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Gender: Female
Hometown: Glen Ellen, CA
Member since: Thu Dec 8, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 407

Journal Archives

How much longer is the tangerine troll dominant news?

Seven years, it's still front and center on the majority of websites.
I was sickened at even hearing that name prior to election in 2016, such a repugnant pile of rot.
Maybe this will bring him down, this might be the thing he answers for, on and on. I know there are a lot of people working hard to find the magic bullet, I do believe something will get him, maybe that coronary he's way overdue for.
It is fun to know he's mostly enraged and very paranoid these days, that's something.
I am very proud and glad we have so many devoted, righteous Democrats doing so much good for so many. The far right fringe must certainly self implode, or be silenced at some point.
Just wish it would end soon.

Just spent 4 days in DC

My first time there. A few tours of all the monuments, then a Capital Building tour. The feeling of history and the many people who have been part of this county is at first deeply moving and inspires reverence. Then, for me, images from Jan 6 took over and it was just overwhelming. Sad, nauseating, infuriating, all of that.
The complete lack of respect and honor for what has been created, and deliberate violence against all the buildings and people that represent our great county will haunt me forever.
Maybe the special counsel will at last bring some sort of consequence to the orange malignancy and those who helped organize the riots. I hold out great hope.

Look what the Democrats have accomplished

Ending the week with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, historic legislation that will greatly benefit the whole county.
And, the long overdue but fantastic spectacle of justice finally being rained down on tfg.
Sure wish the our party and leadership were being heralded in media a whole lot more, but again, the orange freak is dominating. At least all the news for that mess is coming from a lot of directions, and none of it is good. We are hopeful, finally, he and his minions will get what they deserve, and our country can get past his toxicity.

Japanese Wisteria

clusters can be 4' long, planted 20 years ago

Hearts are just lovely

This is such a good thing for this site to do, spread the love. Thanks!

My hopes for the New Year

An end to the pandemic fears, being able to see faces and smiles in public again.
Passage of the Big Back Better legislation as Biden proposed.
Bigger majorities in the House and Senate.
Mostly, I hope to never again see the faces of tfg or any of his relations unless in the context of criminal convictions.

My first encounter with a rabid anti-vaxxer

I was having lunch by myself, and a couple sat at a nearby table. He was in a state, seems he was just fired from his job because he wouldn't vaccinated. Loudly saying he was going to sue, the supreme court would soon rule that requiring vaccinations for Covid was unconstitutional and that his company could not get away with this. Had a lot to say about the stupidity of masks too.
I admit to living in a bubble of the fully vaccinated, and always wear a mask in public, (required in my county). He also claimed that the vaccinations are causing the variants.
This was my first encounter with one of these people, and it was ugly. I know there is a lot of this out there, and they continue to make life miserable for others, especially medical workers. I did consider calling him out, but decided that wouldn't end well, and left quickly.
Not sure what it's going to take to get this crisis handled, but damn, this guy was scary.

best video home tour ever


Fly your flag on Nov. 3rd

This is a great idea, this is our country, we love it and are taking it back in a big blue tsunami.

Here's a really fun thing to fantasize about

Biden's Cabinet. Harris, Attorney General, kicking ass and taking names. Warren, Treasury, Abrams, HUD. We have a wealth of highly qualified people committed to the welfare of our democracy, our country and people.
Susan Rice for Vice President.
Interesting column from former SF Mayor Willie Brown yesterday
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