kaufert, R-Neenah (Wis.), votes against Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill......

toon: America awake Gas $$ soar yet????

Rupert Murdoch and David Koch Collude Against Wisconsin Workers

NYT: Indiana Informs Wisconsin’s Push on Unions

I'm SHOCKED I tell you, to find a married GOP Congressman sleeping with cross-dressing hookers!

Koch Industries is Top 10 Air Polluter in the U.S.

Discovery to perform one of the most spectacular shuttle moves Saturday at 1 p.m.

Writers: you too can make money

"Day of Rage"

Labor protests draw thousands across United States

Labor protests draw thousands across United States

Bringing back the gilded age.

It's s constitional issue. Wisconsin

Lawyers and Human Rights Groups Criticize Proposed UK Torture Inquiry

WI Capitol Building Will Close Sat at 6 pm. Coming: restrictions on blankets etc.

Louis CK asks Donald Rumsfeld if he’s ‘a lizard-person who eats Mexican babies’

Why would any public employee vote Republican?

Oil giants downed by Chinese hackers named

The People of Libya

Shocking before and after pictures of addiction

Are there any Republicans who care about Democracy?

Another huge crowd gathers at (Wisconsin) Capitol for rally

Ian's Pizza -- Iran calling

Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman, West Wing) to rally in...

I just watched "The Formula", Anyone here familiar with that film?

Gingrich hints that Obama should be impeached over DOMA then backs off like a big adulterous chicken

The Midwest battle ground: A battle we can’t afford to lose.

BP reneges on deal to rebuild oyster beds, repair wetlands, Louisiana officials say

Government shutdown looms, Tea Party cheers, America loses

I wish John Lennon was alive to see what is going on in the world today.

The greatest political conversation of all time

Post pics of today's rallies HERE:

Devolution... THAT'S what the fuck happened!!!

Bill O Rielly is a Sexual Predator! Sign guy-You rock! Awsome job staying in frame!

Republican David Brooks "More people own ferrets than watch fox news".

Live Video of the Capital Square in Madison... showing crowd n/t

NH, ME, VT groups rally in support of workers

The Battle of Blair Mountain

As I watch recent world wide events this song keeps playing in my mind

The People vs. Walker

The way the MSM is ignoring today's rallies is inexcusable. It is a sad day when the media has

3-Year-Old Agitator Steals Show in Indianapolis

Wisconsin Professors Overwhelmingly Vote To Unionize, Citing Gov. Walker’s ‘Extremist Legislation’

Scott Walker Appoints Political Confidante With 4 Pensions to $90,000 State Position

Fracking your water well, if you don't do it somebody else might.

My photos from the demonstration in Tallahassee, FLorida

Al Gore just tweeted..two new important papers released..

Al Gore just tweeted..two new important papers released..

The Craigslist Congressman and the Crossdressing Prostitute

Operation: "Brad's the Man" (Bradley Manning & Anonymous)

Operation: "Brad's the Man" (Bradley Manning & Anonymous)

Police swoop in and ban illegal peddlers...who were Girl Scouts selling cookies

Conservative republican family values Kelsey Grammer marries his young mistress today

This was news to me. Geez, from 2010. China stripped of 2000 Olympic Medal

These sob's on cnn are doing a special on the tea party and its anniversary! Gullible punks.

Which Side are you on boys (and girls)?

Media Whores

HuffPo: In the last year, lower-wage industries constituted 23% of job loss and 49% of job growth

A golden Oppertunity is here, It wont last long.

Remember "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli"

Rallies in 50 states support Wis. protesters

When a very elderly person commits a crime should they receive a lighter sentence than a youngster?

Catholic Bishops Back Wisconsin Union Protesters

Flies and cockroaches carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms, study finds

toddler wanders away from mother at bank closing, trapped in timed vault for 4 hours

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 6 (The Mother of all Intifadas continues)

Iowa union workers head to Wisconsin protest

85% of the critical infrastructure in the US belongs to private enterprise and corporations

Question for historians: how did America become so apathetic ?

Well just walked in from the rally in San Diego

Gov. Christie says he supports Wisconsin Gov. Walker, but has no plans to try to stop collective....

There's no stopping union-taming bill: Thomas Suddes (Ohio)

Over 1,000 rally at Minnesota State Capitol to protest anti-worker thuggery

The science of being governor of Maine

Unions, activists, rally in Lansing to support Wisconsin's government unions - another 2,000

Live Stream from the Capitol in Madison

Jesus Christ on a trailer hitch! CNN's Education Contributor Steve Perry is anti-union?

Hello? Olympia Washington? Anybody posted any pics/reports? I'm looking, but can't

IVAW stands in Solidarity with Public Employee Unions We Are Public Employees Too!

$9 / gallon gasoline hits London

Feds allegedly spied on New York Times reporter to find intel. leak

Walker & His Puppet-Masters

Groups rally in St. Paul to support Wis. workers

Gingrich suggests Impeaching Obama, then backtracks

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 7 (The Mother of all Intifadas continues)

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed

Wisconsin's Peter Barca: Scott Walker "trampled on democracy"

AZ majority leader State Senate Domestic Violence Incident - says immune from arrest

CNN interviews non-union worker in Madison marching for the middle-class

I was at the WI rally here in Phoenix

Is there a total M$M blackout on today's rallies?

Be careful who you leave your kids with. Another heinous crime in Florida

Nearly 70,000 protesters participate in rally at Wisconsin Capitol

Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly Are AFL-CIO Union-Affiliated Members

If you didn't know this you should: Crude Oil Flows from Russia to China since Jan. 2011

K&R if YOU would take part in a National General Strike

Photos and report from San Diego

Fla. police: Toddler raped at SeaWorld

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 4 (The Mother of all Intifadas continues)

Spanish Judges Rule Case on US Torture Can Continue


Scott Walker's ruthless ambition

If President Obama wanted to invade Libya right now, I would support it.

Rally at (Colorado) capitol supports Wisconsin public workers

Letter to the WI Republicans from a prison guard

Terrified Tripoli Overrun by Armed Gangs: 'We Are Beyond Scared'

What Pfc Bradley Manning did is changing the world for good

It just snowed a little and I'm only a few miles from the ocean.

Can someone fact-check this AP-based Wisconsin story, please ?

Rhode Island in Solidarity with Wisconsin (pic heavy)

US UK, French forces land in Libya

Nearly 49% of new jobs are low wage positions

Nearly 49% of new jobs are low wage positions

I feel like the union busting in Wisconsin can be beaten back, but I don't know about other states

NEWT: Obama DOMA actions the same as if President Palin announced Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional

My girlfriend's letter to Rep. Franklin of Georgia

Waste throws wrench into Los Angeles community colleges' massive project

Why we need to prop up Glen Beck

Tell me why I shouldn't be depressed.

Walker's Budget Repair Bill Is Also Front To Eliminate Medicaid In The State

Where is the President??

(WOW!) The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

(WOW!) The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

The nine billion pound gorilla in the room,

***Police are joining the Madison protest rather than kicking the protesters out!

my pictures from Wisconsin Solidarity Rally in Chicago

Why isn't this getting more attention?

Why isn't this getting more attention?

Obama says Gaddafi "has lost all legitimacy and must leave the country NOW" -- !!

Angela Merkel rips BiBi a new one

Always remember:

Sacramento Solidarity Protest – Union Leadership Where the Fuck were YOU

The following products are made by Koch Industries

Crazy RWers (okay, that's redundant) now talking about national "yard sale" of government assets

Need advise for a neighbor and her now ex employer.

Need advise for a neighbor and her now ex employer.

BREAKING: Wisconsin Police Have Joined Protest Inside State Capitol

Pictures From Madison WI - Courtesy DU member mzteris

Police letter to Walker: We will not clear out the capitol

Police letter to Walker: We will not clear out the capitol

This is becoming more than just a fight over collective bargaining rights.

Private Co bids to buy Miami's public health system serving the uninsured

Joe Scarborough "Glenn Beck is losing it before our eyes." video

Here Comes US Uncut

Hey CNN!! You could ignore us back in 2003 during the Iraq run-up..

New Mexico Wants To Repeal Driving Rights Illegal Immigratns

Wow! From Keith's first blog....

CONFIRMED-Union-Bashing-Stars: Hannity, Limbaugh & O'Reilly Are AFL-CIO Union-Affiliated Members!

They came without cameras... HUGE labor protests, coast to coast.

Austin Solidarity Rally today -- pics!

5 degrees in St. Paul with pictures

5 degrees in St. Paul with pictures

Toon: The Tea Party

Toon: The Tea Party

Danziger Toon: Off We Go! (Military tanker contract)

Blitzer just said he'll be asking someone he's interviewing

Blitzer just said he'll be asking someone he's interviewing

Man rapes 2 year old at Sea World, photographs himself doing it and

Wisconsin workers get support from rally in Harrisburg

"Silkwood" airing on TCM on Sunday at 5:15am ET - Link to trailer

A Cosmic reminder that we're not the center of the Universe

lara logan should have stayed home because she is a mommy

Qaddafi, Bush and the Cover-Up Of The True Path To War In Iraq

OMG! Only 3 tea partiers in Topeka!!!

McDonald's "oatmeal" has 11 weird ingredients, more sugar than a Snickers

Even GOP activists are turning against Sarah Palin

In 1st Statement Since "Prank" Call, Defiant Koch Bros Vow to 'Continue the Fight' in Wisconsin

Question for all of you about the Koch Bros and Rachel Maddow...

Koch Brothers Web of Influence

Americas Navy: A Global Force For Good

Busted: 14 arrested in 'the largest mortgage fraud conspiracy in Sarasota, Florida history'

What a day

Protest Pictures From Chicago, IL Happening Now - Courtesy DU member wndycty

Did Stephen Colbert Send A Secret Message To Hacker Group Anonymous?

HuffPo blog removed: "Wisconsin is Part of Nationwide Corporate-Funded Movement to Destroy Unions &

Could you give up your car within the next five years?

Could you give up your car within the next five years?

Koch executives vow to 'continue to fight' in Wisconsin

Koch executives vow to 'continue to fight' in Wisconsin

Pittsburgh Rally Held In Support Of Wisconsin’s Workers

Chomsky Quotes... many won't like them but they have rung true

The Real Story from the Front Lines: Secrecy Surrounding Dolphin Deaths

2012 Is A LEAP Year.

A look at vote-counting in Ireland

Rumble In Raleigh (warning:graphics)

What if it turned into a political Woodstock?

Protest signs from around the nation, Feb 26th - pics

Press Release: #OpWisconsin -Anonymous

50,000 miles between oil changes, seeing is believing, Coates Engine Valve Train

I'm sorry, but this just cracks me up: Texas group to offer college scholarships to white men

Tea Party ? trying to stir up trouble at Providence RI Union rally

Whatever budget "compromise" the House and Senate work out will give the repubs what they want and..

Matthew Yglesias: 'Anonymous' "Actively Seeking Vulnerabilities" of Koch-Controlled Firms:

The right wingers are losing some of their base

The right wingers are losing some of their base

100s of Cops Enter Wisconsin State House in Support of Protesters. Thunderous applause.

A few pictures from Atlanta, GA Save the Dream Rally

I had a patient cry yesterday.

The Young People

Behind the Arab Revolt Is a Word We Dare Not Speak

Are you now, or have you ever been....

Scott Walker Asked to Leave Local Restaurant

"Entitlement Reform" is a cloaking device for some very ugly intentions

We've got to stop the myth of "the rich are the ones that

"Mass Of Humanity Out Here" PHOTO THREAD: Today In Madison ("All Oligarchs Report For Janitor Duty")

Just got back from Sacramento Rally... (Shame, shame, shame)

Check out these lyrics in a new country song. Blood Pressure warning.

'Anonymous' Apparently Takes Down Central Bank of Libya & Gaddafi Official Sites

Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 10, Part 8 (The Mother of all Intifadas continues)

Sick of high gas prices? Blame a Speculator

REPORT: You Have More Money In Your Wallet Than Bank Of America Pays In Federal Taxes

I sent an email to the WI Professional Police Assn - and got a response back!

Since Gasland will be available on February 28th, two days from now

Assembly Budget Bill Passage Paves Way for Ejecting Protesters from Wisconsin Capitol

U.S. Urges Court to Hold Off on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Case

Gov. Walker (R-WI) may have violated many parts of Wisconsin law in prank call

Over 200 Arab groups call for Libya no-fly zone (& a U.N. investigation into atrocities)

Gaddafi arming supporters to 'crush enemy'

US scientists examine possible link between dolphin deaths and BP oil spill

Voodoo sex ceremony spawns fatal fire, officials say

NFLPA Head Hopes Deal Gets Done to Avert Lockout

Delegation from US’s League of Women Voters Visit Cuba

Christchurch earthquake: Toll rises to 144

Obama imposes sanctions against Libya

Saying Gadhafi has 'zero legitimacy,' U.S. (closes embassy in Libya &) imposes sanctions

Pressure mounts on Security Council to end Libya deaths ("crimes against humanity" resolution drawn)

Warning Against Wars Like Iraq and Afghanistan

UK paying (Libyan officials) ‘bribes’ to free trapped Britons

Gunmen Attack Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery

Libya: UK officials tell Gaddafi loyalists to defect or face war crimes trial

Libya's Gaddafi no longer in control-Berlusconi

Bail decision for accused war criminal delayed

Thousands of evacuees (from Libya) land in Malta / Two navy ships leave Mumbai to evacuate Indians

Qaddafi Forces Shooting From Ambulances, Witnesses Say

Eastern Libyan broadcasters revel in new freedom

Big Union Protests Planned in Wisconsin, Nationwide

The Innocent Victims Of Gaddafi's Violence (Sky News Meets Family Of 11-year-old Murdered Girl)

Iran nuclear plant suffers setback

Scent of freedom in North Korea ("The riots are expanding even into North Korea")

Protests held at UK bank branches

Famous Trade Union in Poland Shows Solidarity With Wisconsin Workers

Thousands expected for noon rally at Capitol

Iran to 'remove fuel' from Bushehr atomic plant (to conduct experiments and tech work)

Iran to 'remove fuel' from Bushehr atomic plant (to conduct experiments and tech work)

U.N. council split on sending Libya to int'l court

Irish PM Brian Cowen accepts election defeat

African fighters vow to support Gadhafi to the end

Copyright lawsuit defendant hits Righthaven with counterclaim(SC attorneys on behalf of Tea Partier)

Iraq's largest oil refinery shut by bombing

CNN co-host Kathleen Parker leaving show (Parker/Spitzer renaming to In the Arena)

Pope Urges Doctors to Protect Women From Abortion

Obama says Libyan leader needs to leave now: White House

Libya: Tripoli residents say civilians being armed

Gaddafi's £3bn British cash transfer: How dictator is secretly moving money out of Libya

Actors Bradley Whitford, Joshua Lewis, Gabrielle Carteris show support of unions by joining Madison

Democrats pursue invalidating budget bill vote

I may have had to fork over the dough for razorblades today but...

Some Humans Aint Human

US space shuttle Discovery docks at space station

Getting tougher, Egyptian troops beat protesters

Snow Falls on San Francisco for First Time in 35 Years

Where do you suppose America could get some of that hallucinatory nescafe?

I feel... ... ... ... ... ... honored. Who on the Intertubes is immortalizing my work with a toon?

Well, we're getting there . . .

Busting unions will 'wake sleeping giant,' local Florida boss says

US, UK & French (special) forces land in Libya (& setting up training bases)

What's for supper tonight?


Before you start to write, make SURE all of your pencils are sharkened.

Sometimes the morning breath wins.

In Heavy Snow, Massive Crowd Rallies in Madison (Police Say Over 100,000)

MiddleFingerMom is known far and wide as SO the lover. Or is that SO-SO?

I'm so old

Florida Gov. Rick Scott now says he'd like collective bargaining removed from Constitution

In The Summertime

The Minotaur

I have a bathtub in my living room!

There's a troll in GD.

I just finished an entire bottle of Mouton Cadet, so I'm drunk enough to say:

Did I tell everyone that I bought a handgun today? And had a free laptop thrown in to boot? n/t

DC's Blackest Night,

More Friday tricky rhythm music- Slim Harpo-"Got Love If You Want It"

Experience has taught me that all drill sergeants look exactly the same.

I miss Spy magazine. Do you?

Sports that are not sports...

Man Says He Accidentally Shot Wife Instead of Pit Bull

A U.S. Recovery Built on Low-Paying Jobs


Does this ass make my ass look big?



MiddleFingerMom feels he can trust The Lounge enough to reveal his greatest fear.

A Flea Market You Might Want to Avoid

This Is Not Porn

ROCK TRIVIA - name the now famous couple

to everyone..and especially redwitch..thank you

Friday night music- Barbecue Bob from the 1930's- "Motherless Child"...

It's the anniversary of Jackie Gleason's birthday today.

BREAKING: CaliforniaPeggy Open Mic Event Attendance Breaks Records, Riot Squad Controls Crowd

I need a new crop

no one told me shih-tsu's grow hair so fast

(UK) Searchlight poll finds huge support for far right 'if they gave up violence'

What kind of laptop should I get?

Workplace conversation out of context (very funny)

Extended trailer for the ET sequel (ET-X) released

New sig line

After three years of being in 4chan I decided to make

I'm getting a $3.5 million Mastercard!

Love my new Sony Vaio!

Yes, this Scott Walker asshole is bad, but his ancestor, Gov. Lepetomane was just as bad

Damn, does customer service suck these days

I'm having some breakfast, then going to the rally in Olympia!

At last I have found a topic for the novel I've been dreaming of writing for years.

You promised me you'd quit.

Two And A Half Men Support Thread...How do you plan to cope in the wake of no new episodes?

So my 9 year old daughter picked up my copy of Rolling Stone to read the Justin Bieber article.

I have posted a lot over the years, mostly in the lounge

What your favorite CLASSIC ROCK BAND says about you!

Voodoo sex ceremony spawns fatal fire, officials say

Anybody got any Very Special Lounge vibes to spare?

Emirates Airlines. This is how good it COULD be.

to the rockabilly fans

Lounge vibes (TM) WORK

I hate it when I am burgled.

"Frank Burns eats worms!"

OMG, funniest move redub ever! ST:TNG, with redub that actually matches the mouth movement

"My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen.

Hideaway in Rockford video

Drilling Down: Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers

Scotch and soda!

A true space-faring civilization would naturally develop projectile-less weapons. Discuss.

Signs of spring!

God Is An Astronaut. Incredible band!

Is this a Sportster 1200 or what?

Tonight I'm Frakking You

Would you live in a house this small?

What is the worst tasting thing you have ever put in your mouth?

Please be diligent. Send an alert on private messages from trolls.

Most Badass/Coolest ... Movie or TV ....Car or Truck.

Global Awakening!

You Can Put the Solution into Your Own Hands! Outsmart the Recession (that doesn't exist)!

In tough times, who is asked to make sacrifices? And who isn't?

Protests continue in Libya

Putin: North Africa must be allowed determine its own future

We are the Future

Libya's Deputy U.N. Ambassador: Gadhafi Is 'A Mad Man' - Thousands Are Being Murdered, Not Hundreds

Cenk Breaks Down Prank Call To Governor Walker!

NARAYANAN KRISHNAN - a companion to the forgotten

Assembly Dems Yell "Shame" After Budget Vote

Defend the American Dream!

Dispatches: How the Banks Never Lose

TRMS.. Wisconsin standoff . 2/25/11

PROOF! FL Gov. Rick Scott is a reptile

Prank Call

ACLU Client Edie Windsor Responds to Obama Administration's DOMA Decision

Cenk Interview on MSNBC: Military Using Mind-Tricks On Congress To Continue War?

Vampire takes on bank and wins

Scraping By

MRN: Gaddafi Replaces Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

Van Jones at Rally to Save the American Dream in DC

TYT: Walker Full Of BS On Fox News

!!Koch!! Front Group Americans For Prosperity: 'What We Want Is ToTake The Unions Out At The Knees’

Southern Poverty Law Center Names Pamela Geller A Hate Group

Walker Busted For Illegal Campaign Coordination with a Corporation on Taxpayer's Dime

TYT: George Clooney - Sex & Drugs Rule Out Politics

Watch the Republicans Govern in Wisconsin

Hypocrisy Sweeps Middle East - FKN Newz 02/26/2011

Congressman Broun Laughs As Town Hall Questioner Ask "Who's Gonna Shoot Obama?"

Van Jones: 'We Will Not Let Hope Die Again On Our Watch'

Egyptian Military Supports US Dominance In Region

Wisconsin Police Union Announces Solidarity with Occupation of State House

Hey Hey! Ho, Ho! Scott Walker Has Got To Go - On The Ground In Madison WI

Democracy May Be The Greatest Gift to Islamists

TDPS: Peter King's American Muslim "terrorism" hearings sound like McCarthy Hearings - TRANSCRIPT

TV Show "The Good Wife" Takes Shot at the Tea Party

Federal Reserve CAUSES Middle East UNREST

GOP= Pawns of the Rich!

Rep. Charlie Rangel at Union Rally NYC Feb.26, 2011

TYT: President Obama Vs Himself On Unions

Michelle Obama is Game for Cartoon Network tonight at 7 PM

Who's the wimp?

This time four years ago, the following candidates had announced their candidacy for the presidency

Paul Krugman: Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.

Smaller Government Can Be a Drag (on Growth)

Favorite Pro-Union Rally Sign: 'They Only Call It 'Class War' When We Fight Back'

MoveOn has link to watch labor solidarity rallies across the country LIVE!

The G.O.P.’s Abandoned Babies

Koch Front Group Americans for Prosperity: 'Take the Unions Out at the Knees'

President Obama Statement and Executive Order - Libya

WSJ article LUVS Indiana GOP governor Daniels for president in 2012...

Solis: Govs. in Wis. and Ohio Want Workers to Give Up Their American Rights

Best protest sign

Photos: Workers Of America Unite...

Right-wing rage and Democratic presidents

NYT: The War On Women

Scott Walker got 52% of the vote in Wis. Obama is smart to keep his mouth shut

So where is Osama Bin Ladin? For the 10th time!

Are Republicans Trying to Hurt the Economy for Political Reasons?

Scott Walker asked to leave restaurant friday night because of booing

Will Their Heads Explode?

he is in danger of losing control of the national narrative again,

Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) for President 2016

Obama and the Patriot Act

The Unsung Hero of Germany’s Solar Miracle

Record rain brings Ohio River flooding; several Amish children drown

Turtles in trouble: New report identifies the 25 most endangered turtle species

Scientists prepare for mass rat cull on remote UK island

NRC's 'Wishful Thinking' That Geologic Disposal Site Will Be Available When Needed

Oil Back at $100

Honda makes two FFVs which get similar mpg on ethanol as with gasoline!! What? This isn't supposed

Scientists deliberately underestimating GW dangers for fear of being "ridiculed"

One Nuclear Skirmish Could Wreck the Planet

Washington Post: Answers in 2001 anthrax attacks are still elusive

Friday Talking Points (156) -- Fighting On Several Fronts

Recruiting America to War on Itself

What the GIPSA proposal will do for you…or to you

Rupert Murdoch and David Koch Collude Against Wisconsin Workers

Keeping Venice from sinking

As freedom blooms in the East, it's withering in the West

Debt takes a huge chunk out of California's beleaguered budget

History's shifting sands (Al Jazeera)

Who is the Tea Party really?

Scott Walker's ruthless ambition

But wells need digging!

“Tea Tantrums and other Wing nuttery, just how close are they to the truth?” By: The Vicar

The Project for a New Arab Century

Diana Ross opens up on 'Oprah' show

The G.O.P.’s Abandoned Babies

Libya's War of the Colonels: Col. Gaddafi Meet Col. Hussein

Bob Herbert: Absorbing the Pain

Is the Era of American Optimism Dead?

Would a 'parasite' care so much? (DUer gets Correspondent of the Day)

Weekend Economists' "44 Men 44" Conclusion, February 25-27, 2011

Budget Crisis? Duh, Tax the Rich!

Robots should do all of our work. What is stopping us from this?

Utah draws thousands for no-shooting-required gun permit

Utah draws thousands for no-shooting-required gun permit

Certified Gun Trainer Faces 186-Count Indictment - concealed weapons permit fraud

Gun Control isn't a Democrat vs. Republican Issue

WikiLeaks Drags Libya and Venezuela Through the Mud

Florida airports preparing for higher demand for flights to Cuba

Guatemala community at risk after three activists killed

'I saw Gaddafi's troops shoot children': (False, according to Chavez's man on the ground.)

Delegation from US’s League of Women Voters Visit Cuba

Protests paralyze southern Chile

Case against Luis Posada Carriles takes welcome turn

Bachmann visits Mexico, Colombia

Texas CHL Conviction Rate lowest ever

Latin America's sudden silence on Gaddafi

Bail decision for accused war criminal delayed

Latin leftist leaders in love-in with Libyan lunatic

anyone up for a DU fantasy baseball league?

Champs win Cactus League opener behind Posey...

Cory Stillman is back home.

Mets secured loan from MLB to cover expenses...

Knicks lose to Cavaliers - "Melo"dramatic!

2-25-1964: Liston vs Clay !!!!

Where the hell did BYU come from? # 7. Really?

Texas drops from #2 to #5 to who knows how low?

Obama administration stops defending DADT policy as constitutional

Fireman Loses Job After Antigay Facebook Slurs

President Obama Strengthens ENDA by Rejecting DOMA

Israel’s Economy Continues To Roar

Supreme Court refuses Ten Commandments appeal

Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity

How Severe Can Climate Change Become?

Beyond Zero interviews Dr David Suzuki live from Federation Square Melbourne

Dark matter theory challenged by gassy galaxies

Russia's New Weather Satellite Transmits Its 1st Breathtaking View Of Our Home

Debris Strike on Shuttle Discovery Poses No Threat, NASA Says

I got to see Discovery take-off! (dial-up warning)