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Sun Dec 21, 2014, 12:58 AM

The radio wingnut ignored the Sony hack, thrilled that the e-mails exposed "Liberal hypocrisy"

Minorities growing up in apartheid Red states always had the lesser, inferior status vis a vis the wingnut overlords looming. But later life experience brought the realization that the wingnutss had their own chip on the shoulder toward the Eastern "elite." They used to, but even when in the past 150 years they realized that they were financially rich, as rich and powerful as the Easterners or more so, every so often their feeling of inferiority still peeped out unpredictably, in the areas of culture, speech and diction, and beliefs mostly about others.

It’s like the New World countries used to feel inferior to the English and Spanish with their elegant command of the mother tongues, but then in the recent centuries the realization that the New had been exploited by the Old, and now the Old were the Kept freeloaders, what RUMSFELD meant by “Old Europe.”

Recently the local radio wingnut found two new justifications for hating “Liberals”: Cuba and the Sony hack. But he paid scant attention to the hack, all attention to the content of the e-mails among those he considers Liberals, supposedly elitist Liberals exposed to have baseness beneath the surface "superiority," racism and hypocrisy JUST LIKE the Wingnuts they look down their noses at. In his view, it isn’t the Communists in N. Korea and Cuba who are the vessels of his hatred, it is the “Liberals.”

As for Cuba, again his target was "Liberals," whom he said have never talked to Cuban Gen1 Exiles to hear the atrocities and brutality perpetrated by the CASTRO regime, that we have been dupes to glorify CASTRO, Che and the rest, his saying that it's not unusual since there were also "Liberal apologists for STALIN."

How sad. The wingnut is an avid movie fan, does reviews on the radio, appreciates the creativity of the people who make them, but also RESENTS them for being “Liberal,” meaning to him “superior,” RESENTS that they look down on his world view.

Tonight I saw "Forrest Gump" for the first time, since I had always avoided it. Then I got an image of the radio wingnut sitting in the dark watching the subtle creations of their directors and actors, and realized he feels a kinship with them because he *appreciates* their creativity, craves their accepting him as their equal because he is smart and sensitive enough to understand the creativity, effectiveness, and content, and then the RESENTMENT sweeps over him because they are always spouting superiority of their world view over his, and he feels that they really are no better than he is, that they have DENIED the kinship. The sadness of the man in the dark movie house with the light of beautiful images on his face.

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