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Delete, dupe.

What are they saying about that lil system near Florida?

Indiana Tea Party groups gun for GOP institution: Sen. Lugar

War on Christmas Planning Meeting.

My comment on Greg Sargent's WaPo Column

Feinstein sues bank, treasurer in alleged theft

Day "7" of Wall Street Occupation...Other Cities Launch Occupations!

BREAKING: UK lawyer for phone hacking victims says legal action to be launched in US against News Co

It's Friday and time for Bill Maher on HBO at 10 EST ---Guests are Michael Moore

Murdoch's media empire's role in the rise of isolationists on the right growing in the UK.

Lawrence ODonnell is having a good dem program tonight. I am almost regaining


9/24 1pm MInneapolis Rally for 1st year Anniversary of raids on Peace and Social Justice activists

Watch this GOP primary real good. It may be the last one you ever see?

Watch this GOP primary real good. It may be the last one you ever see?

"They tell us that/we lost our tails/evolving up/from little snails..."

"They tell us that/we lost our tails/evolving up/from little snails..."

Remember Skylab?

Santorum: Socialists ‘teaming with radical Islamists’ to spread venom

Union: Documents show Boeing aimed to trump unions...F#CKERS

If the GOP thinks Chris Jabba the Hutt Christie is their only hope you know they are in trouble

AppIebees: "Poop is Food"

Like Olbermann, like Colbert, Dylan Ratigan gets it about

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says No Sex in the Military

Report: Border Patrol abuses widespread

Norm Coleman joins Romney presidential campaign as a special adviser

Alternet: Too Little, Too Late: Commissioner Kelly Tells NYPD to End Stop-and-Frisks

Help Fresno, CA become more progressive 9/24- Solidarity Summit

Posting just cuz I agree..

Real Time Roundup

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF & a new Kitty gif

'Irvine 11' jury finds all 10 students guilty, will not serve jail time - LA Times

Who’s Behind the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and Why It Matters

Reid: Obama Will Call House Back From Recess If Necessary Over Shutdown Fight (TPM)

Local Noozradio says satellite will reenter within the hour

Mid sized corporations are gutted when deregulation takes place in an industry. Is this why

Follow on Twitter @UARS_Reentry

Imagine being a Republican right now

#UARS over northern Mn

Bill Maher - Damn Jane Harman is an apologist for the establishment

Rachel on Voice of Choice -must watch

SF Supervisor proposes law requiring bikes be allowed in all offices.

It's possible that #UARS is down by now.

They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar

The dark horse, John Huntsman....

As joblessness continues, Obama faces tough challenge in reengaging black voters

As joblessness continues, Obama faces tough challenge in reengaging black voters

There some days that reading the news just makes you feel so good.

So I guess the Freepers are admitting that Obama won the War On Terra

Mr. Fish Toon: Roadmap to Peace

The two Ricks = both hypocrites on the illegal immigration/college tuition issue

Fix The People Problems Or The People Will Fix It For You....

Rogue trader or Rogue Bankers - UBS Chief Executive Resigns

Robert Frank is on Chris Hayes on the tax battle

Day "7" of Wall Street Occupation...Other Cities Launch Occupations!

Fox/Google Debate Hosts Anti-Immigrant Hate Group FAIR For Immigration Question

Just watched a movie that was nearly as bad as the GOP debate - Eegah!

Pushing "Solyndra Scandal," Fox Distorts George Kaiser Speech

RENT this film!!!! "The Company Men" 5 out of 5 *****

Get a load of this tripe: Five myths about millionaires

O’Reilly is poutraged that President Obama is “not interested in reforming the muffin problem"

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Dirty Secrets: Who in Congress are Siding with Big Polluters?

You're all missing the point...

If the story reported by this news station is true, we are surely

Two camouflage-clad men with guns found on property owned by Federal judge

'Big' government not the problem; 'bad' government is

Hindu Festivals

Al-Shabab returns Somali victims to famine-hit villages

Gov. Christie favors townhalls in richer, older, whiter and Republican areas

Gov. Christie favors townhalls in richer, older, whiter and Republican areas

Japan finds rice needing thorough radiation test

Tea Party Republicans are the weak, dark side of America.

Texas teen's suspension reduced after anti-gay remark

China eyes full old-age pension coverage by 2015

Hair Shows Aborigine Ancestors Were First to Explore World

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.

Simple logic re: polls. Few people think - most just reflect. And what do they reflect?

Tea Party Crashes 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest, Finally Brings Press To Event

David Parker NC Dem Party Chair speaking well now on C-Span

Fox in the Schoolhouse: Rupert Murdoch Wants to Teach Your Kids!

Challenging Einstein is usually a losing venture

Bought E-85 flex-fuel for the first time yesterday

I was sent this by E. Warren-link of photos and videos of her announcement

With Phone-Hacking Cover-up Unraveling, News Corp. Faces More Legal Questions In U.S.

Scientists discover another object capable of moving faster than light

Fla. lawmakers warned about possible protests at the Republican National Clown Convention in Tampa

While shopping at Costco an employee asked "did you find everything you were looking for?"

Please keep my niece and her kids in your thoughts

Bill Maher (Job Creator): New Rule: Americans must stop voting against their economic self-interest.

Mortgage rates drop to once unthinkable lows at less than 4%

Corporations Undermine UN Effort to Reduce Chronic Diseases

Social Justice Food Is Not Just About Food

GOP to Fed: Let Economy Fail

the rupert murdoch story has disappeared down the rabbit hole

HSRP - Hal Sparks Radio Program in 10 minutes...

I'd like to dedicate this song to all the soldiers fighting in Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York

Ground beef headed to Ga. school districts recalled

Rick Perry is too much like George W Bush to give any credibility...

This question is for Ron Paul

This question is for Ron Paul

Escort licence will be useful says police chief.

Castle Bravo - oops!

From 2009, Time Magazine's "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis"

Would someone please explain to me (and this is a rhetorical device)

White collar conservative flashing down the street. Pointing their plastic finger at me

Maybe it shouldn't be called class warfare

For the first time, I realized that "Nader" rhymes with "player-hater".

Scott Walker Left Milwaukee in Shambles: Conservative Group's 2010 Report Buried

Public pension funds hammered by a perfect storm

Juan Cole: Palestine, Bahrain and US Hyprocrisy

Radioactive Rice "Far Exceeding" Safe Levels Found in Japan

Fastest to a billion

Bristol Palin Heckled at Bar While Filming Reallity Show

And I thought coming out as an atheist was hard!

Judy Garland's ruby slippers to go under the hammer

China's Chance to Be Our Economic Savior by Dean Baker

A Billionaires' Coup in the US

I love the Muppets

The Wall Street Occupation Turns One Week Old Amid Arrests and Solidarity

Populist for a Day

If You Live Near Seattle Look Skyward at 9:20pm PST

Liberals and Progressives, explained by GOPers and Tea Partiers

Remember when 110 U.S. cities including Washington, Chicago and Baltimore were basically on fire?

The White House is hosting petitions ! Please sign to end corporate personhood!

Putting pot in its place

WisDems Seek Information on J.B. Van Hollen Role in Scott Walker Corruption Probe

Mike Thompson toon on the surge in child poverty

Fla. millionaire convicted of murdering wife

Fla. millionaire convicted of murdering wife

Mike Luckovich toon: New Surgeon General's Warning

toon: Class war declared

4 Banks Have 96% Of $250 Trillion US Derivative Exposure +Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On A Time Bomb?

Police Commissioner Calls on NYPD to Stop Improper Marijuana Arrests

Toon "Republican Buffet"

Danziger toon- The Debate so far

Tinkering with the Machinery of Death Continues - FDL

republics using Solyndra to broadly discredit renewable energy

republics using Solyndra to broadly discredit renewable energy

Oscar Handlin, Historian Who Chronicled U.S. Immigration, Dies at 95

Nike WHQ just spam-called me soliciting for donations

Ray Kelly Finally Does the Right Thing with Weed Arrests

Ray Kelly Finally Does the Right Thing with Weed Arrests

How the heck did they get Santorum to a debate with Google?

"Coming up right now is ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... PRISON !!"

Karl Frisch bit of the Hal Sparks Radio Show missing Ustream today

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz...oh what a relief it is.

Obama’s unwise campaign against Palestinian statehood

If 400 people lived on your block...?

Military file shows no Gulf War record for RI lawmaker who says he was injured in Iraq

Rush Limbaugh claims Obama plagerized him.

Tired of hearing how smart Gingrich supposedly is from media whores

Words rejected by spellcheck

Above The Law - USA (24 Sep 11)

Neither the Republicans nor the Teabaggers can exist without the other

This pic really says it all for me.

Redstate: “Perry Loses the Debate; Romney Wins but Remains Unacceptable for Conservatives.”

More long term unemployed seeking disability payments

It isn't every day you step outside and see . . .

No Child Left Behind: A conspiracy against public education

How about a war we can all support?

Call Bloomberg now, demand release of arrested activists 212 617 8000

Republicans that hate taxes...

Politico: Chris Christie "Reconsidering" his Refusal to Run in '12

Documents show Boeing went to South Carolina to trump unions

TSA Scanners Can’t Seem to Detect Your Concealed Weapons Through Shiny Clothes

There is a reason Perry seemed unprepared and uninterested at the last debate

Majority Rates Obama ‘Same’ as or ‘Worse’ Than George W. Bush

New prospects for North Dakota?

Teabaggers Gone Wild in Arizona

Hey lookey, this GOP debate wordcloud just surfaced...

TPTB have decided that Perry can't have the nomination

animal cruelty charges for dog-sitter who exercised Chihuahua by running it by car (dog ok)

Welcome to the year Nineteen Eighty Thrity-One.

It's "Banned Books Week"!

Beer heist goes about as wrong as possible

They have no shame...

B25 Crashes into the Empire State Building (1945)

Two great page-turning political novels

US leads the developed world in medically preventable deaths

How can I make it better?

Live stream of occupy wall street

Chelsea Clinton leads family reunion as Clinton Global Initiative closes

Buy the world a Koch..

Controversial New York Islamic Center Opens…Without Controversy

Gail Collins' op-ed in NY Times.

Detroit accepting applications for its Senior Emergency Home Repair Program today.

Facebook to introduce new JumpShark app.

OMG -- If anyone posted this Clay Bennett cartoon I missed it ...

Racially heated posting sparks UC Berkeley outrage

Racially heated posting sparks UC Berkeley outrage

Racially heated posting sparks UC Berkeley outrage

Notice how the media is coming out in force saying perry is finished. Remember when they did the

What fucking planet these pople live on? What It Takes to Become a Millionaire

Whatever Happened to the "Peace Dividend"?

For my fellow Lee Mercer supporters....

Heh - little levity on a Saturday night...

The super rich get richer, and the rich get poorer?

¼ of women in prison sexually molested before age 18 – same as general population!

Wow. Tom Morello: Fuck Yeah!

The problem with Congress and the USPS

Do you think Rick Perry will fizzle out before Iowa?

Where is the list of places delivering food to the NYC 99%ers

Republican Party Drafts Caligula for Nomination

Herman, Herman, he's our man..If he can't do it, no one can

The teabaggers like pictures...wonder if they'll like this...

Regulations create jobs

Does anyone still care about the kerfuffle over the date of Obama's jobs speech to Congress anymore?

Does anyone still care about the kerfuffle over the date of Obama's jobs speech to Congress anymore?

A Week of Non Sequitur- The Church of Danae

Hasn't Ralph Nader done enough damage?

Do you think Cheney is guilty of violating international laws prohibiting torture?

KRUGMAN: Never mind all the bleak stuff I’ve been writing lately...

I know this marriage thing is new to my gay friends, but please....

Ali Soufan, former FBI interrogator, is coming up next on BookTV

#OccupyWallStreet thread: Day 8: Live stream video team arrested?

CNN anchor disgusted by Ben & Jerry's "Schweddy Balls" ice cream

Help me refute my math nerd cousin

Rick Perry strikes me as a boor

Interesting how the Tea Party's Eric Cantor and...

Not ONE Of Them!

Bear hunter who died in Montana grizzly attack was shot to death

Bear hunter who died in Montana grizzly attack was shot to death

Can you even begin to imagine what would happen if a servicemember were booed...

Republicans and Media Teeing up attack on Elizabeth Warren

Judge: Go to Jail or Go to Church

I've been helping to decode old books.. and didn't know it.. You probably are too..

Ala. town's criminals get choice: Jail or church

Live blogging from the New Hampshire mid-term Democratic State Convention!

DOJ Says They've Debunked The '$16 Muffin' Myth

Revolution is off the table

Where does this mindset originate? "I won't support your union, but please support my union."

People who eat lots of garlic stink. Their breath is gross and the smell oozes from their pores.

Basic tax data

Toon: Tagline ideas for the Post Office

Anyone know anything about the Weekly Standard's claim

Gloat over my stupidity - DU is for marijuana and against smoking?

Hungry Owl Project - California City builds 6 owl homes cuz rats are out of control

Police Officer Tases Teenager in the Face to Stop a Fight

Why is Obama Selling Weapons to the King of Bahrain While He’s Attacking Pro-Democracy Protestors?

Only Non-Smokers Need Apply At Baylor

Abortion in America: terminating one twin

Tesla, neutrinos, speed of light, 1932

"We are the last line of defense between a civil society and its destruction"

Activist Post Deleted Google Erases Popular Alternative News Source?

'Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we do to get this black man'

just here for a minute. took a bad fall on Tuesday night smashed my tibia and fibula

Tell Mayor Bloomberg to stop the NYPD's brutality against the Occupy Wall Street Protesters!

Question re: missing an international flight

Chris Christie back in spotlight as Perry sags

Read These Stories Then Tell Me Why I Should Respect People Just for Being Rich?

Businessman jailed for drunken rant on BA flight

it's amazing watching the media do a 180 on rick's almost as if....

it's amazing watching the media do a 180 on rick's almost as if....

Mass arrest at Occupy Wall Street, over 80 arrested, including media team

Historically, violence was much worse in the past than today

The reason I think E Warren will be first lady POTUS

You know you're an aging GenXer when........

There Will Be No Double-Dip Recession

New Research Points to Lessons from Dutch Cannabis Policy

I have a question...About the "DU Ignore Tool"

OccupyWallStreet: Peaceful female protesters maced

RIP Jamey Rodemeyer

God bless Garrison Keillor....

I can think of one way where giant banks can be brought down to size. If only a quarter

David Gergen is so full of shit...

News from the Future: 2016 - Christie vs Warren

MSM avoid mention of "Occupy Wall Street" because their Masters Order them to do so....

What if the Tea Party Occupied Wall Street?

Should employers be allowed to ban from employment those who smoke cigarettes off- duty?

Particles found to break speed of light?

Do you believe homeowners with a securitized mortgage will one day receive a valid Deed and clear

Troy Davis Protesters Occupy Wall Street

Troy Davis Protesters Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street! A Week of Occupation & A Movement Gains Momentum

Occupy Wall Street! A Week of Occupation & A Movement Gains Momentum


Taking your ball and going home...

I just got the wackiest call from the NRA

Class Warfare My Ass

Class Warfare My Ass

Conservatives Say It Out Loud: They Hate Democracy

Conservatives Say It Out Loud: They Hate Democracy

Let's have some Friday Funnies

War on Christmas Planning Meeting.

War on Christmas Planning Meeting.

MiddleFingerMom is ready for any and ALL emergencies.

ooops dupe, sorry!

I'm about to MUNCH OUT!1 - STOP me NOW!1

ooops dupe sorry

DUDES!!! Turn down the stereo... ... and call out for some pizza!

How to pour a glass of red while hula hooping

For "Archie" Fans, A POLL just for the S&Gs & fun of it.

Are you a turtle?

BREWERS!! Wow!!!

I want THIS magnetic ribbon.


Not bad for an eighty-three year old.

American Bison, Yellowstone

I got a kitty, and I am so happy! A little bitty Siamese snowshoe bleu-eyed kitten!

i think the budster has maxxed out

Sometimes honesty IS the best policy.

1 / (1-r) = 1 + r + r^2 + r^3 +r^4 +.........

Google, has all my favorite Muppets.....

DirecTV DVR not working - Code: 14-729 - ugh

MiddleFingerMom was in the hospital for JUST short of 3 months with a severe cardiac condition.

Somebody's been a b-a-a-a-a-d boy, mm-mm-mm...

most important post ever on DU ..... life changing stuff

The original pitch for the Muppet Show

Will I be clipped in the head by falling NASA debris?

It can be a living hell when you have untrustworthy housemates.


One of the #1 album, um... "picks" of all time.

Don Li'l MiddleFinCorleone -- The Godson:

Who will GOP boo at next debate?

Damn. Something big just fell in my yard. I think it clipped my raingutter.

PHOTO: CATS, in 25 words or less. Actually 4 words. That's less than 25, right?

There is a cute Google doodle honoring Jim Henson's birthday today.

Mandy's Firefly Tatoo

About our cali, for those who may have missed it:

As a guy I'm sick and tired of being told what is manly.

Why does my dog keep pushing her ball underneath the sofa?

Some EXCELLENT advice when it dawns on you that you've recently taken a powerful hallucinogenic drug


Cats are relentless. They will not stop until you get it through your thick skull.

Just a note before retiring: How many miles (like, 300) are too many to visit an elderly sister?!1

At long last! Done with work! No clinic for nearly a month! Hawaii, here I come!

PHOTO: "SSSSSHHHH...stop right there. Turn around, go get the tartar sauce. Go! Now!"

PHOTO: If there's anything cuter than a baby chick or a kitten, it's...

Why does my dog keep licking his balls underneath the sofa?

European Robin

Physicians create a taxonomy of bread-bag fasteners that have been lodged in people’s colons

Saturday, September 24. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Saturday COLLEGE FOOTBALL Thread: "Country Roads" edition

Who the hell moves at 12:30 in the morning?!?

Post a link to the worst local TV commercial from your area!

The Dude Food abides.

Sea Salt and Vinegar Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are a tool of the Devil.


PHOTO: "Comfortable," to you and I, may not mean "comfortable" to a cat...

Two orange babies in a box

Hope to Cope

More Germans opting for penis enlargement

Today is National Punctuation Day, what's your favorite punctuation mark?

Anyone know roughly what it costs to have a Locksmith open your car up?

Just saw yet another ad for "Pan Am."

Scary bikers

Petition to legalize pot is first to hit White House threshold; ET proposal close

Opposition Leader Is Handed Reins in Zambia

PG&E trial on San Bruno explosion set for July

As joblessness continues, Obama faces tough challenge in reengaging black voters

U.S. OKs daredevil's Niagara Falls tightrope walk

Activist Post Deleted Google Erases Popular Alternative News Source?

Self-deleted by member

Nasa's UARS satellite plunges to Earth - but where?

Turkish oil exploration ship sets out to contest Cyprus drill rights

Ex-defense minister Tantawi appears in Mubarak trial


Senate rejection of disaster aid bill prolongs stalemate

Second giant chunk of space junk heading for Earth

NASA UARS Update: Falling Satellite Could Hit U.S.

Can we hear it for Zippy the Pin Head?

Anonymous link alleged in Santa Cruz hacking

90,000 Colombians displaced so far this year: NGO

House passes bill to block broad Environmental Protection Agency rules

Policenet Spotted at Plaza (Livestream Video)

Students Battle a Dallas Cowboys Unit Over College Apparel

Kamala Harris (D-CA Attorney General) a key player in settlement over mortgage crisis

Multi-trillion plan to save the eurozone being prepared

GOP: Obama regulations are killing jobs

2 hikers held in Iran to return to US on Sunday

German tourist killed in Afghanistan

Wall Street Protesters Arrested During March Through New York

Mortgage rates drop to once unthinkable lows at less than 4%

Inspector general: Bush-era Pentagon officials cleared of wrongdoing

Grab your headphones! Pink Floyd Live 1974

Turkey seizes Syrian ship, announces arms embargo

President Obama’s Weekly Address: Getting Serious About Education Reform

DOJ: Rick Perry's Texas Redistricting Plan Purposefully Discriminated Against Minorities

(New York City) Police Memo on Marijuana Warns Against Some Arrests

Human rights group urges Ottawa to investigate Cheney over torture

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll

VIDEO: "Marc Martel: Freddie Mercury Impression Makes For A Very Viral Video"

Republican Debate Audience Boos Gay Soldier

I wanted to post info/link over here for those of you who

DaGumIt-That Rick Perry Fella Sure Is A Grate Debatar

EPI supports “FAST” legislation introduced yesterday

Obama gets a good laugh at us naive peasants thinking we were free

"Two years ago GM and Chrysler were hanging by a thread when President Obama stepped in "

It is imperative that we lobby Congress to schedule confirmation hearings for Dr. Donald Berwick

Policenet Spotted at Plaza (Livestream Video)

OBAMA: 'I Am A Warrior For The Middle Class'

Herman Cain upsets Rick Perry in Florida straw poll

Obama taps L.A. federal judge Nguyen for 9th Circuit

For anyone who thinks that wanting Perry to be the Repub. nominee is the same as

Romney And Perry Speak In Michigan, Epicenter Of The Auto Industry They Wanted To Let Fail

CBC Chairman Cleaver: McClatchy article used "dated quotes which were taken out of context"

Larry Flynt is offering 1 million dollars to anyone who has sleep with Perry

NRA Claims 'Massive Obama Conspiracy' Not to Ban Guns

Spinning Perry's suckiness. He's not "slick". ... But he is tired and suffers from back pain.

President Obama Speaks at the CBC Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards Washington, DC Tonight

"Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) praised President Obama's new jobs plan "

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll

NYT's Joe Nocera: The Phony Solyndra Scandal

Obama wrote a jobs bill, is following through with his promise to take it on the road to tout it,

Our FRiends "weigh in" on Chris Christie reconsidering a Presidential run...


Clinton disses the Tea Party

Use One Word To Describe Rick Perry

Win dinner with Obama - no lobbyists allowed, no donation required

Weekly Address: Strengthening the American Education System

Caption this:

Fox News Give Santorum a Do Over On Bashing Gays

The Effort to Save the Paul Lawrence Dunbar Post Office

Justice at Hershey's (Chocolate Factory) March of 1,000 - 9/23/11

Fancy Time Boat Protest arrival the Governor's Mansion 9.22.11

Max keiser Global Currency War "All Fiat Currencies Will Collapse"

Facebook announces big changes at F8 conference

Morgan Freeman - Tea Party/GOP are Racist - Piers Morgan Tonight

Michael Moore On Wall Street Occupation & MSM Blackout & He Calls For Complete Boycott Of Georgia!

On the Edge with Max Keiser - Irish economic crisis - 09-23-2011

Papantonio: Hatred Wins At Republican Debate

OPERA neutrino experiment on breaking speed of light - webcast

Interview with Ted Charach (RFK assassination)

Are they Crushing Our Faith in Humanity On Purpose ?!Ironic News Report, Sept 23, 2011

Rick Perry: "I've never been proud to be an American"

HA! Conservative Pundits Turn On Perry After Debate

Young Turks: Michele Bachmann & Dangerous Food

Sam Seder: Occupy Wall Street Takes On Corporate Greed and Corruption

Stingray' Phone Tracker and the violation of the 4th Amendment

The Perfect GOP Candidate!

Republicans Pro-Life or Pro-Death?

Women In The U.S. Military Being Raped By Commanding Officers! With NO Recourse!

Choosing a point of comparison

Senator Wyden: Repeal foreign profit tax break (reduce corporate tax rate to 24 percent)

Wall Street Mocks 99-Percenters By Looking Down, Drinking Champagne (let's make this viral, huh?)

If Atheists Ruled the World

Morgan Freeman on CNN: "Racist Tea Party Doing Whatever it Can to Get this Black Man Out of Here"

Russia's Medvedev backs Putin for president

AFSCME: More Jobs Equal Less Debt

Fox in the Schoolhouse: Rupert Murdoch Wants to Teach Your Kids! - Mother Jones

Bill O'Reilly Calls On Obama To Pursue 1960s Tax Reform (of Kennedy)

Welcome to Middle-Class Poverty— Does Anybody Know the Way Out?

A crisis of capitalism

Peeling back the layers of a Goya

Tea Party Crashes ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest, Finally Brings Press To Event (Satire)

The Fight Over the Future of Digital Books

Moral philosophy Goodness has nothing to do with it

Sword bears oldest use of calendar

What happen to my/our country's heart !

"19th-Century Modern": The New is Older Than You Think

Tea Party Crashes ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest, Finally Brings Press To Event

Seniors air their financial worries at annual AARP gathering

Solar Module Price Cuts Stimulate Massive Growth in US Photovoltaic Project Pipeline

Mme. Lagarde Goes to Washington.

Dr. Kenneth Hendrickson: Legalizing Marijuana May Be For the Best

Friday Talking Points (182) -- Class Warfare? Hardly.

NYC Bar Association Issues Report on “The Brutality of Supermax Confinement”

Do we need laws to end every kind of risk?

Goodbye to International Law

Pompeii shows its true colours

U.S. Sold Bunker-Busting Bombs To Israel: Report

The Phony Solyndra Scandal

Financial Press Articles on Solyndra Bankruptcy Reflect Economic and Engineering Incompetence

An Open Letter from Occupy Wall Street to All Americans and Progressive Media

Funny Pictures Mocking the GOP Presidential Candidates

Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond the grave?