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Name: Gina
Gender: Female
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Home country: USA
Current location: Jemez Springs, NM
Member since: Mon Aug 4, 2003, 07:31 PM
Number of posts: 18,126

Journal Archives

My peronal experience with H1N1 Coronavirus (DUer Personal experience 2009)

I contracted H1N1 in a bathroom line at the Blue Cross hospital in downtown Mountain View CA in 2009. I had taken my son there for an optometrist appt. Long wait - I need to pee. A small 2 stall bathroom is down the hall, there is a line of 6+ women. A woman comes in behind me, i paid no attn to her until I realized she was talking to me. She was stroking my scarf (part of it was behind me). I could feel the tugging. I turned and saw an older woman with her face in my scarf........ OK, how F'in weird is that!?!?

She was mumbling about how soft and beautiful it was. I had turned around and was just kinda in a state of shock. It WAS a pretty scarf - purple and forest green, silk/rayon mix with some threads of shiny gold interspersed. ..................anyway - when she looked up at me I saw what I assumed was an alzheimers patient with red rimmed shiny eyes. She was likely in her 70's, and it was clear that she 'was not all there'. I started chatting with her about the scarf and she made less and less sense with each sentence. . I was very grateful when a stall finally opened up and I escaped the interaction.

I did not see her on the way out and was grateful for that.

Son gets out of appt., we hit TJ.s and head home. I put away the groceries and start dinner. It has been about 4 hrs since bathroom interaction. I am kinda tired. I am a very high energy person, so that was kinda weird. Husband gets home and we have dinner 2 or so hours later. About an hour after dinner I was so tired I went upstairs and passed out in bed fully clothed. That was the BEST I would feel for over a month.

The next month is hazy, dark, disturbed, dire.

Coronavirus - I had always been a ridiculously healthy person. I had gotten bronchitis a few times, but was crazy healthy overall. I kept trying to get up and back to my life, but would fall - literally fall. My feverish brain was creating a fantasy that what was happening to me was a dream/nightmare. I was incapable of discerning fantasy from reality - likely due to a fever floating between 102-103. I needed HELP.

My ex-husband had no interest in helping or getting groceries. Stanford MBA's are too important for that. 35 years together wasn't enough. (another discussion for a new DU narcissist forum.). I drove myself to a hospital in Santa Clara that I knew had beds. You KNOW you are SICK and DESPERATE when you want to be in a hospital bed with an IV in your arm (and u have a serious fear of needles). I was given a mask when I arrived. I slept until someone woke me for a doctor. I had fantasy dreams of IV's and jello.

My temp at the hospital was 102.8. The doctor was wearing complete protection aside from eyes. After about an hour of ppl poking and prodding I was told I WAS LUCKY !!!!! I had a family at home that could take care of me !!!!!! Cuz the hospital was FULL. >if I was a 25 yr old single male I coulda gotten a bed> I was too feverish to hide my dismay..... I broke down in tears. I then did what I knew I had to do and smiled, I told them my husband was waiting for me in the parking lot - I had already heard from overheard conversations that you cannot get discharged with a certain degree of fever without a driver. I waved at a red Lexus as I walked out the door - I have no idea who the person was, I hope I did not talk to him or walk to his car, but I HAVE NO MEMORY of it. I HAVE NO MEMORY of driving home on 3 freeways. I have scattered memories of the next month.

Hazy - the hazy parts are the BEST ' cuz double lung pneumonia is the worst of the worst - I am sure some that are reading this have also had the experience - OMG... The PAIN is BRUTAL !!!! The Femur pain was the worst, but then, they are the largest bones - the smaller bones hurt just as much but were smaller....................................

I am venting 10 yr old sh*t - This was supposed to about treating it.

"How I treated it, and It worked well"

Organic chicken or vegetable broth
-sliced garlic or ginger
Simmer for 20 mins

add lemon juice

I lived on that for 3 weeks of Corona

Choke it down with rice crackers.

When u feel like u just wanna die think about pets, children, magic............

You CAN move your mind to a good place - it's actually easier while crazy feverish

Choke down as muck Emergen-c as u can without puking.

Visualize the virus as THE ENEMY and do what is completely unnatural to you and ATTACK AND KILL IT !!!!!!!!!

My first post in this forum - Warren is all that AND

AND a bag of chips !! 🤓

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