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Member since: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 09:58 PM
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Fox News has become an important subject of the mainstream news

Fox News is just an arm of the GOP. We all know it but they have had an audience that has been essentially brainwashed like the frog in the boiling water. Meanwhile the party has moved the goalposts so far to the right that they are basically a neofascist movement and the faithful are sleepwalking through it all. The media needs to make Fox more of a subject of news coverage. For example Chris Hayes's coverage of Fox News in particular has been outstanding. These texts with Hannity, Ingraham, and Kilmeade are explosive. It is clear evidence of propaganda from a so called major news organization that used to claim it was fair and balanced. This should be an explosive scandal but the faithful flock to FOX, Newsmax, OAN, etc., and it doesn't even get mentioned and doesn't seem to penetrate the bubble.

I would like to see more media criticism of Fox news.

Remember when the debt ceiling used to be a pro forma process?

Nobody remembers that because it was a pro forma process. The the same thing with the certification of the electoral college. Nobody remembers the certification because it was a pro forma process.

Everyone should understand; the GOP turned the debt ceiling into a hostage negotiation and nobody should be surprised when the GOP turns the electoral college certification as a hostage negotiation at the very least and quite possibly as a future coup attempt.

Trump is right, we have turned a corner on the virus...

...and we went the wrong way. The Trump White House is now a vector of infection. Who would have thought?

Run on Overturning the Stupid OLC Memo

Appoint an Attorney General who will overturn the ridiculous OLC memo that a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime. 

It’s a winner.  Let Trump and the Republicans defend why a president is above the law. 

Doing so highlights the corruption at the heart of Trump and Republicans.  It would be an applause line and a motivating factor for Democratic voters.  Pledge to appoint an attorney general that will work to overturn this stupid rule that has allowed corrupt Republican presidents from meeting justice at least 3 times now.  In fact this should be  litmus test for all Attorney General nominees.  
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