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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: East Tennessee
Home country: USA!
Member since: Thu Feb 6, 2020, 10:58 AM
Number of posts: 218

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Are you outside Tennessee struggling to get vaccine also?

I have age 70+ friends and acquaintances who have to enlist relatives to look up websites of all the pharmacies and all the county health boards daily to see if they can get a vaccine appointment. And there's a signup system, county by county, that seems to drop one's subscription daily.

Are the rest of you having problems getting vaccines? Myself, I'm too young so enduring until April anyway. It just feels so bad that people who need it cannot get vaccinated, so I wanted to check with y'all to see if it's just a Tennessee self-determining pride thing to distribute vaccine this way. Thanks for your insights.

(on edit, I replaced the hyperbole " create phone banks of their relatives to call " for accuracy)

thought question: picking the VP -- will 25th capability be a consideration in future selections?

Just a question. Given what has happened this month (and the last four years) ... will there be harsher focus on the VP choices?

Pence perhaps was not capable of seeking a 25th amendment, temperamentally and yes, the groveling. And I am certain that VP Harris will act accordingly should it become time to take away the car keys.

What of the future? Will the VP selection become a hotter issue for party officials than in the past? Or the opposite, where a party prefers someone less likely to execute a 25th action?

Wednesday can't come fast enough -- how will you celebrate?

Thinking I ought to buy some bubbly. Being in TN, I'm not with the majority so there should be supply aplenty.

Marsha OK with Biden & Harris now?

Good news. Looks like Blackburn seems to be OK with the new Prez/VP. I just got the Blackburn Report email (January 16, 2021)


Our nation is currently preparing for the peaceful transition of power that will occur on January 20 during the Inauguration of the new President and Vice President of the United States. The swearing-in ceremony is an essential tradition in American democracy and its historical significance cannot be overstated. To read more about the 59th Inaugural ceremony and its history, click here.

Compare the Jan 4 12:30 PM tweet with her "electoral college fact sheet" calling for 10 day audit citing faulty election. Not questioning just glad of her change of heart.


Why Facebook Is Suddenly Emboldened To Deplatform Donald Trump


Interesting idea that fear of Hawley's committees prevented deplatform.

TN tatoo artist covers racist tatoos for free

but she gets to pick the design! She says lots of individuals have taken her up on the offer


Her shop is in Sevierville if you need to send someone to her!

TN: I can't believe they won't pass nathan forrest bill this year


It's been in the hopper since January! And they are slow walking it now! And we have had weeks of protest about similar legalized indignities!

I think it's time for me to move back to NJ and leave these yahoos to breed and whatever.

Condi Rice on Face the Nation (just plain interesting)

Condi Rice was in the second half of Face the Nation. Worth seeing. She talked a lot about historical context of the current protests. She has quite a history herself growing up in Birmingham and being 40% European.

The transcript is here: [link:https://www.cbsnews.com/news/transcript-condoleezza-rice-discusses-race-on-face-the-nation-june-7-2020/|]

"no need to see more video" tweet on Floyd death from Chatt. police chief


Talk me out of it...financial pro believes that DT will get reelected

Investment guy locally told me "unless DT does something stupid" by which he meant something like reopening causing horrible COVID numbers (?), DT will win reelection. Must be Republican good-times and so finance folks believe another four terrific <cough, gag> years are in store.

Help me with perspective: am I in an echo chamber -- is this like my youth where everyone I knew voted for McGovern? Thoughts?
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