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I can't find it now, but there was a photo of an adorable toddler girl that appeared right before the war started, with dark curly hair, and the caption was some version of please don't kill us.

It was absolutely heartbreaking.

What really angered me was the helpless feeling of watching the psych buildup from months before. One day there's a story about Sept 11 droning in the background as usual, but right afterward is a story about Iraq. *sigh*

Step one: associate two things by mentioning them together.

It was months before any action, but I knew. A bunch of assholes had decided to make a bunch of money. Yee ha.

I'm so glad someone is finally suing over this.

Sending military helicopters of any kind to harass a crowd is way, way over the line.


August 31, 2021

While the Trump era exposed weaknesses in many U.S. institutions and resulted in the proliferation of reform proposals from organizations like ours, relatively little attention has been paid to much-needed reforms to the domestic deployment of the National Guard. The brutal crackdown on nonviolent demonstrators on June 1, 2020, at Lafayette Square and the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, provide important lessons about how and when the National Guard is (or is not) deployed domestically, its command structure for domestic deployment, and the Guard’s legal authority when it acts. [snip]

In response to the widespread protests following the murder of George Floyd last summer, former-President Trump deployed both the D.C. National Guard and thousands of out-of-state National Guards members into Washington, D.C. to police protestors. In doing so, the administration performed an end-run around the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the use of federal military forces inside the United States for law enforcement purposes unless doing so has been expressly authorized by Congress or the Constitution.

Mentioned in the above:

Aug. 7, 2020, 8:30 AM UTC
By Sen. Tom Udall and Rep. Jim McGovern

The Posse Comitatus Act bans the use of National Guard units for law enforcement only when they are federalized, meaning they are brought under the command and control of the president. When National Guard units are operating in so-called hybrid status — serving federal missions funded with federal dollars but under state governors' command and control — they are not subject to the act and therefore are able to perform law enforcement functions, like searches and arrests.

Congress has limited the activities the National Guard can perform in hybrid status, but it does allow it to perform training exercises in this formulation. Barr twisted this provision to enable the rogue deployment in Washington from 11 states.

The AI rollout is half-baked, and barely that.

Companies are skipping large gobs of in-house testing and tweaking, using the general public as their free beta testers. What could possibly go wrong?

eta no paywall link: https://archive.ph/aIIfh

Yep. I almost hope Jordan is silly enough to try it. The smackdown would be worth it.

No paywall: https://archive.ph/xRhem

Several of the signatories are represented by Mark Zaid, who provided me with a copy of a letter challenging the fishing expedition. In a response to the chairmen, Zaid notes that the power of Congress to exercise oversight is not “unbounded.” Citing the 2020 Trump v. Mazars Supreme Court case, Zaid explains that Congress needs a legitimate legislative purpose to demand compliance with a subpoena. And here, “no conceivable legislative purpose” exists, he says, only a “purely political, partisan exercise” that wastes taxpayer money. [snip]

However, should the committees issue formal subpoenas to others or demand the former officials reveal classified information about their past service (which is the basis for their opinions set out in the statement), the issue likely would head to the courts in the first substantial legal challenge to the House GOP’s conspiracy-driven inquests.

The last thing these right-wing congressmen likely would want is a court ruling that their three-ring circus lacks any legitimate legislative purpose and, therefore, cannot compel testimony or document production. A legal defeat for MAGA-inspired investigations (which to date have spectacularly flopped) would be the perfect denouement to Republicans’ inept efforts to harness congressional power for political gain.

Dovetailing with Sen. Warren's message:

Moody's Analytics Analysis March 2023

From Beau of the Fifth Column, "Let's talk about 3 debt ceiling scenarios..."

This woman is amazing. Her words are truth on fire.

Here's the YouTube version. Turn on closed captions if you need them; they are available. Stevenson asks two questions, and her comments start at the one minute mark. Take a second to listen. Rep. Pamela Stevenson gets an A+ for these remarks. Good on Kentucky for electing her. More representation like this is desperately needed all over the country.

Oh, no. What an incredible loss.

I've been listening to his guitar (mainly through Jackson Browne) since the 70s. He was so incredibly talented, especially playing slide, and his falsetto on Stay is magical. Some years after college, I moved back to Claremont CA for several years and lived a few blocks from his house. The music store in town had walls covered with his guitars and other unique instruments he had loaned to the store for display. I got to see him play with his band, El Rayo-X, at the San Juan Capistrano Coach House in the late 80s. Great show, and lots of fun in a cool, smaller venue. They put out an album called Very Greasy in 1988. Every song is wonderful, including the covers of Werewolves of London and Papa was a Rolling Stone. I still listen to it every once in a while.

No, the video does not lie.

Harry is outlining the problems with the British press coverage exactly as I stated in my prior post. Constant (often false or distorted) press leaks by courtiers and other members of the royal family were the problem. The sad fact is that members of the royal family have a strategy for dealing with bad press: release something about another member to take the heat off and change the subject. This was covered extensively in the Netflix series as well as in Spare, and also has been covered in the press both before and after recent events. Harry was weary of having things that had been shared with a family member in confidence leaked to the press against his wishes or without his knowledge. His own father threw him under the bus more than once to make himself look better, and when Harry tried to talk to him about problems with the royal family and media coverage, his response was, "Darling boy, you can’t take on the media. The media will always be the media." Horrendous.

This is what he's talking about when he says his father and brother are trapped. He's sympathetic, but refuses to stay in the messy royal/tabloid relationship with them. He is unwilling to allow what happened to his mother happen to his wife, and I admire him for that.

https://archive.ph/ZxmEu (NYT)

It was all transactional. Sandy Henney, a former press secretary, said of Charles: “When I joined his office in ’93 he was going through some pretty virulent criticism — ‘Bad father, unloving husband.’ I think he was pretty hurt.” She said Bolland worked to change Charles’s image. Leaking to the media was reportedly one way to curry favor. “Brilliant manipulator,” Henney said of Bolland. “He got the result that he wanted.” (Bolland denied these accusations.)

Bolland was also accused of approving a News of the World article claiming a 16-year-old Harry had taken drugs, in exchange for praise for Charles for taking Harry to a rehab center, illustrated with what the tabloid said were photos of the visit. Harry writes that the seven-page tabloid spread left him sickened and horrified, and that the photos were from an earlier official visit he had made to the center. Bolland later admitted the sequence of events was distorted to make Charles look better. The coverage, after Diana’s death, spun the portrayal of Charles. “No more the unfaithful husband,” as Harry puts it in his memoir. “Pa would now be presented to the world as the harried single dad.”

Harry, as the spare, was not as important as "the principals" and therefore was a convenient punching bag when need arose. The above is just one example of the willingness for the Firm to deal in outright lies to get the desired results. One benefit of leaving was not just getting away from the British press, but getting away from the royal PR offices. It wasn't privacy (as in disappearing from public life) so much as wresting access and control of private information away from courtiers and other royal family members, and therefore also the British tabloids.

After their mother's death, Harry and William had promised one another they would never behave this way toward one another, would never kowtow to the press. When the Firm (in this case, William) was willing to put Harry's name to a press release he had never seen until it was published, that was the last straw.

https://archive.ph/48cL8 (Vogue)

According to Meghan and Harry, when the fraying thread between the Sussexes and the Firm was finally severed, it wasn’t just over the media, but his family’s inability to defend the couple from it. On the day of the so-called “Sandringham Summit,” the contentious January 2020 meeting in which Prince Harry convened with the queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William to hammer out an exit plan, The Times in London published a story saying that the princes “fell out” because Prince William was unfriendly to Meghan. The Palace swiftly released a joint statement from Prince William and Prince Harry—which Harry says he never actually signed off on—emphatically denying the story.

“I rang M and she burst into floods of tears,” Harry says somberly, “because within four hours, they were happy to lie to protect my brother, and yet for three years, they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.” (The “lie” he’s referring to, one can presume, is the inclusion of Harry’s name on a statement he didn’t know about, and not Prince William’s reported bullying.)

"Never complain, never explain" was the mantra of Queen Elizabeth, but this was not always followed. There have been occasional exceptions to defend Kate, to defend William, to defend Charles. Even when Harry begged for it, when it had gotten so bad that Meghan was getting death threats, there was no defense for her.

Harry and Meghan left because there was no way to have a healthy relationship, to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment, and for Meghan herself to remain safe and healthy if they stayed. Nowhere did they ever say that they wanted privacy completely away from any involvement with the public or the media in general. They wanted to get away from the royal pipeline to British media and they wanted to stop being used as convenient conversation changers for the other royals.

As mentioned in the press statement in my above post, the "privacy" meme was all about shutting them up. It didn't work, nor should it. They are free to be themselves as privately or publicly as they choose. For those who are tired of hearing about them: ignore them.

Also, they've known about the eviction for weeks. They were informed 24 hours after Spare dropped. They didn't say a word about it. The timing is obvious - it was a punishment. It's one of the few punishments Charles has left and it didn't work. The timing for the public to find out about it is also obvious. How embarrassing for Charles that none of the invited musical guests want to perform at his coronation. Subject change! 🙄

After reading Spare, I'd stopped paying any attention myself. If it hadn't been for this story, I wouldn't have known about Charles and his coronation woes, boo hoo, so in my case that kinda backfired on him. Oops.

Yahoo link:


WaPo article linked in story:
No paywall: https://archive.ph/mTEJK

Beau Biden, then Delaware’s attorney general, recused himself from the investigations into his father’s campaign donations. A subsequent report by a special prosecutor found no credible evidence that the Bidens had been aware of Tigani’s fraudulent campaign reimbursements.

Yahoo didn't bother to mention this. WaPo buried it several paragraphs down. 🙄

Gee, folks.

All of those sarcastic, demeaning articles and interviews about ET over the decades have really trained people to dismiss the subject, haven't they? It's almost as frightening to see people dismiss the issue as the issue itself.

I believe the pilots who say they're seeing something they can't identify. This does not necessarily mean we're being visited by beings from another planet, but it does mean that there are things flying around in the sky that we do not understand. That's a problem that should be taken seriously.
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