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Fri Nov 19, 2021, 08:17 PM Nov 2021

I figured out how to lower the Gas Prices!

It's simple!

Enforced the vehicle insurance laws on the roads!

Yeah yeah... they do that nowadays....

BUT! If we can prevent them from dropping their insurance after getting tags.... imagine the number of vehicles off the roads. Most of them are old clunkers with high gas consumption anyways.

Seems like the past week, seen four licenses plates expired at parking lots.... one was expired since May...

Maybe the state could retrieve the plates if notification of insurance was canceled... perhaps the party must notify the canceled insurance group with proof of insurance carrier if they switched, to prevent the state from retrieval.

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I figured out how to lower the Gas Prices! (Original Post) Smackdown2019 Nov 2021 OP
That should help people with no... PDT69 Nov 2021 #1
Sorry, BUT Smackdown2019 Nov 2021 #3
Two years ago, I was t-boned by a chain-smoking gal with a lot of hard-bark on her... VarryOn Nov 2021 #4
All those cigarettes could paid liability! Smackdown2019 Nov 2021 #6
Good one! No doubt! Nt VarryOn Nov 2021 #8
All those cigarettes could paid liability! Smackdown2019 Nov 2021 #7
If I had more time in life, going after her would have been a good hobby... VarryOn Nov 2021 #9
Understand Smackdown2019 Nov 2021 #10
Well that would eliminate half of the traffic in Detroit MichMan Nov 2021 #2
Put the price signs at street level Generic Brad Nov 2021 #5


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3. Sorry, BUT
Fri Nov 19, 2021, 08:34 PM
Nov 2021

Sorry BUT, I have been hit by an uninsured motorists.... it sucks! Besides, most of the insurance premiums we pay, covers part of the uninsured motorists portion.... so I don't care about those who has no money to get to work..... perhaps they could manage their money appropriately, OR... take the public transportation system.... OR carpool.....

Either way, keeps them off the highway and be potential wreck with a insured motorists!



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4. Two years ago, I was t-boned by a chain-smoking gal with a lot of hard-bark on her...
Fri Nov 19, 2021, 09:25 PM
Nov 2021

She ran a stale green. Totaled my 2 year-old Maxima with her 80s F150. She was ticket for running a green-light and, you guessed it, having no insurance. Her "boyfriend" and her six kids showed up shortly after the crash to pick her up. The wrecked truck stayed in the parking lot in which it was left for at least a month afterwards.

I received a letter from the city court a few weeks. The judge ordered her to payoff the $1,000 I had to pay for my deductible. About three months in, I received $17 via the city clerk. Two years in, that's it. I don't expect anymore. And I'd guarantee you she's still driving without insurance.


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7. All those cigarettes could paid liability!
Fri Nov 19, 2021, 09:37 PM
Nov 2021

I suggest go and see if she has any properties list with the Assessors Office and if she does, get a lien against it when she pays her taxes..... seems you already got a judgment against her and that has years!



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9. If I had more time in life, going after her would have been a good hobby...
Fri Nov 19, 2021, 09:45 PM
Nov 2021

But, cursory research on the internet appeared to show she moved everytime rent was due. I doubt she had much. My mercy side, at behest of my wife, came out, and I moved on.


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10. Understand
Fri Nov 19, 2021, 11:56 PM
Nov 2021

21 years ago, I rented a trailer pad and got a house. When I left mid February, I packed everything I had and left the trailer pad. Turned the mailbox key to the landlord and waited for my deposit of $95. Nothing was given... I found out I apparently didn't mow my trailer pad grass when I left that February and the landlord refused to give me my deposit back. Of course this is Missouri! May of snowed after I left. So I did what any 20 something would do... small claims court.

Won the case, but he had to pay $125 for the deposit and court fees.. talking about getting blood from a turnip!

Fast forward 5 years later.... I was then divorced and received a letter from some lawyers.... opened it up and it was a check made out to me and my ex-wife I had no idea where she was...... the letter read that my former landlord was going through bankruptcy and I was the first lien against him.... talking about justice!

Had to contact my ex-wifes mother and get her new number. Then split the whomping 125 dollars with her.... 15 days later, the check was cashed.....

Only reason I pursued the case was the fact if he was doing that to me, he did that to every person who left his trailer court.

Note, i was living in a camper I owned, just paid for the rental of the pad.....

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