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Thu Apr 30, 2020, 10:34 AM Apr 2020

Compel supermarkets to buy meat only from CDC compliant meat packing plants.

Do this, if you find it as compelling as I do:

Christine Wilcox, Group Vice President, Communications – 208-395-4163, christine.wilcox@albertsons.com

Andrew Whelan, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications, 208-395-4715, andrew.whelan@albertsons.com

Teena Massingill, Director, Community and Corporate Social Responsibility Media Relations, 925-738-1387, teena.massingill@albertsons.com

Denise Berger, Corporate Communications, 208-395-4716, denise.berger@albertsons.com

Dear Sir or Madam:

As you may know, the Trump administration is encouraging meat processors to remain open, or reopen, without any requirement to apply CDC worker safety guidelines. As meat processing facilities around the country have become hotbeds of Covid 19 cases, this is highly unwise, irresponsible and likely to amount to many more cases.

As a longtime Safeway and Albertsons customer, I urge your company to require that all meat it purchases are from facilities which have applied the CDC meat processing plant guidelines. This will provide your customers with the assurance that their purchase did not contribute to the spread of the virus. Nobody wants to butcher the butchers.

Bob Gordon

I also sent one to: Kristal Howard, Head of Media Relations, The Kroger Co. kristal.howard@kroger.com

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