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Fri Feb 25, 2022, 10:33 AM Feb 2022

Welcome! Important guidelines and tips - please read before posting

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Welcome to the Music Appreciation group! This is the place specifically meant for DUers to share their love of music. You'll see threads about music posted elsewhere at times, too, especially in the Lounge, but music appeciation is the specialty here.

We post a lot of YouTube videos here. YouTube is an amazing treasure trove, with everything from very old records that are hard to find to video someone posted from a concert just hours earlier. Studio versions of songs, live performances, covers, remixes, and videos covering everything from the writing and recording of the song to specific instrumental lines or isolated vocals. Individual songs and entire setlists/concerts. Interviews and documentaries. All are fine here.

Since YouTube is such a wonderful resource, I hope that whenever possible you'll view the videos on YouTube, rather than just on the DU page, to help support that site, and then like and maybe comment on them there if you have a YouTube account. Also, please post videos from the artist's (or record company's or venue's) official YouTube channel when you can.

Links to information about music, and excerpts from articles, are also welcome, but please remember to keep the excerpts no longer than four paragraphs.

And if you like the music posted in an OP here, PLEASE rec that OP. It takes only a second.

A final note on replies here:

We won't all agree on what's good music, and that's fine. It would be a very boring world if we all agreed.

But it's important that people here respect others' preferences in music, both specific music and the artists who created it. Even if you don't like an artist and feel you can't appreciate their music as a result, please understand that other people might not share your opinion of the artist..and even if they do, they might able to separate the artist and the music enough to still enjoy the music. Please accept that and don't feel you have to weigh in with negative opinions and comments. No one has to look at any of the threads here, let alone listen to any music or artists they don't like.

I will make one exception to that, which is if someone decides to post that something is "the best" -- whether that's an artist's best song, or the best artist or music of some type. IMO that wording is basically an invitation for others to disagree, since it'll immediately trigger others agreeing or disagreeing, even if they don't say anything. But I hope people will be polite and good-humored about it, as the music lovers here almost always are.

I hope people will find a lot of music they like here. And if it's something you were unfamilar with and it turns out to be something you like, that's a plus.

And I hope you'll share your own favorite music. It's always good to hear it again, and it's a great feeling when you find out others share your appreciation of it.

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