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Archives: September 14, 2011

Air Canada flight attendants could strike as early as next week

Anyone know anything about the National Staff Organization?

Big Oil and Fossil Fuel Industry Are Strangling the US Economy, Causing Wars, and Poisoning Us

Baggers are going to sleep at night thinking about one of the bridges in their districts collapsing

"Gadhafi's son reaches Niger capital, seeks refuge"

Pat Robertson Tells A Man To Divorce His Alzheimers-Stricken Wife

Why Senior Citizens and Veterans Were Eliminated from the Obama Jobs Plan

War--The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort

Betty Sutton and Dennis Kucinich to be squeezed out in new congressional remap

Rachel Maddow is doing a great job with her Debunktion Junction

Socialists May Return to Power in Denmark

Olberman on the let him die moment

Media Whitewash on Cheney War Crimes Palpable as Whistleblowers Cry Foul

Afghan gunfight: Kabul police battle insurgents Dramatic Nato footage shows sustained gunfire as tr

Politics 101... "Pass This Bill", "Pass This Bill", "Pass This Bill" (Today's Chant Of Support)

Passenger: Was cuffed, searched over 'appearance'

President Obama talks about the American Jobs Act in Columbus, OH - pics

Researchers pay $9,000 for intruding on Alaska sea lions

I usually don't like Wolf Blitzer, but he did something that we can appreciate.

Reportedly Rick Perry was 'Taken Aback' by audience cheering...

Man, I love my Guv: Shumlin orders investigation into traffic stop involving migrant farm workers

Kabuki Theater

Rep. Kucinich may opt against Wash. congressional race

Elizabeth Warren to be on Rachel Maddow tomorrow night.

Nurses Say Letting Uninsured Patients Die Is No Laughing Matter Following Abhorrent Audience Cheers

NWLC Analysis of New Census Data Shows Record Numbers of Women in Poverty, Without Health Insurance

I've done the math (since I've been unemployed - I have LOTS of time on my hands)!

Security breach: and Linux Foundation remain "temporarily unavailable"

Canada could be heading into a recession first.

TMDC: "Republicans Reject Taxes On The Rich To Pay For Jobs Bill," Even As A Deficit Neutral Trigger


Support at GOP debate for letting the uninsured die

Will the USA Patriot Act ever be repealed in its entirety or simply amended ?

Teen who beat transgender woman in Baltimore gets 5 years in prison

Freedom from Want; Freedom from Fear.

Remember that Ron Paul's former campaign manager died, 49, uninsured

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A Single Individual, John Paulson, Made Enough Money Last Year to Pay the Salaries of 100,000 Teache

A Single Individual, John Paulson, Made Enough Money Last Year to Pay the Salaries of 100,000 Teache

Grayson: GOP crowd justifies my ‘Die quickly’ comment

Does anyone have a link for Obama's Ohio speech today?

AlterNet - The 112th Congress As The Worst In History - Calls Out Republicans!

Impact of NY-9 result on redistricting

Che Ahn: Allowing same-sex marriage is just like having Jim Crow laws

VIDEO: Alan Grayson on The Ed Show - VIDEO

Raising Medicare age will rob the system of younger seniors...

is it really just 66% of the vote reporting? That doesn't seem like it's enough to make a final call

Any news on the NY House race (former Weiner seat)?

Washington State teachers ordered back to work (Tacoma)

The polls just closed in NYC

12 Oil Spills In One Year—And They Want To Build Another One?

Banks on fire

Polls close in tight NY House special election

Guardian UK: Spooked into austerity, we dig our own economic grave

Perry says that he might be bought for more than $5,000

Number of Americans in poverty hits record high

Thank god this could never happen to you

Thank god this could never happen to you

Now People Are Stealing Human Hair?

Now People Are Stealing Human Hair?

If ReTHUGS really believe that someone without health insurance

Why we won the lottery in 3378 words.

Dutch legislators get iPads, go fully digital

It’s a cold piece of work. It’s preying on hard times.

CNN’s Tea Party partnership: ‘odd’ at best, ‘unethical’ at worst

my political opinion expressed by a simple seventies rock song.

For Cargill, It's Tainted Turkey Time Again

Obama, get your Dick (Cheney) on, By Mark Morford

Want a flight to the WTC? Google can help.

Guardian UK: Public sector unions line up to announce strike ballots

John Sinclair: Let It Grow: Fighting back for freedom on two continents

Everybody cheering the demise of

Mr Fish Toon- All Mixed Up

Tony Auth picks up on the "kill them" GOP theme

Study dismisses poverty, but try telling that to the poor

Study dismisses poverty, but try telling that to the poor

So Perry was offended that anyone would suggest he could be bought for only $5,000

Sexual harassment, racism and flatulence......Yep, sounds like a Repug elected official to me.

Lil Wayne: Tea Party Hates Obama Because He's Black

LOL! "T-bag Squarepants!"

Congress, Obama’s attempt at compromise is short-lived

Congress, Obama’s attempt at compromise is short-lived

CBO to Super-Committee: Increase the Deficit!

How far will Bachmann go in her desperate attempt to become relevant? Just look ...

Darrin Bell's "Candorville"

Global Weirding

Perry to court evangelicals at Falwell's Liberty University

Michele Bachmann: U.S. Immigration ‘Worked Very, Very Well’ Under The Asian Exclusion Act

Is Navy Munitions Depot in Washington a Danger to the Public? Don’t Ask

Mr. President, infrastructure is not just roads and bridges.

Joe scum and his fellow idiots are pointing to the early 1990's as the start of this bad economy

Much as refer to our 43nd pResident* as Moron*, I will now refer to the gop as The Death Party.

Chinese Premier: World Must Cut Deficits, Not Rely on China

What a horrible way to commit suicide...

Bet there were a lot of Republicans(and some others) who freaked out during the last GOP debate

Cherokee Indians say they will not be dictated to by U.S.

Woman upset over mother's flight phones in bomb hoax

All kinds of native wildlife are dying in a fire... but they're dying within an artificial boundary

Ron Paul is a racist douchebag... Among other things

USDA looks to get more meals to kids in summer

I get very tired of the media interviewing repukes about Obama's poll numbers. /nt

EXCLUSIVE: MoveOn Update Takes A Funny Look At Fox News And The GOP

I prefer Weiner's dick in Congress to a Republican.

Former Pages Offer Bill to Reinstate House Program

The Re-Colonization of Africa. Berlin, 1884 and Paris, 2011

West Virginia’s Safety Zone for People Allergic to Wi-Fi

Another scenario for the "let him die" crowd

Trolling: Who does it and why? - An internet "troll" has been jailed for mocking dead teenagers

ALEC corporations pay big to Congress

Rare Intelligent-Funny Quote from Tom Friedman

Japan to start buying liquefied natural gas from U.S. by 2015: report

If the Democrats don't make the Republicans own "Let him die" all is lost

NV Congressional Election results

Credit probes go beyond scores

name misspelled on memorial; family alerts the media

Is calling fellow DUers crotch sniffers offensive?

Help name the new (Dump) Bachmann book

Apparently, I live in a "cesspool of sin"

Popular (Berlin) Mayor Set for Easy Re-Election on Sunday


A Democratic District for over eighty years goes to a Republican at a time

On a lighter note . . .

Another view on Libya

Another view on Libya

Greek end game is at hand

Reality TV, gossip, and empathy

Tehran rocks, but only under ground

Bloomberg: Obama's chances at re-election at 29%

Do Democrats stand better chance at winning the House or the Presidency?

Was this touted as "Rage in the Heartland"™ and "Grassroots Movement Angry with DC Politicians?"™

As America’s Middle Class Shrinks, P&G Adopts “Hourglass” Strategy

101-year-old Detroit woman evicted in home foreclosure

Risk of second recession rising in developed economies

Has anyone seen the big scandal in PA. GOP & Speaker of the house using Tax Dollars on Campaigns?

Miami Herald: Will Rick Perry’s political stock plunge over his immigration stance?

Received email - Michael Moore on The View, today. n/t

TDSB calendar shocks 6-year-old's dad

America’s Financial Armageddon and Afghanistan

A "crotch sniffer" is a person who subscribes to the radical notion that people should be albe


New jail gangs forming after riots {uk}

The Tea Party pseudohistorian, David Barton, sues three who reveal him giving speeches to racists

Can the GOP be construed as "Economic Terrorists"?

As a Democrat are you pro- abortion?

In Prague, a Fight for Gay Rights Goes International

The Dismal Future of America

Bangor Daily News focuses on ALEC, polls on whether ME laws should be written only by ME lawmakers

W. Va. Supreme Court administrator warns state lawmakers about ALEC, private prison industry

Since NY District 9 is going to be re-districted anyway, did Democratic

Wednesday Toons- Cold, Hard Numbers

Oman plane to Iran amid bail efforts for Americans

I don't believe any of it.


Wednesday Toons- Rick Perry

TV Weatherman Found With Naked Dead Man, Quits His Job

i just called senator burr's office

Is Doonesbury being censored because of Sarah Palin?

I don't think the NY 9th District is a bellwether for Republican landslide in 2012

Can you help me find this real good post? The poster said they thought many Republicans thought

I hear Wolfpack, Wolfpack from the feed on Obama's speech in Raleigh.

I hear Wolfpack, Wolfpack from the feed on Obama's speech in Raleigh.


Workers deserve to share in the productivity they create...

Paul Krugman Blog- The Slump before the Slump (Things worse than ever)

Searching for an Ideal Goverment

FDIC Demands Banking Break Up Plans: Why Wait?

Oh the Irony... Governor Walker Proclaims September as 'Wisconsin Character Month'

new oil leak in the Gulf of Death

Wingnut spin: "NY about OBAMA." Or about Fundie anti-Gay marriage?

Mitch McConnell has spoken...

Tampa debate leftover: Perry and illegal immigrants

Repukes have a big plan to win PA - we must fight back

'60s activist Carl Oglesby dies in NJ at age 76

USDA Seeks Method to Compensate Farmers for GM Contamination

National Doctors Organization: 50 million uninsured shows urgency of single-payer Medicare for All

Poverty in America

A Warrior's Unexpected Gift to America (lovely, feel-good story)

I didn't used to have a very strong opinion on America's relationship with Israel.

The Rude Pundit: The Embarrassment of the Poverty Rate

The Rude Pundit: The Embarrassment of the Poverty Rate

DuPont's Herbicide Goes Rogue (became a tree killer)

Rick Perry advocates theocracy

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Obama gets slight boost from jobs speech

Lawsuit: News Corp. directors knew about U.S. hacking a decade ago

Americans Not Better Off Than They Were 2 1/2 Years Ago

Governor Rick Perry’s Gardasil Vaccine ‘Mistake’ Cost Girls their Lives

Ending AIDS Starts at $6 Billion as Donors Pull Back

Dyson on King

Hey Bachmann, your cheap grandstanding about "Obamacare" is what kills 45,000 Americans per year!

Another story from Michael Moore, in case no one has posted it yet.

Have you, on DU, ever apologized for something you wrote here or said you were wrong?

This should piss off AFP: OH tea party groups endorse Ron Paul

Clint Eastwood against gay marriage bans

How Broward Bulldog's Dan Christensen Broke a 9/11 Conspiracy That's Actually True

Private contractors cost more than federal workers in 33 of 35 cases, study finds

Robert Reich: Governors have very little influence on job growth

Miami, Fl. has a dirty dirt problem

Lighter Fare: He's Just Not That Into You

GOP Candidates Agree on Jobs Plan:

Democracy for the Few tries to strike a balance

Election pundits promote never-ending campaign seasons that spell big profits for corporate TV

"Hey, what is this, North Korea?" In the USA, in 2011, a COMIC STRIP can be CENSORED???

Sports writer on his depression and Wade Belak's.

Robert Reich: How to Create More Jobs By Lowering Wages

Tacoma Teachers Strike: UNION and PROUD (PICS)

Hypocrite Extraordinaire? Rick Perry tells Liberty U. students: DC shouldn't dictate how people live

Flight on 9/11 anniversary ends in handcuffs for housewife

Toon that sums up the left's 2012 choice exactly

Hauled off a plane in handcuffs, strip-searched & humiliated because they looked "suspicious"

Too hot for du I fear

President Obama has lost the support of some of his base since the 2008 election.

Republicans are even republicans with their kids.

Senate Hearing on New State Voting Laws

FBI Visits Gov. Scott Walker's Former Aide

media spin on the weiner house seat win

Lest we forget....

J.P. Morgan: Give Me Your Money, Now Get The Hell Out of Your Home

Mystery surrounds what some say could be another gulf oil spill

So what happened in Weiner's district?

So what happened in Weiner's district?

Above The Law - USA (14 Sep 11)

Michaele Salahi’s Husband Claims She’s Been Kidnapped-WH Party Crashers

Elizabeth Warren is running for a Senate seat - please support her if you can

UPDATE...Judge issues temporary restraining order in Tacoma strike

US Doctors: 50 Million Uninsured Need Medicare For All --

Pakistan flooding: Misery, disease, little aid to victims

Elizabeth Warren is going to be a great Senator isn't she?

Starting to think we're doomed

Widow confronts Darth Rums over soldier's PTSD suicide. Rums said I-heard-about THAT (not HIM)"

Luckovich toon - Rick Perry and Friend

American Muslims Face Growing Prejudice

I might not be the most liberal Democrat, but I'd like to thank the liberal Democrats.

Unbelievable bit of history here you have to read: Article about the lynching of 3 Black men in SWMO

The real lesson of NY 9th - Democrats are losing the white vote.

Missoni at Target Yesterday - Missoni at eBay Today

Repukes trying to turn Solyndra into a green Enron. Oh joy.

Snakes Repugs choose snakes...

New recurring column, IN CON WORLD

If NY has to lose a Democratic seat to redistricting, let it be New Democrat Joseph Crowley's seat

The American middle class, so long a powerhouse of US prosperity, is being crushed as never before.

We might be screwed in the electoral college for quite some time.

Ticker: New book claims Sarah Palin had fling with NBA, Michigan basketball star Glen Rice

Who pays if a person doesn't have health insurance?

"I think I never really gauged your cruelty, or your recklessness."

Here's your marching orders:"If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill."

Is this FB Status True?

Get ready train commuters Republicans want to cut Amtrak by October 1, 2011

Excellent interview with Michael Moore on NPR's Talk of the Nation

Black Swan Funds Said to Soar as Europe Crisis Deepens

More than a Million UK Workers Plot General Strike

USDA Seeks Method to Compensate Farmers for GM Contamination

Issa declines investigation into News Corp. phone hacking

Was anyone else here on 9/11/01 watching the events unfolding and being reported in real time?

The National Debt Crisis expressed on the level of the family budget.

List of the 50 richest congress critters

43 House Members Slam Justices Scalia, Thomas, And Alito For Ethics Scandals

Japan Earthquake: Six Months Later

Carl Lewis, now on NJ ballot, on Hardball.

Did Perry just half admit to personal scandal?

How can I see the BBC news in the USA (not BBC America)

FBI seizes items at home of former top aide to Gov. Walker

Poverty is America's Taboo Word

Female graduation rates Degrees of equality

Really, Socialistworker? Defending the thugs attacking the Israeli embassy in Egypt?

Top 5 things the tea party will cheer

Paintings of banks on fire turn art teacher into celebrity

Trapped man, 85, wrote goodbye note before rescue

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

TOM THE DANCING BUG: On Counter Earth...

Say it ain't so, Gumby? Man in Gumby costume botches 7-11 stick-up! Link with video!

A Republican No Longer

Bob Turner, NY-9 elect, created and launched the Jerry Springer Show - should do well in the House

Caption this pic of Bush and Perry ( it is a doozy, btw...)

Caption this pic of Bush and Perry ( it is a doozy, btw...)

Judge scolds Rep. Joe Walsh, orders him to prove he doesn’t owe back child-support

An emerging right wing talking point?

missoni at target = one day mostly sold out

missoni at target = one day mostly sold out

Sanders visiting primary states. Democrats need to beg him to take on Obama.

At least he won a title and wasn't one of those Fab Five choke artists

Our schools do need reform, but not in the way we are going about it.

Lehman Three Years Later

‘Let him die’ incident used for pro-health care ad campaign

Twin defeats spark Democratic fears

SEIU: Workers, Community Leaders and Business Owners Say 'No' to Mandatory E-Verify

Jon Stewart Reviews CNN/Tea Party ‘Americagasm’: ‘Freedom Is Risky, Yay!’ - VIDEO

Private contractors cost more than federal workers in 33 of 35 cases, study finds

Corporate citizenhood

Re "Medicare cuts": HR676 Expanded & IMPROVED Medicare for All

Top 5 things the tea party will cheer

What will be the key driver of other voters in next year's election

Honeymoon is over for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Wednesday Toons- The Death party

Wednesday Toons- The Death party

Former FBI Agent Ali Soufan says "enhanced interrogation" useless

PHOTO: CNN vs BBC on news 1 in 7 Americans living in poverty

The hits just keep coming

The Koch Whisperers: Big Brothers Buy in at Big Media (by Pam Martens)

More reports on the MURDEROUS STYPE of the new Libyan Leaders leak out

Justice Ginsberg among passengers who had to evacuate aircraft via the chute today

Rep. Jackie Speier calls on Congress to address military rapes

Well, they have clearly learned how to play DU, folks. Being good progressives ...

Phish to hold benefit concert in Vermont for flood victims

A Public Option would have been 15% cheaper than private insurance at most

I hope that EVERYONE watched the Tea Party debate last night

Idea for A Democratic Campaign Ad . . .

Gotta say- I just finished Pab Sungenesis' book- it was awesome!

Light snow helps battle Minn. wildfire

Why do humans make bad eyewitnesses?

How many are aware that Koch convinced the Republican Candidate

I have decided, I am going to be one of those old Socialists...

Can We Stop the Next Fukushima Times 10,000?

Tonight on Countdown: David Shuster subs for Keith

Reporter Claims TSA Agent Would Speed People Through Security For $10

Al Gore: It's An Honor To Be Attacked On Climate Change Categories: National News, Politics, Environ

ABC doing a hatchet job on Democrats for "taking a Chance" on Solyndra.

I don't just want the GOP defeated in an eleciton. I want them out.

With Record Number Of Americans Falling Into Poverty, Rand Paul Says The Poor Are Getting Rich

There's political stunts and then there's just plain ol' pettiness

Today's Doonesbury on the Palin Book

Hill Dems pick apart Obama jobs plan

A Map of North America after the breakup of the United States

Whimbrel being tracked for two years by scientists shot by hunters

Northbound Border Traffic Closed After Canopy Collapse

Fox Breathlessly Reports That There Are {Eight} Boots On The Ground In Libya

Fox Breathlessly Reports That There Are {Eight} Boots On The Ground In Libya

Mother Jones: The GOP's genius plan to beat Obama in 2012


Lastest Meme On Obama "Is he Depressed"

So, the wingnuts are done with one of their usefull idiots- Michele Bachmann

This isn't the first time Doonesbury has been censored

California Field Poll: Obama approval rating in state falls to 46%

It's Here! The New & Improved Ron Paul/Tea Party Hippocratic Oath!

Yet another lecherous, racist, flatulent Republican pig.....

The REAL reason Turner beat Weprin. The FEAR factor.

Protect Your Care Targets Republicans With 'Let Him Die?' Campaign

Chinese man has an eel enter his penis, then bladder after spa treatment

Here's why the Republicans won in NY 9

CNN’s Tea Party partnership: ‘odd’ at best, ‘unethical’ at worst

Perry Explains His Poor Performance in College

On jobs bill, White House bets on Boehner's support

My first real encounter with crazy extreme irrational people

Chances republican debate horror show moment will be used in Democratic ad approved by Obama.

Chances republican debate horror show moment will be used in Democratic ad approved by Obama.

A Child's View from Gaza art exhibit cancelled after pro-Israeli pressure

Hey. I like rich people. Just don't ask me to give them my tax money!

Remember when a fire department watched a house burn down?

Today's moment of joy

NASA unveils giant rocket

"Sarah Palin snorted cocaine off 55 gallon oil drum and had affairs with NBA star.".

That's what emergency rooms are for.

Over 56 Million Americans Live in Poverty – How The Census Bureau Propaganda Ignores 10 Million Poor

Ralph Nader: Americans ignore the cause of Sept. 11 attacks

"She was once seen snorting (coke) off an overturned 55-gallon oil drum while snowmobiling"

Anti-Choice Zealots Go After Clinic Owner's Children -- Here's How He's Fighting Back

That Guy Getting Pulled Out From Under a Burning Car ... There's No Better Metaphor For the Times

DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, evidently UofM/NBA star Glen Rice & Sarah Palin had a one night stand. . .

DeFazio, Senate Democrats offer plan to stabilize Social Security's finances

Please, watch this video: Change for a Dollar. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

Uninsured by Ron Paul, His 2008 Campaign Manager Died Owing $400,000 for Medical Care

So Palin had a one night stand with Miami Heat's Glen Rice?

So Palin had a one night stand with Miami Heat's Glen Rice?

Marcy Kaptur versus Dennis Kucinich in a primary?

Tweety asks Repub Congresslady, "Isn't this still George W Bush's economy?"

Glen Rice and Sarah Palin Reportedly Had One-Night Stand

Our first grandchild has just been born

I've said this before, but it bears repeating

How long has it been since you had a physical?

Good news for Kucinich. Redistricts left most of the D's intact.

Solution to our Quitter PALIN-won't -go-away problem:an opening as one ofCharlie SHEEN's goddesses!1

A Republican Death Panel.

That was my brother's death you were cheering, you a$$holes

Vegan couple will serve life sentences for starving baby to death, court rules

Super Minority? Statistical History of the Filibuster

Retail Sales in U.S. "Unexpectedly" Stagnate

How the other 0.000003 percent lives: The lives of the 10 richest people in the U.S

Farmworker are still dying of heatstroke in California

Clint Eastwood: ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ if gays marry

Bodies hanging from bridge in Mexico are warning to social media users

Oh geez - Reminder: It wasn't that he was sexting with women not his wife...

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Is Asked To HALT Thursday's EXECUTION

Thom Hartman & "pro life"

I hope all the" Lily livered " Democrats are happy now that

Libyan Revolution Week 30 part 3

I really don't think the Ron Paul's campaign manager thing proves our point at all

Pat Robertson: If a man's wife has Alzheimer's, "he should divorce her and start all over"

‘Let him die’ incident used for pro-health care ad campaign

‘Let him die’ incident used for pro-health care ad campaign

I have gone from an Independent,

Ron Paul's Uninsured Staffer Died of Pneumonia

So now that we have not tried any Democratic/Progressive ideas..

Huntsman Staffer “Sick And Sad” For The GOP After Debate Behavior

Sanders introduces bill to strengthen Social Security

Is 7.65% of your income too much to pay ?

"Why Wall Street Hates Social Security"

"Why Wall Street Hates Social Security"

Tacoma Teachers Strike Day 2: PIC HEAVY!!

States' rights turns around and bites Obama

Sonoma County bans smoking in apartments and condos

Struggling Lower-Class Still Unsure How Best To Fuck Selves With Vote

Taxing the rich promotes smart investments, not class warfare

WOW! - This Is The COVER Of The Next - Marine Corps Times!

CONNED N.Y. JEWS is a BAD sign for Democrats AND America.

Why is the lie that we needed 60 votes to pass a public option so widely accepted here?

If these Palin stories are true....

SIEGELMAN: What Happened to President Obama's MORAL COMPASS?

House Dem: NY-09 Should Be 'Big Alarm' For Obama

It's becoming harder and harder to keep caring so much....

I have to say this.....Whether you read it or not.

I have to say this.....Whether you read it or not.

Ultrabook: Intel's $300 million plan to beat Apple at its own game

Woman, 78, with dementia booked for stealing bag of cookies at Portland Walmart

GOP Health Policy: Let them die, yeah!

I hope every crotch sniffer who threw Weiner under the bus is proud of themselves.

John R. MacArthur: Some liberals finally on to Obama’s betrayal of liberalism

What does it profit a man ~

Weiner didn't break any law

Obama is now radioactive.

Borowitz: A Letter from Rick Perry Introducing PerryCare™

Does Obama want to lose? Obama said to be ready to propose Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security cuts

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) in letter to Drug Czar: Reschedule Cannabis

Leopard and butterfly - neat picture!

I fart in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's general direction!!!

MFM is truly one of a kind. They broke the mold when he was made.

Somebody's dog killed my chipmunk at the dog park

Cool K9s. Taken a couple of years ago in Anchorage.

Just watched Easy A...

If you could write Ten Commandments, what would they be?

MiddleFingerMom has just one thing to say about this: Showoff!!!!

A child reluctant to have a tooth come out?


Now THAT eas a GREAT Torchwood series.

When you took your lunch to school, what was in it. I had a baloney sandwich on brown bread (with

CAUTION: Picture shows somebody finally getting laid around here.

Sorry -- meant to post in GD n/t

I have a man crush on Justin Verlander

last week, the TV went on the fritz, today, my daugher's laptop died

My middle daughter has learned well. Her stuffed portobella caps were better than mine.

MFM found a job filling orders from...

I'll have the Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

Who lives within a short haul of Harrisburg, PA?

Fun with spooning:

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

PHOTO: "Maybe I did...Maybe I didn't"

Who remembers the film "Nanook of the North"? circa 1921


lounge question ('cause it's too embarassing for computer forum or gd)

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now 2000 lives {great quality to her voice - great performance}

What do you think of Sardaukar?

Edgar Allan Poe began his carrer writing science fiction. Know why he switched to horror?

Anyone notice the latest priceline ad with Shatner?

He's Just Not That Into You

Need healing vibes for ElderGreenKid. Took him to the doc to

Found the coolest movie GIF site

Well, that's one mystery solved.

Democratic Republic of Congo!

Mom, I don't feel so good

Another day, another $2500...

My new favorite Haiku:

DU Cat lover vs Bird lovers: And so it comes down to this

how do I delete my account?

Top five toys I hate to step on in the middle of the night

Kali's going mobile.

How do police handcuff one-armed people?


Smoke alarm keeps chirping. Can't figure it out.

This picture stands on its own

Tigers BABY!

The Chairman of the Board shows you how to leave a 'copter in STYLE, baby.

If these aren't the cutest and funniest photos in the universe, I don't know what is.

Question for Those WHo Have HBOGO

My box turtle killed a narwhal at Baskin Robbins today.

Damned Republican Congress!

word of the day is crotch sniffer. Modify any thread to include the words: crotch sniffer.

Go HERE, scroll down to photo #3...

Question: Why do assholes keep fucking with Sasquatch?

I like Max Roach. "Freedom Now Suite" should be taught in music schools


Peter & Gordon - "I Go To Pieces"

The Grass Roots - "Midnight Confessions"

Dave Clark Five - "Catch Us Of You Can"

HEY LADY! Gary Lewis & The Playboys, "This Diamond Ring"

The Animals - "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

Gerry & The Pacemakers - "Ferry Cross The Mersey"

PHOTO: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."

A few copies of Irving Tressler's 1937 "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" are still available

Del Shannon's twangy, Tom Petty-produced cover of "Sea of Love"

Loser in Teaparty debate - 30 year old w/out insurance

Is naked rugby the best sport ever? You decide!

I'm sorry, but I just have to post this: THIS is fashion design -

Post a pic of a Dove Bar.

1:00 AM I'm laying in bed sound asleep when I am woken by some crunching noises and jump out of bed

Russia in color, a century ago (amazing photos from 1910)

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

How many of these drinks have you had?

Have you ever been served glazed SPAM as a main course at a holiday meal?

What would be your safe word? Assuming you don't already have one. And if you do have one,

A little cat advice needed -

Any bartenders(present) in here, a old(1994-2004) bartender has a few questions...

The Moody Blues - "Go Now"

Why do they keep killing off Gwyneth Paltrow? SPOILERS

Anybody here have a Dyson Sphere?

A beautiful quote that I saw on Facebook...

What is your favourite soup? I used to make a kick ass cold potato leak soup with chives and cream.

Where does Amerigo Vespucci come from?

On my *ahem* 60th birthday, the top singles from my 16th

Smartest/dumbest place you ever lived?

I'm going to be a grandma!

How do deaf S&M people give the safe word?

Though he lost it at the age of 1 year, Li'l MFM's superpower was the ability...

Anybody here have a Nissan Cube?

About that AT&T commercial with the lovely wife in the greenhouse ...

Where do babies come from?

2nd greatest drummer of all time

What do you think of Sudoku? I've tried to play and enjoy it. But

Should NASA next build a giant rocket booster or a giant robot?

Why would a man keep his dating profile for all to see?

Big Brother: Endgame

Martinis spiked with Absinthe

Anti-Abortion Leader Suspended Over Financial Suspicions

Anti-Abortion Leader Suspended Over Financial Suspicions

NWLC Analysis of New Census Data Shows Record Numbers of Women in Poverty, Without Health Insurance

House Democrats slam Cantor on jobs: "Half a loaf is not enough"

Exclusive: NYT's Keller Admits Getting 9/11-Iraq Wrong in Article About Getting 9/11-Iraq Wrong

Poverty Levels in 2010 Reach 52-Year Peak, U.S. Says

Phone hacking: 7/7 disaster victim's mother to sue NoW publisher(News Corp under "intense scrutiny")

CIA reviewing ties with New York police department

Chevron checking possible leak in Gulf of Mexico

James Murdoch faces second phone-hacking grilling by MPs

No end in sight for oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Lapses by American Leaders Seen in Syphilis Tests (1940s)

New charter flights from U.S. to Cuba announced

Christie Misleads on NJ Radio Show When Asked About Secret Meeting With Koch Bros.

(UPDATED) [NC] Senate passes anti-LGBT constitutional amendment; voters to decide in 2012 primaries

(UPDATED) [NC] Senate passes anti-LGBT constitutional amendment; voters to decide in 2012 primaries

Congress, Obama’s attempt at compromise is short-lived

Key Player In GOP 'Bondage-Gate' Scandal Hired By Major Campaign

Glen Rice and Sarah Palin Reportedly Had One-Night Stand

Navy fights to keep explosives data secret from residents

Al-Qaeda could lose ‘operational capabilities’ within 2 years, U.S. official says

Liberty University to host presidential hopeful Perry today

As America’s Middle Class Shrinks, P&G Adopts “Hourglass” Strategy

Hill Dems pick apart Obama jobs plan

How Broward Bulldog's Dan Christensen Broke a 9/11 Conspiracy That's Actually True

Russia Announces Next Manned Space Flights

TEPCO submits blacked-out manual to Diet committee

Chinese Premier says country cannot grow in isolation

Obama Looks for Big Health Cuts, Worrying Democrats

Ticker: New book claims Sarah Palin had fling with NBA, Michigan basketball star Glen Rice

Gulf spill blamed on poor management decisions

Report Blames Oil Company’s Shortcuts for Gulf Oil Spill

GOP upset win in NY portends challenge for Obama

Britain Poised For Biggest Strikes Since 1926

Pessimism Rises as 72% See U.S. on Wrong Course

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was On Evacuated United Flight

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House Dem: NY-09 Should Be 'Big Alarm' For Obama

Ex-Colombian spy chief sentenced to 24 years for paramilitary links .

Mortgage Fraud "Baby RICO" suit filed on JPM Chase in Palm Beach, FL

Chicago plans to post online all crimes dating to 2001 to increase transparency

Richardson to leave Cuba bitter, with no prisoner

Miami couple faces lengthy sentence for Medicare fraud

Woman: I was profiled, strip-searched on 9/11; FBI says it treated her well

LA painter's 'bank on fire' work heats up art world

101-year-old Detroit woman foreclosed on, evicted

101-year-old Detroit woman foreclosed on, evicted

FBI, deputies at home of former Gov. Walker aide

Elizabeth Warren enters Mass. Senate race

Dangerous TB spreading at alarming rate in Europe: WHO

Justice Ginsburg aboard plane evacuated at Dulles International Airport

Bank of America to pay fired whistleblower $930,000

Issa declines investigation into News Corp. phone hacking

White House pressed on $500 million loan to solar company now under investigation

Judge blocks Fla. law restricting doctor gun talk

Kansas could help form national science curriculum

TSA to ease pat-downs of kids

SAT Reading Scores Fall To Lowest Level On Record

Canada seeks Buy American exemption

Judge orders Rep. Walsh to explain child support

Nader to Make "Last Stand" Before Maine Supreme Court

Obama's disapproval rating hits new high

Gas from McDonald's soda fountain caused Ga. death

Census: Ohio poverty at more than 30-year high

Abuse of Xanax Leads a Clinic to Halt Supply

Obama's bill makes it illegal to discriminate against unemployed

GOP's Bob Turner wins special election for Anthony Weiner's NY congressional seat

Rep. Dennis Kucinich will seek reelection in Cleveland setting up primary battle with Rep. Marcy Kap

GOP Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Proposes Rigging The Electoral College For Republicans

Venezuelan FM reasserts support to Carlos the Jackal

Calif. teen arrested for rocket launcher in car

Perry casts himself as anti-intellectual, says his life shaped by faith

Fukushima cesium contamination widespread but less than Chernobyl

The Governor's Edge (esp. Texas) in GOP politics in One Word

Save the Children (from the Republican Presidential Candidates)

Here's to you Prez O:

POLL: Obama's disapproval rating hits new high...55%

From GD: The NSDAP's 'Die Quickly' did not start out with Auschwitz

Soaring Poverty Casts Spotlight on ‘Lost Decade’

Bloomberg poll: Obama best candidate to beat GOP - 67 percent; still support - 81 percent

CNN Poll: More Americans trust Obama on economy over Republicans in Congress (43/35)

OH SHIT!!!Sarah Palin has a fetish for black men she dated a 6'9 NBA player

Has EVERYONE here made the call yet?

Kennedy Nixon Debate #1 1959

Krugman: The Slump Before The Slump

12:55 EDT: President Obama Speaks on the American Jobs Act

Senate panel approves freeze in defense spending

Obama Approval Plummets Among Americans Skeptical of Jobs Plan

The New Republic: Gosh, Could Obamacare Be Working?

2 Questions:1. What was the issue a few weeks back that had us

Biden Announces Initiative To Cut Medicaid Waste

Shockingly Petty: News Corp. Outlets Attack Obama Over Paper Clip

Looking through the Americans Jobs Act I don't see modest modfications to medicare/medicaid

With Record Number Of Americans Falling Into Poverty, Rand Paul Says The Poor Are Getting Rich

If anyone is listening to Ed Schultz noticed how he hasn't mentioned N Y-9

Congress (updated)

W2: "Merck gave me $5,000"

I am so tired of the dems on here putting Obama down and playing

PPP: Perry Keeps Wide Lead Over Romney

If Obama's approval rating is plummeting because of his jobs plan, why don't people like the plan?

The ban on discrimination against the unemployed is a good start, and...

Bernie Sanders: Strengthen Social Security

GALLUP: Americans Favor Obama Jobs Plan by 45% to 32%, 57% of those following news favor passage.

Poll: Former Democratic voters returning to Obama

POLL: Only 34% support repeal of Affordable Care Act, Majority support taxes on rich before cuts.

POLL: Only 34% support repeal of Affordable Care Act, Majority support taxes on rich before cuts.

Jobs fight gives Obama major opportunity with independents


Biden: Criminal charges against Bush Admin on the table

I called my congress critter Steve Womack today

President Obama Speaks the TRUTH ... The GOPers consistently LIE

Obama's disapproval rating hits new high

POLL: Obama approval at 47% (+2), most pronounced rally among Dems, +6 over Romney, +8 over Perry.

Can we fight Stupidity with Simplicity?

Micheal Moore I love you guy BUT your wrong on this one

Randy Rhodes: I grewup in NY-9 district it is not a democratic district

American Academy Of Pediatrics Statement On HPV Vaccine

Ezra Klein blog: Key health care players tentatively lean toward raising Medicare eligibility age

Report: Sarah Palin had fling with former Miami Heat star Glen Rice

Bank ordered to reinstate fired employee and pay $930,000

Chuck Schumer: NY-9 Is Not A 'Bellwether'

Well, the Republican death cheer just ensured my Democratic vote for years to come.

Time: Don’t Be Fooled By the Solyndra Bankruptcy Circus — Solar Is Booming

AP has called NY-9 for Turner... Orthodox jews voting for the new Nazi party... amazing

The GOP's Genius Plan to Beat Obama in 2012 (It's Legal & There's Nothing Democrats Can Do About It)

Here we go again the rethugs up to no good in PA trying to change the election rules

PA Republicans want to split the states elecoral votes

Cheering for death - GOP have chosen a new theme song

CD DVD Recycling Process - How To Recycle CDs and DVDs

Noam Chomsky on US Economic Crisis: Joblessness, Excessive Military Spending and Healthcare

FBI's former alQaeda expert says CIA withheld intel on two 9/11 hijackers; Cheney lied about torture

It Gets Better - Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

David Cameron Lives on Looting

"If I Was Running America..." Richard Branson Explains What He Would Do About The Job Market

Thom Hartmann: I got the Republican talking points today on the jobs program

Elizabeth Warren: My Announcement

Rick Perlstein On The Divide Between Obama And Labor

Oh The Jobs (Debt?) You'll Create!

TDPS: Rick Perry Appeals to Average Uninformed Voter Same Way George W. Bush Did

Thom Hartmann: Do Thom & Sarah Palin agree on Crony Capitalism?

Olbermann: Alan Grayson Interview - Tea Party to the Sick: 'You Can Go To Hell'

Devastating unaired Kay Bailey Hutchison ad on Perry and HPV vaccination

RSU Recap of the CNN Tea Party Debate

Ron Paul's Campaign Manager Died, Uninsured With Massive Medical Bill Debt

Papantonio: Perry and Bachmann - The Fringe Frauds

Olbermann: FBI Interrogator Soufan - Cheney's Torture Did Not Work & 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

Papantonio: New Corps Scandal Comes To America

Obama Got Weinered

Debate Audience Applauds Death

Bernie Sanders: Strengthen Social Security

Young Turks: GOP - Screw Jobs To Hurt Obama In 2012

Thom Hartmann: The Real 9/11 Conspiracy

Thom Hartmann: 24 hr Proof for the GOP & Climate Changing Deniers

"Ron Paul 2012" - I'll Drink To That

Thom Hartmann: GOP Tea Party debate...let the uninsured die?

9/11, Intimidation via Framing (George Lakoff)

In Woodstock, Values Collide Over Housing (affordable housing project, NY)

Bachmann the Bully Puts Politics Before Health, Safety

Are Jobs on Their Way to Becoming Obsolete? And Is That a Good Thing?

Michael Moore:When I got death threats for denouncing Bush and the Iraq war.

Obama, get your Dick (Cheney) on, by Mark Morford

The decline and fall of the American middle class

24/7 Customer to hire 5000 social, interactive media advisors (in India)

Eurozone crisis could rip EU apart: officials (AFP)


Amy Goodman: Troy Davis and the Politics of Death

Evaluating Government Spending vs Tax Cuts impact on GDP - Center for American Progress

We Need a Progressive Primary Challenge

The Misuse of Life Without Parole

Turkey takes over the Arab Spring

Fantasy versus Reality

Time to raise taxes on the rich

As the Standard of Living Sets….(UrbSurvival)

As the Standard of Living Sets….(UrbSurvival)

Reflections of a GOP operative who left the cult

letter to the Times

The Guardian Sets Its Sights On The U.S.

The Truth about the American Economy - Robert Reich

Perry Explains His Poor Performance in College

The Soldier Who Killed Herself After Refusing to Take Part in Torture

Do Animals have Imagination?

UPDATED: The American Jobs Act: Greater than Expected Impact

GOP Jobs Plan: More Snakes?

Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul's 9/11 Theories:

bioremediation and oyster mushrooms and diapers

Entergy lawsuit against Vermont re Vermont Yankee nuclear plant should wind up today

Drumbeat: September 14, 2011

Laser fusion trio team up to develop clean power

Dallas Sets New Record For # Of Triple-Digit Day Temperatures During A Single Summer - Reuters

So Far, 125 Votes Against EPA, Interior, Etc., By Possibly The Most Anti-Green Congress On Record

1 person dies in accident at nuclear plant

Dig In! Gutter Oil - Cooking Oil Literally Sucked From Gutters - New Chinese Food Safety Scandal

Obama Proposes $41B in Oil/Gas Subsidy Cuts to Help Fund Jobs Package

NYC en route BIXIs

Good Job! 4 Firms Responsible For 350 Oil Spills Since Jan. 2010 Praised By CO State Regulators

EPA declares hay a pollutant

Facility Holding Ice Core Samples Collected By Canadian Scientists Over 40 Yrs. To Shut Down

"Alarming" Numbers Of Dead Green Turtles, Dugongs Wash Ashore Along Australian Coast

U. Of Calgary Took $175K From Talisman To Start Up Climate Denier PR Campaign, Documents Reveal