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Archives: February 6, 2011

How A Woman's Bathroom Helped John Boehner Pull Off A Capitol Land Grab

Frank Rich:Wallflowers at the Revolution

EGYPT: Al Jazeera official says web traffic skyrocketed during protests

Jared Lee Loughner to face federal charges first

NYT: Stability of Egypt Hinges on a Divided Military

SIGINT (Signals Intelligence Division) at the NSA are inefficient idiots

Wasn't the repeal of DADT supposed to unleash a torrent of men leaving the military?

Palin blasts Obama on Egypt.

France Suspends Sale of Arms (and Riot Gear) to Egypt Amid Turmoil

Reagan: Shift and disturbance in the Force here even though

Spring is coming .... the Great Horned Owl just hooted .... they have kids

Sunday Talk shows

Egyptian police killed an isolated protester, in cold blood (Warning: Graphic)

c-span - Cheney talks Reagan 10:15pm est

Man charged with making false murder report

Egypt protests: Muslim Brotherhood 'to join talks'

After we are done screwing you, we will save you from us and keep the change

At this time, I recall a saying, and a song: All You Need Is Love. Revisit it now.

At this time, I recall a saying, and a song: All You Need Is Love. Revisit it now.

So, who will be the first GOP candidate to announce a presidential run?

So...What Are DU'ers Watching for Coverage of 'Independence Square" in Egypt Uprising?

Muslim Brotherhood agrees to talks with Egypt’s Suleiman

Is there any sign of us beginning our campaign for 2012?

Look at the current Reserve/Guard activations... notice how many are declared "Involuntary"

Move to cut jobless benefits in FL

Egypt Vice-President Suleiman says government won't repeal law that allows arrests without charges!

AP: Packers fan in Visa ad to miss 1st Super Bowl

Sen. Bill Nelson fights off GOP efforts to tag him a liberal

Local group cancels Palin visit, citing "personal attacks"

Please review my latest editorial on veteran unemployment

'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' star Tura Satana has died

Freeper: "No one did more to alter the course of history than Sarah Palin."

Question: had Cheney not been VP, but had OK'd torture (which he did)

Why do you supposed that parents choose to send their children to charter schools?

Why the cult of Reagan still rules in Washington

Great video, 9 1/2 minutes, Jan25 Revolution

Do folks just not listen to common sense? No wonder people get frustrated....

All these right wing banner ads on DU

The Tea Party Would See Ronald Reagan As A Socialist If He Was Here Today

Cheney Calls Mubarak A Good Friend, U.S. Ally

Sunny day, huge noontime crowd in Tahrir Square now

Good morning brothers and sisters in Egypt

More and more are reporting about the myths of the greatness of Ronald Reagan. Now CNN

Super Bowl Commercial for the Dead Patients

Bizarre tweet about Obama, Soros and Egypt

NBC Fires Guy Who Posted The Bryant Gumbel/Katie Couric 'What Is Internet' Video

War shattered artefacts of Tell Halaf Restored by Berlin Museum

New GOP Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Let Women Die Instead Of Having An Abortion

Oh Christ, Palin opened her mouth on Egypt.

Brazil - Thousands of dead fish in the Pantanal-possible lack of oxygen

Maine ethics commission proposes $41,000 penalty on Republican PAC

Egypt. End the State of Emergency & the 'Security Police' State.

So will Obama praise Reagan again?

How Reagan Sowed the Seeds of America's Demise

Thumbs up or down for Obama throwing the chimp in the brig for war crimes.

Militants, Women and Tahrir Sq.

The Unfortunate Truth About Ronald Reagan -- Neither a Great Nor Good President

Michael Moore's Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival

Sarah Palin Weighs In on Egypt (CBS)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Reagan Was the Corporate Puppet Who is Still Paying Dividends: GE Knows

Reagan Was the Corporate Puppet Who is Still Paying Dividends: GE Knows

Why the hell does ANYONE still listen to Dick Cheney?

I was just a kid at the time, and I'm wondering about the true facts about the attack on Grenada...

Yo, Peggy Noonan et. al, Reagan is DEAD, he's NOT 100 today!

When did the unrec return?

Coming up on the Sunday talk shows...

Now Gaza Begins to Shake

Egyptian Revolution Tweets, We Will Not Back Down From Our Demands, Part 2 (modem warning)

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt talks

HUH? What follows is not a translation from Arabic.

Egyptian Revolution Tweets, We Will Not Back Down From Our Demands, Part 1

Chevron's scorched earth tactics in Amazon case

I had to chuckle at the irony of this Ronny Reagan picture

An interesting graph of Repub candidates from Nate Silver of 538 blog

Imperial charade

Bedtime for Beckso

Death #7 at Guantánamo

35 Zoo Animals Freeze To Death In Northern Mexico

French groups struggle to beat back English (LAT)

O'rly? Who could have guessed this? Unemployed sicker, more mental complaints

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 3

The Siege of Planned Parenthood

Third Day Of Clashes Between Thailand, Cambodia

Campaign '80

Freight train carrying volatile chemicals derails 50 miles south of Toledo, Ohio, causing fire/evacs

Kucinich wants to visit Wikileaks suspect

Iraqis Demonstrate Over Lack Of Basic Services

M$NBComcast reporting that Chimpy won't go to Switzerland due to 'violent' protests

Oh, How Sweet---Cheney's Has A Soft Spot In His Mechanical Heart For Mubarak

Peddling Poison for Fun and Profit

LePage’s (Maine Rep. Gov.) opposition to chemicals law draws criticism

CBC's The Fifth Estate episode - Wikileaks

Despite Talks, Extra-Legal Detentions Continue - NYT

Egypt: My 73-year-old Father at Tahrir

Police evacuate 6,500 in Paris to defuse WW2 bomb

U.S. and Russia cap "reset" in ties with START treaty.

At Stake in Egypt: Reading Gaza Mom

At Stake in Egypt: Reading Gaza Mom

Reagan actually ended up raising taxes - eleven times.

One paper, same day, two stories:

Hackers breach Nasdaq's computers

He's a dead guy. A fucking Dead Guy. He's been dead for the better part of a decade.

What to expect from Bill O’Reilly’s Super Bowl interview of President Obama

Here's a leak that screwed things up for the good guys.

Sarah Palin recovering from ego-ectomy and victimitis

Air Force to Lay Off 2,300 Officers

Jobless rate among veterans highest in five years

AFL-CIO Report: Justice For All: The Struggle for Worker Rights in Egypt

Reagan's Real Legacy

U.S Viewers: Meetup To Demand Al Jazeera English On Your TV - Feb 10 2011

It is quite evident that Palin is not qualified to be on any panel discussion

I thought February was supposed to be P---n free here?

John Kerry, Willie Brown to be on Meet the Press tomorrow, and other Sunday morning info

Governor Paul LePage (R-dumbass) may dump Maine's e-waste statute

9,000 plus call on Berlusconi to resign

Happy Birthday Catharsis!

ElBaradei on CNN - on NOW

Egypt: I ask Myself Why - by Juan Cole

The Real Reagan--A Personal Story.... by mitcho

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 5

Not heard anything about this, anyone know anything more...

Surge of immigrants from India baffles border officials in Texas

GOP official who resigned over his affiliation with the CCC(KKK), says he has lots of black friends

Senior Al Jazeera English Presenter, Jane Dutton: Egypt - Shooting The Messenger

Another failed charter school.

Opposition figure ElBaradei slams Egypt talks

I've been wondering what generation American DU'ers are

Creation Museum is killer’s first visit outside Ohio

New GOP Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Let Women Die Instead Of Having An Abortion

America's double standard on repressive regimes

anyone have a >..lifes about to get great..moment?

Tahir - Muslims to form ring around Christains to protect them during Mass

Tahir - Muslims to form ring around Christains to protect them during Mass

Rock guitarist Gary Moore dies

Why not cut US funding of the Egyptian Military?

Koch brothers now at heart of GOP power

There Should Be a Way We Can Honor Reagan

Fun! Laff riot M. Emmett Tyrrell on C-Span "In Depth"

"The United States gives terrorists no rewards and no guarantees.

Video shows Cuban fears of Internet, social media

The Reagan Legacy in pics: 30 years of Republican mediocrity

A brain twister for freepers

Reagan and the Hypocrites.

USDA ‘partially deregulates’ GM sugar beets, defying court order

Super Bowl festivities to host Reagan's birthday...

President Hosni Mubarak's family fortune could be as much as $70bn

I figured out why Sarah Palin is so dammm irritating when she

Foreign cooking shows banned on Iran TV

Parasailing donkey dies of heart attack in animal sanctuary

Parasailing donkey dies of heart attack in animal sanctuary

Ugh, expect to see glimpses of chimp at the SB

Fourth Horseman Of The Apocalypse Spotted In Egypt (Video link)

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 6

Ronald Reagan "a man to whom we Americans owe a debt'

Dulce De Leche & Thank U Berry Munch go the way of the Edsel as Girl Scouts cut back on cookies

CNN - 1 dead,11 injured in Youngstown Ohio shooting.

Toon: Baggage

Notice the media keeps answering a question no one is asking?

Meanwhile, on the border of Cambodia and Thailand...

Egyptian PM makes veiled threat against ElBaradei

Egyptian opposition rejects govt reform offer

Government Flood Insurance cost vs Private

8-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Stuns Audiences

Cheney calls Mubarak a good friend, US ally

Well one of the causes for the egyptian youth to rise

Palin trying to trademark her name....

Cleanup on Aisle 4! The freepers' "Happy 100th Birthday" thread is beyond mind-numbing.

Cleanup on Aisle 4! The freepers' "Happy 100th Birthday" thread is beyond mind-numbing.

Cleanup on Aisle 4! The freepers' "Happy 100th Birthday" thread is beyond mind-numbing.

People who have a Feb 6 birthday, and are NOT named Ronnie

Landover Baptist Church thread asks "What is Fap?"

Landover Baptist Church thread asks "What is Fap?"

Egyption blogger Sandmonkey asks that Code Pink NOT collect money to help in Egypt

Egyptians Ready, Americans Unready

The Battle of People's Park gave us all Ronald Reagan

Baltimore cuts off funding for Poe House

School Vouchers…U.S. Should Learn from the Swedish System: Odd Eiken

Never forget: Reagan's 'shameful abdication of leadership in the fight against AIDS'

Never forget: Reagan's 'shameful abdication of leadership in the fight against AIDS'

I thought the article on Boehner's affairs was going to be issued this weekend.

Hole-in-the-floor ashtray apparently leads to fire

I look forward to the 100th birthday celebration of Bill Clinton in 2046

Just got back from a walk, and find this ReaganPalooza on my tee vee

Listen to a Liberal Caller Crush Rush Limbaugh’s Ronald Reagan Delusions

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 7

Thought I would pass this along here: How to self publish with Amazon Kindle, 70% royalty


Andrea Mitchell versus Peggy Noonon was

Minnesota pol looking to prove Lou Gehrig was correctly diagnosed with disease named after legend

FOX News: Simpson: Leaving Entitlements on Auto Pilot Will Crush the U.S. Economy

Reagan Presidential Libary and Museum gets $15 million overhaul that brings the Gipper to life

Reagan Presidential Libary and Museum gets $15 million overhaul that brings the Gipper to life

America's new pioneers may be defined by expat America, 5 million strong and growing!

Ronald Reagan, Enabler of Atrocities - By Robert Parry

self delete, the event has ended

shit, i just stumbled on the o'reilly/President Obama interview

For your entertainment!

Federal act threatens rural Internet project in Sauk County

A disease of the media...

NPR's "On The Media" was skewering the lame MSM pundits over Egypt.

Mohamed ElBaradei on CNN calls for one-year transitional government. (updated)

"Tear down the wall!" Pink Floyd, 1979

If The Egyptian Uprising Hadn't Happen When It Did We Would've Had 24/7

Egypt unrest could cause rally in oil market

White House distances itself from its own envoy to Egypt

Is the half-term Palin really questioning Obama's work ethic?

Pro-life priest admits to 'violations of chasity' that 'did not involve the sexual act'

American Football: Under-age sex trade booming at Super Bowl

Did anyone notice Jennifer Anniston fumbling the words Cheese Head.

Roger Ailes Buys his Hometown Newspaper - Guess What Happens Next.

Ben Roethlisberger deserves a karmic loss for being a fucking rapist

Ex-RI senator to be sentenced for bank fraud

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 8

Wallflowers at the Revolution By FRANK RICH

400 Super Bowl fans sent home because seats unsafe


The Birther Plan To Block Obama's Reelection

Bernie Sanders - My Turn: Defending Social Security

Things the name Ronald Reagan brings to my mind

The right wing's favorite one note Johnny wows 'em at Ronniebration100

I have completed my Heritage Foundation Reply Memorandum

Still got snow and ice on the ground and own pets? A warning

With Due Regard to Mr. Reagan's Fabulists, The Transformative American Leader Born a Century Ago Was

I was alive and a teen in 1982 which was FDR's 100th

Ronald Reagan was a truly mythical figure

Mark Chmura. Tight end for the Packers

You can thank The Gipper for the mortgage crisis, record federal deficits, spiraling cost of college

Republicans totally, totally focused on jobs

I've decided not to crap all over Reagan today...

Wait a minute? There is an actual football GAME too?

Rhema should have sung the anthem. Watch her.....

Fox/Super Bowl Uber-America Propagandagasm

Palin blasts administration's handling of Egypt

Does anyone know what songs Ronald Reagan is going to sing during halftime?

I can't watch the kickoff show...

LOL - Sarah Palin interview for CBN

For anyone who thinks athletes make too much money

Just returned from lunch at the local restaurant/sports bar (for today

One more thing to remember the Gipper for:

A great American's birthday

A great American's birthday

Suleiman on "This Week", protestors are an "Islamic current". Sounds like Glenn Beck

would rather have had Kelly Osbourne

Physicians Say Good Riddance to 'Worst Drug in History'

High milage VW to go into production.

STEREO Reveals the Entire Sun

Fun with Twitter: #JaneAustenAtTheSuperBowl.

OMG! Glenn Beck totally flips out!

The employment gap between the educated and uneducated is incredible


Uhhh Oh...National Anthem FAIL

Pickles and the Chimp sighting. Good thing for him the game's not in Geneva.

My daughter works at a grocery store and just got home

Lol! Gene Simmons wants his Obama vote back

What it was was football- Andy Griffith on the big game...

What is it with the GOP and women?

But wow!---Just back from Tahrir Square - by Ptah the Great

I don't care if it's his 100th - Reagan was an asshole. FDR was better

I don't care if it's his 100th - Reagan was an asshole. FDR was better

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 9

The scary story about Muslims who want to ban PE and Music. It is a deliberate misrepresentation.

You think YOU got snow? Top this:

My housemates have an appropriate way to celebrate Reagan's centennial

Changes In Eligibility May Move Millions Back And Forth Between Medicaid And Insurance Exchanges

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah....Denver Appearance Cancelled Due to

If he was alive, he'd be a 100 year old asshole. Instead, he's just a dead asshole.

Joe Klein: 'prominent Republicans' ask Murdoch & Ailes to get rid of Glenn Beck

Egypt army to dump Mubarak, retain role-expert

Kansas inmates place order for 942 large pizzas

Go Packers

Protest of President Obama's Special Walk and Visit to U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Egypt Rising

Reagan: "godfather to the bitterly regressive party of shameless greed, unabashed bigotry..."

America, this is NOT a meal! (pic)

Excellent Interview with Bernie Ellis

Excellent Interview with Bernie Ellis

'Everyone's Favorite Felon' -- My mmj interview on "Democrats for Progress"

Please DU this poll: Should Coronado bridge in San Diego be named for Reagan?

Anti Superbowl poll

Conservative Christians vs Liberals

So in order to get rid of Mubarak, we must keep Mubarak.

Egyptian Police Use Facebook And Twitter To Track Down Protesters' Names Before 'Rounding Them Up

Ricin removed from Coventry (Ohio) home

Will the Supreme Court lose legitimacy if it strikes down the health care law along partisan lines?

Let's not forget Iran Contra today and how He got away with Treason

Is This the Last Super Bowl? Block the Owners Lockout of Players

O'Reily-Obama interview next on FOX if you're interested

We don't need individual billionaire corporate owners in football or any professional team sports.

Chrysler chief apologizes for using term "shyster" is closing. "Obama's Admiration of Ronald Reagan", a reprint

Protesters Being Tortured While USA Blabs About "Transition"

Obama's budget director: Deficits force ''tough choices"

Create Your Own Social Media iPhone App to Fight the Power (7 min howto Video)

Create Your Own Social Media iPhone App to Fight the Power (7 min howto Video)

Reqiem for a Royal Asshole

Limbaugh was right. Liberals don't get it with Reagan.

Toon: The World According to Ronald Reagan

Neat blog post: "I Teach for America too." Also following the money trail to TFA.

James Baker on Reagan: 'he taught us how to love'


This makes my blood simmer just a bit.

The Ronny Reagan Horror Show

Kristol: Beck Is "Marginalizing Himself" With His "Hysteria" Over Egypt

John Kerry Breaks With Obama On Afghanistan, Calls For Fewer U.S. Troops On The Ground


***** EGYPT Live Blog ***** Al Jazeera English, - Feb. 7 *****

Debunking the myth that electric cars are dangerous for winter driving

Egypt crisis: Mubarak's son Gamal among party leaders to resign, state TV says

"2011 Patriots & Warriors Charity Gala," featuring the Talibunny, canceled due to "safety concerns"

Ronald Reagan made sure the cold war ended in the 80's

Ronald Reagan made sure the cold war ended in the 80's

Why do you think the Egyptians have signs in English?

World Trade Unions Mobilising for Democracy in Egypt: 8 February Action Day

"Thank God for the Tea Party" - The unofficial song for teabaggers everywhere!

Anyone know of a really clear summary of why the Egyptian protests are occurring?

Protests Vs. Revolutions [graphic image warning]

Say What??? Controversy Remains After Priest's Confession Of Sexual Indiscretion During Exorcism

Saving in an IRA or a 401k is a ripoff

Saving in an IRA or a 401k is a ripoff

"There you go again" (the part you never hear)

Flashback, 1982: Reagan White House press conference & a rollicking good time over "gay plague"

I'm amazed at how casual everyone's become about torture

Study: Kids' weight increases when mom works more

MSM has not only been featuring neocons-tomorrow Diane Sawyer will pimp Donald Henry Rumsfeld

Christian conservatives want their kids to be able to say "fa--ot" in school

Ten Principles for Avoiding National Economic Catastrophe

We have bought two drug prescriptions from Canada for $600.00.

Global Crisis Strengthens World Social Forum's Legitimacy

I clearly do not see the advantages of a global economy

Planet Reagan (written upon his death)

The Egyptian Uprising Is a Direct Response to Ruthless Global Capitalism

2nd Teaser: O'Reilly-Obama interview up next

Egyptian Revolution Tweets. Today is the 'Sunday of Martyrs', Part 4

U.S. Sen. Menendez says it's time to stop blaming teachers

Koch brothers now at heart of GOP power

Medical marijuana may help prevent and/or treat cancer

A Graph That I Think Clearly Displays What We've All Been Suspecting About The Egypt Coverage

Need cat door advice. We want to keep the cat space in the basement, which means we'll

Need cat door advice. We want to keep the cat space in the basement, which means we'll

Chowderfest...Saratoga Springs, NY

Elephant Picks Packers To Win Super Bowl (yea)

I didn't know they made square Skittles.... ... ... ... HEAR the rainbow!!!!!

Yet ANOTHER unauthorized autobiography of MiddleFingerMom:

Punxsutawney Phil picks Cowboys to win Superbowl.

I don't wanta die, justwanra ride my motor cy

Happy 40th Birthday, food processor!

I'm so old

British boy attempts to purchase a Harrier Jump Jet on ebay...

Should we adopt this guy?

What would you do/ say if you ever met someone who did

It is temp is 41 right now, feels like a heat wave after the last few days.

joe morello n/t

Clapping Music by Steve Reich

ok I had the wierdest afternoon with my mom

What time is it?

Cat flushes toilet

Got mortadella?

When you see it... you'll sink bricks.

Coochie-coochie h-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!

Fishing lore.

Anyone ever asked a Biblical literalist what it means that the Bible doesn't forbid...

Joyous. Trusting. Fearless... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I miss being in love.

There is NOTHING quite so warm in this world as a cat bankie.

(Mark) Foley speaks to Young Republicans in Florida

(Mark) Foley speaks to Young Republicans in Florida

ElBaradei Wants to Negotiate with the Army

FACT: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never ACTUALLY wrote the words "No shit, Sherlock."

Bank of America Agrees to Pay $410 Million to Settle Overdrafts Lawsuits

After Israel, it's Iowa for Mike Huckabee

Palin: America out of step with Reagan's values

Yes - Leave It

Please hold for the first available customer service representative.....

FACT: No advertising consultant ever ACTUALLY penned the promotion "Smooth Move, ExLax"

Cheney calls Mubarak a good friend, US ally

It's 3:27 and I am awake.

Four dead in fresh Tunisia unrest

Customers queue at Egypt banks after protests

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iraq PM won't seek third term

Joan Baez and Jeffery Shurtleff dedicated this song to then-Governor Ronnie Raygunz

hey you almost pro bowlers

Suggested activities for Dick Cheney's 100th birthday celebration?

After a whole month of snow here , 42 degrees actually feels warm !

Rock guitarist Gary Moore dies

I had a Green Hornet lunchbox when I went to elementary school in the 60's.

umm..gotta go

Invitiation to a threesome is a setup for his murder

Sicily couple murdered man with butter

NFL, Union Meet for 2-hour Bargaining Session

Aww,dad,can we keep him? Pretty please!!

lets not forget the Gary Moore love

Russia's Lavrov against further Iran sanctions

O.K., "Mama Mia" the ABBA movie is unwatchable, needed ethnic grit

MiddleFingerMom has applied for a patent for his Mechanical Skittles Love Doll.

it's too early to start drinking, right?

If any of you guys are up, I'm going to be on Athens International Radio

Egypt army to dump Mubarak, retain role-expert

Shorts weather today, woohoo!!! 65 Dee Grees!!!


Kuwait accepts interior minister resignation: report


Protesters stage overnight sit-in at New Cross library

U.S., U.K. Governments Dispute Report that U.S. Sold Out U.K. During START Negotiations

Karzai to announce security transition March 21

Muslim Brotherhood agrees to talks with Egypt’s Suleiman

EGYPT: Al Jazeera official says web traffic skyrocketed during protests (2,500%)

Loco in Acapulco - The Four Tops

Tunisia suspends activities of ex-ruling party

Kali has been coping with the frustrations of her dial-up Intertubes connection...

I love you MAN! --- scrolly underpants included in this post

Super Bowl Sunday! I just KNOW the Niners are gonna win, it's like I have a sixth sense or something

Egyptian PM makes veiled threat against ElBaradei

FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bwahaha. The stupor bowl.

Important nacho question

In memory of the Beer and Bratwurst being consumed today...

U.S. warships moored off the coast of Egypt

Protests as Bangladesh stocks plunge nearly 6%

100+plus pages of Assange rape case docs dumped here in Sweden

Cambodia: Heritage site damaged in border fighting


Mourdock to challenge Lugar for Senate seat

AP Exclusive: Fearful Russian Lawmaker Flees to U.S.

Wife commits suicide over US official shooting

Hundreds protest Egypt leader in several US cities

Ohio train derailment prompts evacuations

Google manager held in anti-Mubarak protests to be released after nearly 2 weeks

American hikers plead not guilty in Iran over espionage charges

Egyptian-American scholar and Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zewail calls for Mubarak to step down

Egypt Protests: Government Agrees To Major Demands In Talks On Sunday

Is it too early to start drinking for the Super Bowl?

Happy birthday,Rick Astley.

Two national anthems?

Puppy Bowl in Animal Planet now!

Al Jazeera official says web traffic skyrocketed during protests

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods - Lord George Gordon Byron

Mattel digital campaign: Barbie and Ken reunite?

My 79 yr old Mom keeps calling every 15 min - Turn on the Puppy Thing!

When did all this political shit get involved? Bart Starr and Drew Brees reading the Dec of Ind.

Plumbing problems suck.

We have our league name for Roller Derby!!

First Ever 360 Degree View Image of the Sun

Thai, Cambodia troops clash again on disputed border

Parents sell of kid's toys to replace bathtub...

Sudan army mutiny in southern oil state, 50 killed

Just got back from Round Table. I'm guessing it was Inbred Slob Discount Day.

So I was thinking "what's the big deal about the Superbowl?

Al Qaeda suspect blows self up in Mauritania clash

Deputies: Fla. man stabbed because he was Muslim

About Amalfi

MAJOR appreciation thread to SCE!

Police: 1 dead, 11 shot at Ohio fraternity house

SoCal sunset pictures...

When is it too early to stop drinking after the Super Bowl?

HEY! Who says I'm not romantic!

Opposition Leader ElBaradei Slams Egypt Negotiations

Hee Haw meets Soul Train

a strange thing that a cousin just posted on Facebook

Sunset at casa de blues (pics)

what's for dinner? superbowl edition

Photo game: Post a pic about a song, and then guess the song....

Assange extradition hearing begins Monday

Hubby wants Philly cheese Steaks for Super Bowl Sunday, but I dunno how to make them. Help?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Eventual Mayhem Edition

What do you call the plastic piece on the bottom edge of a tub?

Cheez Whiz

Rock guitarist Gary Moore dies

Puppy Bowl has started!

Packers 28, Steelers 17-what do you think?

The Heavy Nationalism and Militarism Before The Superbowl Is Way Too Much

What's your favorite appetizer?

A cautionary reminder from your friendly, neighborhood trucker

Any professional artists with a large body of work out there?

Who is your favorite drummer? Show me what they've got. Here's mine...

What kind of bird makes a nest like THIS ?

I just finished watching "The Brain That Wouldn't Die".

Who the hell was that who sang the National Anthem?

Jane McGonigal shows the effects of her subconscious cultural socialization on Stephen Colbert

Unarmed Protester Murdered by Secret Police in Alexandria

The New Official Arizona Anthem by Brewer Pearce Arpaio!

The New Official Arizona Anthem by Brewer Pearce Arpaio!

Naomi Klein: The Mystery of the Black Goo (NO WORRIES..NUTHIN TO SEE HERE...)

A different, heart warming side of the Egyptian protests.

Ron Reagan (son of President Reagan): why I'm an atheist

What Should Progressives Fight For?

Franz Kafka's "THE TRIAL" - Film, Literature & The World Order

US & UK Companies Help Egyptian Regime Shut Down Telecommunications and Identify Dissident Voices

Mike Ruppert - The Beginning Of Systemic Failure - Latest Update, 26th January 2011

Diplomatic car hits over 20 protesters in Egypt (WARNING: Viewer discretion advised)

'Start the Clock'... Can Mean Only One Thing

CNN Egypt Solidarity in Tokyo

Ethel Kennedy turkey mystery deepens

VIOLENT FEMMES-Old Mother Reagan

Tribute to Ron and Nancy: 'I wanna be loved like that'

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

Egypt Rising

TYT: Banned PETA Super Bowl Ad

Egypt's cyber-crackdown aided by US company


Reaganomics Sucked Wealth Up, Did Not Trickle It Down

Ron Reagan on Limbaugh, Beck & Fox News

Weird Liberal Head Show #280: Egyptian Revolutions, Collabs, and Weirdness!

Sick Dick's Gipper Tribute Part 3

Sick Dick's Gipper Tribute Part 2

Messages of International Trade Union Solidarity with Egyptian Movement for Democracy.

American Anti-Americanism

Yves Smith on Reagan Centenary: Reaganomics Was Pro Business, Not Pro

CORBETTREPORT: Diet, Injections and Injunctions - Sunday Update

EGYPT: Feb. 2, 2011 night-time intense street battle

Egyptian Govt Ready To Suspend Martial Law! For The First Time In Over 30 Years!

Sick Dick's Gipper Tribute Part 1

Sick Dick's Gipper Tribute Part 4

Ronald Reagan on Atheism

ALJAZEERA 'Boeing Tec Spys on Egypt Protesters'

Palin's ENTIRE 30 MINUTE Saint Ronnie speech! Riding a horse helped her understand! WHOO! FREE BIRD!

Bill O'Reilly proves he's not worthy to kiss President Obama's shoe

Pakistani woman commits suicide after US shooting

Cenk on MSNBC - Who Writes Glenn Beck's Checks?

Outfoxed: Fox News celebrates Ronald Reagan's birthday

TDPS: NRA Prevents Research on Effects of Guns, Their Head Lobbyist Says It's No Problem

Reuters: the decline in the jobless rate was not a matter of discouraged workers dropping out

Frank Rich: Wallflowers at the Revolution

Deep Thoughts from Sarah Phalin: On POTUS and Egypt

Kristof: Let’s support the birth of democracy.

Aljazeera LIVE: Protestors seem to be out en masse today. Some came to Tahrir after work.

Must Read from David Corn: Ronald Reagan: The Darker Legacy

Mohamed ElBaradei on Meet the Press

"Obama in all his glory"

Obama explaining the judiciary process to Bill-0>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kristol Calls Out Beck Over 'Hysteria'

If you remember the 60's....

Bill O'Reilly is being a dick

Ronald Reagan cut taxes ... once

"Obama Owns Fox News and Bill O’Reilly"

Meet the Press: Senator Kerry on Egypt

Boston Globe - Kerry will have hearings that could lead to call for change in policy in Afghanistan

Super Bowl -- Declaration of Independence

How many times before this has O'Reilly had this type of audience?

Political cartooist Mike Luckovich on Egypt

Why did President Obama agree to be interviewed by Bill O'Really on FOX? (SuperBowl pre-game)

Neocons Take Credit For Egyptian Uprising

Its absolutely disrespectful for O'Reilly to be talking over Obama and I hope EVERYONE calls him. .

Entergy VP fires back at Vermont Yankee critic - with facts

UK government scraps plans for disposal of nature reserves

Victoria swamped: Storm wreaks havoc – ‘We’ve never seen anything like it in Australia’

Uranium mining: Virginians band together to keep moratorium in place

Historic Fish Catch In Arctic Ocean 1950-2006 75 Times Bigger Than Reported - Reuters

Chevy Volt dashboard display is cool

Rockefeller Warns WV Coal Industry Not To "Fight For Status Quo", Then Fights For It

A Dot on the Map, Until the Earth Started Shaking (hydraulic fracking)

Chernobyl birds are small brained

TVA nuke project chief who left job had fired whistle-blower (and lied about personal finances).

GM crops to be allowed into Britain under controversial EU plans

Energy Department Aims To Slash Solar Costs 75%

Frank Rich - Wallflowers at the Revolution

Nicholas Kristof: Militants, Women and Tahrir Sq.

Obama administration contemplates legal nightmare in Egypt after Mubarak

Egypt remains at an impasse.

Science Test: Will America Protect Our Kids' Education From Religious Right Reactionaries?

US Army's "Spiritual Fitness" Campaign and Uganda's "Kill the Gays Bill" Linked

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

GOP Celebrates Ronald Reagan's 2011th Birthday

Big Brother and the Holding Company: Turning Repression into Resistance

Ronald Reagan cared more about UFOs than AIDS

Police Brutality -- Americans Are Oppressed, Too

On my return to Haiti … (Aristide | Guardian)

When Reagan was (much) less popular than Carter

The Super Bowl's Homeless Problem fixed via a 500 fine for panhandling

Gun Lobbyist Wants a Patron Saint for "Hand Gunners"

The Risks to the Suez Canal Set the Stage for Falsely Hyping the Price of Oil

Interviewi­ng Obama, Bill O'Reilly States God Controls Football Games

A private estate called Egypt

Palin: America out of step with Reagan's values

Ronald Reagan began US government deficit-spending addiction

Biblical Capitalism - The Religious Right's War on Progressive Economic Policy Reagan Myth Doesn't Squre With Reality

Rita Marley's Town

The Great African Scandal

America's new pioneers may be defined by expat America, 5 million strong and growing!

Constitutional showdown - A Florida judge distorted the law in striking down healthcare reform.

Obama Delivers Whispered, Untelevised Speech On Gun Control

600 rounds per minute

NYT: A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights (Mentally Ill, Domestic Violence, etc.)

National gun debate zeroes in on Wisconsin

Locked and loaded: Concealed carry grows as critics’ fears of ‘bloodbath’ proven wrong

CNN - 1 dead,11 injured in Youngstown Ohio shooting.

The Open Carry Argument (I didn't write this, it's quoted from the article)

The cosmetic nature of gun control

Does the 2nd Amendment trump state and federal hunting laws?

Chavez has the flu

Guatemala: campesinos targeted in "state of siege"

Texas defeats the Nation....again!

The game tonight.


Bob Marley's daughter designing uniforms (for Jamaica's teams)

Kubica 'conscious' after crash

2-6-11 Good God in Butter is Ohio State Good This Year

Third Overtime Az vs Cal!!!!

Jeff Fisher - A REAL class act.

They let anyone sing at the Super Bowl.

Dear Jerry Jones, Today Is Not About You

Happy birthday, Babe

Super Bowl Commercials II

With any luck Jerry Jones won't beat the Super Bowl attendance record.

Sept. 7 2010 - Let's look back at predictions by SI's Peter King

2011 NFL Hall of Fame Class Announced

Ben Roethlisberger deserves a karmic loss for being a fucking rapist

It's time. Which was your favorite of the XLV Super Bowls?

Super Bowl Commercials

The JR Chess Report (February 6): Chuckie takes a piece of the Rock

NORTH CAROLINA: Arson Destroys Home Of Harassed Gay Couple

China: Sports Illustrated Goes Gay

Interesting. One of the most popular bloggers in Egypt, Sandmonkey

AIDS is a plague allowed to happen (If you haven't read this, I really think you should)


PA rejects proposed Israeli gestures

Turkish army to train Syrian army

At Stake in Egypt: Reading Gaza Mom

PA stonewalled the Goldstone vote

Prestigious but phony longevity of some denominations

Any reading suggestions for (melancholic) atheism?

If God sustains the universe, should religious people buy specially designed washing machines?

Not near as many NCAA basketball posts as last week

Magnetic Pole Shift and Noctilucent Clouds Responsible For Bird Deaths?

Quantum Physics as a Military Super Weapon

Indian court considers astrology a science

The Star City that Never Sleeps

Neutron star seen forming exotic new state of matter