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Thu Apr 2, 2015, 07:57 PM

Who has nuclear arms?


United States 7,315 warheads

Russia 8,000 warheads

United Kingdom 225 warheads

France 300 warheads

China 250 warheads

India 90110 warheads

Pakistan 100120 warheads

Israel 80 warheads

North Korea 10 warheads

Nuclear arsenals

Nine countries together possess more than 16,000 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia maintain roughly 1,800 of their nuclear weapons on high-alert status ready to be launched within minutes of a warning. Most are many times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. A single nuclear warhead, if detonated on a large city, could kill millions of people, with the effects persisting for decades.

The failure of the nuclear powers to disarm has heightened the risk that other countries will acquire nuclear weapons. The only guarantee against the spread and use of nuclear weapons is to eliminate them without delay. Although the leaders of some nuclear-armed nations have expressed their vision for a nuclear-weapon-free world, they have failed to develop any detailed plans to eliminate their arsenals and are modernizing them.

http://www.icanw.org/the-facts/nuclear-arsenals/ Source: Federation of American Scientists 2014

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