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Archives: March 28, 2011

Ohio House Committee To Change SB5 Before Expected Tuesday Vote

Baby Jessica Turns 25, Gains Access To Trust Fund

REPORT: From Poll Taxes To Voter ID Laws: A Short History of Conservative Voter Suppression

What was behind the big Rethug laugh this morning about

What was behind the big Rethug laugh this morning about

Columbus Teacher on SB5: “If you’re going to hang me, at least let me properly tie the noose”

Columbus Teacher on SB5: “If you’re going to hang me, at least let me properly tie the noose”

Obama is a major failed!!! seriously

Trust, reason and Japan's nuclear emergency

We love flower...

Politically charged Ohio referendum is next; could affect 2012 election

Recorded (jailhouse phone) calls keep inmates locked up

Gates, Clinton: Libya Not a 'Vital Interest,' But US Could Be There For Months

Has President Obama addressed the nation about Libya?

Self-proclaimed anarchist "revolutionaires" undermine mass British workers anti-austerity march.

Cities bleed as states cut aid

Paul Baran, Internet and packet switching pioneer, is mourned


Have we in the USA been hijacked?

Ireland too has corporate tax loopholes.

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes fight loneliness

Hey Repukes: The professor's name is spelled "CRONON," not "Cronin."

Hey Repukes: The professor's name is spelled "CRONON," not "Cronin."

Why is it that the United States no longer wins wars?

Anyone else watching that CNN special about the Murfreesboro Mosque?

Reuters and Aljazeera reporting that Sirte in now in the hands of the revolutionaries!

"A Really Rough Day for this Hungry Racoon. That and more at 11."

If any of you want to watch a good movie about our fucked up healthcare system

Of prime importance to the moneyed few:

TEPCO executives under investigation for charges of professional negligence resulting in death or in



Last Chance / Fight The Good Fight

US officials: Libyan operation could last months

To the mods, thank you.

We must Overthrow Capitalism and Stop Socialism. I love DU

Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.

Here's an economic stimulus plan.

Governor Christie is a scumbag, and now his true colors are showing

Al Jazeera English's Sue Turton: Week Of Horror In Ajdabiya's Hospital

Now it's "No Fly Plus"

Viewpoint: We should stop running away from radiation

Rebels say Qatar ready to market east Libyan oil

'Nothing can prepare you to witness this'

The "if war is wrong, then you would have opposed involvment in WWII too" argument is so dumb.

Cameron's Protest Day lunch ...... cartoon from the Independent UK

On defense again, Obama claims 'important progress' in Libya war

Russian Ambassador: "Just as we forecast, NATO is being drawn deeper into war in North Africa"

LIBYA: Vengeance of the West on Gaddafi (video)

Paul Krugman: American Thought Police (new column, on William Cronon)

No Obama Support from Brazil, Russia, China on Libya Front

Japan business lobby: Get rid of some of our tax cuts, we don't mind

Merkel’s Nuclear Policy Under Fire as Greens Surge in Elections

The Media on Education – Grade: F

Want to Cut the Deficit? Restore Fair Taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy

Fukushima Crisis Could Stretch Into ‘Months, Years’

For those who saw Leslie Stahl's corporate fluff piece on 60 Minutes

Isn't it about time?

The real story of closetgate...White House purportedly kidnaps reporter

And another great post on blog... (re: health care)

The American Historical Association deplores recent efforts to intimidate William Cronon.

Sleight-of-hand, critical thinking and the Republican tactics in Wisconsin.

The Rise of Germany's Green Party

I couldn't have said it better myself (re: Republicans suck)

Sorry, Son - No Magnet School For You. The Koch Bros Need To Pay Less Taxes.

The American Historical Association Deplores Effort to Intimidate William Cronon

One simple act of activism.

Are we (the US) truly simply enforcing a no fly zone in Libya?

Where children sleep

Worth a Repost - A Brief History of Corporate Whining

Call Wisconsin Dept of Admin, Secretary Mike Huebsch and let him know....

Seems like I've seen this picture before....

The GOP's Plan to Fund Anti-Abortion Activists

3D Paintings on Panes of Glass

3D Paintings on Panes of Glass

Saw some people on MSNBC talking about the teaparty GOPers in congress shutting

Cobra on the lam from the Bronx Zoo

Alabama Town Apologizes to 91-Year-Old for World War II-Era Rape

Three Mile Island marks 32nd anniversary

Making a rural comeback: The old gravel road

Fuck You Newt! He is trying to set up Obama's speech tonite as a failure....

High-speed rail gets a congressional caucus

High-speed rail gets a congressional caucus

63 years ago today there was a foot of snow on the ground

Question about real estate bubble. When banks were approving all these

Question about real estate bubble. When banks were approving all these

Arizona AG Washes Hands of Joe Arpaio's Masturbating Video

Well, that's interesting.

I'll believe this when I see it...

Why America Attacked Libya- NATO, Gaddafi and al-Qaeda Battle for Power (video)

Why America Attacked Libya- NATO, Gaddafi and al-Qaeda Battle for Power (video)

i just woke up to newt gingrich talking about 'values'

White Women in U.S. Live 10 Years Longer than Black Men

Make No Mistake (Kunstler)

Patrick's Law - Petition for stronger animal cruelty laws

Police Use Skype To Obtain Blood Search Warrants

24EvelJustin24:Soldiers Are Not Heroes -- They Are Paid Killers **WARNING: Graphic Images

Anti-Abortion Group Targets Planned Parenthood With Ad Featuring Former Employee

Er, we made a mistake... Vice President's aide apologises to journalist locked in a closet for hours

This map on nuclear power plant distribution in the US is eye opening.

Deadly Nuclear Levels Detected

GOP "Values"

Is You Itching for Rescue Again?

The Surprising New Class Politics - EJ Dionne

"Radiation 10 Million Times Above Normal At Japanese Fukushima Nuke Plant Reactor #2"

Tax sleight of hand.

Copyright troll Righthaven achieves spectacular "fair use" loss

Estranged son of anti-gay Westboro pastor says father does 'evil'

Anyone else notice how pubs are up in arms over the minuscule effective tax rates, or no taxes, many

The Last Middle Class American

Military on the cheap and low.

How a misunderstanding becomes right-wing fodder.

The Great Tax Shift: Asking Less of Those With More

Mike Huebsch is Scott Walkers Dept of Admin Secretary. He would like to hear from you...

AT&T Users Already Complaining About Inaccurate Meters

60 minutes

Tracking Our Downward Spiral: the Ways in Which America Still 'Leads' the World

Students run 100 miles in cold to protest PA Repub Gov Corbett Education Cuts

Fyi, Dan Ellsberg's son is collecting birthday wishes for him

How John Adams and Thomas Paine Clashed Over Economic Equality

How You End Up Bankrolling Fox News: News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch Weasel Out of Paying Taxes

How You End Up Bankrolling Fox News: News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch Weasel Out of Paying Taxes

Tired of Walker Kissing Big Business Ass?

Men more likely to overrule satnavs than women

What the hell has happened to Democratic Underground?

Harry Reid Could be the One Road Block to Social Security Cuts

Why Do Journalists Keep Falling For O'Keefe's Smear Jobs?

It's no wonder we can't get anything done.

Not to be confused with the straightforward Somalian type... U.S. military "policy" strategy:

Was Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust really worth £66m?

Rick Snyder to give U of Michigan Commencement Speech?

How a Small Wyoming Town Might Be the First to Prove its Water Damaged by Natural Gas Production

Kurosawa's premonition of nuclear disaster

Kurosawa's premonition of nuclear disaster

Blast at Yemen Munitions Plant Kills More Than 100

Messaging 101: It's a "Cigarette Tax Cut"


Juan Cole: An Open Letter to the Left on Libya

Bachmann announces Bachmann in 2011 Pres. Campaign. Media focuses on 2011 error instead of issues:

Did we have any kind of diplomacy with Libya before we let the cruise missiles fly?

Radiation Detected on Land and at Sea (At Least A Mile Out) as Officials Fear Partial Meltdown

The Republican National Trust Political Action Committee - you can feel the hatred.

TSA Continuing to Wantonly Grope People

David Koch Donates to Fight Cancer While His Company Fights the Regulation of Carcinogens

Maybe oil profits can be used to fund war? (where have we heard that?)

Is bad presidential field a GOP plot to help Romney?

Has anyone else noted that those folks who find absolutely

Capitalism and democracy? An elaborate lie?

Capitalism and democracy? An elaborate lie?

Bank Of America Paid Nothing In Federal Income Taxes Last Year And Got Almost $1 Billion

"Divisive and counter productive"

The four pieces of advice John Lennon would have for U.S. foreign "policy":

European Networks Pull 'Simpsons' Nuclear Jokes in Response to Japanese Crisis

No-fly zone: Clouding words of war

Inquisition In Iowa: Religious Right Dominates Presidential Nominating Process

CEOs Tap Record $940 Billion Cash for Dividends

"There is no safe dose of radiation-We do not x-ray pregnant women-Any detectable fallout can kill"

japanese snow job

Officials seek to replace Missouri's flawed racial profiling data

The Koch Brothers just won $100,000,000 in the lottery. Each.

Train derailment in Newton Falls leads to evacuations

Americans United URGENT ALERT: Tell Legislators to Oppose DC Vouchers!

Republican Dream Ticket for 2012: Trump for President, Bachman for V-P, Palin for Secretary of State

'Al-Qaeda snatched missiles' in Libya

Appleton, WI Newspaper Endorses Kloppenburg

And now this from Wisconsin...

Should Law Enforcement Use Cell Phone Data to Track Citizens?

I doubt that at this point any form of lasting peace in Libya is possible. Here is why:

WI Rep. Robin Vos, co-chair of budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, is ALEC state chair

Sigh...I am NEVER leaving

Sigh...I am NEVER leaving

PDA, Bradley Manning Support Network: ACTION ALERT - for immediate action on Monday, March 28, 2011

An Open Letter to America from The Corporation



Plutonium detected in soil at Fukushima nuke plant

US Servicemen asked to put their lives on the line for corporate profits.

High-income fliers are unhappier with airlines, survey says

Questions from a non-Nuclear Physicist


With no end in sight in Japan, is radiation the next plague worldwide on mankind?

Does anyone know if the wet-well at the bottom of the reactor is full or empty?

If we can have no fly zones over Libya, why not over Gaza?

plutionium's just alright

Guess He Was Not, Ladies And Gentlemen....

Former Wayne County drug prosecutor begins jail sentence in perjury case

Internet pioneer Paul Baran passes away (BBC)

More craziness in Florida...former KKK Grand Dragon for mayor, etc.

Toles: Are Clown Clothes Supposed To Fit?

Highlights from the Senate's Protect Social Security Event

Physicist: Nuclear crisis may be close to "point of no return"

Tepco says plutonium "could have come from a reactor"


This is US. We have done all of this.

The ALEC "rape the state" Budget Toolkit (pdf)

Libyan Revolution Day 39 part 2 (For the women of the revolution! Sirte liberated!)

day in the life of joe the independent voter

Chicago billboard depicting Obama: "Every 21 minutes our next possible leader is aborted"

"Safe" Radiation is a Lethal Lie

Socialism 101. (Suggestions)

TSA admits bungling of airport body scanner radiation tests

Abercrombie bows to pushback on kiddie push-up bikini (changes the name)

Join the Campaign!

Who’s Really Behind Recent Republican Legislation in Wisconsin and Elsewhere?

My editorial featuring UTSW-neurology and indigent health care printed today

Grant this much to President Obama: he does not pander to mass opinion.

How does one mine for Plutonium, Uranium without being exposed to harmful radiation?

“These people were very, very extreme...and I think very dangerous.”

I can't think of a single "socialistic" thing President Obama has done. Can you?

Is there a list of corporations that pay zero taxes?

Messaging Alert: Let's start changing people's minds about tax cuts! Turn them into something bad.

The New Yorker: Who are the Rebels?

US oil boom: blessing or curse? Residents concerned about fracking, air, water

This CNN headline and story are unbelievably stupid.

What should I do about Al-Jazeera?

Republicans suck, they aren't going to change, they will destroy this country for wealth

If oil is sold on the open market to the highest bidder, why is gasoline so much

Will Obama violate the arms embargo in Libya?

Florida House Proposes Giving Rick Scott Sole Power To Appoint Judges

Body in Río Grande Gorge identified as scientist

Thirty two years ago today . . . observed

Russia Opposes Land Operation in Libya

KRUGMAN: Republicans Are "UN-American"

Every Member of Seattle's Legislative Delegation Goes on the Record in Favor of Legalizing Pot

The Definitive (so far) Libyan 'Civil War' Photo (100+) Gallery-Reuters' Goran Tomasevic

"Back Off Social Security" rally on Capitol Hill - pics

Earthquakes, Droughts, Fracking for Oil & Financially Distressed Owner/operator

Walker team implementing their bill, whether it's law or not !@!!!

NY Times: Non-Hispanic Whites Are Now a Minority in the 23-County New York Region

O'Scare Airport

A Tale Of Two Tea Parties

Tsunami raised water levels over 40km inland

On to the next thing

Honors Student pistol whips mom to co-sign for Nissan 350z-mom doesn't want to prosecute

Can we dispense with this nostalgia for the 1950s, already?

(VA) Governor Vetoes Physical Education Bill

The Rapture Ready crowd is wonderfully giddy over Michelle Bachmann and Allen West in 2012!

Anarchists's plan to target royal wedding.

On a mission to legalize coca

If the President does it, it's not illegal

If the President does it, it's not illegal

Diplomats discuss Libya's future as Italy plots Gaddafi's escape route Rome is negotiating an Africa

Rape used 'as a weapon' in Libya

A reminder that SCOTUS will be hearing that Walmart labor case tomorrow.

A reminder that SCOTUS will be hearing that Walmart labor case tomorrow.

U.S. soldiers' 'kill team' killed Afghanis, used body parts in poker games: report

Libyan woman allegedly raped by Ghadaffi's forces still hidden; location and status unclear.

Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser unhinged.

Kenneth Feinberg - Oil spill fund administrator gets a raise--$1,250,000 per month

Researcher Warned 2 Yrs Ago Of Massive Tsunami Striking Nuke Plant - KyodoNews

GOP: What Part of "I do, therefore, restrain and enjoin the further implentation of 2011 WI Act 10"

Digby: GOP Launches Attack on AARP

Just called the White House to object to the treatment of Brad Manning.

This is fucking child abuse...

Employers think all is well. Oh, really?

Actually, I know a lot of people who are in the broom closet.

Leading Nuke Expert: "The problem is that you always get surprises..."

Harsh but true Luckovich Toon on Tax Avoidance

Who are Libya's rebels?

Seems like there's martial law in Syria now...

The Unreccing Crew

Leave The Koch's Alone!---Forget The Facts by Calling-Evil-Good

Taking Aim at the Poor

Conservatives Echo Al Qaeda

Wisconsin - Massive "Sign-In" planned for Tuesday, March 29

Fox news: "Please kill our soldiers" (former team member of Army Special Forces)

Mich. governor signs cut in unemployment benefits

Wisconsin - Massive "Sign-In" planned for Tuesday, March 29

So far, most of tax cut is going down the gas tank

Interesting Tidbits from The Past of Nuclear Energy

Florida: 92-year-old woman fires shots at man who wouldn't kiss her

Seeking Level Ground

Maybe I missed this here: Vatican condemns UN resolution support gay rights

'Our interests and values challenged.'

Investigation shows questionable test results under Michelle Rhee

Pres. Obama's speech on Libya is Cspan link:

Is there a reason the "Chernobyl Solution" won't work in Fukushima?

The progressive economic terrorists?

Spaghetti Showdown on the New York subway

Nuclear scientists know of safer and cheaper elements that could be used for nuclear power...

How do you get a television station to remove a story from its website?

How do you get a television station to remove a story from its website?

My friend with two master's degrees finally got a job offer. In China.

Libya and the Passive Repeaters: Deploying Depleted Information Warheads

Libya and the Passive Repeaters: Deploying Depleted Information Warheads

Do you believe . . . . . ?

Wrong question, Cenk.


Lying and Cheating for Jesus

Loyal dog & friend were indeed rescued (Japan)

Protests against counter-revolution in Egypt

Next Prey in Gov. Walker’s Corporatist Sights: University of Wisconsin-Madison

So, let's see if I have this straight...

Wisconsin: State stops collecting union dues, starts charging more for health care

Wisconsin: State stops collecting union dues, starts charging more for health care

Squeeeeeal Little Piggy!

Daughter & Dad Reunite, Make Baby

The Lightning Rod Men

Yay Mr President! Bomb the shit out of 'em. Send 'em back to the stone age!!

So, just to ask...

Why isn’t Obama getting credit for stopping an atrocity?--Human Rights Watch official

Why isn’t Obama getting credit for stopping an atrocity?--Human Rights Watch official

Do you remember the movie Silkwood with Meryl Streep?

media amnesia

Toon of the Day! "Do you think he'll ever notice?"

Undisputed champion of astoundingly blatant hypocritical manipulation of the American public?

Koppel - Why Did Libya Win The ‘Humanitarian Defense Sweepstakes Of 2011?’

Plutonium Detected in Soil at Fukushima Nuke Plant

Bikini-clad woman assaults Burger King staff because they were too slow (video)

Women protesters were forced to have 'virginity checks' after being arrested

Texas Ranks 44th Out Of 50 States In Education Spending Per Pupil

Heads up - Michael Moore is on with Stephen Colbert tonight!

The Koch Brothers' Nazi Past

Angry bear mauls Swedish boy who disturbed its sleep

20 percent turnout expected for state (Wisconsin) April election:

Even if we shut down every nuclear plant today we still would have a serious problem.

Tastykake company in Philly is in BIG TROUBLE...

Tastykake company in Philly is in BIG TROUBLE...

Next time someone says D's and R's are all the same, show them this...

Is oil the most important part in the intervention equation?

LIBYA: Rebels execute black immigrants while forces kidnap others

After Walker’s Shady Maneuver, Wisconsin Awaits Court Hearing on Union- Busting Bill

Willie may have to sing in court for pot charge

'US drops uranium bombs on Libya'

Self-deleted by member

Pensacola, FL Right Wing AM radio Begging for $$$

Absolutely HORRIFIC story about TSA employee abuse, intimidation, and religious bigotry.

Because I simply cannot wait....

How often do you think cops 'salt the scene'?

Cops: Girl, 11, gang raped at California park

Santorum: Our law is bad because it doesn't conform with religion and shariah is bad because...

Do you know about Progressive States, the anti-ALEC?

Why we are better than Free Republic.

IRS must really be hurting......

About Libyan rebels, CNN + Wes Clark

Born in the Great Depression, Harry & David files for bankruptcy

Born in the Great Depression, Harry & David files for bankruptcy

Are *that* many of us really *that* wrong?

Economics of a disaster? Food, goods, what will be affected?

About those radiation charts: Cesium 137 was never in natural "background radiation"

Anybody know how to make a homemade Geiger counter?

Bar Stool Taxation--how it really works

EPA: Expect More Radiation in Rainwater

Does anybody have any wind dispersal maps so we can see

Rising star in anti-choice movement has a story that is full of holes

Leaders speak out in controversial rape case

Why isn't food and fuel included in the SS COLA?

Why I love DU

States broke? Maybe they cut taxes too much

How a smooth faced kid of 15 was willfully blown away by the US Army

Cops just killed a guy a block from where I'm sitting.

Is there an online backup service that works well and doesn't support RW media buffoons?

Feel-good video of the day: Bully-victim snaps, beats the hell out of his tormentor.

US Marine General Smedley Butler, "War is a Racket"

TEPCO: Plutonium is not dangerous. Where's the Boss?

Libyan Revolution Day 39 part 3 (Tribute to the women of the revolution. Sirte remains Gaddafi's.)

Walker bill would increase, not decrease State spending.

How do you feel about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

11-year-old girl gang raped in Calif park bathroom

DeMint Tells ThinkProgress He Wants To Strip All Federal Employees Of Collective Bargaining Rights

If you could reverse ONE election outcome, which would it be?

Smartest College Towns In America

Do you think this 'disappointment' will be as fun as the 'great disappointment'?

"Our interests and values have been challenged in Libya"

From Credo: Tell GE to pay taxes.

African Union calls for Libyan Ceasefire and ELECTIONS: The Gov. Accepts, the Rebels Reject

African Union calls for Libyan Ceasefire and ELECTIONS: The Gov. Accepts, the Rebels Reject

African Union calls for Libyan Ceasefire and ELECTIONS: The Gov. Accepts, the Rebels Reject

The speech I am listening to sounds depressingly familiar

Study: HFCS Leads To Much More Weight Gain In Rats Than Sugar

The Japanese Government Can't Afford to Tell the Truth About Fukushima

Obama has dampened protest from American liberals though they know he has betrayed them

What 52 Years Of Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Looks Like

Coalition forces paving (bombing) rebels' way to Libyan oil facilities - Jana agency

Creationists say this petroglyph in Utah is proof dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Slaves

“This is Economic Treason”: 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts & Corporate Tax

“This is Economic Treason”: 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts & Corporate Tax

A DU CALL TO ACTION!!!! EVERYONE must contact this guy TODAY.

South Dakota takes giant step back into the Dark Ages then giggles

South Korean official warns U.S. not to follow its education policies too closely. Too test-centered

Krugman: The President Is A Lousy Negotiator

Do we all agree that the burden of proof always lies with those arguing FOR millitary action?

It seems more likely now that any primary challenge of Obama will be FUNDED by the far right

If we still have THREE wars going in 2012, will YOU vote to renominate the president?

Did anyone see the CNN special "Unwanted:Muslims in America" last night?

Obama is NOT explaining how the actions in Libya are constitutional, he's just telling us what we

So. With this astoundingly blatant power and money grab going on at the state level....

Do we care more about animals than humans who are suffering?

UK Hundreds of thousands rally at TUC protest march - More than a 250,000 people marched

How on earth does a system that you pay into with your own money become an 'entitlement'?

Docs warn about teens and "Facebook depression"

OK, quantify for me when the US should "interfere" with another country

Secure Energy? Civil Nuclear Power, Security and Global Warming (2007)

He's not like Bush.

He's not like Bush.

After Paying Zero Income Taxes-GE Plans To Ask Its Union Workers To Make Wage & Benefits Concessions

The Reality of Nuclear Power

My friend's very smart 14-year old kid had the best explanation for the 5/21/11 billboards...

Retaliation at San Onofre nuclear power plant (workers afraid)

US says Libyan rebels may sell oil

Yeah, Suck On This Teabaggers.

Falwell's Liberty University one of largest recipients of federal aid for students.

AP IMPACT: Nuclear plant downplayed tsunami risk

Most Alaska Air flights running on time after glitch

US reducing naval firepower aimed at Gadhafi

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Slaves

Gaddafi calls in favours from Africa

BREAKING NEWS: Libyan Rebels 'Take Gaddafi Hometown'

Status report: Reactor-by-reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi plant

Radiation in Massachusetts rainwater likely from Japan

Yemen: Blast Kills (At Least) 110 (Including Children) In Arms Factory Raid

So tonight I find out my son-in-law's cousin plays for Butler

MiddleFingerMom was ALWAYS ready to disprove accepted cultural norms.

I have tickets to a live performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch...

GOP appears poised to take on entitlements

Egypt's Mubarak 'under house arrest'

Kentucky celebrates winning the Eastern Division in New Jersey.

Life During Wartime

Don'tcha just hate anarchist wanna-bes?

Because her family was too poor to buy her toys, Li'l Skittles became very adept at making her own.

Highly radioactive water leaks outside Japan's nuclear plant building

Warren Zevon, Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Live, 1986)

What was for dinner tonight DU? I made rack of lamb, baked potatoes with green onions and sour

I now understand why the GoDaddy "racy full length commercial" is Web-only

Jimi Hendrix himself could not have produced THIS much squeeeeeee.

Reuters journalists freed in Syria

Republicans settle on a strategy to blunt the effect of new open-primary law.

Sins of the flesh:

Rare lion cubs saved in war-torn Somalia

It's Lady Gaga's 25'th birthday!!!!! I'm taking the day off to party!

Radiation in Mass. rainwater likely from Japan

well howdy yall!

What do people think of Boston Legal? I just rented the dvds for the first 8 shows and wonder

Maybe this is why the Teabaggers don't use spellcheck......

I just pulled a tictac from my dog's head.


Disaster aid puts new face on U.S. military

Magazine launch for gay military members announced

17 suspected militants killed in Russian operation

China and US among top punishers but death penalty in decline

U.N. Rights Group Calls on China to Release Detained Lawyer

Investigation shows questionable test results under Michelle Rhee

Elevated radiation found in rainwater (in Massachusetts)

Does anyone else yearn for the Good Old... REALLY Old Days when a sport was a sport?

OK - you've successfully removed a tick from your critter - now what?

Japan Fears Nuclear Reactor Is Leaking Contaminated Water

China arrests blogger Ran Yunfei

'Al-Qaeda snatched missiles' in Libya

So *that's* what happens....

My day is won!

At the Infertility Clinic, the electron microscope showed some "abnormalities" in MFM's sperm cells.

VW recalls about 71,000 Jettas for wiring issue

oops.. Dupe

Libya: coalition attacks Sirte for first time

Gaddafi's Forces Stall Libyan Rebel Advance

Train in Vain

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective.

in lieu of flowers...... (hilarious)

After going to a Clippers game last night, don't tell me LA has the worst fans in America.

Cleopatra marathon on MFM today (w/Elizabeth Taylor)

Next Prey in Gov. Walker’s Corporatist Sights: University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The most interesting man in the world." Give me a fucking break.

My new favorite song "Pumped Up Kicks"

Spiders... ... ... ... arrogant little fucks, aren't they?

President to focus on needs of Latino students

U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal from Georgia death row inmate (Troy Davis)

Striking Honduran teachers face suspensions

I'm going to try and not drink diet coke in the evenings which will be very hard

Explosives-packed truck kills 20 in Afghanistan

ANGRY BIRDS, the movie (trailer)

Need a good hearty laugh? With tears and all?

Apparently there's a freakin' NARWHAL loose in the Bronx!

Romeo & Juliet -- The Really Realy Reallyreally REALLY Condensed Version:

Radiohead - The King of Limbs album stream

PSA: Hominy, grits, and hominy grits.

Would you like to buy an aircraft carrier?

Cauliflower with hollandaise sauce?!1 Is this the correct sauce for cauliflower?!1 nt

Who here remembers the Reebok Pump?

Remeber when they busted Ma Bell

Just an FYI - do NOT leave a 10lb butternut squash in the fridge for 6 months

Creationists say this petroglyph in Utah is proof dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

WARNING!!!!!!! If you hate your job, this will only make you feel worse. MUCH worse.

LIBYA: Rebels execute black immigrants while forces kidnap others

Super Glue inventor dies aged 94

More defense expected in militant trial in Texas

Obama gears up for hard sell on Libya

New York City to dispute census numbers

Diplomats discuss Libya's future as Italy plots Gaddafi's escape route

Righthaven hits (Ars Technica) journalist with infringement lawsuit

'Spiderman' begins Burj tower ascent

Despite legal challenges, (Wisconsin) collective bargaining law now in effect

1 million sieverts got you down? Oh Blah Di Oh Blah Da life goes on!!

Best Buy and WalMart are reporting August 8 as the release date for DiabloIII

IQ per Square Mile Report of U.S. Cities released

The Squee War is escalating.

Sigh...I am NEVER leaving

Sugar Smacks - Honey Smacks - all the same to Tobin S.

Caterpillar CEO Warns Illinois Gov. About Increasing Taxes

Apparently there's a freakin' COBRA loose in the Bronx ...

Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on posting polls?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, March 28, 2011

P.J. Crowley: No regrets on speaking out

Role of US, NATO under scrutiny in Libya

Meanwhile in Glacier National Park,Spring will be {hopefully} sprung soon.

Dutch bankers' bonuses axed by people power

Japan business lobby gives OK to scrap corporate tax cut

I'm gonna kill the cat...

Democrat urges investigation into federal security contractors

How far north can you buy grits in a regular grocery store?

Harry Reid: Tea Party Has Derailed Budget Negotiations

Libya: Woman claiming rape is free

How far anywhere can you get Taylor Ham (other than NJ)?

Older women who grew up in cold states, please check in here.

Who wants to guess how much it costs to fly to Ghana from Phoenix?

Don't you think it's time to abolish state drop-down-lists?

How long does butternut squash keep in the fridge?

Wal-Mart asks Supreme Court to deny class-action suit by female workers

Indiana Dems To Return Home With Big Concessions From GOPers (Labor & Education WINS!)

Odyssey of the Mind finals registration fee is $2,500. WTF?

My cat rocks

Companies Accelerate Spending as U.S. Productivity Bypasses Jobs

Anyone else think slide rules are awesome?

The new album by Heidecker & Wood, "Starting From Nowhere", is brilliant. (Heidecker=Tim, as in...)

URGENT: Plutonium detected in soil at Fukushima nuke plant: TEPCO

Portland man accused of threatening to shoot LePage

Wal-Mart to reopen 12 quake-hit stores in Japan

Homemade pizza is the best!

Anyone else ever get a ticket in their own driveway? I just did:)

Pirates hijack Singapore-bound oil tanker

Best of the Harry Potter books? (spoilers okay)

Whistle-blowing witch grounded by TSA

My next tattoo

Radiation Level Outside Damaged Japan Reactor May Cause Death Within Hours (over one full sievert)

OK, it freakin' SNOWED here in KY on Saturday night!!

Qatar recognises Libyan rebels after oil deal

Parents of Libyan woman who claimed rape tell TV she’s held hostage at Gadhafi’s compound

OMG cat parents I need advice!!

Mural removed over weekend from Department of Labor offices

Caught between a rock and a wet place:

High court rejects Ga. death row inmate's appeal

Canada near top of list for asylum seekers

IRS Drastically Increases Its Audits Of America's Richest Taxpayers

13% of all U.S. homes are vacant

Victims of Gang-Rape in Guatemala Announce Lawsuit Against Canadian Mining Company

Radiohead fans: have you ever listened to "01 and 10"? (OK Computer & In Rainbows combined)

ah, journalistic integrity!

Mut Read NYT Op-Ed: Who Will Rescue Financial Reform?

CNN: NATO approves expanded role in Libya

Killer Paper as Food Preservative!

A New York Prosecutor With Worldwide Reach (Obama-appointed Preet Bharara, Southern Dist NY)

"Obama Doctrine Emerges: International Support Critical To Military Missions"

"Why isn’t Obama getting credit for stopping an atrocity?"

National Journal: Obama Like Ike

Supreme Court Raises Questions About Ariz. Law’s Extra Cash For Publicly Funded Candidates

Obama rewarding local stations in battleground states with biggest ‘get’ in TV news

Salon: No One Listens to the President

Yale professor Bruce Ackerman: "Obama’s Unconstitutional War"

**** Heads Up: POTUS holds town hall with Univision, 7pm EDT ****

As much as Obama has been making me want to scream lately, I just saw

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Libya, Live 7:30pm EDT ****

We need separate DU message boards for those who like and those who don't like President Obama.

Bumper Sticker

"I was kidnapped. That was news to me."

Obama says too much testing makes education boring

Why is the president justifying the war to the left?

Rush Limbaugh eggs on caller who says Michelle Obama looks like 'bowl of mustard' in color yellow

If this was Bush going into Libya the stinking media would be in full support of it

Mike Luckovich on the potential Republican presidential candidates

Bank Of America Paid Nothing In Federal Income Taxes...And Got Almost $1 Billion From Taxpayers

Conservatives Echo Qaddafi, Insist Al Qaeda Is Behind Libyan Rebel Uprising

Krugman: The President Is A Lousy Negotiator (apparently Paul Krugman has been reading my posts)

Trump releases unofficial birth certificate! What's he hiding?!

I can't take it anymore. Every thing this President does is

Donald Trump, clown or moron?

Republicans take aim at AARP

there is an adult in the White House...

The proudest day in my voting life, was the day I voted for Pres. Obama

The New Republic: Why isn’t Obama getting credit for stopping an atrocity?

I am THRILLED that this man is our president!

Radiation in seawater may be spreading in Japan

Catching the Gay

Young Turks: CDC & IRS Budget Cuts = Disaster?

Glenn Beck Spawn Of Hell!

CIA's "Facebook" Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs

Tufts Medical Center Nurses' Picket for Safe Staffing

Yemen Dictator Plays Extremist Card

Bahrain Monarchy From British Empire to US Fifth Fleet

Protests in Syria

US Spent Nuclear Fuel Largest Concentration Of Radioactivity On Planet

French socialists beat Sarkozy's UMP in council poll

CORBETTREPORT: Radiation Rising at Fukushima - Sunday Update

Ronald Reagan On The Tea Party!

Sean Hannity interviews Barack Obama - A Faux News Special

Al Jazeera English: Rape Used As A 'Weapon' In Libya

Japan is evacuating!

S02E08 - The Situation in LIbya

End Times! Armageddon! Apocalypse! Revelation!

Indian TV properly shows Fukushima Radiation Disaster – Japan Nuclear Crisis: 10 million x greater

RT: Chink of Change: 'Silver Keiser' Liberation Army

Thom Hartmann: Big Picture Rumble - Libya, Debtors Prisons, Robin Hood and Rambo

Papantonio: GOP Passing Laws to Keep Liberals From Voting

Shocking: Latest helicopter footage of Fukushima, zoom-in on ruined reactors

Thom Hartmann: Corporations are the new kings - and their agenda is to radically remake America

"I Love You" Bank vs. Credit Union ad

Bible thumpers - admit it - you are homophobic bigots

Michele Bachmann Saves America Pt. 1: What a God Wants

Israel new campaign ground for US presidential candidates like Sarah Palin?

TRIANGLE'S ECHOES: The Unfinished Struggle for Worker Protection, Safety and Health

(NMA TV) Glenn Beck out of Fox News?

The Maine Department of Labor Mural Revised

Civil Rights Violation... Ticket for Quietly Holding Sign on First Floor!!

Herman Cain refuses to appoint a Muslim in his administration

Bill Maher: On second thought, maybe greed isn't good

CrossTalk on Libya: Humanitarian Bombs?

Sinead O'Connor's new protest song against the Vatican.

CNN Segment On Libya Titled The New World Order

Sia - Breathe Me (Six Feet Under Finale) - god I miss this show...

Al Jazeera English: Gaddafi Forces Intimidate Rebels (Very Disturbing)

Young Turks: 1 in 4 Americans Have Criminal Record - Employer Discrimination

Papantonio: If Obama Sells War, Americans Won’t Buy

The Sargent Boys stand up for the First Amendment

2012 - A Message of Hope

Death Buy Lemonade

Thom Hartmann: Corporations are the new kings - and their agenda is to radically remake America

CNN: Interview with Candy Crowley and Ploughshares representative

DFA: Stop Fracking Now (light your tap water on fire) updated

(German) Nuclear groups (corporations) to sue over idled plants

"local exposure to the workers' legs was estimated to be between 2 and 6 sieverts."

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Peak oil review - March 28

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 28,2011)—Detection of radioactive materials…seawater…Fukushima Daiichi…

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 28,2011)—…Facilities…after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake…(as of 4:00PM)

TEPCO Press Release—Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 8:30 PM Mar 28th)

Status of nuclear power plants in Fukushima as of 20:00 March 28 (Estimated by JAIF)

Earthquake Report — JAIF (No. 34)

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 28,2011)—The results of nuclide analyses of radioactive materials in…air…

Aerial video of Fukushima dated March 27 at 10am in Japan

Plutonium detected in soil at Fukushima nuke plant

World Bank Forest Carbon Program Heavy On "Lip Service" To Indigenous Rights, Says Outside Report

Penang Tribesman In Malaysian Borneo - 30 Years Of Chief Minister's Rule "Has Destroyed Everything"

Wegener Institute - Upper Arctic Ocean's Freshwater Content Up 20% Since 1990s - Science Daily

Kyodo News Updates: Radioactive water from No. 2 reactor due to partial meltdown

Joe Barton - "Texas Air Quality is Excellent"; TX Air Quality Regulators "The Best In The Country"

Arnie Gundersen on CNN: Fukushima + safety tests for GE reactors

IAEA—Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log (Updates of 28 March 2011)

CNN: Temperatures rising in reactor one at Fukushima Daiichi plant

Holes discovered (admitted to) in Reactors 1,2,3 pressure vessels

Russian Boreal Forest Destabilizing - As Larches Die, Conifers Will Retain Otherwise Reflected Heat

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 28,2011)—Detection of radioactive material in the soil…Fukushima Daiichi…

Moody's Japan considers downgrading nuclear utilities plus newest aerial video of Fukushima

Hidden Truths About Nuclear Power

Press Release (Mar 27,2011)—The results of the measurement of puddle of water in the basement of…

NASA/EO - Polar Ice Mass Balance - 18-Yr. Greenland & Antarctic Avg. Annual Loss Of 36.3 Gigatons

Is there any good news about these reactors?

Where is the floor of the refueling bay Unit 3? Where is the reactor lid?

Kudzu One Of Multiple Invasive Lianas Heading North - Now Abundant In New Jersey - Science Daily

EPA Promotes Use of Coal Ash Without Assessing Risks

Exposed workers okay

"new paradigm in thinking about a battery in three dimensions for enhancing properties"

Chris Cillizza: The Republicans’ Hispanic problem

A British view: "When the Obamas go out for dinner ..."

UN's 'coalition of the opposed' grows

Some American corps paid for Pan Am #103, not Ghadafi/Libya.

Al Jazeera English's Sue Turton: Week Of Horror In Ajdabiya's Hospital

Who Will Rescue Financial Reform?

American Thought Police

The privatization of US foreign policy

Colombo digs grave for Tamil harmony

Food and Syria's failure

Welcome to the new NATO quagmire

North Korea laments Gaddafi's nuke folly

I preached against homosexuality, but I was wrong

Make No Mistake (James Howard Kunstler)

The Day the Sun Brought Darkness

A Shabby Crusade in Wisconsin

Libya: a legitimate and necessary debate from an anti-imperialist perspective

Mansfield Ohio School Chief Pulls Plug An 'Anti-Islamic' Tea Party Event

Aftershock: The Ticking Time Bomb of Soldiers' Traumatic Brain Injuries

Hey parents did anyone every tell you Standardized testing may not be safe from tapering....

Wallnuts are the healthiest nuts say scientist: BBC

Libya: it wasn't supposed to be like this in free Benghazi

Killer Fashion: An Industry in Denial

Bin Laden sets alarm bells ringing

Chris Hedges: The Collapse of Globalization

Time for Plan B: Our Civilization Is on the Edge of a Systemic Breakdown

A Choice for States: Banks, Not Budget Crises

Protestors have "civilly arrested" a judge at Birkenhead county court.

Radio Shack gives away firearms ...

Campus arms carry bill advances

MONTANA: Permitless Carry Bill Goes To Governor

The "Union Worker" pistol

Guns Save Lives

Dr Peter Rhee - Trauma Surgeon who treated Giffords calls for fix background checks

Opposing Viewpoints: Concealed Carry on Campus

If a university put it to a popular vote

Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba for three-day visit

For Peru Schoolkids, Sun Hats Now De Rigeur

Election Jitters Take Toll On Peru's Markets And Currency

FOIA suit brought against US agencies over Honduras coup

Live from Honduras

Colombia to replace OAS ambassador

Armed groups use fear to keep stolen land: Govt

Lobo laments death of teacher (runover by vehicle)

Victims of Gang-Rape in Guatemala Announce Lawsuit Against Canadian Mining Company

Gingrich: I'd Stop Gay Rights Progress

WINNINGGGGGGGGGGGG Comes in threes right?

This is probably as close to a dream Final 4 as I'll get w/o my University in it

Barry Bonds' former mistress testified he blamed an elbow injury on steroid use

The USMNT midfield is crap...Bradley's pet players need to retire already

Kettle interviewed about pot.....

Anyone here like David Zirin

Frozen Four......

There's Something About Hockey

2011 MLB Predictions

The JR Chess Report (March 28): Aronian wins Amber; Euro Championship in Aix-les-Bains

NASA Completes 52-Year Mission To Find, Kill God

Who Wrote the Bible and Why It Matters

This is fucking child abuse...

Gaza cops use ‘beatings, stun guns’ on women reporters

Anonymous targets American Israel PAC: Operation Palestine

Zuabi: Revoking my parliamentary privileges is political persecution Knesset voted to revoke Arab MK

Israel deploys Iron Dome missile defense system for first time

Jerusalem bomb seeds gathering conflict

Assad's fall could deliver Lebanon to Iran and Hezbollah

Settler jailed for assaulting Palestinian teen

If we can have no fly zones over Libya, why not over Gaza?

Israel lawmaker wonders if his Labor Party may deserve its fate

Soldier suspected of humiliating Palestinian kids

Poll: 46% in favor of 'price tag'

'Miral's' Freida Pinto aims for a global takeover