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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 273,315

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Good to know! Doocy bridges the

Bi-partisan gap..

to Nevilledog

TY, dalton.. I remember

some picture of the police having to deal with a few protestors.. that's the pic they ran.. when 98 % pf the Protest was Peaceful.

And, it was 22 degrees with wind chill.. at the end we were dancing to keep warm! Brr

Way more than a "100,000".. my sister and I came from upstate NY.. about 4 hours away. We felt we were at least doing something. "When the World Said NO to War". even though it didn't budge the bush killers.

Bottom Line.. Rts TY! 🤞🤞


Go Police!.. Here's your Popcorn!

A Good Tweet Reply..


I remember it..

To the contrary, she bizarrely told me that she couldn’t “remember” her coming out when I interviewed her seven years after she announced she was bisexual, in 2012 on my SiriusXM program, when she was striking a decidedly different political pose.

There's a word for that.. dare I say it?


Right.. he's come


Lol ".. The WaPo doesn't now what the WaPo doesn't know.." And, neither does anyone else!

Of course.. AG Garland has to have ALL his Ducks in a Row.. Covert and otherwise.

I did not know this that Garland was responsible for Prosecuting McVeigh.. Thank you so much for this Justice Matters Vid, too.

Glenn Kirshner is brilliant! "Justice is Coming..".. and so is Merrick Garland!

Sending Healing Vibes to you,

your daughter, sister, and your whole family, Rev!

It's Way Beyond Great.. We

lived through every moment of the Election and days after Hoping Democracy would be Victorious and we Got It! What a Trip!

So Grateful.. not one looking to drag it down and demoralize.

I saw a post earlier that was complete Dooms Day... that went into the trash.

Refreshing when I see posts that don't buy into it.
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