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Archives: September 7, 2011

Evil Dick tells Leslie the Wolf he "made exactly the right decisions" RE: Iraq War

Update Press Conference on Shooter in Carson City, NV

Perry being torn a new one over the cuts for the volunteer firefighters

Looks Like Top GOP Staffer For Sen Grassley Covered Up "Smoking Gun" Evidence Of News Corp's Hacking

John Boehner, Larry King to highlight Jewish dinner

Is Sarah Palin quoting a self-help book at every speech?

Thank you Josh Duhamel and the Black Eyed Peas

How did they get my phone number???

Tea Party Owes More to the Church of Satan Than to Jesus

Journal editor resigns over 'problematic' climate paper

So The Romulan finds all that infrastructure stuff Obama wants to upgrade like an old ATT pay phone?

I just started "A People's History of the United States" it is very eye-opening.

From The WSJ, But This Finding Is Significant...

Hoffa on Big Ed's Show tonight!

Hoffa will be on the Ed Show (NOW) -- and Ed says he's not backing down

Hoffa is going to be on the Ed Show momentarily

A marriage sans sexe can be very costly in France

BuckWheat Stevenson - Hippie Hero - Shambala - 1949-1988

Did anyone else get the DSCC mailing - "I am the firewall stop the radical right in 2012"

texas is still burning, will rick perry be at the debate?

Where is the rage?

Self delete

Bachmann - "We need you to take out some of these bad guys.”

Wow - I just saw a Republican strategist/commentator/blogger

Do you remember the 2008 Democratic primaries?: "Do you reject and denounce, etc.?"

Anyone seen"C.S.A.-The Confederate States Of America"?

Frank Gaffney Seeks To Impose Sharia Litmus Test On 2012 GOP Presidential Field

Hoffa To Be On The Ed Show Coming Right Up !!!

Rawstory: Texas cut fire department funding by 75 percent this year

Mentally disabled man robbed of his epic Superman collection

By the way Biden was great in Ohio

Janet Napolitano Confronts Drudge Report over ‘Orwellian…Big Sis’ View

Brad blakeman there were no union thugs

A Capella "Bitches Ain't Shit" performed by young ladies choir..

What??? "You Mad, Bro?" sign at HS football game called racial intimidation. Investigation underway.

Limbaugh: Obama (has) been thinking about Republicans as (his) bit*hes since the day he got elected

Ugh! This morning I saw a pickup truck with a UAW decal and a "Viva Bush"

Biden and Sherrod Brown at AFL CIO

Obama's strategy seems to be to anticipate where the GOP will attack him

One question I would ask at the debate tomorrow.

Tenn. is one of six states with republican-controlled legislatures to pass a photo ID law this year

Frontline tonight-see it!

Bridge School Benefit to Feature Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America

Take note Pubbies who want to drown big bad guvmint in bath tub

The Problem For Those Calling Union Members Terrorists And Thugs

I got a confession to make

Here's my 2-cents on the Hoffa brouhaha...

Rick McGoodhair Perry says the EPA won't know what hit them...

Texas fires kill 4, destroy more than 1,000 homes

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

30 year of tax cuts and where are the jobs? eom

Perry's Gun Control Policy...

MJ: Exclusive Audio: Inside the Koch Brothers' Secret Seminar (compares Obama to Saddam Hussein)

I am not getting this? Why are there no threads on what a crappy job Trapper did

Just delivered a case of water

Obama Said To Be Looking At $300 Billion Jobs Plan - AP/Salon

Why Norquist Hearts Perry

Our good friends, the Republicans...

Invest 95 now Tropical Depression #14 - Puerto Rico is already a mess

Republican Governors Are At the Controls in the Nation's Worst Economies

Video Game Allows Players to Slaughter "Tea Party Zombies" Like Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly

Intruder raids fridge, takes bath at Celine Dion's home

I know Roemer has no chance

What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

POV Documentary: Better This World (tonight on PBS)

A couple of things from the No Labels phone conference tonight via Irregular Times.

UBS Quantifies Costs Of Euro Break Up, Warns Of Collapse Of Banking System And Civil War

Boehner and Cantor summon Obama to meeting before jobs speech

Boehner and Cantor summon Obama to meeting before jobs speech

I think the likability factor is being somewhat ignored in this election

spotted on FB: 'Rick Perry appeals to those

spotted on FB: 'Rick Perry appeals to those

any vets/med techs in the austin area

If I'm reading this correctly, Texas is already getting $61 million in FEMA funding for fires.

Frontline: Top Secret America

Sickening: Arson suspected in one TX wildfire: description of teens released

Lincoln quote on Labor.

Greater crime rate, or better communications?

Ok... That's It... Goin To Bed Now...

Man, Wife, Sister Killed in Store Shooting

this you must see

California GOP not the party it was in Ronald Reagan's day

When I Think of the Hoffa Nontroversy, I think of...

Rachel Maddow pointed out something rather funny last night.

Think Perry will weasel out of the debate under the guise

Happy fun cloud will kill you now, By Mark Morford

EMILY’s List Backs Tammy Baldwin for Senate

Christian right: Florida school district believes teacher violated church-state separation

Toxic words in present political discourse...

I can't believe I'm saying this,but I like Buddy Romer.

Currency Wars, Trade And The Consuming Crisis of Capitalism

Chris Christie, Koch addict

Above The Law - USA (7 Sep 11)

Austerity Strikes Reach Italy

Elizabeth Warren Senate Campaign Website

Chavez asks Moscow for a loan to buy Russian weapons

What teachers really want to tell parents

For Medicare Savings, Send a Negotiator to the Pharmacy

Transcript of Bush/Rudy/Pataki phone call 9/13/2001

The Koch Idiots have a misery meeting in Vail, CO

two nuke plant events - Conn. and Vt.

does anyone remember how long it took bush to visit 911 tower site

duplicate post

Firefighters douse the St. Rudy of 9/11 myths

Republicans are totalitarians.

Republicans are totalitarians.

The office of the President cannot call people 'Sons of Bitches'

U.S. must reveal some cellphone tracking cases: court

Perry: NO taxes, NO regulation.

Robert Reich calls for $500 TRILLION in infrastructure spending

Worth reposting this pic of Perry's typical supporters...

Psssssssssst! This is better than my blue mountain coffee this morning

Mittens economic policy: If it didn't work before, try again with the least competent people....

Let’s consider Metis heritage (LTTE: Fighting Sioux)

Who are the best whistle blower law firms in every state?

Detroit City turns down thousands to fix pipes

More than 100 dead or missing after typhoon as rescue work continues (JAPAN)

I don't watch DWTS, I've never watched DWTS

CAPTION TIME! "Your Face Will Freeze Like That!" EDITION

Rabbi's refusal to testify could send him back to jail

Ex-chancellor Schroeder calls for "United States of Europe"

Tax Cuts + War = Deficits

SEC still destroying records illegally, whistleblower says

My Unfinished 9/11 Business

Mitt Romney Compares Unions Making Campaign Donations to a 'Form of Corruption'


Today's edition of you cannot make this stuff up, free trade edition

I Wonder If President Obama Really Believes This

Free Almond Tree seedlings - Sacramento CA

Understand this, Hoffa pile-on functions just like recent job huddling calls from GOP

Understand this, Hoffa pile-on functions just like recent job huddling calls from GOP

If "bitch" is considered sexist language, wouldn't "sons of bitches" also be?


Truman: "To hell with them. When history is written they will be the sons of bitches - not I"

Truman: "To hell with them. When history is written they will be the sons of bitches - not I"

HAZMAT event in Mass. - 3/4 inch hole in pipe

Toon: The Land of Sacrifice

Slow news day?

Why all the pink noise, Koch brothers?

1000 houses burned up in Tx. that's a lot of homeless people

"Mr. Hoffa speaks for himself" is not, in any way shape or form, an example of "backing down" or


My local Teahadist

German high court upholds country's participation in eurozone bailout funds

Toon: Waiting to divide the spoils....


Jesus... I Can't Believe This Is Even Necessary...

Climate, evolution thorny issues for GOP hopefuls

Dozens of fish heads mysteriously appear on Interstate 5

"Top of Chinese wealthy's wish list? To leave China"

Koch Lobbyist Admits Tea Party ‘Designed’ To Elect Republicans in 2010

Mexico 'Twitter terrorism' charges cause uproar

Mitt Romney - ain't hatnin' - CBS (Fast Draw video)

Rep Allen West: Obama must condemn Hoffa — THAT ALLEN WEST?

ROVE Defending Social Security?- 'Perry’s Extreme Views On Social Security Are Toxic'

Does the Obama administration read DU? If so, I want to send a message of hope. nt

This hurricane season is starting to look like a game of whack-a-mole!

This hurricane season is starting to look like a game of whack-a-mole!

Another Facebook Fiasco......

The House can't possibly accomodate a Presidential Speech on Wednesday, but...

I disagree with the President on taxcuts and open markets as a way to stimulate the economy..

Why did the Repubs decide not to respond to the President's speech?

My Gawd. Arizona to now charge $25 to visit inmates

Ohio Becomes First American State To Sell Prison To Private Company

NASA releases high res orbital photos of moon landing sites.

If there is only one topic that I am very upset with the President for breaking his promise...

Anonymous and LulzSec case: four accused males appear in court

Smoke in Austin area due to wildfires

dupe. nt

I'm not going to jump on the Hoffa bandwagon. We've been screaming for less inflammatory rhetoric.

Reflections of a GOP Operative that Left the Cult

Fox Sports is trying to be as racist as its sister news* organization

gulf coast folks-keep an eye on this developing storm:

Ya know how there wouldn't be gun massacres if more people were armed?

UN Study: Austerity Measures Pushing Global Economy Toward Disaster

At Minnesota State Fair, nearly 2/3rds polled oppose man/woman marriage amendment

ACLU Sues to End Rick Scott's Drug Testing Laws on Behalf of Navy Vet

ACLU Sues to End Rick Scott's Drug Testing Laws on Behalf of Navy Vet

GOP Debates Losing Relevance as Draft Andwich Movement Grows

US official: no decision on troop levels in Iraq

The Madison Capital Singers .... so down right inspiring

The Madison Capital Singers .... so down right inspiring

Federal judge rejects Carl Lewis' NJ Senate bid


John Edwards’ lawyers ask judge to drop criminal charges

The High Price Of Brent Crude Is The Benchmark You Should Be Watching

A tweet from twit Joe Wilson...

Mich. governor signs 48-month welfare limit

FEMA aids fire victims in Central Texas

Nouriel Roubini sounds the alarm

Republicans can carry guns to Obama speeches, Dems can't even talk.

Republicans can carry guns to Obama speeches, Dems can't even talk.

Any DUer who disses Hoffa's "take them out" needs to quit DU. Now.

Will you watch the Republican debate tomorrow night?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-more republicans and Politics

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-Economy

Bedtime in the Eastern Time Zone...How do Boehner and Cantor Sleep at Night???

If we're going to glorify 9/11 then...

If we're going to glorify 9/11 then...

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros on how feminists don’t get laid

Help a tea-bagger be UNION FREE today. This was on FARK.

Not ONE DIME of Federal relief to Texas.

The Pimpco Bonds CEO said if Congress doesn't act soon, the US will go into recession

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Environmental issues

Toon: Shrub's 9/11 rubble speech revisited

Remember when Mike Barnicle was forced to admit that his wife was an executive at Bank Of America?

Remember when Mike Barnicle was forced to admit that his wife was an executive at Bank Of America?

Remote Brazilian tribe threatened by 'drug dealers'

Most people weren't offended by Bidens speech

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Republicans

Hunger in Texas increases, latest federal survey shows

How One Citizen And Her Fellow Voters Kicked Ass At A Town Hall Meeting

Can the Democrats promise jobs if they are put back into the majority?

Remember when Texans made fun of Califorians suffering from

Scott Brown: ‘Uncle Omar’ should be deported

Budweiser claims name to all alcoholic bev names beginning with letters BUD.

Conservative Columnist: Poor People Shouldn’t Vote

Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

If calling someone on DU a hand wringer is against the rules, help me think of a kinder gentle name

Jim Hightower may just have finished Perry's hopes for the

Boy! You Best Get Off the Sidewalk and Let the White Man Pass:

Boy! You Best Get Off the Sidewalk and Let the White Man Pass:

AWESOME! Play "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" right now!

James Hoffa on with Big Ed right now

San Francisco's nudity is being challenged - and I say it's about time!

"I will make Washington inconsequential to your lives" - Rick Perry

Katie Couric denounces anti-Muslim hatred

Darth Schuette: MI Attorney General leads his stormtroopers against medical marijuana

Thank you mods.

.XXX web domain registration begins

I heard a couple encouraging interviews on NPR this morning

The President makes an 'impassioned' speech about the importance of 'labor'

U.S. military raises alert level ahead of September 11

Andrea Mitchell just announced she has breast cancer. I saw this

IP CEO- CNBC interview-"Without Demand, all certainty in world unimportant"

MLK bomb suspect likely to plead guilty

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economic fixers and plans

Republican Debate - early transcript

Wow, check out this loser I found on facebook....whoa!!

This is not a be scared so vote for Obama thread but I have a serious question

After 9/11, Perry’s Texas Wasted Homeland Security Money On Sports Cars, Neckties, And

The Beat(down) goes on. MI limits lifetime welfare benefits to 48 month

Ah-mazing TEDTalk about progressive change and the challenges our democracy faces

Let me ask you to think about something.

WAR ON VOTING: Wis Official To DMV Employees: Don't Offer People Free Voter-ID Cards Unless They Ask

Chinese Law Could Make Divorced Women Homeless

The Rude Pundit: Today's Republicans vs. the United States, Part 3 (A Recent History Lesson)

My last word on the Pima County Republican gun raffle

Was Dick Cheney the original inventor of the "bipartisanship" scam?

President Obama has the right to access Medical Marijuana

Confrontational language need not be violent, inadvertently, metaphorically, or otherwise.

So sue me, I'm a bad person, but I thoroughly enjoyed Tea Party Zombies Must Die.

'Tea Party Zombies' Game Controversy

United States falls to 5th most competitive nation

Are labor unions good for U.S. job growth?

Edmonton rock station offers chance to ‘Win a Wife’

If the RW morons teabaggers, idiots, lunatics and hacks

The Titanic and the GOP

The Titanic and the GOP

Wisc. DMV workers ordered to not offer voter IDs

Nobel winner Oe urges Japan to abandon nuclear power

Mark Halperin (bleh) finally admits an improved economy not in the GOP’s ‘interests’ ...

Tom the Dancing Bug: George Lucas revises the last ten years


Republicans Run from Cantor’s Plan to Withhold Disaster Relief

For Some Reason I Just Got This E-Mail From Congr. Joe Walsh......

The Washington Times claims to refute Darwinism and evolution

Why talk about the "mainstream" is useless blither.

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Pity the Plight of the Corporate Welfare Queens

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America

This chart from explains it the best!

The Secret Message In What Republicans Are Saying

Gunman attacks seven people in three states, then kills self

Any guesses as to how many times the GOP candidates will mention St. Ronnie tonight?

Do you think any of the Repubs in the debate tonight will start speaking in tongues...

Nein, Nein, Nein...

Ding Ding: Why There Are No #Jobs Here Explained In One Chart

So World have your Say (BBC program) got snowed

I'm having a hell of a time with the Glenn Beck monster

I got into it with a Texan right winger

Where's the line-up for the tea party debate viewing party?

New Assault on Family Planning by the Religious Right

Romney’s Economic Plan Includes $6.6 Trillion Tax Cut For The Rich And Corporations

Romney’s Economic Plan Includes $6.6 Trillion Tax Cut For The Rich And Corporations

Peggy Noonan on Hardball.......Oh PUKE

WI Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin: ‘I’m not afraid’

The Money That Got Snatched From Your Kid This Year

FEC Filing: NOM gives nearly 50k to defeat David Weprin (NY-9)

"tweety's going to tweet"

New Government Health Care Regulations Favor Business, Not Patients

Sour economy has even forced Gumby to turn to a life of crime

Tax cheat caught claiming 20 bogus kids born on same day

Gov. Perry Issues Proclamation for Days of Prayer for Rain in Response to Texas Wildfires

ALCU sues Florida for drug testing welfare recipients

Senseless gun death this week

What do y'all think of Buddy Roemer?

James Hoffa Blasts Fox News For Being "Anti-Worker"

Rachel, Tweety and Lawrence will be giving their analysis after

Office of Rep. Joe Walsh: “Mr. Walsh does NOT represent the nation as a whole… only Tea Party

CT Gov. Dan Malloy calls Ron Paul an “idiot” over anti-FEMA comments

Conservatives Step Up Attacks On Public Funding For Birth Control

Fox News' Paranoid Alternate Universe

Ga. Gov (R) appoints immigration/brown people hater to Immigration Enforcement Review Board.

Anyone Know How To Purchase, Online, The GOP Zombie Game?

Ryan White funding delays ’resolved’ for AIDS groups

This dick head on Al Sharptons...

Fastest way to make me turn off MSNBC...

Shouldn't these companies be taxed at even higher rates when sending jobs overseas?

Shouldn't these companies be taxed at even higher rates when sending jobs overseas?

Chopsticks For China, Made in America

on friday, Obama should show up in Texas with a FEMA check in hand

Al Gore accuses Barack Obama of bowing 'to pressure from polluters'

Do you think next time we have a GOP president and Dem congress

Why Obama's 'Yes, We Can' Turned Into Something Else Entirely

Brown’s Camp has registered

Compassionate Conservative... "Mich. governor signs 48-month welfare limit"

At what point do the corporations right off the American economy?

Crane collapses at National Cathedral in DC

Jim Hightower: "Perry Tales: Rick Is Not Who He Says He Is"

tonight republican/teabaggers will have to watch the evil msnbc to see their heroes

Several Republicans to boycott POTUS jobs speech ~ have decided they’re not even willing to listen.

‘This will be a very tough campaign’

‘This will be a very tough campaign’

Consider this: The amount of money we have spent on the bailouts

Obama’s Pivot to Jobs Will Last Almost a Whole Week

"What if I don't pray and don't wanna shop? Then what the fuck do I do?"

No Need for Obama to Condemn Hoffa’s ‘SOB’ Remark

Hurrah for the Bush tax cuts.

Hurrah for the Bush tax cuts.

9/11 Hero's Story 10 Years Later

If you want to Live dangerously.....

As Texas burns, Nero debates.

Tonight on Countdown

A Right of the World to Know...We haveTortured & WagedWar in Simplistic Terms!

Since Deregulation worked out so well - many Republicans are running on it again

Al Sharpton is missing making a point with this GOP guest on extending

Sharpton.....It's Not About Obama..It's About Your Momma

80 Reasons Why It’s Time To Take These Republican/Tea Party ‘Sons Of Bitches’ Down

Nation Would Rather Think About 9/11 Than Anything From Subsequent 10 Years

Drinking party for debate?

Dear Paul Ryan, I'd Like To Ask You A Question But I Don't Want To Be Arrested

So we're bringing the troops home, huh?

37th Annual National Suicide Prevention Week is this week.

Great website for tracking right-wing memes.

The Fires in Texas are what the National Guard is for not

Perry will NOT be able to complain about federal aid for Texas fires tonight

Robert Reich Asks: Tonight's Republican Debate: The 19th Century or the Stone Age?

Haha! Stroll down memory lane with Presidential hopeful Rev. Sharpton --

Just speaking for myself, tomorrow night is gonna be Make or Break for Obama

Boy jumps to death after telling teacher, police he was bullied (JAPAN)

Dedicated to Howard Zinn....On Kindness

Questions for 'Tricky' Rick Perry

10 Important Questions That Need To Be Asked At The Republican Debate

My parents asked me, out of the blue, for advice on buying silver

Jimmy Carter's "Crisis of Confidence" speech on July 15, 1979.

Help, please- In response to Sept. 11 attacks there was a website of posts from around the world.

Ten things you won’t hear at the GOP debate

I wish I could ship this down to Texas.

Please, Peggy Neener! Drink some more scotch and pass out!


Mommy, where do republicans come from?

FR officially out of love with Ann Coulter, decide she's a lesbian

Damn. Tweety calling for "Middle Republican" he can vote for.

Obama OKs Largest Residential Solar Project

Obama calls Perry on wildfires

Angry House Dems Request Pre-Speech Meeting With Obama

woman told relative, dying on floor, to "shut up".

Intriguing Proposal To Save The USPS - 'A Public Option for Simple Banking' - FDL


Coulter: Hoffa Represents "Useless" Workers Like "Kindergarten Teachers"

One of John Cole's patented rants: If A Christmas Carol was written today..

You guys aren't really gonna watch that thing, are you?

We'll be LIVE TWEETING the GOP debates in real time. Link inside:

The republic Debate Drinking Game

Robert Reich: Romney’s Jobs Plan (If you want to call it that)

Rick Scott wins ‘worst governor ever’ title from union

"Let's hope the fiscal crisis doesn't get better too soon. It'll slow down education reform."

Copyright Troll Righthaven Goes on Life Support

Post your favorite political one-frame cartoon- I need it for English!

New Report Shows High Schools Are Misleading (Or Lying To) Students About Labor History

Before CHEENEE everybody knew, "A man will confess to anything under torture"

Amazing video of Tsunami from car....

A German State's Losing Battle Against Extremism(Neo-Nazis Elected in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)


There was a reason for hiring Geithner and Summers

There was a reason for hiring Geithner and Summers

TV weatherman wakes in hot tub with naked dead man

TV weatherman wakes in hot tub with naked dead man

The dog-whistle dictionary for the 2012 GOP.

LIST: 80 Reasons Why It’s Time To Take These Republican/Tea Party ‘Sons Of Bitches’ Down

Thank you Eric Holder -Federal agents charge 91 in Medicare fraud case


Face scanners replacing time clocks in workplace

Al Gore: "President Obama Appears To Have Bowed To Pressure From Polluters..."

Al Gore Criticizes Obama For Abandoning Smog Standards

Al Gore Criticizes Obama For Abandoning Smog Standards

Freepers mad again, evangelicals dissed apparently. What's wrong with this freeper's comment?

Timeline Of A Right-Wing Media Smear

Wingers are notorious for dishing it out, but can never, ever take it in return

CA Democratic operative used campaign funds like personal piggy bank.

CA Democratic operative used campaign funds like personal piggy bank.

Warning!- watch Obama's speech(& policy decisions the next month or 2)for 'repatriation tax holiday'

Mike Barnicle complaining on MSNBC today about union workers making too much money


Audio: Chris Christie Lets Loose at Secret Koch Brothers Confab

Chris Christie to Koch bros @ secret confab: "Pain will be inflicted", living standards will go down

Lavorare meno! Lavorare tutti!

Back to e-mailing Scabs and Mika Mouse - over their whining about HOFFA

Democrats Who Give Cover To Corporate Scams

Flash game lets players gun down Palin, Bachmann, Fox News hosts

So I Gotta Ask... At What Point Do You Object To The Policies Of This White House ???

So I Gotta Ask... At What Point Do You Object To The Policies Of This White House ???

So I Gotta Ask... At What Point Do You Object To The Policies Of This White House ???

Want to know what's wrong? Why people are pissed? Read this.

Teabaggers like confederate soldiers?

At what point is there a mass exodus from the Southwest?!?!? --- Commentator at CNN asks: "Are jobs obsolete?"

I've been invited to a meeting with the House members of the Joint Committee...

I've been invited to a meeting with the House members of the Joint Committee...

Toy Poodle leads rescuers in burning home to family member in basement

For those who think Texas should burn because of Rick Perry - post your 'Burn Baby Burn' here.....

ONION does 9/11

New and Improved

Romania: Bats invade Transylvanian classroom

Congresswoman Lee Introduces Bill to Repeal Authorization to Use Military Force

Why Native Americans fight and die for same US army that slew their ancestors

Bernie Sanders Offers Bold Plan to Tackle "Jobs Crisis" and No Cuts to Social Safety Network

A 21st century governor counters drought with prayer and widespread wildfires without firefighters

Tea Party, Fox News Viewers Outliers on Immigration, Islam

It appears the Bachmann candidacy is fizzling out

Texas needs and deserves our help.

Now if I remember correctly Matt Taibbi predicted Health Care Reform would not pass

Poll: Generational Attitudes towards public nudity

Poll: Generational Attitudes towards public nudity

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Oh Boy... 'The White House’s Two Priorities' - Ezra Klein/WaPo

Rick Snyder cuts the poor off welfare

Picking From The Field Of 9 GOP Candidates: A Hilarious Flowchart

Sirota -- A revealing outbreak of candor

Here Comes "HERE COMES TROUBLE" -- My New Book Arrives in 6 Days ...from Michael Moore

Intrade is trading very very high that the repubs will take control of the Senate....

Got turned down for health insurance - again.

Al Gore: Obama is Listening to Big Polluters Instead of Science

Libyan Revolution Week 29 part 4

Lunar orbiter finds footprints on the moon

Has anyone commented on the $300 billion the President is going to propose?

The "Shock Doctrine" comes to your neighborhood classroom - David Sirota, Salon

Why does the administration STILL not get it?: there's NO "Center"...and no "Centrist" voters.

Copyright Troll Righthaven Who Sued DU Goes on Life Support-Laying off workers

After Rick Perry Cut Fire Department Funding by 75%, Texas Ravaged by Wildfires

Lest We Forget: The Trail of Tears (my great great grandmother SURVIVED)

Hoffa doubles down, will ‘never apologize,’ blasts Fox News as ‘anti-worker’

2fer: Prediction abt wingnuts' No-plan/Plan Obama. & is country music for political pandering?!1

Critique of Marx's critique of Capitalism

Am I off on this? It seems Republican tactics mirror cult processes.

If we could, should we create an atmosphere on Mars...

Bank of America 'called grieving widow 48 times a day to remind her of husband's debt'

City considers privatizing fire, police

Ever hear of Dan Nainan?

BuckWheat Stevenson - Hippie Hero - Shambala - 1949-1988

The greatest speech ever made...

Texas is on FIRE!

I am not an advertising genius.

I will admit it, I am a strawberry and banana smoothie junkie.

She still wants to shake hands

Did you ever notice

The three main states of matter:

Y'ever have one o' these days?


Just cuz they used up their 9 lives doesn't necessarily mean they gotta stop fucking with people.

This coming Saturday is the 16th Annual Run for the Grizzlies in Big Bear Lake, CA.

If he'd had kids, MFM might not've been a good parent. He woulda been a fucking AWESOME parent!!!

Reposting some old fractal art


duly noted.

You gotta lotta nerve...

Midnight in Paris *SPOILER ALERT*

Colbert: While we were gone we were struck with an earthquake and a hurricane.

What is the greatest gift you ever got? I got a used spiro-graph set

2 years ago today my best friend died in an accident.

is there any brand of miconazole foot powder (shake not spray) at walmart?


Does anyone know how to switch yahoo "new" email back to "classic"? n/t

Shopper arrested with live lobsters in shorts

In addition to all his OTHER health issues, MFM has been diagnosed with a case of "the lobsters.

Is that a live lobster in your shorts or are you just happy to see me

Delusions of grandeur:

Lee Van Cleef

Lately, MiddleFingerMom's been having a real problem involving his balance.

MFM was loved dearly by his medical team.

New from The English Beat: "I'm on Facebook"

Who is your favourite voiceover spokesmodel? I like Denis Leary though I could not tell you what he

Billy's rat hoarder episode just started on A and E.

It is cold today in Ottawa. I'm wearing a big wool sweater. Will there be an indian summer?

A couple more great ones from Buddy Holly: Maybe Baby, and Rave On

Man wearing Gumby costume tries to rob California 7-Eleven (with video)

Anyone else getting chilled by all the first person accounts of 9/11 on the tv. I find it

Do POVICH and SPRINGER have a tandem arrangement?


I suppose you're wondering why I've called you all together

So that's all it takes to get involved in a 3-way.....

Lab chimps see sunlight for the first time.

The Coolest Photo you will see all day...

Drunken Elf Rescued From Swede's Apple Tree

Wow, check out this loser I found on facebook....whoa!!

Y'know, The Watchmen was way ahead of its time

"Urine-covered hairs" IS NOT the phrase for today. DO NOT modify a thread title to include

What do you call the shortcuts for long words in MS Word?

Anybody here ever seen SHOCK WAVES? Didn't it just totally

Aren't motorists supposed to obey the same rules of the road as other vehicles?

Born 75 years ago today...Charles Hardin Holley....singing Peggy Sue

Watching "The Tudors". Started in year three (Jayne Seymour). Now Ann of Cleves is up.

Where does Garmin get their data?

Going to the store

Cow tipping - necessary or a constant drain on the psyches of livestock?

I'm not really seeking medical advice, but how do I get a live lobster out of my ass?

I can't believe it, it is 62 outside in Houston.

"Madonna’s entitled to like any flower she wants..."

"the drippings from their urine-covered hairs"

Please join me in remembering those lost in Russia today.

TIME AGAIN FOR 10 QUESTIONS!!! Woohoo WooHoo Woohoo!

Ever been in a helicopter? I once took a $25 helicopter ride at the

I'm off to see my plastic surgeon -- the guy who cut and stretched my pectoral muscle...

Drunken Elk Rescued From Swede's Apple Tree

What song is next up on your CD/Ipod? "Mercy Mercy Me" by Marving Gaye is up next for me.

I've Heard That Portland, Ore. Is The Best City For...

What is your favourite cookbook. I like the Moosewood Cookbook though I have not used it for years.

What outlandish advice did you get from your mother when you were a kids. My

Don't Give UP by Sarah Brightman - This is a beautiful song I think

"Six Feet Under" - best quote ever

Dumped again, kinda sorta, I guess

I'm going to be interviewed for a teevee show and need some advice on clothes

Arkansas TV Weatherman Awakes Beside Dead Body In Hot Tub

Criminal Minds fans? Must see The Hotch Song!

Do you say "butt naked" or "buck naked?"

What is the most ambitious thing you ever tried while high or drunk?

Praise The Lard. Post a pic of pork.

What is the best course you have ever taken. I liked the african history

Brewer & Shipley- A vastly underrated pair of musicians.

Need some help in diffusing a possibly volatile situation

Tipping - necessary, or a constant drain on the wallet?

Angry House Dems Request Pre-Speech Meeting With Obama

Australia's economy grows by 1.2% in the second quarter

Ex-Honduran minister: US offering to reinstate visas to some Honduran coup officials

Sheriff Says AK-47 Was Used in Nevada Shooting

Probe Into Goldman Widens

Farmers Press GOP on Hiring

Postal Service financial rescue plan in works at White House

Plan Would Keep Small Force in Iraq Past Deadline

S&P Met With Bond Firms

Perry’s Controversial Money Man

Intruder raids fridge, takes bath at Celine Dion's home

..Uruguay to apologize over alleged rape by UN peacekeepers

Obama, Romney jobs plans reveal deep philosophical divide

Pakistan unrest: Quetta troops hit by suicide attacks

Obama to Propose $300 Billion Jobs Package: Report

Existing Tax Cut Is Seen as Best Hope for Obama Jobs Plan

Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs

..US experts eye Cuba oil plans after BP spill

U.S. court tosses S.F. landlords' Prop. M lawsuit

Syrian forces 'launch fresh assault on Homs'

GOP stalls confirmation of consumer agency nominee

Libyan fighters say Gadhafi surrounded

Rape case draws attention to concerns about abuses in Jordan’s garment industry

FEMA funding has Congress stuck in dispute

Hacking Scandal Roils Dutch Public

(Canadian) Security spending in wake of 9/11 tops $92B, report finds

Not All Members Will Attend Obama’s Jobs Speech

Fed considers buying more long-term Treasury bonds to lower rates

India bomb: Delhi High Court explosion kills 11

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake hits Delhi, NCR; epicentre: Sonepat

US falls to 5th in global competitiveness, survey shows

Delhi bomb: High Court explosion kills nine

Man wearing Gumby costume tries to rob California 7-Eleven (with video)

Syrian Troops Kill 6 in Anti-Protest Raids

Court Returns Partner Benefits to Arizona State Workers

Al Gore Criticizes Obama For Abandoning Smog Standards

Hoffa doubles down, will ‘never apologize,’ blasts Fox News as ‘anti-worker’

U.S. Falls to Fifth in Global Competitiveness (Behind Sweden and Finland)

Nadine Dorries's abortion proposals heavily defeated in Commons

Jewish Dem crosses lines to back Republican in N.Y. Special

Markets Lifted by Signs of Progress on European Debt.

Russia's Lokomotiv ice hockey team in air disaster

London Police Make 16th Arrest in News Corp. Phone-Hacking Investigation

Crane topples at National Cathedral, damages buildings

Big Oil: To create jobs, let us drill more

US lawmakers want audit of intelligence assistance to Colombia

Order signed for Sept. execution of Troy Davis

Order signed for Sept. execution of Troy Davis

Texas fires and drought cost farms $5.2bn

Libya conflict: Niger border 'cannot be closed'

Republicans ask Obama to send Congress trade pacts

U.S. Tumbles Down Global Ranking Of Competitive Economies

Ohio Senate gave pay raises after state cuts

New Yorkers Say Mayor Has Not Improved Schools

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phone hacking: Guardian journalist interviewed over police inquiry leaks

Commons passes NHS reforms

Prestigious NGO Praises Cuba’s Medical Care of Children

Gov. Scott clarifies his support for oil drilling in Everglades

Mich. governor signs 48-month welfare limit

US scientist Stewart Nozette admits Israel spy charge

Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs

UN Security Council Finds Iran Is Violating The Nuclear Weapons Program Ban

This wasn't too harsh, was it?

Obama aide: No apology for Hoffa comments

John Edwards seeks dismissal of case

China rescues 30 disabled workers enslaved at illegal brick kilns

EXCLUSIVE: Libyan missiles looted

Boxer: I hope greens sue Obama

Dozens arrested in Medicare mental health fraud

Harper says Islamicism biggest threat to Canada

5 Found Slain at Home; Suspect Dies (Morgantown, West Virginia)

GE to "vigorously contest" mortgage lawsuit

African women say rebels raped them in Libyan camp

Many in U.S. slip from middle class, study finds

John Nicoles: The President's job is not to talk to the republicans it's to talk to American people

Romneycare Vs. Perrycare


NYT: A Campaign Challenge: Defining Obama

I am always suspicious of polls. In most major elections, if there is a surge in voter turnout by

Fun Facts about Perry from Jim Hightower/Alternet...

Rick Perry Cut the Texas Forest Service Budget By $34 Million

Are You Watching The REPUKE Debate Tonight???

My teabag sister-in-law just accused Obama of not allowing Christians to the 9/11 "ceremony".......

Ron Paul goes after Perry's record is this a preview of tonights debate

What Obama's Fundraising Advantage Means

Karl Rove: Rick Perry’s Extreme Views On Social Security Are ‘Toxic’

Are labor unions good for U.S. job growth?

Romney’s Economic Plan Includes $6.6 Trillion Tax Cut For The Rich And Corporations

Stewart rips media over "Speechgate"

I will not watch the Republican debates, Mr/Ms DU I am

How to get government permission to be a criminal

WTO Upholds Obama’s Tire Industry Relief Decision

Florida’s Rick Scott Asks Legislature To Accept Affordable Care Act Funds

"Cut the Deficit, Tax Obama's CEO Friends"

Sen. Vitter Skipping Obama’s Jobs Speech To Watch Football

GOP freshmen to Cantor: Forget spending cuts, give us our storm aid

BREAKING NEWS!!! Andrea Mitchell: I have breast cancer

Russian jet carrying hockey team crashes, 36 dead

Tweety just zapped Perry

Will the media put country before partisanship?

I could have sworn that during democratic Debates,

Meet Diane Hendricks (tea party financier)

POTUS got 247 in the bag

friendly advice for centrist Obama supporters

Salazar Unveils Proposed Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge & Conservation Area

Tonight’s GOP Debate: A Noun, a Verb, and Ronald Reagan

Flow Chart to pick your favorite GOPer candidate.....

Am I the only one here who thinks MSNBC is doing its best to set up Perry as THE man to beat?

What are property taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes like in Texas?

Jon Stewart mocks Speechgate, slams media for manufactured crisis

Are you going to watch the Republican Debate on MSNBC?

For this Debate only, I'm rooting for Mitt!

We may be extremely upset with Obama....

The best way to support Obama in 2012

Pelosi on Boehner's refusal to respond to the President's jobs speech

America to Obama, 'Stand Up for Yourself'

Hoffa: "I will never apologize for standing up for my fellow Teamsters and all American workers.”

Mike Thompson toon on Hoffa, Teabaggers and incendiary rhetoric

Crap, that didn't sound very encouraging; Tweety just asked Robert Gibbs if

DOJ & DHS are fighting it out with House GOP over immigration law re same-sex bi-national couples

Obama Advisors Feared a Coup If the Administration Prosecuted War Crimes

I know how to get the Republicans on board with Obama's jobs plan.

I support President Obama in 2012

OK... This is a bold post from a newbie.... There are many here on DU that seem to want

A message to the GOP about Mr. Hoffa


Quelle Surprise: GOP will oppose new spending on jobs from Obama

Here's something you and I weren't supposed to find out:

Obama at 81% approval among liberal Democrats

President Obama tells Perry the govt will continue to make federal assistance available

"This is an essential liberal disconnect: The narrators are far angrier than the audience."

Garden State Equality's Anti-Bullying Hotline

Better This World (documentary - now on PBS..WATCH IT!)

Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey

FOX Bleeps Hoffa While Gretchen Blurts It Out

Al Jazeera English: Critics Slam "We Shall Never Forget 9/11" Kids' Coloring Book For Islamophobia

TDPS: Is This Romney Supporter a Plant or Parody, Or Is He For Real? (video)

"Social Security Didn't Create the Deficit" Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Thom Hartmann: Sons of Bitches vs. Mother of all Wars

Carney Slams Tapper: Don't Focus on Kabuki Theatre

Carney Slams Tapper: Don't Focus on Kabuki Theatre

Thom Hartmann: Why Schools, Hospitals & Prisons shouldn't be Run for Profit

Raid On Trade- Turkey Cuts Ties With Israel Over Gaza Flotilla Attack

Mike Malloy - One Last Nail In Obama´s Coffin

Obama Continues No-Bid Contracts For Wars

Ed Show: Charles Koch Compares Obama to Sadaam Hussein - Exclusive Audio from Mother Jones

TEDTalk about Progressive Change and challenges we face for our democracy.


Thom Hartmann with Dr. Helen Caldicott - Should NW Japan be Evacuated?

Papantonio: Perry’s Debutante Debate Debut

The Right: Preaching What They Won't Practice

Crazy Wingnut Screed of the Day

Jim Hightower on Rick Perry: "Puts the goober in gubernatorial"

Nancy Skinner on Follow the Money 9-6-11 defending Hoffa Labor Day speech

Bye-Bye Congressional Pages

Bankers raping & pillaging

Paul Ryan "Townhall" Arrests (moveon)

Gaddafi dumped, 'Al-Qaeda & CIA nested in new Libyan govt'

Keiser Report: Fake Assets

TYT: Obama Screws Environment With Smog

Fox News: 'It Doesn't Matter' That Climate Change Is A Fact

Young Turks: Obama's 3 Step Re-Election Strategy (Tea Party Involved)

Obama's Promise Taken to the Bank (literally)

Papantonio: Kochs Would Love A Perry Presidency

90% of Republicans Prefer Socialist Country's Wealth Distribution!

Thom Hartmann: Destroying the Postal Service - another Manufactured Crisis

The 2012 alternative is reversing the progress made by President Obama.

Perry’s Controversial Money Man

Purging the Legal System of Dictatorship Accomplices

Matt Taibbi: Obama and Jobs -- Why I Don't Believe Him Anymore

Consumer Pick Vows to Streamline Regulations.

The CIA's Selective Secrecy

Perry’s Controversial Money Man

Demanding Hurricane Irene ‘Offsets’

Obama, Romney jobs plans reveal deep philosophical divide

Turkey’s Clash With Israel Warrants a U.S. Reassessment: View

Families Feel Sharp Edge of State Budget Cuts

Plan Would Keep Small Force in Iraq Past Deadline

Court Rejects Challenges to German Euro Bailouts.

Boy Who Allegedly Threw a Rock At Motorist Charged

The GOP War on Voting

Tom Hayden: Blinded by fright

Jim Hightower: How Rick Perry Has Been on the Public Dole His Whole Life

Revenge film paints bleak picture of rural China

Obama's Last Chance to Repair Damage and Change the Debate

Wounded in Iraq: A Marine's Story

A Battle Royale (with Cheese) over Food Stamps

Obama hits new lows among strongest 2008 supporters - Washington Post/ABC poll

Recording shows Koch Bros Plotting 2012 "investment" - The National Memo

10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan

UN Study: Austerity Measures Pushing World Economy Toward Disaster (x/post)

EPA Smog Rules Freakout Is Ridiculous

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

Republican Governor Cuts Aid To Over 27,000 Children (so much for Republican 'morals')

Murder of Catholic Priest in Colombia Greeted With Collective Silence

Tax the Rich or Riots Will Rage in 2012

Religious law in America? Could be.

Giant crabs make Antarctic leap (BBC)

WikiLeaks cables reveal fears over China's nuclear safety

California Senate Passes the Shark's Fin Ban

Drumbeat: September 7, 2011

Nanocables light way to the future—Rice researchers power line-voltage light bulb with nanotube wire

New type of solar cell retains high efficiency for long periods

London Olympics Planners Drop Carbon Offset Plan; Renewable Electricity Sourcing From 20% To 9%

The Ecologist - W. 16 Of 20 Dirtiest Cities Anywhere, China Now Outsourcing Its Pollution

California adopts shark fin ban

Wolf makes a comeback in France (BBC)

Telegraph - Arctic Sea Ice Volume Hit All-Time Low In 2010, Below Previous 2007 Record

Kan: I couldn't let TEPCO withdraw from Fukushima disaster

Genesis Solar Plant Gets $852M Loan Backing

In TX Hill Country, Llano River Running 2-3 CFS; Residents Using Turf Dye On Dead Lawns - NYT

Philippine giant croc captured after three-week hunt (BBC)

Can One Million Bulbs Save One Billion Dollars?

Rick Scott Endorses Bachman Call To Drill In Glades, Then "Clarifies"; "Didn't Mean An Expansion"

Chinese scientists urge better nuke safety

German Solar Firms Eclipsed by Chinese Rivals

NSIDC 6 September - Arctic Sea Ice Near Record Lows; NW, NE Passages Now Open