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Sat Jan 9, 2021, 09:51 PM Jan 2021

The distressing truth: Why white people are embracing fascism

The distressing truth: Why white people are embracing fascism
Thom Hartmann

White supremacy is real and white suppression of minorities, particularly Black people, absolutely permeates every aspect of our society, from business to culture to governance. Without setting aside that reality, it’s useful to examine why so many white people, with their built-in white privilege, would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a wannabe dictator like Trump.

All over social media people are asking, “Why would anybody embrace fascism? Why would they be willing to overthrow a functioning democratic republic?”


There was an actual rationale for this, laid out by Russell Kirk in his 1951 book The Conservative Mind. Kirk argued that without clearly defined classes and power structures, society would devolve into chaos. He essentially predicted in 1951 that if college students, women, working people, and people of color ever got even close to social and political power at the same level as wealthy white men, all hell would break loose.


Kirk’s original vision was to produce a more secure and stable America. Like so many conservatives before him, from Edmund Burke (who opens Kirk’s book) to today’s columnists for The Wall Street Journal and talking heads on Fox News, he argued that when “those people” were simply put down, suppressed and marginalized — when people knew their place and were kept in it — society would function smoothly.

It was a fantasy then and its a fantasy now. And it’s brought us the dystopian reality of a ruined economy (except for the rich), racial hatred and now a full-blown fascist anti-democratic anti-republican movement grounded in a bizarre conspiracy cult led by Donald Trump. .............(more)


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The distressing truth: Why white people are embracing fascism (Original Post) marmar Jan 2021 OP
Another reason why they're drawn to Putin. Chicago1980 Jan 2021 #1
But Russia is jacked up turtleblossom Jan 2021 #3
Someone simply lied to them turtleblossom Jan 2021 #2
Excellent point. They believe they're supposed to be superior but know there are not. Dream Girl Jan 2021 #5
All true but also many people are simplistic creatures generally and want quick fixes dutch777 Jan 2021 #4
Excellent post. Duppers Jan 2021 #6
K & R Duppers Jan 2021 #7


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1. Another reason why they're drawn to Putin.
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 09:58 PM
Jan 2021

There aren't any black people in Russia and they frown upon most things not white and heterosexual.


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2. Someone simply lied to them
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 10:10 PM
Jan 2021

Then when a woman or darker skinned person do something that debunks the myth, white supremacists have problems processing it. Maybe it makes them feel inferior.


Dream Girl

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5. Excellent point. They believe they're supposed to be superior but know there are not.
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 10:43 PM
Jan 2021

They are ignorant and morally weak. This is something most people understand instinctively, it’s one of things allows one to survive in a racist society.


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4. All true but also many people are simplistic creatures generally and want quick fixes
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 10:13 PM
Jan 2021

The era of quick fixes is long gone but when you have less than $400 in savings and no or poor job prospects or it seems others are getting ahead or invading your space in some manner-- economically, political power or physical...you feel threatened, get paranoid easily and want "it" fixed. Donald offered that. Hitler offered that. Donnie could never deliver because he couldn't discipline himself to work within the system. Had he done that in his first two years when he had Rep majorities in the House and Senate...we'd be in an even worse place than we are now. I do feel for these people, they have been taken advantage of and manipulated mercilessly. And unfortunately for them and us, I am not sure they will ever "bear the pain of critical thought" (thank you George Will) necessary to see their way out of it. What I hope, and Bernie illuminated it just a few days ago in an interview, is that now having the Senate, however tenuously, we as Dems have the opportunity to begin to right the ship, focus on the working folk and their issues and get some real progress made. Until folks see Dems as fixing problems they care about, Dem hold on power will be temporary. The Right, Trump or not, clearly sees lying and overpromising and underdeliverying perfectly okay if it keeps them in power. That is a bad place for this country to be. We have a window, but it is small and highly time constrained, so we need to work to complete legislative and policy priorities that build our base, expand our opportunities for Congressional gains in 2022 and begin to redirect this country away from fascism that some seem to see as the only workable solution and all too okay. God help us all!


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6. Excellent post.
Sun Jan 10, 2021, 03:55 AM
Jan 2021

You had me at "simplistic creatures generally and want quick fixes."

"I am not sure they will ever "bear the pain of critical thought' was icing on the cake. 👍

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