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What a big beautiful country we have....

LATimes: R2P and the Libya mission. When does 'responsibility to protect' grant countries the right

Why is Lawrence O'Donnell giving airplay to this foolish

Must Watch: GREAT Lawrence O'Donnell coverage of the police brutality in NYC.....

Must Watch: GREAT Lawrence O'Donnell coverage of the police brutality in NYC.....

Is Peter Orszag against democracy?

Deputies again called to state Sen. Suzi Schmidt's (R) home for domestic dispute

Bolivian road project pits indigenous groups against President Morales

Occupy Wall Street Protest: the Rich 1% Mock Protestors [VIDEO]

Michael Moore to be on "Last Word" tomorrow night.

Christie speaking on c-span live

In honor of Occupy Wall Street.....a little Rage Against the Machine

Governor Perdue jokes about suspending Congressional elections for two years

Tea Party has ties to the American Third Position party.

WTF: Democratic Governor of NC, Bev Perdue, suggest suspending 2012 congressional elections.

WTF: Democratic Governor of NC, Bev Perdue, suggest suspending 2012 congressional elections.

Bill Clinton - Extended clip on MSNBC Education Nation summit with an educational genius, apparently

Ok. I want to sue all global warming deniers for retraction of peaceful enjoyment of my premise.

In honor of the Republican debates

CNN - "Paul Ryan: Popular by pushing the unpopular" - Killing Medicare Is Bold and Brave! Woot!

Germany slams 'stupid' US plans to boost EU rescue fund

Legislative committe eyes changes to election rules (Republican leaders) i.e. Walker recall

Axelrod: Obama faces 'titanic struggle'

Progressives United endorses Elizabeth Warren

The incredible unbelievable stupidity of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan.

Good on Ed for covering the Post Office workers!

Derf Toon- The Influence of children's shows

What happens if Christie gets in the presidential race

So pugs are antiglobal warming; for the most part they say it's a hoax, but, you know who the big

Top Bolivian official quits in march backlash

U.S. Postal Service Board Dominated by Corporate Execs, Lawyers, Lobbyists

US missile strike kills 3 in northwest Pakistan

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new kitty gif

US oil imports are dropping

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox & Friends For Insufficient Nancy Grace Nipple Coverage - VIDEO

The job of preventing another spontaneous KKK meeting from breaking out at the next GOP debate

Guitar Antihero: How Gibson Guitars made illegal logging a conservative cause célèbre

Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination

Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination

Will Obama have the guts to call out the "Do Damage Republican House" on the '12 stump?

Even those cleared of crimes can stay on FBI's watch list

Apparently, using the term "Anti-vaxxer" is a personal attack?

Think Progress - "Paul Ryan’s Replacement For The Affordable Care Act: Health Vouchers For Everyone"

L.A. County rejects bid for second Latino-majority district

Exclusive: More Than 100 Cops Involved In NYPD Ticket-Fixing Probe

Holy crap - Joanne Kloppenburg called me

Above The Law - USA (28 Sep 11)

Georgia could cut jobless benefits to repay feds

Saudi Woman Driver Sentenced to Lash After King Grants Vote

What is the definition of "sociopath"?

Governor Haley has ordered all SC state employees to lie.

Do we know anything more about the radical Christian extremist who heckled the president yesterday?

John Sinclair: Panics, then & now

Declaration of lasting HOPE.

Lawyers open bribery, extortion trial of Maryland Senator Ulysses Currie

Neither Victims nor Executioners

Does anyone have the specific vote breakdown for the Postal Act of 06 (PAEA) HR 6407?

Saving the Rich, Losing the Economy

In light of the actions by the NYPD against the protesters, this needs to be posted yet again...

In Pursuit of Political Amnesia

Since deindustrialization began in 1980, wages for all Americans have fallen

Andy Rooney Steps Down From 60 Minutes, Sunday Night Is His Final Episode

Salaries rise for engineers despite higher unemployment

"Republicans believe bi-partisanship is a coalition of Democrats and Traitors."

Trader Alessio Rastani To BBC: 'Governments Don't Rule The World, Goldman Sachs Rules The World'

Corporatizing the Post Office

Photos: Occupy Wall Street

Biggest Healthcare Strike Ever

The Republican/Tea Party is the Death Penalty for America

Wisconsin voter ID hearing on short notice ripped by Democrats

Why tread on me?...

A Constitutional Amendment we should get behind:

I won one round with a brain-washed Faux News Addict today

I think the GOP should hold MORE debates

NYT writes in-depth article on the phenomenon of young people protesting

Can Democrats compensate for GOP voting rule changes?

Mario Savio :hearts: Occupy Wall Street

Mario Savio :hearts: Occupy Wall Street

The Latest Orchestrated Threat and The End of History

IBM to lead $4.4 billion chip investment in New York

The Tea Party's hate list

Fukushima worker tweets: "It's so scary."

What Needs To Be Done In Congress To Help Turn Around The USPS's Problems?.....

chuck todd.....

Wall Street vs. Everybody

A manufacturing renaissance for America?

U.S. Private Prison Population Grew 37 Percent Between 2002-2009 As Industry Lobbying Dollars Grew 1

Taking a Bush Secret to the Grave

The Loss of American Manufacturing Jobs II: Intel's Andy Grove on 'How to Make an American Job'

Elizabeth Warren, 2007: The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Roseville gas leak spouts flames on road

The actress who took on the mufti

Romney’s Raised Millions From Wall Street Bankers, More Than Twice As Much As President Obama

Balogna sandwiches everyone?

Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation Poll: Huge support for Buffett Rule

show me a fact,,,other than him sitting behind the presidenrts desk with hus feet up on it,,,,

Mods....Please deleat this duplicate post I checked but missed it

I Don't Know Much About Christie - What Are His Vulnerabilities?....

oh shit...

Danziger Toon- Koch's

There are no simple answers.

Check this out - "Play House" for the Rich - Cost $20,000 - One good thing: Made in USA

The Rude Pundit - What Matters: A Contrast in Two Photos

My reaction to my elected officials:

The One Answer: Tax the Rich

How many DUers have donated stars to other DUers?

Released Hiker: Iranian Guards Compared Prison Conditions To Guantanamo Bay

Did Rove engineer Cain's Florida win?

the benefits of invading somebody: Iraq makes first payment in deal to buy 18 US F-16s

the benefits of invading somebody: Iraq makes first payment in deal to buy 18 US F-16s

the benefits of invading somebody: Iraq makes first payment in deal to buy 18 US F-16s

I hate everything!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economic protests

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- CONgress and politics

Decorah Eagles

WOW: This Guy Actually Tells Obama He's The Antichrist

How a fallen tree can make a house explode

Exterminate Republicans.

Chuck Zlatkin kicks conservative arse about USPS manufactured crisis..

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Macho-man Perry now fading

Peekskill Residents Livid About No Clapping Rule At City Council Meetings

Ben Koatz, 17, Describes Arrest and Detainment Following Saturday's Occupy Wall Street Protest

Diebold voting machines vulnerable to remote tampering via man-in-the-middle attack

Diebold voting machines vulnerable to remote tampering via man-in-the-middle attack

Republican leaders are considering a move that could make it easier for Gov. Scott Walker to fight

Have You Ever Gotten an 'Emergency Preparedness' Phone Call from Your County?

ICE says nearly 3,000 criminal aliens arrested in 7-day action

Euro Crisis Makes Fed Lender of Only Resort as Banks Chase Dollar Funding

I stole this from Will Pitts facebook page.

Democracy Now with Michael Moore

When it comes to all the Washington, DC lies and BS....

I GOT IT - I know how to get the media to finally cover what's going on at Wall Street!!!!!

Gov. Cuomo begins process to lay off 3,500 workers after union rejects tentative contract

Joe Walsh On Gun Rights & Conceal/Carry In Town Hall......

It’s a Lie That Working Poor Don’t Pay Taxes

Obama already raised taxes on the wealthy...through the health care legislation.

The little explanation that Elizabeth Hassleback gave for not accepting a call from the

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- War costs

Mails here for the Wall Street Marchers! Check it out!!! Wow........

Billionaire claims he and the other super rich are carrying the nation on their backs!

Billionaire claims he and the other super rich are carrying the nation on their backs!

Do you think that Ralph Nader will announce his primary challenger before the New Hampshire primary?

Dear Republicans, You're Thinking Of Jesus

Andy Rooney’s 34-year stint on ’60 Minutes’ to end Sunday

Toon: Saudi women get to vote, maybe

To hell with the poor

UAW rank-and-file ratify contract with GM.

This is what Democracy looks like

We May Find Out How Much Andrew Breitbart Paid James O'Keefe For One Of His ACORN Videos

And Now, A Message About Science From 'Rick Perry'

Radioactive soil could fill 23 Tokyo Domes

More Americans Skipping Medical Care to Save

More Americans Skipping Medical Care to Save

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Republicans 'debating'

Let's Never Forget - Rumsfeld et al Rise of Disaster Capitalism Privatization Mentality

Classic Forms Of Retributive Violence - A Primer

An awe-inspiring post I received in my e-mail, which the mailer asked to be passed on.

Civilians accuse NATO of massacre in Sirte raids

No electronic voting (or counting)- Paper ballots only.

Romney says "President Obama doesn't have a clue..."

Obama's Euro-Crisis Lecture Is 'Pitiful and Sad'

Deficit suggestion...

Help Wanted: Leadership

She's Baaaack... Martha Stewart Returns

Soyndra Failed Because Their Product Could Not Compete!

Calif. Hospital Association rips nurses union

Calif. Hospital Association rips nurses union

L'Shana Tovah

Reuters: Ignoring Tax Cheats

Railroad lobbyist granted immunity in investigation - - WIS. John Doe investigation

Serious discussion in Jamaica on

Faith-based sentencing program delayed as Bay Minette weighs legal issues

Health insurance costs deal blow to Obama

OK - so they're building 'Farmers Field' in El Lay. They are calling it an 'NFL Stadium'

Two simple charts: Do wealthier companies really create jobs?

Rick Perry's "Yee-Haw!" moment...

Where do we get "Recall John Doe" bumper stickers?

Wisconsin: No criminal conduct found in Nickolaus' actions

Wisconsin: No criminal conduct found in Nickolaus' actions

The president of my union has been attending annual School of the Americas protests since the 1980's

A Corporate Tax Rule that Cost U.S. $10 Billion and Helped Double Revenues…Overseas

GOP poster boy Paul Ryan comes up with a new health plan (vouchers for everyone)

Pakistan: We're scapegoats for US frustration over Afghan war

AL. state Sen apologizes for calling blacks ‘aboriginals’

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Decorah Eagles Return

Remember a couple years ago when Paul Krugman found someone he disliked even worse than LaRouchies?

What You Need To Know About Russia's "Berlin Group" And Their Global Assassination Hit List

October is Domestic Violence Month

The Signs of #OccupyWallStreet

Wisconsin: Walker calls special session on jobs bill

Our economic crisis, summarized as a Venn diagram

Here are some reasons Chris Christie may not run

Forbes: Fla. welfare applicants less likely to use drugs

Canada to Build Twenty-foot Fence if Perry Elected

Shared Meals, Shared Knowledge

Shared Meals, Shared Knowledge

Governmental reforms are impossible through action by the Government

Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia all have statewide elections in 2011

Wouldn't Christie entering race help Perry?

Gov. Christie Likes President Obama

South Florida ICE official arrested on child porn charges

HHS launches new Affordable Care Act initiative to strengthen primary care

Since there is no demand, should corporations be able to claim that

Get the Money Out of Politics - Petition for a Constitutional Amendment

Is it just me, or do the cable news hosts seem bored?

Bush Co. Judge upholds Alabama Immigration law.

4 Americans get pot from US government

'Lost' Beethoven work to be aired (BBC)

Diebold Voting Machines can be hacked by remote control.

Keystone hearings run by contractor for the pipleline company

Well, according to BabyNamer Christie can be a boy or girl name

Dislike of Tea Party Is Key to 2012 Vote

AP Exclusive: US fugitive hid in Portugal hamlet

So are any states going to crack open Seqouia and Diebold voting machines?

Doomed to Repeat from Reuben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug"

The Keystone Pipeline Revolt: Why Mass Arrests are Just the Beginning

It's a sham! It's all a freaking sham!

The Revolution Begins at Home: An Open Letter to Join the Wall Street Occupation

2-year-old shot in mob brawl in South Philly

Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet

What Falling Gold Prices Mean To You

Like this Facebook Page

Great Picture to give you hope

Disabled Pickering boy took his own life after he was mugged and bullied

Shipwreck of SS Gairsoppa reveals £150m silver haul

Occupy Boston: Smart, Savvy, and Aiming to Emulate Wall Street Protests

Nah---I'm a Progressive.


Is Your Mobile Phone Helping Fund War in Congo?

Why the Antichrist Matters in Politics

India accuses Monsanto of "bio-piracy". (video)

Pakistani family refuses to kill rape victim daughter-draws anger

Russell Simmons meditating with the Occupy Walls St. protestors (pic)

FBI arrests man in plot to blow up Pentagon, Capitol

GOP Debate Audiences Becoming a Nightmare for the Party

Proof Positive Government Regulations Work. Something Simple for All

Proof Positive Government Regulations Work. Something Simple for All

How much does NPR news coverage lean to the right ?

The 1981 hunger strike from inside Armagh jail

Who's going to win the Repuke nom? The Money candidate or the Crazy candidate?

Occupy Wall Street: A Tale Of Two Coverages

Aid agency withdrew Pakistan staff after CIA fake vaccination scheme

Darrell Issa, the Not-So-Grand Inquisitor

Press TV News coverage of Occupy Wall Street

It’s a Lie That Working Poor Don’t Pay Taxes

As Occupy Wall Street Gains Momentum, a Harsh Critic Recants in the Mainstream

Not Sure If This Has Been Posted, BUT If Not Please Sign Up For This

Wis. Election Officials: Waukesha County Clerk Failed To Follow Election Laws — But Did Not Tamper

Rights Collide as Town Clerk Sidesteps Role in Gay Marriages

CNN: Tom Morello on solo album, politics and racism

This is what Kevin McCarty's plan to give away government land leads to.

Was the youngest person ever executed innocent?

Regarding the upcoming stolen election of 2012

Congress members seem to shut out voices from outside their state or district.

Metro Detroit home prices rise, buck national trend

Bachmann suggests Liberty University the greatest ‘in the history of the world’

Not to be outdone, Florida's trying to execute someone tonight

What type of leader does this country need at this time?

Standing Against Cheney

It is said 'Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.' I disagree - violence is.

Canadian ice shelves breaking up at record speed

Occupy Wall Streets Demands..not sure if this is legitimate or not

Help Wanted: Busybodies With Cameras

Fed up with Facebook? Ticked at Twitter? Diaspora* is up and running!

Video Afternoon Distraction- Pet a Kitty iPad App

Tonight on Countdown

Liberty? Is That What This Is?

Author Stephen Pinker argues that human violence is declining rapidly over millennia

Rachel needs to replace Tweety.

Tom Morello(Rage Against the Machine) on how he became political

3 states "matter" most in 2012

Sarah Palin calls 'Herm Cain' the 'flavor of the week' ...

Loughner Makes Court Appearance

Question for younger DUers:

Give them enough rope to hang themselves with?

Rights Collide as Town Clerk Sidesteps Role in Gay Marriages

Pennsylvania, Ohio voters unhappy with Obama, Quinnipiac polls say

PBS tonight - NOVA special - Surviving the Tsunami

Why is the GOP so obsessed with putting these new voter ID laws into place?

Why is the GOP so obsessed with putting these new voter ID laws into place?

What the hell!

Al Jazeera: 'Meltdown' Part II available now.

Jon Stewart “It’s like your ideal candidate is ''

Governor vetoes tax break for "Jersey Shore"

Farewell to the Arctic — as We Know It

Michigan Opera Theatre Flash Performance "O Fortuna" --Go Detroit!

Saudi Woman Driver Sentenced to 10 Lashes

Robert F. Kennedy

Was the BBC victim of a hoax? No, say the Yes Men

Former Justice John Paul Stevens: I Was Wrong on the Death Penalty

Former Justice John Paul Stevens: I Was Wrong on the Death Penalty

From Wikipedia: The Effects of Pepper Spray

What are our demands at Occupy Wall Street ?

What's wrong with this photo?

Ban Chimp Testing

Freeper "se_ohio_young_conservative" gives FOUR reasons why "Palin Needs To Run." FOUR! USA! USA!

Do you believe that the current GOP contributes anything of value to our political process?

Do You Think This Republican Would Change Parties Today?

Online dating scams dupe 200,000 study finds

What's the story with this Pentagon plot?

A) Is There A Jobs Bill? B) Do the Dems Support It? C) WTF Is Going On?

Why Scalia has to rule *for* the Obama Healthcare Law - great article

Lest we forget: Workers Power statement on Troy Davis'

#Occupy Wall Street: My proposal for demands.


GE’s Jeffrey Immelt: Why Jobs Expansion in India Is a ‘Win-Win’

Anyone here doing okay because of the Ponzi scheme?

All the Bad News That's Fit to Print

Wrongly Accused Duke Lacrosse Players Ask For Lawsuit Against Durham To Proceed

Happy Jewish New Year!

Rick Perry speeches with Bad Lip-reading. Very Funny!

Muslim Republican heckled as "terrorist" - Justin Elliott from

A face put on Wisconsin's voter suppression law:

A face put on Wisconsin's voter suppression law:

New alternative media source:

US prisoner forbidden to read Pulitzer-winning history book

Why did the police attack the protesters last Saturday? What law was broken?

US twisted Seoul's arm in drone deal

L'Shana Tova

Minister investigated for naked rituals with followers

Palin worries presidency might ‘shackle’ her

Let me tell you about the experiences of a child targeted because people didn't like her dad

Pilots march on Wall Street

Police make repeat visit to state senator's home for domestic "mutual combat"

The headline on a paper I found in the walls of my 1916 house.

What we can do to prevent election-rigging in Nov. 2012. There is a post

The Best Gay Quote You'll See All Week

Why You Should Eat Yak Instead of Beef

Clergy Should Shun Religious Right's Church Electioneering Campaign

'Racist' bake sale at UC draws angry protest

United/Continental pilots march on Wall Street (lots of great pics)

Always a good reminder -- Who increased the debt?

10,000 secrets for a perfect marriage. By Mark Morford

(NYC) Police Dept. to Examine Pepper-Spray Episode

Cornel West at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest: The elite will tremble

Cornel West at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest: The elite will tremble

Occupy Wall Street resources. With list of states & cities. Please add your own.

Taking a Bush Secret to the Grave

Spanish vaccine against HIV showing 90 percent success

Was Perdue joking (re:suspending Congressional elections)? You decide.

Society made a huge mistake when we de-institutionalized the chronically mentally ill

Toon - Non Sequitur: Save us from big government

Photos of Lake Travis, Texas - Supplies Austin and San Antonio - Incredible

I settled my debt with John Q Public last night.

Economist survey: Obama plan would halt recession, add or keep 275,000 jobs

Older Duers : we often see the meme that in the old days, we didn't

Day of FAIL, Nationwide anti-capitalist revolution flops in pics.

10 Similarities between Conservatives and Nazis

A Pedagogical Success? A Supply Side Young Republican Meets the Human Face of the Great Recession

Libya: Civilians In large numbers now accuse NATO of a GENOCIDE.

"Children of Agent Orange"/how a group of US veterans in Vietnam are trying to atone for the mistake

Obama the Conservative: Check Obama's Record Against Bush's Record.

"Up with Chris Hayes"?

A More Progressive Tax System Makes People Happier, 54-Nation Study Finds

N.J. church reverses money flow, collection plate holds cash for congregants

How did the police just "know" Amanda Knox was guilty, a few days after the murder?

Police advise finders of stolen bank money, strewn along chase route, to turn it in

Feds sue company for firing 600-pound worker

Gingrich living debate to debate all but broke and traveling coach

Hugo Chavez attempts to build political and economic bulwark against American imperialism

Federal judge upholds most of Alabama immigration law

Obama Supporters Make Up A Very Big Majority of The Democratic Base. We Will Be Voting in 2012.

I just found The Online Speech Bank!!!!

PBS journalist recounts his arrest at #OccupyWall Street

Things are going to get worse before they get better.

CNET: "Facebook just lept way past Google on the creepy meter". It tracks you even when you are

CNET: "Facebook just lept way past Google on the creepy meter". It tracks you even when you are

SLOWPOKE: Killer kleen

Thirty Two Thousand Dollars a Year for Health Insurance

Gibson Guitar becomes cause celebre for conservatives

How old is too old to have kids? 50+ year old pregnant woman on cover on NY mag

Wall Street Protests

Wall Street Protests

HaHa...Tweety: "They are so HORNY for Christie.."

DUer EFerrari shared: Tony Baloney did it AGAIN!

Everybody knows Rush Limbaugh. Who ever heard of Phil Zelikow?

The Amanda Knox Case Proves that Americans are NOT the Dumbest People on Earth

SAT Test Impersonator Charged With Fraud

Salon/Farley: Jailed for Covering the Wall Street Protests

Flying in the 60s: Part 2

The NATO intervention in Libya was a complete fuck-up.

Vizio tells owners their sets are unrepairable

Vizio tells owners their sets are unrepairable

The one thing I've learned in the Network Security Business is----

Urban Gas Wells are STILL Polluting the Environment...and DFW Residents Can Speak Out About It

Class Warfare in the United States

Michigan Bill Would Jail Teachers Who Send Political Emails

In 15 words or less: What is the goal of OccupyWallStreet ?

Many jobs are more dangerous than being a cop

The Cost To Women Of "2 Broke Girls"

Why white liberals are (really) ditching Obama

"Unusually gifted to the mentally retarded" must meet same level of proficiency. How absurd.

To those criticizing the Occupy Wall St. Protests....

Autumn in Canada

The refs getting a drink after the game

The cantaloupes are trying to kill us!

In honor of ashling's beatiful bluebird photo: Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird

Interview with Trackfan (8 years old) from the summer of 1968.

Best Non-Musical Movie Soundtrack?

Do prostate biopsies cause infections?

Fred Eaglesmith - Rodeo Boy

Doctor Who- The Curse Of A Fatal Death

For the late night music crowd Mark Gormley, just give him a chance.

post by PictureGirl Carrizo Plain Badlands Anza Borrego State Park California. Courtesy http://wallp

Nature rocks

What operations have you had. I had an operation on a lazy eye when I was 3. I have norecollection

So I Just Googled "Google". Wow.

Why do relationships have to be so hard?

M-m-m-m... bench brunch crunch!!!

I love the fact that Florida has been censored!!!

Until today, I had no idea what a "Baby Changing Station" in restrooms was for.

Use the Force, Dude!

Now I'm depressed. I show this to friends and say, "I think I finally have a girlfriend!!!"

Did anyone else see 7 Days in May ont TCM last night?

NEW RULES FOR THE DU LOUNGE!!! Please read - thank you very much!

Advise requested, thinking of remodeling our kitchen

Why does my cat always sound like he is saying "NOW"!?

Decorah Eagles

Cross-Eyed Opossum Heidi Is Dead

Nude stretchie pants

Here's one for backwoodsbob: Peter Posa, "The Chet Atkins of New Zealand"

What subject line would you post in GD if you just wanted to MAKE TROUBLE?

Is hunting a housefly with a 20guage shotgun approrpriate or just a wee bit over the top?

Pearls of Wisdom about Opossums.

6 Laws You've Broken Without Even Realizing It - How many have you broken??

“Is a dream a lie if it don't come true or is it something worse?”

Unbearable cuteness: sleeping baby pandas

Is Bill Kristol ever right about anything?

Dog's Diary vs. Cat's Diary

It's as though you're right there!!!

Post something disturbing here - I Dee Double Dog Dare YOU!

YIPPIE!! Today made the last payment on our car.

It's Pink Floyd Week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Seriously, I don't want to see any more post with Nancy Grace's boobage OR flaring nostrils

What is the name of this symbol; ¶:

Did you know that land slugs are hermaphrodites that will chew off one of the penises if they have

What was the best Musical Car ever built?

PHOTOS: "No hummingbirds were hurt when in this act of idiocy."

Shows that got better/worse after a character left?

7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On

Wanna hear a really great new blues album?

Damn him!

I don't understand - why aren't you listening to The Grateful Dead right now

Pizza don't come to your house,unless you call.

I could feel the breeze blowing change, Blowing through my doorway

Anyone seen the new Hawaii 5-0? Is it any good?

7 Days in May on TCM.

Where do bad folks go when they die?

Help me choose a domain name.

Doc Marten

Anyone here have seen a solar panel knapsack? I'm just wondering how they work.

I have a cat that used to whine if she found herself alone as a kitten. She'd call out for solace.

Teaching kids "b" and "d" ?

Congrats GrayWarrior, for some reason I cannot down load your famous thread.

Anyone here familair with portable keyboards? What about the roll-up type?

Wots yer favourite Stoned album?

I'm getting my first chemo of 5fu and oxaliplatin next Tuesday. Freaked the $%^& out,

Favorite type of doodle

"Remove from wash promptly and immediately"

What was the best Minuscule Car ever built?

capt kirk singing black sabbath iron man

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's FAVORITE time of the day is 3 PM...time to feed the Cookie Monster.

Coffee adventure, Part Two, help needed

how to find out if there is a summons is filed against you anywhere ?

PHOTO: "Go away. MY time now. Fetch your own damned Frisbee. Buh-bye. ZZZZZZZZZ....."

Vocal trance: anyone else like it besides me ?

Radiation Therapy Studio Diary - Track 5: Identity Issues

We need a picture thread! Come on, post your pic! Old, new, whatever!

"IT'S A COOKBOOK!!!1111"


Favorite type of noodle?

The Lions DON'T SUCK...

Nostradamus PREDICTED this: The Nancy Grace "Dancing With The Stars" Wardrobe Malfunction©.

Today is my birthday. Who else?

Escolar: The World's Most Dangerous Fish

anybody have a good bourbon rec?

Wots yer favourite Stones album?

Seriously, who do you folks hate spiders. Did you ever think about the poor spider

Can anyone tell me the name of this tune?

What is the name of this symbol: #

U.S. spent $10,612 per person in 2010

Live Blog of #OccupyWallStreet: Day Eleven, Union Interest is Increasing

Stenberg (US Senate candidate R-Ne) picks up tea party help

Promoting jobs bill in Denver, Obama highlights $60 billion for schools

(Prop. 8) Same-sex lawsuit videos stay under wraps for now

Cantaloupe outbreak is deadliest in a decade

Jackson's voice echoes through Los Angeles court

Govt slammed over failure to help starving indigenous children (Colombia)

Saudi Woman Driver Sentenced to Lash After King Grants Vote

Postal Service employees hold rallies nationwide

GOP lawmakers likely to give Walker more power in recall process

Harper says world economic outlook 'not so positive'

'Racist' bake sale at UC draws angry protest

(Va. AG)Cuccinelli tries to help convicted felon Haynesworth clear his name(falsely accused of rape)

Prince George’s Sen. Muse eying Cardin’s seat

New online database shows pay and perks of Senate Bill 5 supporters

US probe of News identifies 'gangster' tactics

Legislative committee eyes changes to election rules

Condom-piercing leads to sex assault conviction

Facing possible inquiry, OnStar drops 'Big Brother' plans

E. coli scare prompts Tyson to recall ground beef

More than 2,900 convicted criminal immigrants arrested, ICE says

(ACLU) Report Details Wide Abuse in Los Angeles Jail System

Wall Street protests to come to Boston

Pentagon launches slick war court web site

Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi jailed for 11 years

Americans in Saudi Arabia warned of kidnapping plot

Black Panther arrested in Portugal decades on from hijacking US flight

USS Cole: Guantanamo tribunal for Yemen bombing suspect

Al Qaeda to Iran: Stop Spreading 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Drugs worth $350 million seized in Afghanistan-NATO

US prisoner forbidden to read Pulitzer-winning history book

Aid agency withdrew Pakistan staff after CIA fake vaccination scheme

Rights Collide as Town Clerk Sidesteps Role in Gay Marriages

Metro Detroit home prices rise, buck national trend

Rezwan Ferdaus held over Pentagon and Capitol bomb plot

Desmond Tutu Among Nobel Winners Who Ask [Canadian PM] Harper To Halt Oil Sands

Google to finance home solar systems

Danish Firm Protests Drug Use in Florida Execution

Paul Ryan delivers health care reform (& Medicare) replacement

Justice Dept wants speedy health care ruling

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Judge again blocks parts of tough Alabama immigration law

Adm. Mullen’s words on Pakistan come under scrutiny

Bill introduced in US House to freeze all aid to Pakistan

Greece bailout money decision looms

Canadian ice shelves breaking up at record speed

Amazon to Collect California Sales Tax by 2013

Researcher: Hope, famed Internet bear, is dead (shot by hunter)

Nat Sec Lab Hacks Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machine by Remote Control With $26 in Computer Parts

GOP to Planned Parenthood: Hand over records

US urges China on Tibetan rights after monks' protest

Iran Begins Large-Scale Production Of New Cruise Missile

Brain-damaged woman should not be allowed to die, court rules

Florida GOP Group Shuns Muslim-American

New PETA ad targets Anna Maria shark attack victim

Cuba legalizes general purchase and sale of cars

Evacuation of smallest Canary Island begins after earthquake 'swarm' sparks fears of volcanic erupti

Yemeni tribesmen shoot down fighter jet

Feds: Mass. man planned to blow up Pentagon

Obama campaign wades into Ohio elections law fight

Everyone chill the fuck out....

What Republicans won't say to keep from paying 4.6% more on the margins on the top tax rate!

I would vote for an overweight Jerald Nadler

Best Story of the Day! "Ryan: Republicans Should Double Down On My Budget"

Political Wire: Florida Expected to Move Primary to January (the 31st, Florida House Speaker says)

‘A warrior for the working class’

Ed Koch changes his mind about Obama and Israel

The Chris Christie ass-kissing on "Morning Joe" is going to make me lose my breakfast.

Republicans will never repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Interested in reducing big special interest money in politics?

Economists Say Obama Plan Would Prevent Recession

Obama job rating in Gallup daily tracking seems to be stabilizing of late

Obama: Defense of Marriage Issue Will Be Settled Soon

Is that what we're talking about??? Race within our party?

Who's the biggest loser of the Chris Christie 2012 tease?

Why Obama Wants Health Care Before the Supreme Court

Bernie Sanders: Healthy Communities

President Obama to headline key LGBT dinner

Lee Greenwood and Prez Obama videos

Care to share in Lanny Davis' "magical moment" in honor of Clinton's legacy?

FauxNews POLL: Romney 23 (+1), Perry 19 (-10), Cain 17 (+6). Newt 11 (+8)

Not Sure If This Has Been Posted, But If Not Please Sign Up For This

College Republicans Disappointed More Young People Are Insured Under HCR

Senator Scott Brown on the Transgender Rights Bill: “We’ve already done it here in Massachusetts”

Palin Analyzes the Success of "flavor of the week" "Herb Cain" (VIDEO)

PPP: Romney leads Perry in Florida--debate performance hurt Perry

Health Insurance Premium Update: Rates have risen 9% in past year

White House: No Troy Davis Call By President Obama, Despite Blogger's Claim (UPDATE)

Open thread: White rappers for Perry make worst video ever

HHS launches new Affordable Care Act initiative to strengthen primary care

Obama's Devious Plot to Take Away Your Guns

I loved how Obama kept saying "CBC" in his speech

**HEADS UP**Obama to give his Back-to-School Speech momentarily

Get to Know Your Opponent

It's called the Affordable Care Act.

Obama's Euro-Crisis Lecture Is 'Pitiful and Sad'

Any school that let students opt out of watching Obama's back-to-school speech,

NYT BREAKING NEWS: Justice Department Asks Supreme Court for Quick Ruling on Health Care Law

I have just one question for people calling for Chris Christie to jump into the 2012 race:

Sigh. Gwinnett students allowed to opt out of Obama’s speech

An observation about why the Harris-Perry piece may have touched such a sore spot

Let's talk about "making Obama a One Term President" and the perceived racial overtones of that...

Let's talk about "making Obama a One Term President" and the perceived racial overtones of that...

The Wikileaks Documentary -- Full Version

TYT: Racist Reddit Posts Crash Site

Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics (whole documentary)

TYT: Governor Christie For President In 2012 Unlikely

Republicans 2012 - Thank You

Limbaugh: Cain Could Be First "Authentic" Black Pres. Not Obama

CrossTalk: Western Interventions

Occupy Wall St Goes Postal

Thom Hartmann: Tonya Lewis Lee - Is Racism Responsible for Infant Mortality?

Thom Hartmann: Does Goldman Sachs Rule the World?

Papantonio: Billionaire Tea Partiers Love Chris Christie

Sen. Sanders Outlines Plan to Save Post Office

TYT: AP Racist For Obama Speech Transcript?

US silent on rights abuse in S. Arabia

Sting to play benefit concert, talks about music and activism - Justice Through Music Project

Three Years Check-in

Thom Hartmann: If Obama Doesn't Want to Lead the Revolution - Young People Will

Tea Party Group Protests Immigrant Friendly Policies, Gets Hit with Existentialist Questions

Mike Malloy - Nurses Out, Patient Dead

Dr. Cornell West - We the People Have Found Our Voice

Thom Hartmann: Is Fall TV putting Women ''In their Place?''

Sam Seder on Occupy Wall Street

Papantonio: Populist Uprisings Needed in America

TDPS: Troy Davis & Samuel David Crowe Cases Show Death Penalty Hypocrisy

Obama Zaps Anti-Christ Heckler at Fundraiser!

TYT University: Racist Bake Sale? College Republicans @ UC Berkeley

Allen West attacks Wasserman Schultz, again; Herman Cain attacks blacks

Keith Olbermann - FOK News First Guess, Lying About The Civil War

If you are all to willing to stand with "us" against GOP/Teabagger bigotry but not against . . .

Thom Hartmann: Is Compassionate Conservatism Dead & Buried?

Thom Hartmann: OccupyWallStreet - Should the Cop's Family have been Outed?

Decline and fall of just about everyone ( Part 1 of 2 )

D.C. Files for FEMA Funding

Freedom Isn’t Free at the State Dept: The Only Employee @ State Who May Be Fired b/c of WikiLeaks

Afghan rug trade unravels

'Sarkozy Has Lost the Heart of France'

France’s Pre-Louis XIV Government System Caps Debt Cost Amid Euro Turmoil

In Riddle of Mideast Upheaval, Turkey Offers Itself as an Answer

US probe of News identifies 'gangster' tactics

The Revolution Begins at Home: A Clarion Call to Join the Wall Street Protests

Real populism---and it isn't the tea party (sorry hit the wrong button)

Glenn Greenwald: What's Behind the Scorn for the Wall Street Protests?

From the Land of Beyond Beyond: Life After America

The GOP's Favorite Lies About The Jobs Market

Russell Simmons: "I Am Asking The United States Government To Raise My Taxes"

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Says Entire World A Slave To Security Council Decisions

Veto Threats Spare Syria From Sanctions Call

Real populism---and it isn't the tea party

Skulls of Colonial Victims Returned to Namibia

Free Speech Under Fire All Over as New York Protests Spread

'Outsourcing by US firms will continue'

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (via New Eng Jour of Med)

Whatever Happened to the American Left?

Media FAIL: Lies, damned lies and New York Times

Salon/Farley: Jailed for Covering the Wall Street Protests

October 2005, " Greetings from Idiot America!" (look how far we've come!)

A global financial tsunami ( the men who crashed the world, part 2 of 4)

Why the Kochs Want to Make Chris Christie President

Obama attempts to bamboozle his critics in the party - again. Is this how to lead, Mr. Obama?