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A Doctor Who Epiphany: Why David Morrissey will return to Doctor Who [Spoiler? not really]

:EDIT for the supposed so called spoiler:

So I was thinking about this season cliffhanger which got me to thinking about The Other, and I believe we met The Other already in the 2008 Christmas special, The Next Doctor, and he is Jackson Lake (Morrissey), and that Moffat might bring him back (or ought to).

The original Doctor Who mentions The Other worked with Rassilon and Omega in creating the Loom and turning the Galifreyans into Time Lords. He would have been the source of the science and technology allowing Omega to create the black hole that became the Loom (and perhaps the Time Vortex?), as well as giving them the technology for the TARDIS. When The Other realizes how evil Rassilon is, he sacrifices himself and jumps into the Loom becoming part of it and thus the Time Lords who come from it. It is hinted at that The Other is not dead inside the Loom but in fact reincarnates as the Galifreyan who becomes the First Doctor and is the grandfather that Susan calls The Doctor (Hartnell).

The Doctor Who books hint that The Other is not actually from Gallifrey and it is mentioned obliquely that he was perhaps a Victorian era earth scientist who created a TARDIS (perhaps the first?) and traveled to early primitive Galifrey.

This could be Jackson Lake, who lives in the Victorian Era and is a round about scientist. He had the data stamps from The Cybermen, that imprinted him with memories of The Doctor making him believe he was The Doctor. Now if he used more of the the stamps later on, he could have gained even more knowledge and perhaps just enough for him to develop a real TARDIS and not just the blue balloon. He would be The Other traveling to early Galifrey and acting as The Doctor will do later for humankind, that is protecting and watching Galifrey develop. He helps create the Time Lords, sacrifices himself to the Loom, reincarnates as The Doctor, who is often mentioned as being something beyond just a Time Lord (more human than Galifreyan?), who inadvertently causes the time stamps that imprints Jackson Lake to become The Other, thus creating an interesting continuity loop and a bond between The Doctor, The Other and humanity.

Should I email this to Moffat and plant this idea in his head?
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