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Member since: Wed Oct 2, 2019, 02:13 PM
Number of posts: 27

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I really depend on DU to keep me informed from a certain perspective

I just can't listen to the news and talking heads anymore. It literally makes my blood pressure go up. I can't have news on while just going about my business. It makes me queasy and angry. So even though I haven't been here the couple of years, I have kept up with stuff from roughly my perspective, by reading the posts here. And until we get to an actual impeachment vote, that's what I'll keep doing. It's a way of keeping up with things, without getting sick over them. Thanks for that- and thanks for keeping up with the stuff that make me want to puke.

Eva Marie (aka Delph, aka Cali)

For the last year I've been thinking: If not now, when? If not Trump, who?

I mean who in the future could possibly be impeached if this corrupt sociopath isnít? I guess Iím just a little anxious re the articles of Impeachment.

Because I'm really uncomfortable not being straightforward

Iím a former longtime DUer- cali. I wonít be able to post in this thread much today because of plumbing travails.

All I believe is that Bernie should drop out

and relax and take good care of himself and that Biden was great today. He was spot on.

Let's Just Move Straight To Impeachment.

For the last month, until today for about 1/2 hour (I just turned off Blitzer), I havenít listened to the news, and neither has my adult son, who lives with me. Iíve always followed, and been involved with politics. But it all just got to be both wildly painful and excessively boring. Itís been like the worst version of Groundhog Day imaginable. Trump is the poster dotard for Dunning-Kruger, with a heaping helping of bat shit crazy.

He is flagrantly, publicly committing crime after crime, minute by minute. Let the Republican Senators contort themselves into balloon animals in their effort to exonerate.

Trump is finally fucked. His wall is crumbling.

And when itís finally over weíre going to need a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation process where those Republican politicians from city counselor to the contemptible Mitch McConnell are forced forced to face just who theyíve supported and enabled,

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