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Banker/Hospital CEO Pay Up, People Not So Much

Banker/Hospital CEO Pay Up, People Not So Much

Banker/Hospital CEO Pay Up, People Not So Much

U.S. boosts radiation-sniffing system

Sen Boxer on the Lawrence show

How do you think the Japan Prime Minister's Family feels?

Japan disaster: Fears Death Toll Could Exceed 20,000 as Nuke Crisis Looms

Britons Told to Quit Tokyo as Radiation Levels Rise

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't taking care of the spent fuel

The Yen is going up in value! Now 76 yen = 1 dollar!

This video is a day old but I think the expert in it does the most balanced job

GE design of Fukushima Dai-ichi containment buildings did not allow for venting of hydrogen.

Spraying water into the spent fuel tanks "never tried before"...a "last-ditch effort"

The US military has banned access to 13 websites - including YouTube, eBay, Amazon, MTV and ESPN

Union of Concerned Scientists has a good webpage explaining all things nuclear (easy to understand)

Japanese dog leads TV crew to injured friend (Video)

HELL that is a scary graphic at the RMS show

HELL that is a scary graphic at the RMS show

Water spraying opeartions starting now, per NHK

U.S. Pacific Fleet's flickr photostream...

Help! Need info on teacher's salaries in New Jersey

Aloha for Japan Relief

Aloha for Japan Relief

Son, I am disappoint.

WaPo has a Scott Walker op-ed up

Cleaning workers’ campaign for justice met with violence (yesterday + video)

Hey Harry Reid for once I agree with you

NHK Live - Water Spraying Coverage

The Nuclear Family: The World's Largest Nuclear Energy Producers

Wisconsin DA files lawsuit challenging union law

Pic Link: Protesters march to Gov. Kasich's home in Westerville, OH

Message to the Top 1%; If You Want to Keep Your Lives, Start Listening.

Sigh... Bernero could have been our Governor

Was Flipping Though Radio Stations On The Drive Home From Work... And I Don't THINK They Were Trying

Airline bag fees tangle security lines

NRC Sounds Alarm "We believe that there is no water in the spent-fuel pool known as No. 4"

NRC Sounds Alarm "We believe that there is no water in the spent-fuel pool known as No. 4"

Jack Tapper is a complete ass

Jack Tapper is a complete ass

California has failed to identify thousands of buildings vulnerable to quakes

Japan Defense Agency news conference soon.Re: helicopter operation

Florida lawmakers looking at steep cuts in school funding

If it isn't too much trouble please...I have been gone all day without a news source

Gingrich aided Iowa judges’ defeat (who threw out a ban on same-sex marriage)

Fears of conservative Poles, who warned that joining the EU would steadily change the country

Ok I want you people to understand something right now

Some bruises on the Apple?

Guiliani, Gergen, and Graham

Someone made an interesting point on Thom Hartman's video about Nuclear being off the grid

Hidden victim of Japan quake: Sushi restauants

Anyone watching Rep Weiner tear these fox morons a new one?

This civilization is pretty much fucking stupid.

i apologize to DU

Hello... Super-Rich. Just Keep Doing What You're Doing.

I'm Thinkin THIS Place Is Headed For A Meltdown...

Send a pizza in support of Michigan demonstrators

Where are the TEPCO on restoring the power for the coolants?

£1,300 ‘hoof shoes’ unveiled for Cheltenham Festival

About this photo. A question and an observation.

Tucson Iraq Vet gives his Purple Heart to Gabrielle Giffords - he too had brain trauma

I need to know, if THIS is controversial

funniest thread i have ever seen. i am just in awe.

Calling on unpaid writers of the Huffington Post to withhold their work in support of a strike

350.ORG vs US Chamber of Commerce

Would you put yourself in grave danger to prevent a nuclear meltdown? 51% say yes, CNN quick poll

Dear Super-Rich, I am Very Very Sorry.

Fukushima: "Problems were identified in 1975"

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

If you really think solar power can replace nuclear power, you can always do it yourself.

Anyone else having problems viewing videos, particularly on youtube, with latest version of Firefox

Anyone else having problems viewing videos, particularly on youtube, with latest version of Firefox

A quick explanation of the rationale behind the GOP's Shock Doctrine...

Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume 'maybe' Aluetian Islands Thurs & So.California Friday

Meet the ultimate Teabagger Administration

Clinton: No interest in job if Obama wins in 2012

MSNBC lineup.

Inside Fukushimas exclusion zone (BBC)

I thought the Republicans were going to repeal HCR?

1989: How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street & World Economy

1989: How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street & World Economy

Those who forget their (nuclear ) history are doomed to repeat it.

FLASH: Japan nuclear operator says does not know what caused explosion at Fukushima Daiichi plant re

The helicopter water-drop is a freakin' joke.

AP: US starts evacuating some Americans out of Japan

A glass to the Workers at the Plant

SAT’s Reality TV Essay Stumps Some

Only live news I am getting at 9 PT is CNBC World

Talk About Your Chutzpah...

The three nuke plants near my home went on line in

6.5 Quake in Vanuatu

Lesson from life,

The Emperor speaks

Where is all our neat tech in this nuclear crisis?

Odds of the next chapter in "The Shock Doctrine" being all about Japan?

What is it with energy corporations?

What is it with energy corporations?

Lawmakers OK billions in program cuts in California budget

Genuine appreciation for nadinbrzezinski thread.

March the 17th

Far-right hit-man James O’Keefe files for nonprofit status

Clinton Says She Won’t Stay On for Obama Second Term

From Reuters, ports resume operations

for those who care for a good map

(TN) Republican sponsored bill opposes age limit for breast-feeding

Flaws in Japan’s Leadership Deepen Sense of Crisis

Cool Hartmnan on RT TV, no, not kidding

When (or if) Manning is convicted by a Military Court of treason for handing

Senator Al Franken & The Guild's Felicia Day spearhead the SXSW battle cry

Best President since LBJ?

Monk sets himself on fire in Sichuan in government protest

Panoramic image shows the damage in Kesennuma, Japan

LA Times spin on - Radiation Headed for California

Stand up to John Kasich and SB5 today Noon to 1:00

Japanese Defense Minister: 87.7 millisievert at altitude!

Well my LOCAL media is NOT

So, are rich people and corporations ever going to pay their share?

Republican Rep: Eleven Year Old Gang Raped Because She Was "Dressed Like a Prostitute"

Republican Rep: Eleven Year Old Gang Raped Because She Was "Dressed Like a Prostitute"

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Faithful America Fights Ohio's Immoral Budget

Detroit's Fox2 says Lansing had a "massive crowd of over 3,000."

Detroit's Fox2 says Lansing had a "massive crowd of over 3,000."

Funny speak - they are anti-government protesters in

Funny speak - they are anti-government protesters in

Fla. religious leaders rally for immigrants

Michele Bachmann for President???

Michele Bachmann for President???

Bungling, cover-ups define Japanese nuclear power

ATM glitches, power outages jolt stressed Tokyo

China suspends nuclear building plans

DC protesters help Wisconsin GOP feel at home by occupying atrium of the Homer Building

Self Defense Force now starting to spray water @ Fukushima

Radiation suits from South Florida sent to help Japan

Utah Gov. Herbert Signs “Solution” to Immigration Issue, Still Angers Tea Party

NPR cut could impact Midlands (R representatives don't care)

Anderson Cooper exposes many disturbing things this evening...

Support Japan

Justice Dept. Collects Barely 2¢ on the Dollar from Big-Time Convicted Swindlers

Bungling, cover-ups define Japanese nuclear power

Police attempting to use water cannon stepping back - unable to reach due to radiation

Even with all going on in the world, let us not forget this day those who gave their lives...

How do I look up messages I've sent on DU?

Chu should be out---still supports nukes unequivocally---Obama needs to address this immediately!

Higher prices for food are about to get worse

Madison comes to Lansing

His name was Ian Muller

UK political advisor: "If we don't get the white folk angry he's gone," he warns.

Water Canons

OMG? Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume - Southern California by Friday NYT

Who's really behind recent Republican Legislation in WI and elsewhere?

Wisconsin is the drunkest state in the USA

Salt sales soar in China amid Japan nuclear crisis

Proposed cuts to Ohio public utilities consumer watchdog group brings criticism

BBC: Fukushima Daiichi Updates (begins 6.15pm PST)

Gov rips 'Housewives' hubby

Multicultural Gala Night 2011 in Calgary this Sunday

Angry at Public Sector Pensions? How about Members of Congress?

I can't handle any more news today. Listening to music.

Need a response to Coburn re SS notes "paper money."

NYT has a good overview of reactor status

CEOs urge Arizona to forgo immigration measures

Instead of going after the public unions

Links to articles from nuclear power critic Amory Lovins

It’s Coming: The $5 ATM Fee

Killing Children in Afghanistan…As Americans Say Enough is Enough

Happy St. Patrick's Day:

Curious as to how long it took everyone else to fill out their NCAA selections?

Corporate Profits Hit 18-Year High

Those Japanese nuke plants should all be covered with a

War as static, noise in the background.

House Republican campaign chief furious after leak on party dues

the stalker frame

Fight for a Decent Society or Inherit a Worse One by Stephen Soldz

For years, nuclear 'experts' said the chance of a meltdown was so remote, 'impossible' was a better

What if Obama doesn't even run in 2012?

March 17th

French court bans condoms from Condom

Am trying to find that list of companies that the koch brothers

I am so proud of the editor's column on Perry's Sonogram Bill

Scientists Project Path of Radioactive Plume

Randy Hopper (R-State Senator, Wisconsin).. it just keeps getting better

If Obama really wants to keep his base, and his Presidency...

Accept the crumbs or else!

To say that I need a break from this place

The Times Announces Digital Subscription Plan

Group says biometric screening could reduce airport hassle action now !

During NPR Funding Debate, Rep. McGovern Proposes No Federal Funding Should End Up At Fox News

100's of Wisconsin protesters storm Washington lobbying firm BGR Group. (Video)

North Dakota economy booms, population soars

D.A.: Walker's stealthy vote broke Wisconsin's open meetings law

Oral Roberts U grad Bachmann says Harvard grad Obama 'isn’t well-schooled'

Chrysler sues business for using Imported slogan

Rush Limbaugh: Media exaggerates Japan disaster

Rush Limbaugh: Media exaggerates Japan disaster

Congress- "No more earmarks" politicians pressure federal agencies

And now Unit No. 5 is having problems with cooling.

NY Times introduces Digital Subscriptions.

nuclear revival? lessons for women from three mile island accident

earthquake/meltdown killing off Japan's elderly

Deputy Who Saved Infant In '06 Dies From Related Illness

WI Dems: Walker's Frank Luntz Visit Broke the Law

There Is Power in a Union

There Is Power in a Union

DOMA repeal legislation introduced

DOMA repeal legislation introduced

Windows at Washington, D.C. Republican Office Shot Out

Aristide Plans To Return,

Largest existing gold nugget sells at auction for $400,000

Lincoln edges Lexus in new survey of vehicle dependability now leads the industry

Article: Japan's Nuclear Power Industry Has History Of Scandals

High radiation level detected 30km from nuke plant

Remember when Biden was ridiculed for saying Obama would be tested?

Aerial video of damaged reactors

Protesters storm the Homer Bldg. in Washington DC during a lobbyist fundraiser for WI GOP - pics

Yucca Mountain, yay or nay: Can someone start a poll?

Illinois lawmakers look at allowing smoking back in bars, to raise more money via taxes

An Inconvenient Truth Question.......

Did DU just create an internet meme in the making?

Will there be risks to U.S. travelers flying domestically. . . . . .

Leading edge of radiation to hit Cali by late friday

More US relief crews exposed to radiation in Japan

"this is like suicide fighters in a war," and how to make a diaper

How Your Taxpayer Dollars Subsidize Pro-War Movies and Block Anti-War Movies

All Politicians "In the Hands of the Super Wealthy,"

Study: Americans Think Al Jazeera English is Unbiased… When It Has a CNN Logo Placed On It

Oklahoma House vote bans pain-causing abortions

Oklahoma House vote bans pain-causing abortions

The Donald's birther theory: "He grew up and nobody knew him"

Garrison Keillor to Retire in 2013

On cable news last night, one segment showed a reporter in Japan

Realists vs Idealists from Toothpaste for Breakfast

Obama is going to Rio de Janeiro this weekend.

US military team to advise Japan on nuke hazards

"Hey, This Guy Makes Sense" from Wiley Miller's Non Sequitur

Since when are "Social Safety Net" programs now called "Entitlements?"

Records: 'Blood money' paid to kin of Pakistanis killed by U.S. man

The media seems to be doing a great job...

How many people in this country are truly free?

How much do you know about the 2010 health care overhaul?

How much do you know about the 2010 health care overhaul?

Meme: unregulated business is a ponzi scheme.

CAPCOM reduces price of 'Street Fighter IV' for iOS by 90% for Japanese relief.

? for DUers....: Do you see all those blogads (including the meat video?)

Would this work ?

IAEA says "Fukushima is not "out-of-control"...(wtf?)

Chernobyl's Half Lives....a photo journal

Radiation data being crowdsourced to fill info gaps

msnbc reports radiation detected in Dallas on plane and passengers

Bill opposes age limit for breast-feeding

(LA) LaBruzzo wants drug tests for welfare recipients

What has President Obama done about Japan?

Rachel Maddow is doing an incredible job of explaining the current situation

MARU is OK!!!

The "stay away" line.

Pentagon Wants Vets To Pay More For Health Care

Pentagon Wants Vets To Pay More For Health Care

For once, I agree with Ronald Reagan.

Michele Bachman Pays Tribute to 1898's Franco American War - War w/ Spain secured Canned Pasta

Pakistan army chief condemns US drone attack "unjustified and intolerable"

Harper asks RCMP to investigate his former top adviser

Ending The Afghan War Would Save Taxpayers 40,000 Times More Money Than Defunding NPR

Great Photo - Irish-Americans Gear Up For 'The Reinforcin' O' The Stereotypes'

Watching Japan TV, 50 tons of water is needed per day at reactors

Obama campaign promises broken...Your chance to see Max Keiser in a dress...

Mr. Andrew Cuomo, fix Wall Street...

Pakistan drone strike update: Some of 30 killed by U.S. missiles were tribesmen holding a jirga

Military to military connections determine US relations.

White House press briefing is being shown now at

***BIRTHER ALERT*** Michele Bachmann refuses to release her birth certificate ***BIRTHER ALERT***

***BIRTHER ALERT*** Michele Bachmann refuses to release her birth certificate ***BIRTHER ALERT***

What should you be more worried about today; the possibility of radiation

The Big Picture (Japan) collection

White House briefing on Japan now

Votes on Kuchinich de-fund the war, and bar federal funds for NPR at 2;30 pm-

Planned Parenthood Factoid - Abortions only 3% of services

US Fleet Commander Met Head of Bahrain Defense Forces Before Crackdown

GD's nightly art thread.

Pakistan army chief condemns US drone attack

As The Global Economy Trembles, Our Nation's Capitol Fiddles

Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?

Kunicich has been debating all morning on his resolution to withdraw from Afghanistan

California's budget debate takes a bizarre twist (x-post from CA)

Video fly-over of Fukushima Daiichi Nuke Plant

What exactly are the risks? There are four ways public can be exposed to contamination

FL Governor Scott launches website that opens state salary database to public

Airbus faces manslaughter probe over crash

Obama to speak on Japan at 3:30 March 17.

Kasich’s budget gives utilities a tax break by slashing consumer watchdog agency

Case of Raymond Davis has all the trappings of a 21st century spy novel.

Toon: Fair AND Balanced!

House votes to move forward on defunding NPR

this Usteeam site from Japan has 5/6 streaming live news sites and tons of updated info......

Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants

Obama visits Japanese Embassy; signs condolence book

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has the facts on business/labor campaign $$$

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has the facts on business/labor campaign $$$

The wife of Randy Hopper (Wisconsin Rep. Senator) intends to sign the recall petition.

FBI report on the MLK Bomb

Wisconsin DA Lawsuit To Void Walker's Anti-Union Bill

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Search and Rescue (pics)

BBC: reactor dousing doesn't appear to be working...

Richard Trumka on CNN NOW

DHS/U.S. Customs screening passengers and planes arriving from Japan

I am so tired of listening to

Sometimes you feel like a nut!

Yes Mr. President Nuclear is the answer

TSA & radiation from Japan

TSA & radiation from Japan

Radiation Exposure: Fast Facts About Thyroid Cancer and Other Health Risks (milk)

A friendly reminder of the collusion between media and energy

Elderly Hit Especially Hard as Hope for Missing Fades in Japan

Somehow we knew Crock (the 'toon character) had to be a TeaBagger

State monitor orders Asbury's Barack Obama School closed

Will the banks be asking us for another bailout?

How can Michele Bachmann be president if she won't release her birth certificate?

A Question on Nuclear Power

President Obama to speak on Japan situation at 3:30 PM...

On the Poet's Trail

Hospital left Essex (England) mother alone to await (premature) baby's death

Southern California air quality agency daily radiation monitoring website

Lawmakers seeking private funds for major infrastructure

Well, duh. (Teaching Seen As Crucial In Topping Ed Rankings - AP)

What if terrorists knocked a nuclear power plant off the grid the way these were by the tsunami?

We are fast becoming little more than slaves

Some Iodine Information

Great BARTCOP Rant

Great BARTCOP Rant

Great BARTCOP Rant

Does anyone seriously expect an Obama primary challenge?

Nervous China to break up with nuclear, run back to coal

Tokyo Passengers Trigger U.S. Airport Detectors, N.Y. Post Says

happy St. Patricks day

PepsiCo unveils 100 percent plant-based bottle

How come there is a government in Bahrain

Mel Gibson booked and released on battery charge

This was the sound of the quake that rocked Japan

British/US Search and Rescue teams are due to pull out of Japan tomorrow

Big Energy is a BIG CLIENT to MSM.

Last straw for me, re: The Huffington Post

"I'm an Ex-Mormon" site answer to LDS campaign

President Obama's address coming up

'Alfred' from 'Batman' Movies -- Dead at 94

Iowan: Funeral ruling wrong

Iowan: Funeral ruling wrong

Question about House repuke's total awfulness since the 2010 debacle.

Oklahoma House passes bill eliminating collective bargaining in some cities

Pentagon Wants Vets To Pay More For Health Care

Pentagon Wants Vets To Pay More For Health Care

Baby gorilla dies at Columbus Zoo

Gadhafi tells Benghazi residents "we are coming tonight' and 'there won't be any mercy'

Juan Williams Defends Obama On Japan: "You Want Him To Fly Over Like He's Superman? You Really .....

Recommendations for other left leaning forums?

Recommendations for other left leaning forums?

South Carolina Lt. Governor Ken Ard Faces 92 State Ethics Charges

State Voucher Update: PA, CO, OK, and MD

Timeline of the Fukushima nuclear accidents

LIVE: President Obama delivers statement on Japan, with streaming link

Have the Japanese tried using a fireboat to cool the reactors?

US Government Calls Indigenous Resistance of 1800s: “Much Like Modern-Day al Qaeda”

US Government Calls Indigenous Resistance of 1800s: “Much Like Modern-Day al Qaeda”

Lucrative sole-source contracts to 8(a) firms now require justification

Lucrative sole-source contracts to 8(a) firms now require justification

These clowns on CNN are doing quite the tapdance trying to explain away 'the Plume'

A Good News Story from Door County, Wisconsin (involves a garbage man..maybe union?) exposes Right Wing Nuke MSM talking head Jay Lehr

Libya crisis: Military action against Gaddafi 'within hours' of UN vote

Senators call on NRC to vouch for safety of U.S. nuclear plants

Voucher Blunder: Colorado School District Approves ‘School Choice’ Scheme

NPR ... ... ... ... ... DAMMIT -- the Left has had it long enough!!!!

Bomb squad called to defuse sex toy

Study: Middle-, lower-income Minnesotans pay 12.3 percent in taxes. Wealthiest pay 10.3

Only on FAUX, Mattel's Waxing and Shaving Monster High Doll Sparks Outrage

Regarding the whole NCAA bracket thing (OK, this is actually a labor post):

Link to petition for a new national holiday honoring Ceasar Chavez...

Possible Temp Solution For Nuke Waste

We are too moral to win, we are too exceptional to win, we are etc.

Since a FEW here want to know the truth

Anyone here old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Fighting nukes with nukes...

CNN Video - Here's what 50 Cent, Gottfried, & Rush ridiculed: "Rescuer finds his whole family gone"

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell talks with Nate Phelps, the son of the pastor who founded the Westboro Bap

Understanding weather forecast - question

World Vets needs your help in Japan

Fukishima Timeline Wiki

So, your child has a nut allergy

So, your child has a nut allergy

13,200 deaths, 9,700 hospitalizations

this is a dupe. i see another thread. deleted. nt

Libya: Benghazi Civilians Face Grave Risk--Human Rights Watch

Is Rachel Maddow Eligible to win an award for reporting, given that she's

Why the Obama economy will never prosper

Just announced: President will speak on situation in Japan at 3:30EDT

About all of the hoopla concerning the plume of radiation.

Since it is getting bandied about again..."No, the “supermoon” didn’t cause the Japanese earthquake"

Maine GOP Gov.LePage Stole Candy From Children, Wants To Undo Child Labor Laws

Accept the crumbs, or else!

Solar Panels on Nuke Plants.....

Businesses and Investers against tax haven abuse - sign the petition

A Republican Fund-Raiser Is INDICTED In A PONZI SCHEME

Youtube has been deleting this, "Last" message from man in Japan

This picture is just surreal

Loyal dog stands by injured canine friend in Japan

BlackLight Power is looking for a scientist to work on battery development based

BBC: GM Suspending production Shreveport - lack of parts (from Japan)

Bill would end abstinence-only sexual education

Live coverage of Fukushima reactor from helicopter resumes on NHKWorld (link)

Libya Revolution Day 28 (the UN decides)

Portrait of Wisconsin - Great vid. I just know there's some DU'er in there.

NY GOP candidate Jack Davis:" Bus blacks to farms to pick crops" WTF

Hey! Rick Scott. The website where my grandchildren can look

Ever run into some fool who's complaining that the rich have the largest share of the tax burden?

My question for the day:

Has anyone here seen John Poindexter (DARPA)?

One year ago today, Crystals create hydrogen from water using noise pollution

Battle at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant is just beginning, says reactor troubleshooter

VP Biden today: "This is the first time I've seen labor so much in solidarity... So much together."

Let's be clear, this House of Representatives would pass a bill demanding that orphans ...

Let's be clear, this House of Representatives would pass a bill demanding that orphans ...

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Japan Quake Refugees

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Japan Quake Refugees

AP: Interactive Map - Updates Japan disasters: Nuclear crisis worsen

Zombie Nuclear Plants: It's Worse Than You Think. Undead Nuclear Plants Still Operating

Why recruiters should be banned from high schools...

super moon...

Michigan: Don't call your new masters financial managers - call them COMMISSARS

Libya finally forces Barack Obama's hand as he goes for broke

U.S. radiation experts try to decipher reports from Japan

U.S. radiation experts try to decipher reports from Japan

White group thinks they're oppressed because they're not a privileged class anymore.

Just FYI, in case you're not following the Libya Revolution thread, UN is about to vote, webcast:

THANK YOU (Changing times Labor Forum's best day ever)

Tangled web in NJ. Mayor Booker's controversial hire of firm to overhaul public schools...

A bit of warning about tonight in the US

Congress, States simultaneously pass CRUD Act

Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble

West Coast radiation risk low, but fears persist

The economic impact from reports of trace amounts of fallout in West Coast states

The economic impact from reports of trace amounts of fallout in West Coast states

U.S. military detects more radiation

We're wrong. Republicans ARE pro-choice.

Defending worker's rights at the University of Iowa

Has the corporate media been covering the possible radiation in milk?

NY Times: U.S. Flights Over Plant Gather Crucial Data

New York governor hits school districts, defends education cut

Any suggestions for a strong pro-labor primary challenger for 2012?

Is complaining or criticizing Obama helping the Republicans?

Lead makes it here from China

Japan nuclear plant: Just 48 hours to avoid 'another Chernobyl'

Japan initially rejected US help with nuke plants. US stipulated reactors be dismantled

Sandra Bullock donates $1 million for Japan relief

Hey Rush Limbaugh, laugh now, when you're gone, you'll be remembered as an asshole with no empathy

A $7 million stimulus to ship jobs to Mexico??

Here is what YOU CAN DO right now to help the people

We can't afford a no fly zone over Libya

Nebraska Bill Would Declare Obama Health Care Void

Libya: 11th hour bid to stop Gaddafi as US finally backs intervention

How come we can't afford NPR, food for children, healthcare...

Not to be believed...

DU poll at CNN: should nuclear power be expanded, reduced?

Walker’s great train robbery sticks Wisconsin with a $60 million bill

Defense group: Libyan no-fly zone could cost $300 million a week - or around $15 billion a year

NPR on way to becoming defunded, but hey, we got the brackets done.

We can't afford NPR, we can't afford to feed American children, we can't...

Doesn't "Military Action" against Lybia.....Mean...WAR?

The death of a thousand cost-cuts. Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage

Joe Miller hits the road. (Former Alaska Senate Candidate with Palin support)

Radiation and the Pacific Jet Stream

Fox "News" guest predicts major North American quake imminent based on moon cycle.

Newt Gingrich channeled $350,000 To Anti-Gay Hate Groups

The right-wing hate continues...

My advice, get in your cars, drive East and start drinking heavily

Rachel Maddow - total amount of Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods in the pools at PLANT #1

Do we have a James O'Keefe working for us?

Anti-Walker ad just aired on TV here in Milwaukee linking Darling to him.

Power is connected to Nuke plant. (IAEA)

Support Planned Parenthood

Germany won't send forces to Libya, foreign minister declares

"It will never happen that way again."

We have a WACKO House of Representatives...

We have a WACKO House of Representatives...

A simple plan to end both wars.

Republicans once again call for a time out in making policy during disasters caused by policy

So it is looking like another Chernobyl solution is likely to be used in Japan...

Are you for or against the no-fly zone in Libya?

"This is the biggest power grab since the Supreme Court elected George Bush."

Ann Coulter: "Japanese radiation exposure would be good news"

The Scariest Earthquake Is Yet to Come (West Coast USA)

Which trans-national company operates the Nuclear power plants

An environmental question for St. Pat's Day--

Meet Sarah Palin's brain..RAM aka Rebecca Mansour.

Meet Sarah Palin's brain..RAM aka Rebecca Mansour.

Hispanics, blacks, lead Metropolitan Atlanta population growth

"If America doesn't want to be embarrassed it should 'stop doing embarrassing things.'"

Má tá tú ag go leor t-ádh le Gaeilge, is tú an t-ádh

Log Cabin Republicans Defend Boehner, Say Obama Was "Wrong" Not To Defend DOMA

Madison Protests - Crowds are smaller

Trump says he has doubts about Obama’s birth place

Trump says he has doubts about Obama’s birth place

Trump says he has doubts about Obama’s birth place

Trump says he has doubts about Obama’s birth place

Obama in campaign mode: 'Delivered on change that we can believe in'

The Rude Pundit: Rich People Are Eating You

Despite all the memes to discourage us in WI, I have never been more encouraged

‘Anonymous’ puts central banks on notice, demands Bernanke resign

Criminals kick off Japanese disaster scams at record speed

Do you remember that guy from high school?

12 States Where GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families

Sign the AFT pledge to stand with the unions (all welcome)

Popping potassium iodide already? Really bad idea

Japan holds the line in nuclear plant crisis

Pepsi Throwback becomes permanent

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

California insurer (Blue Cross/Shield) backs away from 59% hike

DNC just called asking for money again, stating that they are trying to get a Neighbor-to-Neighbor

Protective Garb to Shield Against Radiation.....

MSNBC: "Japan's battle at nuke plant could take weeks" ...OK, I got some bad news...

About supporting us here in Japan

All that cancer we're gonna get from that lousy radiation?

lol...check out the ad next to my latest ltte in my new venue

past grad students and admissions officers...a favor on my essay

Medically Fragile Kids forced to take NCLB tests, even though they are dying.

PBS... ... ... ... meh.

I read that Chernobyl (now closed) has 7,000 workers still there (was 600-800k during the cleanup)

I read that Chernobyl (now closed) has 7,000 workers still there (was 600-800k during the cleanup)

TepCo wanted to evacuate ALL workers - Gov'mt said no way

While future republicans were daydreaming of how to steal other childrens toys,

It's clear we need to further develop a new method of power generation.

Libyan Revolution Day 29 (UN votes for NFZ, 10 for, 5 abstain, 0 against, revolutionaries dig in)

White House muzzles National Labor Relations Board in their fight against GOP budget ax

Mr. Shraby used to work at nuke plants. He describes dressing

Liberal AND Christian. Yes, it's possible.

When the news is too much to digest........take a brain break

The Progressive: Why a Primary Challenge to Obama Is a Bad Idea

What happens if Obama loses in 2012?

For all those who believe the end is near

Helicopter pictures show devastation inside Fukushima reactor towers

Can we all agree, at least, that nuclear power is not "clean"?

This "no-fly-zone" euphemism is just bullshit. What this is is a decision to go to war against Lybia

Breaking*** UN Votes to adopt No Fly zone - Libya

If Robin Hood had existed, would he, and his merry men except for maybe Friar Tuck,

TX Bill to restrict homeowner associations’ bans on solar panels passes Senate committee

Human prejudice has ancient evolutionary roots

***** Disaster in Japan March 18 = Al Jazeera Live Blog *****

Re; Spent Fuel Pool. Why has no one thought

The Huffington Post is now OFF my daily reading list.

The White House hasn't noticed the new labor movement in the US.

Breaking News: Pentagon offers to evacuate all US military family members on Japan main island....

Japan: Who is going to bell the cat?

Time: "Why Gaddafi Has Survived" Could the WEST be WRONG on Libya??

Roger Ebert: Dear Congress, While Defunding NPR, How About...

Regarding west coast radiation danger

House defeats Rep. Kucinich's resolution calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan, 321-93

FDIC sues former top WaMu execs, alleging 'gross negligence'

Hey Rush! Here's a photo you can use for todays show - laugh it up!!!

Donald Trump Is Kind of a Birther

Epic Fail: the never-aired Sharron Angle campaign ad. It's even worse than you think.

So, "the plume" can travel thousands of miles across the ocean

Danger of Spent Fuel Outweighs Reactor Threat (Japan, USA have same approach to spent fuel storage)

Why was fake Koch phone call the only sting done on righties?

We have to confront the tea baggers. We outnumber them and we are beginning to scare them.

We have to confront the tea baggers. We outnumber them and we are beginning to scare them.

Why I'm giving up on corporate American news channels and watching BBC!

25 Percent of Republicans Think ACORN, which Folded Last Year, Will "Steal" 2012 Elections

If we are going to freak out about Nuclear Energy then we need to move everyone off the coast

If we are going to freak out about Nuclear Energy then we need to move everyone off the coast

Kasich attempts to strip environmental agencies of funds, open state park lands to drilling

If we can't afford social security or single payer or school lunches then we DAMNED SURE can't . . .

If we can't afford social security or single payer or school lunches then we DAMNED SURE can't . . .

Wow, a repuke state Sen. with a conscious. Who would have thought...

Wow, a repuke state Sen. with a conscious. Who would have thought...

dog stands by injured friend after tsunami

A 45 Car Garage???

Wonder question of the day.

Colleges and Universities that Allow Guns on Campus (a list)

Despite student protests, Gov. Rick Snyder will speak at University of Michigan spring commencement

That's THREE!!!

Japan Radioactivity Could Enter Food Chain

Physicist Michio Kaku warns that Japan nukes may go 'beyond Chernobyl'

Toon: The high cost of energy

There is nothing Democratic about Marxism, Communism, Socialism..

Democratic Chairman: "gays are like white termites...who infiltrate your house"

Japan Nuke Design: What they did right and what they did wrong

President Obama Is Wrong To Approve The Saudi Invasion of Bahrain: U.S. Wavers on "Regime Change"

There is nothing democratic about capitalism.

My great niece is gay. I am having a hard time accepting it.

Assistance thread for Japan - Open thread

If we can't afford to upgrade safety at existing plants, how can we build more?

Florida House Approves Ending Tenure for New Teachers

How to help animals affected by the Tsunami

So... a teabagger lady grabbed me this evening.

You won't have to be angry at supporting two wars anymore!

Canada having nuke plant problems

Canada having nuke plant problems

So where do we stand on Hydroelectric?

Heartbreaking: Elderly Japanese hard hit as hope for missing fades

Obama job approval amongst *****LIBERAL****** democrats - 87%

While we are discussing taking away federal funding for NPR...

Kucinich Says No! To ‘No-Fly’ Zone Over Libya

Kucinich Says No! To ‘No-Fly’ Zone Over Libya

Wisconsin recall 50% - Time For Negotiation over

I can't think of one conservative idea that works. So why do we have continue to put up with them?

GOPers Trying To Pass Bill Making It Illgegal For The Poor To Have $20

What's holding everything together?

"SCOTTY WE'RE COMING FOR YOU" Great song by the Kissers (from Wisconsin) --Pass it On!

Do you support air strikes and a no fly zone in Libya?

Do you support air strikes and a no fly zone in Libya?

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

Congress Asks to Review DoD and NSA Contracts With HBGary

An evacuation center for pets and their owners in Japan -pics

CORN NUTS were the f-ing vegetable for my students today. I'M FURIOUS!!

School makes all 1st-graders rinse out their mouths before class - b/c one child has peanut allergy

Just listening to Al Jazeera

‘Anonymous’ puts central banks on notice, demands Bernanke resign

‘Anonymous’ puts central banks on notice, demands Bernanke resign

Artistic rendering of the Wisconsin Protests......POWER TO THE PEEPS!

Should more should be done for humane livestock treatment?

Current Account Deficit Falls in Fourth Quarter

Buddy Roemer Maps RV Route to White House.

A push for late-term restrictions

CIA spy escapes murder case in Pakistan after US pays 'blood money'

Harlem Is Losing a Piece of Clinton (Clinton Foundation moving offices)

MI Protesters Refusing to Leave Capitol After Rallies

NFL: Suspensions More Likely for Illegal Hits

US starts evacuating some Americans out of Japan

State Dept., Pentagon Offer To Evacuate Family Members From Tokyo

U.S. to help Americans leave Japan

(WIS) DA files open meetings complaint over budget session(Asks Judge To Void Walker's Measure)

Clinton: No interest in job if Obama wins in 2012

Libyan Envoy Says Security Council Must Act in Next 10 Hours

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Japan Quake Refugees

U.S. shows growing alarm over Japan nuclear crisis

Defiant Gaddafi vows 'decisive battle'

Clashes Reported in Western City in Yemen

Syria Should Release All Detained Protesters, Human Rights Says

China suspends nuclear building plans

Clinton in Tunisia to press post-revolt reforms

Sarah Palin's 2012 Presidential prospects fade

Authorise Libya air strikes, US urges UN

Bahrain arrests six opposition leaders

Bahrain unrest: Opposition arrests follow crackdown

Bungling, cover-ups define Japanese nuclear power

Libya: Red Cross pulls out of Benghazi fearing attack

Republicans: Consumer bureau too powerful

GOP begins rollback of Wall St. reform

Tokyo bourse rejects calls for halt, to keep markets open

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report {03/17/2011}

Tibetan monk said to set himself on fire in China

Libya: Rebel forces 'repel Ajdabiya attack'

Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume

Officials: Suspected drone strike kills up to 30 in Pakistan

Castro Enemy Said to Have Recounted Role in Attacks (former CIA )

Japan: Evacuees Speak Of Sense Of Betrayal

China urges Japan to give prompt, accurate information on crisis

19 senators support Biden's efforts on Planned Parenthood

US sends drone to inspect damaged Japanese nuke plant

Fiery explosion in Minneapolis; no injuries

Trump says he has doubts about Obama’s birth place

House to Vote on Cutting off Funds for NPR

Records: 'Blood money' paid to kin of Pakistanis killed by U.S. man

A Letter to Our Readers About Digital Subscriptions

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Owner Falsified Inspection Records

Libya: Gaddafi forces bomb rebel-held Benghazi

Witnesses say Libyan rebels shoot down planes bombing (Benghazi) airport

Kerry calls for repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

US military begins evacuations of families from Japan due to nuclear threat

NYC patient infected with AIDS virus by transplant

California Legislature OKs deep budget cuts

Talent in China: A Legion of Ambitious, Qualified Women

Senate Democrats Call For Investigation Of U.S. Nuclear Plants

Libya: Government - We Will Hit Any Target If Attacked (By International Forces)

Wisconsin Senators "Sell Out" to Corporate Interests as DC Crowds Pick Up the Chant: "Recall"

A Fukushima Plant Worker's Blog Post

7 Years After Ouster in U.S.-Backed Coup, Former Haitian President Aristide Prepares to Return Home

‘Anonymous’ puts central banks on notice, demands Bernanke resign

Scandal-ridden energy company behind Japan's nuke crisis

Minnesota lawmakers seek ban on teachers’ strikes

Libya clashes leaves 30 civilians dead

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Should Explain Conditions of Bradley Manning’s Confinement

Man Monitored by Hate Watchdog Skips Ariz. Hearing

Libya: UN urges respect for right to life and protection of children as violence rages

Turkey helps free Guardian journalist in Libya

FAA, Airlines Monitor Japan Radiation Plume Over Pacific Ocean

Clinton: UN no-fly zone requires bombing Libya

Lawsuit settled: Isthmus, AP will get emails, Walker must pay legal costs

US To Support Libya No-Fly Zone At UN

Sacramento Car Dealer Agrees to Bargain with Machinists in NLRB Settlement

UN approves no-fly zone over Libya

Florida House Approves Ending Tenure for New Teachers

New York Times paywall coming March 28

NFL to Judge: Don't Unseal TV Contract Case Info

Dividends Will Enrich Bank Chiefs

Tokyo passengers set off radiation detectors at O’Hare

Silvio Berlusconi's ratings hit record low

(Rep. Jason) Chaffetz makes emotional call for end to Afghan war

House rejects call to leave Afghanistan in 2011

U-M Students Protest Rick Snyder As Graduation Speaker

Jean-Bertrand Aristide defies US by heading back to Haiti

Congress Asks to Review DoD and NSA Contracts with HBGary (Result of 'Anonymous,' WikiLeaks)

Anne Hathaway, Jane Lynch (and other celebrities) urge Obama to support gay marriage

x t c - Frivolous Tonight

Japan rejected early US help on nuclear disaster

Stonehenge - Spinal Tap

Dogs are perfectly willing to let washing machines take the heat.

Wikileaks: Congress party 'bought India votes'

U.N. Approves Military Action in Libya to Halt Qaddafi Attacks

For Movie Title Fans

Drone Attack Reported to Kill Scores in Northwest Pakistan

GM to shut plant amid shortage of Japanese parts

GM to shut plant amid shortage of Japanese parts

Monsters -- not just for BEDROOM closets anymore:

Anti-Kasich Flash Mob Rocks Local Bob Evans (Ohio)

I'm indulging a guilty pleasure...

Home, suh-WEET sweet sweet sweet home.

Libya Rebels Lash Out At West's Inaction

Federal investigation claims abuses among New Orleans police

39 days 'til Lent is over. 39 days 'til Lent is over. 39 days 'til Lent is over. 39 days 'til...

You're not going to believe this, but MiddleFingerMom tried exercising last night.

Buzz or howl?

root canal

and his paw or what do you call it?

Harry Reid: Leave Social Security Alone - It's Solvent For at Least 30 Years

Radiation From Japan Detected At O’Hare Airport

Got an e-mail at the office from the "China Decision Makers Consultancy"


Aristide at SAfrica airport en route to Haiti

"One Day More"/Blame Canada......

Do you want to say you kicked Obama's butt AND win a prize - now you can

U.S. envoy (Susan Rice): More than a no-fly zone needed

It's too risky to keep Indian Point nuclear power plant open: Gov. Cuomo

the best 'Oh Danny Boy' ever -- happy st patricks.

1 Dead, 10 Sent To Hospital After Massive Overdose


I dreamt of a spirit animal last night, but it wasn't mine. I'm PRETTY sure it belongs to Skittles.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank goodness for cell phones.......

Kasich looks to extract savings from pensions

We have too many illegal aliens here!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Let The Sunshine In

My kittehs still like my lap the best

Some things never change.


Best computer external speakers for music

Happy birthday to baby cakes Cash today, our little 6 year old

Who here is not wearing Greek?

Call Me Wesley has never pretended to be much of a morning person:

NJ township want to limit rooster population

Best damn show on American television.

And now for something different...Danny Boy...

David Lowery - Ah you Left me

Post here if you are NOT Irish and damn proud of it

What weighs more?? 3 pounds or raw beef or 3 pounds of cooked beef?

Chart: St. Patrick vs Guy Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

speaking of speakers...related question

Photo: Possible graywarrior sighting?

Irish blessing for St. Patrick's Day...

Paddy won't be coming in to work today.

Union workers in Wayne assembly plant boo Gov. Rick Snyder during Ford Focus celebration

The phrase of the day is "ambulatory Pez dispensers". Modify any thread to include it.

Squirrel Goes Nuts, Terrorizes VT Neighborhood

Should the NCAA have scheduled Clemson to play today?

Should I get an old VOIP to replace my old mobile?

Never watch NCIS after watching Buffy.

This thread is not about you,

What kind of Internet access do you need to watch movies on your laptop?

Just heard back from my Stanford contact who informs me that, my photoshop suspicions aside,

To all the people who didn't give me a star... well you know what you all can do...

Irish Day Match Game Story: "Liam, Ailin, and Dáivi drank til dawn, then _____ some Irish maidens"

THIS kind of Lent, I approve.

Sona La le pogdric Lá Pádraig

Irish curse for St. Patrick's Day...

Hey Dude sitting next me on the bus...Stop Spreading your legs Out!

I love those Social Security people!

Ugh. Toothache. Misery. Dentist tomorrow. Waiting for vicoden. OOOoooooowwwwie...

Photo: I'd be willing to bet that this cat carrier is not SPCA approved...

Thursday's NCAA Tournament Thread

I am pretty sure I deserve to get un-pinched.

Jeez. Owner's manual available online. Only.

A little Doobie Brothers (without Michael MacDonald) for this day...

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

St Patrick's day stuff to enjoy, "steal" and/or share -- This one: ... ... (poss dial-up warning)

St Patrick's day stuff to enjoy, "steal" and/or share -- The OTHER one: ... (poss dial-up warning)

Should fruit flies be allowed everywhere or should there be one zone with no fruit flies?

Who here is not very clean?

On St Patrick's Day, I find your lack of faith... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... digesting.

Who here is not wearing green?

So, I had a job interview the other day

I miss the old Internets

Quiz: How well do you know your shit?

High radiation level detected 30km from (Fukushima) nuke plant (Outside Japan Gov's exclusion zone)

High radiation level detected 30km from (Fukushima) nuke plant (Outside Japan Gov's exclusion zone)

I miss my best friend

They say that animals know well in advance of earthquakes.

What do you DUers think about the most during the day

Post here if you are not going to reply to this thread.

My son is in first grade and went on a field trip the other day. The kids were served lunch,


Mexico's Calderon wants U.S. ambassador out

Erin Go Braless.....

Our cat's addicted to treats

Your favorite line from the National Lampoon? Back when it was funny.

When you see signs like this you have to wonder who was the idiot that actually did that....

Documents Reveal Chevron's Changing Tune In Ecuador Rainforest Destruction Case

Houses Passes Bill Stripping Federal Funding for NPR

Pelosi: We'll help Boehner pass funding bill—if he'll compromise

What do you think Obama pick for NCAA Championship

The Democratic Base is Alive and Well on DU.

Dionne : Obama’s Audacity Deficit on Guns

Energy lifts inflation, jobless claims decline

Dems turn the tables on ‘Drill, baby, drill’

the world's money Barons aren't worried about Japanese radiation

Dinosaurs: Changing Nature Ending (The final episode)

Clip from Chernobyl Heart

John Nichols, The Nation, interviews Susan Sarandon in Madison, WI

The Truth About Teachers

Egyptian Democracy Movement Expected To Reject New Constitution

Children of Chernobyl

All of the talking points about how hard it is for Obama would make sense if...

Obama & The Pentagon Treat The Torture Of Bradley Manning As A Joke!

Rachel Rips NY Daily News Panicky Headline

150 years of nationhood and Italy is still divided

PA POLL: Don't make health, education cuts - tax drilling, voters say

Americans Rapidly Losing Confidence In GOP's Ability To Reduce The Deficit

"Obama’s decision to invite the NRA for talks was exactly the right one. "

Michigan’s Constitution Allows That Governor Snyder Can Be Recalled In July

Daily Show Asks If Gitmo Is Prison or Zoo?

The nature of Yemen's uprising

No Nukes Concert 1979....( Rep John Hall sings)

POLL: Charlie Sheen 41, Sarah Palin 36.

Walker the new flavor of the month for rethugs

GOP BUDGET VALUES: The Game Show Where Republicans Choose, Americans Lose!

Thom Hartmann & Rep. Jan Schakowsky - A tax on millionaires and billionaires?

Obama up in Ohio

Thom Hartmann: Why a meltdown would be worse here

Oberlin has sex! (Viral video in defense of Planned Parenthood)

Obama attempts to reach out to the NRA, gets snubbed and then slapped in the face

F.D.I.C. Sues Chief Executive in Washington Mutual Collapse

Remarks by the President on the Situation in Japan

Anthony Weiner Vs Michele Bachmann

President Obama: "we haven’t finished that task, but we have made extraordinary progress"

Don't read too much into Clinton standing down in 2012.

Warning: Violent! Unarmed protesters shot in Bahrain

Papantonio: GOP’s Union Busting is Theft

Thom Hartmann: Taxing millionaires & billionaires? with Rep Jan Schakowsky

If only nuke was unnecessary

Assault on Cub Food Protesters

Obama's Bipartisan Fetish Bait for Social Security Cuts

The Battle of Chernobyl

Thom Hartmann: Would a draft end all wars?

TYT: Sarah Palin Destroyed By Conservatives

Duane Clarridge Defends the Empire (CIA interview / Pilger)

Labor actions hit DC lobbyist fundraiser for Wisconsin GOP, Mar 16

Video fly-over of Fukushima Daiichi Nuke Plant

MSNBC: NPR Smeared, Funding Cut? - Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR) w/ Cenk

Real Time With Bill Maher-Catholics Come Home Commercial (3/11/11)

Vehicle camera captures tsunami earthquake in the city of East Tiba Akira

Video of protesters march to Gov. Kasich's house in Westerville, Ohio

"Operation Empire State Rebellion"---‘Anonymous’ puts world's central banks on notice

TDPS: David Pakman confronts progressive strategist on how progressives can win - TRANSCRIPT

Dem Launches Pun-Based Defense on NPR (Lloyd Doggett)

Motorhead "Get Back In Line" A great music video about Casino Capitalism!

Rep. Weiner raises a point of order as H.R. 1076, Prohibiting Federal Funding of NPR

Washington, DC union workers protest the Wisconsin GOP fundraiser

Incredible New Footage Of People Fleeing & Rescuing Fellow Survivors Of The Tsunami In Sendai, Japan

Citizens United v. FEC

MSNBC: Cenk Rips Rush Limbaugh for Joking About Japan

Earthquake Prediction 2011 Dr Jim Berkland - A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent


Governor Walker Tells Post Readers That He Doesn't Understand Basic Economics

The Democrats’ misplaced frustrations

Tim Pawlenty's Amazing Vocal Stylings

Oops! Scott Walker Supported Recalls, Statewide Organizing

I'm going to make a bold prediction on the media: everything Obama does leading up to 2012 will

Iowa Rep. Pat Murphy after collective bargaining vote

2011 - 2016. ONE judicial appointment to flip SCOTUS to 5-4

Despite all the criticism, Obama up to 50% in today's Gallup Tracking Poll

Reid: ‘Leave Social Security alone’

Then-Sen. Obama's legislative dealings w/ Exelon remarkably prescient

Heath Shuler lone Democrat to vote with all House Republicans to defund NPR

Buyers remorse in DU land!!!

Obama's Brazil visit: Fresh start for ties? (BBC)

U.N. approves "all measures necessary" to protect Libyan people

TYT: Dem Congressmen Fight Obama

Has the President aged a decade in two years?

Is Obama a "stealth" progressive? (Could be.)

If Obama really wants to keep his base, and retain his Presidency.

At what point does the Left realize that THEIR President is facing the WORST Global Crisis?

Weiner Mocks GOP For Defund NPR Bill

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto

Has the Administration blown a great opportunity to remake the

RadNet - Tracking Environmental Radiation Nationwide

Spent Fuel Pools At Japan Plant 'Becoming More Serious,' US Nuclear Chief

Upgrades lessen local nuke risk (Omaha, publicly owned Fort Calhoun)

Fukushima spent fuel threat rises/Boric acid shortage - March 16, 2011 -

U.S. to send drones over damaged nuke plant

What will happen if the China Syndrome comes true.

Peak oil notes - Mar 17

I sure wish what has happened in Japan hadn't, the quake, the dam breaking,

Forgive me if this is a dumb question but in terms of radiation that could be

Forecast for Plume's Path Is a Function of Wind and Weather

I've been thinking... the difficulties they're having with Fukushima...

High radiation level detected 30km from nuke plant

US authorizes American evacuations out of Japan

Deleted Dupe

Fear of Fallout From Japan Spreads in Russia

Satellite images of Fukushima power plant released

China asks Japan for timely, precise nuclear info

UPDATE 8: Water on Fukushima fuel/ radiation levels remain elevated - March 17, 2011 (

Radiation Spurs Fears Around Japanese Food

Prof. Emeritus Kenji Sumita (Osaka Univ.): Responses from TEPCO, NISA came too late

Berlin Enters the Scramble for the Arctic

Ethiopia dams on Nile river stir conflict

Japan Churns Through ‘Heroic’ Workers Hitting Radiation Limits

Wind and Rain Steer Radiation’s Reach

Choppers and cannons bring no nuclear relief

US Air Force plane dispatched to map airborne radioactive plume (WC-135 Constant Phoenix)

Salt vanishes from shops after radiation rumors in China

Maps of surface ocean currents near Japan

Fukushima Will Be Wasteland (Scientific American editor)

Depleted Arctic Ozone Area 22X Size Of Texas -Min. 50% Depletion Over Six Weeks

Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume: low levels in Aleutians & Southern California by Friday

Passengers Arriving (at SeaTac) From Japan Screened For Radiation

Graphic of projected path of radioactive plume from Fukushima

China's seawater will not be affected by radioactive leaks from Japan: experts

President Obama to issue statement on situation in Japan @ 3:30 EDT — watch it live here

Dam Failure In Japan Refocuses Attention On California's Aging Structures

The Oil Drum's editor summarizes crisis to date and the potential outcomes.

Nuclear Liability to Fall on Japan's Taxpayers

U.S. asks Japan for data on nuclear crisis, offers aid (Impressive image of reactor #4 at link.)

14 "near misses" cited at US nuke plants in 2010

High radiation levels hamper efforts to cool Japanese reactors (new power line delayed)

Namida Ame -- Daiichi Skywater

Japan nuclear crisis deepens as radiation keeps crews at bay

Just a reminder, the radioactivity of light water reactors is in the millions of curies

Japan nuclear crisis could last for weeks, U.S. nuclear official says (NRC Chairman) video: Kaku: 'Like squirt guns against a forest fire'

Australians told to leave Tokyo

U.S. Flights Over Plant Gather Crucial Data (worst contamination within 18 mile radius)

How Much Spent Nuclear Fuel Is At the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors? (647+ tons Scientific American)

Don't let this happen to your town.

TEPCO Press Release—Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 0:00 pm Mar 17th)

Have The Klingons Blown Up Praxis?

Radiation Fears and Distrust Push Thousands From Homes

Radiation data from Japanese disaster starts to filter out (

Danger of Spent Fuel Outweighs Reactor Threat

Nature - "Hard To Escape Conclusion That The US Congress Has Entered The Intellectual Wilderness"

Why what's happened in Japan should be an ENDORSEMENT of nuclear power

Nuclear Crisis Prompts Exodus of Executives From Tokyo

Exposed to the elements, nuclear fuel in meltdown (Telegraph UK 10:20PM GMT March 17)

NJ opposes 60-year storage for spent nuclear fuel

Radiation level falls at Japan Fukushima plant: agency

A Quick and (Mostly) Dirty History of New England’s Energy Supplies

Helicopter photos confirm reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool has boiled dry (LA Times)

Calling time on the nuclear age

The ransoming of Raymond Davis

Is Assange On His way To The U.S.? By James C. Goodale

John Boehner Endorses Nuclear Tanning Salons

A Japanese profile in courage! LA Times story; For one quake survivor, self-help in the face of

Haiti wants Aristide: let him go

Smoking out Vietnam War truths

How a tiny kingdom strong-armed the US

White House Wants To Make Illegal Video Streaming A Felony

The Stoner Arms Dealers

Fight for a Decent Society or Inherit a Worse One

Koch Brothers and US Chamber: Polluting Our Earth and Our Democracies

Obama's Latin America Policy: Renewal or Further Decline?

The Wire's War on the Drug War

Chevron sues Amazon natives who were damaged by Chevron!

Clarence Thomas' Legal Challenges Continue to Build -- Will the Next Come From Congress?

Time to get the recall effort brewing in Michigan?

The Arab counter-revolution is winning

Japan Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Reports, Fatal Accidents & Underestimated Earthquake Ri

Jack Balkin: Bradley Manning, Barack Obama and the National Surveillance State

Why Don't ...Repug POTUS Candidates Want to Leave Afghan?

Yup, efforts to recall Dems in Wisconsin are flagging

Why the Jokes about Japan's Tragedy

Red states show exactly who is going to 'sacrifice' and who is going to 'share'

Where Will the New Jobs Come From?

The problem with Reactor number three.

Wind power cheaper than nuclear, says EU climate chief

Family of 5 slaughtered in their beds.

Texas house approves handguns on college campuses bill

KENTUCKY: Governor Signs Two Pro-Guns Bills Into Law.

Joe Biden's Office Joins Gun Policy Discussions

GA passes gun bill

GA passes gun bill

EDITORIAL: Conceal carry should be extended to universities

Obama attempts to reach out to the NRA, gets snubbed and then slapped in the face

Castro Enemy Said to Have Recounted Role in Attacks

Govt recalls land given to Jorge 40

Mexico's Calderon wants U.S. ambassador out

The “Chilean Model”: Market regulation, not just liberalization, key to success

Obama has 'deep concerns' over Aristide return

Tampa port seeks car ferry service to Cuba

Bolivian cop arrested on drug suspicion

Obama's Latin America Policy: Renewal or Further Decline?

Bogota ombudsman accused of 'parapolitics'

Brazil Police Officers Arrested For Death Squad Murders

Venezuela Death Squads

Aristide at SAfrica airport en route to Haiti

Haiti earthquake one year on: The squalid tent cities where rape gangs and disease run rife

3 Minute Cliff Notes of US Foreign Policy (Greenwald)

Documents Reveal Chevron's Changing Tune In Ecuador Rainforest Destruction Case

Chavez was right about Libya

Vicente Castaño sentenced for murdering AUC leader brother

Gay marriage ban stirs worries for businesses

Japanese Activist fighting for LGBT rights

Like Any Other High School, but Without Bullies

Nate Phelps: Father's "evil" actions one of "best reasons" U.S. is forced to work on GLBT issues

Mostly Straight, Most of the Time

“Sinner” Teacher “Dealt With”

Armistead Banned From Bathroom


Love me some 'Head, Morehead 49 UL 48 @ 7:50

Harmon Killebrew says he feels great


Top 50 Funniest Baseball Quotes

Bonds' voicemail messages to mistress released

Spidys are going to put me ahead!

Travis "THE MACHINE" Grant Inducted to NAIA Hall of Fame

Egypt report: Israeli spy ring uncovered by Egyptian authorities

Who has God picked to win the NCAA tournament?

Civil Society and Palestine: The Growing Power of the Ordinary (Ramzy Baroud)

Turks cast leery eye on Israel

Rival Leaders Agree to Hold Gaza Meeting

Alaskan Exodus: Palin to visit Israel