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Why is America threatening the Palestinians for attempting UN recognition?

Some nutwinger on KPHO, photographer, who was in Reno to shoot race said the crash was "an

Some nutwinger on KPHO, photographer, who was in Reno to shoot race said the crash was "an

Republicans play to young voters' discontent


Tea Party Activist to Challenge Boehner in Next Primary

$54K reward being offered for hitter and runner in Scottsdale.

Extra inspectors recruited to target wealthy tax avoiders (UK)

Salon -- Exciting new talking point: Jobs bill is "blue state bailout"

Just Another History Nugget Of How It Was...

Latest Texas figures shows net jobs loss in August

Ever see the Barney Frank vs. the LaRouchie debate video? LOL

Countdown: DADT gone in 3 days

Michael Moore on C-Span 2: First night of book tour

Patriotic American freeper "FlingWingFlyer" takes exception to "hate" in Joe McGinniss Palin bio

Obama tax plan to demand more of millionaires

Wall Street Occupation would have some legs if the news showed up

Survey IDs challenges facing homeless

Danes end far-right’s influence

Rick Perry’s Texas Hits Highest Unemployment Percentage In 24 Years

How does your state handle voter registration issues like this one?

Egyptian Revolution, Month 7: "Down, down, military rule."

Comment is free The ailing euro is part of a wider crisis. Our capitalist system is near meltdown

Moving beyond 'blame the teacher'

You All Should Take a Look Here....

Evidence grows of Tony Blair's links with Gaddafi

Want to find online coverage of the Wall Street protests?

Europe to Geithner: Don't you have a plane to catch?

In honor of today's world wide day of action (Wall Street)

Decorah Eagle Cam

Libya conflict: Rebels claim advances in Sirte battle

Courtesy of Sabrina- The BEST site yet re: Global Protests

Wall Street protest in SF today too

These Days

FIXEDnewsCORPtries to makeBIGdeal of wasted 1/2BILLION$ on Solyndra,YETignoresTRILLION+ U.S.TAX $

Republicans play to young voters' discontent

Salon - The theft of the American pension

The liberal disaffection myth

Does anyone have any links to reports from other countries on the Wall Street Occupation?

Above The Law - USA (18 Sep 11)

Chinese villagers protest pollution from solar panel factory.

Are the plutocrats looking to turn economies into a new kind of apartheid?

Kitten dodges death at plant

Experts Say Fukushima 'Worse' Than Chernobyl (Eventual Total Radiation Leaked to Exceed Chernobyl)

Will Sarah Palin join the Wall Street Occupation?

Voters living on ramen (and less) need to note politicians who piss & moan over "The Buffet Rule."

The people who have been hurt the worst by the Bush recession support President Obama the most

The Texas Miracle

The Buffett rule?

Scott Walker's Archer profited when job shifted from civil service to appointment

Antibiotics losing the fight against deadly bacteria

Sunday Talk Shows

Americans scrimp while Congress travels, gives staff bonuses

Greenwald: The mainstreaming of Walt and Mearsheimer

Rachel is on Chris Hayes now n/t

Ponzi king Allen Stanford Says He Has Lost His Memory

Mich. had a nuke plant event

Ron Paul Supporter

YAAA!! Chris on MSNBC again this morning with very good discussion.

Republicans ... are skeptical of everything the government does—except when it executes people.

"I wish those who unsettle you would castrate themselves!"

Libya: Is the Virginian now running things as NATO and rebel youth wipe out last opposition

Conjoined twins separated by Great Ormond Street doctors

It finally rained in Austin

1st Amendement guarantee and some passing thoughts from the last few days

The seaside playground of Wall Street's billionaires

Taxing the wealthy.

Car crashes into bike store

Administration Says Patent Law Change Will Spur U.S. Economy

Nouriel Roubini: We’re entering new recession, issue is how deep

GM Will Raise Entry-Level Wage by $2 to $3 Per Hour

Record cocaine bust in Hong Kong

We knew lead was toxic centuries ago, especially for kids, so we began painting our houses with it

Actually, I think the powers that be on all sides including the media, CEOs, etc

Holy Land clerics bless Palestinian UN bid

Be a patriot: Hire an illegal alien

Ackerman: I was threatened over the King charter deal

Science Lags As Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

Science Lags As Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

Turkey won’t waver in backing Mideast wave

GE's Immelt(down) tells Fareed that American workers need more vacations!

Rich People Really ARE Job Creators!

Noticed this on the cover of

Had a talk with a Republican friend tonight. Yes I know sounds a little Oxymoronic.

Sunday News Shows - Bill Clinton Interviews - Very Supportive of President Obama Despite Efforts...

Rep. Nadler And Others Introduce Bill To Eliminate Debt Ceiling

Rep. Nadler And Others Introduce Bill To Eliminate Debt Ceiling

Excellent article on poverty...

This is a bribe-based system—an oligarchy all the way to the core

My Favorite Wingnut sent me a link to a story on the demos at the Euro finance summit.

Did Obama fill Attorney General post? What's the holder upper?

GOP pushing tax hikes on Middle Class...

Steward Health Care, Tufts Health Plan unveil small business insurance product

CBS - Sunday Morning program...commentary. "GOP: The "Right to Death Party"?"

Anonymous Occupation Of Wall Street - Here Is What You Missed

I don't think we've seen the person who will be the rethug nominee yet.

McConnell: Buffett can ‘send in a check’ (video)

Things Get Worse, As Troika Reportedly Demands Massive New Spending Cuts In Greece

#ourwallstreet trending globally.

I saw "Capitalism: A Love Story".....

Irene's warning: Expect more storms

Is it right they should profit, stuff their pockets, while we die!?Keeps them happy it seems.

The game the whole country is playing, Know your unemployed.

Le Tarp? Geithner’s European Junket

Gloat over my stupidity--say you want employers to hire

Entitlement? It puts a roof on my mom's head

My dog just got fired! (yep, you heard that right!)

A Riddle That Brings Joy to the Mega Rich Hearts

A Riddle That Brings Joy to the Mega Rich Hearts

Now hear this you silly Gandhi-loving, peace train, tea hugger, revolting revolutionaries

Welcome to the Post-Modern Gilded Age

Meet The Real Estate Moguls, Tech Investors, And Orthodox Jews Hosting Rick Perry's First NYC Fundra

Note to SoCal Du'ers

The Biggest Thing Happening Right Now That Your Local News Probably Isn't Telling You

Tepco scraps plan to hike power charges 10 to 15%

Science Lags As Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

Mind the (Pay) Gap

"Osama bin Laden raid doctrine" : Agree or Disagree ?

Where's all the wall to wall coverage of the protest

The Coming Tar Sands Greenwash

Defeating Teach for America at the Apple Store -- a Small Victory

Obama just concluded Taxing The Rich is Popular!

Florida Man accused of killing wife, wounding 2 pastors

The Biggest Thing Happening Right Now That Your Local News Probably Isn't Telling You - MoveOn

Social Democrats win Berlin elections, Pirate Party enters legislature

(((PICS))) September 17, 2011 - Occupation of Wall Street

Iconic photo of the times - re: Borders closing

What’s the matter with Texas?

So I was at the Occupation of Wall Street on Saturday.

George Will: The tea party IS the Republican establishment

Pakistani troops, Taliban militants fight over downed U.S. drone

Obama to propose ‘Buffett tax’ on millionaires

Postal Union Demands that Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe Resign Immediately

Nancy Giles on GOP candidates ignoring audience's bloodlust (video)

Nancy Giles on GOP candidates ignoring audience's bloodlust (video)

Is Fascism Coming to America? And If So, Dressed as What?

120 unwanted Donkeys airlifted from Hawaii to California for adoption

Jesus Christ Files Lawsuit Against GOP For Slander

Hard Times Getting Harder

18 killed as powerful earthquake jolts northeast India, Nepal

At first I was po'd that cspan paired Dana Priest with the loathsome Doug Feith

"Occupying" Wall St.? They're all laughing.

Soon a repeat of this (toon)

Bank deposits soar to record $10 trillion despite low interest rates (LA TImes)

I am excitedly waiting for the next round of Gallup presidential approval rating numbers.

Why vote?

Little Rock desegregation plans go back to court

Immediate and Total Repeal of the USA/Patriot ACT - Sign the Petition!

Toon:Lower than a Snake's belly...

A little country schoolhouse

Comparing bour books that critically address Sarah Palin - from ProgressiveAlaska

Did Ralph Nader set himself a date by which he'll announce this primary challenger?

Did Ralph Nader set himself a date by which he'll announce this primary challenger?

Not for some of the people here--but there are some actual progressives still

How to tell radical Muslims from radical Republicans

Seattle's J.P. Patches To Make Last Public Performance

This week CBS late night guests include Jill Biden, Keith Olbermann, Caroline Kennedy

Self-deleted by member, other liberals grapple with idea of supporting Obama’s reelection campaign

Need DU wisdom: International service programs for college-age student?

Chinese condoms too small for South Africans: report

Siemens to quit nuclear industry

The "Patriots" Are Suppressing The 2012 Voter Turnout. SOME PATRIOTS.

Kucinich on US Bailout of European Banks: We Cannot Continue to Throw Money Down the Bank Hole

Raina was badly injured from being used as a dogfighting “bait” dog

German SPD tops Merkel party in Berlin state vote

Class Warfare? What the hell are you talking about?

American taxpayers could be forced to foot the bill if Fed's bailout of faltering Eurozone turns sou

When You Believe Lies, You Give Your Power Away

One of the victims of the Reno plane crash.

About the 1963 Birmingham Bombing 4 girls killed (Alabama needed a "few first-class funerals." )

Alec Baldwin Pulls Out Of Emmys Over Censored Murdoch Phone Hacking Joke

Republicans in a bubble...

Gaddafi spokesman: 17, including French and British, captured

Last thing the GOP wants is to have Bachmann hammering RomneyCare the rest of the debates

Fox Kills Alec Baldwin's Phone Hacking Emmy Joke; Baldwin Pulls Out Of Ceremony

World War II in Photos: The Eastern Front (The Atlantic)

Academic Publishers Make Murdoch Look Like A Socialist

Why There Are Protests On Wall Street: Their Actions Impoverished More Than 60 Million People

Who are the liberal intellectuals of the early 21st century?

A New View of Work

Obama to reveal deficit reduction plan Monday (does this have a thread anywhere?).

Pat Robinson 'Alzheimer's is grounds for divorce'

This is awesome if true.

Nothing to do, so I got poetic.

Also Perfect !!! - (Dial-Up Warning)

So, is Ian's Pizza gonna open a Wall Street branch?

The Girl Scouts' Allegedly Radical Feminist Lesbian Agenda

Toon: Just Die

Navy Upgrades Discharge Status of Gay Sailor…From World War II

Teachers, I have a couple of questions for you

Alec Baldwin's Emmy bit nixed on Fox after star jokes about News Corp. hacking

Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

I talked to my father this afternoon about the Reno air race.

Missouri town calls on KU to drop Jayhawks mascot

LOL !!! - Perfect !!!

A Short History of Glass-Steagall and the Result of Its Murder

A real Wall Street takeover threat


Toon: Fall Trends Forcast

Paul Ryan Calls For Increasing Taxes On Middle Class But Dismisses Millionaires Tax As ‘Class Warfar

Why go through with a grocery strike in this economy?

#TakeWallStreet update

All good things must come to an end (my bumper stickers will be coming off)

Petition: High school kicks out gay teen

Paul Ryan SUPPORTS program that lets jobless work for free! Take THAT, Ryan bashers! USA! USA! USA!

Homeless being turned into 'modern slaves' by criminal gangs, says charity

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: sex with maid was 'moral fault'

Women of World War II (dial up warning, very pic heavy ! )

Ron Paul wins California GOP straw poll

Mark Kelly - Gabby Giffords husband was supposed to fly a P-51 in Reno Air Races

Pipeline (Keystone oil sands) fight spurs lobby frenzy

US poverty mapped – interactive

I don't usually post Canadian content in GD, but Terry Fox is a real hero.

Harry Truman said it very succinctly...

Want a Real Economic Stimulus and Jobs Plan? Forgive Student Loan Debt!

Anyone hear former Rep. JD Hayworth(Insane-R) telling us liberals how we should feel about Obama?

Fox Kills Alec Baldwin's Phone Hacking Emmy Joke; Baldwin Pulls Out Of Ceremony

Lest We Forget: President Kennedy's Jobs Program 1962 and so much more

Ever see what percentage of white Democrats voted for Obama in the South in 2008?

Dear top 1%: Y U No Pay Taxes

#OurWallStreet - posted that people could call a local pizzeria to feed the protesters


It's the "framing" Republicans use that dominates political discussions.

rcv'd this tweet: " "I refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one"

The quality of manufacturing around the world

Sunday's Doonesbury - the 400

Berlin's new Pirate Party might well be here to stay

Breaking: 6.8 Quake 43 miles from Gangtok, Sikkim, India

After losing his building, Megachurch Pastor Jerry Johnston starts over

top ten banned bookks in US

top ten banned bookks in US

Palin Trash Books-A Family Business-I'm seeing a pattern here (opinion)

Germany has a "Pirate party"? How cool is that?

Germany has a "Pirate party"? How cool is that?

One of the best comments ever in the NYT

Woman still missing after Reno Air Show crash

Woman still missing after Reno Air Show crash

It ain't class warfare....

Libyan Revolution Week 31 part 2

Libyan Revolution Week 31 part 2

Say consumers are tapped out and you're a private sector hungry for growth

Morning bells are ringing (photo)

Larry Summers Has A Lot Of Goddamned Gall !!!

Don't stomp my head bro

Robert Reich: 'Don’t be silenced by Dems who say by doing so we’ll jeopardize Obama's Re-election'

50 things you're not supposed to know!?

Imran Khan: 'America is destroying Pakistan...'

Man, how they can spew this shit with a straight face...: Republicans Call Obama’s Tax Plan ‘Class

Weather Warnings For A 'Climate Changed Planet'

Watch "Drugged, High on marijuana" at 5 pm

Wall St. Protesters Say They’re Settled In - ABCNews

Wall St. Protesters Say They’re Settled In - ABCNews

I may have made a right winger think a little over the weekend.

"Class Warfare"

What took you so long MSNBC: Protesters invade NYC Financial District

Nice to see Canadians see through the Libyan propaganda.

"Inside Amazon's warehouse----- Lehigh Valley workers tell of brutal heat, dizzying pace...."

"I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one."

Three potential systems in the Atlantic

More Ethics Trouble for Clarence Thomas

One thing I hate about the UK: man defends himself against two burglars and is arrested for murder.

A Double Win for Fresh Food

Will the NFL and the media give as much concern to this woman as they did Vick's dogs?

I think we need kind of a retirement "amnesty" for people who are out of work and over 50

Update: Boy arrested with rocket launcher released

Alarming Poverty Rate: Is U.S. Becoming a Third World Country?

The Real Reason the US Wanted Gaddafi Gone by MURRAY DOBBIN in Counterpunch

The Real Reason the US Wanted Gaddafi Gone by MURRAY DOBBIN in Counterpunch

I'm braced for the inevitable flames, but the fact is, Bill Maher is a total asshole.

Entitlements? Damned right we're entitiled.

I voted Democrat all my life. Still, I think blaming Nader for Bush is a huge logical fallacy.

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

Time to Stop the Real Reefer Madness

Names fail.

Poll: Should the federal gas tax be increased?

Frank Rich and Adam Moss Talk About What’s Really in Ron Suskind’s Revealing New Book About the WH

If 81% of Obama's base approves of him should he change something to appease the 14% who don't?

Do you believe Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted the maid?

House just passed bill to empower expansion of charter schools nationally.

A Victim of Its Own Success: Berlin Drowns in Tourist Hordes and Rising Rents

Household Net Worth in U.S. Fell in Second Quarter as Home Prices Slumped

Loggerhead Sea Turtles Declared Endangered (Obama administration changes designation)


Jumper on the Roof with IBS

How can I be one of their best customers?


Fiddler on the Roof on PBS


If you could transport yourself to some other culture to live out your life which culture would it

New show on A&E this fall, American Hoggers.

First 1K House prototype from MIT competition

Anyone seen the movie "Trust" with Clive Owen and Catherine Keener?

Meet the sloths

i am getting my first physical since

Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon

Kahlotus Prairie, Washington

Hanging Lake, CO

A bottle of wine sounds really good right now,

Biggest Crocodile Ever Caught?


Twistin' USA

A handfull

You got a problem with that?

I give hugs

Pretty in pink

Red Sail in the Sunset . . . without the sails

On the picket line - 2


Kitten dodges death at plant

Desktop Time!

No m-f'in snakes on THIS m-f'in plane!

Fun with cows

Which Filmmaker Has Displayed the Most Repugnant Offscreen Behavior?

This dog loves bacon,maple smoked bacon

Yep, I bet they're the first tourists to ever do this.....

Foereigner still RAWKS!

1 good thing about facebook,it always lets you know a friends birthday is coming.

If somebody is doing something stupid AND illegal...

Went to grocery store

Hidden Lake - Glacier National Park, Montana

I forgot how wonderfully great the loungers were

Work? But there are cute kittens to be watched... Forever!

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom STILL thinks that sign in his hospital room was COMPLETELY uncalled for.

Just saw the funniest comment line ever on a you-tube Sara Palin Sex Tape UNCENSORED video

Hey,where has HEyHey been?

Cats have mad skills -- but they're just not very good liars.

A Day in the Life of X:

Just started watching the show "Breaking Bad" - wow....

Joe Henry: The Ohio Air Show Plane Crash

Your dog IS really really happy you're home and you WANT to believe him/her. You really do.

Tom Verlaine vs Alex Chilton?

MFM (nice Prince Valiant haircut!) acquired a taste for tequila at a very early age. DIALUP WARNING

My little dragon, Scorch, meets a Teabagger in the Tea Party secret base...

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

The 'Little' Long Island Ice Tea

What food is the most fantastic when it is fresh (as compared to how you usually get it). I

On the picket line


The Last of the Mohicans - Promentory

Yeaaaaa, Dallas Cowboys didn't choke.

Former employers never grasped that MFM wasn't dressing for the job he HAD... but the job he WANTED.

colorful bird

Is our childrens learning to read?

Anyone watching the Emmys?

To help you through these last hot days of summer

For some reason I can't stop yawning

Who would you like to see on Girls Gone Wild

Who would you like to see on Girls Gone Wild

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sock Hop Edition

You just can't make this shit up

Human Geometry

Yoga Mat for Sale (ad on craigslist) -- FUNNY!!! :)

Uninvited Dinner guest

Finally getting my own car... I need bumper sticker suggestions!

You're a major league baseball player. What song do have them play when you come up to bat?

Sunday Afternoon Math

Keep DUer Rhiannon12866 and her mom in your thoughts tonight

You know you've hit the point when nothing phases you anymore when you can walk up to the customer..

Wow! This 19th century photo looks ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE......

Palestinians Will Seek Full U.N. Status, Abbas Says, other liberals grapple with idea of supporting Obama’s reelection campaign

GM, UAW agree on profit-sharing in new contract

Calif. GOP looks to Hispanic voters for revival

Ron Paul wins California GOP straw poll

Homeless being turned into 'modern slaves' by criminal gangs, says charity

After losing his building, Megachurch Pastor Jerry Johnston starts over

Pipeline (Keystone oil sands) fight spurs lobby frenzy

3 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan

Conjoined twins separated by Great Ormond Street doctors

Obama to offer his own debt reduction package (will not offer any proposals to reduce Soc. Security)

Favourite line from a funeral, wedding vows, etc. I was at a funeral

Liberal Democrats vow to fight rightwing policies of 'ruthless' Tories

Syrian boy, 11, shot dead in protest against government on first day of term

Imran Khan: 'America is destroying Pakistan...'

Justice Department boosts activity to police the police

Berlin's new Pirate Party might well be here to stay

Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted Kennedy, dies at 51

Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted Kennedy, dies at 51

Yemeni protesters 'fired on by troops'

Indonesian women stage skirt protest over rape remarks

(Wisconsin Governor's) Archer profited when job shifted from civil service to appointment

USGS: Magnitude 6.8 earthquake - SIKKIM, INDIA (Himalyas)

UK arms fair under scrutiny over 'cluster munitions' stall

U.S. Decides Against Selling F-16’s to Taiwan

Bill Clinton: Cheney Trying to Cause 2012 Mischief

Workers take to the streets as debt summit concludes

Turkey to freeze EU ties if Cyprus gets presidency

Report: UBS CEO not resigning in trading scandal

Siemens announces the abandonment of the nuclear business

Welsh mine deaths: Church services for Gleision miners (The Prince of Wales to be royal patron)

GOP backing? Oppose split vote (state's split-electoral vote system that awarded Barack Obama a vote

(Rahm Emanuel) Chicago’s Mayor Challenges Teachers Union

Bill Clinton: Focus on job growth, then deficit (CBS Interview Today)

Libyan NTC leaders fail to agree on interim cabinet as fighting continues

Republicans Accuse Obama of Waging 'Class Warfare' With Millionaire Tax Plan

Cluster Bomb Ban Powers Ahead Despite US Absence

Police: Trucker killed 3 prostitutes across South

Greece Nears a Tipping Point in Its Debt Crisis

Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show

Focus on the Family Faced With More Layoffs

WRAPUP 4-Assault on Gaddafi bastion ends in chaotic retreat

(CBC Chairman Rep) Cleaver (D-Mo): If Obama wasn't president, we would be ‘marching on the WH'

I hope all of this anger at the President is being channeled somehow.

How many new 'millionaire's taxes' will be passed before election day 2012?

anyone remember DU on Bachman campaign some years ago?

The Flip Side

dominionism NOT left-wing conspiracy theory

Obama’s EPA Cues $130 Billion Race to Cut Pollution by 2015

GOP candidates revive private Social Security idea

The perfect theme song for the Republican Debates

GOPs??? What are they made of? Projectionists? Phonies? Peggys?

Oh look, Protesters in New York City. Yawn.

Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires

Advisors who carry out their advice not as it is accepted but as it is given

Catholic priest attacks columnists pooh-poohing domininonism

Republicans Accuse Obama of Waging 'Class Warfare' With Millionaire Tax Plan

Bill Clinton's Hand Tremor

The impotence of opposition.

OMG - Rick Perry must be a secret God hatin' Nation Hatin' Muslim.

CBS/NYT poll: 64 percent of Obama voters think his performance in office has been as they expected

Bachmann: Obama Just ‘Sat On His Hands’ And Let Mubarak Fall

Michelle Bachmann- "Obamacare Is The Worst Thing That Happened To America (Americans)"

Obama Hit Pieces

XemaSab appreciation thread

On Supporting Pres. Barack Hussein Obama's policy proposals going forward...,

Bill Burr - Chatrooms

Easy Rider...the weight

Workers Solidarity Movement Dublin - Noam Chomsky

Amid Major Job Cuts, Is Bank of America 'Too Big to Manage'?

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

Barney Fife, Andy Griffith - the Preamble To The Constitution

14 Months

Message To Law Enforcers (NYPD)

Young Turks: Drug Cartel Torture, Murder To Warn Social Media Users

Unemployed Constituents Stand Up to Paul Ryan, Get Arrested.

United we Stand Divided we Fall ~ Canned Heat 1970

CNN: Ben Stein 'We must raise taxes'

Mike Malloy - CNN Goes To Bed With The Tea Party

Mike Malloy - Let Him Die

Russian ex KGB media mogul punches an opponent live on TV.

Young Turks: Coral Reefs Gone By End Of Century

Bernie sanders at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

Mike Malloy - Another 9/11 Lead Unfollowed

Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the

Dr. Cornel West inspires thousands at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

Calling Bullsh*t on Bill Maher and Dexter Filkins

Clinton on Obama: "He's got a good economic plan...never does the country any good by panicking."

TDPS: Poverty rates higher than ever, both parties basically don't care

Bill Clinton just gave President Obama more support than I've seen Obama get from anyone lately

MiniVan overloaded with 66 people(kids) in China


Faceoff at 55 Wall St. - Eat Cake

Occupy Wall Street Protests

Forget HPV, CDC Recommends Mandatory Foxxinations

Dag Hammarskjold: Was his death a crash or a conspiracy? (BBC) {Interesting history}

Walmart's Fresh Food Makeover

Soweto designer Lesego Malatsi aims to conquer the fashion world

Fact checker: Boehner on federal regulations

A Riddle that Brings Joy to Mega Rich Hearts

We're winning the war on war

Poverty grows in Rick Perry's Texas

Online Gamers Crack AIDS Enzyme Puzzle

Republicans Are Using The Great Recession As An Excuse to Assault Middle-class

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

The Coming Republican Push On Iran

Entitled? Damned right we're entitled.

Where are the Compassionate Conservatives? (Eugene Robinson)

#OccupyWallStreet: Searching for Hope in America

Inside Amazon's Warehouse: Workers Tell of Brutal Heat, Dizzying Pace (+Fake Promises of Perm. Jobs)

Obama is a Kenya-Born Muslim: Pat Boone

SIROTA: The bait and switch of school "reform" (teachers are the bad guys & WALL ST. the good?!)

The Roommate Revolution: Why Living Alone is Overrated

Medicare premiums DROP, ENROLLMENT RISES under new health care law

Medicare premiums DROP, ENROLLMENT RISES under new health care law

Bachmann's Dumb Excuse For "Pray the Gay Away"

something to be happy about

'Porpicide': Bottlenose dolphins killing porpoises

Fish shrinkage probed in lab

NSW Explosives Firm Reported 265 Breaches Of Toxins Laws In 10 Yrs, Never Investigated

Over 500 villagers protest China factory pollution

China's Investments In Canadian Tar Sands Total $15 Billion In Past 18 Months - Houston Chronicle

Boundary Waters Fire Now At 100K Acres, 0% Contained As Winds Pick Up After 2-Day Lull - WSJ

Killer bees attack, kill farm animals in Bisbee (KOLD)

For Mid-Georgia, 5th Drought In 15 Years May Preview Permanently Drier Future

At The Holocene-Anthropocene Boundary - 75% Of All Mammals Face Extinction +/- 300 Years - Study

As The World Warms, Environmental Protections Put On The Back Burner

Cash-strapped California schools seek savings through solar

Cesium detected in 4% of tested rice

Siemens to quit nuclear industry