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Archives: September 26, 2011

Giants beat Tigers 4-2 in Japanese Pacific League :(

Greece is a poor country with rich citizens

What Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority and Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel said.

US tax authorities target bank deals

ADAPT reports success

Yacht world seduces China, Brazil's super-rich

Let's have a pool to guess what Obama's approval rating among liberal Democrats will be this time.

Statement from National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor on Saudi Arabia's Announced Reforms

Google loves teabaggers!

It has been a while since I watched it , but why is Zietgiest considered right wing

Didn't Arafat or Palestine recognize Israel in Oslo in 1992?

What The Media is Doing to the Wall St. Protest is What They are Paid to Do!

What no-drama Obama could learn from no-hysterics Eric - Salon

The power of subtle and sometimes blatant corruption in politics is so overwhelming

Don't talk to cops!

What can we do to peacefully aid the Wall Street protests?

Typical republican these days, says "war experience" caused his problems...

The 10 Most Outrageous Luxury Purchases In August

Dying Army veteran (survivor of 60 Vietnam combat missions) races against time to adopt baby girl

Radiation Therapy Studio Diary Track 5: Identity Issues

Rick Perry Still Blocking Reporters on Twitter

INFOGRAPHIC: Each U.S Citizen Owes $3,719 To China And $475 To Russia

Oakland hospital death inflames labor dispute

Oakland hospital death inflames labor dispute

Pair of earthquakes jolt Bay Area

Koch Brothers and AFP going after FCC and net neutrality

India floods situation worsens in Orissa and Bihar

Top 10 reasons to vote Republican

Whatever happened to "Do No Evil"? Google donating to the Heritage Foundation

Whatever happened to "Do No Evil"? Google donating to the Heritage Foundation

Mother is accused of DUI in Lancaster crash that hurt 6 children

Utah Undie Run: Thousands Strip In Salt Like CIty In Protest Of Conservative Laws

Google has decided to become bipartisan, so have I

GOP playing "curse FEMA" with disaster aid for East Coast (CBS video)--Annoying next game of chicken

What's with all of the Straw Polls??

He makes some great points

Kenya's Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai dies aged 71

Truth from eighty years ago, or why our leaders are a collection of putzes

Is there a conspiracy in the NYPD?

The Bill Press Show starts in 2



Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding

GMA's WH correspondent just blew off the debates' "Die! Die!" and

The Latest Tea Partied Triple Whammy is Mind Blowing!

From good times to bad times

Joyeux anniversaire, TGV !!!

Unbelievable wind storm yesterday (Saturday 9/24)! (DIAL-UP WARN)

Low Income Women Cant Afford Healthy Diets

Send Food to OccupyWallStreet protestors -

just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes

just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes

just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes

'Massive jobs shortfall' predicted for global economy

Anyone catch 60 Minutes tonight?

Toronto Star: Disabled Pickering boy took his own life after he was mugged and bullied

Chart: How The Climate-Change Deniers Won

Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011

Are trial transcripts public records? How would you obtain one?

Tell the Media to Cover the Occupy Wall Street story!

Modern Banking

Cancer cost 'crisis' warning from oncologists

Cancer cost 'crisis' warning from oncologists

Ohio churches debate gay issue through billboards

Hunger In The Fields

NY Times editorial: The DP is grotesque & immoral & should be repealed.

Obama 2008 victory "a poisoned chalice?"

How You, a Billionaire, Could Reform Education

Jim Crow laws and hospitals.

Above The Law - USA (26 Sep 11)

The banks and other entities are not only too big to fail. They are

Egypt's labor movement blooms in Arab Spring

Remember the "end of the world" was supposed to happen on May 21st...

Sarah Im-Palin', the mean girl who owns Wasilla, AK - McGinniss

The Hill Blog - "Time to Bring in Palin", or "We are bat-guano insane"

The Federal Reserves Prepares To Eavesdrop On Everything Mentioning The Fed?

FL Lt Gov Mad at Media for Not Praising Jesus, Also Advocates Ignoring Scientists

Elizabeth Warren donations via Daily Kos exceed goal.

Now that I've reached over 1000 posts, a question for DUers

Carl Bernstein on Rupert Murdoch's Watergate

OMG Did anyone else see Gov. Walker on Morning Joe this morning? Unbelievable!

Plastic natural gas pipe failure data kept secret

Plastic natural gas pipe failure data kept secret

If someone hadn't learned cursive writing, could they figure out some of it?

Was there ever anti-LGBT violence at the schools you attended?

Violence Vanquished (or we live in the most peaceful time in human history)

A Gay Grandson to an Evangelical Empire

Curiosity tonight-Atlantis Uncovered

It’s the INCOME, Stupid! or "It's the Economy, Stupid! Part II"

A Reminder of October 6th.

OSHA Cites Madison's Oscar Mayer With Safety Violations

Toon: How to flummox a t-bagger

Two Tibetan monks set themselves on fire in China - sources

I won't be vacationing in New York City, and encourage you to do the same

Krugman: German market signals “catastrophe for the Euro...hard to find reasons for optimism”

If cuts to Medicaid and Medicare are on the way.

Identifying trolls on DU is easy right now. Watch for "Wall St. protesters have no clear message!"

Neutralizing the Trolls

Reporter Guidelines: "* We’re not someone’s goddamn transcription service."

scott walker under investigation????

Manchester Squalor Gave Marx’s Theories Human Form

Wisconsin Magazine Felates Scott Walker

MSNBC showing videos of Wall Street!

American Media Hates Peaceful Protesters For Not Being Violent Pigs

North Korea's women break taboos to get food on the table

Question about the police on Wall Street - is it only the officers in the white shirts

Question about the police on Wall Street - is it only the officers in the white shirts

Apple Trimming Orders for IPad Parts, JPMorgan Says

Water was leaking into electrical conduit near Walters (Baltimore)

MSNBC NOW! - Ezra Klein on the Wall Street protests

Hospice: An island of loving caregivers in a sea of insanity

MSNBC....Analysis: Fla. poll surprise shows GOP desperation

Oil leaking out of ground 300 ft. from Broadview Heights drilling site

"Occupy Wall Street" Protests Face Move

Young people worldwide having more unsafe sex

Macy's to hire 78,000 temporary workers for the holiday season

Macy's to hire 78,000 temporary workers for the holiday season

FB rumor - Burger King is refusing to serve Wall Street protesters

You do know FBI Director was appointed by Bush and admitted to breaking the law?

It's not "Let's fight 'uncertainty' for job creators", it's trickle down economics

CA DU'ers - 18 Year Old ALS patient Medi-CAL won't pay for home care parents 03 legal immigrants

Bernie Sanders: Rebuilding After Irene

Traveling to help a fellow state

If Cain wins the puke nom, will the white racists vote for Obama?

Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dies at 71

Saw a facebook wall pic I couldn't help but admire

More republicown family values...DUI twice legal limit in churchy DuPage County Illinois.

Police: 96-Year-Old Woman Kills Nephew

Florida Fallout: Perry, Romney Withdraw from GOP Race

Dems to John Boehner: Your Lawyer Is "Unreasonable"

SNL Explains How Michele and Marcus Bachmann Met

Republican candidates vie for Fox News chief Roger Ailes’ advice, ear

Republican candidates vie for Fox News chief Roger Ailes’ advice, ear

New Homes Sales Fall to Six-Month Low, Prices Decline

Obama right to tell Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to 'stop complaining': Rev. Al Sharpton

Florida Straw Poll: Time to Send the BatshitCrazyHalftimeGovernor Signal?

What's so great about Chris Christe?

There's gotta be a joke here. Anyone know?

Mass. drunk driving death inspires bipartisan bill cracking down on unauthorized immigrants

Will the government ever succeed in censoring the internet ?

GOP bill would force deportation of undocumented domestic violence victims

Loads of Articles out there on Obama saying 'Stop complainin'

On a lighter note. Jack the sheep who thinks he is a dog.

FL Repub Chair Dave Bitner died of ALS yet still opposed embryonic stem cell research

Obama to Unveil Plan That Drastically Changes No Child Left Behind

Are the regular NYPD being told that the protesters are being violent?!

Inbred Cat

Closing medical marijuana dispensaries raises crime, says (RAND Corp) report

Chris Christie Vetoes $420K 'Snooki Subsidy' Production Credit



Faux News As Tea Party’s popularity fades, is edging back toward the mainstream

Tonight on Countdown:Protester Kelly Heresy, Ken Burns, Karen McVeigh

Tonight on Countdown:Protester Kelly Heresy, Ken Burns, Karen McVeigh

Wisc Repubs want to ban research on fetal stem cells from fetuses aborted 40 yrs ago

To avoid any confusion this was the most influential group responsible for ending the Vietnam War

The Philosophy Behind “Occupy Wall Street”

New York Cops Are Bloated and Out of Shape

Jim Hightower: The Corporate Takeover of the 2012 Presidential Election

Tom Monaghan starting new gourmet burger delivery business ... Gyrene Hamburger

Tom Monaghan starting new gourmet burger delivery business ... Gyrene Hamburger

President Obama directed his comments to The Congressional Black Caucus

Areal photo of that little disruption on Wall Sreet...

Occupy Wallstreet is national

How the NYPD Slipped Blanket Surveillance of American Muslims Past the Courts—and the People

How the NYPD Slipped Blanket Surveillance of American Muslims Past the Courts—and the People

David Schuster hit the nail on the head of what is wrong with the media and the 'debates'

the media is sweeping out perry and drooling over christie

why is the republican party so in love with

PCRM Insults Wisconsinites with billboard.

Salaries of Omaha City employees in the Omaha World Herald (yep mine too)

GOP shifts away from payroll tax cut

seeing red

seeing red

The 1980s Tylenol poisonings.......Is the official story bogus?

Tea Party Scandal Explodes in Arizona Recall Election

Did you ever notice . . .

Did you ever notice . . .

Did you ever notice . . .

Perry, Romney and the rest should give up. Dennis Miller endorses Cain

"The young people protesting reject this vain economic order. They have come to reclaim the future"

"New York's finest". This policeman needs to be prosecuted.

Comment from comedienne Elayne Boosler today:

NY Times - "Verdict on Kagan’s first year on Supreme Court" - Great Read On A Liberal Justice

Fukushima: Pipe leading to REACTOR 1 filled 100% with FLAMMABLE GAS -- may be 100% hydrogen!!

Year's Swelling Hog Prices Drive Porcine Crime Wave

Insult to injury. Troy Davis' body sent to Atlanta at familiy's expense

studies say most teachers now have only 1 to 2 years experience

The case of the disappearing cleavage

The case of the disappearing cleavage

Attention CURRENT TV - Occupy Wall Street is your Casey Anthony Trial Moment !

I think things are going to get a whole lot better in a big hurry real soon

What Gay Rights Activists Can Teach the Left About Winning

John Is Paying a Dear Price But You Won't Read About It

DNC punches back at audience reactions during GOP debates

Homeland Security Makes Appearance at Occupy Wall Street

FRANK RICH: In Praise of Extremism -What good did bipartisanship ever do anybody?

"They just have to get it close enough to steal...." - how do we know

NY Times - "Whatever Happened to the American Left?" - The Left Can't Sit Back

How could Morning Joe today not ask Scott Walker about that criminal investigation in WI?

How could Morning Joe today not ask Scott Walker about that criminal investigation in WI?

Scientists Disarm AIDS Virus’ Attack on Immune System (a couple days old)

Robert Reich: Why This is Exactly the Time to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

Do you agree or disagree with the President's new, more aggressive tack against the Republicans?

Dress witches in pink and avoid white paper to prevent racism in nuseries, UK expert says

Why does everyone want charter schools?

Serious question regarding Perry and Bachmann

Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Nails the GOP Debates

Our story so far - byTom Tomorrow

Who here thinks another Tax Cut will do "Squat" to creat Jobs

Thank you Mayor Bloomberg!!!!

Let’s see what kind of choices you make when it’s your turn to be flattened by the economy

It's not class warfare, it's Christianity

Iran held us because we're American

"Once Again, Nader and West Team to Elect a Republican President"

Coffee, Social Pressure and Predators

Italian lawyer calls Amanda Knox a 'she-devil'

NYPD Spokesman LIES about circumstances surrounding the macing of those young women!

"Survey" from my Republican Congressman

I've just about had it with my brother.

I think New Jersey's 15 minutes

I've looked at several of the videos of the police/protester interaction,

Occupy Wall Street: Raging Grannies Show Support in Liberty Plaza

The glory of a health care system free from government

2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls go online

2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls go online

Why did Canada (safest banks in the world) miss the mortgage crisis?

When all you have is a hammer, every problem you encounter looks like a nail

occupy wall street reminds me of monty python

Johns Hopkins scientists figure out how to 'disarm' AIDS virus

What did hippies accomplish?

"The working class and the employing class have nothing in common"

Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street is ‘where the hope of America lies’

32 Pictures Of Police Brutality From Occupy Wall Street Protests

Heads UP!!!!...."Occupy Together" announces nation wide event schedule.

Free Checking Falls to 45% of Customer Accounts

Retailers Are Put on the Spot Over Anti-Gay Aid

Occupy Wall Street: some photos

JUSTICE Department Continues to Play HIDE & SEEK With SIEGELMAN Documents

F**k You, Frank Rich!

From suburbia to skid row shelter - LA times pictorial / article

Excellent Historical Footage between 1900 and 1914.

Video game challenges players to live on $8 an hour

If the Wall St. protestors wore suits and ties would that legitimize their grievances?

"They Only Call It Class War If We Fight Back:" 6 Ways The Rich Are Waging Class War Against America

Good news! Good news! U.S. Economic Freedom Continues Fall; Global Average Declines (SMU/Fraser)

Pay-by-race bake sale at UC Berkeley still on, student Republican group says

94% of winning candidates in 2010 had more money than their unsuccessful opponents

What media coverage omits about U.S. hikers released by Iran

Westinghouse Introduces Low Cost, Do-It-Yourself, Home Rooftop Solar Kits

Christie CANNOT run for President...

Sen. Kay Hagan Backs Employment Nondiscrimination Act

If you support the Wall Street protests, say hi here.

When the World Outlawed War

Open msg. from KY Att. Gen. Jack Conway: Big banks causing our economic collapse

Rescue dog saves new owner's life after he suffers epileptic fit on walk

Just wanted to talk about something that has me saying 'WTF?"

A Nation at Risk

"Save it for next year."

Another "scientist' exposed as fake

Did you attend, lead or organize a protest in the 1960's ?

Another "psychic" is exposed as a fake...

I Ordered Death in Georgia

What the hell is going on with the circus side show on Wall St?

Obama - Stand Up And Fight

An open letter to the Democratic Party.

If excessive regulations kill businesses, why are there truckers?

Please sign a White House petition to extend unemployment comp for 99+ers

What does victory look like on Wall Street?

Hallmark unveils "layoff cards" for the unemployed

Hallmark unveils "layoff cards" for the unemployed

In Perugia, Italy, a modern day witch trial. Literally.

David Sirota dismatles Melissa Harris-Perry column: "arrogant elitism"

David Sirota dismatles Melissa Harris-Perry column: "arrogant elitism"

Rampage in Barber Shop. "Geepers, we're sorry. Muffy would never hurt a fly."

She, Too, Is Our Sister

Do you lock your doors?

454 elementary schools in Chicago. Only 13 have volunteered to participate in the longer day

Anonymous outs Mace Cop. I stand with Anonymous.

I miss Bush. There, I said it.

"He was 14 yrs. 6mos. and 5 days old --- and the youngest person executed in the United States."

Rise like lions after slumber

Sarah Palin Threatens to Sue ‘Rogue’ Book Publisher

Our .gov did WHAT with four AK-47 pistols????????

"Here in the Western World" - this song is about the expat communities in Soviet days, nyet?

On the night watch

Julee Cruise - Falling

This is how good Seattle was...

Keanu Reeves: Shakespearean Actor

I Think, Therefore I FAIL

Family owl

The Night is Dark & Full of Terrors (Teaser for A Game of Thrones, season 2)

OFFICIAL Monday morning FART survey.

Bobby Troup - It Happened Once Before - Julie London Colour TV Show

The Frankenspeakers live (and sound great, too!)

The kiss

My plant is doing something I've never seen before...

Surf City Surf Dog competition - in pictures

He's back!

Breaking Bad: How does Walt survive another season?

PHOTO: Well...I guess that explains why he's SMILING.

The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius

Happy Dog

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom is STILL coming up with creative ways to pay those hospital bills.

Poll question: OFFICIAL Monday afternoon (CENSORED BODILY FUNCTION) survey

I found out why the Lions are 3-0...

Easy-to-follow prescription instructions

Why is it when I'm a broad

Sunday Funnies. Post a Pic of Your Favorite Sunday Funnies. Past and/or Present.

Which generation do you think has the most intense experience in bed...

Why is it when I'm abroad

"Opting for penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "opting for penis".

Is this really smart?... really?

I've prepared dinner for you, Clarice......

Is It Okay To End A Sentence with a Proposition?

How do you contact somebody through Facebook?

Inbred Cat

PSI : DO NOT take benzodiazapines before driving somewhere.

What's the difference between a Republican, a $1.00 whore, and a road-killed skunk?

What are the most popular alcoholic drinks of DUers?

Cool house on Guerrero Street

Is It Okay To End A Sentence with a Preposition?

Joe's Garage

What is the sign for you that fall has arrived? I had some corn for dinner. It was not that

Why is it when I'm with a board

So I watched the premieres of "Charlies Angels" and "Pam Am" - **SPOILERS**

So I watched the premieres of "Charlies Angels" and "Pam Am" - **SPOILERS**

There's gotta be a joke here. Anyone know?

When Pete Seeger passes, who will be left?

Who are the most popular alcoholics of DUers?

Who are the most popular drug-addicts of DUers?

It's Just a Dog.

Why is it when I'm with a broad

THE most entertaining bad musical number. Ever.

Steely Dan "Black Cow" - he's in HER apartment, thumbing through her shit

Blue bird

Flying in the 60s: I was there. Memories prompted by "Pan Am".

Media players with high-quality sound

The Colts suck.

Terra Nova - any takers?

Businessman jailed 3 months for drunken jackassery on British Airways 747

What was the best Muscle Car ever built?

Rep. Waters 'suprised' Obama told the African-American community not to complain

Kenya's Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai dies aged 71

Russian Finance Minister Kudrin ousted

Trick, or Treat? Here Comes Our 7th Billion Human

'CIA building' attacked in Kabul

Official: Syrian troops captured in central town

Closing medical marijuana dispensaries raises crime, says (RAND Corp) report

What schools have you attended?

Johns Hopkins scientists figure out how to 'disarm' AIDS virus

Small Donors Are Slow to Return to the Obama Fold

Retailers Are Put on the Spot Over Anti-Gay Aid

Occupy Wall Street activists name officer over pepper spray incident

Obama Slams GOP’s Booing Of Gay Soldier: ‘That’s Not Reflective Of Who We Are’

The last Ole Bullfighting comes to an end in Catalonia

Transit cuts put jobs out of reach of workers with out cars

University of Maryland explosion in chemistry building reported

Scots prosecutors ask Libya for Lockerbie evidence

Senator charges GM's OnStar invades privacy

WikiLeaks uncovers Canadian detainee mystery

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, September 26, 2011

Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding

Harvard website hacked by Syria protesters

TWU Members Secure Hiring and Seniority Rights (beat Tea Party County Exec Ed Mangano at privatizing

Canada opposes Palestinian 'unilateral actions' at UN

(Fullerton) California cop pleads not guilty to murder in beating (Kelly Thomas)

Women to Vote in Saudi Arabia, King Says

Canada urged to launch Cheney torture probe

Bolivian police break up anti-highway march

Coke chief criticises US tax rules

Ken Burns is filming a documentary about your life. What Celebrity do you want to narrate your story

More Aggressive Whooping Cough Vaccine Use Advised

Lockerbie case shut, Libya says, after UK seeks help

Macy's to add 78,000 holiday jobs

President Obama says GOP would 'cripple' America

Christie Blocks Tax Credit for ‘Jersey Shore’

TEXAS TAX CUT -Refineries May Get $135 Million Rebate That Would Have Paid For Public Services

Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan

Strauss-Kahn seeks dismissal of civil suit by maid

Living People to Appear on US Stamps

Shipwreck of SS Gairsoppa reveals £150m silver haul

N. Seattle home explodes; 2 hurt

Obama On Perry: ‘You’ve Got A Governor Whose State Is On Fire, Denying Climate Change’

Videos Show Police Using Pepper Spray at Protest on the Financial System

NYPD chief: We could take down plane if necessary

Senate reaches deal to avoid government shutdown

"Tea Party Gives Romney a Second Look" because "It's not enough to be right and lose."

POTUS at fundraiser hits Perry as "a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change."

Lady Gaga shows at Obama fundraiser

Fidel Castro calls Obama U.N. speech "gibberish"

Obama: Booing of Gay Soldier 'Not Reflective of Who We Are'

Global Economies are Obama's too?

Mitch Daniels - a seemingly calmer, smarter, not bat-shit crazy Rick Perry?

LinkedIn Obama Townhall Meeting, live stream -

September 26, 2011 2:00 PM EDT :President Obama Participates in a LinkedIn Town Hall Meeting

Racism controversy erupts over Campus Republicans' bake sale plans

An interesting comment in Melissa Harris-Perry's latest piece that was overlooked, but very salient:

Which Obama economic bill(s) do you think will pass?

Obama says Republicans would 'cripple' America

CNN Poll: Perry still leads GOP field nationally

CNN/Opinion Research survey: Perry Still Leads Nationally But Obama Continues to Beat Him & Romney

Senate Averts Government Shutdown Threat, Funds FEMA (updated)

One Word That Explains Obama

President Obama Says GOP Would 'Cripple' America

Pew: Obama Draws More Confidence than GOP Leaders on Deficit

Team Obama: We're just fine with small donors

Could the GOP be heading towards an Open Convention?

A true story about racial sensitivity

I was just reading comments in The Seattle Times about Obama's

'I won't back down & I'm not a racist': Woman defends flying Confederate flag in black neighborhood

Rep. Waters 'suprised' Obama told the African-American community not to complain

Are white liberals abandoning the president?

Interesting numbers from CNN poll

Obama Slams GOP’s Booing Of Gay Soldier: ‘That’s Not Reflective Of Who We Are’

Obama's 'stop grumbling' speech prompts some grumbling

Mendota Flotilla Protest vs. Scott Walker's Mansion

Jack Layton's State Funeral

For Jamey

Once Upon a Time in the Tea Party

Rebuilding America's Schools Act

msnbc all hot about a Christie run today

Occupation of Wall Street Week 2

The Official Story of the Creation of the 2009 Tea Party

Krugman: The Wages of Bad Macroeconomics

God Bless Stephen Colbert

MSNBC covered Obama's LinkedInTown Hall for 15 minutes.

Young Turks: Rich Republican Congressman - Don't Raise Our Taxes!

"It's Raining Bullets!" Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near YOU! What Prohibition Gets YOU

Papantonio: How To Restore Manufacturing Jobs in America

OH DAMN: Melissa Harris Perry re: Joan Walsh's comment "We are not friends."

Stephen Colbert - Music Video by Inu

Sam Greenfield Captures The Truth

Goldman Sachs Rules the World


The Tea Party Influence on American Politics-E.J. Dionne

Thom Hartmann: Let's leave feudalism where it should be - in school textbooks

Alberta Oil Sands interview

Preparing Preschoolers For Prison

Rick Perry on Global Warming! (Tooned)

'Occupy Wall Street' US protesters condemn police violence

BANNED IN THE US: The War You Don't See

Failing Fed: 'Let's twist again!'

Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy: A Dangerous Precedent for Disaster Relief

Chris Hedges 'Wall Street run by criminal class'

Democrats Seek to Fund FEMA, Avert Government Shutdown

'I'm your biggest fan": Lady Gaga pays $35,800 to attend Obama fundraiser

TYT: Wall Street Hates Obama, Loves Geithner

Do you think criticism of Obama from liberals is racially motivated?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Jeff Sharlet, Part 1

Cash cow for private prisons

Not One Candidate

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Jeff Sharlet, Part 2

Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash

President Obama at Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner

Obama campaign has a small donor "pace that is even higher than his 2008 campaign"

Rich Guy To Obama: Raise My Taxes Please

In regards to the race issue...

If your unhappiness with Obama is not due to race then I and others are not speaking . . .

TYT University: Myth That College Grads Make More $?

The Rude Pundit Goes to the Occupy Wall Street Encampment

WaPo/ABC News Poll: African Americans' strongly favorable view of Obama drops 25% in 5 months

Falling Satellites -- OUCH!

Schweddy Balls Boycott

Papantonio: Commodity Prices Linked to Civil Unrest

Joan Walsh has been accused of having a racial bias and has been called a racist before

An observation about and a recommendation for discussions about race

WHITE HOUSE PETITION: Support Bernie Sanders bill to strengthen Social Security

U.S. To Hand Over Iraq Bases, Equipment Worth Billions

Global Systemic Crisis Fourth Quarter 2011: Implosive Fusion Of Global Financial Assets (LEAP/E2020)

Debt deal: anger and deceit has led the US into a billionaires' coup

America’s Post-9/11 Catastrophe

The Secret to Herman Cain's Success in Florida Straw Poll

BOOKS: The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America & Al-Qaeda. Peter Bergen (Jim Miles)

Book review: 'American Dreamers' by Michael Kazin

Our Man in Kandahar

"The young people protesting reject this vain economic order. They have come to reclaim the future"

Mom turns 70

The West and the Rest in a One-Model-Fits-All World: The Decline and Fall of Just About Everyone

This economic collapse is a 'crisis of bigness'

Ontario Green Party: Time for Ontario to get out of nuclear power business

Eight policies that conservatives were for until they were against them

Punked World (James Howard Kunstler)

Decline and fall of just about everyone

Chris Hedges: Tomatoes of Wrath

Italy: The Great Vatican Bank Mystery

'Massive jobs shortfall' predicted for global economy

(Haiku) "It’s safe, but" / They say over and over / that’s worrisome

German Central Bank Opposed to Merkel's Euro Course

Wall Street vs. Everybody

"Quixote," Colbert and the Reality of Fiction

The One Answer: Tax the Rich

Rampant Speculation Inflated Food Price Bubble – Wall St./Grain Traders Pushing Price Rises

US Pensions Retirement Heist

Flood Victims Getting Fed Up With Congress

Tea Party Has So Many Litmus Tests No One's Going to Pass

High Income, No Taxes: How Big Money Beats the IRS - Fiscal Times

Deficit Math: IRS Budget Cuts (demanded by GOP) Could Cost $4 Billion

Dangerously Addictive:Why We Are Biologically Ill-Suited to the Riches of Modern America

New Documentary, ‘Programming the Nation’

'Massive jobs shortfall' predicted for global economy

Fox's Weeklong Attack On Government Regulations Was Dreamed Up By Ailes - MediaMatters

The Pope is calling for "unity" against Marriage Equality...*sigh*

The suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer (14) shows that anti-gay bullying is still epidemic

Why White Liberals are Abandoning Obama

Cancer cost "becoming unsustainable" in rich nations

When did loutish, cruel, and ignorant behavior become socially appropriate?