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Nut'nYahoo might Annex the West Bank

Nut'nYahoo might Annex the West Bank

Researchers: 30-meter (98-foot) tsunami in Ofunato

Captain America Takes On Gaddafi

Captain America Takes On Gaddafi

Early NYC Islamic center backers have new vision

So long Amigos

michael moore just tweeted that he will be on hln with roseanne barr

PJ Crowley Explains Why Manning’s Treatment Is Ridiculous, Counterproductive, and Stupid

PJ Crowley Explains Why Manning’s Treatment Is Ridiculous, Counterproductive, and Stupid

Okay, I'm sick of this goverment shutdown bullshit. Here is what we do

Okay, I'm sick of this goverment shutdown bullshit. Here is what we do

UPDATE: Radiation monitoring post. Lots of raw data.

Bringing aid to Sendai, firsthand account:

Wisconsin SOS coming up on Rachel

"Hey boss, can I have some vacation time to go out and kill the rebels against my dad's regime?"

Libyan rebels race to Ras Lanuf, then beat a hasty retreat

One-sided Recall Efforts Are Starting to Worry Some Republicans.

So, where are those jobs ya puke bastards?!!!

Before/After pics ( Zoomable Satellite Images)

No cable/television? Like documentaries?

Michele Bachmann's First 2012 Hire: An Iowa Birther

Radical Picnic Chic

Waiting for a weather event in Texas is like waiting for the cable guy.

Self-deleted by member

Scott Walker REJECTED: Wisconsin Judge Halts Anti-Union Law

Fukushima water removal not going too well

Are there no standards for punditry?

Rehabilitating criminals by giving them the responsibility to rear parrots and other birds- w/pic

Japan may have lost race to save nuclear reactor

A Malayan tiger named Girl is doing fine after getting the world's first tiger hip replacement -pics

GOP congress rep says "Stop talking about jobs"

Has anyone noticed any uptick in Japanese folks visiting?

"King of Superfund Sites" wants to open a giant radioactive dump in W Texas…what could go wrong?

"King of Superfund Sites" wants to open a giant radioactive dump in W Texas…what could go wrong?

CNN TV: US may arm Libyans

@Rachel: Mackinac is pronounced Mak-un-NAW

Free Republic Commenters: Really That Crazy, or Just Trolls?

Rachel, I love you. But it's MackinaW, not MackinaK, Center.

OK it is final - Sarah Palin is bat shit crazy

Red Cross Donations to Japan Surpass $120M

"American History is this..."

Alleged Metairie public masturbator dies in car crash in New Orleans

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Conservative Counseling

Forgive Me...But FOR WISCONSIN PATRIOTS...While we Fight New Wars and Japan Implodes...Gotta Say:

(3/15) U.S. aims to funnel seized funds to Libya rebels

Democrats, Progressives and Class War Denialism - DailyKos

Wingnut VFW pisses me OFF yet again!1 cites chickenhawk Ruben NAVARRETTE

When will you people get it? You can fix a problem by throwing money at it...

Fukushima 'Suicide squads' paid huge sums amid fresh fears for nuclear site

cat thrown from vehicle rescued

Sample negotiation twin baby boys

Indiana Dems To Return Home With Big Concessions From GOPers

Libya today, setbacks. Blitzer, Wes Clark

CO. Nut jobs at it again.....

The Only Thing Clear About Obama's Afghan Policy: It's a Disaster

Any grad school veterans/college admissions profs want to help me?

Wisconsin GOP senator boasts: We have broken the power of unions

The Conservative States of America...

Man tells me that Georgia Child Protective Services murdered a state senator.

Greenpeace: "no contradiction between official radiation level numbers and those

"Chaplains" Offered Exit Plan as Gay Training Starts

For those who think there's no open talk in Japan.

President Obama explains a 2007 remark on war

What is a "Nursing Shortage Fund"?

$120 million+ in donations given to US Red Cross for Japan

Gov. Jerry Brown ends budget talks with Republicans

Japan mulls draping fabric over reactors: report

Is there any hope for recovering from the Citizens United ruling?

NYC spending half a billion on internet ed while firing teachers

..‘Styrofoam Dan’ Lungren Could Pay a Price for Killing Capitol Compostable Program

Death toll still rising 19 days after the quake

We're #3! U.S. falls behind China, Germany in clean energy

Trump 'Birther' Hotel

Obama is getting lousy advice on our military misadventures.

Obama budget proposal threatens Pell Grants

LIBYA: Gaddafi still better than al Qaeda rebels - ABC (video)Wed, 30 Mar 2011

TEPCO chairman apologizes

(2/27) McCain and Lieberman Urge Greater US Involvement in Libya

Fox News ate my nuclear dolphins, By Mark Morford

A good start for fixing Congress

Libyan Rebels asking for close air fire to take out Qaddafi's men.

Yakuza contributing to relief efforts.

Where is the news about a looming shutdown of the government by rethugs? nt

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce lobby repays Prosser

Good news: A little bit of shameless self-promotion

Facing layoff, California city worker commits suicide

Act Blue ! New ad for Wisconsin

What are your theories on the Libyan intrusion? Here are mine...

2008 WP fact check article on Obama and Exelon

More absurdity from the banks of the Tiber........

'Glenn Beck' Ratings Tumble vs. Last Year

Scott Walker sings and dances in "Forget You"

House Repubs. schedule hearing on DADT repeal this Friday

TEPCO halts work to remove radioactive water

Wisconsin officials ignore court order

The Nation: Back at You, Glenn Beck

FDA chemist charged with insider trading

Why is war criminal Rumsfeld being interviewed on CBS Early Show

Ohio House to vote on collective bargaining limits

Unions vow repeal as Ohio bargaining bill nears passage

Setbacks mount in Japan at leaking nuclear plant

Luckovich 97% question if your hair was born here....

People who will never be president but don't realize it

Mennonites still helping people to rebuild after hurricane Katrina

Winning in Wisconsin ! jsonline debate focuses on Kloppenburg vs Prosser

Kasich budget Gives the ability to pay construction workers on many public projects less

Kloppenburg for Wisconsin State Supreme Court !!

Ready to rumble: Coming together to fight attacks on working people

Wisconsin - Walker bill would end to cost/benefit analysis of outsourcing.

Wisconsin AG J.B van Hollen wants to hear from DU !!!

United We Eat

Happy 35th Birthday !!!!

Teach for America: Where's the Money Going?

Records Show 56 Safety Violations at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants in Past 4 Years - ABCNews

NYT ready to limit on-line readers to 20 free articles per month

Restoring the Capitol lawn in Madison

Why are people scared of terms like class war?

Hudson Valley gets donation from Bob Barker for animal law courses

Sarah Palin asks if Libya is a war or is it a "squirmish"

Are Wisconsites worried about jobs? Do they 'get it' in terms of the politics?

Bread based feces containment operation

Special Forces In Libya before Feb.26. What you won't see on the american news. RT-VIDEO

Suppose the Teabagger rebels had right wing governments

BBC -Japan to scrap stricken nuclear reactors

If teachers, fire fighters, and poor people could explode I bet we could find money them then.

WSJ - "The Price of Taxing the Rich" - The poor oppressed rich? Please!

1.000 Protestors Rally against Walker at Janesville Economic Dinner

George Tooker 1920 - 2011. Why isn't he more famous?

John Boehner’s tough math

My big laugh last night: "Iowa is the roach motel for Republicans."

Eric Cantor and John Boehner diverge on budget

DOI Begins First 'Smart' Lease for Offshore Wind Power off Delaware Coast

Will 2011 be another 1938 or another 1941?

Republicans consulting Chevron and lobbyists on offshore drilling bills

Where The Bailout Went Wrong -Treasury’s broken promise

Essential viewing tonight on PBS......Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

Gawker on fire: Fat Tony crashes cars(besides the Constitution).Hugo gets award, cites FREE THOUGHT

I want Howard Dean back at the Helm at the DNC.

Tepco’s Reactors May Take 30 Years, $12 Billion to Scrap

Wisconsin Governor Walker is quick to respond to criticism.

The "son of Citizens United" Rachel discusses Supreme Court case

High levels of radiation emit from Japan reactor

George Tooker, Painter Capturing Modern Anxieties, Dies at 90 (slide show at link)

Elizabeth Warren's olive branch to Big Business

Barney Frank on Charlie Rose 3-21-2011

Bernie Sanders on CSpan

When was the last time we actually had an exit strategy?

Dems say calling it a ‘slowdown’ won’t help GOP message

Our 32 yr old son just lost another friend

Well Michele Balkman is on record.

Somebody send Chuck Todd a Xanax. He is so excited that Obama has opposition with

Class War Update

The GOP's Absurd Plan for the Economy: Lowering YOUR Wages

Conservative Group Seeks Labor E-Mails by Michigan Professors

If the Libyan rebels cannot defeat Gadhaffi's forces on their own, should we get more involved?

The Supreme Political Problem: Why the F**k Isn't Big Money in Government the Overwhelming Focus of

House GOP Chairman: SB 5 is part of an effort to eventually end organized labor in Ohio forever

No T.V. but I have thoughts on Japan

President Obama to call for one-third cut to oil imports

In Drug Courts, Judges Practice Their Own Version of Justice – And "Treatment

Poverty, homelessness climbs among US schoolchildren

Toon: Something else we can't afford

Hightower -- Here's who is buying America's democracy

Wisconsin...follow up on collecting recall signatures at polling

POLL My DU post on Murdoch is on another website. Do other DUers worry about getting harassed?


Republican mailing to members re: Judge Sumi ruling in Wisconsin

Krugman: The Exceptional Mr. Greenspan

N.H. Seabrook nuke plant has a problem

Healthcare provider going "Minority Report" on us

Bravo DUer MaeScott - Kochroaches is

Wisconsin Citizens: Have you pledged to recall Scott Walker?

Plutonium Creates Ionizing Radiation > Less is more (damaging) Petkau

Colonel Gaddafi goes Mao

Broward private schools benefit from Florida vouchers, while public schools are strapped for funds.

Flash: bananas radioactive

The Greater Humanitarian Crisis is in the USA, Not Libya: 45,000/YR Die From No Health Care. nt

Japan's disaster / fertile ground for haikuists / pain in a few words

Japan Nuclear Operator: Inevitable Will Need to Scrap Reactors 1,2,3,4

We have 100's of thousands losing...

Republicans Plan Symbolic Bill to Prevent Shutdown

The Gold-Standard Hustle: Does Anyone Here Speak Paul-tard?

WSEU circulating boycott letters - Wisconsin

Conservative Jones and the Mystery of Operation Odyssey Dawn

Arizona criminalizes sex- and race-related abortions

Its Not About The Oil....Honest

from under a rock...

delete me

Orange Man cozies up to the Blue Dogs

John Nichols: McCarthy’s Party Revisits His Tactics

The best description yet of Obama's incoherent non-policy on Libya

VENEZUELA: President Chavez receives Press Freedom Award - PressTV (video)

Rich People to the Rescue?

Instant Gratification? It took Wesley Clark 79 days

NBC/Politico Republican Presidential Debate Postponed Until September (from May)

How Can They Be Sure The Radiation Detected Is From Japan?.......

Dem Rep Lofgren (CA): "All we get is the old yokey-doke," (on foreclosure aid)

US UK NATO using Uranium DU-Bombs in Iraq Afganistan Libya RT-VIDEO

PETA officially jumps shark, suggests new name for SF's Tenderloin neighborhood

Scott's Disapproval 71% amongst 18-29

Q from a Non-Pysicist. Could Japan just pour cement on the reactors?

Updated: Walker seeks $150 million for new trains

Updated: Walker seeks $150 million for new trains

America Kill teams in Afghanistan: the truth - Guardian/UK

Those endearing rag-tag Libyan rebels

Congress Junkets--who keeps track

Obama not ruling out arming Libyan rebels...

Setbacks mount at stricken Japan nuke plant : Radiation levels surge

Jon Stewart Was NOT Impressed With President Obama’s Libya Speech

Richard Clarke: Qadhafi CRAZY RANTS about fighting Al Qaeda may have some FACTUAL BASIS

47 states. Thousands of calls. And it just won’t stop.

Japan will spray water-soluble resin over debris to reduce radiation spread.

President Assad's defiant speech stuns Syrians who call for more protests

Kadafi's troops defending Surt force rebels to retreat 100 miles

Wisconsin AG J.B van Hollen wants to hear from DU !!!

UK taxes oil profits to reduce prices at the gas pump

Radiation more than THREE THOUSAND TIMES normal and it isn't a threat to human health?

Dem Rep. Jared Polis calls on Congress to end marijuana prohibition

I know the admin. lifted the moratorium on deep sea drilling a good while ago

Another job ad seeking people to post right-wing comments on social media

Another job ad seeking people to post right-wing comments on social media

People Previously Apathetic About Tea Partiers Now Dislike Them

Libya rebels flee as Gaddafi retakes Brega

Check-in for this hotel is on the 103rd floor

Why is corruption always passed off as incompetence or mistaken ideology?

Public v. Private

Oops -Malians cheer Gaddafi as they host Libya football team

The Bushco Clusterfuck & "The Magical Pony"

Anti-Muslim leader calls for suspension of first amendment

Republicans attempt to end public education - Wisconsin

Reminder: Sean Hannity still hasn't been waterboarded...

I see very little evidence that the TEA Party has any real organized base from which to draw power..

I see very little evidence that the TEA Party has any real organized base from which to draw power..

‘Heartbroken’ artist responds to mural controversy

So, what is Obama's economic plan after the stimulus ends?

I couldn't post this in political video, now I've had my morning cry


No, Republicans aren't getting dumber and crazier. Really, they're not.

Tax dodges, loopholes and the "we're broke" scam

Judge Sumi To GOP: "Words Have Meaning" & Warns: They "Would Face Sanctions"

Jon Stewart feels sorry for whoever the sucker is...

Radioactive mail

Who exactly is this David Barton person the Republican candidates keep talking about?

Senate Dems cede more ground, offer Republicans $30 billion in budget cuts

I've found the epicenter of Sarah Palin's base...

National Writers Union: Support HuffPo Strikers!

North Carolina bill would prohibit cities from upgrading Internet access

Bradley Manning Threatened His Stepmother With a Knife? It's good for his Defense.

Live stream shows Decorah Eagles, eggs in nest (Expected to hatch live on camera this week)

Seriously, if Walker keeps trying to implement that law -- can he face jail time?

Demand fair elections for airline & rail workers - House vote tomorrow

Walker Secy of Admin Mike Huebsch wants to hear from DU !!!

Ford May Top GM In March Sales

In These Times: This Can Be Our Moment

Feingold calls for GE CEO Immelt to step down as Obama jobs chief

Slimy Scott Fitzgerald and the Kinko Amendment.

Reagan's near-assassination, 30 years ago today: What was it really?

Supreme Court appears poised to reject class action in Wal-Mart sex-bias case

"The Libyans want us there." - How do we know that?

Until we have a productive congress that can work together and produce logical change...

Well the Quinnipac poll's voter demographics are "cracked"--independents are the highest represented

Wisconsin Governor Walker is quick to respond to criticism.

You've GOT TO have this bumper sticker. It's a no brainer...

Immelt Must GO! Stop Coddling Corporations!

IAEA Says "There Might Be Re-Criticality At Fukushima"

GE Exploring 'Super Powers' Angle on Genetically Modified Food

One member of the Walker administration is now blinking: -"It's up to the judge"

What William Cronon wrote to soooo piss off the GOP

If you go to a car dealer who tries to sell you "Galactic Nano-Bond"

Message from Russ Feingold

Wednesday TOON roundup part 1: Libya

Americans have a heck of a time ending wars.

Maine Tea Gov. LePage: Freedom of Access Act used as form of 'internal terrorism'

Wisonsin business lobby group repays Justice Prosser

Prominent Democrat says Government Shutdown 'Best Thing in the World' for Democrats

Wednesday TOON roundup part 2: more Libya

Wednesday TOON roundup part 4: 2012

Radiation Levels Soar Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Wednesday TOON roundup part 5: Nutcase Repubs

Wednesday TOON roundup part 6: GE and the economy

Wednesday TOON roundup part 7: Nukes

A victory for pregnant women and their families: pharmacies can still make preterm labor drug

Wednesday TOON roundup part 8: the rest

When is the "new" DU coming out?

Senate Showdown on Science, Climate and Your Health

Library yanks homeless man's library card for not having a perm address

What's going on at the Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel?

Ohio Schools may take $852M hit Thanks to Gov. Kasich

President Obama’s approval rating hits a new low

FBI wants public help solving encrypted notes from murder mystery

Countervailing Powers

Dems excoriate Rep. Sean Duffy for ‘struggle’ on Congressional salary

The audacity of hope...

Optimism Among U.S. Chief Executives Surpasses Pre-Slump High

live, streaming video from the Ohio Statehouse. (Union Bill)Ohio house vote and debate SB5 live

IAEA finds high radiation levels outside Japanese evacuation zone

IAEA finds high radiation levels outside Japanese evacuation zone

Rep. McDermott Scolds GE: It’s ‘Absolutely Irritating’ That It Pays Less In Taxes

Man Wins Battle for Operation against Aetna after Local Talk Radio blasted Aetna

I wish to turn my self in. I am currently violating the 13th amendment of the constitution.

Three Big Pigs:

Palin has unquit her quitting of the media to complain that her quote was buried

Give me 10 good reasons why I should vote for Obama in 2012!

Wisconsin GOP Goes Bonkers (from Slate and The Maddow Blog)

Wednesday TOON roundup part 3: Still more Libya

No shit, Sherlock study: Recession hits working class hardest

No shit, Sherlock study: Recession hits working class hardest

How long before we have Special Operations Forces "training" the Libyan rebels?

The argument against nuclear energy. Great disussion on Democracy Now! today.

File this under jaw droppingly stupid wtf. but it made me laugh.

File this under jaw droppingly stupid wtf. but it made me laugh.

Militia Members Sue Woman Who Accused Them of Rape

I am actually of two minds about Libya and NATO (US) involvement.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has spent nearly $3 M on behalf of Prosser

Ohio House approves overhaul of collective bargaining law

12 Warning Signs of U.S. Hyperinflation

Wisconsin Voters, a Vote for JoAnne Kloppenburg for Supreme Court Justice is a vote against

Wisconsin Voters, a Vote for JoAnne Kloppenburg for Supreme Court Justice is a vote against

SB5 passes Ohio full house...protesters being removed

Obama should form a "Council For Corporate Tax Evasion and Job Destruction" to fulfill his agenda

Cable-backed anti-muni broadband bill advances in North Carolina

shouting "Shame on you" Protesters being removed from Ohio House chamber

Republican double standards

Republican double standards

Ok so take my tax money.

Okay, this explains alot...

Louis Blessing, R-Cincinnati, to state workers, "Be glad you have a job." as SB5 passes Ohio House.

Louis Blessing, R-Cincinnati, to state workers, "Be glad you have a job." as SB5 passes Ohio House.

Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Public Workers Don’t Contribute To Their Pension

Why is their no media coverage of Ohio SB5? It is worse than the WI Union busting bill.

Denny's Introduces Bacon Sundae

Ron Reagan on Tweety on the 30th anniversary of the Reagan shooting and

Help restore the Capitol lawn in Madison

BushCo lied about medical care at Gitmo, surprise.

Cesar Chavez Day tomorrow

The crude oil crisis for the U.S. is intesifying...

Luckovich ?s "the comb-over"

Arming Libya rebels not allowed by UN resolutions, legal experts warn US

I had occasion to be in several House office buildings today. Styrofoam is back.

Australian Prime Minister's Computers Hacked

Today's fresh hell from FitzWalkerStan

MSNBC should give Ron Regan Jr. a show

GOP Rep: I'm 'Struggling' On My $174K Salary (VIDEO) - TPMDC

President Obama Tells Diane Sawyer He Does “A Lot of Praying”

Tunisia has just frozen Libyan assets

scourge of the 21st century

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for Wisconsin... Strike Back !!!

Liberal groups call for GE’s Jeffrey Immelt to resign from White House jobs council

GOP Rep: I'm 'Struggling' On My $174K Salary (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck Radio & TV Ratings A Mess -Prophet Of Doom Not Profiting From Doom

Is it time to have "Who has the Worst Governor" Contests?? Allow me to nominate Jan Brewer:

You know how you can tell who the serious potential repub presidential nominees

Libya foreign minister 'defects'

Libyan air-war costs could reach $1 billion for U.S.; Canada mum on CF-18 price tag

Messenger sending more pics from orbit around Mercury

Dog Saved Elderly Lady from Tsunami?

Libya: Narrowing the options... Who controls the skies?

Using live worms as bait: Voters swayed by interactive 'worm' graph during election debate

Please check out this film, Pushing the Elephant

Wisconsin - Walker budget just pushed obligations our further.

Cantor Debuts Bill That Would Make GOP Budget Law Of Land Should

Conservative senators will filibuster vote to increase debt limit

Movie theater attendance down 20% from last year

Truth in Advertising as it relates to the GOP.

Springs man's claim to have Obama records starts buzz

Bob Fitrakis (Free Press) talking about Ohio's Disenfranchise Bill on "Fight Back"

Shades of PNAC: Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, etc. urge action on Libya (2/25)

Acapulco, Mexico warns children to stay out of rain due to radiation:

Intel tells Brewer & the repug led congress-Your education system is keeping jobs from coming to AZ

Does the Highest Life Expectancy, Education Level, Per Capita Income, MEAN IT'S BOMBING TIME

Please Call Your Representative TODAY!

Very low dose radiation: The Petkau effect. (not good)

Why is the court order in Wisconsin different from the one against Obamacare?

The Conservative States of America

A perspective on our Libyan involvement. What are your thoughts?

A farmer died in the area a couple of days ago doing what he had

Boehner chokes up over D.C. school voucher program

High radiation found far from Japan nuke plant

Turn our Congress Critters into Telecommuters!

It's always best to know what you're shooting at

republican policy dictates they break EVERYTHING they can as fast as they can

Poll: Tea party favorability falls to record low

If Bush had ordered the same military action against Libya without congressional approval....

Uninsured cancer survivor turns medication into jewelry to pay off debt

So what are nuclear lobbyists up to? The Daily Beast has a report...

GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: Government shutdown could be good for country

30 Yrs Ago, President Reagan Shot, But Then The Beatles Conquered America ...

Honor Dr. King's commitment to workers

Women are treated differently by society for the same reason as children / mentally handicapped

White House Threatens To Veto Key Legislation Over Union Busting Provision

You've fired people, you've cut corners, you've downsized products,

Buffett heir apparent quits after stock purchases

Will we still depend on oil from the Middle East in 2018?

No Business Like War Business: Who Stands to Profit from Intervention in Libya?

Maine: "An Act To Enhance Access to the Workplace for Minors" cuts pay from $7.50 to $5.25

BOO HOO HOO - WI-07: GOP Rep. Sean Duffy 'struggles' on only $174,000 per year

Terrorists in Libya

Obama's education hero Jeb: Public Education Shouldn't Be Spared From Cuts

The Koch to Walker to Koch connection... nice graphic

Rachel Maddow looks great tonight. Nice suit.

Back to 'business as usual' for married binational same-sex couples

"We the People" don't matter anymore, we're 2nd class citizens in our own country

A Century of US Military "interventions"

We Do NOT Need An Election In 2012. We Need A Constitutional Convention. -- UPDATED --


I should post this in the Florida forum, but I want a broader

Al Jazeera is blogging that senior Libyan officials may have begun defecting

Republicans announce new plan to feed the poor.

Something I could never figure out about Gerry Ferraro...hope this isn't too soon to ask

Maine GOP Legislators Looking To Loosen Child Labor Laws: Lower minimum wage to $5.25 1st 180 days

Obama fronts for US nuclear power industry

Newark woman tied pit bull to railing, left N.J. for a week, prosecutors say

"In lieu of flowers, the family respectfully asked that donations be sent to... to the campaign of

Message from Russ Feingold

Most Americans think Obama does not deserve re-election, according to new poll

On Visiting an Unwinnable War

"The only explanation for his suicide is the nuclear accident"

A question about "troop deployment" and "war"

Republican Party of Dane County WI sent out this message

Republican Party of Dane County WI sent out this message

Republican Party of Dane County WI sent out this message

Plane revelations dog McCaskill's re-election bid

Argentina gives Hugo Chavez press freedom award

Maine GOP Legislators Looking To Loosen Child Labor Laws

Man's skin had become attached to the fabric of the chair after he sat in it for two years

eric cantor is a moron

Right-Winger Duffy (Wisconsin) whines about salary ( $174K) gets nailed by citizen

Right-Winger Duffy (Wisconsin) whines about salary ( $174K) gets nailed by citizen

Right-Winger Duffy (Wisconsin) whines about salary ( $174K) gets nailed by citizen

A tough job market for teens, thanks to Grandpa

Soul Sacrifice

The US Military Has Spent $550 Million on Military Action in Libya (Will Cost $40 Million per Month)

Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Public Workers Don’t Contribute To Their Pension And Health Care Plans

CIGNA just sold their Nashville based Medicare operations.

From DKos: "ALEC Lied On its 2009 Tax Return"

Horsey Toon: Maine’s Tea Party governor erases history

France wants to give arms to the "rebels".

Obama Tries, Without Success, to Explain an Undeclared War

Well, hate to say it, but here it is... Radiation in MILK found in Washington State:

Harvard Business Review: The Future of Nuclear Energy

So far in the new election season, the attacks are beginning on Social Security and Medicare.

If you want to hit the Koch Brothers where it counts, don't buy products made by their companies,

Obese man stuck in chair for two years - Skin fused to fabric

Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition .

Libyan rebel leader spent much of past 20 years in suburban Virginia

Kansas law change may allow even blind to carry concealed

Tokyo Electric Investors May Be Wiped Out After Nuclear Crisis

Libyan Diplomatic cars have crossed the Libyan-Tunisian

okay so Walker and Kasich and Scott are running really low in the polls...

Thom Hartmann Video explains how deadly plutonium is "Just 1 oz can kill every person on the earth"

Clinton To Congress: Obama Would Ignore Your War Resolutions

Fatcat at the door of the bank demanding to be let in before banking hours.

Self-deleted by member

Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low

Cantor thinks the House can pass a budget without the Senate OR the President approving!

Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

Sorry Obama, there is a quick fix to gas prices.

WAR - by Albert Einstein

Inside Job. Why aren't these guys in jail instead of in positions of power?

Death toll from BP oil crime may be 50 times worse than thought

MSNBC l Reports: Opposition factions justifying toppling Gaddafi because he is a secret Jew

TOON of the Day: "Why not run Government more like a business?"


Let me state this again: A humanitarian mission MUST include a diplomatic component.

I want to live in a Secular country.

I want to live in a Secular country.

With the help of the media, the Repubs are totally revising history...

GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet (VIDEO)

I gotta admit, I'm perplexed by the amount of support here for the Libyan intervention

Mount Holyoke president tells LePage the labor mural removal is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes

Free seeds from Seeds of Change's Sowing Millions project...srry if against rules.

WISCONSIN-GOP TO IGNORE JUDGE-Despite a second restraining order from a Wisconsin judge

Even Mice Don't Like Genetically Modified Food

Bwaaahahahaha.. Scalia was ticketed for a "fender-bender" on his way to work

PBS is the most trusted name in TV news as Fox plummets

Dane County (Madison, Wi) GOP apologized to Judge Sumi

Substitute Teacher Has Advice

Substitute Teacher Has Advice

Impostor Grandchildren Scam the Elderly for Big Bucks 'Grandparent Scams' Are Among the Impostor Sca

How to Zotz The Attack on SS/Medicare, Once and For All.

Wise words from Keith Olbermann

On April 9, Iraqi citizens plan to commence round the clock sit-ins at U.S. military bases...

On April 9, Iraqi citizens plan to commence round the clock sit-ins at U.S. military bases...

Radioprotective Potential of Plants and Herbs against the Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Shrimp Trawlers Have Started Dredging Up BP Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico

Japan Nuclear Plant management will glue radioactive particles to the ground to reduce spread!

The ReTHUG fascists are going after Rachel now

Travelling to Ghana. Do I need the polio vaccine?

Is it dangerous to use a cell phone during a thunderstorm, as it is with a

A moving account by 2 foreign photgrapher volunteers in Tohoku, Japan

Article: Are Americans A Broken People?

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-VH1) food and clothing drive: Complains About His $174,000 Salary: ‘I Drive A Use

Libyan Revolution Day 41 part 2 (setbacks for the ragtag freedom fighters)

Do we have a Senate or a doormouse?

Walker's Secretary of Admin Mike Huebsch wants to hear from DU !!!

ME Labor Artist's Father Earned Bronze Star In Korea

Fukushima - Settle in for a Long Haul

Do you approve of President Obama's "secret" order authorizing covert US support of Libyan rebels?

What Do You Think About This? (Libya)

Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret support for Libya rebels

JoAnne Kloppenburg For Wisconsin Supreme Court

Florida GOP lawmakers move ahead with proposal to end college tenure

Eric Cantor Says Social Security "Cannot Exist" in his Vision for America

Seventy metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history

About NPR.

Frontline: Bradley Manning is gay

Majority don't want US in debt; they want Top 2%ers taxed at normal preBushCheney rates

Mind-Boggling: Saudi Arabia - What a deal.

Japan Prepares To "Bury The Problem" Following News Of Uncontrolled Reactor 1 Chain Reactions

What price exactly is the goal of ousting Ghaddafi worth?

Chris Smith's African Abortion Adventure

We Are All Libya

Contaminated IV Bags Suspected in Nine Patient Deaths in Alabama

DADT Not Dead: The Persecution of Derek Morado: The Don't Ask, Don't Tell discharges haven't ended.

Samsung installs keylogger on its laptop computers

Palin, Bachman, Trump and the Rest are Distractions from All Our Problems..Pumped Up ,Trumped Up!

It was a very VERY bad day for Rupert Murdoch....

Interesting story re: Reagan's near-assassination (at least I think it is - opinions vary):

Breast Milk Baby doll on is coming to a department store near you.

Okay, this is from yesterday: Marines set to deploy "off the Libyan coast."

Can Anyone Tell Me Something About Ghadafi's Army?......

600 ker fired in AZ for illegal campaign contributions among other things.

Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind... blah, blah blah

Florida man says pet adoption agency rejected him because of his age

The GOP is in DEEP DOO DOO....spiraling out of control due to Voters Remorse, they struggle

Group warns EPA ready to increase radioactive release guidelines

Group warns EPA ready to increase radioactive guidelines (allowable in water, food, soil)

Russ Feingold: GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt must go

Judge approves $250,000 settlement for Bush inauguration protesters

Morning joe panel refuses to acknowledge that Obama's ...

Would some DUer please tell me what it will take

The Lives Of The Super Wealthy - The secret fears of the super rich, on money, anxiety & isolation

Tax the Super Rich - NOW - Or Face a Revolution.

Garden as If Your Life Depends On It--Because It Will

"Waiting for Superman" movie resurfacing in Ohio. So is Michelle Rhee...its star.

All the shit going on is getting harder to take

I don't want to live in an Atheist country.

In time for summer, a new take on an old past time. Dog boarding!

In time for summer, a new take on an old past time. Dog boarding!

Governor Cuomo to New York's Poor and Middle Class: Drop Dead

hi guys!

George Carlin fans - check out this series

IMMEDIATE Cookie baking help required !!!11!!!

It's Good To Be The King

Does anybody else find their "My Du" a little confused today? Mine is listing other people's

Bronx Zoo's missing cobra speaks out on Twitter

Escaped Cobra from NYC is twittering

Queen? Used to sell HAIR COLORING??

You keep using that word - I do not think it means what you think it means....

If you don't have your taxes done now (and are due a refund) GET THEM DONE NOW

I like the shocking meat video. nt.

It's just plain STUPID to cop ANY kind of attitude when ordering custom items from the bakery.

Don't tutch the butt!!!

Opening act for the remainder of Lady Gaga's 2011 tour will be MFM in his alter ego... Sir Goo-goo.

MiddleFingerMom and Skinner finally have it out. (WARNING: It's not pretty.)

an almost lounge like posting from Dane County (Wisc) GOP

So it turns out what you purchase CAN make book store cashiers give you odd looks

Is it rude to ask someone, "Did you have orthodonture/braces?"

Wouldn't you just LOVE to have heard THAT joke?

In honor of squash in general, I am starting a 2011 Howe Cup thread.

Do you prefer doggy-style?

Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata op 27 # 2 Mov 3, Valentina Lisitsa

..... But are you hiring?

Genesis - "Back in NYC" Bern, 1975...........

Has anyone seen "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps?". Is it any good?

Baby sings Justin Bieber

Good grief. It's 3eanuts.

Dialup warning- Four new works of Fractal Art

My poor Lulu...she could use some lounge vibes please....

Drinking games you invented. I invented a drinking game called Quasimodo

Question for the ladies! (Relationships and age differences)

Anyone here ever see "Wild and Wonderful White Family"?

How MiddleFingerMom is doing his part to help Japan:

File this under jaw droppingly stupid wtf. but it made me laugh.

Sufjan Stevens: The smartest music short of Beethoven.

Onward & Upward... & Outward... & Inward & Outward... & Inward & Outward... and Inward & Outward...

Just checking...Has MiddleFingerMom found a Website that will let him upload photos of his ass yet?

Japan Govt: Seawater Near Fukushima Plant 3,000 Times More Radioactive than Limit

843 car pile-up in 3...2...1...

Sacramento City Council repeals 'crash tax'

Trial Balloon: Leon Panetta To Replace Robert Gates At The Pentagon

Dogs may misbehave a lot... but they have a really hard time actually getting AWAY with it.

Though he lived for 24 years after this, this is our last-known photo of Uncle Lemuel with a smile.

Japan engineers knew nuke plant vulnerable to tsunami

I owe a hugh apology to MiddleFingerMom

Everybody Was Kung Pao Fighting

Dead, wounded kids at center of Medicaid lawsuit reforms

US sending robots to Japan to help nuclear plant

Prominent Democrat says Government Shutdown 'Best Thing in the World' for Democrats

Bronx Zoo's missing cobra speaks out on Twitter

Vanishing act by Japanese executive during nuclear crisis raises questions

Japan may have lost race to save nuclear reactor

Docs warn about teens and "Facebook depression"

Confidence Slips Away as Japan Battles Nuclear Peril

House votes to kill Obama mortgage plan

Computer Fixit Question: Windows XP crashes at signin

Japan Nuclear Operator: Inevitable Will Need to Scrap Reactors 1,2,3,4

Union urges federal workers to talk back

Survivor fans, who are you supporting?

Revenues up for state, local governments but shortfalls persist

Five Libyan Diplomats Are Expelled From UK

(2002) Bali Bombing Suspect Seized In Pakistan

House Republican leaders turn to moderate Democrats for budget deal

Wilders 'anti-Islam' trial to go ahead

Egypt's military issues interim constitution

More than half of oil and gas leases are idle, Interior Department says

Anti-union mood moves to Nebraska's modest unions

Obama to Set Goal of One-Third Cut in Oil Imports

John Boehner’s tough math

Cable-backed anti-muni broadband bill advances in North Carolina

A cute but weird kitty cat will like it...

Eric Cantor and John Boehner diverge on budget

China economist blasts dollar dominance on eve of G20

Levin: Major changes needed before Colombia trade pact can proceed

Group warns EPA ready to increase radioactive release guidelines

NFL Players Can Draw From Lockout Fund Next Month

News Corp promotes James Murdoch to New York role

ADP Estimates US Companies Added 201000 Jobs in March

Uribe's time at Georgetown University to end

Syrian troops fire during protest in Latakia after Assad's speech

Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

Namibia's President Pohamba declares floods emergency

Poll: Tea Party approval reaches new low

Grand jury indicts Rizzo and assistant in new Bell corruption allegations

Dem Rep. Jared Polis calls on Congress to end marijuana prohibiti

Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low

Shrimp Trawlers Have Started Dredging Up BP Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico

More Tylenol bottles recalled due to musty odor

President of Japan Utility That Owns Leaking Nuke Plant Hospitalized

The ONLIEST ass Li'l Skittles never ever considered kicking.

At least 15 dead in Thai floods

Mini mid-life crisis time.

Dem Rep. Jared Polis calls on Congress to end marijuana prohibiti

Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.

FDA to allow cheaper preterm baby drug (KV Pharmaceutical jacked price to $1,500 a dose)

Libyan Rebels Retreat Further

9 dead after IV infections at 6 Ala hospitals

Haiti's presidential election results delayed by fraud

Hastings criticizes Obama on Libya

Girl, 4, reunited with family after possible communications mix-up (American-born Emily Ruiz)

10 things you will NEVER hear a man say:

KS GOP Rep. Slams Anti-Abortion Bill: I’m ‘Embarrased To Be A State That Bases Its Laws On Untruths’

FLASH: Obama has signed secret order authorizing covert U.S. government support for rebel forces

Coming as Tourists, Leaving With American Babies (maternity home shut down)

Planned Parenthood challenged on purported mammogram claim

Fascinatingly cute video - Two twin babies holding an in-depth conversation

New Libya contact group to meet in Qatar

Toxic plutonium seeping from Japan's nuclear plant

Libyan opposition set to launch TV channel from Qatar (Aims to "have a correspondent in every city")

Google picks Kansas City, KS to be site for its first ultra-fast broadband network site

Young gay man Damian Furtch brutally beaten at McDonalds; NYPD investigating as hate crime.

97 arrests as Chile remembers Pinochet victims

Fukushima Daini (not Dai-Ichi) Power company says smoke spotted at another Japanese nuclear plant

Google: FTC orders 20 years of consumer privacy protections

NASA's First Pictures of Mercury Taken From Orbit

C.I.A. in Libya Aiding Rebels, U.S. Officials Say

Independent probe of troubled military crime lab sought

Ohio House passes Senate Bill 5

Regarding the Nietzsche quote. I get the monsters part, but the abyss? Explain?

Google Picks Kansas City, Kansas As 1st Fiber Community

US House reinstates DC school voucher program

Syria (President) Blames (Foreign) 'Conspiracy' For Protests

DPS reorganization: 59 schools could be chartered, closed or transformed

Japan nuclear crisis: evacuees turned away from shelters

Congressional pay during a shutdown? Still looks likely

State (WI) mum on implementation of union bargaining law

Tokyo Electric to scrap 4 reactors at troubled nuclear plant

Obama: Goal Is to Cut US Oil Imports by 1/3 Over 10 Years

Carter and Castro discuss US-Cuba relations

CNN Poll: Unfavorable view of Tea Party on the rise

Lion cubs and mother, up close birth to 7 weeks old

Libya: Government Use of Landmines Confirmed (Pic Heavy)

Post-scandal Fiesta Bowl Must Justify Place in BCS (violation of state campaign finance laws etc)

Medicare to pay for $93,000 prostate cancer drug

Ivory Coast: Ouattara fighters 'capture Yamoussoukro'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Water enhancers?"

Hershey to raise candy prices nearly 10 percent

House Republicans seek IRS probe of AARP.

IAEA worried about radiation in Japan village

GOP sens. vow to vote against, maybe filibuster, raising the debt ceiling

Raids across San Fernando Valley yield thousands of marijuana plants

Supreme Court Judge Scalia ticketed in traffic accident

Franken wants pay-as-you-go plan for U.S. military action

(CA) Gov. Brown ends budget negotiations with GOP

Exclusive: Issa Secured Nearly $1 Million In Earmarks Potentially Benefiting Real Estate That He Own

Russia: Libyan People, Not Foreign 'Meddling', Should Bring About Democracy

Low levels of radiation found in US milk

Maine artist laments removal of her mural

Rebels may be bolstered by private armies, report says

Republican lawmakers break ranks on Walker budget

Clinton To Congress: Obama Would Ignore Your War Resolutions

Libya's Foreign Minister (And Gaddafi Right Hand Man) 'Defects To UK' (He's In London Now)

Uganda would offer Gaddafi asylum if asked: report

Lawyer For Ex-ACORN Employee To James O'Keefe: You're No Ashton Kutcher

I wanted to post this video because the visuals are so great in it.

FLASH: Obama Has Signed Secret Order Authorizing Covert U.S. Gov't Support for Rebel Forces in Libya

Arizona enacts ban on abortions based on gender, race

First Republican presidential debate postponed

Post a movie cliche'.

Atlas Shrugged, the movie

"White House adviser: Regime change would mean taking `ownership’ of post-Gaddafi Libya"

"White House adviser: Regime change would mean taking `ownership’ of post-Gaddafi Libya"

Obama wants to curb U.S. oil imports by a third

From GD: Word of the day - "Kochroaches"

Americans Worried About Libya Conflict: Poll

While the media is busy pimping the new Quinnipiac poll taken before Obama's Libya speech

Krugman: "Greenspan cement his reputation as the worst ex-Fed chairman in history"

The missing context in Obama’s speech on Libya

Will anyone here on the DU really not vote for Obama? It seems dumb to me!

Tony Auth: Republicans on Libya

Obama is NOT like Bush

That Obama is just like Bush.....

Help me understand. In remarks today, Pres. Obama said his goal is to reduce our dependence

This is why we need great teachers.

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on American's Energy Security, Live 11:20am EDT ****

Senate may vote today to stopt EPA from doing anything on CO2 - a Koch brothers win

Teabagger House leaders blink first, now open to budget deal w/Obama & Dems to avoid gov't. shutdown

Hey, pssssst, the economy is getting much better

New Talking Point: "Democrats WANT a government shutdown." "They will be to blame." (FOX NEWS)

Palin - Squirmish

By his own standards President Obama is a total failure.

Kucinich: ‘We Are Not Lapdogs For The President!’

I wonder if the new AP/GfK poll out tonight with Obama at 53 approval/45 disapproval will get the

Who would you vote for if a Democratic primary were held today?

Sorry, Big Banks! We get whose mega profits will be reduced by reasonable debit fees!

Bill Kristol declares Obama ‘a born-again neo-con’ days after consulting with him on Libya policy

Why Obama's Right on Libya

TYT U: London Protests - Ana Gets First Hand Account From Student

The Business of War: How Federal & Private Military Contractors Profit Off War

EXCLUSIVE: Boehner and Bachman strategy session on Budget

Supreme Court Hears Wal-Mart Gender Bias Discrimination Case

PBS Newshour remembers Geraldine Ferraro: a 1984 debate moment, 1990 interview

David Koch's exhibit at the Smithsonian- Kids Now Being Taught Climate Change is NO BIG DEAL

Bill Maher on MSNBC: Birters, Trump, and Bachmann

Keep Your Hands Off Our Social Security

Intervention in the Arab world

Making more sense than ANY Republicans on the planet

Thom Hartmann & Senator Bernie Sanders: Back off Social Security!

Thom Hartmann: Democracyville USA for Dummies


What's theRepublican Plan to Put America Back to Work?.. ..."Stop Talking About Jobs"

TDPS: FCC Fines News Stations for Running Corporate Propaganda as "Real News"

TYT: Gov. Walker Wants Government Money - Hypocrisy Alert

Maher: Palin And Bachmann Are "Two Bimbos" Who Belong On Gilligan's Island!

Cenk's Shorty Award Acceptance Speech For TYT (Did The Daily Show's Mandvi Get The Joke?)

Human Rights Watch: Landmines Found In Eastern Libya

United We Rise

Kucinich: ‘We are not lapdogs for the president’ END WARS NOW!

RT - "Keiser Report" Rich get richer, losers become slaves

Weapon Charge: US & allies to arm Libya rebels with 'Al-Qaeda links'?

TDPS: GE Pays No Taxes, But We're Broke, and Unemployment Checks Are the Problem

TRMS: Conservatism and 'Maddow'

China invests heavily in science. Set to overtake the US by 2014

TYT U: UK Protests - 3 Students Give Their Take

Obama April Fool's Joke

David Letterman monologue from Tuesday (and Obama was in the audience!)

Bill Maher on Trump, Palin, Bachmann, Libya & More! FULL INTERVIEW

Thom Hartmann: Are the Koch Bros. shutting down the US Government?

Obama Didn't Say What I Wanted Him To Say (Palin Tissue Alert)

Excuse Me? (4)

Kucinich: Obama Has Driven A Stake Through The Heart Of Representative Government!

Lupe Fiasco Calls Out Obama: "If you don’t become an actor you’ll never be a factor"

Kucinich: US making Libya worse

Roseanne Barr, Michael Moore discuss the U.S. military action in Libya.

Roseanne Barr, Michael Moore: America for the people by the people.

Sen Bernie Sanders: Top 10 Worst Corporate Income Tax Avoiders

Robert Greenwald Discusses "Koch Brothers Exposed" film with Thom Hartmann

Mideast Regime Change: The Game

Full meltdown in full swing? Japan maximum nuclear alert

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean Says Dems Should Be

TYT: Grayson w/ Cenk on Drug Testing Public Employees In Florida

Back Off Social Security

California Lawmakers Approve Aggressive Renewable Energy Bill

TMI Plant Operator recounts his experience

EPA: Radioactive Iodine levels in rain exceed maximum contaminant level permitted in drinking water

3 good articles on ethics in science just made available (warning academic papers ahead)

MIT Nuclear Information Hub weighs in on worst case scenarios in Japan

4 of 6 Daiichi reactors can’t be fixed (MOTO)

Weird - Whole Musk Ox Herd Found Frozen Into Ice On Seward Peninsula - Poss. Killed By Storm Surge

NHK Video: TEPCO chairman apologizes

US Steelmaking Only a Small Part of Global Steel CO2 Emissions

TEPCO Press Release—Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 4:00 PM Mar 30th)

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 30,2011)—Detection of radioactive materials…seawater…Fukushima Daiichi…

JAIF: Earthquake Report No. 37

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 29,2011)—The results of nuclide analyses of radioactive materials in…air…

Status of nuclear power plants in Fukushima as of 21:00 March 30 (Estimated by JAIF)

BP Still Doesn't Want You to See Its Tarballs

Drumbeat: March 30, 2011

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 30,2011)—The status of water analysis in the (Unit 1) trench of…

Tokyo Elec "Difficult to proceed with Texas Project"

A brief meditation on environmental problems and their relation to human nature

JAPAN TIMES: Plutonium traces point to core leak, Heavy fuel rod damage feared

Tepco's Damaged Reactors May Take 30 Years, $12 Billion to Scrap

USA Freedom of Information request on Fukushima nuclear radiation

Large-Scale Experiment Simulates Warmer Crop Weather - Wheat Grew Faster, Yields Static Or Down

Hairgrass - 1 Of 2 Antarctic Plant Species - Has Spread Rapidly In Past 50 Yrs In Northern Areas

MT Officials Withdraw Request That EPA Support "Drill First, Register Later, No Permit" Policy

Conservation Letters - Dolphin & Whale Deaths, Data Suggest Spill Toll Far Higher Than 101 Recorded

2010 Amazon Drought Had Profound Impact On Area 3.5X Size Of TX; Persisted After Rains Returned

Radioactive Caesium & Iodine Confirmed NNW Of Fukushima - Up To 12,560kBq/M2 In Isolated Locations

That Was Easy - Malaysian Claims Of 70% Intact Sarawak Forest Cover Refuted By Google Earth

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 30,2011)—Smoke generation from the turbine building at…Unit 2…

Controlling radiation - massive operation is called for - spraying a polymer resin is first option

China tops global clean energy table (BBC)

Japan (toxic) Clean-up Next Hurdle to Overcome

New Virus - BYD - Discovered In Chinese Ducks - Millions Infected Or Killed By Flavivirus Outbreak

I must say I really appreciate this topic forum

IAEA Briefing on Fukushima Nuclear Accident (30 March 2011, 16:30 UTC)

TEPCO Press Release–Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 8:00 PM Mar 30th)

The mysterious death of a done nuclear deal

Fukushima Meltdown: Worst-Case Scenario Long-term Health Effects and Contamination of Food Supply

Pemex’s Proved Oil Reserves Decline for 12th Year in a Row

TEPCO Press Release (Mar 30,2011)—…Facilities…after Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake…(as of 10:00PM)

(Viet Nam) Delta diesel scarcity hits rice harvest, fishing

Prolonged nuclear crisis carries big risks for Japan economy

Quantum dots may increase the amount of electricity solar panels produce

Cozy pocket neighborhoods have sprawl on the move

Saudi "special brew" oil gives traders headache

Long blackouts may pose risk to Pa.'s nuclear reactors

DIY vertical-axis wind turbine

Has Fukushima's Reactor No. 1 Gone Critical?

Parts Shortages Spread to Japanese Operations in U.S.

Google’s $5 Billion Wind-Power Bid Draws Opposition on Return Guarantee

GOP lawmakers break ranks with Wis. governor on budget, suggesting he will have to compromise

If a worker dies $7,000 is the max fine but violation of S Pacific Tuna Act is $350,000

Libya: The oil factor.

Dead, wounded kids at center of Medicaid lawsuit reforms

Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Does

More Questions About Whooping Cough Vaccine In Kids 8 To 10

Amy Goodman: Georgia and the U.S. Supreme Court: Tinkering With the Machinery of Death

Confidence Slips Away as Japan Battles Nuclear Peril

Spreading the Suffering

Is There an Obama Doctrine?Don't Fixate on Timetables.WesClark

Queen Hillary of Libya

Cantor Debuts Bill That Would Make GOP Budget Law Of Land Should Shutdown Become Imminent

How to waste money and lives: the American prison system

Democrats, start declaring the GOP's budget cutting orgy a deficit reduction fraud

Sanders introduces Millionaires Surtax bill, calls GOPer budget cuts "insane"

Study: Recession Hit Working-Class And Black Families The Hardest - HuffPo

Bombing Libya; 1986-2011

John Nichols: McCarthy’s Party Revisits His Tactics

Tax the Super Rich now or face a revolution

Asia Times: Weimar model for Bernanke

Perfect Storm? Early voting in Madison suggests 50% turnout Tuesday

Corporate America, explained by Calvin and Hobbes

Microsoft Co-Founder Hits Out at Gates

Robert Scheer: Obama’s Fatal Addiction

Any movie that inspires someone to shoot Ronald Reagan is a movie that I gotta see

Kansas 2010 Concealed Carry Holders - 10 time more honest than the average Kansan.....

Here's what happens in Gun-Free Utopias like New York City

ATF chief won't appear at Senate hearing in wake of "gunwalking" scanda

Sarah Brady: 30 years after the Reagan shooting, gun violence still reigns

If only President Ronald Reagan and James Brady had been protected by guns 30 years ago today.

Radio Shack tells Montana store owner to stop offering guns with satellite dish

Washington - Use of silencers/suppressors approved by Senate

A Murder Foretold (Guatemala)

Fed the starving and housed the poor. Showed the vatican what gold's for

Validity of prosecutor general's election questioned

Levin: Major changes needed before Colombia trade pact can proceed

97 arrests as Chile remembers Pinochet victims

Carter and Castro discuss US-Cuba relations

CCW Training Requirements

Uribe's time at Georgetown University to end

Stephen McRedmond Fail

Anti-gay administrator hired to HR gig in Michigan

Duke wanted a rematch with UCONN...and they got it...

Kim Clijsters: I’m not going to Japan

Shawn Thornton gets 40 stitches to face

Evan Longoria's AK-47 among items stolen from rental property

Obama Scratched from Nationals Opening Lineup

Fiesta Bowl report: CEO Junker fired amid multiple probes (could be removed from BCS)

Report: Ex-Auburn players say they were paid

Face of Jesus Christ appears in three-cheese pizza

Why Palestinians Should Learn About the Holocaust

Many Latinos see U.S. bias toward Israel, poll shows

Gaza court sentences man to death

US senators press Clinton on anti-Israel 'incitement'