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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 1,683

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An inspiring anti-fascist song, sung by two Iranian women without hijab:


Its starting to dawn on me, how a couple of my MAGA relatives have been dealing with the news

about their fuhrer's onslaught of legal problems. THEYRE NOT LISTENING TO THE NEWS!
Now, mind you, the couple that I'm still on speaking terms with, aren't among the ones who are threatening to riot in the streets. But their hero's transgressions ARE causing them some misgivings.
And they have told me bluntly, that "I quit listening to the news, its too depressing."
It may spell trouble for Fox, but, more importantly, it may spell trouble for the Republican Party. If their constituents aren't watching the news, then their messaging is not getting out. If they can't get out their message, then those constituents are going to sit home on election day.
Anyway, that's what I have observed, and that's my prediction. Not a riot in the streets, which some leaders seem to be encouraging, but a general desertion of the voting booths.

I know that folks here are elated at the prospect of Bloated Tick behind bars, but ....

and believe me, I hate to present this possibility -- is this when we find out that he wrote himself a pardon??
He knew full well that the missing documents wouldn't go unnoticed. And he still refused to return them, even after DOJ officials talked to him and his lawyers about the boxes of documents in the basement that he still possessed.
He may be dimwitted; but he knows how to stay out of jail.
So, I want to hear the opinions -- can TFG pull out a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card??

Holy crap! Flooding in Death Valley??

It was not called 'Death Valley' because of dangerous floods! At least, not until now.


So the question is, why NOW??

We know that TFG took boxes of documents when he left the White House, and we know that many were marked 'Top Secret'. And we know that he returned most documents, but that he didn't return ALL of them.
What made the DOJ act now? And with a very high-profile RAID?
What may have happened recently, to make the DOJ suddenly fear for the safety of those Top Secret documents?
One recent event was the Saudi-Backed LIV Golf tournament. Was Treasonous Bastard overheard making a sales pitch?
Sure, just conjecture.

I wasn't prepared to face a religious test when renewing my license plates

I knew that this year, Tennessee was issuing new, redesigned auto tags this year. But the question of religious preferences took me by surprise. "Do you want 'In God We Trust', or without."
I wasn't sure. Its not that I don't BELIEVE in g-d, but I sure don't TRUST him/her. And Tennessee has a mandatory liability insurance law -- doesn't sound like the state has much faith in him/her either.
So, in order not to have my hypocrisy cast into stone (or, in this case, aluminum), I opted for the 'without', and left, feeling like a Rebel without a clause.
This question of one's religious beliefs at tag renewal time is apparently happening in many states.

“In God We Trust” license plates are already available in 20 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So, my advice is to be prepared -- your automobile's eternal salvation may depend on your answer!

Lowering the US flag by Presidential order is a problem for Red states?

I live in a rural Tennessee cummunity, and I know that Biden supporters are harder to find than a vegetarian restaurant out here.
But I've noticed this week, that the older from President Biden to lower flags to half-staff, is being ignored. Flags at city halls, fire departments, veterans centers, even federal post offices, are flying at full mast.
When I ask about it, Im told that; "the Governor never passed on the order", " Lowering the flag doesn't have the meaning it used to", "We never received an email from ....", etc.
Is anyone else seeing this??

It seems like all of the Republicans' heroes have either asked for, received, or handed out Pardons.

An odd qualification for sainthood in the Republican party.

A monument dedicated to Tennessee's 20,133 US Colored Troops who fought for the Union

Yesterday's Unveiling Ceremony in Clarksville was inspiring, with music and dance perfomances. But the statue ... was.... AMAZING!
Great pictures in this article.

In honor of Tennessee's US Colored Troops, a Clarksville organization's exciting contribution


(cross-posted from the 'African American' topic)
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