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Mon Sep 18, 2023, 06:43 AM Sep 2023

The Rude Pundit: MAGAism Was Always Terrorism


The Rude Pundit
MAGAism Was Always Terrorism
September 17, 2023


And "Later, during the Senate trial, Romney heard the same calculation while talking with a small group of Republican colleagues. When one senator, a member of leadership, said he was leaning toward voting to convict, the others urged him to reconsider. You can’t do that, Romney recalled someone saying. Think of your personal safety, said another. Think of your children. The senator eventually decided they were right." They're not talking about crazed leftists going all Bolshevik on their asses. It's the fucking MAGA cretins who are murdery. They're the ones, primarily, who call in the death threats and bomb threats and show up at the houses of Democrats, armed to the tits with guns and ammo because open carry.


Put this in context: According to Romney (and others), the reason that Donald Trump was not removed from office is because Republicans were scared of the very white people they declare are the heart and soul of the country, the "real Americans," if you will. They were afraid that these "patriots," as more than one obsequious jellyfish has called them, will hang them or gun their children down in vengeance. The terrorists were protecting their terrorist leader. Think of how many decisions have been made because of this fear.

What's most idiotic here is the way that people are acting shocked about this "revelation." Hell, I've been writing about it since at least 2017. This isn't a revelation. It's a confirmation. What we should be saying is how this is pure cowardice, an excuse to make an easy choice to do nothing. The patriotic act would have been for Republicans to say, "Fuck you, you fucking creeps. He's guilty and an asshole. Fuck him and fuck you again." The representatives who did this likely would have lost re-election (like Adam Kinzinger) because of the MAGA animals, but at the very least you could have said you did the right fucking thing and you didn't cower while crazy motherfuckers wrecked the joint. Except, of course, for the terrorists in Congress who want to see the whole joint crumble. (And let's be clear: if you were happy to go along with things like the bullshit wall and the bullshit Muslim ban and other Trumpian bullshit, you empowered him and his cretins.)

Trump is counting on his terrorists to fuck up any chance of a genuine trial occurring. In his motion requesting that the judge in DC get Trump to shut the fuck up sometimes, Special Counsel Jack Smith (which, despite what Trump says, is his real name) is very clear about the terrorism that Trump has already caused. When it came to Trump lying about election interference, "the defendant engendered widespread mistrust in the administration of the election, and the individuals whom he targeted were subject to threats and harassment...The defendant knows that when he publicly attacks individuals and institutions, he inspires others to perpetrate threats and harassment against his targets." Smith says that witnesses and prosecutors in the case are all now subject to threats because of how Trump is deliberately degrading them. He is also concerned that the threat of being a target of harassment and possible violence by the MAGA terrorists will taint the jury pool. So, for fuck's sake, make this orange shit lump close his asshole mouth.

This is how we live now, and most of us pretend we don't. We live in a time where a large terrorist movement, with just a few active but with millions of supporters, can control how the country is run. And if we don't stop it by imprisoning its leader and his lieutenants, then the terrorists are not going to stop.
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The Rude Pundit: MAGAism Was Always Terrorism (Original Post) babylonsister Sep 2023 OP
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K&R 2naSalit Sep 2023 #2
We live in scary times! pazzyanne Sep 2023 #3
Republicans are reaping what they sowed. Unfortunately, we are too., Lonestarblue Sep 2023 #4
Americans are harvesting the fruit of no hate speech laws, now is the ripening phase... Alexander Of Assyria Sep 2023 #12
Spot on, RP. niyad Sep 2023 #5
Exactly right. Trump and his enablers have created their own private terrorist army. Timeflyer Sep 2023 #6
And you have SpamWyzer Sep 2023 #7
They're counting on the MAGAs within law enforcement and the military. Mister Ed Sep 2023 #8
Counting on oligarchs owning media to play along...so far so good! It's evil. Alexander Of Assyria Sep 2023 #13
90% of LEO orthoclad Sep 2023 #11
We'll find out the percentage for certain when push comes to shove. Mister Ed Sep 2023 #16
The Tea Party was the first wave. It gave a public name to the angry white racists Ford_Prefect Sep 2023 #9
The Republican Party is a terrorist organization, gab13by13 Sep 2023 #10
+1 n/t area51 Sep 2023 #15
It's John Birch, the KKK and the republican party mountain grammy Sep 2023 #14
Blame The Blacks czarjak Sep 2023 #17


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4. Republicans are reaping what they sowed. Unfortunately, we are too.,
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 07:42 AM
Sep 2023

Since Nixon’s Southern Strategy, Reagan’s announcement in Mississippi and his welfare queen driving a Cadillac, and G. W. Bush’s Willie Horton moment, Republicans have been selling the notion that black people are undeserving and white people are being shortchanged by the advantages the government is giving to minorities. None of it was trued, but the myths got people to vote for them. Trump was, and is, the master not only at stoking hatred and anger but also telling people what he and they will do about it. He freed them to do something other than vote to get back at all those people they thought had wronged them—the government, the liberals, the Democrats, the black people.

MAGAs existed long before Trump. They just weren’t organized. Trump became the leader who satisfied their need for vengeance because they weren’t as successful as they thought they had a right to be or because they weren’t happy or because they couldn’t find someone to marry or their jobs sucked and they had no power. Trump gave them power—the power to make others feel afraid of them, the power to hurt black people as many MAGAs did during the BLM protests, the power to kill as some took the mass murder route.

And now the sensible Republicans are afraid because they know they can’t control the monster they have created. The Trumper Republicans are MAGAs completely. They want to burn the country down because they think they’ll be the ones left standing to create their own version of a whites-only government and country where they’re all dictators and no one dare disobey them. They are wrong because Democrats won’t just lie down and be rolled over.


Alexander Of Assyria

(7,839 posts)
12. Americans are harvesting the fruit of no hate speech laws, now is the ripening phase...
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 09:14 AM
Sep 2023

an open wound that fascists salted with mass propaganda, ably assisted to this day by famously rich media oligarchs near monopoly ownerships…media buddies in favor of terrorism as a political tool!

But none of the Big 3 Media would give the chief terrorist a fawning prime time tv interview to the chief terrorist and 4 indictment felon to spread the terrorist message, would they?

Yes, they did that, did before and will again…the mass media isn’t the enemy but they are not a friend.



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7. And you have
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 08:21 AM
Sep 2023

the entire US LEO and Armed Forces against Meal Team 6. They are fluff. Confront them and they will melt like the snowflakes they are.I wonder if there has ever been a shooting at a maga bar?

Mister Ed

(6,089 posts)
8. They're counting on the MAGAs within law enforcement and the military.
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 08:41 AM
Sep 2023

There are many, but not enough to succeed if they attempt to revolt. The snowflake Deplorables will fold, and honor will prevail - although not without cost.


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11. 90% of LEO
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 08:52 AM
Sep 2023

and a large chunk of mil are MAGA. They'll join Meal Team 6, and cover their backs.

Just one example: there's an article today in WaPo about policeman Michael Fanone, who was assaulted by the J6 mob. He was ostracized by his colleagues for defending the Capitol and speaking out against the terrorists.

Then there were the Capitol police who opened the barriers and waved the mob through. And the one who took smiling selfies with the mob inside the Capitol.

The call is coming from inside the house.

Mister Ed

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16. We'll find out the percentage for certain when push comes to shove.
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 10:25 AM
Sep 2023

I think the would-be traitors are fewer than they think they are, and less powerful than they think they are. For better or for worse, though, I anticipate that we'll find out.


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9. The Tea Party was the first wave. It gave a public name to the angry white racists
Mon Sep 18, 2023, 08:45 AM
Sep 2023

and established the GOP as their home. It legitemised the violence of their rhetoric and fed it to the MSM as political speech.

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