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2 enemies worked it out, why can't MAN do this too?

I was going to post this to Nadinbrezinski's thread...

Credo mobile? Is this for real?

Nicolas Sarkozy makes populist play for welfare in country that still cares

MLK bomb suspect indicted just a little while ago

North Dakota State Senators unhappy with pro-life postcards

Lawrence O'Donnell just laid out Glen Beck on his embracing the Book of Revelations

Cleveland schools CEO recommends closing of 7 schools to help fill budget gap (600 teachers)

FYI: I-131, Cs-137, and Xe-133 isotope "Potential" Dispersion Map Models

mama put my guns in the ground

Radiation still leaks at nuclear plant, source unclear

Wow. Link to chart on National Debt by Presidential Term: Republican Fiscal Irresponsibility.

Libya Crisis Thrusts U.S. Africa Command Into Leadership Role

Destination Truth is in Chernobyl right now investigating. SYFY channel

Gee but it's great to be back home - Home is where I want to be

Sake brewer vows to rebuild after tsunami


At first

Breathe easy, folks! The House Repubs are still hard at work putting America back on track!

HUGE house shaking explosions at Camp Peary (CIA base) in Williamsburg, VA

NPR: Remembering Mo Nabbous, 'The Face Of Libyan Citizen Journalism'

Gov. Dayton Signs Bill Increasing Penalty for Harming, Killing Police Dogs - story w/pics

No Fly Zone could cost a billion in months..Reuters

Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door

I want a revival of John Quincy Adams's foreign policy.

You gotta check this.... Father provides guns for his mentally damaged vet son.

My ltte on help for military families printed today... of course,being voted down

The literate book geeks will survive

I hope this posts. A "Caption Boehner" contest on Facebook

DOMA and immigration - N.Y. Couple Spared Deportation

Corruption is now institutionalized

"Can we call someone to help him?"

Political polarization: The monkey wrench in our societal machine.

"I AM Sutter Brown"...

KS Voter ID bill advances to final Senate vote

Rick Scott Facebook Town Hall (lots of funny and great comments)

Senate schedules a vote Monday on US District Court Nominee

One year anniversary of national health care reform- guest column in my paper

Virginia parents are told the worst (First American victim)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Ginni Thomas joins The Daily Caller

Motor City population declines 25%

Another war?

Honestly, what are we gonna do about media?

Five Reasons Why Colbert is Better Than Picasso

Lawrence O'Donnell becoming a favorite of mine,

Constable resigns to prevent additional department layoffs

Canadian election possible. Neocons against the Liberals and the NDP. What would

Founding Engineer Says Reactor 4 Has Always Been A "Time Bomb", Exposes Criminal Cover Up

Young Veterans Carry Heavy Burden of Physical Illness

My buddy's North Africa blog

Heads Up! Kucinich up next on MSNBC, Last word

On average, do you feel more upbeat or more pessimistic after a Democratic administration?

Lewis Black almost burst a vein in his head...

Lewis Black almost burst a vein in his head...

Currying flavor: town gets food aid

Libya attacks spark fight over cost

Check it out, repression of US unions traced back to Canada

"Quality of Life for the Masses"

Will there come a time when the middle class in the USA is so used

Nancy Grace Just Knows That Everyone In California Will Die from Radiation (video)

Court orders bomb bits turned over to Earth First activist

Why is it that anyone should care what Gaddafi says??!!

LA Times: Report faults Army in 2001 anthrax mailings

San Diego: Illegal immigrants in US Marine uniforms arrested

Syrian forces kill 6 in mosque attack: residents

As Mass Uprising Threatens the Saleh Regime, A Look at the Covert U.S. War in Yemen

John Cole: A former wingnut and reformed mindless warmonger learns a painful lesson.

Apple pulls 'gay cure' iPhone app

Company Poised to Blanket Former Sears Tower With 2 MW of Solar Panels

Does this mean we already have boots on the ground in Libya?

Pics/Docs from Japanese nuclear plant via Twitter?

Who rules? Not you

Stability in the Middle East? That ship has sailed

Nothing in UN resolution 1973 forbids ground troops in Libya

70% of Democrats approve of the missle and air strikes in Libya.

French Nuclear Plant Worries Swiss Regions

Judge Calls Record Companies' Request for $75 Trillion in Damages 'Absurd' in Lime Wire Case

Uncle Pat on Morning Jerk still pushing the "women pushed Obama into emotional war" meme

Gaddafi's brutality has united Libya

GOP War on Uteri: South Dakota's Sick New Anti-Choice Law

Earthquake-Prone Chile Signs Nuclear Plant Agreement with U.S.

In the rescue of pilots in Libya, Marines dropped bombs

Rain may have put iodine in Tokyo water

The war machine is well funded, but no money for food.

Why ignore the barracks, the warehouses, the military centers?

An Age of Hypocrisy by Diane Ravitch

Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars

Fuck you Governor Christie -judge says New Jersey's education aid cuts violate state constitution

Do you approve of the job Scott Walker is doing?

'Job actions' against cuts called for in Michigan

Toon: The law of averages

Toon: The law of averages

Herd of deer killed by lightning

Oy Vey

whats the pay back on social security

What's in the popcorn? Cinemas would rather not have to say

Quinnipiac Poll: OH Women Lead In Disapproval Of Governor, oppose curbing unions

So who are the GOOD governors out there?

Poll: Voters dislike Gov. Kasich's plans for Ohio

The hair coming off is a nice touch....

The hair coming off is a nice touch....

What is the difference between liberal and progressive

Greed and Addiction will make you believe anything

The school I used to teach at in DC that is being investigated for a missing $100K has a new scandal

GOP offers bill cutting pensions for new federal employees

GOP offers bill cutting pensions for new federal employees

Who are you going to believe?

James Gustave Speth: We're Number One!

Radiation in the Homeland: Honeywell’s Guilty Plea Shows Importance of Unions

Chavez decree strengthens pro-government militias

If a "No Parking Zone" was like a "No Fly Zone"

N.J. lawmaker questions decision to block union group from State House

Parents of teen suicide: Prosecute on privacy charges

Bus explodes in Jerusalem

Losing State Support, Cincinnati’s Streetcar Project in Peril

Michigan’s GOP Gov. Slashes Corporate Tax Rate by 86 Percent, Hikes Taxes for Working Poor


Explosion In Jerusalem; Many Casualties

Explosion In Jerusalem; Many Casualties

IL Gov Quinn making fun of Wisc gov walker

New Standard for Justice: Innocent Until a Secret Shrink Study Proves You Guilty after Your Death

Elizabeth Taylor Dies

Hey, did Elizabeth Taylor die?

The New Spin: The White House Would Be A Step Down For Sarah Palin

Time For A Laugh--And Time For Me To Start Using A New Catchphrase

Time For A Laugh--And Time For Me To Start Using A New Catchphrase

Someone pointed out to me today that Henry Kissinger was also a nobel peace prize winner

Liberals give President Obama an 87% approval rating.

Have you ever had hope?

Canadian Pilots Refuse To Bomb Assigned Libyan Targets

m$nbc brings on dan senor to spew on Obama

Why is everything in the world right now so fucked up?

Western air and naval strikes against Libya are threatening the Arab Spring

Western air and naval strikes against Libya are threatening the Arab Spring

The (Nature of) Shock Doctrine / Paul Krugman

Sums up the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Field Nicely

Denver traffic stop keeps father from seeing birth

Be Consistent—Invade Saudi Arabia--- Robert Scheer

Would you friend a total stranger?

Hillary Clinton vows to stay into second Obama term for "a seamless transition" to new appointee

Behind Michigan's "Financial Martial Law": Corporations and Right-Wing Billionaires

Wisconsin Republican hypocrisy deepens on 35% raise for Randy Hopper's mistress

Lights, Camera, Cover Up

Does anyone know the make-up of Khaddafi's armed forces?

Tokyo Water Unsafe For Infants

Tests detect radiation above limits for infants in Tokyo water

Kuwait and Jordan to contribute to Libya effort

Kuwait and Jordan to contribute to Libya effort

Rachel Maddow on "The Diablo You Don't Know" - link to video of her story tonight on Diablo Canyon:

Rachel Maddow on "The Diablo You Don't Know" - link to video of her story tonight on Diablo Canyon:

Her inner beauty far outshone her obvious physical beauty

Arrestees Claim BSO Reality Show Producers Paid Them

India says Monsanto covertly, illegally conducted GM corn trials without approval

Wingnut talk radio host Mike Gallagher to Megyn Kelly: No oil remaining in the Gulf after BP spill

Disco Singer Loleatta Holloway Dead At 64

Naming Names: Your Real Government - When dark deeds unfold, point a finger in this direction.

Wisconsin and Ohio prove 1 thing

The New Spin: The White House Would Be A Step Down For Sarah Palin

The Difference Between Liberal and Progressive.

Cracking down harder on illegal immigrants (auditing "illegal employers")

Libyan Revolution Day 34 (dedicated to the Libyan Youth)

2fer: a PAUL running for prez (Ron, Rand or Ru). & BecKKK on outs with Faux, might start his OWN

God's wife edited out of the bible -- ALMOST

Kasich: wants to sell prisons, eliminate cap on # charter schools

MLK Day Bomb Suspect Indicted On Federal Charges

Fall down seven times, stand up eight ...

They're not wars. Let's call them what they REALLY are.

Petition from Not one dime for Libya.

Is it bigoted to expect all people present at an event to

Mural depicting Labor in Maine ordered removed from Dept. of Labor Building

The New York Times paywall is costing the newspaper $40-$50 million to design and construct

Now I was just thinking the other day

Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting his Own Channel

Inside the Control Room Fukushima Power Plant (PIC)

Feds Say Big GOP Donor Lampooned Elderly Investors In $200M Ponzi Scheme

Feds Say Big GOP Donor Lampooned Elderly Investors In $200M Ponzi Scheme

2 Bush Officials In Running To Be Next Head Of FBI

Meanwhile....‘I Got Blown to Hell in Afghanistan’

Black Smoke Seen Rising from No.3 Nuclear Reactor at Fukushima plant - NHK

AS one wise DUer once posted: Go to sleep in America and wake up in Dumbfukistan

Justice Department sues on behalf of Muslim teacher, triggering debate

It's Official! Gay Republican Running for President

Fox Nation Shamelessly Brings Up “Sex Change” In Article About Socialist Politician

NYT Publisher: Only Teenagers, Unemployed Will Game Paywall

From Victoria Jackson & Glen Beck comes new reality show: "Tea Partiers Gone Wild"

From Victoria Jackson & Glen Beck comes new reality show: "Tea Partiers Gone Wild"

m$nbc keeps replaying the newt's attack on Obama

Evacuees served hot meals

Woman who claims affair with Todd Palin selling emails between them on Ebay.

What's in the popcorn? Cinemas would rather not have to say

Top 10 Craziest Victoria Jackson Quotes About Glenn Beck

Top 10 Craziest Victoria Jackson Quotes About Glenn Beck

Top 10 Craziest Victoria Jackson Quotes About Glenn Beck

AT&T - The death star resurrected

Those who tended the machines

Her children have requested that she be remembered by contributing to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Fdtn

Would You Like E-Coli on That Burger, Mr. President?

The Rude Pundit: A Tale for the One-Year Anniversary ...

The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier gets washed to remove radioactive contamination

U.S. bans imports of dairy products from near Fukushima plant

"Burritos are too damn high..."

Radiation Level At Fukushima #2 At Its Highest Level Recorded So Far, Neutron Beam Observed 13 Times

The mind-set that survived the Triangle Shirtwaist fire

The mind-set that survived the Triangle Shirtwaist fire

Does anyone's Senior Parents Live with them because they can't afford to live on their own

George Washington's Farewell Address RE: Foreign Relations, Dangers of Permanent Foreign Alliances

Okay, so the right is mad Bill Maher called Palin a derogatory term....where were they...

Live now: Media Matters CEO Discusses Training Program to Combat Fox News

........... "Well, at least he's not Bush"

PSC's direct action in Albany today

US Nuke Plants are a Ticking Time Bomb - Waiting to Go Off Near You

Just a heads up, Anthony Weiner is doing an AMA over on reddit.

Your Teacher Is F’d

Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79

FOIA Eyes Only: How Buried Statutes Are Keeping Information Secret

Failing Upward...

Failing Upward...

Gaddafi's air force 'defeated'

A timely message from 1855...

Libyan town quiet after a night of coalition airstrikes

ENJOY the new AOL-ified Huffington Post: "Uma Thurman Makes Last Minute Shoe Change"

EVERYONE needs to watch the NewsCorp/Monsanto piece within the documentary "The Corporation"

What is the "end game" for the no fly zone? How can you have it last only days?

Libya intervention threatens the Arab spring

If more people were like this... (quote from Elizabeth Taylor)

If more people were like this... (quote from Elizabeth Taylor)

Glenn Beck contemplates starting own channel

re-enacting old photos (something fun for a Wednesday)

Apple removes "Gay Cure" app from iTunes

Stryker Brigade soldier pleads guilty to murdering civilians

Stryker Brigade soldier pleads guilty to murdering civilians

Stryker Brigade soldier pleads guilty to murdering civilians

Prediction: When Libya turns clusterfuck the critics will be accused of "being happy about it".

Leaf Blowers (ban) Issue Moves Forward — Barely

Reactor radiation reaches Europe

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is doing an IAmA on Reddit

Still looking for translation of these docs-

days before libyan bombings neocons beg the President to take action...they have all disappeared

DU experts on the Gulf of Mexico

Foreign media take flak for fanning fears

Karl Rove's Audacious Transparency Hypocrisy

Candidate For US Senate: Marisa DeFranco (Running against Scott Brown R-MA)

NATO Struggles to Define Libya Role as U.S. Prepares Strikes

Biden warns Dems of threat of GOP retaking Senate majority

DUers- Prior to 2001,how many National Guard were activated in any given year?

Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark) Makes Environmental Terrorism Threat

Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark) Makes Environmental Terrorism Threat

Orwellian Government Quote of the Day

Meet Wisconsin State Senator John Erpenbach Tomorrow 4-6 in Fond du Lac

March Madness of Corporate Greed

"Radiation in the Homeland: Honeywell’s Guilty Plea Shows Importance of Unions"

Nuclear Energy Advocates Insist U.S. Reactors Completely Safe Unless Something Bad Happens

REUTERS FLASH: Workers at Japan nuclear plant unable to continue work

Man Brings Beer to DWI Court Appearance

Maine Town Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty

Be Consistent—Invade Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump, the birther, just stuck his Gucci loafer in his mouth.

He's BAAAaakk...

Girl, 9, nearly dies (loses leg, breaks neck) saving sister from oncoming truck

Christian Science Monitor's: Are you smarter than a Fox News viewer?

Unmarried Pastor, Seeking a Job, Sees Bias

Wisconsin April 5th is fast approaching JoAnne Kloppenburg will need your vote to stop the Walker

Times-Picayune Reports: "New Gulf Oil Spill Source Found--But the Slicks May be Spreading!"

Illegal immigrants tried to cross border as U.S. Marines

From Color of Change: Racism and The Huffington Post

Christian Right prophet Cindy Jacobs: Planned Parenthood has caused over a BILLION abortions

I'm reading "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" - this book answers a lot of questions

Gates: US Might Cede No-Fly Control by Saturday

Be Consistent — Invade Saudi Arabia


Wisconsin's Lawless State Government

Olbermann: Worst Person of he Day (just released!)

One Year Anniversary: The Incredible Shrinking Obama Health Care Law

Infant radiation dose over 30 km from plant may be over 100 millisieverts

US News & World Report: Why Does Anyone Take Michele Bachmann Seriously?

Fukushima fallout reaches Europe, but traces tiny

Fox News' Steve Harrigan: America's laziest war correspondent

Don Trump reiterates his batshit crazy birther stance on The View

NBC reporter reports on Japan crisis...FROM S. KOREA

Just how well do we really know these Libyan rebels?

Gotta love us safe, comfortable Americans, with no skin in the game

Operation In Libya Costs US Military Hundreds Of Millions And Price Tag Could Rise

More states looking to cut jobless benefits-to minimize the increase in unemployment taxes

U.S. Nuclear Aid Could Go to Terror Sponsors

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting: Immigration and the Culture of Fear

Are the ideas of FDR now irrelevant to today's Democratic Party?

The reactors in Japan are GE BWR (boiling water reactor) with MK I containment systems.

Howard Dean on "Morning Joe" supporting the no-fly zone...

How I wish $50K in traceable drug $$ would find its way.....

Global Climate Change (After the Warming - James Burke)

Large wind farm plan in Wisconsin canceled because of Scott Walker

Japan, Ignoring Warnings, Extended Approval for Fukushima Reactor a Month before Disaster

Sam Seder will be on MSNBC's Young Turks tonight

Freedom bombs ...

Facebook Kicks Off 20,000 Underage Users Every Day

Justice David Prosser calls Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson "total bitch," threatens to "destroy"

From Memphis to Madison: The April 4 Stand For Economic Justice

Biden says defunct Florida high-speed rail project was a good idea

100 Years After Triangle Waist Factory tragedy, Corporations are still putting profit over safety

New Poll Shows Demand for More Ambitious Health Care Reform

For anyone interested, the actual plate movement from the Quake

Tokyo's water is now so radioactive it's unsafe for infants - government warning

OK Rifle Association Opposes Open Carry Law

OK Rifle Association Opposes Open Carry Law

Before history is recorded or distorted....

Delaware is poised to be the next state to allow civil unions

IBM In All-Out War With Mitch Daniels Over Indiana Legal Dispute

want to contact cenk uygur on msnbc....he doesn't exist

Weiner Says SCOTUS Will Rule Against Health Care Law, Paving Way For Public Option

Wis. Atty General J.B. van Hollen's email. Tell him what you think...

EU court deals blow to French-led anti-GM crops lobby

Gingrich on Libya: Republican Hypocrisy at it's Finest

Thanks to Fukushima, Light Shed on US Nuclear Facility Located on a Volcano

Sales of luxe doomsday bunkers up 1,000%

Fukushima faced 14-metre tsunami

Fukushima faced 14-metre tsunami

Palin/Trump 2012!! No wait, Trump/Palin 2012!! No wait...

A request for DUer's with journals

Arizona Revives 'Birther' Bill

Admit it, you thought of it, too.

Canadian government likely to fall Friday; election expected May 2

“Our Family Isn't So Different”

Families of Casey Heynes and "bully" both receive $40,000 for TV interviews

Vermont's unique nuclear-power veto

Nikki Haley’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Week

Did you know that at least 30 states are preparing or already have pro-life bills on the table?

Just 15% showed up to vote for mayor in Jacksonville.

I'm in Orlando. I want to visit my friend in Tampa.

Teabagger Senator Exploits Daughter's Heart Condition to Spread Misinformation about Health Reform

NH Senate votes to end $30 vehicle surcharge

Link to view spectogram and hear Japan’s massive 9.0 earthquake and its first two aftershock

Who Is This Man Or (How Do You Spell The Leader Of Libya).......

Now what GOP said Obama lack lead to Libya

Source of mysterious Gulf oil spill found

The shale gas industry certainly got what it paid for in PA - they call it a Corbett.

Lewis Black kicked ass last night: Trump / Busey 2012

Lewis Black kicked ass last night: Trump / Busey 2012

It is easy to find a place in which we might intervene with the best of intentions

Libya army transport deal frozen after US approval

Operation Last Gasp

Since Walker Sworn-In, 19 Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs Have Cost Wisconsin 2,207 in Lost Jobs

Since Walker Sworn-In, 19 Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs Have Cost Wisconsin 2,207 in Lost Jobs

Administration issues new coal leases amid uncertain policy landscape

"President Bush, Mr. Quayle, Senator Helms, your policy is wrong. Dead wrong. And you know it."

"President Bush, Mr. Quayle, Senator Helms, your policy is wrong. Dead wrong. And you know it."

CNN Video: A Japanese school where 70% of the children were killed by the tsunami

Limbaugh: Any Military Plans for a non pro-America President?

Rove-Founded Group Sues U.S. for Information on Health-Care Law Waivers

Worker on disability ran 7-mile race

US obligation to protect armored and armed Libyan rebels.

Newt's position on Obama's no fly zone? Olympic-style flip...

Weiner On The GOP War On Dodd-Frank: If They ‘Have Their Way, We’re Going To Have More Bailouts

A great discussion to read for those following the Obama Libya authorization issue

Sales of new U.S. homes tumble 16.9% to record low

Gwen Stefani donates $1 million for Japan relief

Gwen Stefani donates $1 million for Japan relief

Its really quite remarkable

Wolves could be removed from endangered species list

Wolves could be removed from endangered species list

Enraged by Walker, activists put Kloppenburg’s Supreme Court campaign on their shoulders

Defense dept may seek to buy an extra F-35, to replace the F-15 lost in Libya

Anybody got anything on the SEIU guy...

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

What is the last humanitarian mission that spent $225 million on Tomahawak missiles?

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Orders Labor History Mural Removed From State Offices

Lawyers: Loughner sent to Missouri for mental exam

Michael Milken on CNBC - this kind of amazes me, really . . .

Oh memories, I remember when the Libyan revolutionaries had all the support in the world

John Kerry coins a new phrase: "Civilian Rebel"

Former KKK leader running for mayor of small Florida town

US role in Libya costs hundreds of millions so far

Newt slams President Obama for not taking action in Libya, then slams him for taking action in Libya

John Kasich wants to sell Ohio's State Stores to a Co. that he is the head of?

Residents fight mega-mansion in 90210 neighborhood (prob. Saudi)

California State University system faces worst fiscal situation in its history

So, I was making my daughter some eggs this morning

Since the Republican "wave" have any of the new state or federal Republicans created a single job?

Oil Settles Above $105, As Gasoline Demand Rises

Keeping score: US flies 212 sorties in Libya

Laughing Baby on MSNBC? That's a hook?

The consensus on intervention in Libya has shattered

cnn: trace amount of radiation in portland oregon (no danger, they say)

Why I'm voting Tea Party...

Pew poll: Obama would deliver shellacking to generic Republican

Elections have consequences when Republicans win

Incredible Mich. GOP governor slashes corporate taxes by 86%, and increases taxes of working poor.

Libyan Revolution Day 34 part 2 (dedicated to the Libyan Youth, please see photo blog)

The most interesting thing about Libya is a lot of those that had no problem with our invasion of

Rebels call for "Close Air Support." Do they want IRAQ in Libya, Fallujah in Tripoli??

AP IMPACT: US spent-fuel storage sites are packed

Peanut allergy stirs controversy at Florida school

Newt Attacks Obama For Bombing Libya Weeks After Demanding Obama Bomb Libya

CREW: GOP leaders knew they were breaking the law RE: State Troopers (WI)

Cavity Search Reveals Over 50 Heroin Bags, $51.22 and Some Pills Stashed in Woman's Vagina

"Show loyalty to employers?" Seriously, Mr. Brady?

Victoria Jackson, bigot extraordinar and just nuts...

Victoria Jackson, bigot extraordinar and just nuts...

So, we shot off 2.5 billion dollars in a blaze of Tomahawk missile glory.

UK Guardian: The difference with Libya

O'Keefe Says He Racked Up 'Major Credit Card Debt,' Needs To Raise $50K

A Very Bad, Horrible, Ugly, Bigoted, Hateful - Teacher's letter to Sen. Russell Pearce

Judge rejects Google's attempt to create a universal library

Have you ever heard of the Hamlet chicken processing plant fire?

Here's a petition worth signing - it's going to Arianna Huffington--->

Rush Limbaugh Has Become a Propaganda Arm of the Gaddafi Regime

Libyan War Highlights 3-23

So cnn has this guy on who headed the "cleanup" effort for TMI...

Kochs Everywhere: Union-Busting Bill Introduced In Alaska

Kochs Everywhere: Union-Busting Bill Introduced In Alaska

cnn breaking news: right after this commercial break..

Lawmakers question pay for USPS employees

The manipulative pro-war argument in Libya

Double Ouch!

Inside Baseball’s Debt Disaster

12% of Liberals disagree with 95% of Liberals on 52% of issues.

Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars

Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars

Hey Fox Fans, your fave network is part owned by a saudi prince whose family rules thru Sharia law

How I will always remember her.

Why I stay at DU (with the occasional short break)

Fuckin' racist piece of shit I met earlier

"I hope that women who are considering an abortion will use this 3-day period to make good choices"

Want a blue state? EZ Answer: mail-in ballots. 87% of Oregonians voted in 2008

Republicants only learn when there is a Democratic President.

Joe Miller Returns!

Tax Revenues Plummet in 2010

Instead of Bombing Dictators, Stop Selling Them Bombs

GOP House Judiciary Committee Resolves To Put 'In God We Trust' . . .

Keith Olbermann on FokNews Channel Video: Worst Persons of the Day for March 23, 2011

Keith Olbermann on FokNews Channel Video: Worst Persons of the Day for March 23, 2011

Repiublicans- what is in their core?

Nuclear Illinois Helped Shape Obama View on Energy in Dealings With Exelon

Ten Most Miserable States of America....

Rep. Weiner sinks meat hooks into health-care law’s attackers

Keith! Now online: Video Special Conment Libya, Obama, and the 5-Second Rule

Cruise Missile Liberalism -- Instead of Bombing Dictators, Stop Selling Them Bombs

Nuclear Fears: Tokyo music hall reported as nuke reactor, cuts in foreign bureaus = bad coverage

Japanese, Foreign Media Diverge

Here's my post to Rick Scott's FB page for his townhall meeting

Spending like drunken sailors on war while the US is headed towards economic Armageddon

Teabagger Gov. Hard At Work

Lessee now--

Obama: Libyan mission is in the "national interest" of the USA

Emails to Gov Scott Walker are now running 2 to 1 Against his plan.

Toon: 100 years ago.....

I just saw some damn socialism and I'm really upset!

Union of Concerned Scientists: "Japan: Squandering the Chance for Orderly Evacuation"....

US Planning Invasion of Mexico

Why Bad Journalism Has Driven Me To Desperate Ends

Brazilian Unions Ask President Obama to Support Wisconsin Workers

Way to go Dennis ~ now the rwwackos are digging up clips of other Dems saying Impeachment

Wanna flip some red states? Here is the answer...

Easy to see why republicans win the war of words. dems attack the President as well as

My DU and how it changed while I was gone.

U.S. storage sites overfilled with spent nuclear fuel

Governor Rick Synder (R-Michigan) has a mere 33% approval rating

There's one group of media types who are very unhappy with Obama-Cartoonists

For those who can't imagine why Law Enforcement would need an armored vehicle

The direct words of a Libyan widow

Kucinich Is Wrong! Can We All Please Try To Understand That?

One of Elizbeth Taylor's last tweets (she was on Twitter as DameELizabeth)

Ohio bill would require photo ID at the polls (here we go.......)

One of the people I've admired the very most: Barbara Jordan

YOU'RE Paying for THEIR Tax Breaks

Oregon firefighters trained to give CPR to pets, even ferrets and reptiles

Thanks Tamron for talking about the white supremicist who tried to kill at the MLK rally

Teacher On Leave After Slapping Student

Boston woman finds her dog in wreckage of burned home one month after the fire - story w/pic

What benefits have we seen from the 2010 progressive voter revolt?

I work in Education and cannot hold my head high

I work in Education and cannot hold my head high

Pole Dancing with Jesus.

When was the last time ANY country ever "declared war"?

Chernobyl cleanup survivor’s message for Japan: ‘Run away as quickly as possible’

It ain’t easy being a white, Christian American of European descent

WISCONSIN - Recall signature gatherers attacked, signatures stolen

Pit bull saves family, injured in process, now has no home

Hot dogs for better health? Actually, yes

Firefox 4: Almost 7 million downloads, compared to I.E. 9's 2.3 million in a similar time period

Local News reporting that Rand Paul is considering running for President 2012.

Racist letter read by Arizona lawmaker to state Senate may have been a hoax

WIND is cheaper than NUCLEAR. DOE Chart 2011. End of discussion (at least for reasoned intellects)

Pictures of Gaddafi, darling of the West.

Tell me, why was it necessary for the US and Europe to take the lead on Libya?

Kosovo was not a successful humanitarian intervention.

About those flowers.............

First they came for your pension, then your jobs, now the FL Gov wants your PISS

Would you sacrifice your life for the Libyan revolution?

Scientists to Drill Earth's Mantle, Retrieve First Sample?

Radioactivity in Every Human Body

Thorium reactors. Anyone heard of them?

Tea Party scolded for calling Haslam 'socialistic'

Won’t You Help James O’Keefe Pay off His ‘Major Credit Card Debt'

If you don't support the Chinese invasion of Colombia to restore human rights, you don't care!

The Koch brother who dropped out of the family business calls it "organized crime"

U.S. Returns Young Girl, a Citizen, to Guatemala

Body Bagger in Iraq

Glenn Greenwald: The manipulative pro-war argument in Libya

"Cease cherishing your opinions." One of my teachers said that many years ago.

Sales of disaster bunkers to idiots up 1000%

I just can't decide whether to support the action in Libya or not. Anybody else?

Public employees in Oregon suggest ways to save state $1 billion - This is GREAT!

Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition: Are debtors prisons coming back?

"Apologies to Our Nation's Teachers"...Plus other kind thoughts for teachers and unions.

THey just said DO NOT DRINK the H20 in Tokyo. What will 9 million kids drink?!!!

PETA Models Shower Nude In Hollywood To Protest Meat

Newsweek Apologizes to Poppy Bush for Calling Him a ‘Wimp’ in 1988

"Deadbeat" parents locked up in modern day debtors' prisons

Behind Michigan's "Financial Martial Law": Corporations and Right-Wing Billionaires (Mother Jones)

Is America broken beyond repair?

Surviving Chernobyl Cleaner: 'Tell The People Of Japan To Run!'

Hey wow, George Galloway has his own live show now on WBAI in New York!

When Bombs Are Loved and Healthcare Is Hated

Fraudulent marriage for immigration purposes VERSUS consensual arranged marriage

More Than 200 Doctors Contemplate Moving to Vermont if it Adopts Single-Payer Health System

Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting Own Channel

PHOTO: With the kind of day this has been, I'd do that whole effin' TRAY. Like a HOOVER.

Do you do it right handed or left handed?

At first

Yelp Adds Hipster Option To Official Rating System

Dialogue from the movie Skyline

"I find the world a lonely and desperate place, filled with despicable people"

John Cleese presents: To Norway: Home of Giants

My new air bed came today, is so comfy.

WOW! I just installed Firefox 4 and IT IS FASTER than Netscape 4! It IS, I tells ya!

HEY! Firefox 4 kicks I.E. 3's ASS and is burnin' UP my 28.8 modem!

BREAKING: Olympic gold medal-winning athlete Carl Lewis: "I'm FAST, but Firefox 4 is FASTER"

OMFG! I thought those two tin cans w/ string in the middle were fast, but Firefox 4? Fuggedaboudit!

Have you ever embraced the core of a nuclear reactor?

PHOTO: Always...I repeat, ALWAYS...look through the peep hole before answering the door.

Sorry, it's really all my fault.

Maybe BECAUSE she was raised on a ranch, Kali's confused by the fascination with "Reverse Cowgirl".

*snort* I'm watching the local Spokane channel and they're showing news RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

Which came first: MiddleFingerMom or the egg?

Last time you were incarcerated?.....nt

Corey Hart dines here, but only for lunch.......

Netflix site is down!

some guy had a helluva 3-day weekend recently…

Little Poeple, Start Shootin'

AFP: Libya about to release 3 captured journalists

Spring, must be time for some Nena

Congratulations on your loss of virginity!!! M-m-m-m, cake!

¥1 trillion insurance cost seen


Full Sail Pale Ale

Sarah Palin pulls out of Bethlehem visit

Worst Ice Skater Ever?

Libya attacks spark fight over cost

Japan: Tokyo Tap Water 'Unsafe For Infants'

Ivory Coast: UN warns of forgotten humanitarian crisis

Obama Tries to Patch Rift on Libya Role as Strikes Go On

U.S. halts food imports from Japan nuclear zone


When did "Yeah, right"? become the new phrase among kids?

Oh BOY! Someone just PM'd me and said Firefox 4 would run even FASTER if I ran "fdisk." Can't WAIT!

Peanut allergy stirs controversy at Florida school

Syrian forces kill 6 in mosque attack: residents

Lightweight luggage?

Philippine official: military graft staggering

Australia carbon tax plans spark protests

New pic of Gracie Macy Puppeh Girl

I watched the Glenn Miller Story today on cable for at least the 5,000 time.

Epic product fail (well, not so epic, just funny)

Lewis Black almost burst a vein in his head...

The Stereotypes Song

ABC: Actress Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79

Steve Hackett: "Every Day," Shepherds Bush Empire, November 2010

Mahavishnu Orchestra (stereo HiQ): 1972 Germany, "You Know You Know"

Faith LOL

Bomb explodes at Jerusalem bus stop; 25 wounded

Michael Hedges, "Rickover's Dream" live, Festival d'été International de Québec, July 1986

Ohio House moving fast on voter photo-ID bill

Greatest wrestling match evar......

Explosion rocks Jerusalem bus stop; 25 wounded

Japan Ignored Warning of Nuclear Vulnerability

what's all this I hear about RIP Taylor? like he's dead or something

Black Smoke Seen Rising from No.3 Nuclear Reactor at Fukushima plant - NHK

Donations go to victims: aid groups

I have an idea for the boys at Top Gear (The REAL Top Gear)

Tokyo tap water not safe for infants, officials warn

Extremely high radiation found in soil [NHK]

Steve Hackett - "Los Endos," Buxton 2009

PHOTO: Best...parents...EVER!

Turkish navy to help enforce Libya embargo

San Bernardino County : Marijuana dispensary ban approved

No Slowing Seen in Japan Nuclear Expansion

French official says Eiffel Tower monument evacuated after suspicious package found

Gaddafi 'exploring options' for exile

Spending Spring Break in Prague

Chase Bank must have a helluva BIG postal budget.

92-Year Old Shoots Up Neighbor's House After Being Refused a Kiss

I just found a small testicle on one of my lumps.

DU home page

Workers’ Complaints Need Not Be Written to Earn Protection, Supreme Court Says

Appeals panel refuses to allow same-sex marriages during court fight

Radiation Found in Tokyo Water, Infants Shouldn't Drink - NHK

U.S. New-Home Sales Unexpectedly Fall to Lowest on Record

Operation In Libya Costs US Military Hundreds Of Millions And Price Tag Could Rise

Senators: DUI checkpoint apps are "harmful to public safety"

PHOTO: "Nice sign...wish I could read."

re-enacting old photos (something fun for a Wednesday)

Holder announces safety initiative after rise in officer deaths

Obama hopes resurgent Libyan opposition can topple Gadhafi

Panel faults Army for anthrax attacks

It's 87° here in Austin.

Poll: Voters disapprove of Kasich's bargaining battle, overall performance

Arizona Lawmaker Called Racist After Reading Controversial Letter on State Senate Floor

Paula Deen responds to Rebeca Black -- "Butterday": (DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

Afghan Taliban threat shuts Helmand mobile network

GD brings us today's DU meme: Change purse.

ED :(

Arizona Senate candidate flip-flops on immigration

(Canadian) Opposition leaders reject federal budget

Race Issues Rise for Miami Police

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anyone seen "The Tourist"? Is it any good? I love period pieces.

Sen. DeMint chooses ideology over doctor's promising device

Syrian Forces Clamp Down on Southern City After Six Killed

Cross-burning in prosperous US town

Guatemala: Hundreds forcibly evicted from farming land

Yemeni president Saleh threatens civil war, calls for dialogue

Poll for those who answered "ambidextrous" in that other poll.

PHOTO: "Oh HELL...48 years later and that S.O.B. is STILL on the wing."

PHOTO: "Oh HELL...48 years later and that S.O.B. is STILL on the wing."

Vote On Ohio 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bill Delayed

I Would Not Feed Crisco Olive Oil to my Worst Enemy

Japan nuclear crisis: What's in the smoke emerging from Fukushima I?

Soldier pleads guilty to killing Afghan civilians

Missing Connecticut Girl Isabella Oleschuk Found Alive

US Senators tell Apple and others to remove DUI checkpoint app

I saw "The King's Speech" last night

Michael Hedges - Prelude to Bach's "Cello Suite #1 in G Major," live, on harp guitar

I just found a small lump on one of my testicles.

Edwin McFarlane pleads not guilty, gets released

Portuguese Parliament Rejects Austerity Plan, PM Socrates Resigns

Ok. I am now in Washington State. What the fuck do I do.

Rebound hinges on blackouts

you people hate kid rock..thats why i love him

[CANADA] Opposition lines up against government; government expected to fall Friday

State unemployment benefits in the crosshairs

Birthright citizenship ban could hamper U.S. military recruiting

Sanctions in 72 hours: How the U.S. pulled off a major freeze of Libyan assets

NATO fails to agree on taking Libya lead from US

Germany set to abandon nuclear power for good

I am SO sad... update on the itty bitty kitty situation

Does anyone else here have fibromyalgia?

6 original posts. Over 230 views. Not a single reply. Not even a single KICK.

(Ohio) State Senate passes ban on highway signs that credit stimulus

favourite Elizabeth Taylor movie? for me it would have to be "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf".

Gov. Rick Scott orders random drug tests for state workers

Who else hates the Miller Lite commercial where hot chicks give average looking guys a hard time?

Ninth Circuit Denies Request to Vacate Stay, Keeps Prop 8 in Effect During Appeal

Gaddafi's air force 'defeated'

Possible Republican 2012 hopefuls criticize public schools

New Problems Arise at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Bolivia's Morales to take Chile sea dispute to court

Atomic Cleanup Cost Goes to Japan's Taxpayers, May Spur Liability Shift

Obama rules out 'land invasion' in Libya

A tale about

Is this food or a knick-knack?

Firefox 4?

Maine Governor Orders Mural Depicting Labor History Removed From Labor Department

RIP Liz Taylor

Actress Elizabeth Taylor dead at 79

EXCLUSIVE -- The brand-new Batman trailer:

What would be your excuse if you got caught carrying enough ricin to kill over 4 million people?

Union official: GM will recall 2,000 workers

Wisconsin GOP Leaders Knew Using State Troopers Broke the Law

Weiner Says SCOTUS Will Rule Against Health Care Law, Paving Way For Public Option

Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral

Chavez decree strengthens pro-government militias

Cats aren't exactly the most SUBTLE creatures.

Were the women just HOTTER in past decades?

Fukushima Engineer Says He Covered Up Flaw at Shut Reactor

Obama hopes resurgent Libyan opposition can topple Gadhafi

US Senate to hold hearing on Muslim rights

Is Gaddafi worse than Mubarak?

How does one define "consulting with Congress"?

Ezra Klein: if you’re not willing to consider tax increases, you’re not serious about deficits

FLASHBACK: One Year Ago, GOP Predicted ‘Armageddon’ If Health Reform Became Law

Referendum In Egypt Shows New Stage In Struggle

how many time Declaration of war by congress?

More than 1,000 People Rally Against Gov. Snyder's Budget

Here's a link to a website that has TONS of Obama photos and video

TYT: Some States Canceling Primaries

Time for Obama to speak to us about Libya

Barack Obama: the softly-softly president

Why Western powers must curtail executive capacity to make war

Fox News Proves Separation of Church and State is Good

wars involving the United States list

Noam Chomsky on hypocricy in US foreign policy and state terrorism.

So the UK and France were going to head this up......

I can't believe that the person I voted for has just entered the United States into another war.

Health Reform: A Phone Call from the President

Kerry: "there should be no confusion here. We're not going into some long-term operation."

Obama’s quick trip from tyrant to weakling

Libyan opposition forms government

Randy Newman - Political Science (Let's Drop the Big One!)

Seeking To Avoid More Instability In Yemen, Obama Administration Claims No Post-Saleh Planning

Norway & Italy Join Military Operation in Libya - Swedish Gripen fighters on Libya standby

Polls: Buyer's remorse, GOP House and Governors

Libyan war will soon cost the US $1 billion with the establishment and maintenance of a no-fly zone

TPM: Senior Senate Dems Defend Obama's Decisions on Libya

Political Wire on Newt Gingrich: An Epic Flip Flop

TDPS: Mississippi Shows Sad Future of Anti-Union Bills

Obama Cuts Trip Short

The Struggle in Wisconsin

Thom Hartmann: Is any radiation safe for humans?

RSA Animate - The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?

A question for those who support this humanitarian effort, please.

Thom Hartmann: Is the .xxx domain the answer for Internet porn or censorship?

Thom Hartmann: Republicans - war on women or war on Libya?

Caption: Sasha's shoes.

U.S. Commits $12.6 Million for Côte d’Ivoire Humanitarian Aid

RT: Glowing reports: Radiation is good for you!

As Mass Uprising Threatens the Saleh Regime, A Look at the Covert U.S. War in Yemen (Jeremy Scahill)

FOOD STAMPS PROFITS : how JP Morgan gets rich with increased poverty

George Galloway Savages BBC Radio Host For Misleading His Position On Libya

Torn Over Libya: 'West war trio want extreme endgame'

We Deserve Better: California OneCare

Radiation Alert: Black smoke at Fukushima, contamination fears in Tokyo

TYT: Glenn Beck - MSNBC Anti-God Network

General Wesly Clark on 911

President in Violation of the War Powers Act. Kucinich files lawsuit.

Whoopi comes close to calling Trump a racist on THE VIEW after his birtherism comments

Thom Hartmann: Muslims must be saved by Jesus?

A conservative's guide to responding to Libya

Obama believes that Obama is acting contrary to the Constitution.

Scarborough via TYT - By 5 or 6 at night you can see Boehner at bars...he's not the hardest worker

Cenk Uygur Calls Out GOP 2012 Hopefuls

I have a feeling everything is going to turn out fine

Papantonio: Right Wing Militias Gaining Power in America

Libyan council forms government

Young Turks: Study - Will Religion Become Extinct?

The Punk Patriot vs Conservative Talk Radio

Texan's obit urges anti-Obama donations...

Canadian Pilots Refuse To Bomb Assigned Libyan Targets

Fox News Contrives "Human Shield" Hoax To Sell Libya War

Top Ten Ways that Libya 2011 is Not Iraq 2003

'We'll see DEPLETED URANIUM missiles thrown by Western aircraft on Libya'

Ya Know... I Hate This Fact... But We Really Do Have No Place To Go...

Whoopi Goldberg stops short of calling Donald Trump a racist

Libya, Serbia, Iraq... Libya: Become US President, Declare War!

'Suicide By Cop' Leads Soldier On Chase Of His Life (MUST WATCH!!)

This is much worse than Abu Ghraib.

Light northerly wind forecast near Japan nuclear plant

Riz Khan - Ralph Nader / Attacking the US middle class

Poll: U.S. loses nuclear support after Japan quake

FDA halts of dairy, produce from Japan - seafood still OK though!

Temperature at reactor No 1 way above its operating limit

Edit: radioactive cesium and iodine emissions from Fukushima now 50% and 20% of Chernobyl

“Abnormal” readings on 8 of 18 EPA radiation monitors on US West Coast — Devices undergoing "review"

Thermometers working again at 3 reactors

Support for nuclear power is partisan

IAEA — Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update (23 March 2011, 01:10 UTC)

NPR — Foreign Policy: Japan's Unlikely Nuclear Affair

Russia Cuts Up To 3 Million Tons From Wheat Harvest Projection (Up To 3.5% Of Estimated Total)

Tokyo tap water not safe for infants, officials warn

EPA - Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Radiation Monitoring

Poll: Pick Reactor Most in Trouble

Drumbeat: March 23, 2011

After Fukushima: a new dash for gas? Really?

Japan aluminium outlook clouded by power shortages

Cheap catalyst made easy—CWRU researchers aim to bring fuel cells within reach

Chernobyl survivor message to Japanese

Oil Spill in South Atlantic Threatens Endangered Penguins

Despite ban, UAE remains market hub for shark fins

Meltdown California: The World’s First Nuclear Accident

Of Course they get all the subsidies!

5 million hectares of Papua New Guinea forests handed to foreign corporations

Kyodo News: Work halted on No.2, 500 Millisievert per hour radiation

Insights from the Recent Steam Explosion Experiments in TROI

One Sea Turtle’s Worth of Plastic

Breaking on NHK at 7pm ET: Smoke/steam rising from ALL 4 reactor units — Workers evacuated (VIDEO)

Radiation at No.2 at highest level so far 3/23, Neutron Beam seen: fission evidence?

KB Home makes solar panels a standard feature

90,000 Cape fur seal pups to be clubbed to death this year if ransom not paid

Iraq wastes 50 percent of water: UNICEF

NHK just said the tsunami that hit Fukushima NPP was 14 meters high.

Natural Gas Now Viewed as Safer Bet

Learning from the Past ...Radioactive oysters in Willapa Bay, WA

Carbon capture and storage: Carbon dioxide pressure dissipates in underground reservoirs

TEPCO says reactor #1 is 715-735 Fahrenheit

Capacity factor of nuclear: US v Japan

Dell to employ more people in India

US healthcare is billion-dollar biz for Indian IT

Amy Goodman: Aristide’s Return to Haiti: A Long Night’s Journey Into Day

We’re All Badgers Now - Stanley Fish in the NYT

Kochs Profit from Canadian Eco-Nightmare

A Dirty Job No One Should Do: A lawyer’s self-serving defense of Wall Street pay doesn’t add up

An Update from Japan – A Young Woman’s Personal Account of Tragedy and Loss of Life

Fischer Joins Criticism of German Security Council Abstention

Barack Obama, Oscar Romero, and Structural Sin

Eugene Fodor feted as the spy who loved travel

Uribe govt tried to silence me: Ex-paramilitary

Media Matters boot camp readies liberal policy wonks for the camera’s close-up

Putin Stokes Libya Crusade Spat on NATO Bombing Anniversary

BANKER ON HOW TO SOLVE DEBT CRISIS: Public Needs To Work Harder For Less Money & 50% Fewer Benefits

The President’s Right of Warrantless Surveillance: Two New OLC Opinions by Scott Horton

David Sirota: Mad Scientists in the Laboratories of Democracy

WI anti-union bill also banned payroll deduction of union dues, choking off $$$

4 Times Journalists Held Captive in Libya Faced Days of Brutality.

Some Nonprofits Dedicated to Making it More Difficult for People to Register and Vote - ALEC

Maine Gov. orders removal of labor mural, sparking outcry

Robert Scheer: Be Consistent—Invade Saudi Arabia

Young women continue to die locked in sweatshops, labor group warns

'Gadhafi Is Facing a Coalition of the Unwilling'

MIckey Hart: There's a Fire on the Mountain

Congress should leave NPR’s funding alone

Call the GOP on Lies

Extremely high radiation found in soil 40 km from Fukushima

Joe Hill 2011

mama put my guns in the ground

This forum needs a "mark as spam" button.

My DU and how it changed while I was gone.

Following the firearms: A reporter's notebook

House says concealed carry licenses from other states OK in Oregon

Questions for the gun skeptical members of this forum…..

Police Shooting, Latest in Deadly String Nationwide`

Stand Up to Bullies of the NRA

New gun law to take away rights for just being arrested for drug use

Beauty Queen Uses Pink .38 To Kill Home Invader

Haiti Abstains

Obama visits tomb of slain Salvadoran archbishop

Barack Obama, Oscar Romero, and Structural Sin

President Funes dismisses Chávez's model in El Salvador

Guatemala: Hundreds forcibly evicted from farming land

Chavez decree strengthens pro-government militias

Peru's staid presidential race goes topsy-turvy

Obama Ending Americas Tour, Cuts Mayan Visit

Uribe govt tried to silence me: Ex-paramilitary

Chiquita Brands doled out money to the FARC, and the AUC

Liz Taylor: 1932 - 2011

Man Preaches Homophobia To Young Children

Apple pulls 'gay cure' iPhone app

Queer Music Videos

Marion Bartoli: I'm Smart as Hell

The Big East is the Beast! Five teams through to the Sweet 16!

Nikolai Andrianov, Gymnastics Icon, Dies at 58

The rookie of the year case for Islanders’ Michael Grabner

Forbes' MLB franchise values paint ugly picture for Mets

What the Fuck. I am still up and watching the Suns and Fakers head into a THIRD

More trouble in Dallas: Dez Bryant Kicked Out Of Shopping Center For ‘Pants On The Ground’

Umm...ok. Live stream of Ochocinco's soccer tryout is available. Yeah.

God's wife edited out of the bible -- ALMOST

Gaza militants fire Grad rocket at Be'er Sheva following IDF strike

Palestinian child hospitalized in Israel after hurt by IDF fire in Gaza

Bus explodes in Jerusalem

Rockets From Gaza Hit Deep Into Southern Israel

Explosion In Jerusalem; Many Casualties

Explosion rocks Jerusalem bus stop; 25 wounded

Israel’s immoral novelists

Israel clamps down on marking of ‘catastrophe day’