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Profile Information

Name: William
Gender: Male
Hometown: Bronx
Home country: United States
Current location: Cleveland
Member since: Thu May 7, 2020, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 1,218

About Me

Proud liberal, LGBTQI parent, father, husband, follower of Jesus. Boomer with hope for future generations

Journal Archives

Benjamin Netanyahu says he will meet with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that he’d “of course” meet with Ron DeSantis during a high-profile trade mission as the Florida governor weighs a presidential bid.

Two fascists meeting, who want to be dictators. DeathSantis is dead politically.


Update for Demsrule86

My beautiful wife, as you know, is in the hospital with heart issues. She was ready to have her valve replaced, in the operating room, when her temperature went up. Had to stop, thankfully before any incisions were done. She currently on antibiotics for pneumonia. Operation should be next week. Any prayers, good vibes, good karma, good thoughts greatly appreciated.
She is my whole world.

Tulsa King

On Paramount +.
If you like mobster soap operas, this will be too your liking. Sly Stallone is a way better actor in this, than anything else I saw him in.
The series was much better than I thought it would be. Also, found out there will be a season 2.


An author said she asked Lizzo to borrow her 2022 Emmys dress for an Out Magazine
event and Lizzo delivered


Let me say first, I'm a older father of LGBTQI children and heard of Lizzo through them. But every time I read or hear about her, I love her more.

Franklin Graham's Extremely False Claims About the Senate's Same-Sex Marriage Protection Base

On Wednesday the U.S. Senate will begin the process of debating and likely passing the Respect for Marriage Act, bipartisan legislation that merely attempts to keep the status quo on marriage equality by requiring states to recognize all legal marriages of same-sex couples. It does not require states to allow same-sex couples to marry. Despite its sponsors extreme efforts to ensure existing religious rights are not compromised, far-right-wing Christian activist Franklin Graham is making extremely false claims about the legislation and riling up his supporters on social media.


Please be aware that the battle for equality will be ongoing and never let up. To all, stay strong against these bigots and haters.

Love from Ohio

Deadline White House

Nicole Wallace is the first show I saw today that is cheering on the Democrats victory and talking about our rising stars. so tired of all shows on MSNBC talking about nothing but DeathSantis and the TFG.

The Michigan, Colorado and Pennsylvania wins are making their Governers the future.

Progressive Neuropathy

Well. I've diagnosed with progressive neuropathy and there is no cure. Right now, cannot walk without using a walker. Bottom legs burn all the time. This will lead to me not being able to walk at all and being in a wheelchair. After that, either the neuropathy or a opportune infection will take me. It could be a year, or ten years. Thank goodness, I have a great family. Just asking for any advice, prayers, good vibes, etc. My entire medical now is trying to keep me as comfortable as possible. Scared shitless.

So Glad I found this group

Within the last year I had to have two spine surgeries, neuropathy in my legs and feet, now have to use a walker. Just happy to know that I can questions, ask for advice, etc, and get honest and respectful answers. This has really turned my world upside down.

Hocus Pocus 2

If you like the first movie, the second is as good. Reminds me so much of my family younger years. Watch with your loved ones.


Watching a documentary series called Shadowland on Peacock. Started watching episode 1 and so far, it's pretty good. Shows how people can get pulled into these conspiracies and they actually believe them. These idiots believe in Sovreign Citizen theory also.
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