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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
Number of posts: 7,198

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Liver disease. And I guess it ain't gonna be cured. Thing is, physician isn't sure what it is.

It could be fibroids or it could be fatty liver. Going for blood work and an ultrasound. No symptoms, other than the distortion was picked up on a cat scan.

Anyone with similar conditions?

Help. Calls from physicians office are being blocked as spam.. iPhone.

Tried putting his number on contact list. No help.

Fucking over the Pine Barrens. Star-Ledger article today.

Off road vehicles and dirt bikes are destroying sections of the Pine Barrens.

D.E.P. uses a "both sides" argument to explain why the destruction is allowed to continue..... sports people have as much right to use the land as hikers and other environmentalists. So they do little.

Have you hiked the barrens and seen the damage?

Yesterday's Biden press conference. What da fuck? But Biden shines through.

Towards the end of the presser, an asshole reporter begins, "This is a delicate question..."

Then proceeds to pronounce that 80% of the American people Democrats included, say that you, Mr. Biden are mentally unfit to be president. (Paraphrasing)

"How do you account for that?"

Biden: (Like a champ.). "I have no idea."

Then he just proceeded to the next question.

I was in my car do I know know the Newsman reporter's name. Will he be invited to future pressers?

Hijab-gate lawsuit filed. It's lottery time....

Lawsuit (shakedown) was filed against the Maplewood Board of Ed. in response to a teacher accused of pulling a hijab off of a second grade student.

Student wore a hoodie over her head, against school policy, Teacher reached down to remove. Teacher then saw the kid's hijab was not under the hood and pulled the hood back up.

Then, we are told, the kid was traumatized and has lost all joy and pride in her hijab.


video recorded by the mother, shows the kid being coached by the mother and giggling, while trying to describe the "trauma" she experienced.

Will the insurance company settle?

I found the origin of the Trump political playbook: W.C. Fields.

"Never give a sucker an even break.

Parkway 12/26. Stopped at two rest stops.

100% masked. That was a total of about 30 people.

Hunterdon Central HS closed.

Covid- 30 cases.

Union Township (Union County) High School, 30 cases. Still open but may go virtual in January.

What questions to ask doctor... fibroid in my liver. Specialist app't is next month.

I was given this a couple of weeks ago, after a CAT scan.

What questions should I ask?

Do you have experience with this?

I am going to post this a couple of more times since posts don't last long on D.U.

Saturday night, time for one of my free associations.... so let me tell you about Bob Slater.

There used to be a section in the Reader's Digest about people you met. I was going to write about Bob but never got around to do it.

Bob was in his late 40's when I met him. He was a practicing psychological consultant. No degree in counseling but it didn't matter. He was good at counseling. He was white and most of his clients were Black. He identified with black people and Blacks were the majority of his friends. And this is where it gets more interesting.

You see, he was somewheres around 5'3 and probably didn't weigh more than 110 pounds. He also had a severe case of spina bifida so he was nearly crippled.

He frequented Black bars in Newark (NJ). Everyone knew Bob and everyone liked Bob. On rare occasion, arguments would get heated, or were looking like they were going to lead to fights. There were times I heard about that someone would stop the argument and get Bob out of the bar and onto the sidewalk until the dispute was resolved. Then Bob would be escorted back in.

Why the fuss about Bob? One of his most interesting contributions was night camp. White kids got to go to day camp or sleep away camp. Bob started Night Camp for disadvantaged kids in Orange and East Orange. It began with basketball and a couple of checker sets and so forth. After a couple of months, he recruited people to volunteer to tutor dropouts or close to being dropouts. The goal was to get G.E.D.'s for some and keep others in school.

At Bob's 50th birthday party, there were several people who stood up and credited Bob with their getting college degrees.

Then there was the time he was mugged and put in hospital. Cops took a statement and Bob said he couldn't idescribe the person who mugged him at the Orange train station. In hospital, Bob sent word that he wanted his assailant brought to his hospital bed. When the kid was brought into Bob's room, Bob said he could point him out to the cops but what good would come of that. He made the kid promise to finish high school or the cops would be notified.

The kid finished high school. He didn't attend the above mentioned birthday party but he sent a letter by way of another attendee to be read at the party. The letter described what he did and Bob's response and thanked Bob.

Then Bob came down with terminal cancer. He didn't have relatives to attend to him at bedside but he had friends.... many friends. We divided the days into shifts of 3 hours each. 24 hours a day, day and night someone was at the room with him until he died. He was never alone.

The funeral parlor was packed to the point that people were on the sidewalk outside to wait to go in to say farewell.

I only knew Bob for four or five years but his memory remains with me.

Thirty years gone and I still miss him.

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