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Tue Jan 24, 2017, 05:08 PM Jan 2017

The Demonstrations: Dispelling the bad air of hep-cat political neutrality...

For some years, I and several friends have despaired over the newcomers to Austin who have worn their un-involvement on their sleeves. These Militant Apathetics seemed to glory in their status, even as they prowled their new Austin environs, looking for some elusive authenticity, stopping only to piss on the political foundations that drew them here in the first place. Things changed last weekend.

I talked with just 3 folks who were in the 50,000k march, or the earlier Unity March. Each said it was their first demonstration, each said they had never been involved in politics before, each said they were NO LONGER AFRAID.

There is a lost alchemy in direct action and protest actions. Certainly this alchemy puts paid to hours of philosophical sophistry and silence. But it also rejuvenates the soul. All the talk of fear, of being scared, and of anxiety (sublime music to the ears of bullies) is suddenly, roundly pissed off in the sweat of a few miles and the shoutings of 50,000 marching beside you. Now, perhaps, the bullies and swaggering barroom fighters will listen to another refrain, from us, "the children of the night."

If there is a yin yang to politics, we saw it last week end. And we need more of it.

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