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Sun Nov 21, 2021, 07:51 PM

This Era we live in now....

You all see it...
You all hear it...
You all felt part of it the past four years.....

Hate has been in our world since man walked..

What set us apart from one another is what one believes is righteous!

1789, we had slavery.
1861, we tore our nation upside down over slavery.
1870, losers created Jim Crow laws.
1917, Jim Crow laws were held by the KKK.
1943, Jim Crow laws didn't exist outside America and freedom was first experienced to those who fought in uniform, but were still segregated by race.
1950s, KKK was becoming strong across the south.
1960s, a movement stopped the KKK and showed what hate was.
2008, Tea Party formed to voice their beliefs.
2015, hate took over a political party and transformed it into a one man's ideology.
2016, KKK and Nazism combined together.
2017-2021, Hate flourished and was installed into our political bedrock of pillars.
2021, Hate showed its true self and reality is not among those who are led.

Whats really amazing? 1787! Yes in 1787, the constitutional convention formulated that it was not a good idea to have the populist to elect the President. They feared that a misleading uneducated mob would elect someone who would dismantle the government that fought to preserve. That is why the choose to have a selected few to choose the US President. They also talked about how define boundaries of states of its representatives be of population. Hate was thought back in 1787 during our constitution birth.

We must fight to ensure to preserve our republic!

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