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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
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Lifelong anxiety disorder. Long-winded. Sorry.

I have had anxiety disorder, at least since I was 19. Thinking back, I used to have panic attacks at 13ish.

When I had my first terrible anxiety attack, I was 19. It was near Christmas, I was living with my parents. I came home from my friend's house (guitarist of a band I played bass with), and while there I had tea and fudge. After I got home, I felt funny and opened my sister's bedroom door and said, "My eyes are feeling weird. Something's wrong." She told me it was nothing, and to just relax and go to bed.

While I was lying in bed a HUGE pit of butterflies hit my stomach and I started sweating and my pulse was racing. I didn't sleep much.

The next day, my head was literally numb when I touched it, and I was filled with anxiety (I didn't know what it was though). I just felt weird. I walked out to where my big family was and said, "Mom, dad...I feel weird." I couldn't put it into words but tried. They said, you'll be fine, it's all in your head.

My life changed from that day on. Severe anxiety /panic attacks hour after hour. Sweating. My chest hurting because my heart was racing so much. My hands started shaking. I lost a ton of weight (I was already skinny, but the neighbors were telling my parents how unhealthy I looked and my mom would try to feed me more). I remember at dinner with my family, my hands would be shaking so much I couldn't bring a fork to my mouth—and everyone pretended not to notice.

I was over 18, and at that time, insurance companies dropped you from your parents' insurance after 18. I was going to a community college but was too scared to visit the nurse's office because I was afraid they would say "nothing was wrong."

The anxiety went on hour after hour, everyday (some better than others) for 3 years. I had a couple of jobs, but people always treated me like I was a freak because I was so nervous (they were somewhat forgiving because I was a young man), but the shaky hands was terrible and prevented me from doing simple things like shopping, banking, etc, because it involved handing money to a cashier, or signing my name on a check (which was terrible).

It didn't really improve until my friends introduced me to beer. That calmed my anxiety, but the shaky hands continued. I avoided ANY task or errand that involved me signing something, handing something to someone, etc.

In fact, I was the singer in a sloppy rock band while I lived in Hollywood, and I always went to check cashing places because they had thick windows and passed everything through the drawer so I could sign off to the side. Eventually, I went to a bank to get an account with a few hundred dollars. My hands were shaking so bad, that the account person looked at me and said, "We can't accept an account without a paycheck." That was a BofA on Vermont and Hollywood.

So I went my whole life avoiding eating out with co-workers and friends (unless I could have a couple of beers in me–and even then I would always order foods I could eat with two hands—like a sandwich), signing checks, exchanging cash, etc. There was even one time a pretty girl walked next to me at a bar (my band was playing at that night), and asked me for a cigarette light. I pushed a book of matches to her, and she gave me a dirty look because I didn't light her cigarette. If I'd had a couple of beers in me, it would have been fine holding up a match.

I have now finally found out that I lived my whole life with a pretty severe anxiety disorder. I didn't know what it was, but a psychologist finally told me this year. It's nowhere near as bad as it was when I was in my 20's, but I still avoid certain situations when I have to do something with my hands.

So, if you have a job like a cashier, bartender, banker, plumber or sitting with a co-worker at lunch...be sensitive if someone's hand is shaking while they lift a fork to their mouth, or hand you a credit car or cash. It doesn't mean they are a drug addict, are running from the law or doing something illegal…they could very well just have some sort of health problem.

We hear about numbers, but what we won't hear about in all these mass shootings...

Are the extent of the injuries. Some are probably horrific and life altering.

"In the eight years between 2015 and 2022, over 19,000 people were shot and killed or wounded in the United States in a mass shooting. The reach of each mass shooting stretches far beyond those killed and wounded, harming the well-being of survivors, their families, and entire communities."

"Once homeless, California woman now worth millions after lottery win, officials say"


A woman who used to experience homelessness just became a millionaire after picking a scratch-off ticket with her eyes closed, California Lottery officials said. Lucia Forseth was at the Walmart Supercenter in Pittsburg getting an oil change done on her car when she decided to buy the instant ticket, according to a May 3 news release. She had no idea she was about to win $5 million.

“I only bought one ticket,” Forseth told lottery officials. “I closed my eyes and picked that one, and it won! I first thought I’d won a free ticket, but I checked, and it said I won $5 million!” Forseth said buying a “ticket called 2023 has deep meaning” for her, according to the release.

“Six years ago, I was homeless. This year I am getting married, getting my associate degree, and won $5 million,” Forseth said. “You never think you have a chance to win it. It is just random. Being homeless just six years ago, I never thought it would happen to someone like me.”


Guns belonging to Las Vegas massacre shooter destroyed

Source: CNN

Guns belonging to Las Vegas massacre shooter destroyed, property sold with proceeds to be divided among victims’ families

The estate of Stephen Paddock, the gambler who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, has been sold off by court order and the proceeds will be evenly divided among the loved ones of the victims he killed in Las Vegas in 2017, an attorney for the victims said.

From his hotel room overlooking the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Paddock opened fire, killing dozens of innocent victims and wounding hundreds more.

“This is absolute relief. We wanted to ensure that the families received small token of reparation from Paddock,” Las Vegas attorney Alice Denton told CNN of the final order being granted in court on Thursday, bringing to a close the six-year process of settling debts and selling assets.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/04/21/us/las-vegas-2017-shooting-stephen-paddock/index.html

Visitors allowed back into California State Capitol after "credible threat" passes

Source: CBS News

SACRAMENTO - The State Capitol building was on heightened alert and evacuated Thursday morning due to a credible threat, according to the Senate Rules Committee.

The public has been permitted to re-enter the building.

On Thursday morning, the CHP notified the Senate of the potential danger, which prompted the evacuation of the Capitol building. As a precaution, security partners were on high alert in the surrounding area.

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/sacramento/news/californian-state-capitol-building-evacuated-due-to-credible-threat/

Don't Use Public Phone Charging Stations: FBI

Source: The Hill

The FBI is warning people to not use public phone charging stations, which have become increasingly popular in places like airports and shopping malls.

The problem is that hackers have found a way to introduce malware and other software onto devices through the public stations, the FBI said.

“Avoid using free charging stations in airports, hotels or shopping centers,” the FBI’s Denver Twitter account said. “Bad actors have figured out ways to use public USB ports to introduce malware and monitoring software onto devices. Carry your own charger and USB cord and use an electrical outlet instead.”

Read more: https://thehill.com/policy/technology/3942399-dont-use-public-phone-charging-stations-fbi/

Great news travels fast...

I'm so glad President Carter lived long enough to see this:

As for me: when tfg beat out Hillary, and I heard my MAGA neighbor yell out, "Yeah!"; and I looked up presidents of the US on Wikipedia and saw tfg's clown ass face...that night—and for the next few months—I felt like I was living in a Twilight Zone episode.

This morning, I feel like I'm dreaming a great dream. How long did we talk about the day that he would be arrested? Did we really believe it would ever happen? I began to think not.

He's still not "guilty" according to our system, but this is an amazing step in the right direction.

"The people who threw rocks at Ruby Bridges for trying to go to school..."

The way the news used to be broadcasted: December 1970 (commercials included)

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