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Profile Information

Name: Gwendolyn
Gender: Female
Hometown: DFW
Member since: Mon Dec 28, 2020, 12:00 AM
Number of posts: 190

Journal Archives

Hearing this today about Russia's interferences

Basically being a digital smear campaign and not physical meddling ...

... any chance you guys think Q is Russia(n)?

I mean, just a thought.

Question about how to upload photos

I wanted to put a screenshot photo here because I thought it was funny - how do I put it here to share it with you guys?

So what happened was, I was looking at candles on Amazon (usually I get the Tuscany kind at Kroger) - and I saw one that was hilarious. You know, you start searching things that are “similar”, so it went from strong scents, to funny, to ridiculous. LOL there was a candle that had a rifle on the front, and it reads “2nt Amendment” and says it’s designed to “Let Tyranny Know To Move The F On” and I just busted a gut - these guys are really into CANDLES.

I'm so sick of my city being put on the map (for the wrong reasons).

I’m a Plano, TX native - left for Ole Miss in 2010 as a fresh 18YO, lived in many places, most recently Grand Island (NY) land came back to Plano last May (family type stuff) at now almost 30 years old.

Notwithstanding my mixed emotions of disgust and depression about how the homelessness that didn’t exist when I was young, is now rampant and obvious on my now-no-longer-nostalgic street corners. Etc. etc.

Crime is up. Hate is up.
The story about this boy at Haggard is not how I want my city perceived. But the sad part- this is how this city IS.

A couple weeks ago I asked a guy to give me six feet and he said he’d give me six feet- under the ground.

I want to see something happen with this.
Democrats (minority of DFW) need to see an example made.

So I made a Reddit account to be able to read things, interact...

... with people in my more local community (state/metro/city)... but oh my god, it’s like NextDoor on steroids. Nosy, little pot-stirring....

...not like you guys. I can’t believe I cheated on DU for an afternoon. 🤢
Posted by TexasLefty29 | Tue Mar 9, 2021, 02:36 AM (9 replies)

I live in a county in north central texas

That is no longer reporting daily case data and is redirecting to a broken HHS state webpage, and my city lifted the disaster declaration yesterday.
Sigh. Shrug. Nobody to talk to, really, so just telling you guys. Little nervous about it.

Question to those who can help -

So my partner and I, we live down here in Texas. She was born in Sibley DC, and her birth certificate just got ruined (her birth certificate was at her parents house with her diploma, pipes burst, house condemned, now in a hotel).

Before she moved down to Texas she lost the first copy of her birth certificate in 9/11. It took her nine years to replace, I guess due to the security concerns back then etc.

So who do we call to get her birth certificate replaced, halfway across the country? Any suggestions?

Titanic is on

TV and it’s fucking me up a little, crying more than I should... just another situation where people didn’t have to die, but they did... at the hand of greed and the agenda of the self-righteous. Sigh.

Making Lemonade

America still wins. Biden is still president.
Make some lemonade - the QOP is about to split in two.
This is the Democratic generation before us.
America isn’t breaking. It is evolving.
The people who won’t adapt to change into what America means to be a melting pot, they will “die” (figurative, ideological death, to be clear)

Anecdotal evidence: I am 29 yo, female, very gay-looking, also very gay - AND I am ALSO a Daughter of the American Revolution from my dads side ...got here with the Great Puritan Migration of the 1650s. They were some of the last puritans to arrive. (If anything, the reparations due to be paid are by those in my lines. And I am down with that payment of reparation.) but I am not these crazy ass people on tv shouting “they want their country back”... no motherfucker, I want MY COUNTRY BACK.

Some of us have the lifeblood of America before it was America inside of them.
I am a TRUE “patriot” - my family built this land, brought people here, and the men fought in wars up until my father. My great grandpa Chester lived and fought through both world wars and won a Purple Heart.

But my grandparents and parents raised me to believe America is and always will be the melting pot of the world, and was raised to believe that one day we will all look the same, be the same, think the same. And to strive for that. To be a true union. So what the fuck did these people’s parents teach them growing up? Because what they are saying, isn’t American.

The QOP isn’t adapting to the unforgiving, linear movement of this space. They will split in two or more. Today proved that. Understanding that changes take up to a generation should settle the stomach.

Is there a chance the #ApricotHellBeast will be

Charged criminally now, as a private citizen?
Rather than the political trial, a criminal one?
Will we ever see him justly imprisoned?
If that cop got wonton endangerment, what does Trump get? Treason?
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