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Archives: September 27, 2011

Did anybody see Pan Am last night?

Michael Moore on Piers Morgan for the hour and also the Joy Behar Show Tonight

Michael Moore's live interview with Piers Morgan airs at 9 p.m. on Wall Street protests

Ophelia reorganizing

Lawrence is bringin' it re: NY Police brutality of protesters

I just saw something beautiful on local TV news

News Corp doing clandestine espionage. The NYPD bragging about their anti-aircraft capabilities.

Blame the victim, bad cop

Blame the victim, bad cop

So, how often between now and November 2012 are we going to have these "shutdown showdowns"?

How Automation Leads to More Aviation Accidents

Don't Mess With Wall Street

Brian Stelter and the Pathology of Objectivity

Brian Stelter and the Pathology of Objectivity

Stop the Machine! Create a New World!

some information on "use of force" by NYC police

Michael Moore: am at the #OccupyWallStreet protest right now.

Corridor Wit: Talking Back to Our Teachers by Alfie Kohn

Corridor Wit: Talking Back to Our Teachers by Alfie Kohn

Rick Perry & Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine Controversy

My first experience with No Child Left Behind. What a joke!

Will the Syrian government offer Amnesty in the days after Zainab's body was found

Occupy Portland is gearing up! Any other cities out there doing the same?

"Ideology Trumps Accomplishment as 112th Congress Pursues Futile Bills"

"Ideology Trumps Accomplishment as 112th Congress Pursues Futile Bills"

Sorry NYPD, But FUCK YOU !!! - "Who's Side Are You On Boys ???"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! & a new kitty gif

That Obama speech at the CBC was actually quite brilliant


"Occupy Wall Street" posters.

My 10 year old nephew's best friend is a bully in the making

New study shows the damage of U.S.-China Trade

New study shows the damage of U.S.-China Trade

Micheal Moore on CNN with Piers Morgan again re: OccupyWallStreet

Just wanted to share a feel good story

Some clean-energy firms found U.S. loan-guarantee program a bad bet

The American Awakening...

Video: Detroit police officer punches MGM Grand casino patron

Local governments tap alcohol sales for revenue

New 9/26 Zogby poll - Cain 28% Perry 18% Romney 17%

Snyder may not run for re-election in 2014

Home-buying season the worst in at least 50 years

CNN schedule changing in early October. Wolf Blitzer and the Situation Room are on from

Ok to get your minds off the serious things for a second

U.S. spy drone crashes in south Somalia: rebel, residents

New website **** for nationwide action

heh. Tony Baloney is the subject of song lyrics in the Internet Tubes, now.

D. I. Anthony "pepper spray" Bologna has a pending civil rights complaint from 2004

NYPD commanding cops much more abusive than rank and file cops during Occupy Wall Street

Bachmann warns of Hezbollah ‘missile sites’ in Cuba

"My doctor doesn't have to pay for his own surgical instruments"

We are the 99%....

Amanda Knox's innocence is no technicality. She is "plainly innocent."

Breaking: Globe & Mail emailed news says this - but link is broken:

Breaking: Globe & Mail emailed news says this - but link is broken:

Wall Street Donated $41 Million to Supercommittee Members

Countering the birtherss?: Marco Rubio will write autobiography

Is there a RWNJ on your Christmas list? Perhaps a relative that you have to buy for?

Other Cities to Occupy in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Facebook - Is Zuckerberg’s Law: sharing less is not an option?

Does rig polls? Here when you vote for Obama, Perry registers the vote, not Obama.

US Takes Gloves Off With Pakistan

"If Perry's rivals weren't so hellbent on proving who can be the least thoughtful on the subject of

Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street is ‘where the hope of America lies’

Gas prices around the country

This is just fucking Pathetic

Above The Law - USA (27 Sep 11)

Above The Law - USA (27 Sep 11)

Thousands run through Salt Lake City in their undies to protest conservative rule

Waxman to Issa: Get Solyndra facts straight


Kathy Griffin comments about Nancy Grave's wardrobe malfunction (think J.Jackson))

Paging Jeb Bush

Coke chief criticises US tax rules

DU in a nutshell

DU in a nutshell

Obama Supporters to Launch Rally outside the ‘Smiley and West Radio Station’

Frank Luntz on the teevee selling Christie as "the Beatles."

If the Wall Street protests have done nothing else. I hope we've at least learned one thing.

Playing CSI leaves one sister with a bullet to the head

US infrastructure investment boosts economy during the worst of times.

Copenhagen Post: Christiania turns 40

Who should NH and SC Dems vote for in their OPEN primaries?

Interesting watching Joe Scab attempt to reframe the tax increase discussion

60 Minutes: Why Did 10-Year-Old Boy Murder Jeff Hall, His Neo-Nazi Dad?

Mama Lion rescues cub who had fallen down steep cliff

"Occupy Philadelphia" gaining followers...

Proof that the minimum wage is too low: more and more

If Obama were a teacher working under his performance driven Dept. of Education, he'd get a

Ice Cream Cone Mascot Mistaken for a KKK Member

LAT: What else will surface at Echo Park Lake?

Amanda Knox case: it's about money. That's why the murdered girl's naked body was displayed today

Pipeline regulation bill that even the pipelines want being blocked by Rand "Let them eat cake" Paul

The rapture ready Republicans seem sexually excited about going to war with nuclear armed Pakistan

Hey! Look over there!


" venting radioactive steam into the environment " (Mich.)

" venting radioactive steam into the environment " (Mich.)

A Blunt "It Gets Better" from VA Politician

The Cost of US Police Brutality During Protests: $55 Million and counting

Michael Moore on Wall Street protests tonight on CNN: "It's going to spread across the country"

The 10 best things government has done for us

Libya: Fleeing civilians witness bombing and shelling descimating Sirte population

Alabama Town Gives Small Time Offenders Choice of Church or Jail

A USA where war seemed unthinkable...

Proposed Law Aims to Stop Criminalizing People with HIV

Michael Moore is on fire right now live on Piers Morgan.

What's with the MSNBC evening ban on OccupyWallStreet? (I don't care about earlier shows.)

If you support Wall Street Protestors and asked how to help, send $, gear and supplies here:

In case you need a reminder of what we're up against (V

Postal Service Board Dominated by Corporate Execs, Lawyers, Lobbyists

Attention Dallas DUers...You Should Protest in Front of....

The DJIA Takes a big Jump this Morning

A billboard nonbelievers can believe in

Have you ever been maced or pepper sprayed?

Platoon Leader: Not Telling: Why I Won't Come Out to My Troops

Lawrence O'Donnell showing wall street protest --

work hard and smart

Penn Jillette pens an atheist bestseller

The 10 best things government has done for us

The 10 best things government has done for us

On my way the USPS workers

Google Millionaire Tells Obama: 'Raise My Taxes, Please!' (w/video)


The next seismic shift in the GOP nominee search will be

Christie is full of shit (but we know hat) he's running for President what a phony

Did anyone else hear Joey Scabs pronounce this a.m. that if

The actions of Ralph Nader supporters seem similar to Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

Rick Perry May Force Schools to Give Back Funds To Pay For Oil Refinery Tax Break

This is for the people at the Wall St. protest. Are your cell ph. cameras working.

What is old, is new again

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I beg someone to come and rip my eyeballs out.

Rick Santorum admits he smoked pot

Barbara Walters just predicted that Christie would get the Republican nomination.

Mascot Costume Causes KKK Controversy

The actions of Ralph Nader supporters seem similar to Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

Tony Baloney.

Mainstream media AKA "suckfest"

CNN anchor asked "Is the Stage big enough for Christie?"

Biden ----

The Revolution will be Nourished

not a job for me

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Susan Sarandon is visiting Wall Street Protest Site at 10:30 a.m. - Link....

What the Media Aren't Telling You About American Protests

Two older stories (1996/2008) but still interesting: City may owe royalty if it sings 'Happy Birthd

Two older stories (1996/2008) but still interesting: City may owe royalty if it sings 'Happy Birthd

'Sarkozy Has Lost the Heart of France'

video of occupy wall street violence..just a little video of what they're doing daily

HuffPo: Martin Bashir's Chris Christie Comments: Fat Jokes?

OCCUPY WALL ST. - check in here with your thoughts, feelings, video feeds, or whatever about OWS.

Poll: In Head-to-Head Matchup, Obama Who Ran in 2008 Would Trounce Current Obama says Borowitz

Reuters blog: Don’t dismiss the Wall Street occupation

Greece prime minister makes plea for German support

Parallels: Tahrir Square/Zuccotti Park

Officials say crime ring has weapons-grade uranium

Stupid voters enable broken government

Matt Taibbi: 'Occupy Wall Street': Drawing the Battle Lines

Okay, this is a little funny: Ice cream mascot mistaken for KKK clan member.

Paint store manager arrested after smoking weed, fighting at work

The Rude Pundit - Accept It, GOP: Mitt Romney Is All You've Got

School aide accused of taping child's mouth shut

Robert Dold: Stimulus Funding Is Wasteful, Except When It's Not . He voted against stimulus.

Do you prefer big federal government or big state government?

Big Business?

Bil O'reilly on the view again? Time to turn down the sound. nt

In North Dakota, Flames of Wasted Natural Gas Light the Prairie

Without Keith Olbermann, MSNBC on verge of falling behind CNN

IBC to Close Texas Branches, Cut Jobs. Cites New Debit Card Rule as Reason.

IBC to Close Texas Branches, Cut Jobs. Cites New Debit Card Rule as Reason.

Corporate Media Corrupted Exposed. Ignoring Occupy Wall Street Protests, Media Loses All Credibility

Fearing Change, Many Syrian Christians Back Assad

I just saw an appalling commerical.....

Mainstream Christians must stand up to the Religious Right

Oh crap! Add this to my list of things I didn't invent.

IF Republicans are rigging elections

Rebel Flag Still Flying in Black SC Neighborhood

Two airliners in near miss over Hong Kong

Cops should be required to wear their badge numbers in great big football numbers on their uniforms.

Tell me something about the "Tea Party"

HuffPo: Chris Christie Ain't Running

HuffPo: Chris Christie Ain't Running

Bill O'Reilly : "Dishonesty in the media is almost at a scandalous level!"

Super Committee's Cuts Anything But Automatic

Sorry, but Christie is no more electable than any of the other right wing loons

Tea Party More Disliked Than Ever, While Hillary Clinton Remains America's Most Popular National Fig

Legal mind needed. Why does Troy DAvis's body haave to be sent to the Atlanta crime lab before it

Gay men whip it out PDQ & Jewish Men Lie .... Patti Stanger

Signing and hip-hop Shakespeare at 2012 Globe festival (BBC)

French teachers strike over job cuts under Sarkozy

The one blessed thing the Christian Right does not understand

The one blessed thing the Christian Right does not understand

It comes as no surprise to me that DU's eugenicists are coming out now.

Melissa Harris-Perry to join David Sirota on his radio show next Friday

Woman reportedly injured by exploding toilet at GSA building

If you weren't old enough to vote during Clintons two terms, don't worry

Alabama town to offenders: Go to church or go to jail (You have got to be kidding me!)

Would you consider Occupy Wall Street as a political cause?

Would you rather identify yourself as....

Would you rather identify yourself as....

Can I throw an idea out here about why this war still seems to be going on?

OMG I love this guy on MSNBC. Asomugha of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Deleted. Dupe. n/t

Nouriel Roubini: U.S. in Throes of Economic Contraction

Welcome to the Occupation

Republicans Cheer That Labor Leaders Murdered In Columbia

If Chris Christie was pResident the deficit would soar, like AshCraft's Eagle

Justice Scalia: Religious Schools Should Have A Special Right To Anti-Gay Discrimination

Saw on the news that Toys R Us are going to hire 40K seasonal workers

Russ Feingold and Progressives United endorse Elizabeth Warren

New York Police Department head admits undercover cops are spying on activists in Canada and France!

Report: We have plenty of water, we’re just dumb with it

None of us know what Gov. Christie's medical issues are. Having

What would be the single thing that could change the political crisis we face in your opinion

From the Occupy Together Home Page

Harry Chapin on What Made America Famous -- an email from Alan Grayson

Was The Associated Press’ Transcription Of Obama’s CBC Speech “Racist?”

Wisconsin: Walker says he was unaware of aide's immunity deal

Palin on the verge...

Palin threatens lawsuit over book

Strikes and protests mount against austerity in Greece

Postal Workers Protest Manufactured Crisis Privatization Efforts (From Republicans)

Wisconsin: Walker says he was unaware of aide's immunity deal

Wisconsin: Walker says he was unaware of aide's immunity deal

What my friend witnessed tonight while cashiering at Wal-Mart.

I do not think it means what you think it means. ...

A new addition to the Maddow Show workspace (Emmy Award)

Seriously, if 20 White people showed up to a Teabagger rally it would be in the news 24x7

Legal loophole gives home ownership: Woman renting homes she doesn't own won't be charged

First official Progressives United endorsement.......(trumpets) ELIZABETH WARREN

Anonymous Endorses October 6 2011 Protests in Video Press Release

File under can't help but laugh: Ice Cream Store Mascot Mistaken For KKK Member

Wall Street Protesters stopped by NYPD right now during march -

Wall Street Donated $41 Million to Supercommittee Members

Wall Street Donated $41 Million to Supercommittee Members

Dad drops daughter to catch foul ball, mom glares

We Meant Well--book by Peter Van Buren

Why do anti-vaxers turn into concern trolls when their fiction-based attacks fail?

Of all the reasons Chris Christie should not be president...

Obesity and the health-issues that follow.

Science fiction author James Blish on negative criticism

The US Navy goes green with solar and biodiesel

Governor Christie tells lady "none of your business" where I send my kids to school...

That front row anti-Christ rantagainst the President last night

Boeing “Project Gemini” South Carolina 787 Factory Anti-Union Presentation

Guardian,UK: "Amanda Knox is a witch? Sorry, are we living in 1486?"

Guardian,UK: "Amanda Knox is a witch? Sorry, are we living in 1486?"

Fire ant defense: insects take field, delay game

Fire ant defense: insects take field, delay game

Deloitte Touche sued for $7.6bn in mortgage fraud case

Nebraskans speaking out against Keystone XL Pipeline

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,670

ALWAYS question authority -- the church says the earth is flat.

Is NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly TOO OLD for the Job?

The Humble Origins of Marxism’s Founding Document

Michael Moore speaking at #OccupyWallStreet

Michael Moore speaking at #OccupyWallStreet

CNBC: 'Occupy Wall Street' Gains Starpower—And Then Some

Free Randi Rhodes 24/7 Podcasts until 10/2/11

Free Randi Rhodes 24/7 Podcasts until 10/2/11

Sharpton on Jenny and Clarence Thomas

CNN Poll: Majority say neither party's policies good for country

Amy Goodman: Troy Davis and the Machinery of Death

LOL - Detroit Free Press Front Page

The rally against Anthropromorphic Hotdog Atrocities now has 3 Facebook friends

Class Warfare- LTTE

From Elizabeth Warren: New goal of 5,000 donors before Friday midnight.

Please K & R this post ..... 100% Batshit Crazy Time

Guardian: Across Europe, the left's fightback has begun

"Health insurance premiums climb faster in 2011"

A Question For Anyone Out There That Has Health Insurance From B.Cross/B.Shield Of Illinois.....

Bachmann at it again: claiming that Hezbollah is giving Castro missles

Is the health of a presidential candidate something that should be considered when supporting said

You should hear this d-bag on Chris Matthews' show.

Is this really so hard?

Lawsuit alleges priest in Kansas City diocese fathered child

China Claims To Have Chosen Tibet's Dalai Lama Since 1653. Must Approve Reincarnation.

""But the gay man," she went on, "they whip it out at eye lock!"

Are You Overcome with Regrets Now? Look, Here's The Thing

Crowd control vs riot control.

Tea party more than a temper tantrum

Strange demonstration outside DC

How the GOP Is Using Solyndra to Kill Clean Energy

Jon Stewart Talks Tough To The GOP Base: ‘Your Candidates Aren’t The Problem – It’s You’ - VIDEO

Cover of the new Navy Times: "Obama Targets Your Benefits"

The daughter of a co-worker committed suicide due to bullying. Please sign this petition

That thunder you heard was God going (holyfacepalm)

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Goldman Rules The World"

Weight Watchers called ... they want their shtick back.

Live Blog of #OccupyWallStreet: Day Eleven, Union Interest is Increasing

Seriously, Chris Christie's weight has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with whether he can run for Prez.

Cloaking devices.... yes we are there (used for *evil* mind you not military applications)

International Trader: I dream of another recession

Ecstacy 100% Proven To Kill Cancer Cells

There ought to be a law

Mama Lion Saves her Cub from Cliff

US(Corps) to invest in Indian infrastructure, defence and education sectors

Officer Bologna has a first name,

Serious question. When someone says they're a one-percenter, what are they talking about?

Remember the Berkeley College Republicans who wanted to sell cupcakes priced by race and gender?

US, European corporations rush to secure cut from Libyan war

Uh Oh, President Clinton is praising some charters at Education Nation Forum.

Is Chris Christie too obese to compete for the Office of the Presidency? It requires a lot of

Sexual Preference? What Does That Even Mean?

Sexual Preference? What Does That Even Mean?

Is the GOP the Humpty Dumpty Party?

Anyone ever buy a new car from a dealership online?

If Christie's weight is fair game because he might a candidate

For those here who hate capitalism - what do you tell the millions of corporate liberals?

Trader Tells Truth: "The governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world."

Southwest kicks actress off flight after lesbian kiss

An amazing word game for our Teabagger friends . . .

Patrons mistake ice cream shop mascot for KKK

Transgender kids: Painful quest to be who they are

Netanyahu throws Obama Under Bus

Patient dies on California hospital grounds after discharge

Eyes In The Sky Are Getting Expensive

Health premiums now more than a new car!

Rhode Island approves in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

"Hi, this is Sarah Palin. Is Senator Lieberman in?"

Those who say the Wall Street protests have failed or are doomed to failure ....

Employers see health insurance costs jump 9%

Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control

POTUS agreeing to send Health Care litigation to SCOTUS

Moore: Obama should be mad at himself

David Axelrod: Obama faces 'titanic struggle' to win reelection

Chris Christie's Wait Is A Problem!!!!!

Dead dogs found in landfill today, 22 shelter dogs used for target practice...

Deregulation does not 'create' jobs. It makes things more efficient. More efficient=fewer jobs.

The No-Evictions Sheriff

The No-Evictions Sheriff

Some thoughts on the "disorganized message" coming from the Wall Street protest.

BBC left speechless when trader tells the truth @ the coming worldwide economic collapse

*Story on PBS NewsHour, guys rappelling down Wash.Monument to detect damage.

There have been obese presisdents in both parties...

The Occupied Turn Occupiers

The Occupied Turn Occupiers

Share Traders More Reckless Than Psychopaths, Study Shows

First Person: Why We’re Giving Up on Home Ownership

Wall St. Protesters Show the Way: Congratulations to the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters!

#OccupyWallStreet: "That's the bank that took my parents home."

Ted Strickland blasts Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Cleveland speech, says rematch possible

Ted Strickland blasts Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Cleveland speech, says rematch possible

Dick Cheney's Vancouver visit sparks protest "Shame. Shame on you"

AFRICA: Lifesaving Vaccines To Reach 37 More Countries

Dr. Cornel West and Amy Goodman at the Wall Street Protest Site!

George Wright, Fugitive Behind 1972 Airplane Hijacking, Caught In Portugal

Has Rachel covered OccupyWallStreet at all? nt

Has Rachel covered OccupyWallStreet at all? nt

I do not believe what I'm hearing on Cspan-1 right now

Siegelman Sentence Delayed As DOJ Hides Conflict Data

NC governor recommends suspending democracy to focus on jobs Read more:

Army to cut nearly 50,000 soldiers over 5 years

My theory / wild-assed guess on the origins of greed

Regulators Weaken Dodd-Frank Draft Regs, *Allow More Risk* (ProPublica)

“The lesson we learned from Lehman is we have not yet learned that lesson” - Lehman Examiner

Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street Protests

David Brooks Is Upset at Liberals Who INSIST on Applying Arithmetic to Economics

Neighborhood Association said No to Awning to protect child's eyes from sun

The Shame of College Sports

When flying changed: 1978

NATO and Libyan troops seem to be indiscrimately bombing and shelling Sirte.

Arne's Race to the Top and how it fits into the new world wide economic order.

What do you feel about President Obama?

OMG- One of the women maced by Tony Baloney was DEAF? WTF???

Libyan Revolution Week 32 part 2

The next time you protest, I've two words for you: Bio Shield

On greed: "The outlook of people can be changed by changing their material conditions"

U.S. spent $10,612 per person in 2010

I do not need to see any more posts reminding us that cops do good work.

"Progressive"? No: I'm a Fucking LIBERAL!

"Progressive"? No: I'm a Fucking LIBERAL!

Muslim denied spot with Florida county's Republican Party

Congress to Giveaway 50 Million Acres of Publicly-Owned Wilderness to the Koch Brothers??

We are fucked.

The President is in serious trouble with the progressive left of his base.

Flying in the 60s: I was there. Memories prompted by "Pan Am".

Is Christie's weight fair game?

Maybe I can make a deal, to trim down the number of posts about Nader that I post.

Because the Left is Holy. And can't be criticized.


20 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Under The Age Of 30 Are Giving Up On The U.S. Economy

Pepper Spray video: Three people identified.

Confederate Flag - An Easy Way To Protest It's Display

To those who object to Anonymous' posting of Tony Bologna's personal info...

My wife's dental hygienist shocked my wife.

My wife's dental hygienist shocked my wife.

Forty Applicants For One Job

Ron Paul and his cheering cultists on the Daily Show are making me sick.

Ron Paul and his cheering cultists on the Daily Show are making me sick.

MICHAEL MOORE LIVE!!! for 3 hrs this Sunday on CSpan2 - pls keep kicked

RIP Jessy Dixon

When size matters

Forget gold, the best non-monetary currency for barter is

Dear sweet Mother of Mercy -- What... ... ... have... ... ... I... ... ... done?

MiddleFingerMom took the charge of "shit-for-brains" literally. Here, he's shown...

For those who have never been quite certain about exactly what "calories" are:

For those who have never been quite certain about exactly what "calories" are:

MiddleFingerMom never has been able to resist a "triple-dog-dare", but after THIS challenge...

PHOTO: In the 80s, MiddleFingerMom's regrettable "GothFingerMom" era lasted a mere 13 days...

Ok to get your minds off the serious things for a second


A bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down... and won. -- John Prine "Illegal Smile" (DIAL-UP WARNING)

I've got a new toy! A Blackberry Torch to replace my old Palm Treo.

At the Creationist Museum, there was no way in HELL young MFM could deny...

Is there anyone you would hate to see naked other than your spouse/SO?

In alternate rock-n-roll history, after Elvis was drafted, someone

Let's show some love for one of our own.

So,my little nephew ended up on youtube.

This about sums it up for me...

I wasn't doing anything . . .

Is there anyone you would love to see naked other than your spouse/significant other?

What do you no longer do. Me, tv and writing in my journal.

If you sell your product in a resealable bag

I know times are hard but geez......

When flying changed: 1978

A 90 minute training on telephone hardware. HARDWARE.

How to pack a suitcase

6/9, 69...Brian Jones announces his departure from the Rolling Stones...

For sports. Can you believe Detroit?

I HATE when this happens to me on the bus.

Does this ever happen to you when you're listening to music over headphones?

Does Anyone Recommend/Not Recommend Rosetta Stone for Learning a Foreign Language??

Ok, I just wasted 20 minutes on this site...

That exotic dancer was GORGEOUS from the top of her head all the way down to the tips of her toes.

Who has been to Africa? Where would you travel if you were going to go?

5000! 5000! 5000! 5000!

OMG I so want to see this movie: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey.

"Toe-Sucking" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Toe-Sucking".

Seriously Bath Salts? You have got to be fricking kidding me?

Why is "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys voted consistently as a bad song?

Anyone else take Geology 101 in college? Ours was nicknamed "Rocks for Jocks...

You CAN haz cheezeburger

MiddleFingerMom wonders how in the hell he is NOT in a relationship.

Welcome to Casa MFM!!!

something I shouldn't take so much pride in

Here's a look at the opening credits for MiddleFingerMom's new sitcom, "Oh That Mom."

Do you have nightmares about jobs you left years ago?

Who's tending bar in this joint? I'll have a very dry Hendricks martini up with a cucumber garnish.

Celibacy can be a choice in life, or a condition imposed by circumstances.  

A Promise I have made to HopeHoops

OK, I confess: the first I've ever really heard (listened to) Radiohead was

Cops 'ate pot brownies they had confiscated from teenager'

Are you completely happy, satisfied, and royally turned on by your spouse/SO?

I want to create a thread that never loads.

Rush hosed AGAIN.

Anyone just watch Terra Nova?

The Minus Man

Cancer cost "becoming unsustainable" in rich nations

Sarah Palin Threatens to Sue ‘Rogue’ Book Publisher

Best/Worst t.v. theme songs?

Senate leaders announce bipartisan agreement to avert government shutdown

Questions follow Saudi king's promise on women's rights

Cutter to leave White House for Obama campaign

Sentence upheld for aerospace engineer/China spy

(Ohio governor) Kasich Commutes Death Sentence; Childhood Cited

Some clean-energy firms found U.S. loan-guarantee program a bad bet

Thailand rebels deliberately target civilians - Amnesty (International)

South African former bio warfare chief risks losing medical license

Cuban protesters shut down

'15 Colombian unionists murdered since Labor Action Plan took effect'

Marion Barry’s son scheduled to be sentenced in drug case

Share Traders More Reckless Than Psychopaths, Study Shows

China Claims To Have Chosen Tibet's Dalai Lama Since 1653. Must Approve Reincarnation.

Michael Moore helps to "Occupy Wall Street"

Mexican Journalist Beheaded for Using Social Media to Cover Crime

Goldman Sachs plans deeper cost cuts (1,700-3,000 job cuts)

Shanghai train crash injures 200

Sharp Rise in US Health Insurance Cost, Study Finds

Excuse religious soldiers from events where women sing

US(Corps) to invest in Indian infrastructure, defence and education sectors

Report: Consumers spent less, earned less in 2010

Report: Consumers spent less, earned less in 2010

Syrian tanks storm strategic town of Rastan

In North Dakota, Flames of Wasted Natural Gas Light the Prairie

Anti-Qaddafi Fighters Edge Closer to Taking Surt

(Oakland, CA) Nurse in fatal error put supplement in wrong tube

Employers see health insurance costs jump 9%

Fearing Change, Many Syrian Christians Back Assad

Commenting Trolls want Columbia-style violence against unions in the USA.

SEC Puts Standard and Poor’s on Notice for Civil Charges on 2007 MBS

Obama aide Axelrod acknowledges hurdles to president’s reelection

Facebook raises its game in Washington by forming its own PAC

Justice report shows backlog in clemency petitions

Phone-hacking: NoW reporter Neville Thurlbeck takes publisher to tribunal

Fidel Castro calls Obama U.N. speech "gibberish"

Health reform lawsuit appears headed for Supreme Court

NC governor recommends suspending democracy to focus on jobs Read more:

Europe Readies Plan for Tax on Financial Transactions

Europe Nears Accord on Bailout That May Be Inadequate

What most cat lovers go through

Up to 3,000 sharks illegally netted on Texas coast

Blast hits Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel

Blast hits Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel

(Rand Paul) Senator blocks pipeline safety bill on principle

(Federal) Judge: Righthaven lacked standing, abused Copyright Act

Same-sex households increase by 34% since 2000

S.F. schools to test new U.S. math standards (Common Core)

US Food and Drug Administration to increase India staff

Nazi was post-war spy for Germany in South America

Pipeline Supporters, Opponents Rally in Nebraska

Europe threatens to break off India free-trade talks

Florida congressman moves forward with Planned Parenthood investigation

Occupy Wall Street: 'Pepper-spray' officer named in Bush (2004 Repub Nat'l Convention)protest claim

Heckler calls Obama the Antichrist

U.S. Says Pakistan Must Take Action to Break Extremist Links

One opposition journalist threatened, another pursued by coup general (Honduras)

Pakistan Pushes Back Against U.S., Woos China

Cantaloupe death toll hits 14, worst in a decade

(Former NYC mayor) Ed Koch backs Obama

Greece will 'fight its way back' - prime minister

Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Border Ambush on Americans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Santorum: Perry Is Soft On Marijuana

Best Buy to cut seasonal staff during holidays

Coffee linked with lower depression risk in women

British army will never again be among military superpowers, report claims

Chelsea Clinton joins IAC board of directors

Decision on health-care law means Supreme Court will likely determine constitutionality next summer

Activists say they set fire at Idaho fur seller

Obama gets a feel-good moment on jobs package (CA fundraiser, man says please raise my taxes)

Fair disaster suit could test civil-union benefits

Veterans Attempt Citizens Arrest of Rumsfeld in Boston

Manual made jokes about sick atomic workers

Bolivia president pauses highway construction

San Mateo cops kill dogs in park; family outraged

FBI paid deputy to smuggle cellphone in jail sting

'L-Word' star kisses girl, gets escorted off plane

Andy Rooney to End Regular Role On '60 Minutes'

Anonymous Goes After the Pepper Spray Cop's Personal Info

Official: Iran to send ships near U.S. coast

U.S. condemns Israeli plan for new construction beyond Green Line

Nightmare in Libya: 20,000 Surface-to-Air Missiles Missing

Saudi woman to be lashed for defying driving ban

Michael Jackson doctor trial begins with jury told of singer's final moments

If somebody posted on DU that African Americans are homophobes I would be the first to alert.

"Republicans really ought to brush up on the basics of the debate over tax policy."

Will it be Obama vs. Christie????

Run Christie … Run …

Christie Not Running for President, Says Spokesman

Romney Lures Obama Wall Street Donors

Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation Poll: Huge support for Buffett Rule

Elizabeth Warren Endorsed By Russ Feingold

I live in NJ and I can tell you Christy isn't going to beat Obama in NJ if he runs

Ed Koch changes his mind about Obama and Israel

Playing politics with disaster relief

It's funny how people here are bashing Obama for doing health care...

Eugene Robinson: Nothing but Dogs in This Hunt

Obama strength? Reshaping the judiciary

Need help debunking Bush versus Obama on Deficit.

Was the Associated Press transcription of Obama’s CBC speech ‘racist’?

Anyone else notice the BS negative Obama post get rec'd up over the weekends?

"he is an affront to pride and provokes malice.”

Harris Poll finds only 2 GOP candidates can beat Obama - Mitt Romney and Ron Paul

Melissa Harris-Perry is a wise woman

That angry heckler was directly in front of the President for over 30 seconds unchecked.

What's All This About Chris Christie? What Happened to Rick Perry?

President Goes on the Attack Early

Political Wire: Supreme Court Could Hear Health Care During Election

How soon before Michele Bachmann's brain is so fried that she thinks she's Barack's Michele?

HP: Republicans Are Driving America to an Economic Crash

**HEADS UP**President Obama Speaks on the American Jobs Act

Jeb Bush on Education Nation this morning...Hmmmm

Al Sharpton called out Maxine Waters and others like her (not by name, but by using her exact words)

Troy Davis:'We looked at every possible ave legally'the source reported Obama said.'There was not 1"

Through Her Eyes: S. Ann Dunham’s Field Work in Indonesia

Harris-Perry is right in little ways, and wrong in a big way

Racism--a veiw through the prism

Millionaires in Congress (recognize our Wisconsin Good Old Boys

Is It Fair To Discuss Governor Christie's Weight?

Pepper Spray Brutality, with Kelly Heresy - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Hartmann: Big Picture Rumble

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: 2011 Sea Ice Minimum

PHOTOS: President Obama at Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver today. Seems he's still got 'it.'

Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 2

Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 3

TYT University: Republicans Targeting College Students

Occupy Wall St - Law Student & Journalist Arrested for Civil Disobedience

Keiser Report: Pax Americana Pyramid Nightmare (E189)

Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 4

Show Me a Picture of Barack Obama

Hartmann: Robert Borosage - The Take Back the American Dream Conference

Michael Moore visits Occupy Wall St.

Some sectors of China's economy may crash: Marc Faber

"The Police Are On The Wrong Side At The Occupy Wall Street Protests" - MOC #79

Cenk Recaps ConConCon - Ban Corporate Personhood

Thom Hartmann: A ''Race Based'' Bake Sale?

Thom Hartmann: Without Skilled Nurses People Die

Bunker Busted: Israel planning Iran nuke plant strike?

WH: Health Insurance Premium Update

World Revolution Not Seen on TV- Rallies Around the World- Please Repost

Thom Hartmann: Wait - There's a Nudist Handbook?!

Ch 5 Rumsfeld protest

Sun Prairie Liberal On Walker and Education

There is no double standard, right?

Wall Street Exec LEADS OccupyWallStreet March Today, Speech in Front of Trump Building!

Occupy Wall Street Protest 9/27/2011 movie stars are show up now.avi

TDPS: Repubs Booeing Gay Soldier Shows They're Obsessed with Sex, Don't Really Support the Troops

Susan Sarandon Sighting @ Zuccotti Pk/Liberty Plaza

Papantonio: Is Chris Christie Healthy Enough to Run for President?

Would the reaction to Prof. Perry's piece have been the same if it was by a white commentator?

Lawrence O'Donnell on Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street

Thom Hartmann: Eyewitness Account...the Wall Street Crackdown

Michael Moore's Speech at OccupyWallStreet's Liberty Square

MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall Street Lawrence O'donnell with

"or when he makes clear he wants gay rights protected?"

TYT University: Occupy Wall Street - Send Us Student Footage

Papantonio: At Last, Obama Fights Back

Immortal Technique #OccupyWallStreet

Biden talks GOP Candidates and Booing Gay Soldier on The View

Radiohead's Thom Yorke Attacks Corporatism on The Colbert Report

Landrieu: What the Cantor Doctrine looks like

Thom Hartmann debates Peter Ferrara - Correcting Peter Ferrara's fallacies on jobs and taxes

Obama Laughs at a Holy Heckler

News Analysis: Occupy Wall Street - Guests: Max Keiser, Carol Gould, Anna Miller


NYPD defiant over pepper spray Updated:Lawrence O'Donnell Video MUST WATCH!!!

Why I want Melissa Harris-Perry and Joan Walsh to settle their differences publicly

The President Should Own Up To Using A Strategy That Backfired

The Melissa Harris-Perry article is aimed at shutting down progressive dissent about Obama's record

Thom Hartmann debates Seton Motley - Is America Becoming Crazy?

Bad Lip Reading - Rick Perry

The Big Money Behind The Chris Christie Boomlet

Self Delete

The Meaning and Importance of Dissent

THE BOOK ON BARACK: review of Confidence Men

Cheney and justice for torture victims

US Has More Serious Problems Than Europe: Jim Rogers

Russia, China And Iran Are Considering A Joint Missile Shield

Boehner's own 'fiscal experts' agree that the Republican position on taxes is unworkable

Injudicious Judge

Juan Cole: Palestine Vote Showcases the Decline of American Power

"The country is ripe for a true revolution". - Ron Paul talk

Paul Ryan on political strife in Wisconsin: 'the new normal'

Mitch McConnell says the 2012 election is "the Republicans to lose"

The human cost of a global crisis

Stupid voters enable broken government

Ford pulls its ad on bailouts - Detroit News

Exclusive: The Koch Brothers' Million-Dollar Donor Club

U.S. Hiker ‘Hid Israeli Father From Iranian Captors’

Jamey Rodemeyer's bullies still bullying him after his death

Alabama Plan More Than Violates Church-State Split

We lose $100 BILLION every year in uncollected taxes due to income sheltered off shore.

Chris Christie Presidential Speculation Ends Just As Quickly As It Spiked

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth